Hurricane Irene Foretold By The Illuminati In The Addams Family Movie


Wednesday update...

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Once again the Illuminati tell us in advance what they plan to do to us sheep before they do it!

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What Changed The Direction of Irene? Microwaving? Watch and See


Fortunately, Irene didn't do the damage they wanted it to... yet!  Over the next few days (to weeks) we'll find out the real damage (flooding will continue for several days) in financial terms and then how the stock market reacts to it.  I'm not sure what the evil plan was here by the Illuminati Gangster Cabal, other then to distract us sheep from the stock market meltdown we've been having lately.  I'm sure there's other reasons too, but I don't know what they are currently.

This makes forecasting the market next week very difficult as the charts are slowly turning  bullish, but the economy is still in a disaster mode.  Of course we aren't supposed too trade off the news, as that's already factored into the charts... so they say.   But we know that the financial cost of this HAARP made Hurricane will eventually be felt on Wall Street... the "when" part is the question.

Looking at the charts I see the same thing everyone else does... a "pennant" or triangle pattern that's formed on almost all of the indexes.  Which way it breaks is unknown, as the odds of it being a "continuation pennant" (meaning down, as that's what we've been doing for the last month) aren't that much greater then a breakout to the upside.  So, you can't make a bet based on the odds from a triangle pennant pattern as you had might as well toss a coin in the air and call out heads or tails.

Some important things to note here are the fact that this will be the last week in August and the current price of almost all of the indexes are currently hovering around the 50ma and 20ma on their month charts.  It looks like the gangsters are trying really hard to close out the month around these important support levels, which tells me that next week isn't likely to tank hard like so many people are expecting it to.

The 200ma just happens to be at 1102 spx, which was basically where the market bottomed at earlier this month and bounced back up from.  On the weekly chart we have the 200ma at 1152 spx, and again I think that's why we rallied this last week as they didn't want 2 weeks in a row closing below that level as that would confirm that it had officially broken down and would turn from support to resistance.  Failure to break through this level by the bears gives the bulls a chance to take the helm for awhile and rally back up.

How high you ask?

No more then the 1260 spx level would be my best guess.  Why?  Because the 50ma on the weekly chart is about 1265 right now and the 20ma is turning down toward it and should cross it within a few weeks.  Also, the double bottoms from March and June come in around that same area.  That area will be critical for the bears to hold and stop the bulls from crossing.  So, do I think they will succeed?  Yes, as the longer term monthly charts is still very bears and will support the bears this go around.

Add in all the stuff that's going on with the economy and how the evil cabal is slowly loosing control and you have the makings of another huge leg down in the stock market after this rally is finished.  In this recent interview with Benjamin Fulford by Jeff Rense, Ben states the following...

(to watch on youtube:

  • Not confirmed, but 3 different sources stated to Ben Fulford that the earthquake recently was an attack on hidden military facilities that was controlled be the CIA faction which is run by the Illuminati Gangsters that I always speak of.
  • It was an unusual "one in a hundred" year earthquake. It went off close to some of those secret underground bases. These bases are controlled by the Zionist thugs like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.
  • There is a battle between the factions that control the printing of money in the US, which means that someone wants to stop the mass printing while others want to continue printing. One side will win out and both outcomes will be horrible.
  • The Euro will default at some point in the near future. (But in the end the financial system will be reset as a new better world without the evil cabal will come into existence and the "free" energy technology that's been suppressed by them will become available).

Here's Ben's last post... (

Looks to me like the Fed's are losing control, as there ability keep the stock market up with funny money the gangsters fight among each other for control.  If they don't agree together then the money tree will be cut off and the market will crash.  Of course we already know that's the plan anyway, as they have repeatedly told us with that 34.65 SPY FP from the first of this year and again a few weeks back.

Maybe it's Obama that's trying to keep the money printing going so the economy doesn't collapse during his term.  After all, that wouldn't be good for his chance of re-election next year.  On the other hand I suspect you have the Elite gangsters like the Rockefellers, the Bushes, Soro's and Buffet who want a crash in the market and the economy so they can steal it all at pennies on the dollars?

How ever the different factions of the Illuminati gangsters divide, it still seems that whichever one of them that's manipulating the stock market still seems too be in full control of it.  With that said, I still think they will take this market down to their planned low print within the next year or so.  Since Lindsey Williams has stated repeatedly about how the 2012 timeline is extremely important to these elite gangsters I would suspect that they will try to hit that FP before that year ends.  Remember, they also want oil up to $200.00 per barrel by the end of 2012... which could happen it they cut off the pipelines in the middle east by some planned war.  Since it will likely be proceeded by another False Flag event to start that war, that event itself could be the thing that causes the stock market to continue it's crash.  Let's hope these gangsters fail with this evil  plan.

