More Proof The Illuminati Attacked Japan, And California Is Next!


Down in the morning, but a positive close likely... then down on Wednesday and Thursday!

(to watch on youtube:



After all, how else are you going to crash the stock market?

(to watch on youtube:

Sinking Japan with HAARP and possibly some planted nukes on the fault line by US submarines was done for many reasons I'm sure.  The main one was probably the fact the Japan didn't want anything to do with George H. Bush's "New World Order" (him, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller are the main gangster Illuminati members in this America faction I believe).

Also, as I speculated on last week, Japan was going to come out with a car that runs on water.  Think for a moment how that one thing would absolutely destroy the gangster cabal's plan to rob Americans by selling them $200.00 per barrel oil (from Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota)... knowing that they can get the oil out of the ground for $16.00 per barrel and sell it for 60 cents per gallon and still make a fair profit.

But NO, these evil bastards want us to pay $6.00-$10.00 per gallon to steal every last cent we have.  Yes my dear reader, Japan was the good guy here, and the bad guys (the American Federal Reserve Gangster Cabal... Bush, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Clinton, Cheney, Obama, Bernanke, Geithner etc) attacked them and won again it seems.

The old saying "Good Guys Finish Last" is so true in this case!

In the end times the Illuminati cabal here in America, as well as the others in the rest of the world (Rothschilds, Vanderbilts, etc...) will all lose as the awaken of us sheep will be too much for them to stop.  We will, and currently are, awakening at an alarming rate.  I see every day when I meet someone new on the street, as their minds are now open to hear the truth for once... and many have already discovered some of it already.

In this video below, you will see more proof that Japan was likely attacked with the HAARP earthquake weapon that the Federal Reserve Cabal control.  He shows you 13 location on a map of the world where HAARP is located.  He also explains that Japan will eventually fall into the ocean when Mount Fujiyama Volcano erupts.  It will cause Japan to fall off the continent shelf where there have currently been 731 earthquakes happen already.

When this happens, and I believe it will happen before this September when Elenin (the dwarf star that I spoke of last week) comes the closes to planet earths orbit, it will create a Tsunami Tidal Wave that could easily be 1000 feet tall... directed right at California!

Elenin was over 2 times the distant from the earth to the sun on March 11th (2.154 AU Earth Distance)  when it lined up behind the Sun directly, but in September it will be .3 times that distant!  It will be between the earth and the sun, and is called an "Extinction Level Event"!  Scary thoughts my friends...

Japan Earthquake,in USA warns Russia, Madrid fault, Super Moon, Comet Elenin

(to watch on youtube:

I don't know if this is real or an elaborate long term plan by the Illuminati to create Armageddon and fulfill the prophecy in the Bible.  It certainly makes you wonder why NASA is leaving their software available for the general public (us sheep) to access and discover the path and dates of the orbit of this dwarf star called Elenin.

We do know that a polar earth shift was probably what destroyed the dinosaurs.  Meaning, this same dwarf star was likely the culprit that came through earths' orbit on one of it's last passes thousands of years ago.

While it's possible that the Illuminati are using some type of holographic technology to show Elenin in the sky, which looks like 2 suns right now, and is only seen in the middle east for right now.  Latter this year, people in America will be able to see both suns in the sky as well.  Of course it's not a 2nd sun but this dwarf star they named Elenin.

Since we most certainly have a secret space program, (that is of course run by the Illuminati and the shadow government), it's possible that what people are seeing in the sky is some type of hologram created with some of the future technology they have acquired from crashed alien ships.

But, I don't think it matters... real dwarf star, or fake hologram.  The results is still the same... a polar earth shift!  If Elenin is fake, then that explains why NASA is still allowing us sheep to access their program as they want us to see the projected orbit of Elenin so we will all believe it's REAL!  That way, they can use HAARP on the key dates that Elenin passes the closes to earth... like this coming September.

Now, if it's real, then maybe... just maybe, the evil gangsters are allowing us sheep to use the software to see the coming disaster because of their code of unmoral ethics that says they must tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it.  Just like how they told us they were going to destroy the twin towers in the episode of "The Lone Gunmen", or how they put out the fake documentary called "Oil Storm" just weeks prior to using HAARP on New Orleans when they created Katrina.

Regardless of why they are letting us see the forecast path of Elenin, the end results will be still be the destruction of much of the planet.  If the dwarf star isn't real, and only a hologram, then maybe some of the "white hats" can still stop these evil gangsters from using HAARP to simulate disaster that Elenin would actually cause.

