Saturday, July 13, 2024

ES Morning Update November 1st 2018

Today looks like a "pause" day after yesterdays monster rally. All eyes will be focused on Apple earnings after the bell, so I'm not thinking there will be much to do today but wait. However, I do think that if everyone is expecting one thing the opposite is likely to happen. Meaning, if everyone thinks Apples earning are going to tank the market on Friday then it should do the opposite... regardless of if the earnings are good or bad. I don't have much more to add to this mornings update so I'll leave it like this... short and sweet. Hope everyone had a great Halloween yesterday.

Think or Swim is retiring this Prophet chart platform soon. They are having issues with missing data, like entire days disappearing. Anyway, there's a gap on the SPX around 2755 I believe, but I can't see on my SPX chart due to missing data. However, on this ES chart you can see the general area where that gap is at. I do think we'll fill it before rolling over again next week. Probably tomorrow if I had to guess but maybe Monday too?

Author: Red

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