Weekend Update – A Storm Is Coming!


Wednesday Update...

(to watch on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vP0s7l6prc)

Less then a 100 points away from a top on the market I believe.



Welcome to 2011... Year of the Bear!

As the new year rings in, many Blue Pill Takers are probably thinking that the worst is behind them and that this new year will be better then the last one.  They're DEAD Wrong!  Whether or not the FP on DIA is the final top, is doesn't matter, as many other forecast are already in motion and will be fulfilled... putting a serious hurting on sheep.

Gasoline prices have already increased about 25 cents in the last month or so, here in Florida.  I'm sure they are going to continue up toward that price target of $150.00-$200.00 per barrel of oil, that Lindsey Williams was told by the gangsters as "where" they plan to take it.

Because of this, I expect unemployment to rise quite a bit in 2011, as once gas hits $4.00 per gallon many truckers will go out of business.  So will all the smaller companies that can no longer afford to do business with such high prices on everything, as a result of the price of oil rising to historical highs.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeP2DnBlXMM)

Everything is affected by the price of oil, and no one will be left "un-hurt" from the coming planned price increase.  It is designed that way on purpose, so the rich evil one's can buy up America companies at dirt cheap prices, turning us into a Socialized country.

Gone are our freedoms, especially "freedom of speech" as I suspect new laws will be passed that will censor the Internet... stopping the spread of "true history" and "the real conspiracies" from being heard by the masses.  Remember, in order for the Reptilian Illuminati Gangsters to continue controlling us sheep they must keep us "in the dark", and not allow us to spread the truth anymore.

In the end, they fear us!  They know that we out number them greatly, and "if" enough of us wake up and realize that we have been their slaves for eon's now... we will revolt and overthrow them.

I suspect that this is already happening and that the 2012 End of World predictions are really just the "End of World as we know it"... not the actual end to mankind.  I believe it's an end to slavery that we sheep have endured ever since the first Reptilian Aliens came here and concurred us humans.

How long ago was that?  Who knows?  I watched a video somewhere (can't remember where or when, or the link) that stated it was about 5800 B.C. when they came to this planet.  Since other believe that "The Great Flood" (with Moses) was about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, around the time the great city of Atlantis went underwater, then that would make sense as I don't think the Reptilians were here during the time that the Atlantian people ruled.

To me, there is no doubt that the Illuminati control the stock market (and everything else), and that they worship Reptilian Aliens that are called Demons in the Bible.  I also believe that these Reptilians are either some type of shape shifter, or have technology that prevents us from seeing their true form.

The movie "They Live" (from 1988), and the TV series "V" most accurately describes them.  These aliens are in every high position of power that they can infiltrate.  While many of the people in power were probably human at one time, they have been replaced just like how the Senator was in the Xmen movie by the shape shifter Mystique.

Hollywood movies are full of "truth", but the masses don't see them, or understand them.  I see them, but don't always understand them (or figure out what they really mean).  The newest WallStreet movie "Money Never Sleeps" probably has some "hidden, but in plain site" signs that tell those who can read them of the coming disaster this year.

I'm sure the "Unstoppable" movie also has some clues, but I haven't seen them or figured them out yet.  However, the Simpsons video with the clock stopped at 5 minutes till 6 could still mean something... but we sheep just haven't figured it out yet.

Since Lindsey Williams, whom I believe is being feed truthful information, stated that World War 3 was already planned, and the time period was 12-18 months out (the video he stated that in, was recorded in January of 2010), then a rough date would be the middle of 2011.  (Note: Could 5 till 6 mean May 6th, June 5th, or June 2011 a nuke will go off?).

While it's not uncommon for the gangsters to leak out mis-information to the sheep to confuse them, I don't believe that is the case with Lindsey.  Too many other pieces of the puzzle point to that being the truth this time.  Look at the time we have left until the magic date of December 21st, 2012 and you can clearly see that the gangsters are running out of days left to fulfill their prophecy... whatever it is?

(Remember this FP of Silver at 84.30)

They want a "One World Government" so they can control everyone.  Since the 2012 date marks an extremely important turning point for mankind, I'd speculate that it's the "end of slavery" from the Reptilians, and the failure to create their "One World Government" will bring freedom to the people at last.

It is foretold in the Bible that the Devil would lose, and in this case... "The Devil" is the Reptilian Illuminati Elites that rule the planet.  While the Bible speaks in metaphors and riddles, "they" seem to follow the foretold prophecy in it... and therefore what the book states becomes reality.

This book, while written by man (and edited by the evil one's in Vatican City, as "They" are the false prophets), was inspired by God... or so it says it was.  I believe that good Aliens, who were the future humans (the one's that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 were from 52,000 years in the future... and were HUMANS), were the one's responsible in helping to write the bible.

After all, they are humans, just 5th dimensional one's, where we are still 3rd dimensional one's.  What they describe as "heaven" would be what a 5th dimensional being could do.  In one of the interviews I watched on Project Camelot, as they speak with Miriam Delicado, she speaks (I think it was in her video?  I haven't watched it in over a year now) of how those future humans were told by "God Source" or "Prime Creator" to go help the humans on this planet.

So, according to her, one of those future humans came back as Jesus (I suspect he retained his ability to remember that he was a 5th dimensional being, while we forget that we are immortal spirits once we are born).  When you watch the movie "The DaVinci Code" you will see how the Vatican has an entire underground vault of "hidden" books and chapters about mankind.

