The Selling Isn’t Even Close To Over Yet…


Wednesday update...

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Last week was ugly, but this week is going to be just as bad!

The S&P 500 finally closed below the 200ma on the weekly chart last week, which is a clear signal that this bear is here to stay... and for quite a long time I believe!  While I'm sure there will be bear market rallies, this selling is going to continue well into 2012, and where it bottoms no one knows (except the gangsters of course... and the readers of this blog too, if the FP on the SPY of 34.65 is real?).

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Talk about a blood bath... if that happens America won't even look close to what it is right now.  There will be riots in the streets like London, as millions of people lose their jobs because the Illuminati Reptilian Gangsters stole all the money and caused the Great Depression Tw0 to start!  If there is too be "be-heading's" as foretold in the Bible, let start with murdering rapist, thieving, satanist, cannibals in the White House and the Vatican as that's where all the evil resides!

While I try to remain positive and not focus on the evil thugs that run the world, it's hard to forgive them for what they've done... especially when their not even human!  I could have mercy for another human, but not a shapeshifting reptilian!  Captain Kirk had mercy on a reptilian alien in one episode of Star Trek when he and the captain of another ship (who was a reptilian) were taken from their ships and forced to fight each other on a desert like planet by some supreme being that had control of both ships and could destroy them at will.

It was an interesting episode as the reptilian was much bigger and stronger then Kirk, but Kirk was smarter and created some homemade explosive from gun power found on the planet.  He used it to propel a large rock at the reptilian to knock him unconscious and win the fight... which meant that the supreme being would free the Enterprise ship and destroy the reptilian ship.  Kirk... being a human and having compassion, asked the supreme being to let the other ship go and not destroy it, and refused to kill the reptilian captain he was fighting.

Of course the different here in this story is that the reptilian hasn't done anything wrong as both ships and crew just met each other while in orbit on that planet... therefore, they were innocent and hadn't done any crimes against any humans.  That's not the same story that we have here on planet earth today, as these reptilians have been controlling and enslaving humanity for at least the last 4,000 years... therefore, I don't have any compassion for them.

I look forward to the day when Ben Bernanke, Tim Geither, Jamie Dillon, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soro's, Warren Buffet, Henry Kissinger, David and Jay Rockefeller, George and George Jr Bush, The Clinton's, Dick Chaney, and a host of other evil gangsters get arrested for crimes against humanity.  One day the sheep will wake up and see these reptiles for what they really are... pure evil satanists!

This stock market crash is going along just as they planned it...

At this point, I don't see any evidence that clearly shows that these thugs aren't still in full control of this stock market.  They planned this crash years in advance, and now it's happening just as they want it too.  They plan to take the market down to about 3,000 or so on the Dow (based on the 34.65 spy FP, which is about 346.50 SPX and about that area on the Dow) so they can bankrupt America, wipe out all the debt they created and passed onto the public (us sheep), while they kept all the profits.

Then they plan to use that stolen money and buy up American assets for pennies on the dollar to create a "New World Order" where every company is owned by the government (through more bailouts, and consolidations)... therefore everyone will be working for them!  Welcome to the "United Communist States of America"!  Well I've got news for them... it ain't going to happen!  You're not going to chip me and make me your slave!  I'm an immortal spirit and I chose what reality and time line I want to go down... and I chose "Freedom"!

You too have a choice, as you can chose to go down any time line you want too.  I see the collapse in the economy and the stock market as positive thing which cleans the slate and a new beautiful world of free energy technology, clean water, air and food, and a world of peace with no more staged wars for profit, fear, and population control happen.  The gangsters can chose their own time line too, and I suspect it will be the one where Elenin passes too close to earth and destroys 80-90% of the population, while the hide in their underground cities they built with stolen money from massive printing by the Federal Reserve Banksters.

I can picture them now, thinking that they are safe from the volcano's, earthquakes, and tidal waves that are happening on the surface as this all happens in their time line... only to see their underground city become their tomb as the walls that support it collapse and lava and/or water comes in and destroys the city.  It's happened before and it will happen again... but not in my time line.

In my time line the stock still does collapse, but it turns out better for humanity after it bottoms as a new era of freedom and peace starts world wide.  The Elenin event passes with no major damage to earth, as we are being protected from Good Aliens (Angels), who are able to use their technology to shield the planet from the destruction that Elenin should create.