While it seems unlikely that they have technology to create a hologram in the sky like that, I won't dismiss the possibly either.  But, even if it is just an elaborate plan by the New World Order thugs, we still have the real possibility that the Fujiyama Volcano could still erupt... sinking Japan and causing a 1000 foot tidal wave to hit the west coast of America, destroying California.

Then there is all the prophets, or visionaries, that had dreams showing them the United States cut in halfEdgar Cayce was one of those people, who's reincarnation today is David Wilcock.  The video below speaks of the coming new earth, and where would be a good place to live... if you survive the polar shift?

I guess this explains why the gangsters are printing money like there is no tomorrow... because maybe there won't be?  At least no longer a stock market, as the new world should be one based without the need for money.  We should be changing on a DNA bias too, as that's what all the crop circle are there to tell us.  Meaning, we should move to a higher level of consciousness where telepathy achieved, and people work in harmony with each other and mother nature.  No more need for evil, as those people will likely be buried alive in their underground bunkers.

So my dear reader, what should we do now?

I wish I knew the answer to that question, but I'd just simply say to be at one with yourself and God.  Be a spiritual person, maybe you will be one of the one's destine to survive and repopulate earth.  As for the stock market, just keep shorting it over the next few months, and use the money to buy as much food and supplies as possible.

If all this is just nonsense and nothing happens, then you'll have plenty of food to eat at today's discounted prices.  You all know that massive inflation is coming, assuming Armageddon doesn't come.  It's better to be prepared for it, and it not happen, then not prepared and it happen.

I don't know what will happen come this September, but I'm just going to continue living my life in peace and do what little I can.  That means focusing on the Spiritual side of myself, for if I don't make through the event, there will always be another life to live, as we are all just immortal spirits trapped in these bodies.

Moving on to the market...

I don't know if they will push the market up one more time before June, and hit the 138.86 FP on SPY, but I do think we will go down this coming week.  All the short term charts are way overbought and we should see some selling on Monday.  We had our "pop", now it's time for the "drop"!

It really looks like we could be starting a wave 3 down on Monday, which should take out the current low of 1249 spx.  The 1220 area looks like the likely target too me.  Maybe this article about the Fed's raising rates will be what is blamed on the coming sell off, but we all know that's it's just what the charts already tell us.

Of course there is plenty of bad news out there which could be blamed for any future down turn in the market.  That news is just the most current.  To me, it's pretty simple... the charts say we should roll over and produce another down leg next week.  Will the government intervene with more POMO and stop it... I don't know?

On one hand they are seem to be doing something good for America, feeding us morphine to easy the pain during our last hours, but on the other hand they are lying to us all while trying to save themselves after robbing us blind.  I have no respect for those evil doers, as I know that they will get their punishment when their time comes.

It is said by many of the people in contact with good aliens (angels) that bad "karma" is what will hold you back from moving the next level of existence... which I'm sure all the Illuminati gangsters have plenty of!  So this coming week, if the market sells off as expected, and each of you make some good money from it... do something good for humanity with it.  God knows those poor innocent people in Japan need help... maybe a donation to them, or even to simply help out a homeless man or woman in your local community?

Remember, it's only paper... as Lindsey Williams said too many times!  While we currently need it to pay bills and survive in this slave world we live in, the next world will be free of monetary slavery!  I hope you and I survive it, and our able to help other too.

Don't get too caught up in this material world, as it's all just an illusion that will soon disappear!




  1. Can’t see a HUGE catastrophe like some of those folks are saying, but maybe something on a lesser scale.

    Every point on Jupiter’s moon Europa expands and contracts 200 meters a day due to the grav pull of Jupiter. But that’s a huge pull. We won’t see anything of that magnitude here, but perhaps something of lesser magnitude that causes a secondary disaster that does the most damage.

    I can see how something would happen that would crash the market though. It seems logical that the market would make a symmetrical plunge very soon. Lots of theories indicate this.

    • Looks like they’re slamming the dollar after the open, much like they’ve done every day last week except for Friday. They want to keep this market up until EOM, at all costs. Watching for a reversal either Thurs or Friday. If so, time to go short, hard-core.

  2. Dates we need to be prepared for…

    From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    September 27th
    .381 AU
    Elenin between Earth and the Sun

    October 17th
    .232 AU
    Elenin’s closest point to Earth as it passes ahead of our obrit path

    November 5th
    .348 AU
    Earth passes into Elenin’s orbit (behind it) and should hit debris from it (like meteors)

    November 23rd
    .596 AU
    Elenin on the backside of earth, as we are now between it and the Sun

    • I see you posted a chart of the dollar in Cobra’s forum, and that you think it’s going higher? That pattern looks too me like a large “MA”… which is very bearish. While we should have a short term rally on the dollar, it’s long term picture is horrible.

