Merry Christmas To All The Good Guys


...and even the Bads Guys Too! 🙂

Celine Dion-Merry Christmas
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Not much else to say about the market folks.  Just waiting on the DIA print to be hit now.  Enjoy the holidays this year, as we don't know what next year may bring.  I'll do another post Sunday night or Monday...

Happy Holidays



  1. I have a few indicators here. The Fear Factor is showing a possible chopstick reversal. Fear Factor 2 is showing some similarity to past years.

    My “Toy Index”, Polaris, Harley, Winnebago is showing strong bullish-it sentiment. Whooo Hooo let’s party like it’s 1999 again! I don’t see any immediate shorting opportunities on these charts, but they just show extreme exuberance. See the charts. Please drop a comment.

  2. The trend for silver has been a 13-14 day consolidation followed by a higher high.

    If silver continues this trend we could see a final consolidation on Monday and a possible rally on Tuesday.

    China did raise rates which could cripple this rally.

  3. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone……Gold,silver,euro,munibonds have been on pause for the last week +. The timeline is the market should tank now that AAII poll hit 63% bulls unless one thinks it’s going 70%bulls. Late March/early April should be a major low since there has been a consistent 7month cycle low which was sort of disguised late August. Some key astro events should occur around that time. I did see True Grit and it does have some pretty good clues that I will get into later. Of course there is another 1969 reference since the original True Grit was released that year but that movie is referenceing a certain date 3 different ways, a number I have noticed before and was already referenced in the movie Red. Let’s see how Monday shakes out.

    • If we’re going to have the greatest crash, then we needed the highest sentiment reading ever. So 70% is possible (but I doubt it).

      Merry Christmas Geccko… or is that Gordon? LOL

      • Merry Christmas red,

        All the blogs I’ve read are talking about the record bullishness to me that’s too obvious the gangsters will see that as well so I wouldn’t put too much weight on that as they’ve made all the negative divergences fail and keep rallying this market.

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