Moving on to the latest from Lindsey Williams...

It's time to revisit what Lindsey Williams stated about the collapse of the Euro, and the "less then two weeks to get out of all paper", as that time is coming much nearer then we may think.  While I'm still thinking that we will follow a nice elliottwave structured move up and down, and have a nice major wave 2 up (probably lasting until the week of October 23rd, as that's the end of the next Legatus Pilgrimage), there's NO guarantee that this market is going to have any more rallies in it... or corrections in gold.

Pastor Lindsey Williams : “The Euro is going to fall first. I was told that it will be one European country after the other will default until the Euro and the European Union are in such a collapsed position that they’ll have no choice but to render the Euro worthless. At that point you have some where in the matter of days, not months, maybe weeks, but not months. You have only a matter of days to get out of every piece of paper you’ve got. I’m talking about Federal Reserve notes, I’m talking about Treasury Bills, I’m speaking of your retirement, your 401K, your IRA. But of course you can’t get out that quickly so you’re going to lose it, and they know this, you have a matter of days.”

(to watch on youtube (Part One):

(to watch on youtube (Part Two):

(to watch on youtube (Part Three):


Part One:

  • Reptilian ShapeShifter Hilliary Clinton stated that "they" give the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt, and make them legal
  • Other countries will also be given to the Muslim Brotherhood in there plan to control the middle east
  • The Royal Family in Saudi Arabia will be removed which will force oil to skyrocket just like the gangsters planned.
  • Gold is going to $3,000 per ounce
  • The US will Default on its' debt
  • The Illuminati Reptilian Elite Gangsters will own all of America
  • The "New World Order" will then have Total Control

Part Two:

  • The Obama Healthcare Bill is NOTHING about health care... it's about TOTAL Control of the People
  • Handheld instruments are already being sent out to doctors from the gangsters at Homeland Security
  • Doctors will be forced to input their diagnosis of a patient into the device and then will be told what they can do for that patient by the elite through some new government agency
  • Doctors refusing to follow orders by this Nazi controlled "Youth-naize" agency will be fined $5,000 for the first offense and prison for the second offense
  • The Euro will collapse and you will only have days (to weeks) before total collapse happens, as Greece will default and it will spread across the world.  They will render the Euro worthless!
  • The Elite Gangster fear the people waking up and don't want riots, and will back off if the sheep wake up too fast and fight back
  • No shortage of food and water, but the currency will be worth so little that you won't be able to afford it

Part Three:

  • The end times are near when the Federal Reserves starts buying it's own debt (which they have been doing for the last 8 months now)
  • Illuminati Reptilian Hillary Clinton is lobbying to be the head of the International Bank
  • China is holding 3 Trillion dollars in American Dollars
  • If the Obama Healthcare bill goes through 40% of the US doctors will quit
  • The elite have a cure for every auto immune disease on the planet, including all cancer types, leukemia, and arthritis
  • Call 1-800-262-0212 to find out where the Elite Gangsters go to get cured of all auto immune diseases (

Ok, on to the short term market forecast...

Next week should have a bounce in it, but the over all week should be down hard again.  My best guess is that Monday we'll hit the double bottom area of 1101 spx and then rally some on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It could be a little wild next week, as traders are going to be waiting to hear what Bernanke says from Jackson Hole, Wyoming this Friday.  Last time Bernanke was there he announced quantitative easing two (QE2), but I don't think he's going to do QE3 this time.

In fact, I suspect that we'll have another stock market crash this coming Friday.  It's hard to see where the market will be Monday-Thursday, but I expect it to rally a little as the market is oversold on the short term charts right now.  A rally up into his speech would match up with the charts (mainly the 60 minute chart, but the daily also to some degree).  The speech is set for 10 am, and I'm considering just waiting until then to go short the market.

If the gangsters release some fake rumor that Bernanke will do QE3 and announce it this Friday, that would cause a nice short squeeze in the market... which I would love to see happen.  I'm not saying that it will happen, but we all know how the gangsters like to start rumors to move the market in the direction they want it to go, only to do the opposite once the rumor is proven to be "just a rumor".

So... let's expect the "un-expected" again!

