The Stock Market Crash Of August 8th 2011


Thursday Update... more wild swings as the market is carving out a short term bottom (or not?)

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Tuesday FOMC day update! The gangsters squeeze the bears hard in the last 15 minutes as they run up the tape into the close. Different day... same story!

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Black Monday 08-08-2011 Stock Market Crash

This Monday we could see the start of the largest stock market crash in history!

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We could be on our way down to the our FP of 34.65 on the SPY (about 346 on the SPX) very soon.  In this fictional video below, called "The After The Dollar Crashes - The Rise Of The New World Order", it shows you how it's possible for the stock market to actual collapse 67% in as little as 14 days!  Is the video an accurate predition of the coming time frame and price level?  I don't know?  But we do know how the Illuminati likes to tell us in advance what's going to happen... is this one of those warnings?

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Friday the US was officially downgraded by S&P from AAA to AA+, and soon I suspect Moody's and other rating agencies will follow with their downgrade too.  On top of that bad news, "China Tells US 'Good Old Days' Of Borrowing Have Ended" on Saturday, August 6th 2011.   And, Germany just refused to bailout Italy on Saturday too!  Yes, things are stating to heat up very fast now, and the boiling point is very near!

This interesting video by "Gary the Numbers Guy" states that the closing price of 11,444 on the Dow and this Monday being 08-08-2011 is a key Illuminati ritual codes which implies that the stock is going to crash 8% on Monday!

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It's not looking good for next week... anyway you look at it!

When  you look at how oversold the daily and shorter term charts are, you think to yourself that "it must rally soon"!  But the "when" part is still unknown.  I agree that a rally should happen, but you must remember that the technical analysis point of view is based on a normal market at a normal period in time.  The world isn't "normal" anymore!  The time period we are at now has NEVER happened before in the past.  The Mayan calendar only has one ending date, and that's next year.

There has never been a period in history with so many different things converging all together at once.  You have the "Once every 5,000 years or so orbit of Elenin (or Planet X, Nibiru)", the ending of the Mayan Calendar, the largest currency bubble in history... creating the largest debt in history, and some rare alignments of the planets according to Astrology.  This all mean to me that you can throw the charts out the window right now, as this time period isn't chart-able!

Everything is happening very quickly right now, and that's why I think it's possible that they could collapse the stock market in as little a 14 days!  Yes, that's seem unbelieveable, and I'm not saying that it will happen... only that it's possible.  Why?  Because too many American's are waking up to the fact that the country (and the planet) is controlled by Illuminati Gangsters Reptilians ShapeShifters known as "The Cabal"... hiding in organizations like "The Federal Reserve", the "The IMF", "World Bank" and "The WTO".

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If the sheep wake up too fast, the wolves can't maintain their control over them... hence the reason I think they might surprise us all and just let the market collapse down to the fake print on the SPY of 34.65 in as little as 14 days... per the video at the top of this post.  That would absolutely surprise, shock, and wipeout every trader and chartist in the market.  No one could foresee a 70-80% collapse in just 2-3 weeks!  Do I think it will happen?  I just don't know?

I do know that the gangsters elite murders want to enact martial law and round us all up into FEMA prison camp for later genocide like Nazi Germany did.  As a matter fact, I fully believe Hitler was a reptilian shapeshifter too, even though I have no proof of it.  It just makes sense as he was just too evil to be human in my opinion.

So, how do you enact martial law?  You panic the citizens of the country with some staged event... and you do it quickly as you need it to be a shock to them.  A slow decline in the stock market over the next 6 months (while it would appear fast to many, it wouldn't have the same shock effect as doing it in 2-3 weeks) would devastate the American public, and cause lots of riots... but I'm not sure they could still get away with evoking martial law?

Expect the "Unexpected" as the Illuminati Reptilians fight with their last breath to carry out their Armageddon plans!