Back to the short term...

Monday looks to have light volume as many traders will likely gone due to Hurricane Irene (also, the staff is expected to be light on Wall Street according to CNBC).  We all know that light volume usually favors the bulls, which again leads me to believe that the breakout of the triangle will likely be to the upside before the week ends.  Other things also support and upside breakout too.  The weekly chart is turning back up on the Full Stochastic from hitting the 20 level.  The daily chart is also pointing back up from an extremely oversold level around -40 or so on the MACD's.  The 60 minute chart has a bull flag on it and could go a little higher before rolling back down.

This all supports the previous video I did last week that we could have an ABC move up for this 4th wave.  Of course we could also be in major wave 2 up if the 5th wave down (inside major wave 1 down) has already completed as a "truncated" 5th wave.  The Dow Transports already had a lower low on the 22nd-23rd period, while other indexes had an equal low (or slightly higher low in the case of the spx).  Since these indexes usually move in tandem with each other I'd find it hard to see a 5th wave down on the SPX happen without having the Dow Transports going lower too.  This would really mess up the wave count and not make sense at all.

So, with all the evidence I'm seeing now I think we will start major wave 2 up next week and try to make a run for that 1260 spx area.  Will it get that high, or just fall short around 1240 or so is anyone's guess?  I only believe that the gangsters will do everything in their power to hold the market up above the critical moving average levels I spoke of earlier for the weekly and monthly charts.  Once September starts they can continue to tank the market if they choose to do so?  I still see the week of October 23rd as major turn date, and I think it will be to the downside.  But I don't know what the wave count will be, only that I expect it to be multitudes of "wave 3's"... making it one huge crash period!

If we have that major wave 2 up next week, then we should start the first subwave of major wave 3 down in early September.  It does look like that could happen as even though the Full STO's are turning back up on the weekly chart there still isn't any positive divergence on the MACD Histogram bars.  That means a lower low is almost certainly guaranteed to happen.  Of course the monthly chart pointing straight down to also supports that forecast, and lowers the odds of "this time is different" happening.

Looking back in the past it is extremely rare that you see any move up happen without forming a positive divergence and going lower on the market when the next larger time frame chart is extremely bearish like the monthly chart currently is this time around.  Could it happen this time?  Sure, as I seen pigs fly last year, so anything is possible... but it's highly unlikely this go around.  Everyone knows that QE2 was the only thing that turned the impossible around last year and stopped it from crashing in April-July 2010 when it should have, but QE3 isn't going to stop it this time!

You can only defy gravity for so long before you eventually hit the ground hard...

As far as I can see the weekly chart is just now going below the zero level on the MACD's and could easily go to the -100 level again before turning back up hard for a really strong rally.  By then the market could be below the March 2009 levels and the month MACD's could be at -40 or so.  Anyway you look at it, this rally isn't the start of some new bull move that will take out this years' high... it's not going to happen folks!  Just a "Dead Bull Bounce"... nothing more, nothing less!

This Irene thing will likely divert attention away from the stock market this week and many traders could simply not show up to trade... leaving the market will light volume and allowing the PPT (what's left of them... LOL) to use the remaining funny money (stolen from the public through massive printing by uncle Bernanke of course) to push this market up all week long.

You also have Illuminati Gangster Reptilian Warren Buffet who basically just robbed the public again by buying a major stake in Bank of America just recently after talking with Obama just days before about how he needs to bailout the troubled bank... how convenient.  What a piece of s@%t he is!  In this article you can see how he stands to gain tremendously once the government decides to bailout banks holding these distressed mortgages in the name of helping the public!  LOL!  What a bogus out right lie!  Use the sheep's' money (the printing press) to buy up other sheep's debt while letting the gangsters that created the whole problem profit from it by buying the stock of the banks that stand to benefit the most from it at distressed price levels from the recent stock market crash that they caused in the first place!  Man... that's a mouth full to say (and read)!

Ok, that's about enough reasons to support the forecast that we will rally some next week before turning back down again.  While we could sell off some on Monday or Tuesday to reset the short term charts, I think the bottom level of the triangle pennant will hold, bounce and we'll eventually breakout of it on the upside.  Possibly the bull flag on the 60 minute chart plays out and we hit the upper trendline on the triangle Monday morning, and then roll back down into Tuesday to the lower trendline to bounce from?

