Lindsey Williams Exposed The Elites Plan To Break America…


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After being gone for over a month, Lindsey Williams is back with the latest evil plans by the Illuminati Gangsters.

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:

Here are some of the Important Points:

  • Gas will be stable in the USA over the summer, and remain below $5.00 per gallon during this time.
  • Crude Oil will escalate between September and the first week of December, 2011.
  • More rioting and revolutions will happen in the middle east, and spread throughout all the countries there except Saudi Arabia.
  • Gold and Silver will start rising in late August and continue through December, with a 25%-35% rise planned.
  • They are going to open the Bakken US reserve and Gull Island.
  • Obama recently opened up the Strategic Oil Reserve and sold it for $97 per barrel recently, as he was ordered to do so by the Evil Elite Gangsters.  This is part of the plan get oil up to $150-$200 per barrel by them.  American's will be forced to buy it back at higher prices from the gangsters, while they get it out of the ground for $16 per barrel (which would be about 60 cents per gallon for gas at the pump).
  • There will be a new currency called "The Petro Dollar", which will be used to buy and trade oil with.  The current dollar will be basically dead, as it will lose so much of it's buying power that people will beg the elite for a new currency.

But the good news is...

All this exposure by people like Dr. Bill Deagle, Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams, Benjamin Fulford, and many many more... (especially all the independent bloggers, tweeter's, and emailer's) has got the evil gangsters worried, and a bit scared.  They fear the sheep waking up, and don't like the current rate at which they are opening their minds up and discovering the lies that the wolves have been telling them.

This is pretty much how it was foretold in the bible... the bad guys lose in the end.  LOL!  Of course when I say "end", I mean the end of their rein of power.  I believe we are experiencing this time period right now and over the coming years we will see a new world with free energy devices and technology that will free everyone from the enslavement they currently have us in.

You see, I think that the Illuminati Elite Gangsters that are giving Lindsey Williams all this information are doing it to make it all happen as they plan it too.  Lindsey is probably being used without his knowledge to spread fear, which is what they want to happen.  They tell you repeatedly what is going to happen so you will just accept it and doing nothing to stop them.

But, what if their plans backfire this time and people actually do something to stop them?  Wouldn't that be a surprise?  LOL!  They think they are so smart and "high and mighty" that it will always go as they plan it... but one day it won't, and that time period is now.  They plan to control the internet and sensor it, but it will fail.  Even all the moles that put out on the internet that spread dis-information won't stop the coming awakening.  The truth will be discovered, as the sheep aren't as dumb as the wolves think they are.

So, what's in store for the markets this week?

(to watch on youtube:

My guess is some selling!  While I'm still not sure if we have finished this wave 2 up (as it could be a final wave 5 up?), I think we will go lower early next week... and then possibly resume the uptrend toward our 138.86 SPY FP level.  I'm not positive that we will go up and hit it, but it's something to keep in mind when the selling stops.

The short term charts got oversold quickly on Friday's gap down, but turned back up into the last few hours of the day.  This could continue into Monday or they could roll back down early on.  The non-farm payroll report was horrible, and while that's what was blamed for the selling, we all know that the market was way overbought and due for a pullback.  I just don't think it's a "one day wonder", and that we will resume the uptrend starting on Monday.

It's reasonable to expect 3-5 days of a down move, to either make a wave 4 down with 5 up to follow, or to start the first subwave of a larger wave 3 down.  Either way, the expected move is down.  Once the market breaks through that support level around 1335-1340 spx, I think it could fall to as low as 1300 before bouncing.

The non-farm payroll report is a very common turning point in the market, which would mean that we would continue down, as the market was going up into it.  However, this week is option expiration week, which is generally bullish.  This tells me that we could be in for a very choppy week, with wild swings both ways... ending the week going nowhere.

So, with the daily charts still bullish (but overbought, and ready to rollover anytime), and the weekly chart still bearish, but trying to rise back up... it looks like a week of indecision as the bulls and bears fight it out.  I'd advise caution on any big trade positions until the week after opx, as again... they seem do the most manipulation during this period.

