Market Astrology: Silver and Gold Into The Future


The following is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. She offers the premium service Astrology Traders for specific dates, economic insights, and in-depth analysis of future events in the various markets that are covered.

In light of the last couple of articles posted on Market Astrology, I thought it might be helpful to add an explanation about how financial astrology works.  To do this I am going to use gold and silver as an example because many investors are familiar with the trading history of the metals over the last 30 years and longer.  A 30 year cycle is important because the planet Saturn has an orbit of 29+ years and also rules gold.

With financial astrology there are cycles in sectors of the economy based on the orbits of the planets as well as the planets that rule certain sectors of the economy.  Cycles, or orbits, of the planets are very important for determining long term trends.  The planets all have varying orbits with the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto being the slowest.  Pluto's orbit is 240+ years.  Pluto is transiting Capricorn now which is ironic in a cycle where we are reliving the "Tea Party" in politics just as we had in the 1760's when Pluto was in Capricorn the last time.  There are planetary cycles and then there are also eclipse cycles which act as exclamation points and triggers for the planetary cycles to act.

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are very interesting because they represent a history and tradition of money as well as well as an asset for investment.  We have had many cycles of boom times and then bust with both gold and silver.  Astrology is useful in determining the boom and bust cycles so as not to get caught off guard.  The very long term picture for both metals is up, however there are some very significant planetary events that have occurred in recent years that help to give the investor confidence in what is the "real" trend.

As I mentioned eclipses are important exclamation points for the planets to emphasize a theme.  Total eclipses carry the most power and then the degree and sign of the eclipse suggest where the power will come from.  The most powerful and critical degree in the zodiac is 0 degrees of a cardinal sign.  The cardinal signs are Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra.  The four signs are called the cardinal cross, and in mundane astrology represents the axis of world power, money trends, and war.

The Power of Solar Eclipses on the 0 Degree Cardinal Cross

Solar Eclipses on the 0 degree of the cardinal cross are very rare.  There was an eclipse at 0 degree Capricorn in December 22, 1889.  This eclipse was the hand writing on the wall for silver and gold in what would become the famous "Silver Panic of 1893."  In 1889 the South Node was conjoin the eclipse and opposing the United States Venus at 3 degrees Cancer (silver, wealth , and the security of the people).  The Sun rules gold along with Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn and government restrictions) in an eclipse at the 0 degree of Capricorn would bring a diminishing effect to gold and silver.  The eclipse suggested there would be a government takeover of the metals.   When Mars, in it's fourth pass to the point of the eclipse in 1893, triggered the 0 degree of Capricorn a bank run ensued with a panic as people made a run on the banks to redeem their silver for gold.  The bank run led to a depletion of the gold reserves in the U.S. Treasury.  Ironically, in order to keep the Treasury solvent, the United States had to borrow 3.5 million ounces of gold from J.P. Morgan and spoiled the game speculators had been playing on the chances of a Treasury default.

The Panic Circular

The bankers' had two major objections to silver coinage.

  1.       Silver coinage expanded the monetary base (inflation) impacting negatively the bonds, dominated in dollars and held by the banks.
  2.       The type of inflation was occurring outside the bankers' control.  The inflation was good however for the miners and farmers as it allowed them to pay off their debts.

On March 11, 1893 the American Bankers association produced the leaflet titled "The Panic Circular" which was distributed to each national bank president:

"You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one-half of your loans.  After this you are to advocate an extra session of congress to repeal the purchasing
clause of the Sherman Law, and act with other banks of your city to push for it's unconstitutional repeal...The future of national banks...depends upon immediate action, as there is an increasing sentiment of...silver coinage."

Solar Eclipse June 21, 2001

There would not be another total eclipse on the cardinal cross for over 100 years.  In June of 2001 a total eclipse would take place at 0 degrees Cancer, an exact opposite of the eclipse in 1889.  The 2001 eclipse in Cancer has an entirely different meaning.  The moon (home and security) rules the sign of Cancer and silver.  After the eclipse in Cancer we witnessed on September 11th an attack on the security of the nation and the beginning of the long bull trend in precious metals.  The eclipse shows the promise of a very long trend that will support the metals, particularly silver, as people gradually become more aware of the threat to their security in paper money.

