The Bears Are Back…



Great day to be a bear, as the market sold off today, erasing yesterday's gains.  Most of the fear was based on the news released that Goldman Sachs could face criminal charges too.  Originally, they were just civil charges... which is no big deal to Goldman, because they have plenty of money to pay any fines.

But criminal is another story, as somebody could go to jail.  That's what I'd love to see, but I think it's more smoke and mirrors then actual arrests.

I'll do a weekend post that will be more in depth, with what I'm seeing for next week.  I do think we will bounce up on Monday, at least in the morning.  That's assuming no more negative news is released over the weekend.  That's the wildcard that no one can see.

Anyway, have a great weekend...



    • That's funny as hell Bob… Yeah, we are know they lie through their teeth, every time they open their mouth. But, most American's are too busy watching Jerry Springer, or some stupid reality show.

      If they only knew that the reality shows they watch are fiction, and the real reality is “that kind of news”, then maybe they'd wake up and complain some.

      But, they are happy living in their little fantasy world for now. Of course when they lose their job they'll change their tune…

      • one last thought and I'll stop pestering you. here is another tid bit that is so very true!!!! I know, because many folks in my neighborhood are doing it…one guy for 18 months. and he says, 'why not join the crowd???' have a great night sir. we love your posts on the TZA/TNA board on FB. you are a hoot!

        • damn, I forgot to mention…no wonder the consumers are picking up steam…they're spending their mortgage money…robbing peter to pay paul…sure, it looks good on paper…the poop will hit the fan, and my short will pay off in the end…just hope it's not when the RUT hits 850.

        • So that's where all the GDP improvement came from… people not paid their mortgage, and spending it locally. LOL.

          Thanks for stopping by again Bob, and I always enjoy reading the truth. Keep us all informed, by posting other useful links.

  1. The Weekly view from Americanbulls

    TNA had a weekly HOLD signal last week, fell this week, and now has a highly reliable SELL-IF signal. AmericanBulls has this trade starting at $44.23 on March 3rd. Last week TNA closed at 70.78, up 60%. This week TNA fell to 63.45, still up 43%.

    TZA had a weekly WAIT signal last week, rose this week, and now has a highly reliable BUY-IF signal. AmericanBulls last placed a SELL on TZA at $9.83 on February 19th. Last week TZA closed at $5.41, down 44.9%. This week TZA rose to 5.92, still down 39%.

    Of the stocks & ETFs I follow, only GLD, SLV & USO are solid to hold on to.

    The list to avoid:
    UCO(2x Oil), ERX(3x energy), AMZN, GOOG, GS, DIA, SPY, EWG(Germany), EWQ(France), EWU(England), EWX(emerging mkts)

    These are in transition – used to be ok to hold them, now they are possible sells in the coming week:
    IWM (1x $RUT), UWM (2x $RUT), TNA (3x $RUT), IYR(1x RE), URE(2x RE), AAPL, DRI, QQQQ

    The weekly view is very Bearish.

  2. POLL below
    Obama Bashing is Not Necessary

    And that is not my point. My point is:

    1) Our leaders are either clueless, or

    2) Our leaders have found some way to rationalize to themselves that telling lies to their constituents is what is necessary to “protect them”, or…..

    3) Our leaders are pathological leeches that will throw us to the wolves–and pick at our bones themselves– to better their position in life or increase their power and sense of self-worth.

    4) Hand picked by the ruling elite.

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  3. Carl’s morning call:

    June S&P E-mini Futures: Today's range estimate is 1181 – 1195. I am still expecting the market to make a higher low above last week's 1177 low. Even if I am wrong about this the worst I see on the downside is 1162. In any event a swing to 1270 will begin soon.

    1182.75–1205.50 actual yesterday (22.75 points)
    1183.75-1189.75 range last night (6 points)
    1181-1195 estimate for today (14 points)

    1188 currently, so estimate is -7 to +7 from here (neutral)

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      Thanks… and did you watch the video I did explaining the new site? Just click on the “Video Tour of Site” link in the header.

      • Seemed like a really quiet day 🙂

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        No harm. I got it now.

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