Lindsey Williams Says Dollar Will Be Devalued By 40 Percent Before 2012 Ends…


But the timing of the release of that information is when the dollar looks almost bottomed and ready for a technical bounce!

(to watch on youtube:

I have noticed that the gangsters have been using Lindsey to move the stock market in the direction that they want it to go... which is always the opposite of what they tell us sheep.  In this video recorded on February 3rd, 2012 Lindsey Williams states that it 100% certain that there will be a bank holiday on some Monday coming before this year ends.  But the scare tactic manner that he gives his warning message some how feels like this dollar crash is coming this month of February or in March.

The dollar seems about bottomed to me and ready to rally up for awhile before crashing 40% overnight with a surprise bank holiday on some future Monday before this year ends.  I've noticed that the same thing happened last year when Lindsey came out with the information from his gangsters friends that they plan to take oil up to $150.00 to $200.00 per barrel before 2012 is over with.  Once again oil was rallying hard and it looked like (or felt like) they were going to make that happen within a few months, before the end of 2011 and way before the end of 2012.

The dollar message seems exactly like the oil message too me.  It's a message they release to Lindsey when they want to use him to trick the sheep into a panic mode where they will "go long" on oil when they planned to sell it back down and now to "go short" on the dollar when they plan to rally it up.  Once again... more misdirection from the Illuminati trash!

I think the dollar is going to rally hard very soon, as it looks to have almost hit a short term bottom.  In fact, it could even rally up to new highs when the Euro crashes and then we could wake up some Monday with a 40% devaluation.  Here's a FP on the dollar from April 28th, 2011...

Now look at this monthly chart and project out a couple of months from now.  Notice how this nice trendline connecting the highs will like be moved down from where it's currently pointing at (around 87.69) to about the FP level of 86.47 on the dollar.  Funny how that FP that showed up almost a year ago, is now pointing to what would basically be a 4th touch of a slightly downward sloping trendline from the first 11/1/2005 high connecting to the 3/1/2009 high for the 2nd hit, then 6/1/2010 for the 3rd... and finally a 4th hit at the forecasted FP level of 86.47 within a few months from now.

With that said, I also have this FP of the UUP showing 84.14 ( from 6/30/2011... but that would over 360 on the dollar if it was really an accurate FP on the UUP.  But, I think it was put on the UUP but was actually meant for the dollar.  So, we have an upside target of either 84.14 or 86.47 for the dollar... but which one?  I don't know right now, but after the dollar has it's rally back up I'd then expect them to pull the bank holiday surprise on us sheep and devalue it 40% overnight.

Of course I expect Lindsey to be very quiet leading up to the final month before it happens.  Then he can come out and say that he told us it was coming... which will be true, but the timing of the message is my issue.  I don't think Lindsey is a stock market trader and therefore probably doesn't realize that he is being used to steal the sheeps' money by scaring them into "going long" oil just before it corrects, or "going short" the dollar just before it rallies.

Lindsey Williams will still likely be correct and both the dollar will crash, while oil and gold skyrocket up... but you basically have to do the opposite when he comes out with his message of fear.

With that said, this means that the stock market should sell off nicely over the next few months and probably bottom around the next Legatus meeting this coming May 2nd-4th, 2012 just when the dollar should hit one of the FP's (I personally think it will be the higher print of 86.47).  This coming move down should be very nice for the bears, but nothing like the one I expect later this fall.

If this does happen like I think it's going to then every bear will be fully onboard the train and the media will be preaching the "Sell in May a Go Away" slogan like it's guaranteed to continue tanking.  I think just the opposite will happen and the market will rally shortly after that meeting ends.  They will likely put another stimulus package into the market (publicly or secretly is unknown) to rally it up for the 2012 election.  This should be some type of larger wave 2 up, with wave 1 down starting here soon and ending in May.

This rally should continue until then next Legatus meeting October 10th-21st and then the largest wave 3 down ever should start!

The media will be all over the November 2nd election while the market crashes day after day.  They will give little coverage to it, as the election will be there to distract the sheep.  The bears probably won't believe it as they will have been chopped to death in the wave 2 up from May as I expect that to be some type of "zig-zag" pattern (horrible for swing trader, but a day traders dream) where it could look like the August to October period from 2011... but this time I don't expect another "Hail Mary" rally to start at the end of the wave in October.

This time it should really crash into the mother of all wave 3's down!

(to watch on youtube:

As for the 40% dollar devaluation Monday surprise... it could very well be the thing that causes the crash in the market!  Yes, the dollar and the market trade opposite each other right now, but that's not written in stone.  If the dollar is devalued 40% overnight I'd think every trader will panic and sell all stocks and buy gold and silver.  You don't really expect that to be positive for American companies do you?  If the price of goods and services cost them 40% more dollars to purchase from other countries... which they then have too mark up and try (keyword there... "TRY") to sell to you sheep, do you really think their forward looking earning reports are going to be good?

