Weekend Update – Another Bear Squeeze


Monday update...

Another FP showed up that Jim Hobson caught (thanks Jim).  It's of the Russell 1000, (RIFIN) and shows a downside target of 439.63 on the daily chart.  More and more signs are telling us that something wicked is coming this way soon.



Just when you think the bears are going to win... they dropped the ball again!

Well, what can you say... they didn't call them the "Bad News Bears" for nothing.  While they lose most of time, occasionally they'll win one.  I guess I've always liked the "underdog", and so I rout for the bears all of the time.  But, in this game of baseball (which is just like the stock market)... you're going lose a lot more then you win.

So the bears took another beating on Friday, which took me by surprise I must admit.  While I was expecting an UP day, I was only expecting a move to 1130-1135 spx, not a 20 point rally to happen.  But, I wasn't in any short positions on Friday, so I wasn't hurt by the move up.  I only hope my fellow bears weren't hurt either.

As for next week, what do I see?  Certainly the charts are now mixed with both bullish and bearish counts.  What I'd like to see is a gap up on Monday, and then a sell off to follow.  And, it's quite possible that we'll get one as there are overhead stops above 1150 that I'm sure they've love to take out before plunging the market.

There is an opening price of 115.95 on May the 13th that left a gap that they might be trying to fill?  That's only a 10 point move up in the spx, and it would also clear out all the stops above the 1150 level.  After the gap is filled, the market would then be very overbought on all the shorter time frames.  A sell off could then start down and continue the rest of the week.

We need the daily chart to roll over too, (as well as the weekly also), and if that happens then a really large sell off could become a reality.  I don't know "if" that going to happen or not, but certainly one should be looking to get short on a gap up on Monday.  For how long, is unknown?  I'd basically just close out the shorts once the charts on shorter time frames become oversold (probably by the end of the week).

The price level that they will be at won't be known, as if the daily chart doesn't roll over with the other charts, then the move down could be short lived.  We'll just have to cross that road when we get there.  But even if the daily doesn't turn, a day or two sell off should still happen.  If the daily "does" turn down, then it would be a multiple day down move.

I feel like we are ready to fall off a cliff hard, but with the elections just about 6 weeks away... I just don't know if they will let it happen or not?  As long as the big institutions don't hit the "sell" button, this sideways up and down chop could last awhile.

As for the fake print count (FP's) we have many of them to the downside now... which makes me believe they are going to tank it soon... but when?  We have one for JPM and GS... and now one on Google too.  I don't have any new upside FP's, just the old DIA 118.16 print from March 30th of this year.

My gut tells me that this market isn't going to really collapse until that upside print is filled.  Regardless of me wanting to see it fall off a cliff, into wave 3 of 3 of 3, etc... the reality is that's never that easy.  With the elections coming up in November, and Bernanke saying that they'll do "whatever it takes", means that they will probably put in another secret stimulus package into the market to keep it afloat until the elections are over.

But on the flip side, when that's over with, we know our first major downside target of DOW 8300, which coupled with the FP's on the XEU, XSF and XBP (and the JPM, GS and Google from above), all but confirm that the coming debasement is going to be huge!  The downside FP's are trying to tell us something... and we'd better be listening.

So, with only 1 upside FP from March, and 7 downside FP's... which side you favor?  Let's not forget the new Wallstreet movie was released over this weekend (the 24th), and the Legatus Pilgrimage ended on Monday of this past week.  The timing isn't always exact with them, but a significant trend change has happened around every meeting in the past... will this time be different?

Weren't we going up for 3 weeks into the meeting?  While it's possible that they continue to grind higher, with short lived pullbacks along the way, I still think this coming week could should sell off some.  I think Monday will be the high for the week, and the rest of it is down hill.

The short term charts are looking very toppy now, and even though they put in a bull flag on most of them... I don't think it will go too far.  Just a quick pop above the 1150 level to close that gap (at 115.95 spy) and clear some stops... and then it should be finished.

