More Manipulation As GM Is Relaunched


Some things never change, and manipulation is one them!

(to watch on youtube:

Yes, the bobbleheads on TV will blame the rally on the IPO release of GM (Government Motors), but it was really just a reason to squeeze out the bears just before option expiration tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, I don't expect any move down to occur.  If it's not a flat day, then it's likely going to be an up down... but not down, at least not anything worth shorting.

Now the real question is... how far can this rally go back up?  Of course I can't answer that, as if I could... I'd be rich and retired on some tropical island, instead of writing a blog about the stock market, aliens, and the Illuminati.  Since I'm stil here, you can come to the logical conclusion that I'm just a poor smuck like most of you guys (and gals).

So, scenario one is that this move back up is our wave 2 retracement with wave 1 down being from the 1227 high to the 1173 low Tuesday.  That suggests that tomorrow and possibly Monday, we shouldn't take out that high, and will fall short of it at some Fibonacci level.

Right now we are at the 50% Fib. level, but we could easily continue up tomorrow to the 61.8% or 76.4%.  Put simply, we have a resistance level at 120.90 spy, which is a double top from Monday, November the 15th.  It's also about the 61.8% Fib. level.

After that, we have resistance at about 121.50 and 122.00, and finally the 122.95 spy double top high from last week.  If we take out the high, the scenario one is out the window, and we are in scenario two.

Scenario two has the move down from the 1227 high to the 1173 low as a wave 4 down, with one final wave 5 up yet to happen.  It should take out the current high, and if my FP on DIA of 118.16 were to match up with the spx, then I'd expect 1260/1280 level to end that final wave up.

Of course after that happens, I'd expect the top of Primary wave 2 to finally be in, and P3 to start shortly afterwards.  This could happen as early as next week, or we could fail to take out the current high and instead follow scenario one with some type of wave 3 down to start sometime next week.

Being that it's going into Christmas, I can't imagine them starting P3 yet.  It would be more logical to save the DIA 118.16 print until January of next year, and just have a correction start next week, that might simply put in a higher low then the 1040 level from months back.

What level I don't know?  Maybe down to the 106 spy FP, which is about 1060 spx... and that's a higher low then 1040 is.  After that, then rally up all of December and into January (and possibly early February) to finally top out the market at the DIA print... and end P2 once and for all.

Then P3 would start down in early next year and probably last all year long, making 2011 the worst year in the history of the stock market.  Again, I'm guessing at all of this, but I still believe that the DIA FP will be the final high of P2, with a massive P3 down to start shortly there after.

Back to tomorrow... the usual pattern is to have "pause" day following a large up or down move.  Since tomorrow is also opx day, you should expect light volume and for the market to have an upside bias to it.  At the end of the day of course, they will pin the spy where it benefits them the most.  This could be a sharp up move or down move in the last 30 minutes of trading.

I would guess that if they rally up a little more tomorrow morning, and throughout the day, then a small sell off to lock in profits from the longs, and to pin the market at the maximum pain level for the put holders.

Ok, that's about all I got for today.  Let's just wait and see what happens next...


P.S. Why do we need a bill to be voted on concerning procedures to follow if the Anunnaki Reptilians attack us if aliens don't exist?


  1. Hi Red!

    Thank you for the post and the video!
    BTW, the HR8791 video is a joke made by the Onion folks.
    (Hint: Look at the “C” in C-SPAN)
    The joke is on us though b/c the reality gets even scarier than this parody.
    Happy trading!

  2. “Crazy Colleen” owes me 5.3 million, I thought that was part of the agreement.

    I’ll take my share in gold and silver and please don’t use USPS to ship it they lose my mail often.

    No offense but look at the video she posted, it shows her half naked. She is just trying to sucker people in because otherwise no one would watch it. Just another woman desperate for your attention.

  3. Confirmed slightly bullish. We should be up about 30-50 points on Friday.

    Unless some major news changes that.

  4. Leo,

    Yest was a bear trap and today or monday would be a bull trap and then we resume the rally to 1070.
    Regd GM causing all the hoolah. In the last 18 months it must be pretty obvious that media has no clue of what is going on and hence they just see the most hyped story and put it in perspective. This is what i stated a while ago about how this media is working these days.

