Ben Fulford Says Rockefeller Is Still Using HAARP On Mount Fujiyama To Sink Japan On 4-11-2011


Tuesday Update...

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Not much to say... still waiting for a breakout to one side or the other.



Monday Update...

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Still looking for a new high, and Tuesday has a good chance of being the day we hit it.  I'm thinking that it will be late into the day, probably after the FOMC meeting.  I'm not expecting too much above the current high of 1344, and I believe it will be short lived.  However, this still doesn't rule out the 138.86 SPY FP (about 1388 SPX), as that could still be hit if the market only drops down to but in a right shoulder for what looks like a possible "inverted head and shoulder" pattern.  One day at a time...




Yes, as crazy as that sounds, Ben Fulford stated in his latest interview with Jeff Rense that Jay Rockefeller is currently pointing HAARP at the Mount Fujiyama Volcano to heat up the water and cause it to erupt on 4-11-2011 (another Illuminati ritual date)...

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Another thing that points to 4-11-2011 is in the movie "Battle LA" where there is a scene showing that exact date as comets hit the earth. Here it is...


Also, my FP of 138.86 on the SPY had a volume of 4,290 shares, which could also be pointing to 4-11 as "4" equals the month and 2+9 = 11 for the date. Of course it could mean 4-29 too, but both dates should be watched closely... especially if the market rises and is approaching the FP level at that time.

Off subject for a second as I rant for a moment...

What a sick group of people that they truly want to sink Japan into the sea, killing millions of innocent people... for what? Power? Greed? Control? Don't these people every learn? You can't take any of that with you when you die, so why do you have too be so evil when you are alive? I just can't understand why people do the crazy things they do. Why all the violence and hate?

Ok, back to matter at hand.  Clearly, the Illuminati want to keep us enslaved, and fear is their main weapon of choice.  They know that we are all equal spiritually, but they don't want us to know that!  It's all about control for them, and they must create wars to keep the whole "fear" illusion working.  Of course they will profit from it too, which is why a stock market crash will happen.  They need to rob us of all our property and possessions by acquiring it for pennies on the dollar.  I want you to listen closely to this video below, as the Illuminati tell you their exact plans of what they have been doing to you and what they plan to continue doing.

Secret Covenant The Hidden Elite Are Not Hidden Anymore

(to watch on youtube:

If after listening to that video if you don't get upset and angry at these people then you truly are just a zombie like the way they want you too be! Personally, I pity them as they are so small minded and weak. They just are too blind to see that peace, love, giving and sharing are the answers... not hate.

Time is running out for these gangsters, but things could get very ugly as they lash out like a cornered animal that is trapped with no where to escape. This of course means that they will crash this stock market as their exit plan... blamed on some false flag event probably!

Will it be this April 11th, or April 29th... or even this coming September when the dwarf star Elenin comes between the Earth and the Sun? I really don't think it will last that long, but instead start the crash this month or early May.   I just don't see the traders wanting to stay long into June when POMO ends. They will sell early... mark my words on that!

For short term though, next week should be a battle as the bulls and bears will be battling it out around this double top area. I do expect this rising wedge to break... probably Monday morning, but I also expect the dip stick bulls to buy the pullback creating another run up to probably backtest the broken trendline from the wedge.

In the past, we have seen anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks that the market puts in a topping pattern. So I'm expecting some volatility next week, as the daily chart is still pushing up supporting the bulls. It will take a lot of "one day sell offs", followed by "quick rallies" to get it to rollover and produce a big move down.  Even if the bears succeed, it might only go down low enough to form the right shoulder of a possible "inverted head and shoulders" pattern, not a Wave 3 (or C), as we've all been looking for.

So, Will The Market Crash On April 11th?

I really don't know, but my gut tells me NO.  I don't think they have enough time to get up to the 138.86 spy FP before the 11th, as I expect a pullback in the market this week... meaning it will take more time to regain the ground they will lose this week, which pushes the time needed to hit the FP out until the end of April.

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Of course "if" the evil gangsters succeed in causing Mount Fujiyama to erupt, and Japan sinks... then of course we will crash.  I don't think that will happen though (or "I pray that doesn't happen").  Plus, it's not close enough to the end of POMO, which is this June.  They will likely start selling late April, early May... (sell in May and go away).

