Looks Like The Overnight Dollar Devaluation Of 40% Or More Is Wanted By Both The Good Guys And The Bad Guys!


The Stock Market Crash Is Now Guaranteed!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SFgI6a6Jdg part1)

When both the good guys known as the "White Dragon Society" and the bad guys known as the "Evil Illuminati Cabal Reptilians, Gangsters Thugs Murderers Rapist Satanist Cannibalize Vampires etc... " say that a Dollar Devaluation is coming, I'd say there is NO chance of it NOT happening at this point.  In the last several posts I spoke of what Lindsey Williams was told by his elite gangster contact.  That contact told Lindsey to go read the speech that Ben Bernanke did in 2002 when he was just Fed Governor and not Fed Chief.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-K5OTP1GvE part 2)

In that speech Bernanke listed 5 things he'd do if he was faced with the "Great Depression Two"... (which we are now), if he was appointed Fed Chief.  The cabal gangsters loved these 5 things as it went perfect with their evil plans to destroy America and bring on "The New World Order".  So, he got the job!  At this point Bernanke is much more honest then any politician that I've ever known, as he's already fulfilled 4 out of 5 of those promises... something a politician never does.  Let's re-visit those 5 things again...

1. If I am every faced with a depression, I will lower the interest rates to zero.

(Done... or close enough.  The last time I checked the interest rate was about one quarter of a percent... pretty much zero!).

2. I will buy securities from the bank to expand the Federal Balance Sheets.

(Done... The Fed’s assets are comprised of a variety of financial instruments including government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, etc.  On the liabilities side, the Fed holds money in circulation and reserves (money that commercial banks are required to set aside with the Central Bank).  By “printing money” ex nihilo (literally out of nothing) money supply increases and the Fed’s liabilities rise.  However, the Fed now has the funds to go to the open market and purchase more financial securities from commercial banks, thereby increasing its assets (so that total assets still equals total liabilities).  This is the mechanism by which the Fed “expands its balance sheet.” )

3. I will increase the money supply.

(Done... qe1, qe2, qe3, etc! He's had the printing press running full steam for the last 4 years at least.  Numerous secret injections of funny money has been put into the market to keep it from crashing.  We bears know this all too well, as the market just refused to crash!)

4. I will buy our countries’ debt.

(Done... the Fed's have been secretly buying their own bonds and treasury notes for the last year now as China and the rest the world wised up and stopped buying our debt)

5. I will devalue the dollar by 40%.

(NOT DONE... Yet!)

Now we all know that we are in a very important year, and that big changes are coming.  We've all heard the stories on how the "Good Guys" are working secretly behind the scenes to overthrown the "Bad Guys" and free humanity!  Sounds great, and I hope it works.  But, what happens when the good guys say that the dollar will likely have to be devalued before a new boom in the economy can start?  I'd say we have the makings of a huge stock market crash coming... wouldn't you?  Looks like the good guys aren't going to be much help to saving the economy as they want the same thing as the bad guys.  I'd say we sheep are screwed either way!

It's looking more and more like there is NO good guys and bad guys, but only the same old same old "screw the sheep"... again!  Maybe the good guys and the bad guys are going golfing together to talk about more ways to fool the sheep into thinking they actually got a chance this time around?  So here's the latest from Ben Fulford (and his good guy team called the "White Dragon Society").

The negotiations on a new financial system for the planet are proceeding well but due to the complexity of the situation, it will take time before any public announcements are possible, according to sources close to the negotiations. The current owners of the Federal Reserve Board System and the Washington D.C. corporate government are hoping to offer enough reforms that they can stay in power. Their money has been frozen, though, by a group that would rather see them all put in jail. The final solution to the problem will need to involve an audit of the real world and the removal of all fraudulent funds from the system. It will also involve a massive redistribution of wealth, meaning that the American people and other worldwide victims of the cabal will get their stolen funds returned to them.

The owners of the Washington D.C. Corporation have already decided on Mitt Romney as the new President of the United States. They have been rigging opinion polls and primary results to make sure their decision is enforced. The corporate media propaganda machine is also in on the decision. The Asian creditors to the Western nations do not interfere in the politics of other countries so they will take no stand on this issue. They say this is an internal matter for the American people to resolve on their own.