Of course not!  People won't be able to afford basic food, utilities, and gas... let alone have extra money to buy stuff from retail companies.  Traders will dump Apple just like they will dump Walmart... no stock will be left as who's going to risk that with massive inflation coming as gold rockets to the moon and beyond.  Traders will panic and sell everything, and move into gold, silver... and oil probably too?  Not sure on that one as demand with drop off a cliff when people can't afford to drive their cars from the devalued dollars.

But, they will still need oil.  I just think more people will be catching the bus, riding a bike, or walking to work.  Of course they may just stay home when they no longer have a job to go to anymore.  All this spells lower demand for oil, which should mean lower prices.  But, there is that planned WW3 with Iran scheduled to take place during the same time period, which would be done on purpose by the gangsters to shutdown the oil supplies from the middle east, therefore the price could still go up even with lower demand.   All in all, I'd just skip trading oil and go long gold and silver, or short the dollar... should it hit the 86.47 FP by the week of or after the October 21st Legatus Pilgrimage ends.

Moving on to the short term...

We have the recent FP on the SPY showing 137.00 from 2/2/2012 and the FP from March 11th, 2011 (the date Japan was attacked by the Rockefeller, Bush, Clinton, Kissenger, Soro's, Buffet Illuminati Reptilian Gangsters!).  Here's a look at those FP's again.  Notice the ritual numbers found in the prints.  The 137.00 adds up nicely to 11 (1+3+7=11), and the date it showed up equals a "9" (2+2+2+0+1+2=9) or the number of "completion".

On the FP of 138.86 on the SPY from 3/11/11, you have of course the obvious date of "11" and the year of "11", and the Japan attack that happened.  I don't see any other ritual numbers in the volume, time of the print, or the actually price level, but the 29 in the volume of 4,290 shares could mean the date of 2/9... or tomorrow, February the 9th, 2012?  We'll know in less then 24 hours as I'm writing this post on Wednesday the 8th of February.  While that's just a guess, even if it's a wrong one, I still expect this market to rally up to at least the newer FP of 137.00 spy (about 1370 spx) before rolling over and starting the first larger wave 1 down.

Once that FP is hit, I'll be looking for a short position on the market, and/or a long position on the dollar.  Since the Dow has already put in a new high, you really would expect the SPX to at least put in a double top at the 137.00 FP before rolling over.  I personally think they will have a one day squeeze up to the other FP of 138.86 to squeeze out any bears that are currently left in the market... and then close that day with a nice long topping tail.  After that it should start down and continue down until early May I believe.

Well, that's my thoughts and plan of action for now.  Of course that's subject to change, but I've presented my evidence to you so you use it for whatever it's worth.  Too me I still hear the main stream media preaching the bear case.  I want to them to preach the bull case... and they will if the spx takes out the previous high around 1370 and sucks in some bulls when it hits the 138.86 spy FP (about 1388 spx).  Then I'd be a happy bear, as I'd be the first one on the train.  🙂



  1. Hi Red,

    How exciting! I’ve never seen an FP before (in real time).  Here’s today’s Bloomberg page, showing the DAX at 0 (100% loss).

    • I can’t seem to open the photo, but if that is true, man that’s just as scary as the 349 VIX FP.  In my opinion, this can mean one of the following: a) That index goes away   b) Those 30 companies all go bankrupt   c) Stock trading no longer exists   d) this FP is not real….

      I hope for D and worst case A.  If B or C were to happen, I’d have wipe the skid mark out of my pants!

  2. I saw the Dow was up 6.66 several minutes after the close over at stockcharts and now it’s 6.51 (6.6).    Dow got up to 12924.74 at its high, a nice 292 reading while of course on 2-9-12.

    Today should be the top if my theories and calculations are right.  (The calculations should be correct but they are based on the theories).

    AAII hit 52% bulls yesterday with 32 % spread between bulls and bears.

    Dojis everywhere today with some of the leading indices red today like XLF, RUT.

    The corporate event has taken place but it was in London not Switzerland.  A lot of papershuffling among the same players.   Now off to Switzerland possibly for the final consummation.    The Legatians can head off there, engage in some winter sporting, and wash some money on the side.

    Arena Global Trading in a self takeover.

    It looks like Mr. NFL 666 might be part of the ritual afterall.   His roster bonus is due on a peculiar date if my theories are correct, definitely a numerologically apropriate date.   And the football media continues to make it an important event with constant updates on the melodrama.

  3. Florio, nice post on Kurt Warner the other day.   I realized Kurt Warner did most of the occultspeak but thanks for bringing it to our attention.   A nice little collection of 58combos.