For the near term, I'm looking for a sell off to either put in a lower low to form and ABC move down, or a higher low to put in an "inverted head and shoulders" pattern over the coming days/weeks.  Then a rally up to the FP by then end of April for a final top in this Primary Wave 2 rally.

If it is an ABC, then I'm looking for the 200ma to be the low around 1200 spx.  If it is an "inverted head and shoulders" pattern, then 1290 could be the low.  It could dip lower of course, but some how I think it will be a "more shallow" right shoulder.

What Will Happen On Monday?

Since will are still in a rising wedge (barely... and debatable), and there were likely a bunch of bears that got short over the weekend expecting a crash on Monday, I'd say there will be a quick pop early on to backtest the broken trendline on the rising wedge, followed by a sell off into the close and Tuesday.

I'm not sure how it will play out, be the end result should be the same... a break of the wedge, a backtest of the wedge, and a sell off into the close.  Possibly we gap down in the morning (a little) and rise back up in the morning for the backtest, and then rollover into the close.  Remember... the game is to steal your money!

You don't really think they will take it straight down allowing you to make money as a bear do you?  Of course not, they will trick you every step of the way.  If you are not short, then I would just wait until the backtest happens then then get short.  I know... you might be asking "what if it doesn't do a backtest"?  That's possible, but unlikely when you are trying to make a double top.

If you are putting in a new high, then a backtest doesn't always happen.  It will usually just reach a final point of exhaustion and then fall off a cliff.  But, the market is currently trying to reach the 1344 spx old high.  So, you should expect a second round of bulls to come in a buy the dip after the first attempt failed.  "That's YOUR Backtest"!

When that second attempt fails, then you can expect a deeper retracement then just 10 points (like Friday's close).  You should expect several days of selling to clear out the amateur bulls' stops', and to get enough bears onboard short for a big squeeze back up... that this time should take out the current high.  Remember, I'm expecting the FP to be hit before the crash.

While I don't know the date of the final top, or the exact price level, I do believe the FP will be hit... which pushes the market up to at least that level.  Again, it's only a target that I expect too be hit, not necessarily the point at which it rolls over.  It "could be" that point, but no guarantees on that.

Let's not forget also that the upside target for the inverted head and shoulders pattern will like be around that FP level, (which correlates to about 1388 spx).  Of course if we have an ABC move down, then it's going to take a "heck of a rally" to move back up to that level from a projected 1200 low.  But, anything is possibly with these gangsters... so I won't rule it out just yet.  Let's just stick to the coming week first, as they can change the game plan in a nano second if they want too!


P.S. On another note... if you think Al Qaeda is "real", think again!  They are a made up enemy by the CIA, as Alex Jones covers in this video below.

(to watch on youtube:

P.S.S.  Here's another interesting link worth reading (  It's seems awful odd how all these negative stories about Obama are popping up on Main Stream Media right now... don't you think?  Hmmm... if I were a betting man, I'd say that the gangsters are trying to get rid of Obama.  Why?  Probably because of his attempts to save himself by trying to make a deal with the White Dragon Society that Ben Fulford talks about in the video at the top of this post.  I bet they are trying to get another puppet (Hillary Clinton maybe?) they can control in office before the 2012 elections because they fear Ron Paul might win easily over Obama in the 2012 race, (and I don't think they control him).  If I were them, I'd put in a Republican now so Ron Paul (because he's a Republican too) won't stand a chance to win against a newly seated candidate in his own party.  Sorry Hillary, I guess you've been outst again... LOL!  Probably by Newt Gingrich (another Illuminati puppet) I'd think.


  1. Good morning gang…

    Looks like we might see an exhaustion gap up and run for a double top. If so, the first hit should be strong resistance, and force the market to retreat before another attempt. However, a quick intraday move above the previous top could and should happen before the pullback.

    It is common to go just a hair high to lure in amateur bulls thinking it’s a breakout. Rarely does the market breakout on the first attempt. Odds favor a pullback to at least make the right shoulder (or a possible C wave down?).

        • If this Gov’t gave a damn about how the oil scam is hurting this economy, they would only allow companies that gain delivery of oil via futures contracts to trade oil. It’s that simple. Banks should NOT be trading oil futures. Period. The oil scam will never let any other technology effect thier rip-off of the public, we all know that and you’re right Red, Double sickening! One day, they will regret doing this to America.