      And, thanks for the info on gangster rothschild… good too know!

      • I’m not sure. I think sentiment is worsening on the dollar yet it isn’t making new lows (typical of an instrument about to reverse).

        Also note that the yen went through a big bull market after Japan’s housing market collapsed in the 80’s, so the dollar’s day could come in the same fashion. It’s counterintuitive, but that’s usually the right thing!

  3. red,

    newsflow, and the market is WAY too quiet for my liking….. the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up ~ dunno why?? hmmmm….

  4. Looks like the gangsters are working off the overbought conditions on the 60 minute chart today, as I expect they will turn it back up into the close as I talked about in the video. But, we never really got much of a dip in the morning… this is pathetic!

  5. Alright Red. The fear mongering is at catastrophic levels with the “comet” Elenin. Let’s discuss facts here. The internet fear Mongerer’s stated that on March 15th the Earths axis would shift due to Elenin… Uh, didn’t happen. Elenin is a comet made of lots of ice. The last I checked, Ice isn’t magnetic. Secondly, On March 15th, Elenin was .232 AU away from the Earth. In terms of distance, 1 AU is the distance from the Earth to the sun (Roughly 150 million Kilometers if I remember right). The only time Elenin comes into the direct path of Earth is somewhere between Oct 16th ~Oct 19th. According to current calculations it wil be 90 LU (Lunar Units; 1 LU is the distance between the Earth and the moon) away when it crosses the Earths path. It will be nothing more than a light show and we can put the 9-11 numerical symmetry to bed. I enjoy your conspiracy theories as it relates to the gangster government and your stock market technical analysis sans the world ending. Your site is for entertainment purposes only. Right? LOL!

      • I will correct that. Yest it was 2.1 AU away. The .232 is the closest the “comet” will get to Earth around Oct 16th ~ 19th. So roughly 35 MILLION Kilometers away. Haleys comet has come that close and we didn’t have a polar shift. When Jupiter lines up in opposition to Earth on the other side of the SUN is when we have gravitational issues, but Jupiter is HUGE…

      • I will correct that. Yest it was 2.1 AU away. The .232 is the closest the “comet” will get to Earth around Oct 16th ~ 19th. So roughly 35 MILLION Kilometers away. Haleys comet has come that close and we didn’t have a polar shift. When Jupiter lines up in opposition to Earth on the other side of the SUN is when we have gravitational issues, but Jupiter is HUGE…

        • The key word there is “comet”. Haley’s comet is indeed a comet, as it travels much faster then Earth does. That’s why is streaks through the sky when it passes. This Elenin travels at about the same speed as Earth and other the planets, which is why it looks like it isn’t moving in the sky as shown on the video’s by the Chinese news station.

          This clearly points to this object being a planetary body of some type, not a comet. The very fact that it will pass slower during its’ orbit gives it more time to exert more gravitational pull on the Earth, whereas comets go too fast to effect us much.

    • Also,

      Elenin is likely a dwarf star, not a comet that is simply ice. If it were only ice, it wouldn’t be showing up in the sky over China. Whether it’s magnetic or not isn’t relative, as it’s about “gravitational pull”… not “magnetic pull”. As it passes close to the Earth, it will be like a car driving fast past a tin can on the road… the wind will spin it around.

      The same thing will happen to the Earth later this year, as the gravitational pull will rotate the Earth, and the North and South poles will change their locations.

      • There is a lot of controversy as to what Elenin is (Nibiri/Planet X or simply a comet). My sources debunk this Earth destruction theory (I’m talking about relatives who are Aerospace engineers and work in close concert with NASA). Believe the hype if you will, but I will see ya on OCT 2oth. 🙂

          • I suppose we will know more about what it is the closer it gets. I will post more info as I dig deeper into this subject. I’m on your side on most things, Red. I appreciate your site and your input as always.

    • Also,

      Elenin is likely a dwarf star, not a comet that is simply ice. If it were only ice, it wouldn’t be showing up in the sky over China. Whether it’s magnetic or not isn’t relative, as it’s about “gravitational pull”… not “magnetic pull”. As it passes close to the Earth, it will be like a car driving fast past a tin can on the road… the wind will spin it around.

      The same thing will happen to the Earth later this year, as the gravitational pull will rotate the Earth, and the North and South poles will change their locations.

