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Seattle Warning Nov, 3rd 2019: Predictive Programming Indicate False Flag Imminent

An interesting set of video's here gang.  I watched all 3 and thought I'd repost the article.  As you all know I have a FP on the DIA that is getting close to being hit.  It's for 275.00, which is about 27,500 on the DOW... and that's a new all time high.  It very well could be hit by this Friday November 1st, 2019 from the looks of the market close today (October 30th, 2019).

While I don't see anything in the charts that would suggest a crash or even just a flash crash is coming I still can't rule out a down move happening after a hit of the FP on the DIA.  Most new all times produce pullbacks and this one should be no different... but I've never seen a crash follow one.  Maybe it's desperate times out there for the elite satanists and they know they can't keep the market going up forever?  Who knows?

Obviously the market would have at least a flash crash if Seattle was blown up in this false flag prediction for this coming Sunday November 3rd, 2019.  I don't see how the guy came up with the year in the video's but certainly the date seems accurate.  Next year November 3rd will be the presidential election, so who's to say it couldn't happen then... or even in 2021?

I don't know but I'll just continue to trade the market as I see it.  If we hit the FP by the close this Friday I suspect it will setup a nice short into next week anyway.  I don't see this false flag event happening this coming Sunday, and I pray it doesn't, but I still felt the need to share it so people can be on alert just in case some thing does happen.


Sidenote:  When I do the calculations between the DOW and the DIA today, based on the closing prices, the FP on the DIA of 275.00 is equal to 27,436.11 on the DOW... so a new all time on it but not 27,500 like I previously said.

Seattle Warning Nov, 3rd 2019: Predictive Programming Indicate False Flag Imminent


Image result for image of predictive programming Attack on Seattle

Predictive Programming hints at it.

November 3rd False Flag in Seattle?

Is this a potential false flag like 9-1-1 or just fear porn?

You decide. It’s interesting to keep an eye on Wash just in case.

Here are three videos about it.

I’m NOT saying this is GOING to happen and I’m NOT saying it won’t happen.

This was a highly requested video and this is my summary and understanding at this point from the work of Kochen Mit Willi.

Having said that…the symbolism they pack into TV shows, Movies, commercials, magazines and comic books is interesting. The First Predictive Programming False Flag shirt of its kind:…


In this video I want to warn you of a possible False Flag attack in Seattle, that will take place on Nov 03, 2019.

I found this information over at 

Here is a warm up of Seattle Predictive Programming Imagery.

Comic book title unknown

Cirith Ungol is an American heavy metal band formed in late 1971.

The CD jacket for the movie ‘Seattle Superstorm’ (2011)

The 2013 movie ‘End of the World’

New Zealand series ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ (2016-2017)

Sci-fi movie ‘Dark Storm’ (2006)

The following image is taken from the movie “How It Ends,” which Netflix released in 2018. The image shows the view of downtown Seattle’s skyline from the Interstate 5 freeway looking north. It’s an iconic and memorable viewpoint for me, as I lived there for three decades.

This next image is a scene clipped from a United Arab Emirates movie called “Chaos” (2005) that portrays explosions and fire around a structure that looks like Seattle’s Space Needle.

Image result for image of predictive programming Attack on Seattle

Next is a clipped still from a Trump-mocking music video by Japanese boy band “New World Order” for their track called “Let’s Start World War 3.” The video starts off in Tokyo and ends in Seattle.

ABC’s new dramatic series “Station 19” (signalling 2019?) — centered around Seattle’s firefighters — has an apocalyptic episode called “Last Day on Earth.”

And the season finale of the Seattle-based series “Grey’s Anatomy” ended with two of the characters being suddenly surrounded by smoke while in their car on a highway, and then the male character walks off into the smoke. This series seemed to be especially fond of fire scenes.

In terms of timing, researchers seem to be zeroing in on November 3 as a possible date. 3/11 is the pat 3 x 11, which equals 33, an important number in dark occultism. Watches and clocks showing 11:15 have been turning up in media scenes. From strange cover of Economist magazine.

Image result for image of predictive programming Attack on Seattle

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