        • We already know what is going to happen… remember what Lindsay Williams said. $150 – $200 we are just steadily creeping up there. What is your take on today? Resistance is holding. If we reverse how far do we fall? Apparently Bernake is talking this afternoon… market may just be waiting on what he has to say.

          • The short term charts are negative right now Dee, so I don’t think we will sell off into the close. In fact, they could rally up at the EOD after Bobblehead speaks.

            I want to see the 60, 30, and 15 minute charts get overbought any the price level to hit (and slightly pierce) the double top level of 1344 spx… and then go short for a few days.

            Since we are trading sideways and putting in a bear flag, you would normally expect to see it breakdown later today, but I doubt it. The volume is decent, but still light enough for them to rally up after the speech.

            Plus, we are so close to a double top that I’d be shocked if the market doesn’t hit it. The Russell already has, and so has the Dow. And, since we are now out of the rising wedge (just slightly)… an afternoon rally would allow the spx and spy to backtest the broken trendline, and put in a double top or slightly higher high.

            While we could sell off after the speech, I’m sitting on my hands until I see it happen. I still think a backtest will happen, allowing for a double top to occur.

  2. A triangle is forming now, which could break either way… but my guess is that it breaks out to the upside as the 60, 30, and 15 minute charts are all looking like they want to move up from oversold conditions on the histograms bars. Sorry bears, but odds still favor the bulls right now. (Did I mention we have low volume again… yeah, it sucks how controlled this market really is!).

    • dee,

      the bernake ~ also know as chairsaatan ~ is speaking tonight at 7 pm at an atlanta fed conference……. i am sure the time is on your invite, check it again to be sure!! :-))

      • Richie – I actually saw that time posted but it seemed weird so I thought it was wrong… expecting afternoon usual time

      • You aren’t understanding. Those are BUY signals for an instrument. They are saying, buy puts at those levels. People still don’t get it. The FPs are levels to buy or sell.

        At least, this is my interpretation, could be wrong.

          • Not exactly.

            Most of the time, when they tick down FPs on a short-term chart, those are buy levels, so theoretically one should have been accumulating puts the last few days under those FP ticks. BUT, the big warning is that interpreting it is an art, I’m just going on the patterns I see, and this is the common pattern in FPs.

            There is usually an initial overshoot of the FP but then an explosion in the instrument. The key test will be the next few days to see if VIX pops.

  3. Looks too me like we will gap up out of this triangle tomorrow morning and make a run for the double top. This light volume tells me that we’re not going down today (unless you call 1 point a down move?… LOL).

      • All short term charts getting oversold, which leads me to believe we will breakout to the upside tomorrow. I’m not taking any positions until we hit a double top (and a slight pierce).

  4. Gang, only 14 people voted… a real disappointment. Between a 1,000 and 2,000 people read the blog daily, so I know there is more people out there to vote. Please take the time to answer the question on the poll to the right here>>>>

    Thanks, Red

    • Lulala, it’s hard too say if it’s 100% accurate or not, as dis-information is out there on the internet too. But, I do believe that “for the most part”… it’s real.

  5. Red, dont get disappointed by the poll. What u are providing are good points/articles in your blog. The world is still there because of a few good men, the good people provides the actual protection. Thats the reason we are still living.

    • Obama will most likely win. He’s made the banks stronger than ever, passed a health care plan that only benefits the drug & insurance companies and screws the taxpayer, and has backtracked on many of his other promises. Wall St knows that he is a spineless leader and knows that his ignorant worshippers will vote for him no matter what. The Republicans don’t have their house in order and do not have an incentive to do so. He has accomplished for Wall St what no one else could.

      90% chance he’s a 2-termer.

      • don’t forget, the democrats tend to breed a bit faster.
        so the voting numbers will be even higher.
        (GG ducks from the barrage of shoe throwing)

        • Yes, except in Utah.

          Better be careful, someone is going to call you Gold Goebbels, mein Freund.

          Soon enough, Mother Nature will take care of everything…

  6. Red, it seems like fewer comments is making the page load a little faster…unfortunately, I couldn’t find the spot to vote the second time. This is my absentee ballot? I’m a little slow on the uptake.

    • Refresh page again, as I uploaded the wrong video last night before I went to bed. The correct “Monday Update” video is now showing. Sorry… I was tired and sleepy, so I hit the wrong button (I wonder if that’s how WW3 starts? A guy gets sleepy and hits the “nuke” LA button instead of “nuke my tv dinner”).