    • kevin,

      why the need to edit red? the reason we are all here is that we~each in our own way~ have decided that enough is enough. that mass ‘editing’ and ‘editorials’ that surround us and that encapsulates us, and that enslaves us represent an agenda of control, and an agenda of supression.

      red has chosen to free himself of the ‘EDITING’, and the need to be ‘editorial’. he says it like it is for him ~ believe it or not. i personally thank him for taking the bold step so to do, and putting in the effort to provide us all with a forum to ‘say it like it is’. ……

      so ~ in future ~ the next time you have a need to write to red to EDIT himself, sit back and take your hands off the keyboard, and THINK. a little THINKING and a little truth soul searching and a little self discovery does us all good. it makes us independent in our thinking and critical in our analysis.

      • I agree with having an open mind as it relates to our gangster government, but I think some things need a little more digging. People get really geared up and fearful sometimes when things are presented a certain way. It is okay to be in opposition to Red about some things, right, Richie? A good debate is alright with you, isn’t it? I happen to have some access to people who really understand this topic and I trust their info. Red is a big boy, he can stand up for himself. 🙂

  6. I think the ultimate high of this retracement will be the FP at 133.08 or wherever that one was, about 1333 on SPX, which happens to be the key 88.6% retracement level.

    People don’t know about 88.6% but it is just as important as 78.6% in harmonic trading? Why? It is the square root of the square root of 0.618.

    • The other trading advantage of looking at 88.6% retracement levels is that it is just 10% of retracement from the highs which give a smaller stop loss level. In other words, good risk/reward.

  7. kevin,

    why the need to edit red? the reason we are all here is that we~each in our own way~ have decided that enough is enough. that mass ‘editing’ and ‘editorials’ that surround us and that encapsulates us, and that enslaves us represent an agenda of control, and an agenda of supression.

    red has chosen to free himself of the ‘EDITING’, and the need to be ‘editorial’. he says it like it is for him ~ believe it or not. i personally thank him for taking the bold step so to do, and putting in the effort to provide us all with a forum to ‘say it like it is’. ……

    so ~ in future ~ the next time you have a need to write to red to EDIT himself, sit back and take your hands off the keyboard, and THINK. a little THINKING and a little truth soul searching and a little self discovery does us all good. it makes us independent in our thinking and critical in our analysis.

  8. Yes, well said Richie. Kevin, you’re not a bad dude. You’re on our side, regardless of your view on this matter.

  9. Thanks Richie and ZZB…

    And Kevin, you are more then welcome to post opposite views as mine. I would like more info on the subject, so please do post whatever your contacts tell you.

  10. I know what it is…….the market is pissing everyone off. I’m trying to earn my money back here dang it!

  11. Gang, remember… we are all just immortal spirits and peace is the answer, not violence or hatred like the Illuminati want. I’m sure Kevin meant no disrespect with his comments.

    It’s ok ZZ… have a beer on me! LOL

    • Exactly Red. I’m on your side and not being disrespectful to anyone. I am against the gangsters destroying this country/world. As far as Elenin, I will need to keep digging…

  12. red,

    have you ever noticed that JUST when everyone is looking up to the sky ~ that is the moment that the ground opens up BELOW and swallows you up??

    i kinda have a feelin that we are all looking ‘UP’ in the markets right now ~ me included.

    just a thought…..

    • The 5 and 15 minute charts are looking bullish, but the 30 and 60 still look bearish. They are holding it up with light volume right now, but by tomorrow they could turn the 30 and 60 bullish Richie… meaning that this rally isn’t over yet. We can only hope some bad economy news spooks the market and keep the selling pressure on.

      • indeed, looks like that want a double bottom continuation pattern here, targeting 1325 or so, but the stats are bearish for today and tomorrow, so I’m short here still

  13. Who is going to go public on Youtube about the false prints? Shouldn’t the public know about it? I have at least two clear examples that prove the market is manipulated.

  14. Here is clear proof of FPs and how they are used. Not only are these prints coming in right at lows and highs, but the value of the prints give you price levels to buy and sell. Just trading these two prints alone would have made a ton.

  15. hope cobra is right, last three days usually bearish. i front ran my buy signal the other day. not fun. he is dead on about today though, gotta hand it to him.

  16. George H.W. Bush just called me. He spent the weekend with some sorority girls in Miami Beach before heading back to Crawford. He’s short the S&P and long Trojan condoms.

  17. vix daily ~ the rsi has hooked back and pointing up. the fast stoch is also hooked back up and pointing up. macd histo looks to be recycling up (less negative towers)…… hmmmm…

  18. well, you guys are full of good news. di lines tounching on spx daily. wont the dow have a hard time breaking resistance with this extended leg up. i mean condoms….the vix etc. i mean it dont have a chance.