    Are you saying we’re going to get a crash like Ahmad plunging into the endzone the other day?

  4. Oh yeah!  A belated Happy Facebook Day!!!!!!  The big 8er from 2-4,24  (888888).

    Things started to go haywire on Valentine’s Day in Social Network.   We’re also entering the Warlock’s timeline.

    Warlock’s firing and NFLer 666’s decision date are one day apart.  I’ll need to review the Warlock’s twitter account more routinely now.

    LMFAO was the only guest artist to appear at Madonna’s half-time show(and sing their material).   Wonder why they were included?   Nicky M. and MIA sing in Madonna’s new single.

    Our hero #87 got mixed up with LMFAO later but that is a subject for a separate post.

  5. We have one more up wave to get all the BULLS in the Pen Ghecko.  Then the Matador……………..   And what is this about Kurt Warner Occultspeak?  Didnt see the original post. 

    • The post wasn’t made here.  It was made over at profootballtalk in a post title Kurt Warner says Eli isn’t a hall of famer.  It is the 2nd most commented post over there and can be found on the right hand side of the page if one scrolls down.   A collection of 5s and 8s thrown into Warner’s commentary with  the author adding a few of his own numbers.

  6. Barely any volume at all right now.  Still less then 100 millions shares traded on the spy and there’s only 2 hours to go now.  Very weak effort for the bears I’d say.  If that’s all they got then the bulls will probably be back next week to put a hurtin’ on this poor brave bears.

  7. Well we know there is one more good run left before we should be diggin holes and sharpening sticks.  Arthur is scaring me too. 

  8. Screenshot of SPY on stockcharts for last year. What’s wrong with this picture?

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen an entire year of SPY values manipulated.

    • What do you mean?  I don’t see what you are talking about?  The whole market has been manipulated heavily for many years now, but I don’ see anything unusual in that chart.

      • Compare today’s value to the value in May 2011. According to the graph, SPY just made a new high. Did it really???

        Edit: Very subtle, eh?

    • Several different independent traders have picked the 1425 level as either a high for this rally or a yearly high, so there could be a pullback that leads to a higher high.

  9. Dell Bearish candle and resistance line:

  10. Damn Hackers again!  They hit every site I have hosted with Hostgator, and this was one of them.  The StockMarketBloggers stie is on a different host and it was attacked by hackers last week, along with other sites I have hosted with that host (not related to the stock market).

  11. Note that the 10.22 low on the RSP is a multiple of “eleven” as 22=11, which means 10.22 = 111.  That and the .999 spy closing up points, and the fact that this new FP is pre-dated back to the May 6th, 2010 Flash Crash is a very big signal that another crash is coming very soon…

    Everyone must keep you eyes out for heavily and un-usual volume on the various etf’s…. especially the dollar and the UUP.  Look for some big buyer to show up right before the crash and short the dollar huge… probably on a Friday.

    Keep watch the video’s from “Option Monster” as those guys will report any strange positions made.  Bookmark this rss feed from them and watch the video’s daily to see when that “insider” comes in and makes his “dollar short” bet.

    Remember, we are being warned right not… from Lindsey Williams, to the most recent FP’s.  A crash in the dollar is coming, and it should also be a “panicked” flash crash in the market too.  In case you forgot, the May 5th 2010 Flash Crash was told to the insiders at midnight the night before.  Here’s the FP’s to prove it…

    Notice that 5+6=11, so 1056 = 111…

    Also notice the 66.6667 in the “StochasticFull” in green in the 2nd print.  Yeah, I’d say we have a confirmed crash coming.  The “when” part is unknown right now, so I’m counting on all of you to keep watching…

    •  Wow, if they got the warning the night before, how could they have avoided the crash?  And how come you never posted this before,that is wild.

      • I did post those screen shots several times before, but I actually never received them “before the flash crash”, so I didn’t benefit from being short on that day.  It was too quick, and a reader of this blog sent them to me a day or so after the crash happened.

    • shorting at 34.9 is a very high probability trade that will most likely succeed, imo. the exit is tough. do i get 2% lower, or 3% lower. tough to call. etf’s keep going back up, after they fall a little.

    • Yes, pretty much I’d say it wouldn’t be wise to go heavily short until the 137.00 spy upside FP is reached.  That about 1370 spx, and of course there is the 138.86 spy FP from last year that could also be the upside target.  Hard too say, but I wouldn’t short until at least the first FP is hit, if not the higher one.

  12. I came up with the all time high DAY.  And you know what?  It should be obvious to everyone here.  Hint?  All 11’s.  This month. 