Since every report released this week is under the full control of the Illuminati gangsters you can expect them to tailor those reports to look whatever way they want them too be.  If they want a rally, they will give out good reports and possibly leak a fake rumor out too.  If they want the market to continue selling off all they have to do is release truthful reports, as we all know they are all horrible... if actually accurate.

For all we know, this could wave down from 1208 could be a "B" wave down with "C" up to follow... which could end this Friday when Bernanke speaks.  If the 1101 low isn't taken out this Monday, and we put in a "higher low", then that could be the wave count.  Then we would have the 1101 low to the 1208 high being wave A (still inside the larger wave 4 up).  If we rally up to take out the 1208 high by Friday, then I suspect that will finally complete our wave 4 up with an ABC move.

Then wave 5 down would start after Bernanke says nothing about QE3 on Friday... causing another crash to happen!  That is one possibility that I see which could happen and could match up with the charts fairly well.  The other is that we go down below the 1101 low on Monday and then rally up on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday to complete a smaller wave 2 up inside of the larger wave 5 down with the larger wave 4 up being complete at the 1208 high.  That means it's not an ABC move up as suggested above (or simply that the ABC pattern has already formed and completed).

This means that inside this larger wave 5 down we will complete the first smaller subwave on Monday with a slightly lower low then the 1101 current low.  Then a smaller subwave 2 to be completed by Wednesday, and then a smaller subwave 3 down (still inside the large wave 5 down) to start on Thursday's Jobless Claims number (or whatever else they want to blame it on?)... followed by brief bounce before Bernanke speaks at 10 am on Friday, and then the final smaller subwave 5 inside a larger wave 5 to complete the final move down into the close with a capitulation crash.

Final target of Major wave one down from the May 2nd high... 965 SPX or thereabouts!

This could be the scenario for next week?  Or, it could carry over into one more down week to end the month of August deeply in the red.  Either way, I'm expect an end to this selling within the next week or two.  Then I expect a Major wave two up to start and carry on into the week of October 23rd when the Legatus Pilgrimage ends.  That would then start Major wave three down inside Primary wave three down (which started at the May 2nd high that ended the P2 rally from the March 2009 low of 666 spx).

Yes, this next wave down will be the largest in the history of the stock market I believe.  It will totally wipeout every 401k saving plan that many American's have as the Illuminati Reptilian Evil Gangsters steal every last penny that we sheep have.  I hope I'm wrong on this, but I do think this is what's coming... so you need to prepare for it.  If I'm wrong, then some miracle will happen and save the market from total collapse.  Right now the odds of a miracle are slim, but hope is still alive.  Just stay positive and if you make money from the collapse, never forget to help those less fortunate then you who lost it all.

That's it gang, stay alert and awake this week, as it could bring more surprises...




  1. Today is 111 days from 5-2.   I see bottom calling, bullish complacency en masse everywhere.   And the few bears have us finishing the decline at any moment.   What they should be worried about is the epic straight down move we are about to encounter, undoubteably one for the record books.

  2.     There are lots of cancer cures.  Number one cure is avoid catscans and doctors and vaccinations.  If you have been vaccinated, you have been nano time bombed, so you have to do all the right things for the rest of your life to try and dilute the effect.  If you were born before 1953, you might live till100 as both my grandparents have, if you were born after 53, you might make it till 55 if you are lucky. 

       By the way, the Euro JPY so far is up 200% on all my contracts and the S and P has done well since  Gold basically flat but ready to fall hard.  My calibrator is pretty amazing, Red I will email you tonight.

    • Yes, I’m sure the gangsters poisoned us with their vaccinations.  I had mine when I was a child, but nothing since then.  So you think they will do something to cause us all to die, or do you mean it will be a so death over years that shortens our life span?

  3. Anna stated that she heard on cnbc about QE3 coming… LOL.  Another rumor to rally to market.  It was by Citi and Barcleys, but of course it’s just a rumor.  Too funny… I’m starting to think like a gangster!

  4. I don’t think we are going to get much of a rally now, but instead just some sideways chop to put in a bear flag for Friday we Bernanke says nothing about QE3 and the market sells off again.