Yes, it's the last attacks from a cornered and wounded evil 3 headed monster... but until this evil is put down, things could get really ugly.  Ben Fulford states in his latest post that the White Dragon Society is making much faster process in bringing down the 4000 year old+ global regime as many of them are defecting and asking for protection in exchange for knowledge of the evil cabals plans.

People like Dominique Strauss-Khan and Rupert Murdoch are two of those people that are leaving the "darkside"... much like Darth Vader kills his master in the end to save his son Luke.  Some of the evil things that this people have done to humanity is unthinkable, but none the less true.  The ritual rape, murder, and cannibalism these Illuminati Reptilians do every month in their rituals is horrifying to everyone... and I, as an "immortal spirit" (just like all  of you are too), trapped in this human body with these feeling I have WOULD NOT FORGIVE THEM FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!

However, at least one of the "unknown to the public" evil controllers of the world has asked for clemency (forgiveness) of all the evil deeds that he has done.  This is told in the video below by Inelia Benz in her interview with Bill Ryan of Project Camelot and Project Avalon.  The story is a wonderful one, and one you must watch.  In my mind it backs up what is told in the bible that the most evil of people can still be saved by asking for forgiveness at anytime... even if it's on their death bed or last few years of their lives.

(to watch on youtube:

It also backs up what Lindsey Williams says as his insider sources (who are pure evil Illuminati Reptilian... which I suspect even Lindsey doesn't know that they aren't human) are wanting to "come clean" and tell the world of their evil plans before it happens.  Maybe his sources are wanting forgiveness in their last days... which is what I expect.  That's why his predictions have been deadly accurate over the years.

There is no doubt that we are going to go through some very hard time over the next few months, but I think that after it is over, good will win and a new world of peace and wonderful technology and freedom will emerge.  Inelia says that we can chose our own time line to go down, and I chose to go down one of peace where the evil empire is defeated by good forces just like in Star Wars... and of course in the Bible, as in the end the Devil loses!

Use this stock market crash to make enough money to protect yourself and your family, as then later on you will have enough to help those souls less fortunate that didn't see this crash coming and didn't profit from it.  You are "The Resistance" and you must decide to say NO to the evil empire.  The choice is yours, not the Illuminati Evil Ones.  You can chose your own timeline and I hope you all survive this and come out better tomorrow then yesterday.

We are coming into a time period where people will be able to live for hundreds of years in their body, and in good health.  You have to focus on your spiritial self, physical self and financial self during this incrediable time period we are in right now.  Keep you frequent high by staying positive and not focusing on the negativity out there.  Just like how Merlin turned his back to Mab in the movie, and chose "not to believe" in her anymore (she dissolved and disappeared then), you can do the same to evil.

On another note...

The coming crash in the stock market starting Monday, August 8th 2011 is something that is going to be very hard to predict a bottom.  The only thing I can go back too is the FP's (fake prints) that I've gathered over the last year or so.  I have one showing 106.46 on the SPY from 10-18-2010, which hasn't been hit yet.  Could that be the target on Monday?  I'm sure there is a coded message in the print, but I can't figure it out.

However, I can speculate.  The "After-Hours %Change" shows 11.14% in green, which of course is 111... a key Illuminati number which tells me the print is likely a real one.  The closing price of 118.44 could be read as "11" meaning the year 2011, "8" meaning the month of August, and "44" or "4+4=8" meaning the 8th day of the month.  That's just guessing of course, but it's certainly possible that it's correct.  Remember, "Gary the Numbers Guy" sees the closing price of 11,444 on the Dow Friday as signaling an 8% crash on Monday 8-8-2011.

Of course there is the FP of 885 on the ES back on 10-01-2010 when the price level was 1141.75 (notice the 3 "one's" in the price level making another 111) is still out there.  It matches up with the FP on the Dow of 8300.0195 on 07-05-2010.  Both prints are at about the same level when put side by side... meaning that if one is hit, the other should be hit on the same day.  Does that mean it will be hit Monday?... or maybe it's the close for the coming week?  I just don't know?

