Ben Fulford On The Secret Meeting Of 57 Finance Ministers And What It Means For The Stock Market


Thursday Update...

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Wednesday Update...

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Humanity Will Be Set Free Soon!

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Slowly but sure the Evil Cabal Empire is losing.  More and more countries and leaders are siding with the good forces.  Who are they?  If this was a movie called Star Wars, then the good forces are the council of Jedi Knights, and the Evil Cabal is Darth Vader and his evil empire.  Isn't it funny how the movies are so much like real life?

In this case the Evil Cabal is made up with George H. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, George Soro's, Warren Buffet, and many less powerful minions.  That's just the ones in America of course as Europe has a different set of Reptilian Shape Shifters that enslave that country.  Fortunately, they are all fighting among each other right now, which give us humans a chance re-join together as one and expose them for what they are (murderers, rapist, cannibals, satanists, thieves, war creators, mind programmers, etc...).

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The council of Jedi Knights in this case would be Alex Jones, Benjamin Fulford, Lindsey Williams, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, many other lesser know internet mostly hero's... like David Wilcock, Dolores Cannon, Inelia Benz, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, as well as many other "Light Workers" that are fighting hard to exposure the world to Evil that has been enslaving humanity for the last 4,000 years!  Isn't it time we all wake up and do our own research?  While everyone can't be right, these lightworkers are doing what others are afraid too do... wake you up!

I also am also trying to wake up humanity and the people I'm focusing on reaching are those they have an interest in the stock market.  When I took the Red Pill and went down the rabbit hole with this blog about 2 years I did it only to have a place to post my own thoughts.  Little it did I know how many other people also were waking up and interesting in the same thing I was... and specifically how it relates to the stock market!

Now many others are speaking about the market manipulation and the gangster behind it all.

While I never started this site to expose them, it's become my passion now.  Why?  Because these gangsters have made it extremely hard for the retail trader to make money in this rigged stock market game.  That's why I constantly talk about them and expose them!  Trying to play this game when they control it, is what I'm trying to learn and master... so we all can win back some of the money they'll stolen from us.

Speaking of thieves, the most famous banksters recently has been Goldman Sachs of course... and here they are stealing all Gaddafi's money!  The Golden boys at Goldman Sachs, who traded with a 100% winning record over the last 3 years (at least), and some how manages to lose over a Billion Dollars in just a few months.  They lost 98% of his money!  WTF?  Remember... Goldman had a High Frequency Trading software that was linked directed into the the phone lines in Wall Street, allowing them to front run all buy and sell orders just fractions of second ahead of those orders... and they NEVER LOST!  That's right, they had a perfect running record for at least the last 3 years.  So how do you lose 98% of someone elses' money in just a few months, unless that was the plan all along... TO STEAL IT!

(to watch on youtube:

The people of America and the World are getting tired of these gangster banks and this one will eventually go down in flames... just like the FP on Goldman I have from last years.  They already plan to sacrifice Goldman at some point in the future, which is why they are letting Goldman do their dirty work for them.  You will see some of the other gangster Reptilian come on TV and bash Goldman in the near future, making themselves look like hero's for taking on the evil company... when it was them secretly behind it all in the first place!

Look for more lies and deception from lizards like George Soro's, Warren Buffet, and stupid asshole Donald Trump!  It's coming, and soon! They will all get together in their secret meetings like the Bilderberg Group and the Legatus Pilgrimage's and laugh at how stupid us sheep are for believing all the lies again... just like we've done the last hundred times.  They create a problem that they can profit from hugely, and then they expose the problem to the sheep, and tell them they have the solution... which of course they will profit from it too.

They then take down the bad boys at Goldman Sachs (while secretly hiring them to run another less known bankster organization of course) and lie to the everyone saying how they have been looking into Goldman's fraudulent activities for months now and that these types of organizations make other banksters look bad!  LOL!  All bank are gangsters folks!  The entire banking system is to control you sheep by keeping you in debt prison.

Moving on to another hero... "Project Camelot Interviews Dutchsinse"

Part ONE...

(to watch on youtube:

Kerry Cassidy (today's modern day "Dana Scully, with Bill Ryan being "Fox Mulder") speaks with Dutchsinse who has been threaten many times, had his YouTube page flagged, and most recent had his close personal friend shot many times by two men in a black hummer with AK-47 rifles.  Dutch has been a key person on the internet that has exposed the Illuminati Reptilians HAARP weapon who use it to create earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and several heat... all to kill people so they could profit from it.

Part TWO...

(to watch on youtube:

While the video interview is long, it's worth listening too... so take the time to keep yourself informed.  Each and everyone of these "Light Workers" are doing their part to expose the Illuminati Reptilian Gangsters for all of their evil deeds.  I can only focus on the small section called the stock market.  I'm simply know as the guy who posts the "Fake Prints" (FP's), and talks about how the insiders use them some how to inform their buddies where they plan to take the market to next.  While I haven't discovered their secret code, I do know that it exists.

However, I keep trying to put the pieces together without knowing their code.  The charts now show us (using some technical analysis) that the stock market is doomed.  The huge "MA" pattern on the 20 year chart gives us a forecast low of somewhere in the Dow 3,000 area.  This lines up with the FP the Illuminati gangsters put out there for their buddies to see, showing the SPY at 34.65 (about 346 spx).  Of course the "when" part is unknown, but within a year or so is my speculation.