  5. Well, we are rallying a little now gang.  I’m starting to think that we will rally and/or trade sideways until Friday when Bernanke speaks.  At this time I have no position.  I will likely go short (assuming the charts are nice and overbought by then) before he speaks at 10am on Friday, or possibly Thursday at the close?  The charts say we should rollover late Wednesday, but my gut tells me they will hold the market up until Friday.

  6. Gold should be a buy again Friday morning.  With QE3, gold should still rally on a more worthless dollar.  Without QE3, the stock market will crash and Gold will rally because it’s a safe haven.  Either way, Gold should rally!

    • I’m thinking the bots will create a white soldier rally to get everyone on board and then finally tank to break the Aug 9 lows after The Madman speaks.

      • Well, I’m not going heavily short until Friday morning before he speaks, so it doesn’t bother me if they run it up 3 day in a row, as it will just drop that much further when no QE3 is announced.

        • Yup, I’m almost all in cash right now because for the next 2 1/2 days it’s just fun & games for the machines. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the BS.

          • Tomorrow should be a “pause” day… either slightly negative or slightly positive.  Thursday is unknown at this point, but Friday will be the “big one”, and I plan to go short before 10am and see what happens.  There could be a “fakeout” move to the upside, but I don’t want to chance that… as we could just start tanking and never look back.

          • There are 3 of those structures in the world… one in Washington DC, London England, and the Vatican in Rome.  All of the structures are Illuminati symbols that are shaped in the form of the male private part, and represent power.  By damaging the one in Washington DC, they are basically saying that America isn’t a power center anymore.  They are sacrificing America.  The new power center will probably be Dubai, as that whole city is full of Illuminati building, symbol’s and structures.

  7. My gold short thank god is now doing very well, it was pretty scary there, and the ES, well, the calibrator has been good.  And the Euro JPy has been great.  Sorry I haven’t conversed yet Red.   Been trying to get back into playing shape again this summer.  Every time it gets a little harder. 

  8. SPX Analysis after closing bell:

    • Remember Z… if they crash it down this year (and early next year) they can rally it up the 2nd half of 2012 for the elections.  It’s all planned of course, as I seriously doubt if there has ever been a really bad bear market in an election year (which are even numbers by the way, and the odd number years are almost always the bad one’s)

  9.    I am pretty pleased.  The forex harmonic calibrator has really delivered a nice trio here, Euro JPY, Gold down big time and the big rebound in ES. 

  10. Still holding my longs from 1138. Looking for 1180 – 1188 to bail out. Than short from those levels.

  11. Every one is looking at the 1208 level to short again. I do not believe Mr Market is going to allow them to do it. I am going to start layering in the shorts from 1175 Level.

  12.     Too many people are looking for the same thing, it never gets delivered to the masses.  Might have a BIG runup here, violent as I was indicated by the calibrator last week.  This has been good so far, but not violent, YET>

  13. I have been subscribing to  IBD for the past few months, yesterday they issued a “confirmed market uptrend” claiming Tuesday was a follow through day.  They urged investors to start putting 1/3 back in the market.  They say when things seem gloomy is often the start of the new bull, but the volatility across all asset classes has me a little tepid to get involved again.

    IBD touts sell at 7-8% loss and only buy at the handle of cup and handle charts, the majority of the IBD 50 seems to swing + or – 10%-15% up or down so it does not really matter when you buy you get shook out.

    I am not quite as believing in conspiracy but the thing is IBD is really right wing and I know that, the other thing I know is that volatility has been keeping me mostly in cash and transitioning to PM.  Finally, IBD called an uptrend in July that lasted all of 7 days and several folks got clobbered.

    What I am thinking now is well it could be quite possible that no asset class is a haven, because the market makers are continually shaking out investors with simple stops like me.

    PM – The market makers control look at what just happened to the gold limits.
    Stocks – The market makers control everyday
    Commodities – Well if there is no currency and no one left to buy then what

    What is the best measure of volatility for a stock or etf?  I can accept the risk if I can have some sense of measurement.
    Thanks – Simon

    • I can’t tell you how to trade of course, as I trade options and they aren’t for the average investor.  I would say that your assumption that IBD is misleading you is correct.  You and I are the sheep and the wolves that control the main stream media make sure that they lie to the sheep so the wolves can continue to steal their money.

