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Thursday Update...

The bears were fed today, but make it last as Friday will likely rally up... at least in the morning session.  Google popped up 50 points afterhours, should give the market an early morning lift.  But, by the afternoon session we could see the short term charts get over bought and some selling into the close is possible.  I'm not calling for anything big, but overall I'd just say that the close could be just slightly positive or flat, as I expect some of the early morning gain to disappear by the afternoon, and into the close.

Next week is still unknown, but if they are going to fill the DIA 118.16 print, they've got a good opportunity next week with all the earnings coming out.  Maybe we will hit it within the next week or two?  Maybe... just maybe?  ...but after that, all hell is going to break lose!



The poor bears are are almost extinct now...

Up Up and Away!  Dow 20,000 by Friday... and the cost of a loaf of bread = $20.00!  The government gangsters should be brought up on criminal charges and publicly hung.  The Fed's make the Mafia look like Mother Theresa.  They are the most evil and corrupt group of gangsters in the world.

By constantly crushing the dollar, day in and day out, it's now worth 10% less then it was just 3 months ago.  It's nothing short of a 10% tax being put on the American consumer.  It's robbery, and no one seems to be able to stop them.  While I do believe that there are many "white hats" (good guys) secretly arresting these thugs, it's not being done fast enough.

At the rate we are going, these gangsters will succeed in producing the largest crash ever in the history of the stock market.  If we continue to push up to the FP of DIA 118.16 (which I believe we will), then the fall that will come after it will completely wipe out millions of peoples' life savings, and asset values.

If you think the housing market has bottomed now, just wait until 2011-2012 as the Dow likely be cut in half by then.  In fact, I think they could reach that upside FP by election day, and then start crashing week after week following it.  I know a lot of bears are getting hurt right now, and I'm not giving advise.

However, I'm not getting heavily short until that print is hit.  While we could still dip down a little tomorrow, and I do believe we will... it will likely be just a buying opportunity for the continued ramp toward our upside target.  How low, I don't know?  But tomorrow is looking like it should rise in the morning and sell off in the afternoon closing down for the day.

One more thing... here's a video that was sent to me, and I think it's worth everyone watching it.  While I don't know if November the 14th will be the big crash date or not, I do know that the Illuminati are big on rituals, so he could be right?

Certainly with all the POMO dates on the schedule between now and the election, they will likely be able to go up and fill the 118.16 print.  After that... it's a dozen or more downside prints that will be anxiously waiting for their turn to be filled.  And they aren't even close to the upside print!

In fact the Dow 8300 FP would then be 2500 points down from the upside print!  Now that's one huge crash!  So, just hold on to some cash gang, and the trout will be swimming up stream soon, and the river will be bone dry!  The bear feast will be on once again!

Good eating everyone...



  1. I don’t get the 118 print on DIA. What if it’s just a data feed error? lol. I do tend to trust the FPs that are clearly visible on the charts with a spike up/down, but I’m not sure about “mistake” prints on websites. As a developer myself, there are many things that could cause a website to print the wrong value due to a bug.

  2. I read some of that info in the video elsewhere. He’s very intuitive if he came up with that on his own. By the way October 14 (77??). It’s also 734 (77) calendar days from October 10 financial crisis low. Lp’s 1000 suns released on 9-14. A key event occurs in Wall Street 2 at the 77 St. subway station. So so much more but I am not getting a good vibe here. Seems everyone is bullish now and Steve Eubanks mentioned there weren’t any shorts left (literally or figuratively) in today’s TopStep video. I have elaborated more in the comments section of a recent larry p. internet interview at commodities interview site for those in the know. But still much much more……Waiting for the AAII release. Expect to see some ridiculous numbers.

  3. I was informed that their are dark pools of volume that are not being counted in the markets. Have anyone heard about this?

  4. Well,

    Based on the where I expect the short term charts to end today, I’d say that tomorrow will be an UP day, as the 5, 15, and 60 minute charts will all be oversold by the EOD.

    Here’s more reasons for an UP day tomorrow:

    1. The rising trendline of support hasn’t broken.
    2. The volume is still low today.
    3. It’s opx day, which means they will likely pin the spy higher to avoid paying out on all the puts.
    4. It’s another POMO day.
    5. The gangsters are crooked and evil and just like to frac everyone!

    Need I say more?

    The only way I see for tomorrow to sell off is if we break the support trendline with good selling volume. That’s about 1160 spx right now. Some how I just don’t think it’s going to do that today.

  5. Yes there are dark pools. Separate private exchanges where stock transactions that can be conducted is secrecy. I know Goldman Sachs operates one.

  6. The 2 pm pump was a little later than usual. I guess someone forgot to prime it. But no worry, they’ll make up for it tomorrow. Instead of the usual 200 point rally, we’ll go 230.