The future of the U.S. dollar is also now being debated. The current proposal being put forward by White Dragon Foundation representatives is that the United States government will need to issue Treasury dollars controlled by the elected representatives of the United States Government. These new treasury dollars will have to be separated from the international dollars now in circulation and devalued. The reason for this is that 90% of the dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. The interests of those dollar holders and the interests of the American economy are not the same. They do not want those dollars, which they use to trade with each other, to lose half their value.

If the Americans insist on continuing to use international dollars as their currency, then they will have to wait until US wages fall to Chinese levels before the US economy will once again become competitive. Until that time, the Chinese will take increasing ownership of the United States.

If the US does issue treasury dollars and devalues them by about 50% this is what will happen: First of all, all that Chinese stuff in Wall-Mart will double in price overnight. That is the tough part. The good part is that there will be a huge investment boom in the United States because the US will once again be a competitive exporter. Americans will also start buying more made in America products, creating real jobs and real wealth for the American people. There will also be lots and lots of free spending foreign tourists flooding in, also creating real jobs for real Americans.

There will also have to be a one-time write-off of most of the US debt to the rest of the world. The Americans are hoping to accomplish this by delivering physical gold they control in various locations.

For the United States to get rid of its structural trade deficit, however, the military-industrial complex will have to stop relying of foreigners to finance it. That means retooling it from a machine dedicated to invasion and pillage into something constructive, defensive and welcomed by the peoples of the planet as a beneficial institution.

For example, the White Dragon Foundation is proposing that the Japanese people continue to finance the US 7th fleet and turn it into an institution dedicated to exploring and enhancing the Ocean’s eco-systems.

They would dedicate themselves to going where no man has gone before a la Starship Enterprise. Fighting pirates and stuff like that would be a side job.

There is also going to have to be very thorough disclosure through a South African style truth and reconciliation committee. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, will have to come clean about how they were creating and spreading disease and infertility drugs as a part of a depopulation agenda on the part of the cabal. The petroleum industry will have to admit they have retarded human progress by 100 years by suppressing new energy technology.

The pharmaceutical industry can then change its business model from one that profits from disease and death into one that makes its money by increasing health, longevity and by creating new drugs to enhance human ability and enjoyment of life. The petroleum industry will be able to capitalize on its ability to carry out giant infrastructure projects to do things like turn the deserts green and create tropical year round resorts around Northern Canadian lakes.

The military industrial complex will also have to come clean about all the secret projects they have been carrying out. This will mean opening area 51 and other secret bases to public tours for American citizens.

Most of all it will mean releasing in a safe and responsible manner most of the 6000 or so patents that have been suppressed for “national security reasons.” A new era will begin.

So when does all this happen you ask?  If I had to guess I'd say right after this coming Legatus meeting is over with.  This one features one of the head gangsters... George Bush!  It's being held February the 2nd-4th, 2012... which I believe will be the final top in the market before they declare some bank holiday over a weekend and devalue the dollar overnight.  Looking back at the past Legatus meetings it's clear that they did produce turning points in the market... only missing the exact top or bottom by a few days.

The one that ended October 23rd, 2011 was off by a few days.  The "MF Global" news was released right after the meeting ended and Monday the 24th wasn't a good day for the company.  However, the Euro-Zone summit final vote was supposed to happen that weekend but was delayed until Wednesday the 27th... which is where the top was put in.  The market started down right afterward and continued until it bottomed on November 25th, 2011.  I suspect that the turn would have been on Monday the 24th if not for the change in plans with the delayed vote on at the summit.  That would have made the Legatus turn accurate to the exact day.  But it was off by 3 days on that one.  If you wasn't trading options and held for month or so, you would have still been happy with placing your bet based on the Legatus meeting.

The meeting prior to that one was back on April 30th-May 2nd, 2011... and produced the exact top as the market started down right after the meeting ended on Monday the 2nd of May.  Going back further to the meeting February the 4th-6th, 2010 we see another exact turn in the market as the low was put in on the 5th followed by a 3 month rally.  The first FP I have was also hit... within just a few points as it went a little lower and overshot the target of 1047 hitting an intraday low of 1044 spx.  That FP was captured on 1-11-2010 (note the ritual date... "eleven") showing a 97 point drop when the market really traded within a 5-8 point range that day.