  13. Thinking out loud here on the FP’s: 

    What if the volume/price/date code on the FP’s are not signaling a date they will be hit at all?  Thinking about what Lindsey said about Libya and Gadhafi and the TPTB are 4 months behind.  My assumption is those plans in the middle east and the market are all tied together.  So in theory they need to back off on the crash by 4 month too, right?   What if the code on there was referring to an order or sequence in which the FP’s will happen? 

    This makes sense to me.  If they are 4 months behind and need to slow down the crash, they want to make the top extend out also, right?  So they just take their time in hitting particular FP’s, so their buddies know the next one won’t happen until the first one in the sequence is hit?

    Not sure, just trying to think outside the box here to see if there really is a method to their madness….

    • You are correct Johnny, as I seen them hit older FP’s first (which were in the opposite direction of the most recent print) and then later hit the newest FP.  This means they must hit at least the 137.00 spy FP and possibly the year old 138.86 spy FP first, and then they can head south.

      Personally, I don’t see a crash until later this year when it’s close to election time.  Speculating here now, but it’s looking like we could chop around until the next Legatus meeting May 2nd-4th, and then head down for the first wave 1 down.  Then back up for wave 2 a month or so prior to the October 10th-21st Legatus meeting.  Then of course a massive wave 3 down should follow…

  14. ACI joining, imo— PCX eps cut last month, and made new sorts of lows,
    —ACI is going to new 5 month low. the market cut it’s eps pretty bad 7
    days ago. 

  15. I haven’t seen so much symmetry around a certain date.   It’s incredible.   No wonder a certain forum/ website where I used to post went to cyberheaven.

    Thus, the stock market really shouldn’t go to a new high.

    All of the current after-hours commotion might be a headfake then and related to typical crude oil options expiration manipulation and should be over by the morning when options expire.  

  16. Forgot to mention that there were more signs of a top recently.   Stuff some of you may  have already seen.    Nasdaq to NYSE volume ratio spike and Rydex ratios at one of the highest bull bear ratios in recent times (up to the levels in early May)

  17. My thoughts are that we will top in May or June of this year for the final top before selling starts.  There will be insiders that go short heavily just before so we have to keep our eyes open for that.  The bigger “crash wave” should come either after this coming October Legatus meeting, or when ever the next one is in 2013.

    While this year should start the big wave of selling I believe 2013 will be much worst.  This year should be like 2008 and next year should like March, 2009.  I’ll be looking for the 666 spx low to be taken out in 2013.

    • Cool… I’ll listen to it now.  What I believe is happening with Lindsey is that the gangsters are giving him information that also includes “buzz” words… which we sheep miss most of the time.

      While Lindsey was focusing on the “dollar devaluation of 40% overnight”, we really should be listening to the keywords “massive debt”… which means a higher stock market over the next few months.

      I think we are going to chop around some but continue up into May or June of this year.  We should but in a new high to fool the sheep into believing the selling is over.  So, we could (?) have sell off here for a few weeks but I still think we’ll top out in May/June of this year, as “Massive Debt” means “Rally” too me!

      The “dollar devaluation” will still happen, but you won’t see it coming (at least most sheep won’t… I hope to be one of those sheep that does catch the date).  Again, I think we need to focus on the words in between the speech when Lindsey speaks.

  18. That was quite a reversal in Apple on large volume.   Pretty much the final confirmation that the top is in.    WSJ mentioned that it took Apple 34 days to move from $400 to $500, very reminiscent of the run the Nasdaq had in Feb/March 2000 when it made a quick run from 4000 to 5000.   I looked it up and it took 37 days to do that, 35 for it to actually touch 5000 the first time.

    Apple’s RSI 14 got to 88 yesterday, who knows how high it got intraday today.   I remember in 2000 these tech stocks got to RSIs of 90+ and then flamed out but unfortunately stock charts has very few of them in their database and I can only remember a few.    ARBA did get to an RSI of 86 on March 3??,2000 before topping out 2 trading days later.

    Social network phenom stock ZNGA got blasted today, cratering 17%, another indication that the tech mania is ending.  

  19. Notice the little eye on top left hand side of his page.  Leading sheep to the bull slaughter?

          • Not me… not unless it lines up with the coming May 2nd-4th Legatus meeting, which is way too far off for them not to hit that print well before then.  I’d say it’s a better bet to just go long gold and oil until that date.  Then look to go short the market.

          • Really?  With all the evidence to the contrary?  US dollar about to explode UP.  This elliott wave guy with one eye, suddenly out of nowhere being bang on, and giving his service away for nothing?  And ranking himself number one?  And being a mega bull, and Warren Buffett AND your FP’s????

            LIke I have always said, something prevents ANYONE to short the day before a CRASH. Elf power baby, elf power.

          • Don’t get me wrong as I may take a small position, but I’m really not doing anything big until either this coming May 2nd-4th meeting and/or the October meeting.  I see the largest crash later this year.  Let’s just say that Santa won’t be coming this year.