Part THREE...

(to watch on youtube:

After listening to Dutch's interview with Kerry (by the way, they lose audio toward the last 10 minutes of the first video), he states that the original date on the Myan calendar was December 24th, 2011... not December 21st, 2012.  He got that from an old TV show in the 70's hosted by Leonard Nimoy (probably "In Search Of"... I used too watch it when I was a kid).  This is more likely the truth about the date, and not the one next year that the Main Stream Media promotes.

Let me add in my own thoughts about Elenin, as to what Kerry and Dutch speak of in the video interview.  Kerry seems to think (from some of her other sources) that Elenin is likely a controlled craft, as it's clear now that the path of it has moved from what would be a natural path if it was just a comet, dwarf star, or planet.  Dutch seems to think it might still be a large rock of some type, but is actually controlled by some type of technology the Illuminati gangsters have here on earth, and/or in space.

I think it doesn't matter what it is, but simply that it's being put out on the internet to instill fear to us sheep so they can create their own "False Flag Fake Alien Invasion" which will kill off 80% of the population in their Armageddon event that they want to happen.  This third video (the best one) of Kerry and Dutch covers the connection between the attack the Illuminati made on Japan with HAARP, the chemtrails, and the Oil rig they blew up in the Gulf of Mexico (done by George Bushs' favor company Haliburton).

So, "if" the Illuminati Reptilians succeed in their evil plans to wipeout 80% of the world population (and I don't believe they will) then the fake alien attacks will likely cause a crash like the one from the movie 2012 in this screen shot below.  As far as the date it could happen, I'd say before this year is over.  Let's just hope that they fail at their evil plans, and the market just crashes naturally... without any false flags to blame it on.

While we know the reason the market must crash (Billions of stolen dollars by the Illuminati Reptilians with derivatives, and other illegal ponzi schemes), that's not the reason the gangsters want exposed to the public.  They don't want to be blamed for it, and instead will likely try to create a false flag event to blame it on.  Then they can be the hero and come in with a "New World Order" to enslave us sheep more (of course they will call it "saving us").

I choose to go down a different timeline where they are caught and arrested for crimes against humanity.  The false flag event they are planing to crash the stock doesn't happen, and the market crashes because of all the thief they have done.  They are then done, and humanity will demand freedom from them.  It may seem far fetched, but it's not really.  The biggest secret is that you can choose your own future... one of continued enslavement, or one of freedom.  I choose freedom... how about you?

Moving on to the stock market for next week...

Since Friday didn't bounce as I expected, and closed almost at the low of the day, we should expect more selling Tuesday morning.  The next level of major support is 115.85 SPY as there is a horizatial support line that dates back to the double/triple bottoms made between 11/16/2010 and 11/30/2010.  If that holds on Tuesday morning, the market should bounce as it quite oversold on all the short term charts.

Then it should float higher on light volume the rest of the day from the holiday shortened weekend we just had here in America.  I'm not very confident on it rallying very fast on Tuesday, but we could go up into Thursday when Bernanke speaks at 1pm est.  The market seem to be in a "pause" mode 1-2 days before any news comes out from the President or Bernanke.  I've noticed this a lot over the last 2-3 years.  If they are worried about about something one of them might say, they usually sell off ahead of the speech... and if they are anticipating something good, they will rally in advance.

So, what is the market looking for?

More crack of course.  They want to hear from Bernanke (or Obama) that there will be a QE3 program of some type.  Since Obama is scheduled to speak on Wednesday night at 8pm est, and then Bernanke at 1pm on Thursday, this should have the market in a period of "indecision"... meaning it could rally back up beforehand expecting good news on Thursday, or sell off expecting bad news.

I wish I knew the answer, but I don't.  I can only say that the 1160 spx area should allow the market to bounce and if I just followed the charts... that's what I would expect to happen.  A move down Tuesday morning to that area, then a bounce from it in the afternoon session.  I would expect that to continue into Wednesday and possibly Thursday getting the short term charts all overbought again and allowing a sell off to happen after Bernanke again says nothing about QE3.

The opposite is also possible, where the market continues sliding down on Tuesday and Wednesday and then rallies on Thursday and Friday.  But, looking at the nasty looking topping tail on the weekly chart tells me that this coming week will like be another red one... meaning we should rally first and sell off later in the week.  There is also the moon cycle to look at, which supports more selling until the full moon this September the 12th.

According to Francis Bussiere of, most bottoms and tops occur within 2-3 days after a new moon or full moon, or the morning after one.  That could stretch out the date to September the 15th at the latest for the bottom of this move down into the Full Moon.  If that then finally ended this first major wave 1 down and major wave 2 up started, then it should top in about 4 weeks... right in time for the end of the Legatus Meeting the week of October 23rd.  Very interesting timing there... huh?

Well, all speculation at this point.  I don't know how long they will continue with Legatus Meeting's being turn dates in the market, as Reinhardt has been exposing them for the a last 3 years now... and too much exposure means they will be forced to change the rules of how the stock market is manipulated.  It clearly worked for the last meeting this past April 30th-May 1st, as May the 2nd was the top of this market and still is.

Anyway, as for the short term next week...