There is a full moon on the 15th, which could be turn date?  We could put in a bottom for our wave 4 down with wave 5 up to follow... which means a possible target low of 1300 spx?  Or, it could be a top... as in, "the final top", but I suspect we will go down into the 15th (which happens to be opx), as I think the bull train is full right now and needs shaken!  This doesn't mean it will be straight down, but I do expect the overall week to end in the red.

After listening to Lindsey Williams, I do get the feeling that the month of August could be the month that market starts the real downtrend, as we have basically been chopping sideways in a trendless market since about February of this year in a range of about 1000 Dow point.  But, these moves up and down shouldn't continue past August, as then I expect it to be a "confirmed" downtrend (meaning it should be easier to just short the bounces and not fear another 1,000 bear squeeze).

Basically, the high put in this month... whatever it is (138.86 spy?) should be the high for the year, and for a long time to come.  Remember, after this high is in, I expect the real major wave 1 down to start and continue through August, and maybe a little bit of September.  Then a major wave 2 (up) to carry us up to the week of October 23rd, where the end of next Legatus meeting is, and the probable start of wave 3 down (inside primary wave 3 down).

That's all for now.  I'll do more updates during the week.  Last week I slacked off, as I was very busy with another project.  Good luck everyone...



    • Haha,…it’s pretty quiet in here.

      Since bullish patterns seem to always work out in this manipulated environment,… on the S&P 60 min chart, it looks like a nice cup and hande setting up. How do we measure the expected distance of that move? Is it bottom of cup to the rim?

      • Yes, it’s been very quite here on the blog for several months now.  That’s one of the reason I haven’t done a new post every day.  Plus, I’m working on building 2 new websites, which are coming along nicely now, that will really be cool.  I’ll hope to launch them soon.

        As for the 60 minute chart, I see what you are talking about and I think the measured move is distance from the low to the top of the rim as you stated.  Since that is from around 1260 to about 1360, that’s a 100 points up!

  1. Looks like we are on our way to backtest the falling channel top around 1315 (if that breaks, then 1300).  But, after such a strong down move like today, we could have a positive day tomorrow.  The 60 minute chart still has plenty of room to go lower though, so I wouldn’t get too excited if I were a bull (which of course I’m not… LOL)

    • That makes a lot of sense. The charts look pretty nasty right now. 1316 is the 50 DSMA and I would expect the bulls to really defend that MA, so like you stated, maybe not much lower than that area. That cup and handle also could wind up being an inverse H&S. Either one will work for the gangsters.

  2. The UUP (the dollar) just showed a FP of 21.25, which would imply a rally in the market as it goes up when the dollar goes down.  The UUP is currently at 21.71 and rising, with overhead resistance at 21.85 or so.

      • Well, I do see one more push down today, as we are forming a bear flag right now.  Plus, “if?” that FP on the VXX is real, then it still has more to go up as it’s only around 21.41 right now.  That means the market should go down another wave… like maybe a wave 5 to complete this pattern?

  3. The SPY could drop to about 131.25 or so, and backtest the falling trendline from the May 1st high connected to the May 31st high and currently pointing around that area.

    The same trendline on IWM puts it around 82.00 or slightly under.  On the SPX it’s coming in around 1312, but the ES is already resting on that trendline right now (around 1315), and should give it support.  If it breaks… uh oh, look out below!  LOL

  4. I doubt the market can gap down big again three days in a row. I still have shorts but raised some cash hoping for a rally or gap up tomorrow. Wednesday is seasonally bullish so I’d be hedged a little Wed.

    • “If” we gap down tomorrow, I think it will be quickly reversed.  We still have the 22.35 VXX FP to be hit, and a gap down in the morning would hit it perfectly.  After that, it should fall and the market should rally the rest of the week.  While I still think it will be a RED week, it should recover a lot of this fall I believe.  You know the gangsters need to make all those freshly bought puts expire worthless.  LOL

      • My strategy is to play the full moon period which is bearish and lasts all the way into next week. I don’t expect any chance at bullish price action that lasts until next week when the bullish new moon period starts.

