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ES Morning Update December 24th 2018

Markets oversold everywhere and I'm expecting another big drop... aka, the crash wave. Yeah, it's crazy to even think that's possible during Christmas week but I'm still expecting it anyway. Today would be the most logical day to do it on as it's the day before Christmas and most traders will be gone. Plus the market closes early today at 1pm EST, so volume should be super light... but what if it's not? What if today is the day that we see that capitulation volume?

Last Friday at the end of the day I heard the closing bell ring twice through my Think or Swim account. It never rings twice. So was that a sign of a crash coming today like it was back on Black Monday, October 19th 1987 when the opening bell back then didn't ring at all? I believe it is a signal, and today would be the most likely day for another Black Monday. Everyone will be caught off guard due to the holiday tomorrow... which is a perfect time for them to pull the trigger I think.

Remember, all market debasements are planned by the elite that run the show. Nothing is random. While no one can guarantee something is going to happen on any given day I'll just say that the clues have been given for a crash this week and today seems to have the highest odds. If it doesn't happen today then great, I'll just look for lower prices in the coming days. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, and may God bless you.

Author: Red

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