The only thing that would lead me to believe we are going back down in a 5th wave to take out the 1101 spx low at this point is some surprise event.  Right now I don't think they are planning one for this week.  Maybe the have something planned for this coming 9-11-11?  Seems to obvious too me, but you know how evil they are... and they really don't care if it's obvious or not.  This is the last throws of a dying evil empire and in the end they will do things that they wouldn't have done in the past.

If so, then we could rally up into the 11th or so, and then come back down in another large wave of selling?  It would line up nicely with the charts, as the daily will be nice and overbought by then and the weekly will be ready to put in that positive divergence.  Of course that's all speculation and nothing more.  For now let's just focus on next week.  Simply put I expect the light volume to lead to a rally... how high it unknown, but an upside breakout of the triangle is expected before the week ends.

But, make no mistake... I'm not bullish by any means!  This rally isn't likely to last long... 1-2 weeks max!  Could be only a few days, but I doubt that because the end of the month is this week and they need to close it above those support levels I spoke of at the beginning of this post.  Once next month starts, the market is free to continue the sell off again.  They just aren't likely to make it easy for us bears to catch the real move down... which is why I expect this rally to carry on into the follow week, and not just this coming week.

There should be wild swings up and down too, but each time the bulls should push it a little higher.  If it stretches out for 2 weeks, then the 1260 level could be broken and a move for 1300 could happen.  While I don't know if that's the case or not, I've learned to expect the unexpected now.  I think most traders are expecting more selling next week, so I'm taking the opposite side and expecting the opposite.

Good luck everyone...



  1. Seems that the video about the Addams family doesn’t show up in the video I did above.  Sorry about that… I’m not sure why that happened?  Maybe you can’t record a video inside a video?

  2. Once in a year move upcoming in US/JPY long.  Bought it early this morning and its up pretty nicely already.   A possible 10-50 cent move.  Rags to riches trade. 

  3. And of course Gold is getting pounded BEFORE I got a chance to buy an etf’s.  Bought one contract for 500 bucks, and am up 700 dollars though on the futures.  

  4. I agree, I am pulling out here at about break even. I am going to go long here for a short term trade

  5. The next question, is the sp 500 going to touch the 1208 level and back off or  slice thru that level up to the 1220 level today. My money is we go thru that 1208 level today.

  6.     This could be a one 2, one 2 down, before a THREE of the ONE wave down.   OR:  This could be a wave three UP in a new super wave BULL.

        I don’t buy that this is a wave four any more.  I suppose it could be a wave ii up.  Any ways, I bet I get the top,but I am not quite feeling a top right now.   I will consult the calibrator this afternoon.

    • Be sure to let me know what your “top” is… and yeah, this isn’t likely a wave 4 anymore.  I think major wave 1 down is finished… meaning that 5th wave down we’ve been looking for ended short with a double  bottom.

      •     There are so many of us looking for approximately the same thing, that its probably something fairly different.   It very well might be a one two one two down, and and we are still in the one wave.  In which case, the market is going to plunge HUGE, after this rallying wave is done.

             Lets face it, they brought in a Black President to FAIL MISERABLY.  So they gotta pull the plug soon enough.

        • Actually, Hillary was supposed too be President and she was supposed too be assassinated.  She seen this happen by looking into the future through a secret technology that the reptilians have called “Looking Glass”.  It’s basically a stargate that you don’t go through, but simply look into it to see the future.

          It never happened as we went down a different timeline when Obama won.  The gangsters were supporting McCain and Hilliary and they were fine with either one winning, as they controlled them both.  Obama was a shock to them.  Yes, they do control him as well, but he wasn’t the planned president they had in mind.

          But, you are right… they will blame everything on him when the market crashes and the economy falls into the Great Depression 2.  It’s not his fault of course, but he will be the scape goat.

    • Well let us know Washboardsstocks when you get the signal. As for now I am going to stay the course here with my longs

  7. Nothing to do here but sit on my hands.  Very overbought on all short term charts, but the extremely light volume will keep it from selling off.  At this point it’s best to wait for a pullback and then go long for a few days.

        • One thing I’ve noticed is that they’re compressing the timeline and creating big moves. Hard to tell if they’re just going to work off the overbought conditions in a consolidation or drop back down before doing so.

  8. I am going to feel very reluctant to go long over the next few days. I am going to be focusing on the short side. I am going to start layering the shorts over the next few days.