        We have DIA and QQQ prints much lower still, so no rush to get bullish yet. If they can rally more, the spread between the market value and the prints is guaranteed profits, so I actually hope for a bounce tomorrow or Wed.

        • It’s only a few weeks that I discovered your website with the FPs, but I strongly believe in them getting hit sooner or later, so I’m positioning my bets according to them. DIA 123 will be the first one for me to profit from, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Just wanna thank you both for sharing those FPs. GL

  5. The tanking Euro and the Hang Seng down 440 points makes for a possible good start tomorrow.

      • LOL… I’m going to sleep too, as I’m very tired now.  I’ve been recorded the video’s in HD now, so they take longer to process, and longer to upload… sorry about that.

          • Well, I never watch them… LOL.  I just don’t have time to go back and edit and/or watch them.  It’s always a “one shot” deal.  While I sometimes screw up (and start over), it’s usually within the first few minutes.  After that, I just keep going.  It’s not a Hollywood movie afterall… so the first cut will have to do.

          • I personally like this ‘naturalness’ of your videos. It has that kinda “we’re just talking in a café” feel to it.

          • Thanks…

            I just try to “keep it real”, as there’s no point in wasting too much time making it perfect.  Getting the message across as soon as possible is the best method I think.


  6. Hey Red, I have been reading your blog for a year now and all I found were believe systems. Lets say the bible or abraham hicks/the secret or newtonism. My point is this; all these things are believe systems and you keep the matrix in touch. Look at this websitew which I found last week. It looks like an answer I had been looking for;

    Its about our matrix and it is very interesting. You know why I think he knows the truth. Its because he involves everything. Lets say the reverse speech from Obama; Thank you satan (lucifer). Its important you give this website a look and tell me what you think. O and its not about trading. Just thought you as a red pill taker might find it interesting. Also what he says about the matrix reminds me of the film the MATRIX. Anyhow, let me know that you think.

  7. ES Resistance level for the bounce:

    • Downward prints in SPY to 130.68 pre-market – looks like we’re going down a little before going back up.

      • Could be?  But you don’t know the time frame on those prints… as to “when” they will be hit?  I’m leaning toward the possibility that we rally into Wednesday and then roll over again into Friday… surprising everyone.  After a bottom is put in on Friday, I expect a real rally next week… which should last until the end of the month.

        • All the ones that I’ve seen before the market opens, hit within 2 trading days, so either today or tomorrow. If it doesn’t hit by tomorrow, it will be the first exception I know of.

          • I think we’ll have more selling after Wednesday ACP, as we are just waiting on a reset of the oversold charts right now.  It should be done by late Wednesday I believe.

          • Yeah I don’t expect a big move yet either. I guess we’ll have to play wait and see for now.

          • Man, what a cheap thrill with that pop & drop the last 2 hours. The stock market is just a big playground where the rich play with everyone else’s money. Or maybe one of Madman Ben’s interns said, “What does the PUMP button do?”

    • I can’t see them continuing straight down without a bear squeeze… which I think starts tomorrow.  As to when it tops… I can’t answer that one, but with Friday being opx I don’t see them letting the bears cash out on all those puts.  Maybe we only have a one day bounce tomorrow to squeeze them out… and then resume the selling into Friday?  It’s another possibility…

      • I’m not overthinking it. I am keeping some dry powder in case that happens, but I don’t want to game this too much. I am pretty sure I know where they’re taking it, so I’ll just wait for that moment and exit then.

        My biggest problem in the past was not trusting the levels and then seeing them taken with me on the sidelines! No more!

  8. Today was step 3 down the ladder. Looking for a possible countertrend rally after this AM’s print is hit. A real rally doesn’t have an immediate retracement like this. Total BS sham. This fat bloated pig is going down. I’m somewhat short now, I’ll be even shorter on any rallies.

  9. New video update should be up within an hour gang.  Sorry for the delay, these HD video’s take much longer to process, and then upload.  All in all, I’m still looking for a bounce, but I think it will be sold and we’ll continue selling into Thursday and Friday.