But, these are significant points that the market is likely to go to like a magnet.  I also want to point out the VIX FP of 349.72 on 06-24-2010... which tells me that "if" this print is going to be hit, the market MUST Crash extremely fast!  It must be a massive shock to the public for the VIX to get that high I believe.  And, as I stated in the last post, the re-showing up of the 34.65 SPY FP on 07-29-2011 (that Anna caught), showing the same level from 01-31-2011, is another signal from the Illuminati that the print is real.  Notice the date, where the 29= 11 (2+9), and the year is 2011... or another 1111.  The first date I got the print (01-31-2011) also makes 1111.  Is this just a coincidence?  I doubt it.

All in all, the next few weeks could scary the living heck out of everyone!  All I can say is that I'm glad I'm still short and didn't get whipped sawed out on Friday when the gangster market makers whipped the market up and down multiple times during the day, sweeping out all the stops and panicking out the amateur bulls and bears.  I was fortunate enough to not fall into the that trap (as I've done before in the past).

Good luck to all...


P.S.  Here's a copy of the FEMA 11-9-2011 planned emergency...

I have commented about this 11-9 date before and while I have continued to study the date for anomalies, I think I have found something important, that I wish to share with ATS members and others for the benefit of keeping others informed.

Consider the 5 items of interest that I am highlighting and listing for consideration on this matter.

1. The test date of 11-9-11 has been promoted for over 5 months within the federal government and while that just denotes prior planning, consider the following items. What this shows me is that they knew in advance what was coming and why they had to covertly schedule a test of the EMS while stating publicly that it's only a test of the new system.

2. 11-9, is the exact date that asteroid YU55 enters the Comet Elenin debris field. Such an entry into the debris field of Comet Elenin could deflect asteroids or even deflect YU55 into our moon or perhaps earth. Keep this concern in mind, because it will help explain my other concerns when you read them.

3. The emergency test is scheduled on 11-9, which is the exact date that earth enters the debris field. How convenient that both earth and YU55 enter the debris field of Comet Elenin on the same date with the potential for debris issues and or impacts on earth in the days that follow.

4. Since a 3 1/2 minute emergency EMS test is scheduled, I contend that this emergency broadcast will be used to actually give Obama the means to address an incoming disaster under actual emergency conditions to the nation. In other words, it will not be a test as much as an actual live emergency broadcast with Obama reading the teleprompter and telling us what he is suppose to tell us.

During the emergency test broadcast, I still contend that every secret mind control technology will be used to transmit mind control programming into anyone that listens to the emergency broadcast. While there are those that cant bare to not hear what Obama has to say, but if you take my advice, catch what he said afterwards and not during a live telecast. Those 3 and half minutes are going to come back to haunt you because if you listen to the broadcast, then you will be subjected to mind control programming needed to keep the masses under control.

In fact, I plan to make sure that I have no cell phones, no radios, no MP3 players, nothing with any chip technology that can induce the mind control programming that such an emergency broadcast will use to condition the minds of Americans to what is about to happen. While I realize they have many ways to condition you, I am not taking any chances on 11-9 at approximately 2:00PM when Obama will address the nation.

I believe that during the live emergency broadcast, Obama or someone scientific will explain that within 72 hours or sooner, that an object is due to impact the earth at a certain time and location or that such an object is going to impact the moon.

Such an emergency announcement allows the president to invoke martial law and take control of all areas of government through the continuity of government provisions and demand of the public to cooperate with federal authorities in whatever they ask. He will also most likely spell out what type of martial law we will be under during such an emergency.

5. 72 hours after 11-9 is exactly "11-11-11" and with Hollywood releasing the movie called "The Immortals" rise of the Titans on that very same date, I find it somewhat ironic that Hollywood is trying to tell us something cryptically if only we could see it.