      I have a downside target of 965 SPX before this first Major Wave 1 down is complete.  Then a rally can start for Major Wave 2 up, which could last for 3-6 weeks… carrying us into my next major turn date starting the week of October 23rd.  That next wave down will be horrible for the bulls and will be talked about for decades in the future.  We could easily see a 2-3 thousand point drop on the DOW within a few weeks.

      I probably won’t trade on the Major Wave 2 up as it will be choppy and full of wild swings.  I might trade something other then the main etf’s, but for now I’m just focusing on the completion of this 5th and final wave down inside Major Wave 1 down.  Then I will decide what to do next.  I might be shorting gold on that Major Wave 2 rally?  We’ll see…

      • Thanks for replying, I definitely feel like ‘the sheep’ since April. I am thinking of getting into options as well as it seems to be a more strategic asset. 

        I was in DC 3 weeks ago during the market crash, homeless women on the street begging for food with their children.  Street vendors being arrested.  Illiterate and non English speaking service workers at Starbucks, you would think I was in some kind of alternate USA. 

        I am generally a pretty positive person and like to see the bright side, but I have seen what has happened in Wisconsin and it is clear that ‘the people’ don’t hold the keys to liberty.  State workers and programs will be cut by 20% in September.  The next few years will be very surprising.

  14.     The Harmonic forex calibrator takes into account all the vertical politics and social mood.  All three of its indications are FULL ahead GO now.   Bottom line, is that what IS, is NOT.  That is what rules mood and market, ultimately.

    • I’m not sure what you are say… up tomorrow or down?  I see tomorrow morning down to at least the FP of 115.27 spy, and then they could turn it back up into Bernanke speaking on Friday.

  15.    And as we now see, Lindsay Williams, like all of the internet short term heroes, is merely a pawn.

  16.     Imagine if we merely reported where the market was actually going here, pretty well all of the time.   Imagine.

  17.     I won the Florida Junior College State Championship not far from where you live.  I love Florida.  Great, great people hanging down there.

  18.     By the way, I find your site the most homey site on the internet.  You could have a following of many here my friend.

      •     Go back and dig up ALL my calls.  I don’t make a call unless it is given by the calibrator.  But dig them all up. All salient, all given.   And I only buy a small amount, and all money given away.  Or its taken.

        • You were early on one call that the bottom was in and a rally should start, as it started 2 days later…. but you have a very good record overall.  However, we trade differently I’m sure.  You can ride out the small moves where it’s tougher for me to do that with options.

  19.    Violent move UP in the spx.  gold smashed.  Euro JPY maybe the call of the year, or five years.

    • If I were a billionaire I’d spend my time waking up the people like Alex Jones does… with my own “Internet TV show”.  That would make me happy… helping other out by exposing the truth to them.  Once enough people wake up, the world will be a better place to live.  No more wars, no more poverty, no more hunger, and free energy for the world.  That would be my goal.

  20. Well I got a 1/3 of my short position at 1173. Hoping for an upward bias tomorrow morning with the sp. to buy layer in more shorts.

    • You could get your wish GL… if they manipulate it up against the charts tomorrow.  The short term charts say we go down in the morning and rally into the afternoon, but I’ve been fooled before, and will be wrong again before I retired at age 200. LOL

  21. Looks like the Transports are the only index i see a clear 5 waves down from 5,600 to 4,200 on the daily mmmm

      • Well that would mean transports would have to have a 5 wave extension within this last 5th wave. If we rally hard after big Bens talk it would mean the other indexes had a truncation for its 5th wave..Anyway, i think its smart to follow the transports now b/c it has the clearest waves right now…

  22. Steve Jobs resigns …/NQ taking a beating after hours 

    Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple, Tim Cook Named CEO

  23. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  24. For you late night people, I’m working on a new video update but it will be about an hour (or two) before it’s done.  I’ll try to keep it short so I can get it up faster…

  25. Just heard Bradley’s song for the first time in a while (probably 5-13)     I heard this song on 5-1 about one hour before the Bin Laden ritual and then a little after midnight on 5-13  (Friday the 13th 703years7months from the original Friday the 13th).   It was 8xxx on my radio clock which is the incorrect time.   I have been getting very eerie premonitions with this song.   Also saw sailboat sailing with the sail number 87565 right around my birthday which was about the time the crash phase began.