  7. Interesting your last video…reminds me of some history lessons…when the Praetorian Guard and the Elite took control of Rome.

    The problem with the Illuminati is, the modern world is quite different, and they have no idea how different it is.

  8. Sorry gang,

    I had to run some errands this morning, and just got back… did I miss anything? Anymore bears died? I know that the bulls didn’t… that’s for sure!

  9. red,

    FOMC minutes at 2pm today. they will have to signal to the market if QE will continue or end ~ may will be too late.

    bill gross ~ the most connected man in bond finance ~ says they will end. if they end, be prepared for volume to return to the market. higher volume means only one thing to this market ~ lower prices!.

    if they indicate QE3, then we will hit your 1388 ~ 1400 target.

    i think with the price of wti @ 109, and brent @ 121 /brl, and silver at 39$, gold at 1450$ that the chair satan risks a US dollar unraveling, and margin compression and demand destruction from oil jumping to 150$ with QE3.

    odds are they will indicate the end of QE for now.

    • Not sure if ending it will tank the market now…I’m sure they’ll want to keep the party going until the very end. Last time, the market was on cruise control for a full month before tanking.

      • A,

        fair enough ~ although look at the US fiscal deterioration has happened in just one year. QE happens because NO ONE else is financing the extra 1.7 trillion per year in federal deficit spending. they are fighting to increase the ON THE BOOKS debt limit to above 100% of GDP.

        there is no one to buy the additional 1.7 trillion/yr additional treasury issuance. the fed will have to do it in some way and it will be in a cladestine way.

        as for the equities, who will be the bid under the market. participants now have the experience of seeing what happens when the liquidity bid from the FEDS are taken away. with this knowledge ~ do you want to be the last man standing. who will you sell to after june??? so it is BECAUSE of the experience of last april, that selling will intensify…..sell out now while there is a bid.

        • Exactly – no one else will finance the US (ie Zimbabwe II), so I’m sure they’ll be pumping in some way. It’s so hard to tell what the criminal PDs will do? Tank the market again to buy back cheaper? I think that may be why a bunch of puts just got bought on S&P.

          Mass media now saying raise rates & continue QE…which I actually mentioned on THIS VERY BLOG months ago (bravo me!).

          Besides, we can all just use trailing stops……it’s your money……milk it for what it’s worth.

        • Another thing that crossed my mind is that Madman Bernanke won’t go the hyperinflation route because mortgage note holders would be able to pay off their homes faster and the banks would get screwed. So he has to TANK IT. The only question is when?

          This country has more oil locked up in shale (at least 1.5 TRILLION barrels) than any other country in the world…and the richest farmland also. There will always be a high intrinsic value, so whatever happens, those who can ride this BS thru will come out the moose’s butt reasonably well-off.

  10. one possibility red is that we get an elliott wave 5th wave failure. it is common to get a 5th wave failure at the end of long corrective. this would mean no new high, with the high occuring at 3 and ending at a lower price.

    just a thought….

  11. I have a question. Taking into consideration that The Illuminati (aka Bilderburg group or as we love to call them “gangsters”) are in control of the world which includes our government (they are also part of it), then Obama would be a puppett that they approve of. In order to keep the sheeple happy and engaged with Obama and his campaign, this market cannot fall until he is re-elected. Having said that, why are we anticipating such a collapse? In this manipulated world, it just doesn’t fit in there yet. Are we at a potential double-top? Yeah,….sorta. Ask yourself, do you really think they are done ramping this casino up???? I don’t. A potential inverse head and shoulders is setting up, but man, everyone sees that from a mile away and that is why they rarely work. We’ll have to see.

      • Not sure what he is “not” doing. Isn’t he pushing our country toward socialism and a collapse of the dollar which would seem like viable components to create a one world government (what the Illuminati want)? Maybe I am missing something obvious that is pitting Obama against the Illuminati.

        • I agree with that, as he’s not doing anything good for sheep. But apparently they still aren’t happy with him, as they threatened to kill him several times (according to the Ben Fulford interview with Jeff Rense, above in this post).

  12. Very unusual to see a negative FOMC day. Maybe this is all we get? It’s certainly not looking like it wants to go make a double top… at least not today. However, volume is still extremely low. Only 93 million shares traded on the spy and only 45 minutes left until the close. So I’m not buying this as anything more then just a technical move (which can be erased at anytime).