Now, the last item I want everyone to consider is something you will only find here on ATS long before other conspiracy sites and those profiteers that call themselves alternative media begin to jump on the band wagon and spin their own yarn about what this information I just covered might all mean. These repeaters will repeat this information but will no doubt put their own spin on it in an effort to make some money.

The last item that shows me that this whole emergency test date and Comet Elenin and other objects have all been meticulously planned by looking at the calendar for November, 2011. Since I study rituals on a full time basis, the following is conditional on a ritual aspect being included in all this timing of events on key dates that are either 911 dates or mirror image dates of 911 much like 11-9 in November is a mirror of 9-11.

5. There are exactly 13 days from 11-9-11 until 11-22-11 and to me this shows that from the EMS test date of 11-9 until 11-22-11 this 13 day window will be used for ritual sacrifices by those that designed this ritual with all the dates and disasters involved.

Had I not found this 13 day window, I perhaps would not feel or think the way I do about this EMS test date, but since I have found evidence of a planned ritual timing, that is when I concluded that 11-9 will begin a process that Obama will be part of. That actual emergency test will begin a series of events that many will see as just part of the emergency, but could also be ritual elements that must be achieved before 11-22-11.

The reason 11-9 was selected was for the items I just covered above and because it begins the 13 day window that leads to November 22, 2011, when I suspect that as the final closing element of this ritual, Obama will be most likely sacrificed, assassinated on the historical anniversary of the JFK assassination which occurred on 11-22-1963.

Bare in mind that the JFK ritual death was also mirrored historically with the Abraham Lincoln assassination and so, if my studies are founded, then this is the very date that Obama, POTUS #44 will become the last sitting president to ever represent the USA and it will be openly, the first day of the New World Order that will emerge from all the disasters.

I know this may be pure conjecture to some, but I ask for your indulgence, because in my findings I find these 13 day windows to be key clues and since 11-9 until 11-22 is exactly 13 days until the end of ritual, I have to take notice and consider what it implies in the greater scheme of things whether I feel it is unfounded or not.

Before November ever comes, we must live through the time frame that begins on September 11, 2011 and carries us through the end of the planned ritual, November 22, 2011. I would be lying if I said this period is not going to be action packed with many things both good, bad and a possible pole shift of the planet as a massive object passes earth on the way out of our solar system.

I hope I have offered some additional material to consider surrounding the November 9, EMS test date. Thanks again and before you forget, mark down the 13 day window. I have a feeling you will agree when it becomes clear that all of this was staged, planned and coordinated by those that brought us Waco, Oklahoma City, 911, Katrina and the AZ shooting spree and the Japan and Christchurch disasters.

The NWO rituals are all about death and destruction, so if you will just keep that in mind as events unfold, I am hopeful you will see that my suspicions were totally spot on. Besides, we only have a short time to find out if I was right or not. Until then, I will continue to inform those that choose to know.

Here's the actual link to the post above stating that the Illuminati plan to assassinate Obama on 11-22-2011...


  1. Thanks RED for the video with Enelia. Very inspiring!!

    AS for the markets, I believe we probe down to the fridays lows in the morning. From there we head up to the 1212 sp area.

  2. I still think it’s too early for a crash.   Commodities and stocks have a lot furthur to drop before a crash.   SP emini achieved its low at 1165 on the first 15 minute tick and just had a retests a few 15 minute bars ago and has now lifted a little.

    Gold is probably blowing off here on this news.   Gold would need to do a lot of catchup tomorrow if there is a crash.   The dollar is down too, albeit marginally with the SP so far down.   Crude oil is testing  its lows from Friday.

    Usually when there is such a large drop on the first tick of the week, there is a reversal in the other direction except in a crash scenario but a certain indicator isn’t even in the crash zone yet.

  3. In a couple of days at most, we should see the 50dma crossover the 200dma, which is the death cross.  This is usually where the market will bounce in a countertrend rally to take out the retail traders that see the cross and go short.

