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The following is an small excerpt from last weeks (1/21) Astrology Traders newsletter by Karen Starich. If you find this information useful and would like the actual dates provided to subscribers, click on the links below for more information.

If you put in place an order for PSLV near $13.50, and it filled, from here I would hold and add on a dip.  In essence Sprott has put in a floor near $13.20 on the PSLV.  The Saturn oppose Jupiter (supply and demand) that I referenced last week,  will carry into Friday January 27th,  acts like a tug of war between the physical demand and the paper manipulation.  Because of the Jupiter retrograde, the rare aspect is occurring three times, the first was in April 2011 right before silver almost hit $50.

The aspect, in it's final pass for 12 years, translates to a challenge of the corrupt CME/Comex gang following the MF Global scandal.  This is a tug of war between supply and demand and is most certainly scaring the dickens out of JP Morgan and the CME/Comex gang's leveraged short positions in silver.  Sprott is estimated at 1.5 billion in cash which translates to 40 to 50 million ounces of silver, far more than the estimated 31 million at the Comex.  What Sprott is telling the market is trust the CME/Comex following the MF Global scandal, or trust Sprott Asset Managements viable 10 billion enterprise with a good reputation and massive growing customer base.

There could be a drop (subscribe for dates).  There is risk for corrections (premium content) silver may start to make some very big moves up.  Jupiter, as mentioned above, is making the last round of squares that have blocked silver since June. Often what happens with these aspects in a loop (retrograde) is by the final opposition the people have gotten savvy to the game and figure out a brilliant strategy to counter the opposition.  There is still risk to the downside through January,  however Sprott's move is reinforcing the good transits I see coming and giving confidence to the bulls now through these hard transits.  Any correction should be viewed as an opportunity to buy long.

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  1. Facebook surprising that it isn’t registering the IPO closer to the Facebook date.   I guess they chose the 1st so they could rush off to the Legatus Grand Summit and then the Superbowl.

    I forgot to add that the Legatuseers will rush off to their private boxes at the Superbowl following the Summit so that they could cheer the Legatus Giants on and wash their money (with Mitt being the chief washer)

    This kind of parallells a scene from John LeCarre’s latest novel, “Our Kind of Traitor”  when all of the gangsters party in their private box at Roland Garros Stadium during the French Open Final then the next day, the chief washer signs over all the papers to his operation to Russian mob boss, the Prince.
    Was LeCarre on to something there?  His book is definitely topical.

    After my Rooney Mara-Legatus posts, disqus became distorted again and I couldn’t post.  It’s temporarily back to normal.

    • I was doing some changes Geccko, as I was trying to figure out why BigHouses’ avatar doesn’t show up here.  But I finally gave up and put Disqus back to the original style.

  2. This should be the grand jubilee celebration for Legatus.   Founded in 1987, this is the 24th (888)anniversary.

    If they hadn’t chosen the occultic date for this summit, 2-2-4,2012, which coincides with the infamous Facebook date, I wouldn’t have been so suspicious since the founder’s resume reads pretty clean.   But then the Legatus Giants started their playoff run with a 2-24 win over the Falcons and followed that up by defeating the 15-1 defending (and 1929) champ Packers.

    Interesting not too far after founding Legatus, Monaghan sold his Dominos pizza business to Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) and later sold his Detroit Tigers to a rival in the pizza business.   Last week, the Tigers hit the news when they signed Prince Fielder to a 9year $214 million dollar contract.

  3. During the last round of the playoffs, the operators pulled all the stops to get their favored teams though that will produce a rematch of the 2008 Superbowl, the Legatus Giants vs. the Belicheats,  2008 an underappreciated crash year.

    Of course, the Giants were the 1987 Superbowl champs which I have mentioned several times.  But it makes sense that this would be the ideal ritualistic matchup then in 2008 as it is now.
    Belicheat was the defensive coordinator on that 1987 Giants championship team while the Giants current coach,Tom Coughlin, was on the 1987 Giants coaching staff also and now I am starting to see the stories on Bill Parcells being proud that two of those on his coaching tree will be facing each other in this SuperBowl (again) which casually alludes to the ’87 connection.

    Of course, the Belicheats pulled a victory out of the hands of defeat when Ravens WR Lee Evans dropped a game winning touchdown pass or to be more exact, he treated it like a hot potato and held it up long enough so that the Patriot defender could knock it out of his hands.   Then the Ravens kicker, a Pro Bowl like performer, missed a chip shot field goal two plays later at the end of the game.