  20. The Wave Genius dude has been blasting every financial site known to mankind lately with his spam and self promotion.   Even had the audacity to provide a link of his worst ellioticians list over at Danerics.

    He’s also hitched his wagon to Don Wolanchuk, Mr. Perma “we’re in the epicenter of Wave 3 up” , being his fawning lapdog over at Wollie’s Silicon Investor site/ forum:

    Wolanchuk has been stating we’re in epicenter of wave 3 up for at least 20 years.   Got him a few Timer Digest Timer of the Year Awards.   Remember hawking that spiel continuously over at Crystal Ball Forum in late 2000, early 2001 before they made it a pay site.

    Wolanchuk is entertaining though.

    He recently posted that commercials are the most bearish in 9 years and believes that is bullish!!

    • LOL… just wait until they see the largest crash in over a 100 years hit them later this year!  Once they pull the plug on this market, it’s going down faster then “Debbie does Dallas!”.

    • Did come across some info that large speculators(funds) are at their largest net long position ever at 70% in the Nasdaq 100 while commercials are heavily short.

  21. Here’s a photo of mind-controlled, multiple-personality Nicki Minaj in action during Madonna’s halftime Super Bowl show:

    They are performing Madonna’s new single,  Give Me Some Luving.   In the Superbowl show, they spelled out LUV and YOU on the football field below the stage and of course they cheerleaded the V sign.   

    There is a link to the music video of that song in the link above.   I have to say it’s probably the strangest music video I have ever seen and I don’t see how it ever makes regular broadcast television unless a little snippeting is done.

    I have to thank Madonna though for giving me a valuable numerology lesson.  It helped me understand the meaning of certain numerical combos.   In the video, all of the football players are wearing the number 36 and in one shot or two, briefly in the background, only 6s can be seen on the jerseys so obviously 36 is taken to mean 666 or 3 6s.

    Nicki gets to wear her BARBIE necklace in the video which tells me this is beyond being an Madonna production but an Illumaniti one and Nicki being premium talent was brought in for the project.

    So there is a reason, the stock market made a low on 3-6-9 at SP 666.

    Today’s SP close was  the numerologically appropriate 1358.04 with the high at 1359, 285 pts off the October 1074 low.

  22. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Warlock going loco.  (He did find luv a few days later.)   The Friday before presidents’ weekend.

    Tomorrow is also 8887 days from 10-19-1987.   The big 8888 is Saturday.

    Today was 77 trading days from the 10-27 high and 56tds from the December low.   Since the rampup from the 3-6-9, there have been several rally intervals that have lasted from 54-56 tds.

  23. Looks like AD just tweeted, let’s see how this goes. 

    “Now I bet everybody would love to hear the same words again….. well, watch out for a big correction : Bull-Bus”

    “From Nov 25 2011 till Yesterday’s close SP500 rallied 200 points. The index may give back as much as 50% of the gains”

  24. 2 trillion in bush tax cuts. what happened? soon after that, the banks
    had to find 2 trillion in new customers. they lost the bush clients!!!
    what did they do? They started lending to sub-prime people. 
    to sell
    it, they had to wrap the loans in exotic instruments and hedge them like
    crazy, because they knew by previous statistics, nearly none of these
    new loans would be paid back. 
    what happened? CRASH OF 2007, right
    before bush left office. what’s happened since the crash? EVERYBODY is
    afraid to spend or borrow anything. 
    solution. tax the heck out of
    those that got that 2 trillion in cuts. they will be so pissed, they’ll
    go and borrow money (prime lending), beat the market, break even on
    after taxes, economy gets going again.

      • I see this as confirmation on the FP you show above.  From here the 86.47 is abouot a 9.3% jump on the USD index (right now just above 79).  UUP going from 22.13 to 25.02 is about a 7.6% jump. 

        In my opinon, I view this as confirmation we will see a period of deflation coming up.   Depending on how much deflation, we could possibly see the 935 gold FP.  After we hit the 137 SPY FP first. 

        If we hit the 137, but not the 138.86, that could potentially screw with my strategy. 

        • Today could be the day that the top is put in… at least for a nice pullback.  I’m still thinking that they will put the top in right around the May 2nd-4th Legatus meeting date.  But, we could drop hard starting around now and into March.

    • Mine too!!!  It’s funny how these FP’s have gotten us to turn into Pavlov’s dogs…

      The question is what if they really aren’t a FP and are meaningless?  I guess that’s why you conduct independent analysis and make your own decisions.  But to me that’s not as fun as trying to have a conspiracy of FP’s!