  4. ES Descending triangle updated:

    • Probably a bounce tomorrow before Bernanke speaks, and then back to the selling I think.  If Bernanke starts QE3 tomorrow the market won’t like it and it will continue to crash. If he does nothing, it’s still will crash. He’s screwed both ways!

      • I don’t see QE3 tomorrow.  If QE3 was announced, there is no way we’d get gold down to the 945 level that the FP’s show.  We have to wait for the margin calls to kick in and then we might see QE3.  But to get gold down below 1000 from this point would be a huge fall IMHO…and not likely to happen.

        • Johnny, “if” we go as low as I think we’re going in the market, margin calls will force big institutions to dump gold and silver.  So while it doesn’t seem like it’s possible… it is.  I’ll be loading up on them if they hit the FP on gold.

  5. all that qe2 money, and it only lifted the markets 7% as of today—what a complete waste of money. who was the idiot that came up with that plan.

  6. SPX Analysis after closing bell:

  7. Leo 
    The S&P closes down 6.66%.  Those sick bastards toying with us by printing a close with the mark of the beast.  But is this the start of the crash or the end and a massive short squeeze?

    • $nymo had a record negative reading today.  It would take a crash tomorrow to get it more negative but I still think its too early.  

      • In the few minutes it took to compose those posts, the stock futures have skyrocketed higher.  Superbounce starts tomorrow.    There was some covert action there just prior to the European bourses opening.

  8. Red, I should have taken your advice Monday. I jump the gun getting out of double exposure etfs  sp 500
     At approx 1144 level and bought the long etfs. Went thru some stress last night and just sold out of the longs with a small gain. Waiting for another set up to short the market.

    • Glad you survived.  I’ve lost many times myself, so I feel your pain.  I think the short term charts will be overbought by the time Bernanke speaks at 2:15pm.  While they could have a fake out move to the upside from something he says, I think we’ll continue the sell off afterward.  The safer move (in my opinion) is to be short before he speaks.  I don’t expect today to close up big like most FOMC days have been in the past.  I expect a small up, flat, or down day today.

  9. Red,
    Don’t we still have the FP of SPX 1382 to still hit?  Talk about fooling everyone to steal money from the sheep with a massive bear squeeze?  Also, I know in your video you said the bottom was SPY 34.65.  Isn’t there a FP of 20.16 SPY?

    • Yes Johnny, we do have a 20.16 FP on the SPY.  But since they recently put out the 34.65 print again last week, I think it’s the valid print.  That 20.16 print is well over a year old now and things may have changed.  That’s why I suspect the 34.65 print replaced the 20.16 print.

  10. ES Support and resistance lines:

    • Thank you San for your charts. If I went with your charts Monday, I would not had to go thru so much stress overnight to gain a couple percentage points.

    • Gold could continue to rally as Lindsey Williams stated, because of fear in the market.  He stated gold and silver would rise 25-30% between August and December.  Of course his elite gangsters might not have told him that it could also crash from forced liquidation from margin calls.  Hard too predict that one?  I’ll only say that “if” the downside FP os 949 is correct, and we do get there, then I’ll be buying with both hands.

      On the other hand, I have a FP of 84 on Silver, so which is correct?  I just don’t know?  I’m still sticking with a stock market crash first, and then I’ll worry about gold and silver.  If they crash too, they you know where to start buying at.  If not, then we’ll just have to look for bargains in the stock market… which I’m sure there will be plenty of them at the bottom.

  11. I just don’t know what is going to happen, but the signals they put out, the charts, and my gut all tell me they will crash it… not go to all time new highs with QE3.  We’ll know in 15 minutes now when the FOMC meeting are released at 2:15 pm est.