    We have a Bradley’s date approaching that is also connected to the original Friday the 13th.   August 16 was 703years307 days from that date when we also had an astro-match to the 1987 crash and the market turned down from there.   19years4months later.   The day of infamy number.   Notice the Dow was down minus 419 pts last week while up 322 yesterday.  (Today is 3months 22days from 5-2)  Notice the mention of the 19 4 number in the top of the comments section of that link.  Dow was also down 512pts a few weeks ago.  512=8x8x8  October 11,2007 high to March 6,2009 bottom was 512 days.

    I expected big things today, 8-24, ie 8-888 but I was disappointed.   But it looks like Steve Jobs picked a good day to resign.

  26. Euro/JPY picking up serious steam.  Just a BIG move so far.  And now the violent moves in Gold and the  SPX are showing up.  So, been a great two weeks. 

       Thanks to Red for providing a forum where I can additionally see the FP’s.

  27.   Hope you guys aren’t too short here.   It might be okay, but obviously not this morning.  I am going to consult the calibrator later today.  Re: the length of this move.

    • I’m still short… but not like it right now.  Total BS here, as the charts say this would go down this morning.  More manipulation again.  I should be used to this by now, as they always trick everyone on these moves.

      But, it’s coming back down now… so maybe it’s an “exhaustion” gap up and now we can sell off some?  Not that I think it will be big selling as that’s not likely to happen before Bernanke speaks, but it still should go down and work off the overbought conditions on the short term charts before rallying more… if it’s going to do that?

  28. I finally got my the rest of my shorts at the 1188 level as I wanted. Should be interesting after BB speaks, on what the markets will or will not do.

    • I’m with you GL… the gap is filled now, and Bernanke has NO bullets left.  I can’t see anyway possible that we don’t sell off after he speaks. Today’s gap up manipulation is a sign to me that they know it’s going down so they are trying to get it up as high as possible before that happens.

      If we would have sold off into the meeting then I would expect a rally from it, but we are rallying into it, therefore we should sell off after it.  Nothing he says is going to help.  With or without QE3 this should still be a “sell the news” event.

  29. I haven’t heard a thing since I turned on the TV about jobless claims being 417K, way, way over the consensus. Oh yeah…Immelt to CNBC…”Put on that Buffett thing! We gotta drown out the claims data!” I momentarily forgot how it works.

  30. Red, please remember that during mercury retrograde. That all technical studies on the market go out the window. Very difficult to interpret. Mercury goes direct latter Friday. From next week onward it will be easier to read the market.

    Best of luck

  31. Before the day is over,  I’m looking for 115.27 spy (per yesterday’s FP)I’m looking for 115.27 spy (per yesterday’s FP).  “If” we reach that target I will exit my shorts and set on the sidelines until tomorrow.

  32. Is anyone having problems with not being able to see the button to post a comment with disqus?  Two people now said they can’t see it?  It’s fine on all my computers and on different browsers.  If anyone is having problems, try using a different browser and also run a program called “CCleaner” to clear out the old cache.  That could be the problem?

    • Ok, I tested this site on google chrome, safari, firefox, opera, deepnet, netscape, maxthon2, avant, and IE8 and it works fine.  But IE7 do have the problem of cutting off the “post” button for disqus.  I recommend everyone get rid of IE period… regardless of the version.  Get one of the other browsers as they are all much better and more stable.  My favorite is FireFox and Opera. 

  33. Thanks Red!! I came within 2 points of the fake print. Sold my short position from this morning from 1188

  34.    Just got back from playing two hours of tennis TOTALLY missed the fake print, covered a LOT lower on my ESP as a result and a LOT higher on my gold.  Shit.  Oh well, still a big win.  Great fake print guys.

    • Well, WBS we all miss them from time to time.  That’s why have have this blog to share ideas and work together as a team.  The more people out there looking for FP’s the better our chances of catching them.

    • Before the day is over, I do expect the 115.27 spy FP to be hit GL, and I’ll exit my shorts at that time.  I missed the gap up (which sucks, as I could have made a very nice profit today), but I’ll still make profit when I close them out.

      I’ll wait until tomorrow to decide on what’s next, but I do expect it to be a “sell the news event”.

  35.    I am not doing anything more today or tomorrow.  Hate trading on Fridays.   But of course if anything major is going to develop, they will do it, just when we either are sleeping or late on Friday afternoon.  OR, before the market opens on Monday. 