  13. We have seen this pattern before, where the market trades sideways for week or more before it finally falls. How many closes have we had around the 1332 spx level? Talk about a controlled market… sheesh, can it get anymore obvious?

  14. Check out the time on the clocks on the front of today’s Wall Street Journal and in the article for the Sleepless elite. Technically, the time is 7 o’clock 44 seconds. but the hour and minute hand stretch from 12 to 7 ie 127 and there is a colored in red quarant/triangle from 1 to 5 ie 15 or 51 to the right of the 7-12 hour minute hands.

    Then inside the article check out the time set for the sheep in the sleeping sheep photo. This can be accessed over at but the main clocks are not to be seen in the online version.

      • Well the 6 7 is still is a mystery because the 6 ain’t working today. 7 has more hits though.

        • Actually the article probably has a deeper darker meaning to it that I haven’t penetrated in the form of an innocuous article on how certain personalities perform with certain levels of sleep. The Sleepless Elite, an interesting title.

          All I care about is the emphasis on the number 7.

          • I read the text closely. A lot of interesting numbers littering the text. I liked the one about the guy who gets 4to5hours of sleep up from 2 to 3 hours of sleep earlier in his life. I’ll focus on this later though.

  15. If the bulls can hold on to the gains today and close above the multi-top area around 1332, they will likely take out the next level of resistance at 1344. We could be on our way up to the FP of 138.86 spy before a pullback?

    Hard too say of course, as I’m still expecting a right shoulder to form, but continuing straight up would fool the most people I believe. Just food for thought…

    • BK,

      I’m thinking about taking a short at the close today, as Thursday’s seem to be “the day” that the market sells off on. I’d like to see a rally the rest of the day to get the short term charts overbought, but not take out the 1337 area.

      Then I think it’s possible that we will gap down today instead of gap up… fooling the bulls that see today as a “breakout”. It needs confirmed to be valid, and the selling today didn’t help the bulls case out any!

  16. I bet the scumbags that were pumping the euro the last several months will start killing it within the next couple days.

  17. Yes! Both Dow and VIX go parabolic into the close. Beautiful – seeing something so completely bogus and manipulated like that is kinda like seeing a Unicorn. It doesn’t exist in Nature.

      • I think it will probably take someone or some entity to “go rogue.” Every Eurozone country that has rejected a bailout eventually acquiesced, most likely after a visit from a representative of the Soros/Ben Illuminati Crime Family.

  18. No video tonight gang… sorry. I’ve been busy with other things (drinking a few beers to pass the boredom) and nothing has changed much on the charts. We are still waiting for a breakout to one side or the other. My gut tells me we will have a pop and drop tomorrow, but it’s seldom right… so don’t pay attention to it.

    On a bright note (for the bears) the market did sell off in the afterhours right after the close. This tells me that the bulls are getting very weak now and we are close to a breakdown. Will it happen tomorrow? Maybe?

    If we can get an exhaustion gap up again… to put in one more failed attempt at a breaking the resistance area, then yeah… I think the market will fall. No one knows how many days they will chop the market sideways, but a breakdown is coming. If history repeats itself, it will be on a quick move up to new highs (like today did) and then a sell off the rest of the day that breaks support (which today didn’t do). Never the less, we are very close now…

  19. I got this from Ernie over at the Apple investor today


    This mornings sentiment report made me stand up and take notice.

    The spread is now 41.6%, that’s the second highest reading in my lifetime,
    perhaps for even longer than that! The sentiment reading before the crash
    of October 2007 was 42.4%.

    A very strong correction, pullback, reversal is on the way! I don’t know the
    timing, but it believe it is imminent!



  20. Hey red, don’t you think that VIX 349 false print indicates that the elite know of a destructive force heading towards earth (or else it will be one they create)? I suspect they know about something heading towards earth but won’t let the population know till the last minute to avoid panic. Of course, the biggest hole in this theory is that there are many people with eyes in space who could know about it and that’s a hard secret to keep, so maybe it just means they’re going to create a false panic around 2012 to rob some bulls then buy back those shares at the bottom when all is solved.

    • Yes, they know… as they planned the whole thing! I’ve come to the conclusion that they plan to create the “end of the world” prophecy instead of it really being caused by Elenin.