I'm basically just reading the charts and mixing in the planned news events and it matches up for some early morning selling on Tuesday, down to around the 1160 spx area, and then a light volume float higher in Thursday before Bernanke speaks.  I'd say "before Obama speaks", but we all know that the market doesn't care about what he says, as Bernanke own's the crack lab (the printing press), so Thursday will be more important the Wednesday night.

Reading into the charts directly, the 60 minute chart should drop on the histogram bars to put in a higher low and create a positive divergence... which isn't present right now.  This supports a drop on Tuesday morning followed by rise the rest of the day and into Wednesday.  The first attempt should fail to get out of the downward channel, but a gap out of it on Wednesday is likely.

The 30 minute chart has a similiar pattern and supports exactly the same thing I just said about the 60 minute chart.  But, the 30 minute could get overbought before the end of the day on Tuesday and some selling into the last hour could occur.  That leads me to believe that Tuesday will put in a doji candle, closing slightly positive or negative.

This leaves it up to Wednesday to gap over the downward sloping trendline from the falling channel the market is in right now.  Then I expect it to rally nicely on light volume and continue some on Thursday morning before Bernanke speaks.  The charts all support this forecast just based on technical analysis, and having nothing to do with Bernanke.  But, we all know that every move in the market is controlled and timed around key meetings, data, and events, so they can manipulate it in the direction that they want it to go.  That's why the old saying is so true... "the news doesn't matter, as it's already factored into the charts".

This forecast seems to have the highest odds of playing out, but of course I can't discount the possibility that we just sell off on Tuesday and continue going lower the rest of the week.  It's possible, but I don't see in the charts... especially the daily chart.  Just like the 60 and 30 minute chart need a positive divergence to rally, the daily chart needs a negative divergence to sell off.  It doesn't have one yet.

I'd like to see another tower on the histogram bars for the daily chart.  It doesn't have to happen, but it usually does.  If we rally up on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then sell off on Thursday and Friday, we could put in a lower high on the histogram bar for the daily chart and create a negative divergence.  This could also allow the MACD's to rise a little higher to possibly the zero level before rolling back down for the next big wave.

We would also be putting in a final wave up in Elliott Wave terms as well.  It could be the end of this Minor Wave 4 up from the 1101 low, and we could go down in a Minor Wave 5 next to complete Major Wave 1 down from May 2nd highs.  We also could have already finished that wave 4 up at the 1230 level and have started the first micro wave down inside minor wave 5.  That means the next wave up would be micro wave 2 with micro wave 3 (inside of minor wave 5, of major wave 1, inside of Primary Wave 3 from the 2007 high to the March, 2009 low of 666).  Needless to say, a combination of 3,1,5,3 should be a very nasty wave down.  This could happen this coming Thursday/Friday if my forecast is correct?

Just wait until we see a 3,3,3,3 wave combination happen... people will be jumping out windows on that wave!

This is all just speculation of course, as forecasting all these waves in advance is nothing more then guessing.  Elliott Wave is great for hindsight, but poor for predicting out into the future.  The gangster intervene and manipulate the market so those wave counts aren't accurate.  Sure, "IF" we were in a "FREE" market then they would work quite well... but we're NOT!  It's still run by the Illuminati Reptilian Gangsters, and they clearly manipulated the hell out of the market the last 2 years... making poor Robert Prechter look foolish.  I respect the man, but his playing in a rigged game and you can't out fox the fox when you are a sheep.

So we have to learn how their super high frequency computer program is "programed" and try to place our trades one step ahead of it taking the market in that direction.  I do think that's possible, when we all work together as a team.  We have to keep our eyes out for FP's and always get a screen shot of them, with the volume, high, low, open and closing price... as well as the time frame it was taken on.  The secret is encoded in all of that data, so be sure to capture it all.

Ok, I think I've covered everything now, and wrote another long post.  So I'll close for now and wish everyone "much love" as Dutchsinse likes to say...



  1. if any dark pool algo prints showing GS at 60 or 80…they are valid in my opinion. that’s about the downside target price i give GS, after the gov’t filed its 11 bil lawsuit against it.

  2.  keywords
    dark pool algorithm trade
    algo dark pool print
    Dark pools are recorded to the ….
    national consolidated tape.

    dark liquidity link

    next keyword search
    for another day—
    the fort knox of where all fake prints for the day are stored—
    “national consolidated tape.”

    dark pool algo trades are not to print the trades to any public data feed, or if legally required
    to do so, will do so with
    as large a delay as legally possible

  3. been doing some interesting work on dark pool algo print this weekend.
    for example AIRM was predicted to have a friday low of 63.0474—actual
    low was 62.98, closed 63.06

  4.    Markets are taking a pounding in futures trading.  A pounding.  If you guys want free live futures quotes, go to and set up a demo account.  Get good at demo trading at the same time.   Do not say you live in the US or Canada, we aren’t allowed to get rich.  Great, great charts.


  5. seems to me—
    so called fake prints are really supposed to be called dark pool algo print..
    dark pool algo print is probably the proper market terminology.
    and search results are in the 100’s of hits—
    whereas fake print search are under 5 hits.

    • so if one wanted to learn more about fake prints—
      for instance–a whole list of them compiled for the day by a major company.
      what would one search for.
      fake print?
      dark pool algo print?