Here's a recap of what happen afterward...

Now, I know that every Legatus meeting hasn't produced an exact turn as late in 2010 there was one that was off by several days and didn't catch the bottom exactly.  The gangsters must have put in another secret stimulus injection into the market as a rally happened after the meeting ended.  So, that meeting was off and nothing much really happened.  But, many other meetings produced big turns in the market... some were major turns.  This next meeting must be an important one as one of the head Illuminati members George Bush Jr. (Bush's dad and David Rockefeller are probably 2 of the top Illuminati heads) is the main speaker at this one.

Plus, they don't have any more listed for the rest of the year yet, which I find odd?  Usually you will see all the meetings for the whole year listed by now, but this is the only one showing up at the present time.  So here we have a very important meeting happening, and the only one listed for the year, and at the same time we have Lindsey Williams' source (a head rating Illuminati Elite of course) that's trying to come clean and free his soul (from what he really deserves... hell) by telling him that "they" plan to devalue the dollar by 40% or more like Roosevelt did in the 1930's... while Ben Fulford's "White Dragon Society" says that the US will have too print Treasury Dollars and devalue them by 50%!

If that isn't "Writing on the Wall"... what is?

Trying to figure out the market direction with technical analysis would have been futile the last 3-5 weeks, as the market defied "rising wedge" after "rising wedge" and continued to march higher on extremely light volume.  I'm glad I took time off and didn't trade as I would have been beating my head against the wall as the market continued to defy gravity day after day after day!

So, in conclusion... I'm still taking time off and not trading at the moment.  I'll be waiting until the week after this meeting is over to look for a short position in the market.  However, I might also look for a long position in gold or silver, as well as shorting the dollar instead of the spy.  Regardless of what I choose to do, I won't be doing it until after Legatus.

Good Luck to everyone...




  1. Between you me and the brick wall, I have to say that sutageL thing is about the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  Born Catholic but no longer practicing, you know you need $$$ to join, then you play golf with your buddies….. it is almost just as bad as campaign contributions.  It is the kind of thing that you can’t even write about or they will put you on the no fly list.   Best to everyone. .. Simon

  2. I’m confused. If the dollar was devalued and everything in Walmart doubled in price, wouldn’t cars and houses and stocks and everything double in price too?

    • Not necessarily. Cars and real estate are commonly purchased with loans, not cash. Food and energy would eat up so much income that far fewer people would be able to afford either. The price would go up, but not nearly as much as necessities.

    • Not necessarily. Cars and real estate are commonly purchased with loans, not cash. Food and energy would eat up so much income that far fewer people would be able to afford either. The price would go up, but not nearly as much as necessities.

  3. Today is a pretty good spot for a top.   SP high at 1333.47 is the perfect numerology.   Off the 7-01-10 low, the SP rallied 333pts in 33 weeks to the March 2011 high and then put another high 11 weeks later (333 pts from the 8-25-10 low of SP 1037) at the 5-2 high.

    8months 24days later (888) from 5-2 is today.

    I’ve seen some interesting numerology broken down from 1333.47 from some other sites.  Of course, one is pretty basic.

    The 7-01-10 low was 333 TDs from the 3-6-9 low and if my math is correct today would be 396 TDs from the 7-01-10 low making tomorrow 730TDs from the 3-6-9 low.

    1333 is also 37pts off the 1370 high.

    • Of course, the Time Magazine Cover Signal issued a top/sell signal earlier this week, the greatest confirmation that a top should be in.  The Apple earnings euphoria helped to obscure the Time signal though.

      Seasonality also indicates that a decline should be imminent.   Actually, the decline should have already have begun.

  4. I’ve been looking and looking for SP quarterly earnings information and finally did find a chart courtesy of Kevin Depew which does show a turn lower but I don’t know when this latest turn occurs.   It looks like this quarter but the turn should be for 4th quarter earnings (are these estimates or actual numbers??).


    It’s doubtful that SP earnings can remain bouyant with Europe and much of Asia already in recession.  (or a new downturn in a depression)  IMF and WorldBAnk just recently downgrading world GDP for 2012. 

    Don’t mind the annotations.  That’s Depew trying to place some sort of TD count on the earnings graph.