    The Giants game against the 49ers was plain ugly.   The 49ers looked to be completely dominating the game but the 49ers kick returner managed to flub two punts and a fumble by the Giants running back #44 late in the game was called back by the refs in some sort of variant of the “tuck” rule that saw the Patriots move past the Raiders several years ago (2001) during the Pats first Superbowl run.
    I didn’t see the end of 49er-Giants games since it didn’t really interest me (don’t like either team)and since I knew the outcome ahead of time so I missed out how those key plays played out.

    Eli Manning, the Giants QB, had an interesting line though.   He had 58 attempts and threw for the Tebow-time 316 yards.   

    It also turns out that the Steelers time of possession in their loss to the Tebow Bronco’s was 31minutes 6 seconds.

  4. AMZN Nomura lowers FY12 EPS estimate from $2.08 to $1.89 and FY13 from
    $3.90 to $3.52.===this is quite a return to growth rate, for 2012-2013
    i guess 170-175, is the long term support.
    2013 target price, based on 3.52 eps, is like a $300 price, if they go back to the old p/e.

  5.    Jim Sinclair of the father who started most of the US brokerage houses in the States and whose name reflects his mothers family the Sincliars, er Sinclairs?   This guy should be trusted?

  6.     By the way, RED, excellent work onthe 1744 GOLD FAKE PRINT.  That alone, is worth the eventual price of admission around here.  Great stuff.

  7.    Well it was posted by someone on the, and it was YOUR venue.  Great FP. 

       By the way EVERYONE is turning bullish, just everyone.  Its downright scary.

  8. i got a good price on shorting ALL today. only thing is, I didn’t know they reported earnings today, because yahoo finance failed to post this info accurately—
    they beat the street by 40%—
    this is going to be an instant opening bell stop out.
    once a year, yahoo gets me like this….

  9. reporting next 6 days–
    yahoo won’t get me this time…



  10. A Grim report issued by the Finance Ministry says United States Clearing House Interbank PAyments System has ground to a virtual halt..signaling that a major global economic collapse is currently underway and could very well likely enter into the dreaded free fall.

    • Could be…but I’ve noticed there’s a big upside print before every cliff edge. Remember that one back in May? 137.18. Almost exactly the same as this one. Just something to watch out for.

  11. Here’s another NFL tidbit I haven’t gotten to yet.

    A 66 yard touchdown reception by NO’s Jimmy Graham in the 49er-NewOrleans playoff game where they flashed another 1987 albeit indirectly:

    Graham #80 catches the pass while #25 bounces off of him—80-25(7) ie 87 while NO’s #19 is in the foreground forming a 1987…..After he runs into the endzone (over the 4 or 49er logo), they reinforce the 87 if you didn’t get it the first time when NO teammate Sproles #43 runs up to congratulate him.
    SF player #22 runs after him while #31 is the safety who misses him and #38 is the other NO defender in the picture.

    Disqus is distorted again since I last posted so I really can’t post.

    I have some similar stories in mind for the Legatus Giants wunderkind Victor Cruz #80 and some of his “amazing” TD plays.

    In the SP today, a familiar two day pattern was put in similar to the October 28 and the July tops.   Sort of the inverse hook pattern Attilla has mentioned in the past.

  12. Guys & Gals … Abdullah’s FAZ FP is coming $25.  From there there should be some false flag to crush the market down to bring FAZ back to 300% return.  It could be Iran/Israel war.

    •  I’d look for the value to go a bit lower than $25.  Remember we have the 137 & 138 SPY FP’s.  Just like we over shot the 77 FP that Abdullah also caught.  (Made it all the way to 81.50)  That’s almost a 6% over-shoot.  So I’m looking for a bottom around 23.50.  Then again, if you are looking to go long on FAZ, I wouldn’t wait until the very bottom.  When we have a FP of 83, you’d still have a great return.

