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ES Morning Update October 31st 2019

Yesterday around 1:30 pm I exited my Apple shorts as I just felt that it had pulled back in front of earnings enough that there probably wasn't much more downside left for afterwards... or worst, it went back up. Glad I did as the earnings were obviously viewed as positive since it ripped back up higher after the announcement.

After the Fed announcement the market rallied up nicely and put in another new high, but is down some this morning. I took a small long into this Friday as I think it's possible that the FP on the DIA will get hit by the end of this week. So far this morning I'm questioning that decision. But the day hasn't started yet and this early pullback could just be to reset the short term overbought charts to make another run higher later today. Also, I did a new post last night about a "possible" False Flag event that could happen this Sunday? There's 3 video's on the post (not done by me) that explain it all.

Seattle Warning Nov, 3rd 2019: Predictive Programming Indicate False Flag Imminent

I pray it's all wrong but we do indeed know that the satanists did indeed tell us in advance of 911, so we have to at least keep an open mind for them to do another one. The guy makes a lot sense on how it points to November 3rd, but I didn't see any evidence (or good clues) that said it would happen in 2019, so maybe it's planned for another year out into the future? I pray it doesn't happen at all. Anyway, back to the market. The FP on the DIA translates to 27,436.11 on the DOW if you used the closing price yesterday of both of them for your calculations.

It's not an exact 100 to 1 ratio between the DOW and the DIA, just like it's not an exact 10 to 1 ratio between the SPX and the SPY. That's why 275.00 on the DIA isn't exactly 27,500 on the DOW, but it's close as you can see. Bottom line is that it's a new all time high as the current one is 27,398.68 from July 16th, 2019. But, let's keep in mind that the ratio between the two aren't locked in stone and can vary a little from day to day.

Yesterday at the close it was 99.76766972477064 to 1... again, not an exact 100 to 1. Between today and the day that the 275.00 FP is hit that ratio could change a little... meaning it's possible (though it doesn't really look likely) that the FP on the DIA could be hit (which is of course a new all time high on it) while the actual DOW makes a slightly lower high. On July 16th the all time high on it was 273.99, so again "possible" but not something I'd bet on. Most likely the DOW will make a new all time high with the hit of the FP on the DIA. Why do I mention this at all?

Because if for some reason the DOW failed to make a new all time high it could trigger a very large sell signal on the market, which then would make me more worried about the false flag event being more possible to really happen this coming Sunday. Again, I pray it doesn't, and a new all time high would lessen those odds I think as while we should still get a pullback from it, a very large drop (aka... flash crash) won't have very high odds. Most double tops are met with some selling but I've never seen one just rollover and crash after hitting it.

Ok, on the SPX/ES there are higher upside target not yet met, and they are just under 3100 by about 5-15 points. If we get up to that area by tomorrow I'd expect the FP on the DIA to be hit as well. That's a pretty strong rally from the 3055 high yesterday, but it's possible I guess? Like I said, I took a long yesterday on the SPX looking for continued strength this morning to hit those upside targets. But if it doesn't look like it's going to happen I'll exit those longs and re-evaluate. Have a great day and pray that the false flag event doesn't happen.

P.S.  Happy Halloween.

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