Banks vs Gold and Silver

The banks are going to continue to perpetuate a fear in the accumulation of gold and silver.  In today's  market we have banks like J.P. Morgan (JPM) that send out their own "Panic Circular" to their cartel friends to short the metals and miners,or in the case of MF Global just steal the accounts ready to take delivery.  The effects of the 2001 eclipse favors the public and not the banks, their efforts are losing strength in creating a panic however there are risks again in the astrology.   I predicted a sell off in the metals at the end of December and advised my Astrology Traders subscribers to have short positions to hedge their physical holdings.

I advised a silver trade with a GTC order for Silver Wheaton (SLW) in the range of $26.50-$27.50.  Going forward there is continuing stress on gold more so than silver.  The game of fiat currency for the bankers' is coming to an end and there is a very strong likelihood for a move towards a gold standard in 2013-14.  The stress on gold could be an attempt to pullback as much gold as possible into central banks before moving to a gold backed currency.

There will be another solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer on June 21, 2020.  The eclipse will be a very rare repeat of the 2001 eclipse, again reinforcing the metals.


  1. One of two things will happen this month…the market will fail now, which will prompt more money printing, or the market will ramp until the Fed meeting, then fail when more printing is not done.

    • S&P
      I would not sell physical metals in the next shake out.  Better to hedge your phyz, short the heck out of it on paper, play their game and watch the tug of war with deliveries at the low artificial price.  Backwardation to the max!

    • Hey Bighouse

      I have studied numerology and notice too the repeat of the dates 11 and 22, which are the master numbers.  Have you noticed the major events seem to always fall on the 11th or 22nd day of the month?  What is even more interesting to me , since i am an astrologer, is that the peak dates (planets in aspect to the charts of the U.S. and Fed charts) of transits that i would consider once in a lifetime, are always exact to the minute on the 11th or 22nd day of the month.  What are the freakin odds of that…

  2. i still have this nagging cold. I can’t seem to shake it.
    getting behind on my work too. means, i have to catch up on the week end.
    other than that, things are pretty good.

  3. smart meters, i’m getting video’s in my email about them, with these notes.
    do not show this to anyone, just yet.
    if you haven’t been keeping up with the smart meter technology, then what you don’t know, is they are as powerful, if not more powerful, than a spy cam, put in your living room.

  4. I keep track of these things. 
    Q3 spx 500 earnings beat the street by 4%. 
    Q4 starts next week. expectations have been lowered by 2.5%, since last Nov.

      • here’s something i was thinking about.
        I have many stocks RSI 68 -72, which get ready to report earnings in a couple of weeks. what the market really likes, is the day before earnings, that the stock is at rsi 50. the market likes this A LOT!!!!only one conclusion slow guys try and follow me here, ok…This means the market will do everything it has to to bring all these rsi 68-70 stocks, down to rsi 50, within 2 weeks. that’s not good news for the bulls. 

        • Well, the very fact that Bernanke & the Criminal Cartel continue to ramp this market is good for the bulls, even if they do have to bring a stock down first before the big ramp. Might be good for a big correction in a quarter or two?

  5. Gang, I have been very busy with other stuff and I’m not able to do a new post tonight.  Sorry about that.  I’ll try to get a new one up as soon as possible.  Right now I don’t see anything big happening on Monday, so I’ll try to at least to a video update tomorrow night.

  6. Looks like The Bernank Criminal Gang is doing what is usually does when pretty much all public companies will miss their earnings. Let that one company go down, but RAMP up the rest of the market to offset.

    • Thanks for asking… YES, I’m still alive.  I’ve just been very busy working on other projects right now and haven’t had the time to make a new post or an update.  The market isn’t doing anything right now anyway, so I’m not missing anything… that’s for sure! LOL

      By the way, the next Legatus meeting is this coming Feb 2-4 I believe.  I wonder if we’ll have a top in the market shortly after that is over with?  The last one was off by 3 days, but the market did peak and sold off for quite awhile afterwards.  Let’s see what this meeting brings?

  7. It’s obvious too me that there is a secret QE3 in the market right now, which is what’s holding it up and stopping the collapse from happening.  Otherwise, we’d already crashed by now.  The charts are manipulated and they will likely turn them back up bullish for a short period… at least to hit the 1320 spx area.  After that, who knows?