  13. My little Superbow preview:

    I mentioned previously the Legatus Giants wunderking WR Victor Cruz, who manages to turn opposing defenders into Keystone Cops as they attempt to tackle him and manage to him and run into each other instead.   There are plenty of youtube videos on Victor Cruz, “Mr. Salsa” even some compilation videos.   But his best TDs are his first against the Eagles this season, a 74 yarder when he caught a short pass when defender #24 bounced off him initially and then he managed to make #24 and #42s run into each other as they mistackled him……another long one against the Seahawks with the score at 19-14 when 2 Seattle defenders, one #25 went up to grap the ball but managed instead to tip it into Cruz’s hands, forming an indirect 87…#25 to Cruz’s #80—–and then the Jet’s 99yard TD reception where again he managed to elude 2 defenders who instead crashed into each other… the video we later see Giants player #9 cross behind QB# 10 to form a 19 and then in the next shot we see players form an 887 combo in the endzone.

    Cruz #80 forms a dynamic duo with Hakeem Nicks #88—888……Nicks being the big playoff hero so far and a big participant of the 10-25-10 MNF matchup against the Cowboys when both teams #88 scored 5tds or 588, the same game in which Cowboys QB Tony Romo#9was knocked out for the season by Giants LB #59, an event which had been predicted to Kevin Depew the week before (see his twitter,might take several hours to dig it up though) by an ESPN producer although he was told Rodgers not Romo.

    Giants LB #59 missed much of the season including the earlier matchup with the Pats (as did #88) and his return is considered one of the sparks to this playoff run.

    On the otherside of the ball, our hero #87, the only #87 to remain of our glorious 87’s, has become the cause celebre of the Superbowl as pundit after pundit worry about whether he will play in the Superbowl or not.   The more appropriate question should be how badly are they lying about his injury.
    Too much melodrama there?   As is the operators’ favorite NFL robot, #18 (666) Peyton Mannings’ (to quote an old time poster) quest to upstage the SuperBowl festivities with constant questions/updates to his playing status during the week his hometown Colts are hosting the Superbowl.   He seems to be on a PR campaign to get the Colts to commit to a $28 million bonus due on March 8 despite many questions about his health.   Colts owner Jim Irsay doesn’t seem to want to comply.

    Irsay has been conducting his campaign on twitter.     If anything his twitter feed is littered with cryptic remarks, possible occultic numerology, and unusual cultural referenc es……Of course the infamous tweet came from Rob Lowe’s twitter account when he wrote that Peyton Manning would be retiring several weeks ago but Lowe’s twitter account isn’t as interesting as Irsay’s.   (Irsay even made riddle linking Facebook to Forrest Gump and the Giants families)

    The Belicheats are favored by 3 points even though the Legatus Giants beat them earlier in the season.   The public seems to firmly behing the Giants though as the Belicheats seem to be universally reviled.    Apparently, 60% of the betting money is behing the Giants, most all of it public money.    So the question becomes does the grand ritual take precedence over the gangsta in Vegas getting their way.

    The socalled wise guy expert was on the 4 letter morning radio show on Friday and claimed the largest book was projecting that the Patriots would be the winner but I don’t understand why such a book would be making such a projection available to the public.    Anyway, it seems everytime this wise guy expert claims that the public is universally behind one team the team usually wins the game and against the spread.

    • WSJ  had an article on the Legatus Giants founding family tree yesterday.   The founder Tim Mara was described as a “former” bookmaker.   He made his two sons co-owners when they were 14 and 22 to shield the team from creditors.    Wellington, the Legatus member and one of Tim’s sons, was the longtime chief of the company and had 11 children.   His oldest son is the Chairman now and described as a confidant to the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell…..confidant===handler……

      From my own small search, it does seem that many in the family attended Jesuit institutions with many attending Fordham University in New York.

      Rooney Mara’s older sister is an actress too (Brokeback Mountain) and has a clause in her contracts that  allows her to take time off from work if either of her family teams,the Steelers or Giants make it to the SuperBowl so that she can attend the SuperBowl festivities.

      Wellington’s widow, Ann Mara chided Terry Bradshaw after the 49ers playoff game while he was interviewing one of the Giants, for never picking the Giants.  She will be in Indianapolis for the Superbowl.    Her son should have told her that Terry is only playing his part in the grand ritual.

          • I went to IE and the post button does show now and this reply window is meticulous.   Up above the post box does extend to the right margin but the post button can be seen.

          • I use FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, Maxthon, Deepnet, Flock, Netscape, Safari, Avant, K-Melon, and Arora Browsers to test the site and it works on all of them. Only IE7 does it not work on.  Anyway, it’s this disqus theme or the other one as they only have 2 options.  Do you want me to keep it on this one?

