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ES Morning Update December 31st 2018

Today is the last day of 2018 and I'm not expecting much action in the market. A pin around the 2500 SPX area seems likely. The market will be close Tuesday of course for New Years Day. No point going into to much detail right now as again I don't expect much to happen.

On another note everyone in my free chatroom knows that that lost my beloved dog Suzy last week. She slipped a disc in her spine and it paralyzed her rear legs and body. I was up all night Christmas Day and so was she as the pain was horrible. The next day I took her the Vet and they said there was no way to cure her and I was forced to put her to sleep.

She was the smartest dog I'd ever seen.  She would go up on the hill side behind my house by herself and our other little dog Mickey (that we bought for Suzy to have a buddy to play with) would follow her up the hill. Then my two cats Simba and Sheba would also follow her as well. She literally would "walk the animals" herself without me! I've never seen anything like it in my life.

In the summertime I would take her and Mickey up the hill and both cats would follow too. But that was me walking them, not Suzy walking them without me. It's just been too muddy lately to go up the hill (for me at least), but Suzy missed those walks and would decide to do them without me.

She was incredible smart. I have 8 security cameras on the property and a monitor in the living room on the wall to the left of the big screen TV. Suzy would know the difference between what's on TV and what's on the monitor. She would lay on the couch and watch the monitor to see what's going on outside. Then if someone (usually a mail truck) would come onto the property she'd bark and leave the couch to go outside and meet them.

Micky doesn't have a clue what the monitor is or does, but he's still a puppy so maybe he'll learn? As most of you regulars know I lost my Dad back in March of 2016 and then my mother later that year in November. Suzy (my mothers middle name was Sue or Susan) was their dog first so losing her was like losing my mother all over again. She was less then 4 years old and should have lived to be 10-12... maybe 15? Needless to say I've had a very depressing Christmas. I can only think that my mother was missing Suzy in heaven and took her early to be with her up there. So this post is dedicated to Suzy. May she be happy again with my mother and dad.

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5 years ago

so sorry to hear


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