  12. No circuit breakers after 2:30 pm, and Bernanke said nothing about QE3.  This market is doomed!  Plus, this August the 11th the circuit breakers put in place from the May 2010 flash crash expire.  Does that me this Friday there won’t be any brakes to stop the market from falling? Yes it does!

    • If you google FAS, it shows 8.72 as low of the day.  Clearly it didn’t get that low.  Looks like we will tank soon even with this ram job…ehhh…ramp job of epic proportions…

  13. the only to way to lose going long is if the spx goes below 1084. that
    means the major networks would have to use the lead story,

     “it’s offical,the US economy has dipped back into a double dip recession.”
    i’m doubtful, the higher ups, are going to let this happen.

    • I agree they will use POMO lite to ramp this pig up as much as they can before undercutting today’s low.

  14. Good video update, Red.

    Elliot Wave has had a Gold target of about $840 for a while now; they expect some serious devaluation of all assets (followed by hyperinflation) so that sort-of matches the FP.

    Happy Birthday to you.

  15. Here’s Dex’s latest video (it’s 15 minutes long).  Just start at 13 minutes and listen to the last 2 minutes…

    Next target down (according to Dex) is around the 83 spy level.

    Here’s “Gary the Numbers Guy” site….!/pages/Gary-the-Numbers-Guy/106424402761530 is 8-11-11, and you know how the Illuminati like “11’s”.  Is another false flag coming?

  16. I guess that was a guardian angel turning off my power yesterday during the last 15-20 minutes of the day, as I would have surely panicked and closed out my position at a lost… then I wouldn’t have been able to get back in from this mornings’ gap down.  Thank you guardian angel… 🙂

    • Thanks… and yeah, that looks like a FP, but that would imply a huge rally in the market as FAZ is a bearish ETF on the banks.  I doubt if we will see FAZ fall to that level anytime soon.  Maybe next year?  Who knows?  Thanks though…

      • Red,

        That 40 print of FAZ might match up with 1382 FP???  I’ve been watching FAZ (okay I own probably too much of it) and it can get down there in a hurry.  Just going off memory here but… when we were at 1370 SPX, FAZ was around 39 after their 5:1 reverse split.

        It’s interesting we had 2 prints on 3x EFT’s in 2 days.  Yesterday FAS FP at 8.72 now FAZ FP near 40.  They appear to contratdict each other.  So it looks like we have a drop then huge pop, or we run up to the 1382 area then with a huge drop.  Of note, the last time FAS was around 8.72 was when SPX was ~750 back in March 2009.  Doesn’t mean the correlation will be the same this time though…All this assumes those are valid FP’s!!!

        • With the monthly and weekly charts pointing down really hard, I seriously doubt that we’ll see that 138 SPY FP anytime soon.  It might take years to get back up that high?  We are going to have too have hyper-inflation to see the market rally like that again.  I think we’ll see the 34.65 SPY FP first… as in “this year probably, or March of next year”.

  17. Today should be the last chance for the bulls to exit before another leg down. All the short term charts will have worked off their oversold conditions by the end of today or early tomorrow morning.

  18. Red really good stuff lately.  Have you got an archive of all the FP’s somewhere.  I remember seeing it at one time.

  19. jackson hole, later this month. i suspect something “creative” will come
    out of that. and how about a market run up ahead of that meeting—call
    it “insider trading”—maybe.

  20. takes 4 to 5 days for rsi 25 and under stocks to get a base going,
    they have to keep retesting their recent lows
    then they take off to rsi 50—this is day 2

  21. 138 for the SPY wont happen, it may fill in 1 QTR of 2012 not before.

    Also, FP that was back on 4/14/2011 VXX = 47.74 and on 4/25/2011 BGZ = $62.41
    Notice the numbers added and it shows 8 – could that be August….hummmmm  
    Dates to watch as danger would be 8/12, 8/14, 8/25

  22. Quick Thursday Update….

    As I expected the futures rallied last night to continue to work off the oversold conditions on the short term charts.  I had seen the ES up as much as 15 points before going to bed last night.  This morning the futures rolled back over after becoming overbought on the 60 and 2 hour charts.

