Market Astrology: The MF Global Vigilantes


The following is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Check out Astrology Traders for specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events in the various markets she covers.

I happened to catch Rick Santelli on CNBC this week on the floor of the CME with attorney James Koutoulas.  Koutoulas is a co-founder and attorney with the Commodity Customer Coalition representing many MF Global clients.  What struck me was the comment Koutoulas made at the end of the discussion regarding his personal accounts at JP Morgan.  Apparently someone at JP Morgan, probably with the first name Jamie, told Koutoulas to get his money out of his bank.

Click here for the video.

On October 27th I wrote an article on Zentrader titled "Watch Out "   where I warned of a turn in the markets, a banking scandal, and the unraveling of the EU financial bailout.  At the time the financial pundits where hyping the markets, including Jim Cramer.   Seeing Cramer on Squawk Box made me sick, so I had to let everyone know  that on October 28th the game board was going to get flipped when the planet Uranus made a once in 80+ year conjunction to the Federal Reserve's Midheaven.  Uranus is the one planet that you cannot control the outcome when it makes harsh aspects.  There were rumors that the Comex was going to potentially default in November on deliveries, and that JP Morgan may have purposely crashed MF Global to swipe customer accounts ready to take delivery of gold and silver.  Looking at the astrology chart of the Comex and the Fed I see a different picture.

The Comex chart has been stressed since 2009 however in the Fall the chart showed a Pluto trine Neptune which would give them a windfall or large scale covert financial back up plan for delivery,  possibly an agreement with the SLV on silver transactions.  There seemed to be a higher than usual buildup of inventories at the SLV in the Fall, most likely  the Comex was ready for deliveries.  Looking at the Fed chart it is very clear that an attempt to use political allies in a grand financial scheme would backfire when Uranus made an exact conjunction to the Midheaven.   The scandal was most likely the overconfidence of the Fed working through MF Global and other Fed member banks, in a grand financial bargain, to rearrange the entire European financial order with their German and French political allies.  Instead they got a check mate, most likely a breach in their trading platform from a foreign counter party that worked against them in an equally grand scheme to bring the bailout to a vote.   Their delusions of grandeur got a reality check and could have pulled the rip cord on the stock market in November.  The financial damage with MF Global is most likely much bigger than the 1.2 billion that is being reported and potentially includes other banks.

JP Morgan and the MF Global Vigilantes'

In 2012 JP Morgan is going to want to read the fable "David and Goliath" as a reminder to not underestimate the little guy.   JP Morgan has a stack up of very harsh transits that will start hitting  the second week of January.   The bank could take a very hard-line approach much, refusing to return any funds from MF Global, however the action will most likely backfire.  There could be retaliation from investors that looks similar to the "yank" Bank of America experienced in 2011.  In June of 2012 there could be a forced resignation within the leadership at the bank.  Overall 2012 is going to be a very tough year for the bank.

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    • Nice post Karen.  I missed that, and I’m glad you caught the story and posted it.  I have some old FP’s on Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, which are very low!  If hit, they will basically be out of business.  I’d love to see that happen to the gangsters!

      You can put up a new post around Thursday or so if you want to continue? I setup a “category” for your posts so people can access them in the future.  I’d say a post in the middle of week by you (assuming you still want to continue?) and I’ll do my long post on the weekend as usual.

  1. My longstanding forum (website) for my ultra-technical posts (mixed in with some numerology,astrology, and conspiracy) has disappeared.    Right after my last post featuring the mega-cycles that came into play last week (and sort of reprinted here).   So I guess that validates them.  This week was a Fibonnaci 34 weeks from the May high and the SP did put in a new intraweek high with the Dow putting in a new intra-week recovery high.

    Now I guess I have to look for the boiling point date in the year of the Boiling Point.   I remember seeing a Legatus pilgrimage??? scheduled around then but on their website only a mention of the upcoming summit can be seen (itself an interesting set of esoteric numbers)

    I am also looking at the Dec. 10 lunar eclipse similarly to the one around August 10,2008.

    IBM, the chief manipulation component of the DJIA, did a completely bearish engulfing bar on Friday, dropping below its 50 day average and completing a TD bearish flip.

    In fact all of the indices, including crude oil, put in TD bear flips albeit minor ones while the weekly is set up to make an easy one during the upcoming week (basically can do it by staying flat for the week).

    Golden boy Tebow#15 now in a grudge match tomorrow with his former nemesis/ teammate Kyle Orton #8 in a game that determines the division championship.   (for Tebow and gang).   Packers #87 had a big week last week with 2 TDs for 11 on the season to go along with 1101 yards receiving (18.7 yard per reception) and probably isn’t expected to play tomorrow with GB locking up homefield for the playoffs.

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