    • I’d say sideways until EOW or if it does go down this week, then a slight break higher until mid-next month. All the scum is ready to bail, they’re just playing a game of chicken with each other now.

      • Maybe. i wanna see the bears jump on the dow right here. i was hoping we would get a confirmation of those hammers left on friday. especially with the condition of the vix

  19. Geez, I missed a lot. Anyway, regarding some stuff down the page, it makes sense to me that the dollar would bounce. Remember that the dollar is just relative to all the other worthless currencies. They have to pump it at least a little soon to help out Fed Boech Jamie Dimon and his JP Manipulation.

    Now that the wealthy are out and the public is in, they can let it tank, but who knows exactly when. Then, just play the PUMP game all over again. They all know the poop will hit the fan, so who cares? Madman Bernanke clearly doesn’t care what happens, so he knows what’s going on and just needs to keep putting out fires until the time is at hand.

    • good job. i’m looking for a contra trend peak to be made right here. if so, then i can do a little more than break even. i jumped the gun on my plan. congrates to you though

      • What you thought is right. The range mentioned in 5 minutes chart 131.27 – 131.87 is still not broken. Price has to sustain above or below these levels for us to say if it is broken or not.

  20. I told you about my download, they are NEVER wrong. Bought up the remaining supply of potassium iodine as well. What was going for 20 bucks is now 500 a bottle. I just need a good headline to get 1500 a bottle. Heck, I am worse than a banksta.

  21. Don’t get sucked in too much. The pullback this week will not be big on a closing basis, so if you are expecting this to be the end of the counter-rally, I wouldn’t bet on it. I am short from 1318-1320 but looking to offload a lot on weakness tomorrow, and then looking to reload from 1333.

  22. Tomorrow is 81years 5 months from the big down day on 10-29-29. Today is 23years 5months 8 days from the October 19,1987 episode. Tomorrow will be the opening day for the 23year 23 week-versary of the 1987 episode.

    Beware Red, this post might cause your site to malfunction. Either that or the trolls will work overtime to obscure this post.

    And the trolls revealed themselves during the “spontaneous” eruption of posts last Thursday llinking to the zero hedge article on funds buying up the futures in anticipation of qe3 here and over at Daneric’s. It was obvious fade since their intention was to entice investors into buying the market at the top.

    • And remember the raven visited James Franco in 127hours everday at 8:15 in the morning until he had to do the gruesome deed on 5-01. (and ravens I guess should be quite foreboding birds—ask Edgar Allen Poe)

  23. Geccko your numbers are really thorough. Good work. Probably way over the top for the average joe, but I really enjoy it.

  24. There’s nothing to this except EOM. Better entry soon. Sometime in the next 3 weeks could be the stock market high for the next several decades. Fancy that?

      • EOM = End of Month… sometimes it’s “window dressing”, meaning they will run it up. But most of the time they close out longs and sell it off. Then the new money comes in on the first of the next month (and/or quarter) and off to rallying again we go.

        Certainly, the same could happen this Friday? We could drop for the next 3 days and then rally on all the new money coming in on April first… this assumes there will be a lot of new money come in of course.

        • Exactly…which is why it’s good to pay attention to what happens this week and next. The absolute direction will be determined soon…

  25. Red…where do you get these ideas? Wow…is all I can say. How can the gangsters be assured of living through the shit about to come? Why would they do it if they can’t be assured of living through it?

    • These “ideas” are simply a combination of all the news out there on the internet. You just have too “try” and piece it all together… which is what I attempt to do.

  26. I got some flack for saying false prints work. Then how come they work for me? It’s not as simple as “oh, there’s a false print below the stock, so I better short”. You have to use your brain to figure out a probable entry.

    I see so many false prints primarily during corrections that work like a charm. I’ve documented it pretty well and they indeed guide my trading to some extent.

    The trick is understanding how they are used, and it is more of an art than a science.

  27. OK – how can futures be up when Q’s and SPY are down premarket? I am checking Finviz and CNBC for futures.

  28. Well Red, hope your doing ok.
    The power of the T was positive until Monday (like I said thursday night).
    and now price has declined down the fibonacci arc.

    The T no longer has any predictive effect, and has expired.
    Let’s see if the price continues to decline down the arc, or move on to new hunting grounds.

  29. red,

    an omen for the market!

    The Net Free Credit (or net margin debt depending on whether one puts the + or – sign in front), calculated as Total Free Credit less Total Margin Debt jumped from ($46) billion to a massive ($57) billion. This is the third lowest net worth reading ever reported by the NYSE. Only the ($67.8) billion in May 2007 and ($79) billion in June 2007 are worse, and confirm that everyone is levered to the gills at virtually the same level as when the market was at its all time highs. We all know what happened next.

