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But next year things should pick back up again... especially if the market tanks!  So Disqus changing their features is a frustrating event, but we'll adapt.  The new Wibiya toolbar now installed will add a lot of features to help readers stay up to date... especially with the new comments posted on Disqus.

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Happy New Year...



So What Will Next Year Bring?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sU0kpr4rYQ)

What started out about a year ago as my little spot on the net, used to simply post my thoughts on the market, has turned into, as is known as the "darkside" of trading.  In fact, I'm probably the only blogger that speaks of the Illuminati and the Reptilian Aliens that they worship, as the people behind the scenes that "really" control the market.

Just like the little old man in the wizard of oz, who hide behind the curtains while pulling the strings to project a Holographic image of a powerful all knowing wizard, the Illuminati have do the same thing to masses of people in the world... who are referred to as sheep, while they consider themselves to be the wolves.

Yet each and every day that goes by more and more of the sheep are waking up now, and their not happy!  The wolves are very small in numbers compared to the sheep, and as they are now becoming fearful that their days of control might be coming to an end... just like the prophecy of an "end to the world as we know it" states when referencing December 21st, 2012.

Yes, the world will end... and begin again.  But this new world will bring about many wonder changes for the betterment of mankind I believe.  A world that will finally get to use the "free energy" devices that have be suppressed by the Illuminati for the last 70 years or more.

Cars that run on water have been around since at least the 60's, and one's that get 200 miles per gallon have been here since the 30's when Charles Pogue invented a carburetor that burnt 100% of the fuel going into it, leaving ZERO emissions... before it even existed.

Of course that's just the tip of the iceberg, as free electricity has also been invented, and re-invented many times now.  Nicola Telsa was the first one that we know of, as his idea (which was rejected by JP Morgan senior) was to send electricity though the air... not using wires.

But NO, the gangsters wouldn't let that happen!  They couldn't charge people money if it went through the air.  They needed it to be hard wired, so they could come and disconnect you if you didn't pay the bill.  Yes folks... the gangsters have been around for a very long time.

The Goldman Gangsters, JP Morgan Monsters, CitiBank Buttheads, etc... are only the new Thugs on the block.  Well, at least the actual people are, as the companies have been around a long time.

Today the gangsters have even less morals I believe... not that they ever really had any in the first place!  Yes, today they aren't satisfied with only robbing a small percentage of Americans... they plan to rob them all, and they don't care if Grandma freezes to death in her home because she can't pay the heating bill with her social security check.

Sometimes I get extremely angry and just want to kill all these bastards!  But, I don't even own a gun... or have a mean streak in me.  I'm about as layed back and nice a person you would ever want to meet.  I was raised to be kind and helps others... which is what I've done all my life.

It's probably the main reason I'm not filthy rich right now, as I'd rather be honest and poor then to scam my way to success.  I'm sure there are many businesses out there which are honest and fair, that allow the owner to make a good living and even become very financially well off... but I just haven't been a part of one.

Most of the opportunities that I've ran into over my life have been designed in a manner that would involve some dis-honesty, mis-information, inflating of the facts, or just outright lying.  So, I failed at those businesses... but I'm happy that I'm still honest.

Lying to get rich just isn't my thing... I don't like the feeling it gives you.  Sure, I've lied some in my life... who hasn't?  But overall, I don't feel I've done any harm, or created bad Karma with anyone... which is more important then fame and fortune.

During this last year in the market, I've lost more then I've made.  I'm sure I'm not alone on that, as this insanely manipulated game has hurt many traders I believe.  When I look back on some of the mistakes I've made, the one that sticks out the most was the first FP I seen in January of this year.

It showed the SPX dropping 97 points in one day!  I first thought it was just a simple mistake, as things like that happen.  I ignored the print (which showed 1047 as the low), and 3 weeks latter the market fell to an intraday low of 1044.50 spx... yet I just went heavily short around 1060!