  9. On SEPT7h the German Supreme Court rules on the use of German taxpayer money forbailing out these other countries. If it rules AGAINST (the likely case) -there will be panic and hype. Money will pour out of equities. The US $would rise against the euro … but US financial stocks will crash hard.Bank of America and Citi wrote the credit default swaps on the Europeandebt, and will be hit especially hard. The money would flow into US bills,notes, and bonds. Portugal, Ireland, and Greece would be toast.You now have the DATE of a potential tipping of the scales for a superimportant market event.  Without German bailout money … Europe collapses.Our stock market would DEFINITELY feel the pain.As I said, I am going to be very relunctant to go long here. Yes I will Probably lose out here on some gains going long. This is the MOTHER of all bear markets. I am not going FU_K this up by going long for a few points.Best of luck to every one.

  10. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  11. another thing to keep in mind for the next couple weeks, expect a rally whenever bad news hits the tapes … Bernanke tipped his hand last week, and now the market is expecting some sort of stimulus or money printing if the economy keeps getting worse, so the gangsta will try to get ahead starts.

  12. 5 day ARMS <.7, which is a sell signal in non bull markets.   Trin ($arms index) hit a miniscule .30 today.    5 and 10 day tick averages at the high end of their ranges and equity put call ratio got down to .53 which is pretty low even in an uptrending bull.    This sort of reminds me of the big 2 day move following the Lehman event in September 2008 (Thursday and Friday of options expiration week) although this rally wasn't as large.   The  Thursday 2008 bar similar to Friday's with an initial spike low that was reversed into a large up trend day accompanied by a moderate Arms reading only to see an even bigger rally the following day with a miniscule Arms reading.   It is also similar to May 31st with the series of up days culminating in a grand finale big upday with it breaking out of the previous resistance range this time.
    (false breakout)

    It also has elements of the mid June chop bottom with a series of reversals although I don't think this rally will extend like it did then.

    We have a certain astro-component coming into place tomorrow that was in existence in October 1987 while another planet masquerades in its shadow phase deceiving the astro shorters who believe its influence has now waned.

    Jeff Cooper has an interesting article on the markets over at minyanville if one can dig it up.  He claims many are expecting a backtest of the 200 day average which means it most likely won't happen or at least until after another flush to new lows.

    Gold now needs to drop hard tomorrow to keep its TD downcount going.   TLT interestingly did not drop to a new low and formed a small red hollow bar indicating there might be a flight into bonds tomorrow.

  13.    I went short the Euro before going to bed, WOW, what a pleasant surprise.  Everyone was bullish as heck on it over at the forexfactory, and I consulted the calibrator and…… wow.  It got smoked.

       I am still very neutral on this  SPX.  Haven’t consulted the calibrator.  I want a big move up to short into though.  Same for Gold.

  14. I bought sp shorts at 1204. Hoping for a down fall into the later part of the day. I am going against the  bullish view.

  15. I bought sp shorts at 1204. Hoping for a down fall into the later part of the day. I am going against the  bullish view.

  16. Red on road will be back in about 2 hours brought to you by 🙂

    Got long Gold yesterday  on the pull back and having a good day took off 1/2 this a.m looking for 1848

  17. Red on road will be back in about 2 hours brought to you by 🙂

    Got long Gold yesterday  on the pull back and having a good day took off 1/2 this a.m looking for 1848

  18. I’m thinking of going long at the end of the day if the charts line up properly.  It will only be for a day or two though.  Light volume this week, so I can see it popping up tomorrow and/or Thursday.  Also, from Cobra’s site: “First trading day in September, S&P up 11 of last 15, back-to-back huge gains 1997 and 1998, up 3.1% and 3.9%.”There is still Mutual Fund money that gets put into the market on the first of the month gang… don’t forget that.  This light volume will allow them to push the market up, so I’d cautious shorting right now.

  19. I wanted to short Gold a while ago, but consulted the calibrator and it told me to go long.  But, I didn’t.  Short bias, and bias’ can kill ya.

    • Yes, having a “bias” to one side or the other can kill you.  I also thought gold might go back down, but I never shorted it… too risky.  It doesn’t always trade from charts, as it’s a “fear” play and can get extremely overbought before selling off… defying the charts of course.

    • I see some short term selling coming GL, and it could come as early as tomorrow?  I do think there is more on the upside, but first there needs to be some selling first to reset the overbought short term charts.  I thought we might get that today, but they just made it more overbought instead.