  5. That FP might be in code even further, for say 15,800?  On the Wilshire?   I mean, 15.8?  Its time to find a hole and food if that is what is meant.  And what would be the use of placing a bet, the financial institution would probably be involvent.

  6.  Superbowl (#46) is on 2-5.   Once the Legatuseers are done with their summit on the 4th, maybe they will head down to Indianapolis to watch the Legatus Giants triump in the Superbowl watching from the Giant’s box with Rooney Mara possibly the master of festivities.


    Another surprise this week with Rooney Mara getting a Best Actress nod for the Academy Awards for her role as the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.
    Mara, as I mentioned several months ago, a scion of the Rooney(Steelers) and Mara (Giants) clans, but the Giants were so out of it then, it appeared that they had no part in the unfolding grand ritual.   The Rooney side (Steelers) though ended up being Tebowized in a 888 and 316 ritual during the first round of the playoffs while the Mara side (Giants) continue to “surge” as they upset higher seeded teams from week to week.

    As expected last week, the Legatus Giants defeated the 49ers (in a repeat of another January 1987 matchup) and moved onto the Superbowl.

    WSJ with an article on the Superbowl predictor yesterday, claiming it is back to 80% accuracy and will predict a good year for the stockmarket if the oldline NFL team (the Giants in this case) wins but a bad year if the new line team (Patriots) wins.  

    Unfortunately, the Giants are their own indicator.   Wins in 1987 and 2008 saw crashes while another win in 1991 came on the heels of a bear market and long lasting recession.

    We have the Facebook anniversary approaching next week coincident with the Legatus summit while Facebook registers its IPO. 

    And if this is followed by a Giants Superbowl victory and topped off by a very unexpected Rooney Mara Academy Awards victory, then the ritual will be in a very accelerated forward motion.

    • What “Time Magazine Cover” was you referring to earlier?  Do you have a link to see it? I’m unsure if this coming Legatus meeting will be the start of selling at the moment, but odds do favor it.  I don’t see anymore meeting posted for the rest of the year, so I do believe this meeting will be “VERY Important”!

      The decisions made there will likely affect the rest of the year for the stock market.  Do they tell Bernanke to complete his 5th promise or not… that is the question?

  7. Rooney looking a little scary there like the typical “mind-controlled” Hollywood crazy.   I wonder if she was programmed in the basement of some studio like most of the tinseltown stars and starlets and groomed for years in anticipation of this unfolding ritual despite her background.  She did appear out of nowhere before landing her big break in Social Network.

    • I’ll have more trivial football related material tomorrow.   I didn’t have a lot of time last week so I need to catchup on on the ’87 rituals.

      The operators did pull all stops to get their “favored” teams through.

  8. http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/01/obama-hosts-george-hw-and-jeb-bush-at-white-house-112638.html

     Interesting..Something is being planned….

    Unbeknownst to the press, President Obama met this evening with former president George H.W. Bush and his son, former Florida governor Jeb Bush in the Oval Office.
    White House officials did not list the meeting on the president’s schedule but released a photo through Flickr and Twitter.
    According to the date and time stamp on the photo, it was taken shortly after 5 p.m. That’s about the time Obama returned to the White House from a fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
    White House officials did not immediately respond to questions about the subject of the meeting and its exclusion from Obama’s public schedule.

  9. i think we see 1350 area then probably 1250, all in next month. bullish sentiment is getting out of control. 

    • Then the FP on the SPY from last year should be hit.  I can’t see it stopping at 1350 and not making a new (and final high) before crashing.  Since the FP is for 138.86 that makes a new high on the SPX (it’s about 1388 spx)… while the May 2nd high (right after the Legatus meeting ended that happened April 30th-May 2nd, 2011) was 1370 spx.

  10. race to zero, RSH down 20% in ah, taking down BBY 4% with it.
    it’s a race down to zero. who’ll get there first. RSH down 20% in ah, taking down BBY 4% with it.
    i think brick and mortar electronic store is a bad model, maybe.

  11. We are 1 year later, and what did happen? Were your predictions correct? Apart from a slight depreciation that hit the USD vs EUR, I don’t see nothing special (but markets are not my speciality).
    WL Advisor

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