Yes, I had forgotten about the FP and watched the market hit the intraday low and rally back for several months, finally peaking in April.  I shorted on every bounce up after that low, and lost each time.

So I learned the hard way, as many traders do.  The low had already been foretold by "The Powers That Be" (TPTB... aka the Illuminati), but I never listened.  It also happened to reach that low in the middle of a Legatus Pilgrimage on February the 5th (the meeting was from the 4th to the 6th).

We are now only about 300 points away from reaching another FP of DIA 118.16, which I've had since March the 30th.  So, what are the odds that the gangsters have changed the plans and no longer plan to reach that print?  I don't know?  I wish I did, but everything tells me that they still plan on reaching it before a serious move down happens.

I know the market is extremely overbought, with an unseen reading of 63.28% bullish sentiment, unheard of 16.41% bears, and too many other reasons to support a top right here... all of which could be right?  But I still believe that any pullback we have this week will be small, and a continued move up to the FP will follow.

We still have traders on vacation for the holiday's and no major economic news out this coming week.  This all signal's too me that plans will continue as previous.  While Tuesday could be a down day, and possibly Wednesday too... I do think it will turn back up and head toward our final target before rolling over hard.

Since we have another Legatus Pilgrimage on February the 3rd through the 5th, I'm expecting some sort of turn in the market again around those dates.  My speculation is that we will hit the FP this coming week and then proceed to sell off into that date.

Then that would be a turn back up in the market, for a possible wave 2 to retrace some part of the move down... but not retaking out the DIA FP high.  Then another move down for wave 3 would follow... possibly starting in March?  That that one down will be really ugly!  It would be some kind of large wave 3 inside of a Primary wave 3... a 10 on the earthquake richter scale!

Needless to say, I'll be looking for the downside FP's to be hit on the way down.  Everyone keep your eyes open for more prints to show up, as I can't catch them all.  Just email them to me, or post them yourself in the comments.

Well, that's about all I can think of right now.  I've poured out my soul again, and as I always do.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas, as spending some quality time with friends and family is very important... and should be done at least once a year!

Happy Holiday's Everyone...



  1. Red, thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments every day.

    Nowadays, just to maintain “good karma” can be considered as being courageous and wise.

    Wish you a good and prosperous 2011 and keep up the great work.

  2. We could see a COMEX silver default as soon as December 31st.

    On August 2010 COMEX delivered 2,519 contracts of 3,002. By the end of December they will have to deliver approximately 17,200 contracts.

    It only gets worst in March 2011. What if people refuse cash?

  3. happy almost new year red!

    i have a question for you. if the market slightly undershoots the dow FP, at what level of undershoot would you consider the FP fulfilled? As of now, 1283 of the spx looks interesting for a potential turnpoint – but i think that may be just shy of the FP for the dow…..

    • It’s going to be more about the news, date and price level I believe, not just one or the other. The first week of January has lots of signs that it will be a turn date period.

      This also matches up with Wikileaks stating that they will release information about the crooked banks too. And, we have to wait out the first day or two, as that’s when the yearly Mutual Funds’ money gets injected into the system.

      That money could be the quick lunge higher the market needs to hit the FP level. Then shortly after that, Wikileaks will release their secret papers, (timed correctly, just when the market peaks of course), and then sell off begins.

      Remember what I said about Wikileaks possibly being controlled and/or feed information by the gangsters on purpose… so they can use the released info to tank the market? Well, read this article about who’s funding Julian Assange’s defense trial.


      This is all done on purpose I believe. First to plan the coming crash, and later to control the internet with new laws censoring it… of which, the “Wikileaks” leaks will be the “False Flag” event needed to pass the laws.

      But, there is still hope. Most of the public support Wikileaks I believe, while no one supported the made up Alcida Terrorists when they were blamed for the 911 false flag.

      Remember, then need the sheep to believe the internet needs to be censored so they can gain the support needed to be pass the new law, stripping us of the only freedom of speak we have left.