Some are the missing chapters out of the Bible, that told of the life of Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene... a chapter of the history of Jesus that many people don't believe.  Why where these books hidden?  Is it so unreasonable that Jesus would have married, as most humans do?  After all, he was here to lead us by example, and teaching men how to respect their wife would be a good lesson I believe.

Anyway, not to get too far off track, this all leads up to the coming Stock Market Crash, and how it's destined to be the great one in history.  How could it not be, if the end times are here (for the Illuminati) and there is to be a great battle as foretold in the Bible.

The Illuminati want to win this battle and make the Prophecy of a "One World Government" come true... enslaving mankind even more then he already is.  While I think the crash in the market will still happen, I think that the gangsters reign of power will end too.

It's of my opinion that Ben Fulford is a good man, but is also being feed mis-information in with accurate data.  So his dead lines for the "end of the fed" aren't accurate... but I still see it happening.  The Federal Reverse Bank (a private bank ran by the Illuminati Gangsters) will be forced into bankruptcy... that is TRUE, but it will likely be done on a scheduled timeline controlled, and planned by the thugs themselves.

I don't believe they have lost as much control as Ben speaks of in his weekly posts.  While he has repeated spoke of many arrests that have happened behind the scene, I seriously doubt that any of this arrests are anymore valuable players then pawns in a game of chess.

I'm looking for the "rooks", "bishops", and "knights" to be arrested, as that would signal to me that the end of the Illuminati enslavement is nearing an end.  Those players would be the Presidents (former one's too) and Prime Minsters of the leading super powers.

Go arrest Obama, Bush (both of them), Clinton (both of them too), Cheney, Gore, Tony Blair, Bernanke, Giethner, etc... and I'll believe that good is winning the battle.  Then you can move on up the chess board and take out the "Kings" and "Queens" (who are the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Vanderbilt, and several other families that rule the planet (about 12 people or so, according to Lindsey Williams... who again, knows some of them personally).

Back to the timeline thing...

It has become more obvious to me that Wikileaks is indeed part of the plan to crash the market.  The fact that George Soro (an Illuminati member), is funding them, and that the Rothschild's are aiding Julian Assanges' defense trial, tells me that the gangsters are using this website to leak out the damaging news on the banks to cause the stock market crash.

Why did Assange hold back on releasing this info on the banks until early 2011?  He said he had this data, and could have immediately released it, but instead is waiting until when?... I'll tell you WHEN?  It's when the market top is finally reached... at our FP level of DIA 118.16 I suspect!

Coincidence?  I think not!  It all planned months and years in advance.  The market top was foretold to us with the FP back in March of 2010, and believe me, if this information was to become popular knowledge, it wouldn't work.  You don't see any news agency talking about fake prints do you?  Of course not, they are paid to spread dis-information, so the sheep can be robbed once again.

I'm no genius, but I'm not stupid either.  While you may or may not agree with, or believe in, anything I said here about Aliens, the Bible, the Illuminati, the 2012 Forecasts etc... they all come together to form one nasty time period that's coming this year and next.

So while this blog started off being just based on the stock market, it's led me deeper down the rabbit hole to the Illuminati, Reptilians, 2012 Prophecies, and much more.  While there are plenty of other blogs covering the Technical Analysis, Elliottwave, and Astrology side of market timing, I must mix in other facts that include the obvious manipulation factor, and everything else I've spoke of in this post.

The FP's are real, and baring the fact that I could have exposed this DIA print too much, I 100% believe that this one FP is the final upside target for the market... before a huge crash starts.

Do you remember reading this story about the time traveler that came back to this time period and turned $800 into $350 Million Dollars in 2 weeks?  He traded 126 "HIGH RISK TRADES" without losing any of them!  He stated that this period had the great stock market crash in history!

Well do you think that the crash in 2008 was greater then the one in 1929?  I don't think so... which means the greatest crash hasn't happened yet.

While you might think that time travel is impossible, other said the same thing about flying or going to the moon a hundred or so years ago.  Yet here we are today, flying thousands of times per day, and going to Mars now doesn't seem unbelievable to the Blue Pill Takers now (while us Red Pill Takers already know that we've been to Mars already through our secret space program).

So do time travel really seem that unlikely?  What is more believable... a time traveler having the future knowledge to make 126 straight winning trades, or a current day person with enough insider contacts to make those same 126 trades without one source of information being wrong?

Do you know what the odds of someone having that many contacts, to insider information, that all of the news released fell into one 2 week period?  They have too be astronomical odds!  Wouldn't Gordon Gecko love to have that many contacts!  I find it easier to believe in the time traveler story, then insider information.

When you add up all the pieces to this puzzle, you should come to the same conclusion I have... a crash of EPIC Magnitude is coming, and no one can stop it!  Here are those pieces again...

Eight Reasons For A Stock Market Crash In 2011:

1. The 2012 date is less then 2 years away now, and the gangsters are running out of time to fulfill their One World Government Prophecy.

2. Lindsey Williams was told by one of the 12 people that rules the world, on his dying bed (when most people come clean and try to set straight all their previous sins, by spilling their guts before passing away), that they plan to destroy America.

3. The Time Traveler Andrew Carlssin that speaks of this period as "The Greatest Stock Market Crash" ever.

4. The FP's that have been put out there for all to see... foretelling those of us that are willing to listen, of their planned target to take the market too.

5. The NOW obvious reason that Wikileaks has gotten so much media attention (which would have never happened should "The Powers That Be" (TPTB) not want them too).