        • I agree… the prints are real.  The gangsters don’t care anymore as they don’t even send their alphabet soup troll agents here to post stupid comments trying to discredit the prints and my posts.  I guess they are too busy trying to figure out how to put the Jeanie back in the bottle? (put the sheep back to sleep as they are waking up too fast)

  25. If I were a bull I’d exit all longs and go to cash.  If I were a bear I’d wake up from hibernation, dust myself off, and prepare to attack.  Keep in mind though that we could go a little higher yet as there is still the 138.86 FP from last year that is still lingering out there.

    • I made the leap.  Went short with 55 seconds left in the day.  If they gap this thing down in the morning, I’d be pissed.  If they jump it up to 137.30, so what.  We know there is much more on the bear bus now than the bull bus….

        • As a bear, I have lots of scars.  Way too many…I’m still alive though and if the bulls give me another shot to 137.30, I’ll be around after that.  Then me and my bear friends can mount an attack like the bulls haven’t seen since fall 08′!

  26. Never got a fill. Didn’t lick my price.  Amazing. According to this new FP, might get a chance tomorrow?  I see tomorrow as an occult day.  High and then the start?  11 11 11 plus five (2012)

    • Watch the Social Network clip featuring the Winklevoss Twins:

      “I am 6 foot 5, 220 pounds, and there are 2 of me.”

      Backwards, that’s 2-22-11(2?).   But there isn’t a twelve in there.

      Also they have a Harvard banner hanging above them featuring the year 2002 on it.  Harvard, H===8.

  27. Today’s high at 1367.76 minus the October 4 low of SP 1074.77 is the numerologically appropriate 292.99.

    The May 2nd high at 1370.58 should hold too since it has so many important numerologcial characteristics such as being  703.79 pts from the 3-6-9 666.79 low and 333 pts off the 8-25-10, 1037low.

    Today is also 8years 17 (8)days from the Social Network day of 2-4,2004.

  28. Not a put bought, nor a contract, nor an etf short.  Please let that second print be hit.  Lol.  Like I said, I have never met someone who has…………

      • i’m doing ok, buying dips. i keep a whole lot of TWM longs for insurance.
        be just like the market to come down 3% overnight, on some BS headline.

    • It does seem pointless to play this market right now.  It’s not going anywhere but slowly (very slowly) up.  Hard to be a bull at these levels.  Only the insiders know the final date and level that the bulls end at.

    •  And I probably will watch it come and GO.  Because as you know, I have never met anyone who………….

          • They will just put out new FP’s I’d say.  First we should go to the 137.00 SPY FP from 2 weeks ago…. and we hit it yesterday.  Also yesterday gave us a new FP of 137.30, which we will probably hit tomorrow.

            After that we “could” head down for awhile but at some point I think we’re going back up and topping near that Legatus turn date May 2nd-4th.  Then down for the first big wave 1, and back up in Sept/Oct for the rigged elections.

            That would be wave 2 up… followed by wave 3 down starting after the October Legatus meeting (10th-21st), which will be the really ugly one!

    • Maybe?  The number “9” is completion, which would tell me a high would be in.  The number 11 would be a nice big down day I would think?  Could be wrong on that, as I’m not a numerologist.

  29. I didn’t realize the Lakers were such a numerology laden team but with the emergence of the Jeremy Lin “phenomenon” and yesterday’s return to Dallas since their elimination game in the 2nd round of last year’s playoffs when Andrew Bynum #17 went WWE on Dallas guard JJ Barea #11, it is apparent that the Lakers are a key component of the grand ritual.

    Of course there is a reason Triple Ocho changed his number a few years back:  he was informed of the gameplan by his brothers/operators for the upcoming great ’87 ritual.

    But the face/ bald head of the 4 letter network re-acqainted us with the importance of the Bynum Barea incident/ritual when he had the “thug” Bynum do an interview on his radio show yesterday preceding the Lakers-Dallas matchup later that evening.

    Here is a description/video of the incident:

    I can’t tell if the video appears in the article.   If not do a yahoo search for the video using the keywords jj barea andrew bynum incident.

    This was the final/elimination game of the series, Game 4, on May 8 (5-8-11) last year.   Barea drives to the hoop with 8 minutes plus left in the 4th quarter when Bynum elbows him in mid-air and sends him flailing into court floor.   The clock stops at 8:21 (8-777).   Notice everyone leaves Barea on the floor except Triple Ocho and Stojakovic, the two key symbolic players for the ritual.   As Bynum is escorted into the lockers, notice the only Dallas jersey of the fans at the locker room entrance with an ID is a Stojakovic jersey!

    The latest Laker controversy being generated by Ocho Triple is pure ritual/ typical overhyped NBA melodrama as Ocho Triple demands to be informed of the team’s future moves including those pertaining to  his fellow teammate Gasol whom he seemed to never care for before.