  14. We now have a double confirmation that the top is in.   The Time Magazine Cover the prior week and now a certain stock market related event that is hitting the news.

    It’s playing out just like John LeCarre’s “Our Kind of Traitor”.   So amazing and unusual.  I guess LeCarre is part of the ritual.   Probably the reason they remade and released his “Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy”

    The company that I associate most closely to the Arena Global Trading Corporation of LeCarre’s book has hit the headlines.   Just as I mentioned a few days ago when the chief washer was forced to sign over his operation to the Prince something similar is occurring.

    There was also a private Facebook IPO on Thursday so the insiders could have gotten enough money out so they really don’t need to worry how the real IPO performs.   Then off to Legatus or the Superbowl festivities to party in their private boxes with the Legatuseers and now off to Switzerland for the corporate event.

  15. These warlocks are good posting a 57 reading on the ISM non-manufacturing services reading while every country in Europe and Asia appears to be in recession.   Right at a stock market top.   German PMI was positive too for January but then again they did have negative retail sales in December.

    One of my gurus mentioned US payrolls had the highest reading since the April 2011 report released in May.   We know how that worked out.

  16. 21-17 Giants win.  Nice analysis Geccko.  2+1 = 3, 1+7 = 8…3+8 = 11.  I guess now what happens.  Lol.

  17. Did everyone see the illuminate symbols in Madonna 1/2 time show (Super Bowl) tonight?  … Below is the video…I know it’s a  copy.. I hope a clearer video will come out. Notice .25-.28 sec mark  the Illuminate sign up top of her chair..In black… Their seems to be a number up there to… 25? 

    at the .35 sec mark the chair she is sitting in…also notice the head gear she is wearing…..2.49 min shows the one eye…She is famous to have this one eye…Illuminate symbol. At the 1.13 min mark there is an illuminate sign on the floor where madonna is standing on. It’s hard to see it on this video but it was  very clear when i saw it on the TV.I hope a better video will come out.I’m sure there is more symbols but that was what caught my eye..

  18. The Legatus Giants prevail!!!!!!

    Now all the financial pundits can harp on the how Superbowl indicator predicts a strong market for the rest of the year, over the next few days.   Markets might remain bouyant until the corporate event takes place in Switzerland.

    I did notice they flashed the 888 combo after Cruz’s TD in the first quarter (the Nicks-Cruz duo 80-88) but I haven’t really analyzed anything yet.

    The Madonna halftime show was really interesting.   They had the mind-controlled neurotic Niccki Manaj performing with here at one point while the other performer MIA flipped off the camera while lifting her M skirt.    A lot of Vs flashing in the background….would have thought it was a David Fincher production.

    I need to review that show several more times before I can get anything out of it.

  19.  I viewed the Madonna video today, wow, that was worse than anything I have seen before, it was Caligula gone bad. 

  20. I find Gheckos posts very interesting.  Does he(he can answer this or anyone else) believe that all these numbers are achieved by some 4d means?  I mean how else can they be achieved?

        • The QBs have headphones in their helmets now.   Everything can be instructed to them through these headphones at any point during the game.   There are also 10 million different camera angles that the TV directors can choose from.

          I would say much of it is choreographed but higher powers might be involved too if they need to make sure the QB makes the right pass or the WR makes sure he makes the catch.   These players also might be programmed or possessed or indoctrinated from an early age.   There is a photo of Jimmy Clausen  and some of his teammates during his early Notre Dame career that suggests this.

          I didn’t notice any of this in the 80’s when technology was pretty primitive but notice now it seems like all the games come down to the wire while in the 80s there were many Superbowl blowouts.

          I am not upto speed on the reptilian thesis.  I didn’t notice anything in that Peyton Manning video.

          The camera technology is so advanced that it was used beautifully in describing the first 2 touchdowns yesterday.    Chris Collinsworth pointed out how on Cruz’s TD catch in the first quarter, the inside linebacker was in proper position to take away the inside slant yet he was looking back at the player and not at the quarterback.   This allowed Manning to sneak the ball past him.   If he had been turned around facing the QB there is no way the ball would have gotten by him.

          On Brady’s TD pass at the end of the first half,  Collinsworth pointed out how the Giants best pass rusher, Pierre Paul inexplicably dropped back into coverage instead of rushing Brady and dropped back onto the otherside of the line allowing a huge passing window for Brady to throw in.    Brady had several seconds to wait before passing.  If Pierre Paul had continued his rush, he would arrived at Brady well before he would have gotten the pass off.