6. The Elliottwave side of the market clearly points to a huge Wave 3 (or C) to start down next year.

7. The Technical Analysis of the market also point to a top coming very soon, as extremely high bullish to bearish sentiment reading are now off the charts, along with monthly, weekly, and daily charts now ready to going into negative territory.

8. The also obvious fact (which I haven't mentioned above, but will now) that the Fed's are the only one's buying treasuries, as all the other countries have stopped... making the Fed now own more debt then even the previous largest holder China.  Buying you're own debt is like borrowing from one credit card to pay off another.  Eventually you will run out of credit cards and go broke!  That time is near for the Fed's I believe... in fact it's probably already here!

Ok, there you go... at least 8 reasons (I know, some of them are "far out reasons"... but that's what this blog is about, "The Darkside of the Market"), that the market is going to crash this 2011.

While I plan to go short when the FP on the DIA is hit, I don't know "when" that will happen, but I suspect it will be this coming week, or next.  The Spiral Guy posted his chart for January (his link is in my "Astrology" section on the blog), and he's showing many dates with high readings for a possible turn date.

Those dates are January 4th-5th, with a reading of 3.5 (and we have a New Moon on the 4th), then the 9th with a 4.5 reading, followed by the 28th-29th with a 4 reading.  Remember the higher the reading, the more events are converging on that date, meaning it has a stronger chance of happening.

If we speculate on the 9th as the turn date (it has the highest reading), then that would imply that we should hit the FP target this coming Friday the 7th.  Since 01-09-11 is a Sunday (notice anything odd about those numbers?) that would indicate that the following Monday would one big crash date!

What could happen over that weekend?  Could Wikileaks release their damaging reports on the banks then?  Could it cause such panic that JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs get destroyed and start their decent toward the FP's I have on them?  I believe so...

But then again, this is all speculation here... not trading advice.  You have to come to your own conclusions and place your own bets.  For me, I'm a risk taker.  I'll be going short at the FP, and see what's happens.

Well, I started writing this post about 10 am and it's now 2:30 pm, so it's time to end it.  I have too write the thoughts when they come to me, so I'm sorry it's such a long post.  Take your time to read it, as I haven't been doing daily posts lately, (due to the slow period in the market), so it will be up awhile.

Please share this post on any and all other sites you visit.  Pass it around... right or wrong, believe it or not, it should be an interesting read for you, and others too.

Welcome to 2011...


Opps... I forgot about Reinhardt.  Well, not much to add there.  He points to the Legatus Pilgrimage date of February 3rd-5th, 2011 as an important date, but he doesn't say whether it's a "Top" or "Bottom" in the market.  Only that it's an important date.  If you remember the date same period for 2010, you'll notice that it was a "Bottom" on the date of the Pilgrimage.  The FP of 1047 spx (my first FP) was given on January the 11th, and the market bottomed 3 weeks later on February the 5th (in the middle of the Legatus Pilgrimage), with an intraday low of 1044.50 spx.  Will history repeat itself this year?  I think so...

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  1. Whoever the hell this cat is—I’d shoot him / kill em, water board him—-He’s irresponsible—

    $150.00-$200.00 per barrel of oil, that Lindsey Williams
    I probably won’t have to lift a finger—WMT will kill him!

    • Well..if you expect the s&P to go all the way back to the 1140 area in the the first 3 months(well over 1000 DJIA points)…surely NFLX will be much lower than where it is now…(180ish). –

      • Hi Clint,
        If we get a Jan pullback, NFLX will go to the 150’s—
        if no pullback then—
        Lets say NFLX reports earnings and (They need to beat by 12%), but they only beat the street by 2%. . NFLX will go down 12% in AH ( but probably won’t, because of gansta’s, long story)—eventually the market will punish NFLX on such lame earnings—Feb is the next market pullback op, if not by then, You then get the grandaddy of all pullbacks–The MARCH pullback.

  2. If you can think hard enough–( referring to the simpson prediction)–it took the writer some really hard thinking, to write the show—If thinking hard ,really really hard, to come up with the next line in the story, makes thought waves close to one dimensional—that seems likely close enough, for the thought wave (must be one diminsion), to cross over into the 3 dimensions of time—Once there, ( in the 3 dimensions of time) the writer has all the time in the world, to put down something in writing, that’s exactly the future! just a theory–although I get to thinking that hard sometimes, and feel like I just saw the future or something or other.

  3. Here’s how I get NFLX target price $258 for next year—
    I do a lot of these target price scenario’s over the year, and most of them turn out right!
    I think I know what the dow price channel for 2011 is! only thing is–is Red beat me to it—( see baseball cap in red’s post, for a clue /hint)

  4. Red I was looking at that video, ( simpson’s) and all I saw was— I heard 5-4, then I saw 11 on the clock—I get 5-4-11–or May 4th 2011…is it just me?

  5. This rising ‘price of oil’ issue is a real conundrum for trader’s,especially bearish minded one’s…as the market seems to love higher oil prices, as there are so many oil…and oil service stocks in the S&P.-I actually think if the price oil fell beck to 65 or 70 a barrel…”that” would cause the market fall 10 or 15% here. On the other hand…oil going well over a 100 here will most likely help the markets go much higher here.-So what is the “back breaking ” price of oil to negatively affect the overall stock market ? $150,$200 ? Hard to say for sure…but it’s surely much higher than $100.

    • Yes, that is a problem for the overall market… I must agree. However, I believe some kind of “event” will happen and allow the market to tank while oil rises.

