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ES Morning Update September 17th 2018

Good Monday morning to everyone. I hope that it was a great weekend for you as summer gives way to fall where temperatures are pleasant again and trees shed their leaves after first turning them into beautiful colors. Spending half my life in Jacksonville, FL I'd almost forgot how beautiful the fall period is up north, but now that's I'm here in Ohio I get to see the tree show their beauty again. Anyway, for today I really don't see much in the charts. It's probably going to be another light volume Monday, which favors the bulls.

But they are up against a double top so unless they gap over it afterhours or premarket I doubt if they get through it today... possibly, but not high odds. Doesn't matter to me as I'll just wait another day as I do see one more push higher to hit the FP on the SPY before topping out. So again, September 18th (tomorrow) would be my best guess on this hitting and ending the long rally up from January 2016. A large correction (or crash?) should follow but how large is just anyone's guess.

But 5-6% down should be a given and from there we'll just have to see what happens. If the bounce back up fails then the next move down would turn the correction into a crash with 30-50% down a real possibility. I'm not putting any odds on it as I just don't know? But the 5-6% down does have high odds of happening. This could all be a political move to blame on Trump where we see the first drop in front of the election and the crash afterward in November. It would be a failure of the Republicans to keep control of both houses in the midterms this November election.

Certainly it's already set as the elite know the outcome of the elections and therefore the plans for the stock market. I know, you were told that the elite were surprised by Trump winning as they wanted Hilary... not true. That's just more of the lies they want us sheep to believe. Trump was pre-selected to be president by in the year 2000 as seen on the Simpson show where he walks down an escalator and waves while someone in the crowd above drops a sign he's holding... which was done 16 years latter in real life when Trump really did win. This was foretold back then and it really happened. The stock market correction or crash is planned years in advance as well. This November election is planned and while we don't know the outcome they do.

It's up to us to guess at whether they are done using Trump or not? If they are finished with him then the midterms will go to the Democrats and stock market will crash. If not, then only the correction in October and we'll see another strong leg up into 2019-2020. I have two FP's showing the 5-6% drops but I don't have any for the crash... so maybe it won't happen and all will be well this year. I hope so as a crash of this magnitude (like 1929 or 1987) would really hurt a lot of people and I'd hate to see that happen just for them to make Trump look bad. Better to keep him in so he can arrest more satanist pedophiles and keep draining the swamp.

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