Tuesday, May 21, 2024

ES Morning Update November 27th 2019

Not much to say today. It should be a slow one since it's the day before Thanksgiving. I'm more interested in how it closes... red or green. And then the more important day is Friday as I'd love to see another nice move up to close green and tag that FP on IWM. I'd then be interested in a short as I fully expect there to be a pullback next week before some year end Christmas rally takes us back up higher. We are really close though to reaching the FP on IWM as well as Oscar Carboni's DOW targets.

Not so close though on his Dow Transports levels but maybe that will be hit at the end of December, who knows? Nothing in the stock market, or the world for that matter, works logically. We have fake news for sure, but we also have a fake stock market and fake space program... and many, many other fake things out there. So don't try to make sense of it as that's impossible. I just try to listen to the crowd and do the opposite.

Right now the crowd is still bearish I believe but leaning bullish. So another rip higher is needed and I hope to see it happen this Friday. That's all for this update. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and never forget that not only is satan real (we see it all the time now with their hand signs and hollywood ritual events), so is God and Jesus. May he bless you and your family this fun eating time tomorrow.

Author: Red

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Gregory Seymour
Gregory Seymour
4 years ago



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