  6. there are some regulations for stock chart companies for posing dark pool algo trades.
    one i noticed—
    sometimes the dark pool algo trade only appears for an hour, and then the stock charts hide them again.
    so posting time in the public area is at least one hour.

  7. The SEC has also expressed disquiet about dark pools’ use of indications of interest (IOIs) to advertise available liquidity. IOIs are functionally similar to quotes disseminated by displayed markets, yet exclude those who are not party to the IOIs,
    another keyword search
    SEC DARK POOL indications of interest (IOIs)

  8. after i read the GS news, at the last minute i decided to buy puts on
    them. then in AH of friday, they got hit with an 11 billion dollar fed
    i think i’m in the driver’s seat on this trade…hehe 
    dow futures down around 3 or 4% from friday close.

  9. The Dax dropping 5% to a new low and hitting its lower BB helps to clarify things.   Dax leads the way.

    I came across another crash ritual during the Boise State-Georgia game over the weekend.   After the end of the first quarter, the score was tied 7-7 and there was a shot of the Boise St QB#2 sitting on the bench on the sidelines flanked by teammates wearing #18 and #81.   #18-#2-#81 or 9-2-9 or even (9+9)-2-(9×9))    It would take an extreme myopian not to notice the peculiarity of that arrangement and just how utterly non-coincidental that was.   Then there were #s-24 and 15 and even 92 floating around on camera in the background.

    • I was going to post this on another site but there seemed to be little interest in it or cycles in general  but Dan Cooper had September 2 as a possible important turn date in what he called a horizontal square to the October 2007 to 3-6-9 decline.    The SP dropped 910 pts during that decline and 9-2-11 was 910 calendar days from the 3-6-9 low.


  10. Just got back from a family dinner. I do not believe for a moment that the resent lows in the sp futures will be violated. If they are, it will not be a full crash tomorrow !! I see the sp 500 above the morning lows in the afternoon period.

  11. We gang, unless something else pops up that really bad, I do still think we will rally from here.  Probably a doji today and nice move up tomorrow.  It fell a little further then I thought it would, but I still see it going back up.

  12. I just want to get thru the next half hour on the plus side to confirm positive moves for the whole day of trading

    • We could get a surprise and not rally as much as expected?  While technical analysis works most of the time, and clearly states that we are very oversold on the short term and should rally, it doesn’t always follow it.

      As we all know, the Illuminati use numbers and ritual dates in the market.  Gary the numbers guy see another huge sell off tomorrow, and he’s got a very accurate track record recently, calling 9 out of 10 calls correctly.  Don’t know if he’ll be right on this one too, but it’s possible.!/pages/Stock-Market-Numerology/235716926453608

      • I saw his face book Monday evening, he mentioned today did not look good either. We will see who is correct.

        • Well, I’m with you… I see a rally up today and at least early tomorrow.  So, we all 3 could be right if it peaks out tomorrow from a nice rally up, as it could turn back down into the afternoon and tank hard making his call correct as well.

          • Do not get me wrong here with Gary, he is very good. But any so called prediction has to resonate in my gut first before I will validate it. As zstock7 mentioned a couple of weeks ago, one must  access the guru within.

  13.  If we can move beyond 1154 here in the next hour, we will continue this rally. This will invalidate Garys prediction for today. Which  I personally believe he is incorrect Despite his so called accurate record

    • Yes, I think Gary will get this one wrong too.  Obama moved his speech from 8pm Wednesday to Thursday night… after Bernanke speaks on Thursday.  He did it because the Republican’s were having their debate on Wednesday night at the same time as his speech, which would cause them to not get the air time exposure they wanted… and of course ticked them off.

      So, he moved his speech to be nice to them as he needs their votes in any and all bills or plans he’s working on getting through Congress and the Senate.  I’m sure QE3 is one of those bills, but I’m not sure what other things he’s trying to get passed to rob the American people and serve the banksters.

      This leads me to believe we will rally into Thursday as I stated in the video, and then tank on Friday.  I like Gary’s work and he’s made a bunch of great calls recently, but I think the plans have changed on tomorrow being another crash date.

  14. That 1154 I mentioned earlier seems to be resistance for the moment. Sp may have to come down a bit first,than blast thru it.

    • The short term charts were very oversold BigHouse, which is why we are rallying.  I think it will continue into tomorrow too, and peak out on Thursday, which is when I’m looking to get short again.

      • i hear ya..Whats up with Atilla’s site. Seems to be down for about 4 days now. I got a tweet from them over the weekend about a new message was up. 

        • I seen that too, but I don’t know why it’s down again?  But I have noticed that it seems to go down shortly before a big move in the market.  Maybe he’s taking it down to signal to people that the next move is about to start (down of course)…

  15. That 1154-1153 level has now been support instead of resistance. Let see if it will hold and bounce into the close

  16. i have my eye on SMH triple bottom 27 or so. 26’s, means market heading lower, failed triple bottoms end badly for bulls. i know this, because I actually trading a few.

        •     No man, too busy licking the blood all over my face and body from the gangstas shutting one of my companies down that was going to introduce free energy.   It wasn’t submitted as such, but we all know they have their ways.  I am out for vengeance and will be posting big trades.

  17.     After hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, just got TURNED DOWN by the gangsters to become a reporting issuer on the Nasdaq.  Course its because we had important technology to come out.  Wow, they are good at what they do.