  7. 58 a current Cramer Code number and elsewhere (first scene in Wall Street with Shia laBouef the clock is set at 6-52 or 58). 58 years separated the 1929 and 1987 crashes. Today October 14 is 5 months 8 days from the May 6 flash crash. Today is 406trading days from 3-6-9 low. 46 another prominent Cramer,Social Network,WallStreet number. In Wall Street 2, Geccko is seen on the cover of Forbes 941 wealthiest people edition and the camera lingers on the number 46 for a few seconds. Today is 587 calendar days from the 3-6-9 low. 5(87) or how about 7×58…which is…..406!!!….24 another esoteric number…..8-24 or (888)-8 is 2years 1 month and 21 days from October 14. February 4,2004 (or 2-4/2(00)4) a date prominently mentioned in Social Network(there are also only 24 remaining days in Feb after Feb 4). 4 years 4months 4 days from that date is 8-8-8 which basically was the stock market peak before the collapse into the fall. 6years 6 months 4days would be 8-8-10…..August 8 is listed as the main character’s ex-girlfriend on her facebook page…64 another esoteric number …8-8…644 is also double 322 for those in the know…..6 years 4 months 4 days from 2-4-2-4 is June 8-2010 or 6-8-10 (and a stock market low if I recall correctly)—6 years 8 months 10 days from 2-4-2004 is October 14,2010. October 13/14 are also 66/67 days from 8-8. October 13 is also 644 calendar days from 1-6-9 high. 4months 6 days from 6-8-10 is October 14.
    The current astro event has a correlation to the numbers 58 also. Merriman has discussed it in his latest weekly blurb. Still so so much more. Interesting that the(33) Chilean miners were freed after 69 days.

  8. Now for the weekly cycles which my cycles guru has not discovered. The first leg of 2009 bull run from March low to July low was 18 weeks, second leg from July low to Jan high (134tds) was 27 weeks. Jan high to July 2010 low is 24 weeks. Jan high to April high is 15 weeks followed by a 9 week decline to July lows making the April high to this weeks high 24 weeks ( a current 15 week advance). This week is then 66 weeks from July low and 84 weeks from March 2009 lows. Hmmm that makes next week 85 weeks.

  9. Google Inc. said Thursday its third-quarter net income rose to $2.17 billion, or $6.72 a share, from $1.64 billion, or $5.13 a share in the same period last year. The Internet search giant said net revenue for the period ended in September rose to $5.5 billion. Excluding one-time items, Google said earnings for the quarter were $7.64 a share. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected Google to post earnings excluding items of $6.69 a share, and $5.3 billion in net revenue.

    GOOG +7.55%

  10. They managed to pull a hanging man on the Dow at the close and negative breadth narrowed. DBA put in a doji. Interesting, considering euro was up 1.21 +.87% and commodities and currencies were screaming higher last night. DBC with a minor reversal and crude oil with a fat black bar which is very rare on its chart. Most of the week’s economic reports are squeezed in tomorrow. So its a case of POMO Google vs. economic reports. I don’t really see anything for October 15 other than maybe its 3months 14 days from July 1low and 5month 18days from April 26 high but I think 5mnths 20 days is more important since Cramer featured that date on his show and it was an important down day (all time low on McClellan Oscillator).

  11. 2nd attempt to break 1184 high is failing thus double top confirmed. Think trend change is confirmed. We should go down from now on. Dollar bottomed, euro yen carry trade is unwinding, a lot of selling coming.

  12. The 60 minute chart is still oversold, but pushing its’ way back up now. It could take all day for it too peak? The 5 and 15 and overbought, so they are push down on the market.

    This tug of war between the charts is whats’ causing these wild swings. That… plus it’s opx day and the gangsters are making their stop sweeps before the closing print.

    As long as that trendline of support isn’t taken out with volume, I’d say we’ll close about flat by the end of the day. If it breaks, then we should see heavy selling into the close.

  13. Hopefully, it’s a major dollar reversal. It’s been a pipe dream so far, but who knows..? Have to wait until 4pm to see if it’s just another head fake.

  14. Oh you can bet that the dollar will be part of the reason the market crashes. Just look at the chart…

    By next week, those histogram bars should start to inch their way into positive territory, which could be about the same time it makes a double bottom at 74.23 or so.

    They are stretching this out as long as they can, but it’s highly unlikely that the dollar will break though that level. Odds are that there will be a big reversal at the double bottom.

  15. Gang, if I had to guess… I’d say the market will trade in this tight range until the end of day. That would put it at the apex of the triangle it’s forming (maybe AnoopSan can post a chart of it?).