  20. As usual, the market continues to defy gravity… LOL.  Too be expected I guess.  So much for the pullback to get long into, as I’m not chasing it.  If I don’t get the chance to go long, I’ll just wait to go short… which should be by this Friday.

  21. I am still holding my shorts until tomorrow. With my average shorts bought today, I am off side by approx 3.4 point.

  22. I took a small short into tomorrow just now guys. I’m not expecting much, but I do expect some selling to happen.  Just for a day or two, as I do expect more upside after a one day pullback (which I thought might happen today, but didn’t).  As long as support holds tomorrow, I’ll be looking to exit and possibly go long?

    • The market is bot-controlled now and when it finds a trend, it sticks to it for the duration. I would be hesitant to go against anything no matter how improbable it looks. I wouldn’t short here, except on an intraday basis. Look at how perfectly the market moves! Symmetry! Smooth lines!

  23. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  24.     Lots of junior promos getting geared up for the first week of September.  Normally, I would post the best of the best, but even the best junior pump will fail when we get wave iii.  So, I am going to be careful with what I introduce. 

        Haven’t shorted Gold, or shorted the SPX, still holding the Euro Short, even though it has come back a weeny bit, still lots in profit, and want to see how she goes.

    • Yes, it’s probably a good idea to pass on those stocks until we see a real rally in the market… which isn’t likely to happen until after 2012 in my opinion.  There will be only one “major wave 2 & 4” up, and they might not last more then a month or less.  If you could time those juniors out during one of those waves then you should be fine, but these minor up waves that only last days to weeks probably isn’t enough time to pump those stocks I suspect.

      •     I had to hire some pumpers for my company when it was on the pink sheets, its now on the NYSE.    But when on the pinks, you gotta deal with these devils.  Anyways, RED, the best pumps are two to three days.  I just get in before the pump.  There are about six that are ready to go, but I am still wary of the overall market.

      • 4 hr finally getting into overbought territory……closing out most longs…but won’t short unless indicators make a sharp move downward.

          • Hey, my post 13 or so hours ago, right below! LOL!

            Gotta watch the same indicators the bots are, like the daily MACD, etc. Sold my calls at the open because the criminals are stealing premium like crazy. The market can go up another 100 points they could be worth less EOD.

          • Oh they were way in the money all right, but they decreased disproportionally to the VIX. I’m not taking chances with these criminals.

          • Upward SPY print 127.07 at 10:54 EST. You see it? I wouldn’t trust it to go long at this point, but I’m keeping it in mind just in case…

    • Trying to catch the top of this is extremely tough when the gangsters have light volume and can push it up defying the charts. We should have opened down today and sold off, but they aren’t going to let that happen as usual

    • Yes, I got one yesterday… but it’s not likely to happen tomorrow!  However, it’s worth keeping in mind for later this year or next when the crap hits the fan……/fp-dow-2100-on-08-30-2011.png

  25.      One reason I am so bearish is because there seems to be so much accumulation of the US dollar on its small falls.  I could be completely wrong here, but……

    •  The VXX isn’t really down that much either, when compared to the rally in the market.  I remember a previous sell off (last year sometime, can’t remember when) when a big buyer came in and purchased a very large position in the dollar.  It was just days before the market sold off hard.  So that is a sign that the top is near.

  26.     Going to the last third, haven’t taken a loss for quite some time, so…… this might be a beating. Lol.

  27.     Well, so far, I am up a case of beer and a burger, pretty boring, lol.  How do you guys interpret those prints so far? 


    • “If” the 119.06 print is real, and hasn’t been already hit (which I can’t see that it has), then I’d speculate that we go down to that print by this Friday.  Then next week we continue rallying up to the 127.07 print into Bernanake speaking again mid-month.

  28.    Hmmm, make that a used car.  Good ole calibrator, thought it was a little off for once, but no, good and trusty. 

    • Well, most people simply login to their Disqus account and fill out the field asking for your website.  It is then clickable from your username.  You can then go comment on various blogs that use Disqus and not be considered rude.  If someone clicks on your name it will then take them back to your blog.

      However, I’m OK with people posting their link to their blog on my site.  All I ask is that they don’t just drop by once and post the link and then leave.  They should join in the conversation and post something of value from time to time, so it doesn’t look like they are just spamming.  You have more then posted enough to drop a link.

  29.     I have about 85k double opt ins, but no one goes to the site, just waits for the email, whenever it comes.  I don’t charge, cause I am not daily with any calls.   I like playing my tennis and partying, so its whenever I am in front of the computer and see something, and consult the calibrator,  is when I might go out.  If I held back on my sports and my festivities, I probably could charge a lot. 