  30. closed out half my shorts this morning on the weakness, but looking to reload when it pushes into the green or at the close, depends on the nature of the rebound

    retail traders are very bullish so I think this sell off could be deeper than I expected, and I’m not sure today closes up, however, I will stick the game plan and reload up higher if they bounce or if key levels are broken on the way down

  31. So on Friday I put a comment on here showing a false print being flashed on SPY at the time the S&P was trading at 131.87, the value of the flash was 130.89. We hit that this morning and slightly overshot, but that is typical of FP trading. Furthermore, the flash occurred RIGHT AT THE HIGHS of the day.

    So I bought puts up there and made a pretty penny. But go on believing they don’t mean anything and can’t be traded. Your loss! I can’t believe people don’t understand the patterns!!

    • Cletus,

      No one is giving you a hard time about FP’s… I post tons of them! And yes, they do work! Just figuring out the “when” part isn’t always that easy. I totally believe in them, or I wouldn’t talk about them all the time. Relax, we’re all on the same side here. 🙂

      • The key to knowing when the FP will be hit is to understand the value as it relates to the trend. I notice that people post them but don’t even think through what the levels mean.

        Questions to ask: Is it a key retracement level?
        Is it the target of a triangle formation?

        Just to give you an example, I was getting short from 1280 up back in Feb and closed down at 1260? Why? Not only was there a FP at SPY 127, but it was the target of a triangle, so it was perfect, and the market exploded from there.

        Using your brain with the FPs helps a lot! lol

      • This bounce could be a backtest of the breakdown and we close lower on the day. Not sure yet, but I’m out of almost all my shorts under 1310 for the time being. Let’s see if they can break down today’s low as a signal to get short again.

    • the power of fed money when they launder it through the markets. rounding of a contra trend thats all.

  32. I also believe they rotate directional print clues on different instruments in order to keep it randomized enough. I haven’t figured out the order yet, but I know it includes, QQQ, SPY, VIX, IWM at least.

      • nope, I’ve made some bad trades in the past year. However, it was not because of the False Prints but because of my own bad discipline. I’m a great down trend trader. In fact, my wealth expanded 50% in just the past few weeks. But, I’m a HORRIBLE up trend trader. I hate low volatility because I over-trade and hate just holding a position.

  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see a new high today… if not, then tomorrow morning. The 60 and 30 minute charts are pointing up, and once the 15 and 5 reset themselves, this bull flag should play out… pushing up to the 1319 spx levels at least, but more then likely pushing higher.

  34. it is hilarious how they intend to paint the tape above 1300 for the end of Q1 in a few days. i am sure year end bonus levels are in part configured based on the Qtr ends…… i think we stay in this range till end of week……

    • No… we should pop to a new high at the end of today, or tomorrow morning. Then I expect it to fall the rest of the day Wednesday and Thursday. I’m looking for a “topping” candle tomorrow.

  35. We just got a 130.972 spy FP at 1:29pm EST… could be the low today, if we sell off instead of going higher as I’m thinking. Or, we could pop into the close and open at that level tomorrow? Hard too say at this point?

    Volume was 1,099,033 on that one minute candle, but I don’t know what the volume was for the exact trade.

    • Almost seems as though we’re going to put in a 5-wave mini-formation this week. Odd.
      Maybe it’s time to start an FP database to track prices/volumes to determine the exact process they’re using. The scum has to be doing that…how else can they read that stuff?

  36. OK, the TOMOs are getting bigger now:

    Reverse repo…takes liquidity out of the market. The game-playing scum is pumping the market with everything its got to offset this, hence the BS moves today…

    Been waiting for this last traunche since the last test ended on 10/21.

    The End is Near! (And I’m not talking about the end of POMO…)


        • Yeah I hope not. Mini-head & shoulders for EUR/USD. Reverse repos have gone from $200 mil to $800 mil to $2 bil. They need to get rid of the MBS & a bunch of other crap.

          I bet not one of the permabulls will be saying, “Don’t fight the Fed” when the Fed starts sopping up liquidity to try to prevent an all-out run on the dollar.

  37. good call today Red! way to go. I’m still short but think that it just might be unwise. with the dow and rut closing higher than the previous high peak close, making me nervous here. uup and vix above support lines though, so those may get bullish, hopefully.

  38. Looking for a nice gap up in the AM. 15-30-60 min SPX charts are telling me so. 1319.74 won’t hold the bulls back. Sans any crazy negative news, up we go. GL all.