  8. Obama appoints another criminal banker to Chief of Staff. As a social experiment, let me know how hard it is to find the ‘bad stuff’ from the criminal media.

  9. my signals say downtrend day, within 48 hours.  

    signal has batted 100% since sept. (read more, click here)

    each time i post this info, i wonder to myself, is this the one that messes up.

  10. Alcoa posts a loss, announced it’s shutting down 12-15% of its smelting capacity, all 5 smelters in the US
    and Europe, and the CEO laughably announces that aluminum demand will increase in 2012
    kicking off today’s little mini rally.   Singapore’s 4th quarter GDP expected to be negative with most other
    emerging nations in similar situations.   China’s PMI contracting the last 2 months and housing prices down 
    around the last five months.    GSCI Industrial Metals Index (which includes aluminum) down 30% off its
    2011 highs….(can’t manipulate this index since almost all of its components aren’t traded on a commodities

    And the pundits continue to push the US economy is fine line when it’s apparent that we’re in the phony
    war stage of recession with the hard down phase about to commence.

    Standard and Poors earning’s estimates for the SP has the 4th quarter earning estimates
    dropping sequentially from the prior quarter, a very rare occurrence since 4th quarter earnings are up
    80% of the time going back the last 80 years.    Negative to positive preannouncements for the 4th Q are at 3.3 to 1,
    the highest level since the 4th quarter of 2008 according to WSJ. 

  11. I have an epic Tebowmania post but I am afraid it would be too time-consuming to put together for today.

    He did throw for 316yards on Sunday for a 31.6 completion average and I did notice there is a major Bradley date for 3-16 but I will include that later in the major post.

  12. The gangstas in Vegas though made a killing on the Bronco’s-Steelers game.   Tebow and Company were 9 point home dogs to the Steelers but Tebowmania prevails with another miraculous walkoff score by Tebow in overtime.    And the public continues to eat this stuff up with this game being the highest rated of the 4 over the weekend 

    • Funny the buildup to that game (Broncos-Steelers).   Elway telling Tebow that he needs to pull the trigger after his abysmal Week 17 performance in a 7-3 loss to the Chiefs and former nemesis QB Kyle Orton.   Rotoworld and other sites announcing that Tebow’s backup Brady Quinn would be taking reps with the first team and might come in and play if Tebow struggled.   Every analyst of course picking the Steelers.   One betting expert coming on the 4 letter morning radio show on Friday claiming that the wise guys were taking the Steelers despite the 9 points and the sheeple/ modern day bucket shop players were set up for the shearing.

      • Also, if the market breaks 1296, it’ll be a first time ever for a retracement that size, which means money is being created specifically to disallow a correction. To put it simply, I believe a break of 1296 means the Fed will have specifically directed that 1300 will be broken to nullify the bear market.

          • V-shaped recovery is an example of what I call a BS nullified bear market, that will eventually fail, like the recovery in 2003. Epic fail on that one, but it took years.

  13. Just don’t have the creativity today to put together my epic Tebowmania post but I’ll add on to the post below about Tebow’s statistical
    game.   10-21 passing for 316 yards at 31.6 yards per completion.   A number all too familiar to Tebow:

    Yes, all of this occurred on the 3rd anniversary of the Florida NCAA championship game appearance where the 3:16 reference was featured.

    Sunday’s game was also the highest rated event on TV since last year’s Superbowl.   I knew something was up when they gave that game
    the prime Sunday afternoon slot when on paper it appeared to be the most boring of the bunch.

    It’s also the highest rated first round game since ’88 according to Kevin Depew’s twitter.   Remember that 88.  It was featured throughout
    that game.   Game winning TD to #88.

  14. And Alabama won the NCAA national championship on Monday as suggested by Bradley’s ode to the ’29’92 ritual.

    A sign of the end times as Tuscaloosa Alabama is one of the featured cities in Bradley’s ode.   On the 19th anniversary, tornadoes hit
    Tuscaloosa and now the national championship when all season long Alabama had been an afterthought to LSU’s much heralded season w/
    LSU even winning the first matchup in Tuscaloosa.   Today 19 years 2xx days later.