  10. Well gang, I guess everyone is sleeping?  If we rally into the close and hit the dollars’ (UUP) FP of 21.25, I’ll be looking to get short into tomorrows’ initial claims, continuing claims, PPI, and Core PPI numbers… as the short term charts are looking toppy right now.  While I think they could push up more, I’m not sure how far they will go?  Will we trade up and/or sideways into Friday’s opx, or will we surprise everyone and tank into it?

  11. Well gang, I guess everyone is sleeping?  If we rally into the close and hit the dollars’ (UUP) FP of 21.25, I’ll be looking to get short into tomorrows’ initial claims, continuing claims, PPI, and Core PPI numbers… as the short term charts are looking toppy right now.  While I think they could push up more, I’m not sure how far they will go?  Will we trade up and/or sideways into Friday’s opx, or will we surprise everyone and tank into it? 

    • ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………
      Yep, failed rally, as expected. SPY hit the 130.68 print AH. I don’t know what that means, but it still hit within 48 hours. SPY has prints both up & down, but the QQQ is decidedly mostly upward prints. I suppose that means some type of propaganda will be forthcoming shortly. No artificial disasters lately, Red do you know of any important dates or signs of things to come?

      • Sounds a crash is coming too me… LOL!  Planned Crash of course… or, maybe they trick us all with a surprisingly good initial claims and continuing claims number?  Hard too say, but it sure looks bearish right now… almost too bearish.

  12. Red
    Speaking of disasters; according to Kemila from illuminatimatrix there will be a great flood which will be made stronger by haarp and by earthquakes. Especially Yellowstone is important. Look at the film 2012. What he, Kemila, is writing is exactly 2012.
    He claims that before the olympics, when al this is supposed to happen, there will be a lot of preparation. Mentally I mean. Which means more earthquakes and eruptions and more floods.
    He talks all the time about the BIG ONE which is yet to come. However, he never mentions WW III. So he does not think this war will take place.
    How does he know? He claims we are all hypnotized and this works through subliminals. So by studying these subliminals you can see the direction we are going.

    I guess we will see if he is right. It does make a lot of sense, but that does not neccesarily mean he is right. 11-11-11 however is very important

    • Bud, I read some where that the flooding around the Mississippi river area that has happened recently is as much as 10 times the normal rain fall in those affected states… so yeah, I’m sure HAARP was used on them.

  13. SPY Support and resistance lines:

  14. Hi Ben,
    I can’t seem to access your FP blogsite anymore. As I commented earlier, I only discovered it a few weeks ago, so I don’t know if it’s a technical issue or something else. I’m a retail trader from Hungary, following Red’s blog for a couple of months.

    • I made the blog private for my own safety and also because I didn’t get any readers after proving how the market was manipulated. It’s frustrating because I showed exactly how it’s done, and not even then did people understand or care (except a few smart people like you) 🙂 I was barely getting 30 page views a day.

      Also, the SEC did nothing after I submitted a claim of fraud. So, I assume they don’t care either. The whole situation has put me in a dark depression.

      I hope that in the brief time it was up you learned how it’s done and how to profit, as I am profiting risk free off it all the time. Best of luck to you and all other retail traders. I will never be making blog comments anymore either.

      Goodbye, world

          • I’m doing great, I trade the trends and don’t get caught up in all the drama and let it effect me emotionally like you obviously do.

            I thought you weren’t going to post anymore? Bye now, whiner…

          • Furthermore,…ANYONE who says they are making profits without ANY risk in the stock market shouldn’t be followed. Period.

      • You do realize that they lack of traffic to your site had nothing to do with people not interested, but everything to do with marketing.  Getting a lot of traffic to a blog isn’t easy, as you are up against millions of other websites.  You can’t expect traffic overnight.  This blog is about 2 years old now, and look how low the traffic is here.

        Last year it was 1,000-2,000 people per day, and now about 500-600 per day.  Of course it’s summer time and slower during that period, but still… getting a ton of traffic is very hard.  I wouldn’t expect any new blog to be an instant hit, no matter what the content is or how nice it looks.  It takes a lot of hard work to build traffic and get followers.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.