  39. No video tonight. Everything I said in the most recent video still holds true. We got our little bit of selling in the morning, and rallied the rest of the day as I expected.

    I still think we will pop higher in the morning, allowing a new high to be put in, and for all the short term charts (and the daily) to get overbought. They should roll over at some point tomorrow (probably within the first few hours of the day), and we should close negative. Then Thursday should be a nice down day for the bears.

    So far, it’s going a planned…


    • Yeah, regarding Robert’s post below, if it breaks the top, all bets are off and have to re-assess for possible head & shoulders pattern. I’m actually looking for a down day tomorrow and another up day on Thurs. I guess we’ll see huh?

      Somebody give me a Bible and a funny hat…THE END IS NEAR!

    • I’m still looking for the 60, 30, 15, etc… to peak and rollover within the first few hours. So far, everything looks normal. The market looks likely to put in a new high (compared to the previous week), and as long as we don’t close over 1330 spx, I think it will sell off.

  40. red,

    it looks to me the vix went to 17.25….. you have NAILED the last few days PERFECTLY!!! damn!!! what are you putting in your cereal??? ~ and can i have some!!!

      • Value 17.79
        Change -0.370 (-2.037%)
        Open 17.82
        High 17.89
        Low 17.25

        red the above is from bloomberg and confirms the vix hit 17.25

    • Hi Richie, He sure has. Sounds like he’s expecting some sea water to be poured on later. lol.

  41. red,

    did you read this?? “Attorney Tracy Rizzo was alarmed. A number of days ago, an envelope, with a Chicago postmark and a hand-written address to her private investigations firm, came in the mail.

    The letter inside said, “The Al-Qaeda organization has planted 160 nuclear bombs throughout the U.S. in schools, stadiums, churches, stores, financial institutions and government buildings.” It also said, “This is a suicide mission for us.”.

    i am reading it off karl denningers site….

    • Wow! Scary stuff! The Illuminati sure do want to go out with a bang… a big bang! That would kill millions of American’s! I wonder where they are going to find 160 middle easterners to dress up as Al-Qaeda members and commit suicide?

      Where can I get an Al-Qaeda suit? I want one of those bombs for the white house! Or maybe it should be for the gangsters secret hideout in India?

      I’m expecting the trolls to show up after that statement. Let’s see if they can figure out that Al-Qaeda doesn’t really exist, and that it’s made up by the CIA? LOL

      • ascending triangle on the 5 min. You think fall back down because not enough juice to keep it up?

        • Yes, all the short term charts are getting overbought except the 5 minute chart. It’s curling back up and should push the market up quickly to fulfill the bull flag. Then I expect the longer time frame charts to take hold of the market and pull it back down.

          I’m looking for some type of topping tail candle on the daily chart here, and a continuation follow through (down) on Thursday. I don’t know the downside targets, but I’ll just take whatever they give us.

          • okay thanks. I guess if we make a lower swing high prices cannot go any higher, otherwise we make a higher swing high. that doesnt seem likely based off the weekly momentum. pump and see, i mean wait and see…

    • red,

      i am confused. bloomberg (as i posted earlier) has the low of the day of the VIX at 17.25 ~ so it was traded today already. how can this be FP???

      • All FP’s are “traded” Richie… that’s how they get them to show up. But, a corresponding spike up in the market would have happened for it to make sense. It didn’t… therefore the print isn’t valid, and isn’t a FP.

  42. well we are above the top bollinger bands on the 60 min spx charts…… this looks beyond contrived!! i can just sit back and laugh!

    • red,

      only if this info is chosen as the info to affect the overall market, will there be a reaction.

  43. If you want to see something go critical, don’t look at Fukushima, look at the market. 3 Fed Presidents saying they want to end QE2, profits down, costs WAY up, Spanish CDS spiking. Yup, this market has gone critical.

      • You know, Richie has a really good point that never even crossed my mind: bonus. Made a bundle on the way down, and making a bundle on the way up. The last hurrah? Remember that last down day before the reversal? Someone bought a buttload of SPY puts (or equivalent, I can’t remember which) and then recycled the earlier news about the reactor being “out of control.” This feels like “peak illegal activity.”

    • either the market participants are in a severe case of DENIAL, or they are trying to PAINT the TAPE up for Q1 end!! this means BONUS!! i am sure this is a motivating factor to todays action…

  44. Here’s what I’m looking for…

    SPY to hit 133.50 and close gap from February 21st/22nd
    INDU to hit double top
    VIX to hit FP of 17.25 from this morning.

    Get that, and we should have a top for today.

  45. If you got a problem with how we handle our markets ZZB, then go start your own exchange and perform your own stop sweeps!