  36. We are getting close now gang, but even if we don’t hit the SPY FP of 115.27 I will still be closing out my shorts today and going flat into Friday.  The charts are all mixed now, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen after Bernanke speaks.  Today’s down move changed the plan.

    • New AH print SPY FP of 115.35. I wonder if that’s a fill or a new one? Seeing any nasty clouds yet Red?

    • Thinking out loud, if the Madman decides on operation twist and doesn’t increase the balance sheet, gold could move down a lot more. Maybe that’s why the margin increases? All in the Bastard Plan?

  37. I nailed it again !! Ready for a up swing in the morning than back to shorts.

    Thanks again RED for that fake print

    • I assume, you believe the over all markets are heading upwards over the next several weeks. With no major correction over the next few weeks

  38. Hearing Bradley’s song last night got me thinking that Bernanke might be pulling off an early morning ambush semi- Friday the 13th ritual ala the original Friday the 13th 703 years 10months 13 days ago tomorrow.(317days)   Since there is no Friday the 13 th this month, 26th (13+13) will have to do.  Revenge of the original banksters.   And don’t be surprised if there is bad news out of France coincident to the Friday the 13th ritual.  Could be a reason why Bradley confused the 26th with the 29th.   Bradley’s death will have been 15years3months ago today while the birth of the DowJonesIndustrial Average will have been 115years3months ago tomorrow.

    There was a major astro aspect today.   A certain little planet in 69 formed a square with one of his malefic buddies all the while forming a conjunction with the insider’s favorite little astronomical feature.

  39. As expected… NO QE3, which tells me that we’ll likely find a bottom in the market today or Monday.  I’m staying flat as I think we’ll start rallying next week, but I need to see how much damage is done to the market today first… before making that decision.

  40.       This is either one heckuva big wave four, or the wave ii up.  Either way, its NOT a time to be short.  Just my opinion.

    • I suspected today wouldn’t be the crash day as they reset the overbought yesterday, so I really don’t know what to expect today?  I’m just glad I’m flat today.

  41. By the way, from time to time I get juniors that are PRE-VULTURE PUMP.  Is it okay to share them?  I never post anything that I wouldn’t buy with my own money, at that time.  And I am not paid to disseminate them.

        Just wanted to ask before even doing it, cause it seems like a really good group of people here.

  42.     I have done better with juniors than anything else.  I was taught by a fellow who only taught two of us, the other fellow he taught was Frank Holmes.  Google Frank, he is the top dog at US GLOBAL INVESTORS.  He has totally NOT given any credit to his teacher.  He taught both of us how to find pre promotion stocks.  Its the ONLY way to make money in juniors.  But its BIG money.  These juniors have to sell cheap stock to their family and friends to pay the promoters. Its much easier than spotting the Reptilian senior stock crew I gotta tell you. Lol.

    • LOL… post them and we’ll track them to see if they workout or not?  I’m sure many others that read this blog would love to get in on a stock before the promoters pump it up.

      •     LEXG was my last significant one this year.   It was the PUMP of the year.  Most of them don’t do as well.  I always sell half at a double and let the rest run.

  43. Kinda looks like a “cup and handle” pattern on the 30 minute chart with the 17th-18th starting the cup.Kinda looks like a “cup and handle” pattern on the 30 minute chart with the 17th-18th starting the cup.  All the short term charts are aligned together pointing up now.  The short term trend could be turning back up for awhile now.

    They are going to save the market from closing below the 200ma on the weekly, which means it will probably turn back up next week.   I get the feeling that our 5th wave down isn’t coming and the last sell off was it. Call it a “truncated” 5th wave (meaning it failed to take out the low of the 3rd wave down).  I think the bears are done for awhile gang…. that’s why I closed out my shorts yesterday.

    •     This is what I am feeling.  And saw.  YET, didn’t buy a share of an ETF or go long on the futures, so…… feeling empty.