Monday should provide another excellent opportunity for the bears to get short again.  How far they sell it off it unknown of course, but we do still have the 105.39 FP that Anna caught awhile back.  However, forecasting is never that easy.  I only know that the print will eventually be hit.  Will it be this coming week?  Who knows?

I'd just be happy with a nice multi-day sell off after a Monday morning gap up and crap session.  This market still isn't in a "trend mode" yet, and until it is you must swing in and out of this short moves down (and up... if you like to play both sides?).

The bottom is this... look for a possible move up on Monday, and then a sell off the rest of the week, with Friday possibly being another UP day (due to another opx).  That's what I see in the charts, and that's my best guess for what I expect too happen.  Good luck to everyone...


P.S.  Should panic set in, and margin calls happen on the big institutions, they will be dumping their gold.  Will this be the downside target?  I don't see that anytime soon, as gold is on a tear right now and will likely go up past the 1300 level and continue until the end of the year.  But if it ever does get down that low, it's the buying opportunity of a lifetime, as gold is still in a huge bull market.

P.S.S.  The link I talk about in the 2nd Video for the post by HighRev is here.


  1. I counted two “fall off a cliff” references in the video, so I’m taking two shots (it’s a new red dragon leo drinking game).

  2. My subconscious tells me things, too, Red. But I try not to listen to it. What it tells me is usually not repeatable in public forums! 😉

  3. I got bloodied good Friday. Added to some ultra positions not seeing friday as a strong possibility. Now I see continuation through 1160 and not sure where a break wiil come with this continuing lack of volume.

  4. Sorry to hear that Jim. I expected an UP day on Friday, but not the rally we had. I was only looking for a move to 1130-1135 or so… more like a “pause” day, closing slightly positive.

    It took me by surprise too. Now it looks like a move up a little higher is almost certain at this point. If we don’t get it today, then tomorrow will likely move higher. But I’d rather see the move up happen today, and then a reversal (or at least a doji) on Tuesday. Then more selling on Wednesday and Thursday. Don’t know about Friday yet, as that’s another opx day, so they will likely try and pin it where it benefits them the most.

  5. I’m surprised that it didn’t gap up to clear the overhead resistance levels? It was much high in the pre-market, but sold off to even at the open. Now it’s going to be extremely tough to go through the resistance, as opposed to gapping over it.

  6. Depressing. I calculated how many toz of Au it would have cost me to buy my house in 1998… 266 toz!

    At today’s market value… It’s worth: 73 toz… if I’m lucky!

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. Wow Woody!

    The current price is a 1/3 of the price 10 years ago. It’s not even that bad here in Florida. I’d say now houses that were $400,000 in 2007 are now selling for $250,000… but that’s still more then 1/2 the original price. Your real estate market has really taken a beaten.

  8. No. I bought for 80k. I estimated sale price now of 95k! (I finished the basement and replaced many critical devices!)

    “Good” investment is real estate, eh? Not compared to Gold at least!

  9. Oh… I thought you paid 266 for it in 1998, and it’s now only worth 73. But you only paid 80k for it? How did you do that if it cost 266k back then? Did you buy it many years ago, and not in 1998?

  10. Sorry.

    1998: FRN$80k =~ 266 toz Au
    2010: FRN$95k =~ 73 toz Au

    FRN$ increase: 18.75%
    Au value decrease: 72.5%

  11. Ah! I got you… I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. The difference in the currencies values between 1998 and today is what you were referring too. Maybe you should have bought gold instead of house? It appreciated against all currencies. (Just paint it gold and maybe that will help). LOL

  12. 2 + 2 = 5. Big Brother told me so!!!

    Yes… but sadly, homeownership still provides SOME value… as renting with the same amount of money would have left me with 0 toz of Au.

    But just sad how far the dollar had fallen against Au… in only 12 years! 72.5%!

  13. Those prints should be fulfilled by the close of today, or tomorrow morning. And from watching the charts on the overall market, I’d say they will work off the overbought conditions on the all the shorter time frames by the close (or early tomorrow), which will allow another move up to occur.