  46. For me, March 18th was the day momentum was suggesting not to be short and has remained that way. So I only have myself to be mad at, not the bulls, nor the government. I front ran when I shouldnt have.

  47. on the daily charts of the indicies, the adx is still pointing down. even on the few where the di lines made a positive crossover, like the rut and dow. so, we have no confirmation there yet.

  48. honestly,

    today’s ‘gap up’ ~ more than any other manipulated ‘gap up’ since the 666 lows ~ has a sense and sensibility of a ‘finality’, almost can be characterized as ‘desperate’ in nature. this angle of the ascent from 1249 is severe ~ close to vertical ~ this is unsustainable, and it is done in defference to the headline risk….

    is this the last ‘hurrah’? it sure has that feel!

    prediction; no double top in the spx. a non comformation of indexes, with the dow squeeking out a new high. then it is down to 900 – 950 in the spx by may/june.

    • good one. And, even if we do get a higher swing high on the spx, doesnt mean we wont get a lower swing low. you know how desperate these monsters are to steal, so they could throw a curve ball. so we can throw that bit of ta out the door. trendlines, volume, divergances- only work when they want to. Once momentum gets going it defies alot of conventional ta.

  49. guys.. this market does not seem like it will tank.. unless something crazy happen in the world… and if market falls on no news… whats wrong with the pic ?

    • b,

      its called Q1 corporate earnings ~ its called margin compression. we started to see last quarter from cisco to krogers. it will only get worse, as the entire cost of material inputs have not been passed to end consumers…. and QE end/?? potentially.

      concerning QE i expect the fed to announce NO QE moving forward. this will have an immediate impact on all markets. they will be disingenuous, as they will quietly keep their balance sheet at current levels. With a 3 trillion dollar b/s, the stock of treasuries becomes the flows. they will quietly ‘reinvest’ maturing $$ amounts to have a quiet QE far into the future. i calculate they will have from 650 – 750 billion/yr maturing to reinvest in supporting the governements cocaine spending habits. the markets will drop to the 850-950 area in a knee jerk reaction, but then as time moves forward, and the ‘given’ that the world is still functioning ~ this may be the launching point to new highs for the markets (as much as this disturbs me).

      of course, $200 oil, social unrest, nuclear bombs going off in america, world war III, then the cards are off the table…….

  50. IWM (the Russell 2000) had an intraday high of 83.59 on 02-28-2011, and then a new high yesterday at 83.78… if it closes above that level again today, it will confirm that it will most likely continue higher. A failure to close above it will allow it to sell off (and the rest of the market should follow too).

  51. From the looks of things today, we probably aren’t going to sell off into the close as previously thought. We really need to see all 3 of those conditions I posted earlier met before I think they will let it rollover.

    A common thing I’ve noticed that they do is to close at a high, get all the amateur bears short into that close, and then open up with a “gap up” the next day to squeeze them out.

    They would then hit the vix target, gap fill on the spy and double top on dow with one quick move… then sell off the rest of the day.

    So, a failure to fulfill those 3 items today makes me believe they will do it tomorrow morning.

    • red,

      it is TA frustration, metamorphed into the surreal ~ 15 min spx is rolling over ~ and NADA. “LET” is the operative word. will THEY let it down. Q1 ends tommorrow ~ thank god!

  52. We are making a small descending triangle on the 5 minute chart. Since the histogram bars, macd, and full sto’s are all curling back up, we should break to the upside shortly. A failure will favor the 30 minute chart, which is pointing down.

  53. I think what we all need here… Is a true heart felt “RICHIE RANT” to get this market started to the downside. It worked last time?

  54. is that a shooting star on the spx 4 hour with the stoch in a bearish crossover above the 80 line? spy also? Not enouph to get excited about but being we’re overbought and it being the 4 hour chart, and it being an area where we must make a lower swing high if it should happen. Kind of ominus. Give me some slack, I’m trying.

  55. Hey I just wanted to say that you have done a fantastic job! I also wanted to add a little of my own thoughts, if i may. Going back to the bad karma….this involves the myans and their “calendar”…the warning wasnt of the end of the world…it was a warning about the GOLD!! Thats why all the myan gold stories seemed make no sense! They were warning us from the past that the GOLD was the source of their bad karma, because of what THEY did to get it….and thats why the warnings were frequently done in gold. The year they specify is almost correct….as the federal reserve turns 100 this year as well…..might i say that the date of its origin is…December 23rd, 1913? Coincidence? Nope…. And the firey chariots from the sky the myans spoke of (the good aliens you mentioned)? They also knew.

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