  44. Sold off my longs at 1164 from the close Thursday. I was lucky I was not near my computer this morning. I might have sold after the market started selling off. I just do not get the feeling this market is going to tank until the end of the first week of Sept at the earliest. I just bought some small amount of shorts at the sp 1174 level for a day trade. Not expecting any huge down fall thou

  45. Hmmm….

    Bernanke Says Fed Will Consider Move September 21st-22nd (about QE3)… could this be the real bottom for Major Wave One down?  If so, then that new stimulus should rally the market up into the October 23rd Legatus meeting just in time to finish Major Wave Two and start Major Wave Three down.

    The question is… will traders rally before the date (pricing in QE3 as guaranteed this time), or do they sell off in front of it not knowing what will happen in the meeting?  Since this meeting was a dude, and the market didn’t get another shot of crack cocaine, I’d say the traders will probably sell ahead of the next meeting in fear that nothing is said about QE3 again.

    So, that means we should rally some next week to complete this Minor Wave 4 up (it should take out the current high for wave A around 1210 spx, as this final move should be wave C inside this 4th wave).  If this is an ABC pattern in this 4th wave, then we should reach a new high before next week is over.  That would allow for a sell off to start the 5th wave down the following week, which should continue until Bernanke’s next meeting on the 21st-22nd.

    All just speculation here, but the charts could support this theory easily.  How high could it go?  I’d say NO higher then the 1260 spx area, but more likely just to the 50dma (which will probably drop to about 1240 by the time the market rallies up to it).

    • I’m not sure, as the signals are mixed right now?  I see a rally in the market coming but it’s quite overbought on the short term charts right now.  That means that it’s going to have a hard time rallying on Monday… which means gold will continue up.  Hard too play this one… cash is a safer position right now.  Once the charts all reset to the same direction, then I’ll take a position. 

  46. The timing of Hurricane Irene over the weekend is of big concern gang.  This rally today has got all the short term charts overbought… and the daily could just as easily rollover anytime too.  What “if” this is all planned and we have a major disaster over the weekend… causing the market to crash on Monday?  It would take most traders by surprise I believe… just thinking out loud here.

    • It would certainly peeve me off, after selling out my shorts. But at least I will have a relaxed weekend, knowing I do not have any positions in the market

      • I remained flat going into the weekend though, as I can’t trade off a “what if”… but I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself if the market gaps down hard on Monday!  LOL.  I don’t think it will though as I think there is a little more on the upside left before we roll back over again.  If we could get a nice gap up, I think it will fall back down like a rock.  Gap and Crap… that’s what I’d like to see!

  47. Sold out my shorts from 1175  at 1169 I will reload up possibly on the long side Monday morning. I suspect the big boys are going to want to get rid of all the short by ramp-ping up the markets past the 1208 level. I am sure a lot of shorts will be sitting their to be plucked as the markets head upward.

  48. Lagarde, a former French finance minister who took the helm
    at the Washington-based IMF in July, said recapitalization
    should be “substantial” and called a mandatory move “the most
    efficient solution.” Banks should look for funds in the markets
    first and seek public money if necessary, including from the
    European bailout fund, she said.

    • Yes, I’m afraid I have taken a small short position in Gold (using DGZ).

      I still remain very long in physical gold (coins, for me).

    •     Forgive my laziness in researching these terms you reference.  Why, are YOU short on Gold?  I know why I am, the calibrator indicated it when we were near the top, but its creeping back up, so I am looking to re-enter my shorts.  

      • I am actually not short on gold at this moment, but looking at the chart, it is hitting a Retracement /backtest of the B100 Bernoulli channel, and also a 61 Fibo retrace.  

        Check the charts, my anti gold is indeed gold for the taking.

    •    This is some new stuff for me.  Can you gimme the chickensoup version of why YOU are bearish at this point on Gold?  I am because of my forex calibrator(an instrument that is harmonically calibrated to sense the vibratory directions of the markets). 

        •     I am going to short the crap out of it I am afraid.  But I will consult the calibrator just before.

          • One simple line on a chart, see my post above.    The rational basis is clear, the stop is clear.  

  49. I have shorts in gold a couple different way.  I like the reversal at the open of the Sunday session.   Gold couldn’t close above the close 4 periods earlier at tomorrow’s close or its crash phase wasn’t on. (around 1850).   My premonition concerning Bradley’s song showed 8-29,8-30, 8-31 on my radio clock so we’ll soon see if I have customized market manipulation signals although there is enough firepower now for a a 2 week drop if there are a few pause days scattered in between.

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