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ES Morning Update October 21st 2019

Friday surprised me with the drop down to 297 on the SPY but most of it was reversed by the close. Then this morning we see the futures up so it's like the drop never happened as the market is back to around that 3000 zone again. If there's ever a good chance for the bulls to get through overhead resistance today would be it I believe. And it does look like they are trying in the futures as I write this update with them set to open with a gap. If they are smart they will keep going north and NOT drop back to fill the gap.

There was also a new FP on the DIA pointing to a new all time high, but of course we don't know the "when" part. But for today I'll just say I'm more bullish then bearish but I do not know if the bulls will be able to breakout or not? They could get a squeeze on if they do but right now charts are still mixed with some bullish, some bearish, some overbought, some oversold, etc... I'll just make this a short update and end it here. Have a great day.

Author: Red

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