    • WWE errrr NBA “thug” Bynum was born in October 1987.   Very Tebowesque.

      Of course, Jeremy Lin is the new NBA Tebow that the operators have dragged out of obscurity errrrr incubated into an overnight sensation accompanied by massive doses of overhype.   

      Recently, Jeremy Lin crossed paths with the Lakers and there was an explosion of occultic numerological flashes.

      • Some of Lin’s highlights against the Lakers:

        An explosion of 87 combos…..Lin’s number 17 (8) vs Bynum (17) ie 88….against Kobe 24 ie 888…..against Blake #5—5-17 ie 58 combo…… Then New Yorks #2 against Kobe for a 224 combo…..against Gasol #16(7) for an 87 combo and plenty more.

        Lin has some characteristics that the operators like.   Came out of Harvard (Social Network/ Facebook connection).   Born around the 1987 year.   Did a video a few years ago calling himself Ch#4@^& balla #88.   Likes to play with equilateral triangles (3x60degrees ie 666==180 degrees)

        He faced the Miami Thrice tonight and they manhandled the Knicks and Lin.  It looks like Lin only had one field goal and 8 turnovers as it is so far being billed.
        Did the Thrice end his Cindarella run and usher in the commencement of the RITUAL????

        The Thrice are currently the #1 seed in the East after finishing last year at 58-24 to finish with the best record in basketball.

        One of these Lin conspiracy youtube vidoes suggested that the wristbands that Lin wears has sensors in them that helps guide the ball through the hoop.   It’s a ridiculous theory but it is very unusual that Lin wears wristbands on each wrist.   You can notice them in the video.

        He did have a gamewinning shot against the Toronto Raptors with the scored tied at 87-87 as his defender inexplicably dropped off from him to end the game at 90-87 ie 177 or (17)Lin(7) ie 87.

        I noticed originally they like to flash the number 21 with Lin’s 17 which is the Superbowl score.   (Some day I might come around to doing an analysis of the Superbowl but they did make it too obvious…I had to LMFAO when I saw what they did during the 2nd half of the game (which I originally didn’t see))

        • What’s with the BGs on the seats in the first row of the Knicks-Lakers game.
          I thought it was supposed to be Madison Square Garden.   BG===28

          •  In the above Lin video, his first bucket is shown with the clock at 8:21 (8-777) with the shot clock at a Tebow time 15 seconds.

            He spins around defenders underneath the bucket with ease but the big men never seem to get to him in time. (or they just stand there as if their feet are bolted to the floor ala Gasol)   Barnes on the spin move looks like he has to hold his arm back on the swat so Lin can get his shot off.

        • Thanks for the share Geccko.  I noticed the bracelets too but I think that theory is way way out there.  Then again, you never know.  They look like those power bracelets that company sells.  I forgot the name.  A bunch of NBA/NFL players wear them since it’s supposed to help with balance (sounds like a bunch of marketing drivel to me).

          His college stats were good and he did lead Harvard to one of its best seasons ever.  I think he is legitimately a good player and just didn’t get the opportunity since race is likely involved.  He was buried behind players with guaranteed contracts during his stint with Golden State

          Undrafted players seldom perform to this level that’s for sure.  One example I can think of is Ben Wallace who won several defensive player of the year awards and was an All Star. In the NFL, I can only think of Kurt Warner.  There are certainly others.

          Some oddities are that stat of him performing better in the first five starts than any other player in history (did he top Jordan’s first five starts too?) is a bit ridiculous. Not to mention he’s appeared on Sports Illustrated cover back to back.  Additionally, his autographed rookie card sold for $22k+.  He has certainly singlehandedly rejuvenated the NBA business and the city of New York.  NBA has been in serious need of more viewership and another face since Lebron, Wade, Durant, Kobe have not adequately taken the baton over from MJ.

          I also noticed too that defenses prior to Miami were soft as pillow.  Easy to waltz right in.  Hard to believe that sports are staged but definitely this year’s Super Bowl made it really really obvious.  Hopefully Lin is a real deal here even though his story is one of those underdog feel good stories.

    • There are 2 guys with Stojakovic jerseys.   Incredible!!!  He was picked up off waivers late in the season and he has since retired.    Why and how could he have a jersey t-shirt on the market.

      It’s also easy to watch the videos when looking for numbers with the sound/ commentary off. Music doesn’t interfere as much.

  30. I did read the comments, but I highly doubt that “tweeting” that Greece Defaults will causes a crash in the market tomorrow.  But, we can do it and see what happens I guess…

    • Rarely does the market tank hard on any given day and not retrace most of it (for the wave 2 up) before continuing the move down.  Therefore, I’ve learned that it’s best to wait for that first big down day (missing it of course) as the bulls will buy it back up and give the bears another chance to get short.  Going short now is just gambling in my opinion.