          The camera angle they showed on the replays showed it from the point of view from the QB (or from behind him) and showed how everything developed beautifully.   It also shows the fakery clearly.

          •  Fakery?  You mean players deliberately playing off?  Or allowing something they shouldn’t?   I have noticed inexplicable stuff myself, whenever I watch the NFL, which isnt very damn often.  Like when Jim Kelly three three interceptions in a row, with no receiver in sight, in the Super Bowl.

  21. Hey red.  Two things.  One I cannot find the chat tab on smb.  And two, what is the way to beat the coming depression according to L. Williams?  Don’t feel like listening to three hours of more bad news. 

    •  YES and what he is saying goes AGAINST the Fake Prints.  Which one is disinformation?   I am betting Lindsay. 

          • Lindsey did say there will be financial collapse.  I take that to also mean stock market crash.  The thing here we have to realize is in a normal sense that if there is printing and inflation, TRADITIONALLY the stock market will go up (ie. QE1 & 2)  However, if there is a breakdown of the whole system, there is no reason those traditional correlations can’t decouple.  Thus USD down and stock market down.  Say for instance BofA, JPM, other banks, State of CA & IL all went bankrupt?  Uncle Ben could turn the printing presses on all he wants, the USD would sink and we’d still see a crash in the market.   In my opinion all this happens after we see deflation with gold at the 935 FP.

          • Yes, I agree Johnny.  I do believe that the dollar and the market will decouple and the market will crash with the dollar.  Gold is anyone’s guess?  It should crash from margin calls (for the big institutions and hedge funds are aren’t in the GS club), but if the dollar is devalued 40% overnight, I’d think gold would go up 40% overnight.

          • The other thing is, we try to rationalize this by drawing conclusions saying “if X happens, Y will be the result”.  Well if the TPTB, just want something to happen to futher their agenda toward the NWO and 1 global currency, there probably won’t be any way to draw any meaningful correlations.  They might want Gold/USD/Stocks to correlate at some point and not at others.  What ever allows them to steal the most money I guess! 

          • About the timing of this dollar crash… I remember Lindsey says that we had less then 2 weeks before the dollar crashes once we see the Euro crash.  I wonder if that still applies?

  22. Thinking out loud here…

    Lindsey stated that we have less then 2 weeks to get out of “all paper” once the Euro collapse, as the dollar collapse will be next.  Looking at the dollar right now it seems very oversold and do for a bounce.

    If the Euro does crash first, then will the dollar bounce hard from that crash for that 2 week (or less) period?  If so, then wouldn’t the best time to short the dollar be after the Euro first crashes and give the dollar the bounce?

    • If I recall correctly, don’t we have a DXY FP of 86 that still hasn’t been hit yet? Could be the top in the dollar right after EU collapses?  Which leads to the question:  What is the definition of an EU collapse?  Is it a Greek default?  Does the contaigion have to spread to the core and cause a France default?  And what is the definition of default?  Does it mean CDS’s payout?  One would think a 70% haircut on Greek bonds would consititute a “default”, (and thus CDS action) but apparently not.  Ahhh…so many ways for the TPTB to “do what’s best for the sheeple”!

    • Red, can you post the link to the chatroom. I logged into your site, but got lost. I want to go to the room, where I went yesteray

      • I’m going to redo the chatroom as it doesn’t save the chat session.  As soon as you go to another page and come back the chat is gone.  I’ll work on that over the next few days.  Right now people are joining and leaving because they don’t see any prior chat and think no one is there.

        I’ll have that fixed soon and let everyone know.  But for now you can just login to the site and you’ll see the “chat” tab listed as the 3rd tab from left to right between the “people” and “spy” tab.  But again, I’m going to change that soon.

  23. As much as this market should crash, the gangsters aren’t going to let it… yet! They will likely push this out until the next Legatus meeting this coming May 2nd-4th, 2012. Truly sad… but it’s a rigged game and they control it. However, on the short term, I think we’ll hit the FP of 137.00 on the SPY from a few days back, (or the 138.86 FP from last year) and then sell off for awhile… but not crash (again… YET!)

    • Was the 138.86 FP from May? I think that might be the one I was referring to earlier. Do you have a screenshot?

  24. my wife threw me out of the house with a cardboard box and told me to never come back home… she said i was a loser. since I shorted the market…

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