      What could it be? Another “False Flag” or just some really damaging news on the banksters (released by Wikileaks of course)… I can’t answer that, but I do see “something” causing a sell off.

      • Yes..everything about our market is here is counterintuitive. Sky high deficit and record borrowing/printing(QE),high unemployment,and high oil(creating rising cost of doing business)..are all being completely ignored by our market. However…rarely does the market move in a logical or timely matter…and of course now..it’s more of a ‘global’ marketplace than ever. The market always seems to move in an ‘anticipation’ rally….or a ‘delayed reaction’ decline.- We all know that’s what makes this trading thing so damn difficult. Getting the ‘timing’ right on a trade is pretty much everything.If our timing is wrong…we could be right…but still be very wrong…and lose a ton of money. Requires that we stay open minded and flexible…or die.We’ll see how the first couple of weeks go. Hope you’re right about that “event”…and sooner than later.

        • I must agree, timing is everything… especially with options! I loaded some more of my collection of FP’s to Flickr. Just click the “Photos” button on the toolbar below to see them.

          Some of the old one’s have already came and gone. It’s eerie how accurate some of them were. Many of them haven’t been hit yet, so once we do start heading down they should be looked at as “magnets” for the market.

          I’ll be watching closing and posting of course, and I’ll also be exiting my shorts at each FP to wait out the oversold correction bounce (should we actually sell off and not continue past my upside FP on the DIA of course).

          Good luck to us all…

    • Anna you know I’m long winded, but I’m not writing daily posts now (because it’s the slow season in the market), so I have too give my readers something long to read. That way they can spread it out over the next few days 🙂

    • Anna you know I’m long winded, but I’m not writing daily posts now (because it’s the slow season in the market), so I have too give my readers something long to read. That way they can spread it out over the next few days 🙂

  6. Banks for years have been showing you an illusion. They sell off bad assets before earnings and buy it back so it doesn’t appear on their balance sheets. They are allowed to lend out 10 times the money they actually have.

    It is similar to the Comex paper metal manipulation. It is calculated that for every 45 ounces of gold sold there is only 1 ounce of physical gold in the vault. Gold prices are suppressed 45 to 100 times as much as the underlying physical.

    Banks like BAC and JPM who dealt in shady deals deserve to go bankrupt. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it happening. When they do fail, the government will just take them over. Soon the government will own every home loan and fortify the power that they already have.

    • Bush Jr. once said, ” I want to take the Social Security Money and invest it in the market”
      So, that’s what they ( gansta’s) are doing. ( That’s my take). I don’t know if its wise to do this, but then again Reaganomics confused me too!

    • as soon as Nixon signed that gold law–I thought gold was going to $1500 overnight—Now I know why it didn’t. 1/45 or whatever multiplier, must be added in.

      • Silver is the investment of a lifetime. It also has industrial uses. It is used in almost if not every electronic like cell phones and computers, water purification, imaging, medical instruments.

        The demand for silver is more than actually is being mined. It’s not even cost effective to mine silver. When you consider it is being “burned” (unlike gold) the upside potential could surpass that of gold.

  7. Disclaimer, I’m not an expert at timing the next pullback, but if you will keep my dates on your calendar—one will be spot on.
    here’s the 3 dates—Early JAN, Mid Feb, MAR 8-10

    • turn dates:

      Jan’ 18

      Some of you know what those dates are referencing. I believe the next 4-6 weeks will be rather entertaining.

      Good wishes to all the good RDL posters.

  8. Futures up. Santa rally continues. Big POMO money going in this week (every day). All systems are go…….S&P 1300 here we come………….

    • Sure is looking that way Robert… I’m just wondering what will happen when the FP is hit? Will the market just pause for a few days and then continue higher, or will it start the sell off we’ve all been looking for? Only time will tell…

    • It’s hard too say, but my thoughts on it are simple… if we hit 1300 then we will pierce through it on at least a quick intraday candle. It won’t last long, but will clear out any overhead stops.

      But, there is also the fact that many bears will be waiting at 1300 to get short… hence they will fall short of that target and not allow the bears on the train ride to hell.

      The bulls will all be jumping off, while the bears will be chasing the train… trying to get on. In the end, the only people left on the train will be the insiders.

  9. Hi Red, I’ve been crunching the new numbers for 2011—here’s the DOW’s range—9948 low for 2011, and it will not take out 2008’s high—so probably can throw out that baseball cap! It’ll take something geo-political to get 8300—
    in SPX denominations–that’s 1100 to 1400

    • I don’t know about the timeline, but “if” the market turns down at the upside DIA print it will fall down much fastest then it rose. So, I can’t see how it doesn’t hit 8300 before the end of the year, as that’s too much time on it’s hand (a little STYX for you… LOL).

        • LOL… of course I’m not going to ban you for being bullish. I’ll be bullish one day too… after this print is hit 🙂


          But in the meantime, I’ll just be sitting out the rallies and waiting for the sell offs. However, that’s only on the market and not gold, silver or oil… as I see them rising quite a lot this year.

          No one is always right at this game Z… not me, not you, and not Mole. He’s a bear like me, but I welcome those who are bullish too. I’m mainly bearish on the economic, as I feel it should match up with the market… but of course it doesn’t.

          Robert posts a lot of bullish comments too, but I don’t ban him. Why should I… he’s been right… and I like him. He’s never been dis-respectful or started a fight with anyone, and neither have you.