      To answer you question… I can’t. But I will let you know when I plan on getting short. My gut tells me that it will happen on a Monday or Friday, and that the FP will be hit (within a few pennies), which means that the SPX should get closer to 1300 I’d estimate.

  4. Yesterday at 4:00 pm I see an intraday FP down to 125.11 show up on the SPY. Should we continue down today, that would be my target. However, it matches up closely with the opening price level, so it could have been just a late fill, and not a sign as to where they plan to take the market.

  5. The PRS 177 has been one of the strongest things that “still works” as the HAL 20000’s take over the trading world.

    Look at the OTIS GAP on the dollar yesterday. Huh? People going to flock into Yuan and throw the dollar under the bus? Maybe only as a shake out prior to a dollar run up.

    The more things change the more they stay the same. With a few geopolitical tensions and currency wars, it seems obvious to me that a flight to big daddy Dollar will occur. Look at today’s move up, correcting the gap down. OTIS, but it is the market we are given, you choose to participate or not.

    Check DNN for a breakout.

    Sure it’s tough to buy the dollar after this impulsive move up…..that is a tough trade to take, think about it.


  6. Looks like Silver is going to follow the trend I wrote about on Sunday.

    GRATS to those who purchased Silver or Gold calls.

    Today has been my best trading day of the year!

  7. All bonds look to have started down again today. Euro with a massive red reversal bar and the yen with a massive black bar. (yen the funding currency has been rallying the past 1+week which explains possibly these other markets flatlining). Tomorrow the malefic planets Mars and Saturn square each other both being in the cardinal signs. (Read Merriman for a synopsis although he writes Mars translating the Cardinal Climax experience from earlier in the year–July to September ends tomorrow—whatever that means and all danger should be over—-don’t understand how he gets that). Apple with the smallest range doji I have seen on its chart while Dow Ndx SP look to be putting in classic topping pattersns—doji followed by small down day followed by another doji or in SP’s case small hanging man. SP closed at an interesting #—12(58)…Dow at 11575 (127 hours????5days 7hours????)….There was a Christmas crash in either December or January 1773 ie (23)7 years ago in London which in my opinion (the bursting of the bubble) precipitated the events and conditions that led to the American revolution but the information on this crash is so scarce it’s hard to use it as a cycle. Boston Tea Party was 12-16-1773. Don’t know if this caused the crash or was a result of it. 73 and 37 crash numbers considering there is almost always a severe bear market in years that end in these numbers. Of course we’re 703 years from a crucial historical event which could be construed as the first great modern financial panic.

    • The difference between 69 and 41 years is 230months. Still don’t understand the fascination for the year 1969 since it wasn’t a great crash year unless the insiders are highlighting the 69 number.

      • Mars was in 3 degrees Capricorn on 12-16-1773. That I believe is also the location of Mars around 9-11 and some other recent wars. The Tea Partiers of course were Masons dressed up as Indians. Pluto was also in Capricorn then and 2008 marked the return of Pluto to Capricorn since the 1770s. Mercury was also in retrograde in Capricorn as it is now.

        • Mercury is actually in retrograde now in Sagittarius and is nearing the end of its retrograde. On December 28,1773 which I have read somewhere was a crash date, Mercury was just winding up its retrograde period at sagittarius 22. I believe Mercury currently is doing the same around 20,19 degrees Sag.

  8. Note: New Years’ Day (January 1) in 2011 falls on a Saturday. The rules of the applicable exchanges state that when a holiday falls on a Saturday, it’s observed the preceding Friday unless the Friday is the end of a monthly or yearly accounting period. In this case, Friday, December 31, 2010 is the end of both a monthly and yearly accounting period; therefore the exchanges will be open that day and the following Monday.

    • Yes, it looks like we go up again San. It seems it’s not enough to just shoot the bears, they have to stab them repeatedly to ensure maximum pain.

      I’m just glad I’m sitting in cash and not shorting this thing yet. As the old saying goes “never short a dull market”.