  21. Red – just noticed that Lindsay Williams was on Alex Jones yesterday… did you have a chance to listen? I missed it.

      • Red,

        I caught Part 1 & 2 out of 4 (on YouTube). Same basic message. Hillary is turning the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood, they will go country by country over there until all royal families are overthrown. (ending with Saudia Ariabia)

        He reiterated Dollar will be dead (not non-existant), but they need Gold to $3000 (as we knew from your FP @ $3500) – new currency will at least be partially backed by gold. Oil still to $200+, with mention of possible $300 (Lindsey did not hear this though…)

        – One thing new that I didn’t hear before (actually Alex said this) was once they get oil to $200+ they will push the new green energy solutions. However, this will cost us even more than oil at $200.

  22. Tsunami and earthquake in Japan right at FP targets I showed a few days ago in VIX, SPY and IYR.


  23. In a real stock market, that wasn’t controlled by Skynet, the market wouldn’t have rocketed back up from that sell off we just had. In one quick sweep they took out all the bulls’ stops for the entire last week. Crazy!

    Now what? Do they rally up past the 1339 high and steal all the bears money too? Then crash it down while no one but them is in the market.

  24. Keep in mind the market drop has nothing to do with the earthquake, but CN-BS trying to find some excuse.

  25. There an analyst calling for Dow minimum 22,000 by 2015. We are in the very confusing times. Just by precious metals because thats almost a sure bullish bet in the next few years.

    • I hate to say this, but I’m pretty sure a stop sweep for the bears is next. This move down took out all the stops from the bulls, (which I’m sure was intentional), leaving only the bears left. I can see a new high coming before we roll over for a decent sell off.

        • Yep… and the bears are probably next. Too many stops above the current high. They will take them out… after all, they don’t call them gangsters for nothing!

      • There’s no more POMO this week, though. I think this is just FED money flowing. Here’s my issue though. If the FPs are generated by the NY Fed connection, why would they be buying up the market here?

        Could this be a group outside the Fed conducting terrorism?

        • That’s easy – the Fed’s job is to give OUR money to the Bankster Scum. That’s their sole purpose for existence, so every event that associated with them is simply another conduit to funnel money from OUR pockets to the Banksters.

        • It’s hard too say? I guess it’s possible that another group is involved. But too me, it just looked like a manufactured bull stop sweep before a run higher. You know I’m a bear, but I still think they will put in a new high before rolling over for good.

          • I don’t know. The VIX was negative this morning after a major earthquake. It just seems like the market is way too complacent and could fall from here, but you’re right, the Dow did make new highs so the S&P should follow.

            Maybe when the US avoids a govt shutdown there will be one more stupid rally.

  26. It’s going to have to take something really big to tank this market, but the market IS making signals that something big is going to happen. A Eurozone default? Huge natural disaster? I bet they get creative this time.

  27. Why does it always seem like they are waiting for you to short or buy ? i mean once you buy the stock tanks… or if you short.. once you short… stock runs up… how can you explain this ? lol… its like they are waiting for you to….make your move and then …you get screwed lol

  28. Next day or two moon is in same spot it was last month…so this quake today may have been a foreshock…they had one as well last month before the big one… some are saying “impact date” is April 10th…others 8th or 9th….so 11/4/11 is when market responds, add gov. shutdown… if Japan gets hit with another big one, those reactors will be a real big problem, as they are weaken from explosions and last quake, and very hot right now…

    “The biggest geophysical headline of March wasn’t associated with that month’s SuperMoon, but instead with a lunar north declination peak on the 12th, sandwiched between two SuperMoons. It coincided with the magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan, and a subsequent tsunami. ….Comes April, and here we go again. Another SuperMoon (on the 18th), and another lunar north declination peak (on the 8th) sandwiched between the March 19 and April 18 SuperMoons.”

  29. This is SO HILARIOUS! The banksters have done such a good job illegally manipulating the market that now they don’t have enough short-sellers to continue the short-covering rally that started last September! FANTASTIC!

    I can just imagine the in-fighting that must be going on between all the criminals now! So what now? 6-way shootout between Soros, Obama, Madman Ben, Trichet, Geithner and the Rothschild family? Oh man, if I could only be a fly on the wall…

  30. last hour of the day is where the flash crash occurred, beware of a possible panic meltdown over uncertainty over Japan at the close, not expecting a crash but just be aware that moves like that happened in the last hour

  31. Gang, this market could break either way tomorrow as we are forming a triangle pattern on the short term charts. As for what each chart tells me….