          Hey… just speak your thoughts, right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. Just being able to still have free speech here on the internet is a blessing in disguise.

          If Obama has his way, then our free speech will disappear with some new B.S. law to censor the net… blamed on Wikileaks of course.

        • LOL… of course I’m not going to ban you for being bullish. I’ll be bullish one day too… after this print is hit 🙂


          But in the meantime, I’ll just be sitting out the rallies and waiting for the sell offs. However, that’s only on the market and not gold, silver or oil… as I see them rising quite a lot this year.

          No one is always right at this game Z… not me, not you, and not Mole. He’s a bear like me, but I welcome those who are bullish too. I’m mainly bearish on the economic, as I feel it should match up with the market… but of course it doesn’t.

          Robert posts a lot of bullish comments too, but I don’t ban him. Why should I… he’s been right… and I like him. He’s never been dis-respectful or started a fight with anyone, and neither have you.

          Hey… just speak your thoughts, right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. Just being able to still have free speech here on the internet is a blessing in disguise.

          If Obama has his way, then our free speech will disappear with some new B.S. law to censor the net… blamed on Wikileaks of course.

          • I’m still going with your 11,800 FP short everything—I believe in that, whole heartedly—
            and of course, I’ll keep 8300 on the watchlist—
            btw, that’s a heck of a fake print—good god!

          • If it hits that target and rolls over… I’ll be shocked! As much as I’ve exposed the print here on the blog and in the video’s, I’d expect them to change the plan. But maybe I don’t have enough presence on the internet to be of any real threat to exposing them? Who knows? We’ll see when she’s hit.

            Wouldn’t it be great to see it hit at the close on Friday? What would be the odd’s of Wikileaks releasing that damaging data over the weekend, causing a gap down on Monday? What a shocker that would be to the sheep…

  10. Red, I appreciate your blog and have been reading it for a while.
    I noticed a few things, you are paying way too much attention and anger to the illuminati. First of all we create them. You are me and I am you. One conciousness, remember.
    You are the very engine for the conspiracy, and so we are. So by anger they achieve what they want. They want people to have fear, frustration and anger. This way they can control us.
    Your purpose is excellent and though I understand you are angry, I used to be too, you should take life as it is. Do not blame the Illuminati for stock trading not going the way you like it, for instance. You are much more powerfull than that. Remember that you can do, be or have anything that you want. There are no limitations in the universe.
    The only thing the illuminati does is creating a prison for your mind, by creating anger, fear and frustration.
    Money is not scarce. Scarcity does not exist in this infinite universe.
    It is this scarcity of everything in our society that creates and activates the possibly Reptilian part of our mind. Namely, greed and fear.
    We live in a universe with infinite possibilities and you have to remember that.

      • Yes, the 118.16 FP on the DIA is the highest one I have. Of course that doesn’t mean that “they” haven’t put out another FP that I missed, as anything is possible.

        But with the extremely bullish sentiment reading, and overbought technicals, I can’t see us continue up too far past the print without at least decent correction first.

        Of course I think it will be more then just a “decent” correction, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

          • I forgot about that one. If QID hits 4.96 (currently at 11.12), the Dow would have to go up to 13-14,000 I believe. While that’s certainly possible when hyper-inflation kicks in… I don’t see that anytime soon.

    • You know… you’re absolutely right on all of that Bud. I sometimes get lost in frustration and angry, while I know that deep down that’s exactly what they want.

      I’m really a very positive and outgoing person, but what they have done to enslave mankind bothers me tremendously. That’s why I expose them so much I guess. I just want everyone to know the “real truth”, and not the lie they feed us.

      Unfortunately, the natural reaction to this knowledge is angry… even though that not what I want people to feel. I, and everyone else should pity them and feel sorry for them… as they’ve lost their way.

      Money means nothing, and it truly is the “root of all evil”… (assuming you would sell your soul to get a lot of it). While we all have too have money to live in this matrix we are in, we don’t have to give up our morality to get.

      It’s true that most people are lost and will give up everything to rich, but I won’t. The fact that I’m not rich is because I never gave up on making money honestly, and didn’t pursue opportunities that involved deceiving people, or outright lying… in order to make a bunch of money from them.

      But overall, I’m happy…. and that’s all that counts. I can safely say that I have any “bad karma” out there, from doing someone wrong in the past intentionally… and unfortunately, for the Illuminati, they have a ton of it!

      So in the end, I hope to move on to the next life with pride, happiness, and honor… as I know I did my best, without succumbing to the temptations of the Darkside.

      Thanks for reminding me of “who” we really are…

  11. Hmmm… the DIA is now at 116.82 while the Dow is at 11,707. That implies that the DIA trades slightly lower then the correlation between the SPX and SPY… which in that case, the SPY is higher.

    This means the Dow could hit the 11,900 area before the DIA hits 118.16

  12. Tick is kind of all over the board. The blue line is a 21 day simple moving average.

    Tick has broken down, although the market continues to levitate. Although I would take this as a bearish sign, and a sign of the manipulation, POMO and what not, of the markets.

    I also generated a bunch of other moving averages, the 21 day does see to speak quite well, that is approximately a complete moon cycle if you believe in such things.


    • Thanks Steveo… I like JFK. I think he was trying to do the right thing… hence the reason he was kill. Supposedly, he was going to announce to the world that the government was working with “good aliens”, but didn’t get the chance to.

      • i agree….the timing of this misprint does support a big drop after hitting the diamond FP…. i really do believe your FP thesis…..

