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ES Morning Update June 21st 2019

Everyone keep in mind that the SPY went ex-dividend today so it's lower by that amount (usually a little over a point) to adjust for that, so it's not a mistake. Ok, for the futures this morning we see them down about 10 points so nothing big and is really normal after such a huge 2 day short squeeze. I don't see anything setting up on the bullish or bearish front for the close today. I expect it to be a slow day with limited downside and limited upside. Since it's Quad Witching for this expiration there could be some a little more swings up and down then most expiration's but again, I don't think it will be huge... nothing like yesterday. Next week though I do think we'll see nice trade setup, and odds favor a short, not a long (but a long is possible for late in the week). Today though should be a boring one, so I'll keep this update short and end it here. Have a great weekend.

Author: Red

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