       Your site is the only one I visit really, its really entertaining.  And educational.

  30.    Normally I cannot watch a video for more than five minutes, but your voice so reminds me of my tennis days in Florida and the South, I watch the whole shebang.  And enjoy it.

  31.      Ahhh, that is nice, the drop I mean.   Selling one half of another third, should make the rest fairly safe and good to go.  Will definitely sell  the rest at that FP print if it comes Red. 

  32.    I am actually prouder of my Euro USD short though, and still am, the calibrator came up huge on that one.  I felt like I was the only one in the whole world going short.  BUT HEY, Red, you and I know that sure wasn’t the case, some scaly ones musta caught this one too.  Lol.

    •     I am on my sixth Budweiser right now, day off training, if things get bad, I can always get the refund on the emptys.   Funny thing is, the bastards always enquire as to whether I would like to donate my refund to the cancer this or the alzheimer that.  I always tell them that there are lots of cures for those diseases.   The looks I get are priceless. I gotta start filming it.  Its Fred and Barney, with wilma on top.

  33. My thinking exactly washboardstocks. I never give money to any cancer funds. It is a huge scam as far as I am concern. Their are many different alternative cures out there. Well I had my 6 pack in my hands. Some how I lost it on the way home.

    All kidding a side, I am close to break even after these two days. I am holding my shorts for tomorrow. I realize that the week before labour day weekend is usually very positive. But this Mother of all BEAR markets is not going to make it easy for the bulls nor the bears. I am going to play the contrarioan card here for one possibly huge down fall tomorrow.

  34.     Got Reds email. Wow, this guy is passionate.  And what a voice.  Shoulda gone into drama/theatre, but hey, they probably wouldn’t have let him get as far as he should(the top).

        Anyways, we will prevail here, and figure a way to get all the signals to ourselves, before it gets too big here.   Damn, I have to say I love that Euro/USD call.

        By the way, I was buying VKML today, a junior piece of “interest” that will likely receive high end, PAID promotional interest.  Vultures, junior reps, and all that.

    •     Bought at .06 cents.   Hopefully I will NEVER post a losing trade here.  I just HATE losing, its why I was a terrible pro athlete.

      • You’re a funny man… LOL!  I hate losing too, but I have done it many times and I’ll do in again in the future too.  I just have to focus on the positive, be humble and try to learn from it (so I don’t repeat it again of course).

  35. Closed out or chickened out at 1210 this morning.  Heck, it was a great pass in my opinion.  Not big enough to organize a parade, but…. 

       And wow, still self impressed with my euro short.  All of my buddies on were so bullish.

  36. Good morning all… let’s see if they take it down a little day?  They could push the selling out until Friday, but usually they like to close it out positive for the sheep so they’ll go spend money over the weekend.

  37. Dollar up now… someone knows something.  Remember, there has been a steady accumulation of the dollar all week.  I still think we will go down some today and possibly tomorrow too.  We need a little selling before we can go up to the 127.07 spy FP next week.

    • Hope you are right RED. Still hanging hanging on to these shorts. Hoping to get burger and fries today instead of a hot dog, with out the ketchup Like yesterday.

  38.   Wow, talk about a spike up on the futures and then the continued march down.  Hey Red?  Wasn’t there a FP of 119 SPY?  Which we could hit, THEN, go to the 127 SPY next week?

       I am flat, still holding my US/JPY trade, which thankfully is still solidly in the dough.  I get hestitant taking on positions on Thursdays and Fridays. 

    • Yes, I talk about that being a possibility in the new video update I did last night.  Looks like we will start going down today and continue into tomorrow.  (Refresh page for new video update).

  39.      Completely chickened out this morning, in that I covered my Euro US short BEFORE yet another big fall. 

    • Very strange?  You should see a new video added above the other video I did.  It should be at the top of this blog post.  You probably have a ‘cached’ version and need to run CCleaner to clean out the old temporary cached files in the browser and then re-open it.  All browsers do that, and I have just about every browser on the internet installed on my computer.  I used them all to test the site. 

  40.    Wow, great fall on the SPX now.  Only on reddragonleo would you get a FP ahead of time.  Outstanding.

  41.    Thanks Red.  How come we don’t have as many visitors here when things are being called dead on, as when we weren’t as accurate?  Seems a bit strange, or is it a summer thing.

    • It’s always light on visitors during the summer months.  But this October I expect the traffic will pick back up again. It’s getting about 800-1,000 readers per day right now.  It should double later this fall.