  9. red,,,this is just in….

    S&P Withdraws Bank of America Short-Term Counterparty Rating At Firm’s Request
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/29/2010 10:22 -0500

    Bank of America Transparency

    Just headlines for now. We are confident this firm-solicited action to eliminated BAC’s counterparty credit rating is purely in the interest of shareholders and taxpayers, or both as the two tend to be equivalent, and purely for the benefit of transparency and openness. It most certainly has nothing to do with recent allegations that the bank has been fraudulently misrepresenting hundreds of billions of mortgages it sold to third parties.

    • That news doesn’t seem to have affected the price of BAC right now. Everyone is expecting Wikileaks to release damaging documents on BAC… but what if it’s not them, and instead Goldman or JP Morgan? Man… that would be awesome!

      • i think you showed us a fake print of GS of $13 – so a surprise like that would be awesome. these big banks are evil! Although the release of documents could show collusion of illegal behavior between BAC and JPC and GS….that would be a trifecta!!

        • Since Wikileaks is being funded by the gangsters it only makes since that they are involved in feeding them some of the info, as well as instructing them “when” to release the info.

          • Why would the gangster want to destabilize the Gov or banking system, HBB already got both eight where they want them…..but why hold back? Get some momentum going again.

          • Have you watched the 4 video’s I put up on a previous post from Lindsey Williams? (https://reddragonleo.com/2010/12/16/lindsey-williams-on-the-alex-jones-show/)

            You should go back and watch them, as the gangsters (he calls them the “elite”) have everything to gain by a stock market crash. They can first make money shorting the market, and second they can buy up the remaining assets at dirt cheap prices.

            This would then be a merging of the banks that are left into only a few big banks… which they would then have a total dictatorship, with a socialistic control of the public.

            Eliminate the competition by bankrupting them, and buy them out, creating the “One World Government” that they’ve been preaching about for decades.

            But, everything takes time… and apparently they need more time to unload their shares at the top before crashing the market.

            Once done unloading to the sheep, and getting short themselves, they will tell Wikileaks to release the damaging info on the banks. The “insider’s” in these banks will have already sold their shares, and either went short or just moved the money out of the country… maybe into some other safe asset?

            Believe me, they have everything to gain from crashing the banks and the market. Watch those video’s by Lindsey…

          • Thanks for summary.

            I actually came up with that theory about 6 years ago as we were hitting the housing top, I call the gangsters HBB–Humoungous Bank and Broker. Goldman and gang.

            will watch when I have time….I never have time! oouch

  10. Wow, margin credit going thru the roof again, this will be good. Can’t wait until June, when the punchbowl is taken away, the market tanks, and Madman Ben introduces QE3, which will be bigger, stronger, faster…

    …Madman Ben is…the SIX TRILLION DOLLAR MAN!

    • Definitely possible red,

      i think one more decent gap up day in which we hit that FP and same day reversal for a change in trend is right upon us. i really hope it is friday or monday – this caterpillar crawl is driving me NUTS!

  11. Interesting day. Nothing happened… until the last 5 minutes. Not that I expect it to continue tomorrow, as it’s going to just be bought up again I suspect.

    Ah… the holidays. A time best left away from the markets.

  12. I bought the dip on the PRS on ES.

    A break of this PRS will be very bearish, and in this manipulated market, of course the HBB guys are using State Pension funds to keep buying the market up. Everyone wants an up market, except reality and the Piper who will some day collect his due.

    For now, bought the dip, but will probably close for a measley couple hundred dollar run. Playing very small, 1 contract.

    Bought DNN yesterday at 3.29, it is moving nicely upward.

    I don’t want to hold too many positions over the New Years, since that complicates the P&L tax filings by having to keep track of crossover positions. And the gains and losses and figuring the basis for the purchase IS NOT usually computer generated. Esp. with options, and futures, every trading service tracks them differently and ultimately the ball is left 100% in your hands to reconcile everything.