        • I can’t tell you how many times I went short in the past thinking that we were “close enough” to hitting some upside FP only to see it hit (and surpassed) a day or so later.  Plus, I just received and email from someone with a new FP on Silver at 32.277…. which tells me that the dollar is going to rise soon (which makes silver fall), and that we are very close to topping in the market.

  31. Small range doji day today and small range doji week for most indices.

    Feb 27 and 28 have a similar characteristic to the late April high.    Square days from the October 11,2007 high and March 6,2009 low.   One day apart on the squares.   1088 days from the 3-6-9 low on Monday, 33 squared on Tuesday.

    Today was 1101 trading days from the 10-11-2007 high.


      •     Prechter was ALLOWED to be right.   Just like this guy is allowed to be partially right.  Do YOU get it?

    • Is that you GG?  Did you join the “Darkside” and change from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader?  I like you “T” theory by the way.  I’m looking a 13 month cycle to end this June… where I think the final high will be put in.  It could be early in May (because of the Legatus meeting), in which case the move down in that month should be retraced back up in June to come close to a double top, just pierce it, or just shy of it.

      Not sure on which, but for this to be the “Greatest Stock Market Crash” since the 1929 one (this one should be bigger), it also MUST fool every last bear and turn them into bulls.  That means we haven’t topped yet as I still see lot’s of people (bears) thinking that we are almost ready to go short for the next huge sell off.

      Wrong… while we could (and should) sell off hard, you know we won’t.  The bears should become bulls before this tanks, and I don’t see that yet.  I do think we are going to sell off some in March but I don’t think that the final high is in yet.

  33. It’s looking more and more likely that Friday was the high or closing high.   Tom McClellan had 2-24 as the outermost date for a top but he expects a sideways correction into early.   I expect a crash into possibly 6-6-12 when Venus undergoes a rare transit(2 eight years apart every 100+years) which is probably the basis for the shift/end of the Mayan Calendar but there is another date with greater symmetry and a multitude of numerological hits.

    I did a recount and it turns out Monday is 1101 trading days from the 10-11-07 high which would be a perfect place for a trend change.   Back on April 29 when the SP made its closing high, it was 36squared days from 10-11-07 and 28 squared from 3-6-9 low.   We’ve got two squares upcoming as I mentioned in a post below.

    8×28====224.   Harvard’s founding date as instructed by the Massachussets Bay Colony’s legislature was to be the 28thday of the 8th month which under the old Gregorian Calendar was October 28….(Octo,Ocho===8).   Under the new Julian Calendar, it became November 7 or 11-7.

    Of course, on a futures basis, the stock market topped out on May 1 (Bid Laden ritual) on the 235th (28) anniversary of the founding of the enlightened ones.   235===15×15.666666…..15, the Tebow number, among other things.   On July 4, 1776, 64 days later (8×8), the US led by its founding fathers issued the Declaration of Independence.   (1776=2×888)

    Friday, Feb 24 (2-24) is 235 days from 7-4 and 299 days from 5-1 or 235years 235days from 7-4, 1776 founding date and 235years 299 days  (Look 29×9==261, the Lost Highway number from 127 Hours……the only other number divisible into 261===3 or 3×87!!!)

    The Legatus Giants started their miraculous Superbowl run in the playoffs with a 2-24 victory.

    That’s all I can write write now without revealing too much…..

    Au revoir,


    • 2-24 is 119 days from October 28.

      Wow the numerological hits keep on coming.  Look at the spread between the actual and official founding dates for Harvard  (of course my mind could be failing me on the actual date)

      Maybe I should have relegated these posts to a more private forum but they seem to have gone to cyberheaven.

  34. Jeremy Lin’s birthday was August 23,1988 or Triple Ocho or 85-88.   He seems to be caught up in another minor controversy:   this time it’s Ben and Jerry’s partaking in the ritual.

    Lin had an interesting line Thursday against the Miami Thrice:  1 for 11 shooting,8points,8turnovers, and 4 assists.

    The face of the 4letter network during his radio show couldn’t have blurted out the 1 for 11 stat line with anymore enthusiasm.   He also mentioned a tweet  about the Thrice-Knicks game being 9 guys who can play and 1 guy from Harvard.   They also kept on harping about a defender constantly picking up Lin 94 feet out.   (Don’t get that reference).   Chalmers was the defender….need to check his number.

    I have some Jeremy Lin posts below that are rapidly disappearing.

  35. Thanks Nuggy,

    Chalmer’s number originally was 6 and given to LeBron to form the Thrice.  94 and his number don’t really seem to mean anything but 94 and Lin’s 17====111  plus it is 948 which was the refs’ numbers combo they flashed from the Thrice elimination game last year on 6-12 in addition to old #29.

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