        • I wonder what is the point of that print? It doesn’t have any direct correlation to the markets. It could go down to $500 and no one would give a crap. Starting point for a fall, maybe? Are they changing strategy?

          • when it is convenient for tptb you will suddenly have “correlation”. look at the collapse of the bdi during 2008 and the drop in the market – correlation”. If i understand red – fake prints are used to inform the population of what they intend to do. if world trade slows, i guarantee you that the markets will be on the decline.

          • Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out what the print means though. Just really odd how they would start making prints in other tertiary indices. Could be that they want to assure a drop by pushing everything down at once. I wonder if there are other types of prints they’re putting out there, like volume prints, or whatever. Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary…

  13. Well… just quickly looking at the charts, tomorrow should be “pause” day. Meaning a little up and a little down, but overall the market shouldn’t advance too much tomorrow. Could be down or up, but I’m not expecting much.

    If they could trade this thing sideways until Friday, and then pop it up to our FP, I’d then believe that they plan for something to happen over the weekend, causes a really ugly Monday.

  14. Played both ways on SLW.

    Purchased 40.00 – CALLS for 1.465 and sold @ 1.60.
    Purchased 39.00 – PUTS for 1.35 and sold @ 1.88.

  15. Nice rally today with most emerging markets participating. Massive Pomo still going into markets and we are on our way to 1300 on S&P. Fighting the FED is not a good idea………Getting closer to your pullback Red but not just yet imo……….

    • That is a ritual date I’m sure, but I don’t know if the market will churn sideways that long or not? That would imply that Monday the 10th would be the DIA print high and then something happens afterhours that day or early Tuesday morning.

      It could happen that way, as nothing says we have too go up to DIA print this week. We could drop back a little and retest some lower levels, and then have the usual “Bullish Monday” on the 10th, tagging the DIA print. It’s certainly possible.

  16. Silver spent weeks around 29.10 to 29.30. If we fall through this support look for a strong support around 28.50.

  17. Did everyone notice that oil sold off hard yesterday, while the market rallied hard? I was once asked how the market could go down hard if oil is planned to go up to $150.00-$200.00 per barrel… there’s your answer.

    They don’t always go in the same direction, just like the dollar and the market go in opposite direction right now… it doesn’t always stay like that.

    • red,

      if we all agree that the markets are planned, then by extension – it seems very likely that so are the correlations between different markets. it seems that when it is convenient for tptb to have a certain correlation (US dollar up – equities down) then it is so…. or like yesterday – opposite moving risk assets of oil down but equity up…i wonder if there is a way they tell us what correlations they will decide to use?

      • I wish I could answer that, but I can’t. I will say that at some point the market and the dollar will collapse together… because of fear of the devalued dollar I would assume.

        Then when a bottom of some kind is hit, they will both rally together. We should see oil fall back down at that same time too. Traders know that with extremely high oil prices companies’ profits will fall, and that’s why the market will go down and oil up.

        Then will oil backs off some, traders will buy the market in anticipation of companies being able to profit again from cheaper oil.

        Remember, just because the price of oil goes up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that oil companies (like BP, Exxon, Shell, etc… which weigh heavy in the dow) will increase their profit. Other factors are involved in whether there make more money or less.

        While that has been the case lately, it’s not something written in stone. They can make more or less profit with higher oil levels.

        The collapsing dollar, while the market also tanks, will lower their profit (in real terms), and therefore their stock could be dumped by investors regardless of the price per barrel of oil.

        While I don’t fully understand the correlation between all of them, I do know that they can all become out of sync at any time.

        • We just have to look back to 2008 for an example. On it’s way to $147/barrel, the stock market was basically going down (May – July S&P down ~150 pts). Now the market didn’t really tank until oil came crashing down into the 30’s, but the market was going down while the TPTB had their manipulation up to $147…uhhhhh, I mean while supply/demand warranted $147, right?

  18. Sorry, I meant to explain why banks can loan out more money than they actually have. It’s called, “Fractional Reserve Banking”.


    Assuming a 12 to 1 reserve limit. Let’s say you deposit $100 in the bank. They can loan out $1,200 dollars at a 10% interest rate attached to your $100 deposit. So let’s say the interest rate you earn is 5% a year.

    You would earn $5 in interest while they would earn $120 off your own MONEY. Your money is diluted and inflation increases.

  19. Not bad for a pullback day. Afternoon strength signals bullishness. Economic reports should continue to be good this week and propel the market higher.

  20. NEM fell hard today…If NEM gets anywhere near it’s 57’s—I think that is a good signal to use, for going long GLD and that 3x etf silver—

  21. Red,

    i keep thinking of the timing of the FP hit. i agree with you that we will hit it by friday – 2 pomo days and nonfarm payroll – which will get us there. Then i think we will have a sideways to slightly down day on monday, and then 1/11/11 – which seems like such a symbolic and rare date occurance. it seems so logical to me that they use this date as the begginning of the biggest market crash in history…. this market is stretched farther than barbara walter’s face and combine that with a wikileaks or similar , well ………. just a thought…..

    • Yes Richie, I agree…

      I’ve noticed that a lot of “Big” sell offs happen on Friday’s and Monday’s, but rarely during the middle of the week. So, I think we’ll see that DIA print either this Friday or Monday.

      That, I believe, is “when the levy breaks” (a little Led for your Head). LOL

  22. Red,

    Less than 1% away from DIA FP… I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see a particular price level. If it hits the 118.16 and tanks from there, you will have me fully converted into a FP believer! BTW Thanks for all your work in 2010. Let’s hope 2011 treats us Bears well! (not too well though, that 349 VIX print scares the $h*^ out of me).

