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Wednesday Update...

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Monday Update...

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After 3 weeks of tinkering around, fixing pages and plugin's to work properly, I've decided to do a Pre-Launch with what I've finished and work on it as I go. After all, it's what everyone does... launch it first, and fix the bugs later as they are discovered! So why should I be any different?

But before I go into that...

I need to let of a little steam. I've had one of those days where everything seemed to go wrong... I'm sure you've had one too! From the gout that's attacking me and making me hop around like I have a broken ankle to the flat tire and the 2 hour wait at Goodyear Tires to get it fixed... and then the added crap that I'll be working this Sunday (I usually take Sunday's off, and work various hours during the week because my schedule is flexible)... and finally the constant heat and rain that makes it even hotter when it finally stops, I'd say I'm pretty frustrated right now!

So forgive me if I start rambling on some tyrant about some subject that has nothing to do with the stock market. I'll eventually cover that subject too. (Besides that, I give you all week to read the post now, as I only do video updates to the weekend post instead of a new post every day). I have to remind myself from time to time that I started this blog to post my thoughts on the stock market, but fell down the rabbit hole and discovered the Reptilian Aliens as the ones' pulling the strings behind the curtains making the Wizard of Oz look real.

Now that I know that it's all just an Illusion, just like the word "Illuminati", I've gotten a better understanding of the game they play and how it shows up in the charts before hand... if you know how to read them properly? The news events are all timed perfectly with the charts, so they can panic you when the market is bottoming and get you to buy when it is topping.

While I'm not sure what will be said next week to ease the fear in the market, I do believe something will happen and allow the market to rally. How far is the question I can't answer, but I do see a rally attempt starting. If it plays out in an ABC move then the A wave up and B down could have next week ending about flat, slightly up, or slightly down. Then the following week would produce the C wave up and end the last week of the month with a nice positive close.

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The New Moon Matches Up With The Debt Ceiling Deadline...

This works out nicely with August 2nd debt ceiling deadline period as being the top in the market. I'm not sure if we are going to put in a new high (hitting my 138.86 SPY FP from March of this year), or a lower high... but my gut tells me it will go about the current high. Why you ask? Because that would surprise the most amount of people, and wipeout the last bear.

Then you would have to shock the market with some surprise news around the date of the debt ceiling vote. What could that be? I don't know? Maybe they will hint at the debt ceiling being a obvious necessity, that will surely be passed... and then they don't pass it? Or it could be some other economic event, like a larger country defaulting on it's debt? It doesn't matter what the news is, as we all know it's already planned and will happen anyway.

We just need to be prepared around that period. The New Moon is on July 30th (a Saturday), and the deadline is on August 2nd (a Tuesday). While these new moon cycles and full moon cycles are perfectly accurate (as to calling the tops and bottoms) they have been very close lately. As long as all the other cards line up in place (which I believe they do), this coming new moon should mark the next top... whatever it will be?

Jumping Back To My New Site

Ok, I want to go over the new site I put up for everyone to join. It will be in a pre-launch testing period from now until maybe this time next month (about 30 days). After that, I plan to start marketing it on the Internet heavily (as well as this site too, so traffic should start to pick up here and you could see some new commenters). During this pre-launch period I will depend on everyone to give me their input so I can make changes to the site to improve it and make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn, navigate and post on.

It's a lot different then this site, as first... it's not just a "red pill taker" site, it's for everyone and focused exclusively on the stock market. Secondly, it's setup with a plugin called "BuddyPress" that is basically a simple "Social Network" where like minded people can discuss the market, promote their blog (if they have on?), make friends, etc...

There Is NO Other Site On The Internet Like It...

This site has a free chat page that is a great backup for when Disqus isn't working. While I'm sure it will slow down with a whole lot of people on it, (and frustrate everyone and myself too), it can still be fun and useful for those people that day trade and have been looking for a place to chat... that is still faster then Disqus.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to replace the disqus system as I still use it and love it. It's great for what it's designed for, but if I had to compare it to something... it would be "email". Where as the chat page on this new site would be more like some "instant messaging program"... both have their purpose and need, which is why I installed it.