    The 60 minute chart is moving up from oversold conditions on the histogram which is bullish for the next 2-4 hours I’d estimate. The MACD’s are now below zero and could continue down deeper or turn back up. It’s neutral right now.

    The 30 minute chart is also moving up from oversold conditions on the histogram which is bullish as well. The MACD’s are just a hair below zero and looking up. They could continue down or turn back up? I give them neutral as well.

    The 15 minute chart is barely above zero on the histogram bars and looking very weak. The MACD’s are at -1 and seem to be directionless right now. They could continue down or turn back up?

    The 5 minute chart is rolling over from overbought, but it has been overbought and oversold twice today… clearly marking an “indecision” moment in the market.

    But, the Daily chart is putting in it’s 3rd day of lower highs’ on the histogram bars. It is clearly wanting to rollover… but will the gangsters let it? The ADX line is still low at only 15, but the -DI line is hooking back up (bearish).

    But, I’d really like to see the short term charts get overbought before shorting wildly. Maybe a breakout to the upside of this triangle first… then it to fail to go above the current highs.

    I think it’s short-able as long as they don’t gap it over the 1339 high tomorrow morning (which seems highly unlikely, but you never can tell?).

    In conclusion, I don’t have a clue about tomorrow. 🙁

  32. 94 is one of the key numbers. If one adds the columns together, they are:
    566 obvious ominous crash crode; 946 another crash code (In Wall Street 2, Gordon Gecko graces the cover of Forbes magazines 946 wealthiest American after the Josh Brolin character did earlier in the film). And then put together the third column.

  33. Russell 2000 was making new secondary lows into the close while the Dow and SP rallied.

    Today is 11months1 day from the flash crash last year on 5-6. It is 336calendar days from 5-6. 336===56×6. There’s you’re 566.

    What is UNKNOWN is what happened on 7-18-06 but it did predict explosive events for November 26th this year. The same date in 1903 showed that Rooster Cogburn still had some grit left in him but 29days after (possibly 28days later) his 78th birthday, the grit was gone.

    It’s about 127Hours time 81years5months10days later from the big event and the 87 republican freshman congressman might be providing the impetus for the UNSTOPPABLE force.

    Miami Thrice played their 78th game (54-24record) on the eve of Miami Thrice Day part deux.

      • I haven’t seen it. It looks like a remake of Escape from New York with a little Mad Max thrown in. But the parallels to today’s current events is what makes it interesting. Eventually, we will know what those big fat 67 numbers mean.

        Today’s Wall Street Journal front page has some more interesting numbers disguised as airplane routes and times. Some noticeable 911s,888s (asHHH),56, and the 67combo.

        • The dates, time and price levels are likely out there somewhere… in a movie, a TV show, newspaper or website. But finding it ahead of the coming sell off is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

          I haven’t watched the movie “Black Swan”, as it’s a girly movie about a dancer (I think?… or a ice skater?). But, I bet it would have something in it foretelling the come event that will create a real “Black Swan” in the stock market.

          • I just saw Black Swan. I waited till it got to the cheap theaters (and to find the dates in True Grit) but it has very little in the way of numbers. The new program opens on February 12 –the boiling point date and there is a row of identical drawings in the studio that provide an optical illsion as at first glance they look like 2s. It’s a psychological (trauma) drama and it wasn’t as bad as I expected (in terms of the damage it does to your mind but I still would only recommend it to the strong-minded). It has a different agenda.

          • I just watched the Black Swan, it is about a balerina and her inner struggle, in her desire to become famous and how she fights the good within her and …. the evil wins!
            It is about the duality fight we all have within us: good versus evil, Ying versus Yang, dark versus light, black versus white, etc. and the illuminati are heavy on their duality symbolism, if you watch that kind of thing. I found a great video with symbols and put it up on my blog. The scary thing is that her inner bad girl wins, which brings her death! and if you guys are paying attention to all that is happening around us this is the ultimate goal, to keep us looking for anykind of rewards : titles, money, trinkets, lust etc to keep us away from our spirituality. If any of you have time look for Michael Tsarion and his work, especially “Architects of Control” is a good one to start with. It is a good reflection of our today’s men and were we are standing and how we should start to fix us first before we fix the world we live in.

  34. Market has had plenty of excuses to selloff and it won’t give more than an inch. I believe we will see some upside in the very near future……….

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