  14. Actually Tom N on Chart pattern face-book caught it. You all are more4 in tuned to these issues so I wanted your reactions.

  15. Yeah, I’m probably known around the financial blogsphere as the “fake print” guy. LOL

    It looks to me like they are setting up for one big crash, and letting all their buddies know the various downside targets on each index. Of course timing the exact date is the hardest thing to do.

    I’m really leaning more toward mid November because of the elections. Meaning that the market is going to chop around until then. Will it go up to the DIA 118.16 print before then? I don’t know?

    But, I’m not expecting a big move down until this election crap is done. Regardless of whether or not the Democrats remain in control, or loss their majority to the Republicans, the crash is still going to happen.

    “The Powers That Be” control both parties, and it makes no difference on the out come, and the cards have already been dealt now. We just have too wait for our turn to lay down our bets. (Fortunately, they’ve told us what cards they are holding, and we just need to wait until the deck runs out).

  16. window dressing effect today? Starting tomorrow trades for fund managers will appear only on October books. I am sure they want to show the best portfolio and performance possible to fund holders for the 3rd quarter so that is why we don’t have any selling as of now.Could signal beginning of a pullback in equities for next few weeks. Flight ot safety continues with bonds surging, vix ready to pop,dollar very oversold and current rally long in the tooth. On the other end fed continues buying with POMO days today,wednesday and friday.Let’s see how it unfolds.

  17. I thought you were posting another FP, but you are just pointing out how high it’s ran up… right? That’s not the only stock that’s going to make someone a boat load. If those FP’s on JPM and GS play out, those could make you wealthy too!

  18. Right… duh! I forgot what today was. I seen that it was on September the 30th, but for some reason I thought that was tomorrow? Time goes by too quick, and you lose track of the days sometimes I guess…

  19. That was quite a sharp drop/freefall into the close. They got it to 1149 SP, a key number I have been contemplating since it is 27 numbers added to the magic number 1122 /Gann Square corner number and we got there on Sept 27 (999 with an extra 9 thrown in).
    Interesting that the futures got to 1149 on the Sunday globex session in the first hour and then has sold off since then and helps to validate my “Catalyst” induced premonition for 9-26 to 9-31 (the time it played on my radio. On Friday, the Dow rallied 197.84 pts, an anagram for 1987(4). Today at its high it hit 10870 or 10-87. There were 111s in all of the SP numbers today. SP had a decimal .67 in the close on Friday, 67tds from the summer solstice high, a td cycle that has been prevalent since March 2009.
    ——–Today’s breadth was negative and it looks like McOscillator will go slightly negative. Will it bounce again above the 0 line tomorrow? Its doubtful considering the close, 67 td cycle and another esoteric indicator and the similarity to this top to the ones in April and January. Transports put in a doji top.
    Another thing going for the bears was it was a Monday that opened with a few meger takeover announcements and the market dropped from the get go including the Nasdaq which generally has been impossible to submerge even on down days for the other indices.
    The Cramer Code featured a 4-1929 number almost reverse of Friday’s Dow upnumber. Was the 4 then a reference to 4 months in the future while Friday’s a reference to 4 days in the future? Cramer specifically points to 9.30 in the ticker tape and the number on the otherside of the arrow also translated to 9-30.

  20. That news pisses me off since they always ramp the markets when he goes on CNBC but he came on during market hours after the high of the day. I don’t know why they put him on because they generally ignore him until bear market bottoms. Most bears have already been roasted anyway. There might be something ritualistic in there so I think it’s an important video to study. I’ve already noticed a few things after just watching a few minutes.

  21. One thing I forgot to mention. On Sautrday, I saw Yahoo list stock prices as the number 2 trending item on Yahoo. The stock market was a top trending item on Yahoo back at the August bottom but not at number 2 which gave me pause. Just another sign of overexuberance currently in the markets. It also told me there probably wouldn’t be a scary gapdown on Monday because they would want to levitate the markets enough to get the latecomers into the party.