    Eugene, Oregon another city mentioned in Bradley’s ode.   Oregon wins its first Rose Bowl in 100 years on January 2 while
    the Miami Thrice made an appearance in Eugene back in October.    Eugene also considered the anarchist capital of America with
    many deployed into the Occupy movement.    Time Magazine makes the Protestor it’s Person of the Year.

    • And Bradley’s band made a comeback this year with a new singer of course.   It looks like they will be playing in LA on 1-22-12, a day of importance???

  15. If this market doesn’t head south soon, then I believe we are looking for the next Legatus meeting as a “TOP”… not a bottom.  Either way, I do see a turn the week after the meeting ends.  The last one was 3 days off, but the prior one (May 2nd, 2011) was dead on accurate.

    This one coming up next is February 2nd-4th, 2012.  Big time Illuminati Gangster George Bush will be there.  Some how I don’t think it’s going to be a bottom in the market.  I think we will continue this choppy action until after this meeting and then fall off a cliff.

    This meeting is very important I believe, as we are now in the final year of the Illuminati ruling the world.  I do think that this year will mark the “Beginning of the End” of them just as Lindsey Williams stated.  I’ll be waiting patiently until this meeting it over to decide whether or not I’ll be shorting the market heavily again.

    • 224—–There was an unusual 2-24 playoff score over the weekend—-Giants-Falcons game…..224.83 the SP’s close on 10-19-1987………And of course, the unusual score of The Denver game which I will delve into if I ever get to my Tebowmania post.

  16. next tuesday morning C,$WFC report. 30-31 is my WFC target price. if they beat the street by 3%, then it’s 31-32.
    the market has almost added all of 2012’s eps into WFC’s price. the slightest miss, will send this into oblivion, and take down all the other XLF holdings with it.

    • Can you see any reports that may affect the market between 23-27?

      Edit: I’m mostly looking for something that CNBC would consider an “excuse” for selling.

      • the max DIA for JAN is 128,as near as i can figure, and that’s
        doubtful.the spy 500 earnings would have to beat the street by 4%… 

        2% beat, gets me just above 2010 highs.

        • Thx. Well, JPM missed revs. We’ll see how that goes today. Even the banks get screwed by QE because no one trades any more.

          Edit: Or does much investment banking.

          • Yes ACP, the volume has been extremely light since late last month.  Looks like it’s only the computer bot’s playing ping pong in a tight narrow range for now.  Real traders can’t make any money trading with such light volume and tight range, so I guess a lot of them are sitting on the sidelines right now, or just playing stocks like Zstock is and not ETF’s.

  17. i don’t like playing sector rotation. the shorts don’t pay enough, and the longs have to have loose stops, to get the full ride.
    i had MCP at 25, closed 27,was stopped out, today 30

  18. i have a growing list of stocks, that potentially have 6% higher to go, before i’d short them, and that’s before they report. if they beat the street by 2%, with good forward guidance, i’d have to raise the short sell price even higher. possibly as much as 4%, added to the 6%.

  19. i was thinking there might be 300-400 point swings up and down, in the
    dow, once earnings get started. next week a couple of banks report, INTC

  20. The last Friday the 13th, 5-13-2011 was a pretty good turn date too.  It was 703years7months from the original Friday the 13th episode.

    Today is 704years3months later(7-7?)  Today is 6months 6days from the 7-7 high.  43 is a major Girl with the Dragon Tatoo number (Fincher version).
    It constantly shows up in that movie ie the 4:30 train ,clock shown with hour hand at 3 and minute hand at 4 and vice versa—Fincher also did this in Social Network—34+43==77.

    Around midnight of 5-13, I did hear Bradley’s ode broadcast on the radio.  Didn’t hear it last night but only listened for the first 2 songs after midnight.

  21. Yes, Tebowmania prevails once again when against all odds Tebow and Co. overcame the Pittsburg Steelers as a nine point home dog in a miraculous walkoff overtime win.

    The football cognoscenti had already written the Broncos’ obituary and Tebow had been written off after suffering 3 straight losses to end the season including a humiliating 7-3 to defeat to the coachless Kansas City Chiefs led by former nemesis QB Kyle Orton.