  23. All this waiting for this print has made me nervous. What if it keeps going on up past it? Could “they” change the plans since I exposed the print so much here on the blog?

    I don’t know, but everyone just don’t mortgage your house to short at the print. Use common sense, as I’m sure there’ll be bounces along the way down (assuming I’m right on the print being the top?).

    And of course you need to be prepared to bail out if the market continues on up past the print.

    One thing that bugs me is the fact that the Legatus Pilgrimage isn’t until February the 3rd-5th, which could indicate a bottom if we tank after the FP is hit… or a top if the market blows past the print and continues until into that date.

    The other possibility is that we top out at the FP, then sell off for some kind of large wave one, and then back up for wave two… into the meeting time period.

    This would setup the market for a very large wave 3 down, inside of Primary wave 3 (P3)… the largest wave of them all (which would start just after the Pilgrimage is over, allowing the gangsters to “cash their checks” before the crash.

    But for now, it certainly looks like we will hit the print by this Friday or Monday, as we’re only about 100 Dow points away now.

    Remember what Lindsey Williams said about the Euro, and that we’ll only have about 2-3 weeks to get out of all “paper”, before the “crap” hits the fan. That could be the last week or two of this month, leading into the Legatus meeting?

    Everyone just keep your ears open for news on the Euro… and post it here when you catch something. This will be a signal that “the end is near”.

    • red,

      yours is the only site i know of that highlights FP. Even Zerohedge makes a tongue and cheek comment about FAT FINGERS for ‘misprints’as no there seems to know to take it seriously….
      i think we will find out in a couple of days. What i do know is that your FP correlates in timing to some long wave cycle timings, and as i mentioned yesterday the solar lunar cycle work on the dow by chris carolan (the spiral calendar)……. i wish i could cut/paste Chris’s dow solunar chart out for you to see, but it only available to subscribing members, shows an all out collapse of the markets after jan.7……….

      i think the risk at this point is to the downside. i just think with market so overbought and with upside momentum indicators waning, the risk of the market leaping another 100 s/p points every month because of pomo is just ridiculous. in 1973 barron’s yearend issue was “not a bear amongst them had everyone bullish then too!!

      you are right red!!! i just know it!!

  24. DSCOD is worth $9.00-$10.00 pre-approval for the drug Surfaxin. I would toss it before the FDA approval.

    It’s possible this will dip below $3.00 before this run up (but I doubt it).

  25. Positive economic news continues to propel market. 1300 within sights. I expect to see more upside tomorrow……….. Dollar and market going up together, ain’t that something,……….

  26. at 11,800, the market probably trades sideways, using sector rotation, to keep the averages, trading sideways…gold stocks are due for a bounce and financials are due for a hit—so do them on the same day and the spy stays the same, then the next day, up retail, sink IYT, etc

  27. There are 58 rectangles on the circumference of the circle or so I am told, 29black,29 white in the Simpsons video. 58 or 580 divided by 360 is what result????? 29 divided by 360 is what result?
    Sacred crash geometry????29,58 crash numbers.

    It is 8months from the flash crash tomorrow. 5(May)+8 ie 58 crash number. It is 464tds from 3-6-9 tomorrow. 464===58X8.

    Today’s SP high (127)7 minus 1010.91 July 1 low==266pts. From 666 SP low, it is 609/610pts. From 2007 high at 1576 to 666 was 909/910pts. Both are near the respective 611/911 numbers.

    Today is 177tds from April 26high and 169tds from May 6. This week is 169 weeks from 2007 highs and 96weeks from 2009 lows. 96 ie 69 reversed. It is also 111 weeks from Nov 21st 2008 low and 27 weeks from the July low.
    The week of Nov 21st was 58 weeks from 2007 highs. 111+58=169…..

    The Statue of 3 Lies reveals the truth.

  28. I’ll mention this one last time, as time is almost up—I had a target price of Dow 11,800 since last OCT 2010, and then something was supposed to happen—(Red’s FP for one)
    going back over the last seven years if you purchased QQQQ on the 8th trading day of January and held until the end of the month, you would have had returns of -2.3%, -3.1%, -2.3%, -2.7%, -4.1% ,-1.6% and -7.7%.

  29. Red…Looking forward to this ponzi being exposed and done in a week or so. Thanks for all your incredible work.

  30. The dollar keeps climbing, and the vix won’t stay down either. Very “out of sync” for the market. This can’t continue for too much longer. A big move on both is coming soon.

    • Yes, that 60 minute chart finally rolled over into negative territory. I expect it to bottom today at the close or early Friday. Then it should turn back up and push up to the DIA print by the end of the day (Friday), or possibly on Monday?

  31. Gang, I don’t have any downside prints on Silver, only the upside one showing 84.20 from 05-11-2010. However, I do expect it to sell off with gold, as the market sells off.

    Since I have a print on gold of 935 (or 939), I expect silver to bottom at the same time. But, I don’t know what level that will be at? So keep your eye’s open for clues on silver, and let me know if you see anything.

    I think it will be a HUGE buying opportunity… regardless of what level it falls to. (Those prints can be seen on the toolbar, under “photos”).

    • JPM will be happy with that news since they shorted silver, once they cover there shorts silver and gold will touch the moon.
      great job RDL i enjoy your out of the box view.