    Next year, apparently, the brokers are going to be required to keep track of the basis and report it to the Fed Gov. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily report it to you in same or usable fashion, although I suspect that they would. However, past history shows that the brokers never really cared much about your tax filing.

    PMI-E is showing a blow off shooting star type “top” far outside the Bollinger Band, this should signal a drop on precious metals. Other instances have been shown a drop after the BB was popped
    Charts here—-

  13. December 28,1772 was supposedly the big down day or start of a crash although I can’t find any records to verify this. I did dig up that there was a banking panic collapse in June of 1772 that spread eventually to Amsterdam possibly causing a crash in January of 1773 but the history is so slight, it’s really hard to work with. In May 1773, the East India Company, the blue chip of the day, was on the verge of collapse/bankruptcy so British Parliament enacted the tea tax on the colonists which led to the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Parties dumped East India Companies tea supplies into Boston Harbour so its hard not to argue that could have caused a dump in its shares. It’s just uncanny how similar astrologically today is to December 1773. Mars squared Saturn today and Pluto has returned to the area of its location during the flash crash (after retrograding). Uranus and Jupiter have cojoined each other in Pisces right about now and Mercury returns to its direct station tonight. And Merriman writes the worst is over by the 29th which probably should be a good fade. Today is 172 tds from April 26 high, 458 tds from 3-6-9 and 528tds from 11-21-08low and 810tds from 10-11-07 (rearrange these #s and it comes up with the next date I am looking at —featured 3 different ways in True Grit). We’ve got some nice trading/calendar cycles fast approaching.

    • “Merriman writes the worst is over by the 29th”… thank God for that! I’m getting tired of this Bear massacre. We need the “worst” to be over, so the bears can eat again.

      • Merriman writes that Uranis Jupiter conjunction occurs January 4th which I believe is the day of the solar eclipse. He calls it a geo-cosmic signature of the first magnitude with about a week’s range on either side for an effect. but they are both at 26 degrees Pisces today but they will align at the exact minutetude on 1-4. Anyway, I am focusing so much on astrology now because the insiders do primarily because in True Grit near the end of the movie, the Coen brothers, basically make Jeff Bridges riding with the girl on his horse look like a constellation with the stars of the sky featured prominently in the background. My guess is it’s supposed to be Orion the hunter but that still doesn’t help me pinpoint the date of a crash. I still need to do a True Grit review.

        • ISEE 10day average has dropped below its 20day average after both hit a new alltime high. This happened around April 29,30 back when the previous records of exuberance were being made.

        • Last january, the high was formed on jan 15th when Mercury returned to its direct station and there was a solar eclipse. The markets chopped around until jan 19th while Mercury remained in the area of its direct station while its also made its closest conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn at the time.

  14. I wonder how many of the 388,000 people who filed for unemployment this time felt it was good news like the media did today???

    Were close to some sort of pull back, I’m sticking to Dan Ferraras turn date of Jan 3 for now, give ot take a few days, along with the New H/L ratio is about to extend as far as it does before a correction. http://screencast.com/t/zhLykBzq3

    • The Bobble Head Media Idiots get paid to spin the news, so as long as they do their job, they get to keep it… and not join the unemployed.

      I like that chart, and early January should be about the time the market hits my FP level too. Throw in some Mutual Fund money the first trading day, and up we go.

      The Spiral guy has his new chart up for January…


  15. I wonder how many of the 388,000 people who filed for unemployment this time felt it was good news like the media did today???