  18. no-one posted new fake prints (dark pool algo prints) today. if my suspicions are correct —some one has posted all of the  “national consolidated tape.” prints for today, online…

  19. spx very strong resistance at 1173, and my slo sto’s on the major indexes are pointing for more down. maybe not all at once, like a falling knife. for the rest of the week probably.

    • I like the lines you drew on your graphs today – I can totally see that happening. VIX busted right thru resistance like it’s nothing. But I’m still waiting for the SPX to break the rising trendline.

    • zstock7 I like your 1173 level. I believe we will probe up to that level tomorrow, come down a few points than retest that area. I know gary is suppose to be some guru. but I do not get any major crash tomorrow at all. I would be very Leary in filling the boat with shorts. But than again what do I know.

        • I do not mind these swing trades. I have to be aware of not being hypnotized by these daily trades in and out. One of these days, in the very near future the markets are going to drop like a rock.

  20. AIRM had a dark pool algo print on thursday after hours of 63.0474….
    friday —actual
    low was 62.98, closed 63.06
    that’s a 4% drop, nailed to the penny—
    Imagine how much actionable info, i will have if…
     i ever find an online source, that publishes all the prints, that happen on the “national consolidated tape.”

  21. dark pool algo prints for intraday prices wed.
    JPM 33.09
    CVX 94.0
    INTC 19.19
    HAL 41.23, 40.04 CL 40.87
    OIH 123.80
    WYNN 145.9
    FCX 43.61
    AMZN 211.232 
    could be another wild day tomorrow, with the market up and down twice.

  22. futures are up quite a bit about 1%.
    at this point i think dark algo’s list for wed prices won’t happen.
    they can surprise me sometimes. i might get one of them end of day on wed.
    i’ll be monitoring the list below.

  23. futures are up quite a bit about 1%.
    at this point i think dark algo’s list for wed prices won’t happen.
    they can surprise me sometimes. i might get one of them end of day on wed.
    i’ll be monitoring the list below.

  24. if these futures prices hold overnight—
    i think the qqq can go up 1% on wed, before heading lower intraday, wed.
    spx has a little more upward strength in it’s signal. maybe it can get to 1190

  25. if these futures prices hold overnight—
    i think the qqq can go up 1% on wed, before heading lower intraday, wed.
    spx has a little more upward strength in it’s signal. maybe it can get to 1190

  26.    Hey Red.  Sorry, I haven’t been trading this week or postulating, I am too busy feeling sorry for myself.  Great work by everyone here, makes me feel like a small indian tribe that I am a part of.

    • It’s fine… I know you are upset about your free energy company being stopped by the gangsters.  I’d love to get something like that going too, and I know it can be done.  But, you can’t sell the product.  You have to sell the pieces for people to assembly themselves and sell the directions to put is together separately.  More then one company is needed, so the gangsters can’t shut you down.  🙂

  27. Good morning all… we are rallying nicely now and I believe this will carry over into Thursday as well.  I don’t know how high we go up, but 1200 spx is a likely target.  Could go higher, but not too much.  It’s more about “when” then the price level, as Bernanke speaking tomorrow should keep the market from selling off in front of it.  After he speaks is unknown though…

  28.     My calibrator indicated that we will go down soon enough, and that we may very well might not make 1200 spx.  But I will consult it again later today. 

  29. I see an ABC move up, with the A leg finishing today and B down tomorrow.  I am looking to go short here soon, as if I’m wrong the B wave I’ll still be short… which is good because then it would be a wave 3 down inside our final 5th wave down (inside a larger wave 1 down from the May 2nd high).

  30. Beige book out at 2pm… that could be the high for today and then a reversal of some kind after bad numbers?  The charts line up for a pullback soon, for either a B wave down with C up to follow later, or a wave 3 down with this being wave 2 up (inside this final 5th wave down of the larger wave 1 down)

  31.    What is causing my hesitation is this…. If the world is going to go through some enormous calamities  next year, what better way to distract everyone, than to have the stock market go up violently in an enormous bull market third wave UP?

       If you look at the long term SPX charts,there is a case to be made that we have gone through a big wave 2 correction before a big wave up.

       And then gold and silver would fall like stones, as would the US dollar.  IT would really screw everyone up, because everyone I talk to is bearish or indifferent.

       My calibrator isn’t indicating that yet, but I am going to consult it a lot in the next two days. 

    • Well, that’s possible… you know have a FP on gold of 949 and 3500, so which will it be?  I think the gangsters want the market to crash so they can steal all the assets for pennies on the dollar.  I also think the good guys don’t want to fund the world until the debt has been wiped clean… which means the market must crash to eliminate those derivatives.

  32.     I also bought some VKML last week, that junior gold I was talking about.  They put news today.  Its slowly grinding up from where I bought it(.06)

  33.     I am a bear, that believes there MIGHT be a massive BULL market in disguise setting up. But to answer your question, I went short one contract so far at the top. 1090.50. 

    • I’m a bear too, but I don’t think this is a massive BULL market in disguise.  The HUGE “MA” pattern on the monthly chart (Look at the last 10 years) points to a Dow 3,000 or so… and I don’t think the gangsters can manipulate their way out of it.  The good guys are cutting off their money supply and even with it, I still don’t think they could change the pattern on that large of a time frame.