    Right now the ES is down about 15 points, and I think it will continue down once the market opens.  The SPX looks overbought on the 30, 60 and 2 hour charts as well, which leads me to believe that the ES rolling over will force the SPX to rollover too.

    While it’s possible that the SPX could continue a little higher on the MACD’s, it would only delay the selling until Friday.  But since the ES is already heading down, the more likely scenario is that the SPX follows and another 500-1000 point drop happens again today.

    That’s why I think we’ll see another crash day today, like Monday did.  Since tomorrow is Friday and the last day of the week, we should expect the momentum to carry over into it too, as we’ll likely see panic finally set in as traders finally give up on trying to pick the bottom and go long.

    I’m sure I’ll exit my shorts by the close on Friday no matter what happens, and wait to see what Monday brings.  If we get the kind of selling I’m expecting today and Friday, I’m sure we’ll see some type of rally on Monday to work off the short term oversold conditions that will likely have formed.

    Go luck as usual gang…


  23. Looks like we are getting some wild swings from the “better then expected” jobs data.  This looks like a choppy wave 4 before wave 5 down begins.  I think this is just a “dead cat bounce”, and we’ll start wave 5 down sometime before the close today… which means that it will carry over into Friday too.  This means Friday could be the larger down day… hard too say which?  But either way, I expect another 500-1000 before this week ends.

  24. AAPL and GOOG Holding on to 50 DMA:

    • With their anti-short moves, it might be a few days to work its way thru the system is what I’m thinking. A lot of people want to pump this market a little higher into the 12’s next week to get a better sale price.

      Edit: BTW, it has been a beautifully symmetrical computer generated market this last several days. Great entries and exits.

        • It just seems to soon though. I mean, gotta make people think that there’s hope. But then again, there have been plunges into mid-week OPX, like during the Fukushima artificial disaster. This is a tough one.

          The pattern I’ve been trading says tomorrow ends much higher, but that would require a gap up, mid-day plunge and late run-up……so I’ll be watching.

  25. 1084 spx is the feds bear market line—defended really well…those are the FACT, so far 
    a break under 1050 = new bear market, might as well be treated as a signal for spx 800—
    800 not likely, therefore 1050 not likely, imo.

  26. SPX Analysis after closing bell:

  27. Finally, I can post!!!

    Well, my crash window opens tomorrow.  8-12, the deathdate for Rooster Cogburn in True Grit and a corporate entity number.   Also mention of the Beck-Grossman QB controversy in D.C.—Grossman 8 to Beck’s 12.

    I still would like to see a spike up to the 20month average at 1203 SP.   We still might need a hockey stick spike up.   Today despite being up big didn’t have the feel of a massive short squeeze.   But too many are looking for a short squeeze and bearish numbers dropped for both AAII and Investor’s Intelligence despite the market carnage of the past week.   The equity put-call dropped to quiet a low level of .63 today considering how bearish the news and activity has been.

    The European bourses look like they need a sharp spike  up and I read that short selling might have been banned in France (need to confirm).   There is a full moon over the weekend so all of these conditions might continue the rally into tomorrow.   McOscillator might need to get to the 0 line tomorrow also (currently -90).

    But a drop below Monday’s lows will have me mega bearish.

    A certain little indicator is now in the crash zone.


    • There was a 29 cent taco special at the local coporate entity on 8-10 from 3-8pm following the 88cent special from 8am-8pm on 8-8 at another corporate entity.    Part of the Grand Jubilee.

  28. es Trend update and levles:

  29. Not even the Illuminati could save me from the near heart attack/asthma attack I almost died from last night. When I opened the sliding glass door to catch my breath I heard a car start outside, and then I assumed it was a hit job and that I had been poisoned.

    If you don’t want to be killed by them, the only choice is to join them.

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