      • Ben, I must agree with Red.
        When I had tried to google it using the keywords “print watch blog”, you’re site just didn’t show up in the first two pages of Google results… And it wasn’t until you commented here to click your user name that I could locate your site.
        So Red is right: it’s hard t get hundreds of visitors without marketing.

        I personally am sad that you’ve decided to close down the site but it’s of course at your discretion.
        This way, the only FP I can try and make profit off is that DIA 123 (or perhaps that QQQ more lower). Anyway, thanks for having shared them. I hate being ripped off by the ‘big guy’ gangsters, and finding your site has instilled some confidence into me that I’m gonna be able to strike back..
        Anyway, I will keep on trying.

  15. Well, I don’t know which way this triangle is going to break, but the odds favor the bears.  However, the bulls have defended the trendline of support fiercely now… but will it hold into the close?

  16. SPY Fibonacci levels and cloud support:

  17. new high is coming? TRIN is high, VIX meet the 22 resistance

    on the other side, tech, Rut and Financials are lagging today

  18. Let’s see:  will the Google earnings news inspired bounce in the Nasdaq win out over the impending plunge in the euro with commodities getting taken down with it during the overnight session????
    Commodities put in a pre-collapse high in 2008 on July 14.  Silver now has identical fractal to its pre-July 14, 2008 version  (off the recent May highs).

    Bernacke apparently bringing out the QE3 inferences(so I heard didn’t see any of his testimony) a perfect time for a pre-collapse high.

    • You know they will continue to print money, regardless of what they call it, or admit too it.  Remember, the end plan is to destroy the dollar and bring in the new “petro dollar” (backed by oil, gold, silver, etc… I’d assume).

  19. No video tonight gang… sorry.  I’ll keep it short here as to what I’m expecting.  I think we will gap down on some news (probably bad CPI and Core CPI numbers) and have a “capitulation” move happen.  Then, I think we will turn back up and rally to the level that makes the most profit for the gangster market makers (making a lot of “puts” expire worthless).

    I’m not sure what level that will be, but it’s probably between 131 and 132 SPY.  The full moon is Friday and could mark a short term bottom, and turning point.  Then a recovery over the weekend (on the default and downgrade issues with the various countries), which starts the relief rally next week.

    I don’t know if it’s going up to the SPY FP of 138.86, or if the high is in and it only goes up for a wave 2 of some kind, with wave 3 down to follow afterwards.  The next turn date is the new moon on the 30th of July.  That could be a high, or a low?  I don’t know at this point, but if we are on our way to make a new high, then that date area should be when it hits.

    Anyway, that’s about it… good luck as usual.

    • P.S.  Keep your eyes and ears open for Warren Buffet or George Soros to be interviewed and make some negative comment on the economy… as that is the signal that the short term bottom is in.

      • Guess what? No, not chicken butt. Remember that 130.68 SPY FP I mentioned the last couple days and only hit AH yesterday? Well, look at the day’s low for the SPY: 130.68. Gee, what a co-inky-dink! Finally, a well-documented print that hit right on the button. Gotta love it!

        • Looks like we are going to gap up again?  You would think that they would switch it up from time to time… to make it hard for us sheep to figure out.  That’s why I thought we would gap down, and then rally, but I guess not?

  20. ES Support and resistance levels:

  21. Looks like the bottom is now being put in gang.  I think we will start rallying some shortly and rally most of next week.  The market is now making a triple bottom (or quadruple bottom) and should bounce soon.  The vix could go a little higher, but I think it’s about topped.  All in all, now is a go spot to exit all shorts in my opinion. 

      • They will resolve something over the weekend about the debt ceiling, which will be the reason to rally the next 2 weeks.  Then on August the 2nd, something will fall through and the market will sell off again… only this time, the “high” really will be in!

        • Will they…?
          My guess is that this fight’s gonna last down to the wire. What that means in terms of time frame, I don’t really know, but not necessarily next week IMO.

          Sure it will be settled at some point, and the ensuing relief rally should be powerful.
          So it’s rather a question of “when” than “where” the markets are headed (at least short term.)

          But if the debate drags on, that would set up a much better buying opportunity so I’d prefer this scenario.
          And to prepare for that, I liquidated almost all of my positions today so I’m 99% cash now. Like a cobra ready to bite… lol.