    But higher powers were at work again (not necessarily the ones Tebow might imagine—the recent Sherlock Holmes movie revealed what Tarot Card #15 represents—as well as the fact, S&B recruits 15 members every year—-(the operators seem to be running a big inside joke at Tebow’s and the Tebowfanatics expense) and Tebow overcame the odds, pulling the trigger as Elway demanded, and dicing the #1 ranked defense of the Steelers with one deep throw after another mostly to favored receiver #88.     (See post below about Tebow 3:16—316 yards passing for 31.6 average)

    Tebow threw for 2 TDs (both to #88) and ran for another (when the #1 ranked Steeler defense parted like the Red Sea on his 10 yard TD run right up the middle)

    And of course, it came down to overtime (again) when on the first play of overtime, Tebow threw a game winning 80yard TD pass to #88 (888) burning Pittsburg cornerback #24 (888) and fillin safety #29:

    Here Yahoo Sports is implying that Tebow’s toucdown was illegal because not enough Broncos were set on the line of scrimmage.  But there was no way the refs were going to throw a flag there and thus upset the 80yard to 88—888—-ritual.   Notice the clock was set at 15minutes left in overtime…Tebow #15…..I didn’t notice this but I guess the new overtime rules don’t allow kickoffs to start overtime otherwise I don’t understand why anytime hadn’t ticked off the clock.

    There is a replay of the final TD play in that link.

    The score is 23-23 at the start of overtime, quite an unusual score for a football game and with the Tebow TD, the final score ends at 29-23,another very unusual football score.   Pittsburg safety #29 who is burned on the play was a fillin for Ryan Clark #25 who was held out of the game by the Steeler’s coach, because it was played at the high altitude in Denver, where in a previous game there  he had ruptured his spleen.   This had received a lot of airplay during the buildup to the game.    (The other safety is future Hall of Famer #43 but he ran up to the line on this play—still don’t understand the significance of #43—but he can be seen in the clip in the aftermath of the TD)

    To carry on the 88 theme,  the Broncos did finish the season at 8-8.   Thomas, #88 finished with 200+yards receiving.

  22. A Georgia Judge has issued what appears to be a subpoena demanding that our beloved Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama appear in court January 26 AND finally provide the American people with proper documentation proving his citizenship eligibility to be President of the United States…

  23. A Georgia Judge has issued what appears to be a subpoena demanding that our beloved Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama appear in court January 26 AND finally provide the American people with proper documentation proving his citizenship eligibility to be President of the United States…

  24. ideally, i’d like to see CHK under 20, then go long.
    CME also loosened the margin requirements for natgas by 16%. 
    means gov’t / fed wants a bottom to this thing 
    i went long on CHK on this news.

  25. Need to update some of the NFL ’87 ers too.   Week 17, the final week of the regular season, saw both GB’s and NE’s ’87ers make a big impact.

    GB’s starting QB, Rodger’s #12, sat as expected during Week 17 but all of the starting WRs’ played except the injured Jennings despite reports from the Rotoworld and CBS d’bags who said all of the main recievers would be sitting.    Flynn, the backup QB, #10, the player drafted with a 7thround arm now juiced up to a 1st round one (undoubteably taking up the Rodgers/Packers’ regimen for arm strength enhancement) would now be starting and needed those receivers so that the insiders could fulfill their ritual.   They needed to flash their 10-87s as a sendoff to the NFL season (and the Bwave rally??) so #87 ended up having a huge day catching 9 balls for 162 yards (an 18 yard average per reception) with 3 TDs (18pts) in a wild shootout with Detroit (QB#9 to primarily WR#81–ie 999.   #81 at one point led the NFL in TDs finishing at  ) that saw both passers throw for a combined 1000 yards in the game.

    Alas GB’s #87 was unable to maintain his 18.7 yard per reception average coming into the game, seeing it drop slightly to 18.6 which was good for the NFL lead.
    His 3 TDs though brought his season total to a Tebowesque 15 on the season.

    Meanwhile, NE’s #87 was expected to play along with his QB #12 and he ended up with 108 yards receiving and two more TDs to finish with 18 on the year…….18 (666) seems to be showing up quite a bit in this post……. He also finished with 1327 yards receiving (14.7 average) to break the single season record for yards in a season.   His 18 TDs also led all recievers on the year.