    Were close to some sort of pull back, I’m sticking to Dan Ferraras turn date of Jan 3 for now, give ot take a few days, along with the New H/L ratio is about to extend as far as it does before a correction. http://screencast.com/t/zhLykBzq3

  16. Remember the clock from the controversial Simpson’s episode that is set at 6:11? Well, I have realized that the original True Grit was released on June 11,1969 or 6-11. Even more bizarre is the book came out in 1968 and they managed to produce a film and have it released by mid 1969. The author Charles Portis seems to include occultic themes in his novels and one of them,Masters Atlantis, is outright so. But strangely it is hard to find any information on him and especially his works outside of True Grit and his first one. His last one Gringos(1991) has a Mayan theme.
    The new version of True Grit has me on an astrological inquiry and as I have mentioned the Coen Brothers appear to make Cogburn,Mattie Ross and the horse into some sort of constellation. I am guessing Orion and Orion’s belt features the 3 Kings. Lo and Behold today, I am reading the Wall Street Journal and in an article on grains, they qoute an Argentinian saying that they will understand the condition of the crops better by Three Kings Day (Jan 6). I had never heard of 3 Kings day until today and didn’t even know the occultic meaning for that term until recently (remember there was a George Clooney movie by that name in 1999). A case of hiding in plain sight of significant suggestion? But nevertheless, that isn’t the date I got from True Grit but since I missed the beginning of the movie and did not see the date if it was listed at the beginning, any report would be incomplete because I have seen various dates listed for the original book (1873–crash year) and 1880 for original movie version. I have deduced the date for the movie to be 1877 based on the date shown for the final scene and subtracted the female characters age in that scene to the contemporary period of most of the film when she is 14 but I am relying on synopses of the film’s plot for her age of narration since I never saw her age mentioned.
    It appears the web bot guys are honing in on the same date I am and we’re entering another critical period of tension release similar to the much hyped early November period.

    • It also appears that the 3 characters, Rooster Cogburn,Mattie Ross, and LaBoueff (Matt Damon) could be the 3 Kings in their quest to find Tom Chaney.

    • As for that “November Period”, I think the forecast was accurate, as I do believe that missile fired off the coast of LA was aimed at Iran as many speculated.

      The fact that it was shot down (by whom? The Chinese or the Good Aliens?) doesn’t mean the “event” wasn’t accurately predicted, only that it was stopped from happening this time.

      So, I don’t know what Cliff High is predicting now, but early January meets a lot of peoples’ forecast time period.

  17. Here’s my plan, JAN 3rd, if OIH starts out up $1 in the morning and ends up down $6 dollars end of day____for everyone else, Go to Cash.
    as for moi, I’m throwing darts and what ever the dart lands on, I’m shorting that.

  18. Tomorrow seasonaly weak. I will be buying at the close for 1 helluva rally next week starting Monday. Expecting to see 1300 mid Jan……….g.l. Red and have a great New Years ………………

    • I’m going to agree with you Robert, as new money always comes into the market during the first week. So a continued rally is to be expected. Plus, we haven’t hit the FP yet. 🙂

  19. The move down in precious metals was bogus but you should of known that. Shake out the weaker holders while the big boys come in and buy the dip.

    I’m looking for another $2.00-$3.00 on Silver but it still could be a bumpy road up or down.

    Something big is brewing in the background. Have patience.

  20. I’m inclined to believe that any low put into today will be a buying opportunity for the rally next week up to our FP target. While I won’t be going long, as I like to do options and you get killed on the time decay in choppy market, I still wanted to point that out for those who don’t use instruments that are affected by the vix and time.

    And of course I’m a bear, so naturally I just wait out the rally and get short when the time comes. Good luck to all the bulls as you still have a good 300 Dow points to go!

  21. Happy New year Red,

    i feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon your website and community. you definitely have had me question many things i took for granted and as a result i have opened up my eyes to much.

    Thank you for this site red! i think (given the FP’s) 2011 will be a very interesting year for the bears.

    “a toast – TO RED AND TO A GOOD BEAR YEAR – 2011”


  22. I’m going to do an new video and add to this post, so don’t everyone leave early for the New Year Yet. It will show everyone a new feature I’m adding to help solve the disqus issue (it’s no longer showing real time posts).

    Give me about an hour or less and I’ll have it up for everyone. It’s a pretty cool new addon, and I think it will be well liked.