  22. I’m surprised that they didn’t gap it up this morning Geccko, as it was at 1150 ES in the pre-market, but fell to flat at the open. They had their chance to break up above the overhead resistance area, and failed.

    That’s very bearish, as now the short term charts are rolling over, which doesn’t give them much chance of piercing 1150 tomorrow. In fact, I expect another down day at this point.

  23. Big banks like GS,JPM,HSBC that are net commercials short in gold did not lose in futures contracts 1300$ expiring today, gold closed under 1300$, now I bet gold will now tank. Big divergence in GLD versus GDX.GDX unable to make new highs like GLD.

  24. Bounced nicely off the 1150 resistance level. Think we continue drop tomorrow. 1 good down day which we haven’t seen in awhile would surely shake up the bulls……….

  25. I got it… thanks. It could be our upside target tomorrow, if they want to fake us out and rally back up? I see it selling off in the morning, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay down. I think it will be down for 2-3 days… but with this light volume still in the market, it’s hard to say for sure?

    Or, that could be the target for a few days from now… maybe Friday? Who knows? But it’s good to have a target for when the market heads in that direction.

  26. Hey Red, I found your site about 2 months ago and have been enjoying it. Two quick things, Michael Jenkins at Stock Cycles Forecast believes either the top is in (for the year) now or will be by the end of next week around the 1161 level. Second, if you haven’t heard of it, you should check out Half Past Human dot com. It would be the King Daddy of Red Pill Sites, IMHO. It’s calling for an historic economic collapse this Fall and into 2011.


  27. BTW, you have to subscribe to the Web Bot Reports at half past human dot com. They’re $10 a pop but totally worth it.

  28. One Trade Idea, RS. Facing strong resistance and swatted down 1.5% today. Nicely shaped IHS pattern though, Buy above 42, stop below 41, target 49, take half off the table at halfway =45 which would be a 10% gain. Above 43.5, move stop to just below 42, since a backtest is likely.

    And for the big picture, a Deadly Bearish Big Picture (to quote Bob Pretcher). The charts below are from data I get from a Commitment of Traders guy who occasionally sends out emails. They help keep things in perspective, which is important since so many media outlets are acting simply as cheerleaders rather than investigating and trying to fix the root cause of our fundamental problems.

    I remember in 1988, we were driving up north Wisconsin for a fishing/drinking/wrestling trip, and our car popped the radiator. We had a church guy stop as we were trying to MacGyver some type of field fix, failing several times now. Church guy did not offer any help, he just said “I don’t know what kind of boys you are, but you just gotta have faith”. We all guffawed and I shot out — “Sir, we got faith, for sure we are going to get to our cabin, what we really need is a new radiator”. Church guy leaves.

    Another guy stops and after a quick discussion, says aw hell, you guys got another vehicle at your cabin in Crivitz, hell I’ll take you there it is only 40 miles out of my way…….

    Moral of the story–

    The US is screwed because China ain’t gonna drive us to the cabin, and faith alone ain’t gonna get the job done.


  29. This may be a slightly overbearing analysis, but…
    The Fed has a bunch of Permanent Ops left, and nearly each one has coincided with a drive higher in the Dow, while overall breadth seems to have just gotten on board as of Friday, which was the last op. Tomorrow is the next op, which would probably be targeted at 1/4 at what the Fed has left to purchase, which is $11 billion / 4 = $2.75 billion, plus or minus.
    It’s possible the Fed’s counterparties could prop and market, or even drive it up farther, but at some point, the risk/reward ratio is going to be negative…assuming this is what the purchase cash has been used for. Now, keeping in mind this is as much of a psychological game as a numbers game (two-way auction), because the permabulls now have CNBC and other media outlets in their pockets, it would be easy to
    blame a selloff on the numbers tomorrow, be they good or bad. Thursday and Friday were major spin days, as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t seen such blatant disregard for good reporting since the
    months before the crash in 2008.
    So, if today was the beginning of a selloff, it’s possible we could see this purchase cash hoarded until the first week of October, when it could be used to drive the market higher in a headfake, then removed, resulting in another leg down. The last op in this tranche is on Oct 7, with the next schedule released on Oct 13.