    AP: Stocks rally because

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  11. I saw Unstoppable and the original train’s # was 8888 instead of 777. The original incident occurred on May 15,2001. Today, November 19 should be 3475 days from that incident if I add the leap years from 2004 and 2008 to the number of days which would put 3477days on Sunday. The train that tries to slow train 777 and derails and crashes and burns is train # 7375 with the second locomotive 7346 (the 1046/64# that keeps reappearing in all of these movies). The rescue train is 1206 but 12-6 this year is a Sunday. (There is that Legatus sign by R that is 126 and there is another movie out now called 127 hours). There are a few 56 references and the action occurs from mileposts 56 to approximately 70 on the track and the runaway trains speed averages 70-71mph although in real life it was 47 miles (47 being one of the recurring crash numbers and also 11). I also saw the original 8888 was also paired with 8858 (more esoteric crash numbers)…88+58===146. Today is 146 tds from the April high. Unstoppables released date was 11-12-1(0). According to Wikipedia, production stopped on 11-21-09 when one of the trains partially derailed.
    Of course 11-21-08 was the orthodox low for the stock market for the 2008-2009 bear (primary $ndx low, alltime McOscillator low, #of 52week lows). The release date would have been approximately in the area of 3466 days from the original incident. Filming began on 8-31-09 or 438 days ago on 11-12-1 which is 73calendar days from 8-31. Today is also 73tds from the 8-9-10 high which was 73tds from the April 26high. (58×6===348by the way)

    • Never mind it is 10 not 11 months from January. But 11-22 is 11 -(11+11). Anyway, agricultural commodities dropped hard today (via DBA) and dollar declined slightly retouching its 50day average. Gold struggled at its 20day average resistance. $cpci was extremely low though and hopefully that was opex related.

  12. Well, I had Monday, 11-22 as a big date but in my course of inquiry I have discovered an even better date furthur down the road. But 11-22 is a major historical date for the insiders (think the #73) and this year seems to be a key anniversary. 1122 is also the magic number that keeps recurring in all of the key SP highs/high closes in one from or another. Monday is 147tds from the April high (a variation of this number was seen in the DIA 118.16screen print along side 5:06). 11-22 will also be 11months 11days from 1-11. In Social Network, the date 1-11-04 is mentioned. The key date mentioned in that movie 2-4,2004 is 6years9months18days away from 11-22-10. It is also 1year3months 14days from 8-8-8 or 836 calendar days from 8-8-8. And best of all it is the Miami Thrice # of days from the Heat press conference on July 9 which unveiled the Miami Thriceom and their number. Let’s see how good Pat Riley Operator #136 is with this date. (Riley could also ritually sack his coach and take over the job on this date).
    It will also be the 2 year anniversary of the 2008 low while today 11-19 is the 11month anniversary of the January high.

    • Thanks for the update. Who knows what’s going to happen at this point? I certainly don’t. If it happens on November 30th, then we’ll all know that the video was correct. If not, then it’s just another wrong prediction in a list as big as Bernanke’s ego. LOL.

  13. I read a while a back a prediction about the attack on US, that will happen sometimes in end of 2010 when “people sit down and eat” so I can think Thanks Giving or Christmas. The attack supposely was from the coast with submarines I think, cant remember, it was a while back when I read it and can’t remember where. But all this doomsday scenario it make it look like an overdue baby, who you can’t wait for to come to get it over with

  14. The Illuminati are real people and they do runrule most of everything.
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    people. They are involved in many rituals which can include eating live
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    Ephesians 6:12 explains who the enemy is:
    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers,
    against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against
    the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    They are opposed to anything about the Christian God The Great I am or
    Yahweh. They pledge allegiance to Satan through the “Horned Hand” salute.

    Homosexualty is part of it. They don’t want women to procreate. They want
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    They wanna control health care to (choose) who lives and who dies.
    Read about Bill Gates and “depopulation”.

    Basically the antichrist comes to the world disguised as someone of light.
    He does miricles like Jesus did and will fool many. (This is portrayed in
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    Gerald Celente the number 1 trend forecaster predicts by 2012 the dollar will
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    Whatever you do, don’t get that mark!

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    • Oh yeah, don’t forget to read about Rosa Luxemburg and her thesis on the mass strike. Basically people get so fed up with what the government is doing that they “mass strike” against the government.

      It’s what needs to happen in America.

  15. Speaking of precious metals, I have a cool PME Precious Metals Exuberance Chart in the first three posts, please check it out and comment.

    NOW SPEAKING of EWI…..I really really hate it when I enter the weekend short, and EWI issues a Monthly. Reason is….EWI is so large and it’s followers are sometimes so committed, that HBB can ramp against the EWI publication, and thus take money from the bears.

    So — I am short into weekend, and late Friday comes out the EWI!! Balderdash!


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