  23. Ok, I’ve seen the beginning of True Grit so I can do a complete review. Nothing is revealing at the beginning except that Mattie Ross arrives in Fort Smith on a train numbered 316 (136?). No date is mentioned. Of course, the standard plot is that her father has been murdered by “the coward Tom Chaney” and she has gone to Fort Smith to hire a U.S. marshall to track down Chaney and she hires the merciless “Rooster” Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to do the job. Along the way, Texas Ranger LaBouef shows up and notifies Mattie Ross that he is tracking Chaney following the murder of a Texas state senator committed by Chaney. Mattie is determined to take part in the pursuit of Chaney so eventually all three reluctantly join together and follow Chaney’s tracks into Indian Territory………..Among the interesting highlights: we learn that Mattie’s father was a Mason. When they enter Indian territory, they come across a quirky Coen like character in a complete bear skin (Bear Grit in the casting log) who directs them to a dugout along a river where they can spend the night (the movie takes place in the dead of winter). Two members of the Ned Pepper gang are holed up at the dugout, one of them named “Moon”. Rooster decides to wait in the background for the rest of the gang to show up so he can ambush them. This is when the similarities of Orion the hunter appear. He mentions bird-dogging the bandits to flush them out. In fact, this whole quest is one big hunt. Of course, the original True Grit was released in 1969, the “Year of the Rooster”. And the Orion Constellation was sometimes associated with a rooster in Babylonian times. Orion is also associated with hunting Taurus, “The Bull” and also the Hare, or Lepus which is a Constellation beneath Orion and the river Euridanus (sp?) is also situated beneath him. In fact, from this point on the group never ventures far from the river (although I don’t recall the name). 2011 will be the year of “the Rabbit”. La Boueff pronounced laBeff, some sort of Bull??? Mattie Ross continually mentions and prods fun at his Cowlick (ie Bull getting licked???). Mattie Ross could also be Ashtaroth , a god/demon of Babylonian origin???
    Anyway, there is a date/number that is referenced 3 different ways in the movie. 1) the year it takes place either 1877 or 1878 2) it is shown at the end that Rooster dies in 1903—born in 1825 and lives 78 (77?)years and 2010 is 185 years later. 3) when Rooster is first seen he is at a trial where he is asked how many people he has killed? He replies 12 maybe 15 and the defense lawyer then shows that he has killed more to which he replies with the latest two that the total is now 23….so the numbers of the sequence 12….15…23….Of course 23 years ago was 1987.

    • Geccko…

      I really love your detailed posts, but they are very hard to read. Can you please break them up into paragraphs so they will be easier to read?

      I’m NO English major, in fact that subject was my weakest in high school, with B’s on my quarterly report card (the rest of my subjects I was a A student… big deal). But, I keep it simple when writing my posts. Here’s how I do it…

      Every 2-3 sentences I hit the return key twice to start a new paragraph. It doesn’t matter to me if I break at the proper spot or not, as I’m not a professional writer. So it really doesn’t matter if it’s the correct spot to start one or not.

      But it does matter to the reader if you make it easier to read. I read all your posts but I sometimes get lost in them. The lack of a paragraph break hurts my eyes. Remember, I’m not 18 years old with perfect eye sight anymore.

      Be kind to all us older readers (I’m only 46), as we read a lot every day, and having a nice flow to the post/comment/article is important to keep us interested.

      So pretty please my friend… start breaking up you posts into paragraphs that are easier to read!

      And Happy New Year to you! The Bear will rule next year! Go Bears!


      • You ain’t lying about the bears taking over.

        The dollar index is getting killed without the usual rally.

        I’m starting to get nervous for the sake of my parents. They have significant long positions in the stock market without any downside protection.

        The rally in the precious metal markets just gets stronger and stronger. Platinum up $28.70, Palladium up $17.30, Gold up $16.10 and silver up 0.42 cents. These are huge moves!

        I just watched Wall street, Money Never Sleeps and the 1st preview was unstoppable.