The posts on the blog are currently being pulled in with the RSS Feeds from the various bloggers we all know and love to read. Most are listed here in my blogroll, but I'll be adding more new feeds from new bloggers when they contact me and request to be promoted. I created this new site to promote all those bloggers that have great information but struggle to get traffic and comments to their blog.

Many aren't as lucky as I was, as some how I just got traffic (and comments) to this site by accident, as I focused on a niche that no one else was covering... "the dark side of trading", as in the Illuminati Reptilian Elite Gangster thieves that control, manipulate and run the stock market (hiding in their caves for fear that the sheep will wake up and go kick their ass!).

It was a subject that many were interested in, and I got some followers from it... p.s. I'm working on another site that is just exclusively for us "Red Pill Takers", but it's not finished yet. I'll let everyone know when it is, and we call all go deeper down the rabbit hole together (it's safer in a group anyway... LOL).

Back to

The BuddyPress Plugin has the ability to add a forum to it, so I did. While it's not as fancy as some forums, it's still a great place for "wannabee bloggers", (or bloggers with little traffic to their site) to start a forum thread (like a blog post) which could get them more well know in the blogsphere community and bring traffic back to their site (assuming they have one... if not, then maybe they will start one after gaining loyal followers?).

Anyway, I encourage everyone to go sign up at the site, browse around, join/or create a group.... and start a new thread in the forum (again, like creating a new post... but it sticks around for much longer as it doesn't scroll down to the bottom of the page like a old blog post does). Be sure to watch the introduction video in the header on the main page (also located on the page called "watch me first"), and then check out the FAQ's (video's) page, as that should tell you more about how to use the site.

Finally, On To The Market Next Week...

If all goes as planned the market should rally up on Monday and struggle, but eventually I see a nice wave A up to be put in with and expected top at either the resistance level of 1331 or 1340-1345 area (on the SPX), concluding probably by Wednesday (I give the latter the higher odds). Then a B wave down to put in a higher low with an expected target of around 1320-1325 area. That might be the close for the week on Friday or so?

Then the last week of July should produce a wave C up to make our new high (not positive on this, but I give this scenario the highest odds of a new high being hit before the August 2nd debt deadline). If so, then that week should be up very nicely, while this coming week should be choppy and possibly ending flat, with little gain or loss either way by this coming Friday.

By the way, the "very important" downward sloping trendling on the ES never did have a confirming break (2 days below it is needed to be a confirmed break, with the 2 day closing below the closing low of the first day). This trendline starts at the May 2nd closing high of 1352.25, connects at the June 1st closing high of 1307.50 and continues downward to present day.

There is a new downward sloping trendline (which I show you in my video) that connects the May 2nd high to the July 7th high of 1352.00 (closing level), and that level will become strong resistance to the market with the coming rally. Projecting it out 2 weeks into the future would put it around the high 1340's to low 1345 area... which is why I'm unsure if a new high will be put in or not?

I will be more focused on the time period it takes to reach that level of resistance, then the level itself. If the resistance is hit this coming week or early next, then it should pierce it and hit a new high (like the 138.86 SPY FP... or about 1388 SPX). If it makes its' first hit of the trendline on Friday the 29th of July, or Monday the 1st of August (the last trading day before and after the new moon on Saturday the 30th... a likely turn date in the market), then I think the trendline will hold the bulls back and NO high will be put in.

So, as you can see, it's never as simple as calling a date and price level for a top, but a combination of many things... which include the forecasted news, the charts of course, time to get there (as many have used "T" theory to estimate the next turn date), as well as Astrology (including moon cycles). Oh... and let's not forget the "manipulation factor" as we have too listen to the gangsters speak on TV as decipher their "buzz words".