  34.      Also gave my friend a g note to a friend who has a bookie that was giving really big odds on Gilles Muller against Rafael Nadal.  Muller worked himself extra hard the past three months and is in the shape of his life.  I think he can bring me some major bacon home here.  Here is the link to watch the match.   He is up 3-0 already in the first set.

  35. looks like the market is trying to squeeze every short out of the market and suck in the bulls. I have no sympathy for people on Wall Street when everything goes down the tubes…By the way, Atilla tweeted “Wait for hedge-fund blow up news before buying stocks”   Just saying

    • Thank you Big house. I have been banned from there Blog. I still have no idea. I sent them a e mail but no reply.

  36. What’s the calibrator saying now?  Shark pointed out (in the chatroom on my SMB’s site) that B down could have happened at the close yesterday when we sold off to the 1150-1155 spx area.  That would mean that today is C up, which would end this wave 2 up inside the larger 5th wave down.

  37. We are putting in a nice H&S pattern on the short term charts right now, which again tells me that we should rollover tomorrow.  It’s looking more like it’s going to be a wave 3 inside the final 5th wave down, as opposed to a B wave down with C up to go.

    We also have a full moon on the 12th and we should be putting in a bottom within 2-3 days after it… according to (and I have to say that’s it’s been pretty accurate over the last several months, only being off a few times).

  38. Either way red I still see higher prices in the near term 1205 and higher maybe tomorrow thru friday. I am wanting to short for some kind of pull back. Have not yet.

  39. I am trying to find a place to short here for a swing trade. I feel like a failure if I do not get one swing trade a day. But I who am I to stand in front of Bull. I still have a third of my position longs from tuesdays lows. Will hang on int the 1200s range

    • I think you and I are on the same page. I might not catch the exact top, but next week should be down in my opinion. So I’ll be shorting some today and tomorrow.  I still think they will gap it up in the morning, but I don’t want to miss the coming sell off if I’m wrong and they open down.  At least I’ll have some shorts on.

  40.    Which is strange because we have tapped support on the one minute and five minute support lines which usually coincides with a rocket launch north. 

  41. dark pool trades AH
    XOM 72.51 CL 73.65
    INTC 19.54 CL 20.08
    HAL 41.57 CL 42.35
    QQQ 53.26 CL 54.64
    AMZN 215.87 CL 219.90 
    hopefully these potential intraday low target prices for thurs won’t get blown out by an UP trend day..
    QQQ print seems false.

  42.   I gotta cover the whole kit and kaboodle, gonna go on a road trip today, hope it doesn’t crash and make me regret it. 

  43. Good Morning gang…

    Looks like we will gap down at the open.  I will be waiting for the gap fill move to happen within the first 15-30 minutes.  If it doesn’t happen then it likely continue floating down throughout the day until the short term charts are over sold, and then it turn back up in the afternoon session.  If that happens I’ll just sit it out.

  44.  Hmmm… from looking at the charts, I think we’ll push on up to the 1210 area before rolling over.  I’ll look to short it around there.  It’s going to fill this gap and push past it I believe.

  45. There are very high odds that we put in a higher high then yesterday before any real selling.  I still think that the 1210 area is the target it wants to go to, and that ‘s where I’ll get short.  This all assumes it happens within the next hour or so… before the 30 and 60 mnute charts get oversold and reset themselves pointing up.

  46. Well, I missed my short entry, but I’m fine with that. It’s looking like they are going to push the market down some to reset the 30 minute chart. I suspect that we will now continue to chop around (with a slow move lower) until around 1pm when Bernanke speaks. By then they will have worked off a a lot of the overbought conditions on that chart and allow it to pop back up into the close.

    We could still have a doji day as I spoke of in the newest video update. I’m still not comfortable going short until we put in a higher high then yesterday. My target is around 1210 spx still, and I’ll wait all day until they push it up there. They never make it easy for the bears and they almost always do a stop sweep on them before selling off in a nice move down.

    I still don’t know if the move down will be a B wave or the start of wave 3, but either way the smart move is to just wait for the higher high and then go short and stay short until we can figure out whether it is a B wave or 3 wave.

    • Here we go!  Let’s see how high they can take it.  Lot’s of resistance around 1210, but you never know what the gangsters have planned.  I still think that will stop the bulls, but I’ll be watching closely. 

  47. My first stop was going to be 1205 as I mentioned to you Red, than up to 1218 level. Let see if it happens.

  48. The market is hitting underneath that 1205 level I mentioned, Lets see if it will blast thru it or not after a retrace.

  49. Hey Red, Atilla said in his tweets that his blog is closed for two reasons “1) It contains dangerous knowledge. 2) Neither him or Sol can find enough time to update it”.  Just passing it along

    • Thanks… and as for the “dangerous knowledge”, I guess he means knowledge that us sheep aren’t supposed too know?  After all, how could the gangsters steal our money if Atilla and Sol told us what was going to happen before it happens.  By the way BigHouse, if you are around during the trading hours, I also have a free chatroom at

  50. From what I see in the charts (especially the 30 minute chart) I think we are now going down in a B wave down, not a wave 3.  That means we will be oversold on the 30 minute chart probably by the end of the day and likely rally back up tomorrow.  Obummer will say something positive tonight and we’ll likely reverse.  I could be wrong of course, but this just doesn’t look like it too me.  I’ll wait in cash for a better spot to short at.