      • I try to break them into paragraphs but they still come up mangled. I guess I need to hit the return key twice. Anyway, I rushed that post yesterday and didn’t quite get in everything nor did I compose it in the best way.

        • Thanks bud… I’m sure everyone else will appriciate it too. And yeah, until you just posted I also noticed that there was 111 posts on 01-01-11… LOL!

          I should have the new post up within a couple of hour from now… about 9-10 pm EST. It’s very long, and should keep people busy reading for a few days.

  24. As for True Grit, as I started thinking about it, the Indian Territories they venture into to chase Chaney is some sort of Hades or Underworld. They cross the river via ferryman (at the time I thought this was quite mythological) except for Mattie who rides Blackie through the river. The river Euridanus (sp) in the Orion Constellation must be some sort of version of the River Styx. Orion is a variation of the Egyptian god Osiris, who was god of the Underworld and transformation.

    The Indian territories are lawless, dangerous, ungovernable filled with criminals, snakes, and snakepits. They come across the Bear Grit character there, after finding a body, who guides them to the dugout where some of Ned Pepper’s gang is holed up including the “Moon” character who is young ie “New Moon”???? Rooster continually mentions that Chaney could be in a shallow grave anywhere in there.

    At the end, Rooster and Mattie race back to the trading post near the entrance of the territories travelling along the prarie in the dead of night and the way the film is shot makes the stars of the night appear right in the background of the characters so they appear as some sort of constellation. It’s a very strange way to film the sequence. Kind of like old fashioned movie making when the characters would be shot in a studio while a moving picture was shot on a screen behind them.

    I thought it was unusual that there would be a remake of True Grit and even more unusual that the Coen Brothers would do it and both supposedly remain faithful to the book which is unusual in Hollywood, particulary with the Coen brothers. And it is strange that it would be released right around Christmas but in hindsight it makes sense as we approach 3 kings day.

    It makes sense that the movie probably takes place in 1877. There was a secondary panic that year (following the 1873crash), a final C wave decline. It would also make it 133 years to 2010. And 1903 to 1969(the release date of the original movie) is 66 years. The original book was probably an ode to the demise of the 60s bull market.

    The origin of the 3 kings day most likely dates to pagan times and has to do how the stars are positioned on that day. The 3 Gaza pyramids are positioned in such a way that they follow the pattern of the 3 kings stars.

    The author Charles Portis has written another book called the Dog of the South which is most likely a veiled reference to the Dog Star, Sirius, which sits to the south of Orion and considered to be one of his hunting dogs. Sirius is another star that plays a big part in Insider Mythology but one would need to be a Master Mason to figure this all out. I’ll try to read the book but I doubt I will have gotten anywhere by 3Kings day—ie 1-6 or 1(3kings)6????? Miami Thrice have been trying to call themselves the Three Kings.

    And that print: 118.(16)

  25. The solar eclipse on 1-04 first appeared on August 14-1776 or 8-14-1776 making it the solar eclipse closest to the founding of the US/ Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776. 13 Saros cycles later is the 2011 version. There was a strong astrological basis for the use of this date by the American founders. Remember, Adam Weishaupt created the “enlightened ones” around this date also although some form of organization already existed.

    There are 666,777,and 888 dates fast approaching and the 1-04 date has some hits although I’ll wait until the week starts to try to classify them. I also did a mathematic calculation that confirmed the Three KIngs day as the date implied in the Simpson’s video.

  26. The solar eclipse on 1-04 first appeared on August 14-1776 or 8-14-1776 making it the solar eclipse closest to the founding of the US/ Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776. 13 Saros cycles later is the 2011 version. There was a strong astrological basis for the use of this date by the American founders. Remember, Adam Weishaupt created the “enlightened ones” around this date also although some form of organization already existed.

    There are 666,777,and 888 dates fast approaching and the 1-04 date has some hits although I’ll wait until the week starts to try to classify them. I also did a mathematic calculation that confirmed the Three KIngs day as the date implied in the Simpson’s video.

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