  42. 100k jobs added, but the radio keeps saying it’s far short of the
    375,000 needed. so does that mean that the other 275,ooo are left in the
    dust, and have to go get food stamps… 

  43.     So the short gang is in good shape here, so that is good.  I have not bought any of this upcoming vulture pump, VKML, as I am just not at all interested in holding it, during a major C wave down.  But keep your eyes on it, its .06 bid.  The guys who own it, are capable junior vultures and have designs I am sure of selling millions of shares at  much higher prices. 

    • I’m interesting, but only after this market ends this Major Wave 1 down… which I suspect is around 965 spx, from the final Minor Wave 5 inside Major Wave 1.  Then we should rally for 4-6 weeks into late October.

    •     I get most of the good ones, but right now, I am holding off on buying any of them.  BECAUSE, this could be a one two, one two down, before a THREE.  If that is the case, wow, things are going to get really, really ugly.

          People are complaining now, but remember, we have literally been living in a 30 year BULL MARKET, with four bear blips.

          People don’t even have a clue yet, of what it can and most likely will be.

  44. here’s my RUT monthly outlook, wild guessing…monthly outlook. whoever
    gets those right, anyway. but what if it is right. whoa nelly.

  45.    Anyone here going to go long over the weekend if we hit 119 on the SPY tomorrow?  I know I sure will have a tough time doing it.

  46. I have an extra Bamboo tablet.  I am not sure when I could get it out to you before Sunday, but let me know if you are interested.

    I do find writing with a pen on the computer difficult, I do it for presentations often.  

  47. Sold approx 2/3 of my shorts at the close for a burger and fries. Will hold off the remaining third for a possible down draft in the morning.

    • Unfortunately Washboardstocks, many bears will probably lose out on the main severe correction in the markets. As you saw this week, the big boys are doing a great job at clearing out the shorts.

  48. red, I remembered that you posted some FP SPY 104.6 and 88.5, not sure the exact number, but in that range.  Now we have FP 119.06 and 127.01, how do you know the sequence of hitting them?  Is there any reason it will hit 119.06, bounce to 127.01 and then go downhill, not test 119.06 and then 104.6?

    • The reason that we won’t continue down past the 119.06 print John, is because the daily chart (and weekly) still have room to rally on the upside.  You have too follow the technical’s first and then use the FP’s as targets when going in that direction.  We should drop tomorrow morning and then reverse back up to close about flat (slightly up or down, but not big in either direction).  I’ll close out my shorts on any drop in the morning.

  49. That FP from zstock7 translate into a 30% down fall in the Hong Kong market.  If the sp500 drops 30% that would be a 360 point drop down to 840 sp. Mid Sept top to early Oct bottom time frame. I was a little shocked to see zstocks Fp due to the fact, that I always believed the drop was going down to that level.

  50. The main thing to remember is to close out shorts tomorrow morning on any gap down.  Practically all NFP (non-farm payroll) days have reversed whatever they did at the open.  Meaning… if they gap up, they proceed to sell back off throughout the rest of the day.  If they gap down, they proceed to rally back up the rest of the day.

    It doesn’t mean it will be a large move after the gap up or down, only that it will reverse and erase most the gains you may have made.  The common reversal period is anywhere from the first opening candle to as late as 11am or so.  I think it will happen fast as the 60 and 30 minute charts are both approaching oversold conditions.  Be fast on your feet…

  51. CRUDE OIL Falling towards support line:

  52. Well, I never caught the exact bottom to exit my shorts and go long, but who does?  I’m still very comfortable with my longs, and will hold them over the weekend (unless we rally really hard today, then I’ll close them out)

    •    You’re braver than me.  I hate losing, so I only trade when I am 95% sure I am going to win.  And weekends?  Yikes, I like to be flat.

      • Like I said, I’ll close them today if we rally hard.  The short term charts are very oversold now and we should rally later today and into next Tuesday.  There should be light volume next Tuesday (unless something bad happens over the weekend?), which means that should be another up day.  But again, I’ll close out today if we rally nicely and sit in cash.

  53. I sold my shorts here at at 1184 for a quick scalp. I hope to get back later on after my appointments.

    Good luck every one.

  54. Back for 5 minutes, be aware if sp futures drops below 1173 we could get another swing down into the close. If it does go below 1173 I will reload and nail it! I am not predicting it, but it is some thing to be aware of.