Yes, when the Reptilian Illuminati Gangster Warren Buffet and his kissing cousin George Soros speak... I listen. After all, they tell you when the bottom and top is in... if you are listening closely? While I didn't heard either of the thieves speak Friday, I expect to hear something from one of them over the weekend or early next week. It should be something negative, indicating that the bottom is in... at least the "short term bottom". So, keep your eye's and ears open as I can't watch it all by myself... I do depend on all of you to help. 🙂

Ok, this post is long enough, so I'll end it here. Don't forget to go sign up at, create a new group, and post a new thread. Please! Promote your blog there, as that's why I created it... for YOU! I don't really need a new site as I'm happy writing my deep dark posts right here on this blog... but I know many of you new bloggers (and old bloggers with not enough traffic) need a way to promote your stuff. That's why I did it... for you guys (and gals).



  1. Hi Red, yes, you can count me in…i bookmarked your new site, and when i
    have some free time, i’ll log in, to see what all the bru haha is all
    about, for myself:)

    • Hey San,

      I meant ask you too… if you mine me promoting your site on my new site  I’m pulling in your rsss feeds and linking back to your site.  Let me know if that is ok.

  2.  The top line of resistance on the VXX is now coming in around 24.25 or so, which I think will match up with the major trendline of support on the SPX coming in around 1290-1291 or so.  The market should bounce there as the VXX hits strong resistance.

    Once they announce some new about the debt ceiling (something positive of course), we should expect a huge rally.  This selling is coming close to ending I believe.  Remember, the 15th was a turn date… so give it a +/- window of 3 days and tomorrow should be about it.

  3. Just a reminder gang…

    Keep your eyes and ears on the news to listen if one of the gangsters (Warren Buffet or George Soros) says something really negative about the economy, as that’s the signal that the bottom is in.

  4. ALL hit 5%, all that japan exposure…i think ALL may eventually need a gov’t bail-out, if this japan situation, turns into Chernobyl type medical costs. anything’s possible.

    • No, I will be here on this site all day as usually, and in the chatroom ( on the new site as well.  I have a laptop open with one screen up, an older desktop with one monitor on it to watch everything… and finally a custom built desktop with 4 monitors open on it.  Needless to say, I can be in a lot of places at one time.  LOL.

        • Yes, I have 12gigs of ram with a 2.83 quad core cpu, 11 total hard drives, 4 monitors, and 2 video cards… with each one having 2gigs of ram on them.  I usually have 200+ tab’s open at on time, using FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Flock, Netscape, and sometimes Avant (all different browsers).  I have to close some of them from time to time as I’ve maxed out by hitting 12gigs of ram being used… at which point the computer slows down too much.

  5. my overnight signals, only have 2 outcomes, unlike the multiple outcomes it usually has… IWM is favored going down Wed. the other outcome that happens, is pullback to 83.1, and head for higher highs.

  6. No video update tonight guys.  I’m not expecting much to happen tomorrow other then a lot of chop that goes basically no where.  With the market moving up as strong as it did today, tomorrow should just be a pause day, allowing the overbought charts to reset again.

    It could close slightly up or down tomorrow… it’s hard too say.  But the short term trend is now up, and should continue that way for several days.  If we are now in a wave A up, then B down could come by Thursday or Friday.  Then next week we should see wave C up… but I still don’t know how high?  Maybe a new high (like my 138.86 FP on the SPY) or a lower high (like the resistance zone around 1350 spx).

    Again, it’s all about the timing and price level, as I covered in the weekend video above.  If we hit the 1350 area this week, then I expect it to break.  If we hit it by the July 30th New Moon, or the August 2nd Debt Ceiling vote, then that level should be the high… then a big sell off to follow.  Simply put, tomorrow should be choppy but bullish overall.  I wouldn’t think of shorting anything right now.


  7. Well, today seems to be a “pause” day as expected.  All the short term charts are mixed and should be reset by the end of the day.  We’ll have too see where they are at the close, but I suspect they will be ready to rally again tomorrow.  It could be a short lived exhaustion move up tomorrow (if that happens?) and the a B wave down could start… that should carry into Friday.

  8. Pop and drop tomorrow?  It’s looking pretty overbought on the short term charts right now, but can go higher.  We are putting in a bull flag right now, so we should get a move up in the morning tomorrow… but will it hold?