    Also, bonds spreads in Europe since before the Greek credit crisis and they have not let up. I could only imagine what kinds of creative financing are being used in select countries in Europe to keep
    the music going. One matchstick breaks, and the whole house follows.

    I know this isn’t much technical anlysis, but the pricing action, volume, and the fact that David Tepper said (effectively) that stocks can’t possibly go down…coupled with the renewed haranguing of the media
    about this supposed bond bubble…kinda sorta makes it look logical.

    There are a lot of people who are using technical analysis and whoever is trying to break the charts is aware of this fact and wants the next selloff to be a surprise.

    I think we have a small selloff this week, bounce on bad news to trap the “buy on dips” bulls next week, and then a continued downtrend. Then again, if there’s a crackhead at the helm (I know there’s a Larry Kudlow joke in there somewhere) we could see this thing move upward until margin calls force it down.

    Just my crazy theory. Any thoughts?

  30. Some good theories you got there ACP. Just for the record, this site has never really been about technical analysis. I just use because it is useful, and does work… most of the time.

    But, you have too add in politics, global events, and especially “the manipulation factor”… and that’s more about what I focus one.

    So, your thoughts are important, as that’s what separates this site from all the other. In the end, the TA’s, fib’s, and EW’s charts will only get you so far… and the rest is just your gut feeling derived from all the other things going on in the world.

    My gut also tells me that while this week will likely be a down week, next week could resume back up again. How far it goes is unknown? But a breakout above the 1150 level would likely cause a squeeze that could take it back up to the April highs again.

    No way to tell yet, as it’s too early. The “top” may very well be in, but the be “fall off a cliff” move might not happen until after the elections. It’s likely to surprise everyone, as it’s got to be blamed on something bad happening… which of course we can’t predict.

    But, as long as we continue to find good spots to get short at, and just sit out the rallies, we should be onboard when the fall starts. Keep those thoughts coming…

  31. HI Red
    when the margin calls go out, they need to raise money and EVERYTHING will be on the chopping block, especially GOLD & bonds
    not to mention stocks with big profits that can be dumped.
    thanks for visiting
    MY latest update gives the daily readings of what to expect this week
    Rrman, one of my bloggers provided some history on the PANICS of the 25th of Tishrei which coincides with OCT4th this year
    Remember the Hebrew Calendar is 13 months and that date can vary from Mid Spt to Mid Oct depending on the year

  32. Hey Jay…

    October the 4th huh… well, I’m not going to jynx it by calling it “Black Monday”, as every time I call for one… I’m wrong! LOL.

    Let’s change the name to “Bloody Monday”, and maybe then well get one to work… he he he!

  33. Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year’s Day.

    I always listen to New Year’s Day on… well, New Year’s Day! 😀

  34. Looks like the Fed purchase operation money is being used to pump the market. Truly amazing. I don’t remember seeing bounces like this on an overwhelming barrage of clearly bad data.
    Led by the Dow, which I guess would be the cheapest to manipulate. Really brazen.

  35. Not to worry… the illogical upswing is just the Plunge Protection Team. Nothing to see. Do not mind the men behind the rusty curtain. No FED to see here…

  36. Yeah, no kidding. Of course, AFTER the Fed causes a crash as a direct result of its injections, we’ll have hearings and inquiries up the wazoo, which will add up to a hill of beans.
    Because it pumps indirectly through its counterparties, I guess that’s what we would call “plausible deniability”.

  37. Purchase completed for only $550 mil. That means over $10 billion left to hit target. Interesting…I can totally see a 2 huge purchases next week for the headfake…

  38. We’re past that now Trek. Plus, I think it was a real print anyway… at least the one I see was. I have it at 11:00 am on the 5 minute chart, but nothing past that time period.