  32. I just laugh myself silly at these little games the insiders play. Today’s high on 3 Kings Day, SP 1278.17 minus 666.79 March 2009 low====611.38 or 611.11….LOLLL,LMAO. The March 6,2009 close was 683.38 or 611.11………LOL,LMAO…….The stock market also topped on 1-6-08, two years ago and reversed down off a Bwave peak on October 6 in 1987 or 23 years 3 months ago….

    I found something even better but I’ll keep that to myself for the time being in preparation for Bear Grit day.

  33. here’s my best guess about JPM earnings.
    If JPM is at 45.4 on Thursday—it’s earnings report better beat the street by 12% or it will hurt the market next Fri

  34. I believe a nice report tomorrow will produce a nice gapper. To fade the gap or not is the question. This is 1 strong uptrend…………g.l.

  35. by look of the day red, i think we get that monday gap up move to the DIA print. We are looking at something symbolic happening for 1/11/11. i think this date is too rare an event to have it be just another day. either it will be remebered as the top of the market before the biggest crash in history, or it marks some kind of watershed event.

    • Yes, it’s starting to look that way Richie. I don’t see a 150-200 point rally happening by the end of the day right now. Of course I could be surprised again, but I’m leaning toward a final rally up on Monday at this point.

  36. The market bounced right off this trendline of support…


    The 5, 15, and 60 minute charts are all oversold now. As long as that trendline holds, the market will recover and head higher into the close and Monday.

    Everyone should know by now that this move down was just a “technical” reset of the charts, and bear trap. This uptrend isn’t over until the DIA print is hit.

  37. Come on Bernanke (I mean Gilligan), go faster… push those pedal’s harder! Get that bicycle wheel spinning at maximum speed. We need more electricity to keep this print press going! Faster Ben, Faster!

  38. Today was Bear Grit day but the downside action wasn’t terribly tremendous. But today’s action will get $nymo below the O line. The markets probably needed to close near the highs of the week to give some symmetry to the week of April 23. Euro is quietly crashing and made a new multi-month low today while the yen had an intradray bounce which carried over to the other markets and produced the end of day rallies in the stock market…..

    Bear Grit day:::::1.) the number of men Rooster Cogburn is accused of killing….12……15……finally 23…….12-15+23days===1-7…….12-23+15days===1-7

    2.)Rooster dies in 1903=====107years ago

    3.)The movie takes place in 1877 or 1878…1877 if the movie notes are correct and Mattie Ross is 40years old when she is narrating it in 1903. Both theoretically work………..1(87)7or…..1(8)7(8)

    4.)He also tells Mattie at one point that he once took on 7 men on horseback by himself or 1 on 7

    Today is also the UNSTOPPABLE force number of days,777, from the Nov 21st 2008 low. It is also 88 days from 10-11 (and 1-6was 88days from 10-10-10) which makes it 3years plus 88 days from 10-11-07 high or 1184 days if one includes the ’08 leap year which makes Saturday 11(85)days from the’07 high.

    It is also (23)4 years 6months and 6 days from the official founding of the “enlightened ones” on July,1,1776. The stock market bottomed on the 234th anniversary on July 1st earlier this year and it was also 333tds from 3-6-9 low and 66calendar days from April 26 high. 233 would seem the more logical number to use but I have seen that the boyz like the #34, plus it is a Fibonacci number and probably a perfected super degree.

    • Today is also 7x17or 119 days from 9-9 and 484days from 9-9-9. Today is also 64+88 or 152 days from 8-8. It is also 46days from 11-22 or Miami Thrice/DeMolay day and 188days from the July 3 Yahoo Finance false print.

      There is also the 5month cycle to the 8-9-10 high occurring over the weekend. August (8)+5 or 58#.

      • Today is also 132trading days or 66×2 from the July low. There was also another 27week 134td rally from July 8,2009 low which should be 78 weeks ago. It is also 36weeks from the April highs, 37 weeks from the week of April 23.

        • I think we’ve seen the top. A lot of evidence that I have presented. Dow and Nasdaq also hit key resistance levels this week that I have noticed very few if any are talking about. The market is struggling as it fights between the cycles from flash crash 5(6)+8 and 8-9-10+5.

          There is also the ceremonial/ritualistic playoff game tomorrow between the Jets and the Colts, a rematch of the January 12,1969 Superbowl that the Jets won when they were a tremendous underdog. They played last year in the playoffs on Jan 24 in the midst of the January correction but the Jets weren’t getting the hype then that the media overlords are giving them this year. The Jets are the underdog so a win would line up with the 1969 Superbowl but a loss would also make them 11-6.

  39. VXX mentioned on Nightly Business Report.

    Portugal pays higher rate to sell debt:

    Artificial Strengthening of the dollar. Portugal cannot print Euros, so they are vulnerable.

    METALS OUTLOOK: Gold, Silver Could See Some Continued Weakness Next Week:

    Keep collecting coins when prices go down!

    Nearly 500 point sell-off in the Sensex:

    Bernanke grows more confident in recovery:

    I dunno who is worst Big Ben or Bernanke.

  40. Red, Have you seen articles lately Stephen Rhinehart. If so, where does he publish. I have real charts/write up by him when he used to publish in Financial Sense. It is saying bottom in july 2010 and top in 2012. I reaaly miss his write ups and i donot know what happened to him

    • I don’t know Rose? I never followed him or read his site (although I might have read the Financial Sense site a few times in the past?). If you find him, post the link and I’ll check him out.

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