  9. TSCO,FFIV,QCOM,STX, all down 7% in AH, so much for my IWM finds support at 83.1 , once that support broke, i bought 3 to 1 shorts. not because i was anticipating a drop, but because i found that many stocks to short at my top calling price

  10. S&P 500 Analysis after closing:

  11. index charts, are no longer to narrow of a range. heavily favors the
    bears on FRIDAY. go short something overnight ..if not down on friday,
    don’t cover, it will be down on Monday, more than likely. 

  12. Dow Jones pausing near previous high:

  13. I’ve taken a short position on the qqq’s for Friday and/or Monday, as the bear flag on apple should cause the qqq’s to drop some.  I’m thinking we start our B wave down tomorrow.

  14. More hook’em horn/ hockey stick patterns, particularly in XLF, up 2.4% today after having made a new multimonth low on Monday.  Retail holders had a weak up day today.

    A Japanese semi-conductor company that reported a few weeks ago mentioned sales were down 32% quarter to quarter the previous quarter.  So far I haven’t seen the media harping on these conditions in the semiconductor industry but the $sox has been vying with XLF in making new lows recently.   I’ll have to pay attention to when the prime US semi companies announce their earnings.

    Euro had a nice hockey stick pattern today but both gold and silver sold off as well as DBC.

  15. No video tonight gang.  I’m not sure about tomorrow, but “if” it gaps up again, I don’t think it will hold.  I think we will sell off some tomorrow and close the day in the red.  While it might not be a lot, I do expect some profit taking before the weekend.  Besides that, the short term charts are all very overbought right now,and need to see the market sell off some to reset them… if they want to race up to put in a new high before the government defaults on the debt this coming August 2nd.

  16. Well, looks like they are going to hold this piece of crap market in a range all day to keep it from falling.  It should fall, but they aren’t letting.  At least there is no big rally today.

  17. CISCO Hits 20 Week moving average:

  18. $sox is up big today.   I checked that North American semiconductor bookings were down 4% month over month in May.

    $ndx is flying solo today to new highs most likely with a divergence to the overall index during a crucial weekly cycle and testing its major highs from early 2001.

    • Yes Geccko, apple put in a nice bear flag that they turned into a “U” pattern (yes, I’ve never heard of a “U” pattern, but they rallied it up and took the ndx with it).

  19. i got a feeling a lot of longs are going to get their hats
    handed to them on Monday. U should see the overnight signals i have on
    my SPX overnight charts. It says DOWN, bigtime, coming within 48 hours.

    • and this could be the catalysts—-has to be done before 4pm, asia open—-
      Associated Press 
      Debt crisis: Deal sought to head off stock plunge… 
      fear a big drop in investor confidence in stocks and bonds could start
      in Asia and sweep toward Europe and the Americas, causing U.S. stock
      values to plunge on Monday. 

  20. I haven’t made the chart of chart in over 9 months. It is a multi-headed monster for sure.

    It uses chart pattern to analyze the state of the market, as well as number of stocks ready to breakout, which there are quite alot right now, that could be big or sustained move.

    I have crossovers based on the 5, 10, and 20 day moving average of the number of stocks breaking bullish and breaking bearish. When they cross over, that triggers a change in a toggle Chart that I display all three of them (the 5 DMA crossover, the 10 DMA crossover, and the 20 DMA crossover).

    One backtest I did showed that following the 5 DMA crossover would produce about 80% annual returns, the 20 DMA was around 35% annual return, and the 10DMA was the “whippiest” of the bunch and only returned around 24%, so the 10 DMA crossover is the least reliable.

    Right now the 5DMA and 20DMA says bullish, and the number of stock perched on breakout is quote high.

    For me personally, this makes me feel alot better with 4 long picks held through the weekend.

    Chart of Charts is cool.

    At the top is a scatter chart, which is interpreted as when very low number of stocks broken out, often a big move follows. Everything on these charts is saying big move, and most likely bullish.

    Comments? Anyone remember the chart of charts from days of Yore?

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