  39. Gang,

    I think we are going to chop around here for a few more days. The volume is still light, and we are now oversold on the 60 minute chart. Since it’s the most important chart for us short term swing traders, I’d wait until it becomes overbought again.

    That might not be until Thursday morning… which would match up perfectly with what Danny Riley said in the Mr. TopStep video. The buying is currently coming from portfolio managers, and they usually run out of cash by 11:30 am – Noon on the last day of the quarter.

    That means this Thursday they won’t have anymore money to buy up the market, and it will be free to fall. Also note that the link Woody put up shows that the Fed’s will be buying on September the 30th too, and then won’t buy again until October the 5th.

    So, that leaves Thursday afternoon and all day Friday exposed to bear attacks! Let’s all stay focused and attack together on that date.

    One more reason would be that the 60 minute chart will probably put in a smaller positive histogram tower by Thursday morning, creating a negative divergence from the previous tower.

    I do believe this will be the best time to go short. The charts will likely be aligned together, ready to roll over to the downside… and there won’t be any money to support the fall. Be patient my fellow bears… LOL

    So IMHO, I wouldn’t go short today… at least not heavily. I still think they should gap up above the 1150 level on an intraday candle to clear out the stops, and then sell it off.

  40. Is it always in the morning session Woody? It certainly looks that way. Be sure to keep us informed on it. I’m waiting patiently until this Thursday, as I think that will be the best time to get short for a larger move down.

  41. 10:15 is when the FED starts buying…

    “[footnote]1 Operations are tentatively scheduled to begin around 10:15 AM and close at 11:00 AM.”

  42. Keep in mind, the Fed’s target for this tranche is $27 billion, and after today’s small buy, there is over $10 billion left to go (rough calc from previous buys). If Thursday’s is small also, I would be very wary going into next week…

  43. I’m assuming you mean… “very wary going into next week for the bulls”, as the bears should be fed very well if this market peaks and rolls over on Thursday as I expect it too.

  44. Actually, I meant, wary of a very unnatural pop upwards. The thing is, these Fed injections create a two-fold increase:

    1) A direct effect on the markets by pushing the prices up with brute force, and

    2) This is the big “whammy” – these Fed injections are NOT included in the algorithims used for program trading, and are most likely being interpreted as “buying on weakness”. This is a very insidious result of these artificial injections and will, not may, but will result in a dramatic decrease in price when the market finally breaks. We all know Bernanke has been way behind the curve on even the economics in which he is supposed to be an expert. He is clearly way behind on this.

  45. It’s looking like tomorrow will be a positive day, closing near the 1150 area, if this plays out like I expect it too. The pattern is looking exactly like the pattern during the first week of August (on the daily chart).

    Thursday should start the down move I believe, and if tomorrow goes back up the the 1150 area (especially if it pierces it intraday, and falls back down), then I think that would be a great spot to get short.

    While Thursday could have an early morning pop, it might not last very long, and it also might not get as high as Wednesday should. Friday should be a big down day now, “if” it follows the same pattern?

    I previously thought this Friday could be up, but I’m leaning more toward a big down day at this point. I really want to see a quick stop sweep above 1150, that fails to close above there on the hourly chart.

    Let it put in a nice topping tail, and that should be the sign to get short for a nice fall down.

  46. Minor selloff starting late Thursday is looking more and more likely, assuming the cash injection is small and isn’t used at the close. Can’t possibly see Friday & Monday be up days.

    Jim Rogers didn’t know how right he was when he called Bernanke a madman.

  47. The instability in Apple’s stock is pretty exciting. Red hanging man candle for qqqq. The only negative is there was pretty strong breadth. Looks like they bought baskets of futures with POMO money at the morning lows but Apple fought the tide to the downside.

  48. They should break through the overhead resistance at 1150 tomorrow, but how far they go is another story. A failed attempt, (meaning a spike higher on an intraday candle that doesn’t close above 1150) will likely end this rally.