    I just don’t think it’s going to break down today, but it could break up during the last hour before the close. However, with it being opx day, they will likely pin it close to where we currently are.

    And, since the 60 minute is still oversold and working its’ way back up, I’d say we have the breakout on Monday. The usual bullish Monday looks to still be in play for now.

    But at some point, the rising trendline of support will break, and next week could be the perfect time for it too happen… especially if some major companies disappoint on earnings. It’s too early to know right now, but I’m leaning toward a breakdown sometime next week, and not today.

  16. Another try at 1185 coming for end of session. Very difficult market. Next week should be down ,not sure anymore.It all comes down to the dollar next week.

  17. Dow rallying towards the end without dollar participation. The sheep have been trained.

    If the dollar closes lower than yesterday, for the first time in 5 weeks, this could be the turning point.

  18. I have a current setup on my indicators that’s repeated 4 times in the last month and led to a great long entry point – question is can it repeat a 5th time

  19. well ok interesting day today.Started out on a shaky note then towards midday due to news and POMO stablised a little before going on a downwards slide towards closing.Although i dont like the way things are going it seems to me that its getting a little bit weird in terms of ( Heres the money all of you BUY now ) that didnt seem to work this time round.This points to traders who were on the side lines waiting for long term shorting coming into the picture.I would have liked it to close below 11000 as they seem to be drawing that as the new line in the sand but if they do that then between 11200 and 11000 its gonna be a very tight walk.Overall as things stand i see monday as Red it wont be a huge down movement more of a sideways drifting up again but they are not fooling anyone this time.The Pit of knives has been dug and it seems that this time round the FEDS arent doing such a good job of covering it with leafs.Bulls are turning tail to run but the fence that the FEDS has set up behind them are stopping them from going anywhere.Excuse my ramblings cause as a bear trader every single day that passes now is another shot in the heart for me,it looks to be the (time) to turn once again but ive said that like a month ago will it happen only god and the feds know for me all i can do is hope and pray.

  20. I see one more week before a really nice correction starts Al. Don’t know how high we will go next week, or if we will or not? But I do believe that by Friday the high will be in. A serious sell off is coming.

  21. I am so confident in the esoteric as well as normal cycles and how things played out today that I bought a couple emini SP puts which I normally do not like to do. Euro had a big down day (the biggest of this rally), crude oil tanked and both didn’t recover with the end of day stock “rally”. Breadth was decidedly negative despite Nasdaq’s big up day. Apple,Google, and QQQQs spent the entire day above their upper Bollinger Bands (check out the last time Apple achieved such a feat—at its April high)Am I supposed to worry about another POMO ramp Monday morning. Will they gap qqqq and Nasdaq furthur above its upper BB band? The released of Chilean miners is a little coded message that commodity top was in and gold approached $1369 level where I imagined a top could be in. Also my cycles guru has a penultimate stock cycle of the year approaching following his other penultimate cycle LOL and lines up with Cramer’s “pain”. Nasdaq 100 bottomed on Nov 21,2008 so I decided to see how many days that is from today and it is 693 so that’s good enough for me. There was a divergence at March 6 2009 low with Nasdaq 100 and overall Nasdaq with the latter making a new low at the March low. Nov 21 and March 6 separated by 105days. I am guessing there is a new high divergence today from April high along the same lines. 172 days between April 26 high and today. 172-105===voila 67 days. I was a little off on the time difference from 1-6-9 highs. It is 646 calendar days fromOctober 14 not 644 from October 13 which is still good enough for me. 46 days from 1-6-9 to Nov 21,2008 and then 42 days to Oct 10,2008. 46+42===88.
    McClellan Oscillator looks like it will be in the negative today also. By the way, the Nasdaq made a new high in Oct 1987 while the other indices put in secondary highs.

  22. And it looks like the TRADER after making a reappearance recently had his indicators turn to a daily sell signal from what I can make of it but he tends to be vague at times. So its good to be lined up with him.

  23. All dips bought again. Join in the rig. Buy it all………………… cannot lose………………. Pomo Monday will be up and then Apple Tuesday………

  24. It should be a choppy week coming up. While I see it up on Monday morning, I don’t know about the close? If Monday closes positive, Tuesday should be a down day. But the whole week should be filled with wild swings.

    When it finally ends though… the following week should be straight DOWN!

  25. Cramer said there would be pain on the 18th. Anyway, an esoteric indicator is calling for some negativity starting monday. Also check out the time and cycles blog and his divine Mother cycle. It kicks in on Monday. Also Mars detachs itself from the astro-event on the 18th although Mars is supposed to have a malefic effect on it. And 8 days from October 8 start of the astro event would be October 16. (But I am no astro expert)

  26. It’ll take a while for any reversal nowadays. Institutions gotta get out and then at least 3 days to borrow shares before they can short, unless they borrow them from their own clients.