          • Whatever they do or do not isn’t the question.  They will say something positive to give the market a reason to rally.  Remember, it’s all staged… and just a game they play.  They already know that they are going to default on the debt (according to Lindsey Williams’ elite sources), but they need to rally it up to a higher level before they tell the sheep (us retail traders) that they are going to default.

            It’s all written in the charts.  A new high will wipe out the last retail bear, and then they will tank it.  I don’t know what will or will not be said or done on (or by) the August 2nd deadline, but the outcome will be a sell off in the market.  I’m sure it will shock the market, as that’s the way they plan it too happen.

          • Maybe you’re right (as to what will happen next week).
            But either way, I’d just like to profit from that new high preceding the Implosion.
            So my plan for Monday:
            if we drop below 1300 –> buy,buy,buy
            if we blast toward 1330 –> buy,buy,buy

            As simple as that. lol

        • We’ll see…
          You know the motto here: “expect the unexpected”.
          And uhh, you can never know how the MMs want to play this game…

  22. Today is Rooster Cogburn’s birthday in the latest version of True Grit (the original released on June 11,1969):  7-15-1825 (an embedded 87 in there).   His deathdate:  8-12 or 8-13, 78 years later.  There is a little poster shown at the end associated with his death with the date 7-18-1903.

    Carmageddon begins tomorrow (7-16) at 5am in Southern California with the 405 freeway shutdown between the 10 and 101 freeways (111) and lasts 53 hours (53 power number).   That means into 10am on 7-18???? Need to verify.    42 years ago during the seminal event of 1969, Appollo 11 was launched on its quest to land on the moon on July 16.  “The moon landing” occurred on 7-20.  This entire “moon” episode is the focal point of the new Transformers movie:  Dark Side of the Movie which takes 87 references in a movie to new astronomic levels.

    The insiders love their 69, 1969 references and this entire stretch from July 16 to about August 14 encapsulates the great golden period of 1969 (they love their 896 combos—add 42 years6days to 8,9,1969 and that is August 15.

    The 1896 low was on August 7 ie 8-7, 115 years ago, an insider jubilee celebration for the inaugural year for the Dow Jones Industrials Average????

    • I read at Paris Hilton’s twitter account, that she plans to stay home…. she reads investment blogs. i hit on all her links to those articles.

    • What makes you think so Robert?  The entire rally from the March 2009 low was on light volume, and that never stopped them from rallying… what’s different this time?

      • I know you like Cobra, check out his comments the last few days. By the way ,
        once they do agree on the debt ceiling it will be a few days to get it through the House and Senate. (Probably late July, the gangsters love drama) Have a great weekend. 

        • We should rally Monday, but I don’t know how far up it goes… or “if” it can hold it?  We still haven’t had a solid couple of “up days” for a wave 2 or B wave, which should be a big concern to the bulls.  There is usually a two legged down move, but this time it has really only had one leg down with intraday rallies.  I don’t think they qualify?

          We need something better… so it’s possible that the rally next week will be short lived, and another leg down will happen.  After looking closer at the charts, I’ll have to agree with Robert that something big could happen on Monday… but no guarantee.  The charts are a little mixed right now, so it could go either way.  More study is needed (meaning… I’ll have to rub my crystal ball).

    • At first glance of that sentence my brain quickly flipped it up correctly and reversed it… allowing me to read it without even thinking about it.  Another sign that DNA changes are happening in our bodies, making us smarter and faster, as we get closer to 2012.  This has been told to us human many times in crop circles around the world, showing detailed changes to our DNA, and the time period that it will happen.

      • i’d sure like to see some of your info on crop circles. that will be quite an interesting read for me, Your knowledge on subjects, is like, no-one i know…

  23. MSFT Hits resistance before results:

    • just now finished posting my link at yahoo message boards… u can post your link at my site…i don’t have any censorship rules. free speech, always.

  24. whole slew of earnings next week. logic says it will be a blow out and the market will move higher. i can’t really think of anything on the down side for next week.  the market can always surprise

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