    This weekend will see the return of these ’87ers as NE’s #87 faces the Bronco’s tonight in a rematch of the Broncos-Patriots game a few weeks ago that featured the infamous 1987 sideline flash behind pied piper Tebow and his occultic entourage while GB’s #87 will play tomorrow as the Packers open the playoffs against the Giants.    Both NE and GB are #1 seeds playing at home coming off a 2 week break so expect Tebowmania to get crushed tonight because I don’t think the operators could script another miraculous walkoff win for Tebow.   It would be too outlandish and take the NFL to the outer reaches of professional wrestling.   (which at times, it seems to approach)

  26. jan 21st, new midnight law approaching fast, sponsored by media conglomerates.  
    rumor has it, there’s enough teeth in it , to shut down youtube.

  27. jan 21st, new midnight law approaching fast, sponsored by media conglomerates.  
    rumor has it, there’s enough teeth in it , to shut down youtube.

  28. jan 21st, new midnight law approaching fast, sponsored by media conglomerates.  
    rumor has it, there’s enough teeth in it , to shut down youtube.

      • some of my longs went down, my shorts went higher in price. very small positions. I can’t seem to get sector rotation to agree with me. until it does agree with my assessments, I’m only taking small amounts.

    • Unless it proves to be a top?  We still have your FP of 1380 SPX to be hit (if it’s hit?) and sometime back Abdullah over on Jaywiz’s site indicated that he caught a FP of FAZ at 77 & 25.  We hit the 77 back in August (actually 81.50).  The 1380 SPX and the 25 FAZ might line up really close.  If we hit those two and they line up, in my mind that might truly be our top or a major singal from TPTB of some type.

  29. As Johnny reminded me we still have the old FP of 138.86 on the SPY from last year.  The Date the FP showed up was March 11th, 2011 (of course 3-11 was when George Bush, Bill Clinton, David & Jay Rockefeller, Soro’s, Buffet, Kissenger, and more unknown Illuminati Gangsters attacked Japan with HAARP and a planted nuke under the ocean in a fault line).

    This tells me the print is real and unless they change the game plan (due to the good guys [white dragon society that Ben Fulford speaks of] actually gaining a real foothold and causing the gangsters to lose control of the stock market) I fully expect them to make an attempt to hit it before crashing this market.

    When is of course the question?  Since we are only about 80-90 points away right now I’d expect it to be hit right after the coming Legatus meeting ends this February 4th-9th, 2012.  Notice the ritual numbers in the print… 1+(3+8=11), or 111

    Then of course the print showed up on the 11th of 2011… and then there is the volume of 4,290 shares… which could mean 4-11 (April and 2+9=11), or 4-29-2012?  I know there are hidden clues in the high/low/open/close and volume of these prints, but I don’t know the code.  Possibly the 4 isn’t used and only the 2 and 9 are?  That would be February the 9th, the Thursday right after the coming Legatus meeting ends the 2nd-4th (with junior gangster George Bush attending).

    I do wonder why they haven’t listed their fall meeting on the site yet?  Maybe there won’t be a fall meeting?  Maybe they know the end for them is coming soon?  Maybe that’s why they are all trying to cleanse their soul as they too know the end is near… which is why they (or at least one of them) is telling Lindsey Williams all the info on what’s scheduled to happen this year.

    Anyway, just food for thought.  I haven’t done a new post in awhile now, so call this a mini-post… LOL!

    • This will probably drive the DAX above its 200 day, 6400—when it happens.
      Action abroad continues to garner the attention of market participants,
      but the latest round of overseas trade has been relatively mixed. That
      action comes amid reports that the International Monetary Fund wants to
      expand its lending capacity by $1 trillion.

  30. Trading idea: short TXN.
    Opened at 33.42 on 1/18/12.
    some of my shorts are turning from underwater to tidy little profits. 
    the tide is starting to turn for me. i can finally start to relax a little on new short sell positions.