    I can see plenty more room for rallies and head fakes and other BS shenanigans.

  27. Yeah, I vote for tank before the elections, another run-up before the elections to re-screw retail investors, then the big leg down afterwards.

  28. I don’t know about the “run up”, as once it starts falling… I don’t see many rallies back up. Going down into the elections is perfect as the media will distract the public with election coverage instead of stock market coverage.

    The old “dangle the carrot” in front of the horse/rabbit… aka sheep, technique.

  29. Apple: A fictitious company that does not exist.

    BLS: A secret society of mathematicians and statistical wonks conspiring to falsify economic data, formerly known as the the sect of Opus Dei; See also Birth Death Adjustment.

    Bernanke, Ben: Beelzebub

    Bonds: An asset class that will eventually be worthless paper as its value is inflated away, but in the meantime, are a good alternative to equities.

    Bubble: A catchall phrase used to describe any market not in freefall.

    China: The centrally planned communist economy that is the model for Free Market Economies in the West. alt. An idealized form of Capitalism;

    Death Cross: The most reliable and certain technical formation known to man. See also Golden Cross: An old wives’ tale, not to paid attention to or taken seriously at all.

    Depression: The current state of economic affairs; See also Pornography.

    European Union (EU): A soon to be dissolved association of Socialist states, whose sole purpose is to mislead investors into believing the United States is (comparatively) fiscally responsible. See also EuroFASB: A criminal legal enterprise of accountants whose members help banks hide massive losses;

    Fiat Currency: The root of all evil

    FOMC: Fertilizer for the root of all evil

    Gold: A shiny yellow metal used primarily as an excuse for missing a generational rally in equities.

    Google: See Apple

    Greece: A nation of tax cheats that will lead to the dissolution of the EU;

    Greenspan, Alan: Lucifer

    Housing Bottom: A theoretical but mathematically impossible construct.

    Hindenburg Omen: A common pick up line at permabear cocktail parties, good for for attracting sexual partners but of little use for anything else.
    Vernacular: “Did you see another Hindenburg Omen signal was given today?”

    Hyper-Inflation: The eventual fate of all humanity due to the existence of central banks.

    Inflation: The precursor condition to Hyper-Inflation.

    Japan: A large manufacturing island in the Pacific, whose decades-long recession is the inevitable model for the United States

    Money Supply: ∞, an imaginary number.

    New Normal: A combination of contracting credit availability, stubborn unemployment and US consumer de-leveraging; See also 1930s, 1950s, 1970s (aka Old Normal).

    Overbought: The normal state of equity markets;

    Oversold: A theoretical market condition last seen in 1982.

    P&L: We don’t talk about that.

    POMO: An acronym used by rookie traders in failed attempts to explain the “mysterious” impact of massive liquidity on equities.

    QE 2: A code word or shorthand for the event that has been prophesied to bring about the End of the World. Interchangeable with “Apocalypse” as Perma-bears regard both its coming and its destructive power as a quasi-religious inevitability. See also POMO

    Recession: See Depression

    Risk On: Any Bull market

    Rosenberg, David: A minor deity amongst the Perma-bear faithful. The very mention of his name causes a reverential hush to fall over the gathered masses as they hungrily devour his latest proclamations of death and dismemberment. See also Roubini, Faber, Rogers, Cassandra, et. al.

    Stress Test: Hoax or Conspiracy

    Subprime: The state of all credit in the US

    Tony Robbins: The newest economic sage to warn of the coming economic apocalypse, most recently during August 2010; See also Paul Tudor Jones.

    Unemployment: An irreversible condition, symptomatic of declining empires. Hence the reason no one in Great Britain ever found a job again after the 1830′s.

    Uptrend: Not found.

  30. He did write though it’s going to gap 20pts at the open either way. but who knows by now he might have since changed his mind.

  31. That’s a good one. But it’s from a video made in 2002 directed by Frank Lawrence (I am Legend,Constantine) although there are some David Fincher touches in there. Still, it might be predicting something. Incubus released the album Morning View on October 23,2001. Interesting because Gordon Gecko is released from prison at the start of Wall Street 2 on October 22,2001. The song Warning was released on May 28,2002 5-28 (58??),2002 (alot of 2s there)…. Length of the album track was 4min42sec. (46) and it was the 8th song of the track.
    9 years or 9×365===3385 or 33(58)??? In the video, the world seems to end when 10:24 arrives. Very similar in theme to the Catalyst video by Linkin Park. The girl in Warning is hooded just like LP’s Mike Shinoda is the Catalyst, both being some sort of prophet of doom???

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