  51. The 30 minute chart is getting oversold now guys, and I now expect them to turn it back up into Friday and rally up more.  We never reached our target area of 1210 spx, so it will now likely happen tomorrow.

  52. 2 out of 5 , not bad, and all 5, direction correct—
    dark pool trades AH results

    w/ one hour of trading to go…

     XOM 72.51 , actual 72.96

    INTC 19.54 , actual 19.85

    HAL 41.57 , actual 41.52***

    QQQ 53.26 , actual 54.33

    AMZN 215.87 , actual 216.34***

  53. so xtrends is

    closed for good i guess. still short from 1224 and long gold from way back.
    yup. are you all shorting rips. thats the play imo

  54. I got to go run some errands, but I think we will have a fake out move to the upside tomorrow morning and then rollover into the close.  I’ll do another video late tonight on it.  

  55. im short. xtrends tells u they were short a week after they closed a position. or vice versa. not good so they closed the blog i guess. i dont twiiter but might sign up to see atilla tweet

    • I believe Atilla indicated that he would shut down Xtrends when things would start to get sticky.  His concern was once the things started going down hill, Big Brother would be on a witch hunt for sites like his (and here at RDL).  He must smell something in the air!  BTW…the last tweet I saw from him was yesterday comparing the TARP Fall 2008 decline in Banks to what Germany just did yesterday.   Another words, the coming weeks could have a big impact on Euro and the fiscal situation for our friends over there…

  56. im not a day trader so i dont post trades that much. i find a trend and follow it but need to take profits in this high vix environment. prolly take some profit  on shorts. see what obama says 2night

  57. thursday 9-8

    BA 62.81 CL, 64.008 AH dark pool high

    CAT 87.04 CL, 88.69 AH dark pool high.

    GS 104.79 CL, 106.79 AH dark pool high.

    XOM 72.82 CL, 73.89 AH dark pool high.

    • Zstock i have looked into this AH stuff awhile ago . i found out that these kind of trades were done on the side during the day and were left to print them later on.  I  would always leave bids and offers after hours and wonder why i would not get hit in these big swings.Now i know.

        • I saw this crap a year ago and placed my orders before the close to take advantage of AH. After not getting hit i called TOS “Broker at the time”. I said “how can it trade through my price when i placed my trade at 3:45 est ? He said it did not trade there is was trades done during the day and left later on to post. I stop putting those orders on for SPY

  58. Well gang, looks like I was wrong on the gap up today.  I still think it’s possible that we go higher some, but that gap up could be pushed out until next Monday.  I think we will now go down in the morning, allowing the 60 minute chart to recycle back up into the close.  The whole day is likely to just be a doji, ending slightly down or slightly up.  I don’t see a big sell off today, but one is coming soon.

  59. Well, here’s the good news, the market is rallying and call spread is recovering nicely.  Actually it was down too much anyway as the VIX rising actually helped it.  But the bad news is that I won’t be getting a second long position if the market doesn’t dip one more time.  Either way, I’m fine with that and will be happy with my small long position and staying in cash with the rest.  🙂

    • Yes I agree. I do not believe that will be violated today. The big boys are wanting all the bears who have been hibernating to come out of their den to short the markets right here, than ramp it up their ass with a significant rally Monday- Tuesday. But as you said. 1150 is the line in the sand.

  60.     Honestly this has the appearance of a 1 2 1 2 down.  If that is the case, the market will go below 666spx.  Maybe 333?  

  61.    However looks like the specialists are picking up a lot of paper on this descent.  Accumulation?  Maybe.  Still not playing till Monday. 

    • Well, I called today wrong and took a long position yesterday.  It was only a small position, which isn’t being hurt too bad because the vix is helping to keep it up.  I’m mainly in cash today, which is good.  I missed the move, so I’ll wait for the next chance to get short… probably on Monday or Tuesday, after a small rally.

  62.       I owned part of a company where all the stock was restricted pretty well.  Some idiots came in an shorted us, at a buck, we let them participate in a private placement at 22 dollars two weeks later.  But we made them beg first.  Good ole days.

  63. Ok gang, seems the bears are in full control now and according to past history, today should be a trend down day.  I’ve missed this move down today, but the evidence now points to more selling into the close.  So, I’ll have close out my long call spread at a loss on any bounce.  I’ll then be getting short for a move into the close today… and more next week.  Sorry for the bad call guys… I miss them from time to time.

  64.     I had a business meeting with Ackroyd once, I blew it completely, I kept laughing throughout the meeting, as the guys face was hysterical, and it reminded me so much of the movie.  One of my top ten favs of all time.

  65. I’m just sitting on my hands right now… heavily in cash, with only a small long position.  It’s underwater of course, but I’ll probably hold it into Monday for the small rally back up.  While I think we’ll close at the lows of the day, I do think the 1150 major support area will hold.

    The rumors of Greece defaulting over the weekend and the possible 9/11 attacks are all too convenient to my likings. When is the last time you remember the gangsters telling us ahead of time about bad news so we could get short? The usually surprise us afterhours and on the weekend so no sheep can make any money on the short side. I don’t like them telling us all this bad news during market hours because that tells me that nothing is going to happen.