  55. Hi Red, I made a quick trade for you. Bought at 1171 futures sold out at 1174 moments ago. I donating $100.00 to you this weekend for all your heart and passion that you put into your site.

  56. From today’s opening to the bottom,  it is trying to bounce but keeps on banging up to the 61.8% retracement level. Not able to bounce further.

  57. That Vulture pre promotion pump gained to .09 cents from .06 cents on small volume.  The buzzards tell me .25 soon.  Don’t buy any, just watch. For entertainment purposes only.

  58. hi red, fakeprints, used to be called composite trades, and were easily located, using google—
    i might have found a clue into what google is calling these composite trades today—-
    found this—-
    If there is a need to use dark liquidity, the
    algorithm must collect statistics about how much liquidity is available
    in each dark book. Unlike in the public markets, real-time data and
    quote advertisements are not available, so a small, experimental trade
    must be conducted. If an execution occurs, it is usually safe to assume
    there may be more interest behind the trial order.
    dark pool algorithm trade

  59. use these search words
    algo dark pool print
    possible new name for composite trades / fake prints
    if this is the case, then fake prints are really “trial or testing the waters, actual trades”

  60. Here is something else you guys should be aware of… Not as significant as zstock7’s research, but…

    Market Makers Scams

    Many market makers and organized
    clubs also get paid to manipulate stocks. In the case of a Market Maker,
    if they get a client who pays them to accumulate a particular stock at a
    certain price then the Market Maker will work either alone or in
    concert with other Market Makers to bring down the price of a stock in
    order for them to be able to accumulate the stock for their client. The
    only way to stop such devious practices is for individual investors to
    hold on to their stock if they have it and to support the stock by
    submitting their stocks as hot picks on here and for other investors to
    support the hot pick with their sentiments and/or recommendations. One
    would think that the SEC would put a stop to these Market Makers’
    practices but you see, the SEC is a mafia style organization whose top
    brass is in bed with the big players. For example, “shorting” a stock is
    equal to “defamation of character” and such practices must not be
    allowed at all. When you see an order for 300 shares, 600 shares or 900
    shares know this: those are market maker signals to one another to
    manipulate the stock. 300 means bring the price down at least 30% and
    600 means provide resistance and 900 means let the stock float. You will
    usually see these trades early in the day, many times pre-market and
    when the volume slows down or around 1:30 – 2:30 PM EST

  61. Ok gang, I see you guys chatting and you are probably waiting on my next post.  I finally finished the text part and will work on the video next.  It might be midnight before I get it finished and posted, but you know I’m long winded (Anna says I am… LOL), and my posts are long.  I’ve been working on it most of today… at least for 4-6 hours today (not including research time of course).  Anyway, I’ll get it done asap… 


  62.   I sent you an email, and COULD you please post the video on the chat?  Still haven’t been able to clear the cookies and stuff here.  Thanks in advance.

    • Ok, I will post it in the chat on later tonight when I’m done.  You will also be able to view it on youtube at  I will post the direction link for you as well.

      I got your email and will response asap.  I have to finish this post first and then I’ll work on a response to your email.  Thanks…

  63. now that i know what i’m looking for again, i just need to find the source of an online records site, for all algo dark pool trades. that might be a little difficult.

    • I do not know if these are real FP or just fiction. But I played ping pong (swing trade) with one of those FP that Red had put up.

        • In respect to Wikipedia It still does not fully explain how the FP show up down the road. ( days or weeks) May be I missed some thing or the rabbit hole goes deeper than we realize.

          • i’ve been studying composite trades for 9 years, FP if you will. imagine a site that will be posting the exit price on every trade, every stock and getting it to within pennies, on 70% of the picks

          • i think it will take a village. when i studied them FP’s i was all by myself. but i concluded, if i could get help, this fake print could really go somewhere.
            guess what—there’s a whole entire site of help, now.

  64. Just as I suspected, the sp futures are dropping down to the 1160 level which I warned about Friday afternoon.

    • I will be very happy with those figures Tuesday morning. Any ways, good night to all. I wanted to wait for Reds video but god knows I need lots of beauty sleep.

        • Red, i have bookmarked this particular post. i can put my future findings on dark pool algo’s at this posting, then in future posts, give the back link to this post. that way i don’t have to keep repeating myself on future posts.

  65. dark pool algo trades are not to print the trades to any public data feed, or if legally required
    to do so, will do so with as large a delay as legally possible

      •      He just works out hard enough around school so that his body needs a rest during the day.  Its a rest and a social networking opportunity for him.  He adapts, he’s a happenin dude.

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