    If they manage to close above 1150 on at least 2 ten minute candles, then a big short squeeze will occur. The next levels up would be between the 1160 and 1170 area.

    I don’t know if they are going to do that or just pop above it briefly for a head fake. I’m leaning toward a head fake to occur, but it’s really going to depend on how overbought the short time frame charts are when the move happens. Also, what time of day it is too.

    A morning gap up will likely be a head fake, but one into the close could go either way? If it closes above 1150 by a decent amount, then the over night futures (going into Thursday) could reverse it all, or start a new rally up. Hard too say at this point? We’ll see tomorrow I guess…

  49. Tomorrow is 9-29-10. Switch those numbers around and you get 1929. The Cramer Code has a 4-1929 refernce in the May 26 ripped from the headlines episode at the 1:20-1:40 mark in the segment. It’s around the 30-31 minute mark for his regular show. After reviewing the episode some more, I can see 9-29 references as well as 9-30. 5 sequence of numbers are displayed on a screen in Cramer’s alcove ostensibly from May20 trading. May 20 2010 is displayed above each number and there is a ticker tape running below these numbers. The first number is 4:10:24. It should look like this:

    May 20 2010
    4: 10 :24
    Putting May (5) to the 4 gets 9 (sept) and 20 to 10=30 or Sept 30,2010? On the ticker tape eCRM is at 78 down 3.60. 78 reversed is 87. ALKS is beneath eCRM at 10.67(there’s that 1067 number again–in fact SP closed at 1067 this day) down .73…..

    ecrm 78.0 (v) 3.60
    alks 10.67 (v).37
    or a 10-87 reference???
    The next numbers are 4;18:04 and 4:18:15. When lined up with may 20,2010, the 9-29 can be inferred 20+18(9) or 30 or Sept 30. Then comes 4:19:29. Underneath that numbers there are two ticker prints, one for ecrm and another one underneath.

    ecrm 73.14 (v) 8.46
    X? 13.52 (v)1.46
    or the ticker symbols add to 8666. He also touches 8.53 here. There also encrypted 10-87 references. ecrm 7(3.14(PI!!!!)(8)—8.46 or (10-8-7 even 18). Add 8.46 with 1.46 one can get the date 9-20 or 911 and insert 29 from 29 and one can deduce 9-29-10.

    The final number that appears is 4: 20: 53. Underneath this number scrolls the Ecrm ticker number 72.30 (v) 9.30. Cramer touches 9.30 and then he leaves the TV screen ending this segment. 72.3 translates as 9-30 also. But if one lines up the 9.30 which appears under the 4:20:58 number ie

    May 20 2010
    4 : 20: 58
    ecrm 72.30 (v) 9.30
    The 9 lines up with 20 implying 9-29????There is plenty more. References to 1929 and 1987 in stock ticker prices. There is even a symbol priced at 236.56 (V) 11.69 or 5-6.5-6. And that’s what I caught. It’s hard to do an analysis without watching the video and I can’t seem to get a good link either. It’s also probably hard to follow without watching the video.

  50. I just revisited one segment of that episode and I see many embedded 9-30s. Under the first number 4: 10: 24—-as I mentioned CRMs ticker prints 78.0 down 3.6 and Cramer points to 78.0. Underneath 78 is the ALKS print 10.67 which lined up with the 78 is 10-87. 10.67 also lined up with -3.6 becomes 9-30 or 3 x10. -3.6 is also lined up with 10 in the 4:10:24 above it becomes 30 and with 3.6 becomes 9-30. As I said it’s a lot harder to visualize and analyze without the video.

  51. Fake Prints (FP) are prints that never actually happened. They are do by “The Powers That Be” (TPTB) to tell those friends and buddies (aka, other crooked banksters) where they plan to take that stock or etf in the future.

    You need to be on the “inside” to figure out the date that it’s going to happen, but they put the target for it out in public for all too see.

    All of those FP’s I posted in this weekend update will be hit. At that point you should expect a reversal to happen, so you should exit all shorts by then.

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