      • Put/call really took a nosedive lately…haven’t seen it drop this fast over a 3 week period, perhaps ever. I’m looking at a chart going back to Jan 2009 and the MACD is now lower than at any time during this time period…

  31. I just got this email about the gangsters SOPA act being rejected!  Yeah… the good guys actually win one for now…


    Hi everyone!

    A big hurrah to you!!!!! We’ve won for now — SOPA and PIPA were dropped by Congress today — the votes we’ve been scrambling to mobilize against have been cancelled.The largest online protest in history has fundamentally changed the game.  You were heard. On
    January 18th, 13 million of us took the time to tell Congress to protect free speech rights on the internet. Hundreds of millions, maybe a billion, people all around the world saw what we did on Wednesday.  See the amazing numbers here and tell everyone what you did.This
    was unprecedented. Your activism may have changed the way people fight for the public interest and basic rights forever.

    The MPAA (the lobby for big movie studios which created these terrible bills) was shocked and seemingly humbled.  “‘This was a whole new different game all of a sudden,’ MPAA Chairman and former Senator Chris Dodd told the New York Times. ‘[PIPA and SOPA were] considered by many to be a slam dunk.’” “’This is altogether a new effect,’ Mr. Dodd said, comparing the online movement to the Arab Spring. He could not remember seeing ‘an effort that was moving with this degree of support change this dramatically’ in the last four decades, he added.”  Tweet with us, shout on the internet with us, let’s celebrate: Round of applause to the 13 million people who stood up  – #PIPA and #SOPA are tabled 4 now.

  32. INTC earnings
    PRICE GOUGING!!!! it’s like Ralph’s supermarket..
    they buy their candy bars for 35 cent , sell for 75 cent for a gross profit of 110%
    The company projects gross profit will be in a range of 61% to 65% on a GAAP basis and 62% to 66%, non-GAAP.
    ANYWAY they beat by 4%, don’t short yet, imo.

    • I’m loving it… let the world unite and go marching into the homes of the elite with this music playing.  That should scare the gangsters like a million zombies attacking them.

  33. Keep in mind that 2 or 3 kilks per day on sites that you like will add to your sense of well being and protect you from alpha and beta radiation effects.

  34. Tebow time is no more.

    As expected, the Belicheats crushed Tebowmania in New England last week as the Pats prolific offense destroyed the Bronco’s defense with NE’s #87 having another monster game with 3 Tds’ that brought# 87s TD reception total to 19 and plus on the season during NFL week 19–1987—

    No miraculous comebacks for Tim this week as he was supremely stymied by the Belicheat’s game plan.  (and another miraculous comeback in Foxboro would have bushed the bounds of plausability even among the gullible sheeple public)

    Alas, the other key ’87er, GB’s version, did not make it through the week as the defending champion (and 1929 NFL champion) 15-1 Packers were upset at home by the “surging” NY Giants who suddenly have rediscovered a vicious pass rush the last two weeks.  The Giants were led
    WR #88 who had two big TD receptions including one on a hail mary pass to end the second half when a deep throw by Giants QB came down into the hands of #88 despite the fact that 5 Packers surrounded him.

    The (Legatus) Giants though have the advantage of winning the 1987 Super Bowl and thus prevailed over the 1929 champion Packers.

    I also did notice that the 1987 NFL strike occurred during the 1987 crash when the players undertook a 24 day strike (888) from week 3 of the season (9-27) to week 6 of the season (10-18, the day before the epic crash).   Week 3 was cancelled but weeks 4-6 (46) were played by replacement players.

    Also a recent CBSSports strangely pointed out that the Giants led the NFL in scoring in 1929.1930, and 1963 (I have been seeing the 63 number quite a bit—1963 year brought up in the latest Transformers movie and in Super 8)

    Another big reason for the hysteria over Tebow:   born in 1987 (8-14-87) .

  35. Red, you might want to incorporate this as one possible outcome for feb, on the indexes–
    if i look at nya50 in Nov, it might tell how feb will look.
    both OCT and Jan earnings season have similar output. Oct earnings output kept the market high all through first 2 weeks of Nov.
    Jan’s output should do the same.

  36. i knew the one percenter piggy banking were trying to get the DAX above its 200 day, 6400. I’ve been posting about this since EU QE1 began.
    now that the DAX made it, what’s next?

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