    Then they will rally on the “lack of something bad happening”.  I’m not saying that we are going to that 1210 spx area, as there looks to be too much technical damage right now from today’s selling.  But I could easily believe that a lot of this move down will be retraced before the next wave of selling.

    • I am glad held on Red, the markets are going to explode upwards monday- tuesday. This I believe is going to surprise a lot of investors who are short.

  66. Remember what Lindsey Williams said about the Euro… once it collapses you will have 2 weeks at the most to get out of all paper!  That tells me the stock market will crash hard after that 2 week (or less) period.  The writing is on the wall now.  While I’m sure we’ll have bounces along the way, the next couple of months are going to be a blood bath I believe.

      • I think he means “get out of all paper, as it’s only worth the paper it’s printed on”… so gold and silver would probably be he likely choice.  Of course I think the metal’s will crash when the stock market crashes, so they aren’t safe either.  Best to just short the hell out to the market in my opinion.

        Now that they have told us that there will be a margin call coming in this crash (by the new movie “Margin Call’ of course), that just re-enforces the fact that gold will tank when they are forced to sell it when the margin calls come.

  67. This is one of my favorite threads really. Dark, funny, optimistic and informative all at the same time.

    A few thoughts on the market… The money and volume will return to the market next week, the Mums and Pops were busy dropping their kids off at Ivy league schools and otherwise socializing with old scull clubs.  But as for what the money does, short the market or get invested in growth is anyone’s guess.  I am leaning towards conservative investment in growth and commodity oriented stocks.

    As PM concerns me, looking at what happened in 2008, YES Gold and Silver tanked with the market and made one huge spike down, but did rebound more quickly because of the fear factor I am sure.  Short of martial law and confiscation .. which I don’t completely rule out .. I am inclined that we will see a repeat.

    As far as safe havens, I am beginning to think there are only a few maybe commodities, muddy currency diversification and as Red commented just plain shorting the market or using inverse ETFs.   Or if you still have any muscles left buying farm land and a tractor in the Midwest.

    Obama’s speech was too low brow for my taste, what we need in this country to be competitive is better education and massive data centers with fiber and free wifi, no one will care about roads and bridges because they are sitting at the computer ordering stuff from Amazon and watching the Packers on their phones.  IMHO India and China may be able to provide the cheapest most reliable data and compute power ahead of the US, because the ‘internet’ is fast becoming ubiquitous.  RAX may be cool, but only have staying power if they can keep their IP high, after all .. the hard drives and equipment are all made in Asia. 

    Best to everyone enjoy your weekend, family and friends.

  68. HI Red, it’s taking me 4 minutes to login to the comments area, again.
    anyway—i’ll bet you no-one caught this fake print SPY—
    it was really tricked OUT—they are getting more and more devious now—-
    here’s what you have to look for now—my goodness….
    SPY 119.06, occurred one hour after market close. this wasn’t there regular market hours—-

    • That maybe a confirmation for me, on why I see the markets gapping up Monday morning into the afternoon at least.

    • Z… sorry about that.  It’s probably because of Disqus again.  This site is hosted on a hosting company that I pay for each month.  Disqus is hosted by them… and if they are getting a lot more comments then usual, it slows down their servers I’m sure.

      That’s why I created the chatroom as a backup to when Disqus goes down.  I like them, as you can use your handle name and only one account to post all over the internet on any blog that uses Disqus too… which most stock market blogs do.

      My post is really long this time too, and had many video’s which could also make the site run slow.  But the disqus issue is with them and out of my control… unfortunately.

      By the way, that FP is not likely a FP but merely the opening price/closing price from yesterday… which commonly shows up again after the close.

  69. 2 days in a row, those test trades at nasdaq ah, gave the wrong direction for the next day.
    i guess they really are what big vix said—kind of useless.

  70. I am not totally sold on this disquis thingy myself, but what do I know about websites?  Enough to know I know nothing.

        • You’ll like it too.  I use it and this site both all day long.  I use this site to post comments that I want everyone to have the ability to go back through and read later on, and the other room just for shorter quicker comments.

          They are only available for that day and when you log out and back in you can’t go back more then about 50-100 comments to read them.  The comments from the previous day is lost.  Not so with Disqus, as I can read comments for a year or two back if I want too.  Nice to have sometimes.

  71. Can some one please tell me when this information first came out?
    G7 Says “Central Banks Ready To Provide Liquidity As Required”  Personally i am not worried, I am 92% long from fridays close. Picked up the majority at the 1150-1155 level for a surprise move to the up side. Looking at the 1187 level a the very least. Most likely it is going back up to the 1205 range (mid range) top range 1220 which is very possible.Good luck every one.

  72. Crude oil down $1, SP futures down not looking good for the 500pt upday tomorrow.   Only way that happens if there is an intervention by the open.

  73.      US dollar up over the Canadian.  My entire database(85,000) thought I was totally nuts when I told them that this was going to occur.  That is what made me more emboldened with the call.  I am pretty happy about this, most of my holdings are in the US.  When gold was 250 in 2001 just as many people thought I was insane for saying it was going to a thousand.  All of them now claim they never said that.  People, they’re the worst.

  74.    There has been some reasonable accumulation on the downside so the market will have a bounce at some point, but until I calibrate it, we could get one more nice downdraft to really embolden the bears which would create a helluva short squeeze event.  Not going in YET.

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