Margin Call Released The Weekend Legatus Pilgrimage Ends


Are The Illuminati Reptilians Telling Us That Big Traders Are Going To Be Hit With Large Margin Calls Starting The Week Of October 24th?

Well, you certainly can't say that the evil one's don't warn us, as they never fail to telling in advance what they plan to do to us sheep... but few sheep ever listen.  Are you listening?  While it's still uncertain if the market will bottom that weekend for Major Wave One down and turn back up for Major Wave Two up, or top with Major Wave Two up and start Major Wave Three down... one thing is certain, that date is important.

My personal feeling are that we will bottom within the next 2-3 weeks and then chop sideways to up into that date forming Major Wave Two up, and start Major Wave Three down that following week.  It's all just a guessing game of course, but I think we'll bottom around 965 spx here very soon... ending Major Wave One down.

Then Major Wave Two up should be a short and weak wave lasting 3-4 weeks, and topping the weekend of the Legatus meeting.  Then Monday the 24th should start the decent down in Major Wave Three.  Why you ask?  Seems kind of short for a Major Wave doesn't it?  Yes, I think it's too short as well... but, there is strange evidence pointing to a bottom on December the 7th, 2011 (more on that later...)

So, if we started Major Wave Three down on October 24th, then Fully expect it to continue into that December 7th date and possibly bottom there?  I'm not sure what to make of this new evidence, or how to interpret it?  In fact, I could be entirely wrong and we could instead bottom during the Legatus meeting (meaning they would decide to inject some money into the market with some type of Quantitative Easing 3... or 4?), and then we would rally into the December 7th date and top there.

Again you ask... "Why December 7th?"

This new evidence is old evidence that has a new piece of the puzzle to explain it more.  In fact, I had forgotten about it until I stumbled upon this new data.  So Red... what the new data?  I'm glad you asked.  The new data is a website called, and what is contains on it hit me like a ton of bricks when I pieced it together!

On that website you see nothing but a Black Screen... correct?  Well, look a little deeper and you see hidden text in the top left hand corner that contains a countdown.  When does it count down to you ask... December 7th of course!  Once on the website you can hold down your "CTRL" key and your "A" key on your keyboard and it will highlight all the text on the page.  You will then see the hidden countdown up in the left hand corner of the page.

You can then go to following website to calculate when the countdown expires... "".  Ok, since it's counting down, you must be quick to enter the data on that page to get an accurate reading.  Just enter the "Days" in the Days text box under the "Enter time to add or subtract" section.  Next enter the "Hours" in the Hours text box.  Finally you need to think ahead a bit and enter 1 minute lower then the actual "Minutes" listed on the countdown, and then enter "00" for the seconds.

Now watch the countdown closely as it gets close to the time you entered.  When it's within about 5 seconds of hitting the exact time you put in, go back quickly to the timeanddate website and hit the "Today" button and the "Now" button under the "Enter date and time to add or substract from" section that's above the other section where you entered the countdown information.  Now quickly hit the calculate button.

If you timed it out correctly, you should get the exact date of December 7th, 2011 and a time of 9:22 am or so.  Ok, so why is that special and what does it mean you ask?  Well, I happen to have an old FP from March of 2010 that is very interesting again now.  This FP was taken on about March the 8th, 2010... the best I can guess.  I never took the screenshot of the FP, but someone else did (I forgot who... sorry?) and emailed it to me.

This old FP showed the Wilshire 5000 dropping 4,000 points on December the 7th!

Tell me that's not freaky!  Yes, it's an old FP, but the odd's of them both pointing to the 7th of December has too mean something... doesn't it?  Here's something else strange about the FP.... it was taken on March the 8th (or so), but the 4,000 point down tick doesn't show up on March the 8th, but instead is backdated to show up on the December 7th daily candle.  Why?  Most FP's show up on the day they are taken.  If a new FP shows up on a chart, it will almost always be seen on that day's candle pattern, or a one minute candle stick on an intraday chart.

This is a rare and strange thing to see, and the only other print I have that does that is the FP of 34.65 spy which showed up again in July of this year (on the 4 hour chart only), and was caught by Anna (my very close friend at  I caught the print back on 01/31/2011 when it first showed up, and of course it showed up on the day that I took the screen shot.  Fast forward to 07/29/2011 and Anna catches the same print again, but it doesn't show up on the date that she caught the print, but is backdated to 01/31/2011.  Strange huh?

She caught the same print 179 days later (but not including the end date), or 5 months 29 days.  Now if we include then end date then it would be 180 days between the first time I seen the 34.65 spy FP and the second time Anna caught it.  That is half a year, and also 180 = 18 or 3 six's... 666!  Seems too me like they are saying that the FP is a real one, and that's the actual target they plan to take the market too!  When you ask?

Well, if this truly is to be the largest stock market crash in the history of the stock market (and I believe it will be), then the ending date of the Legatus Pilgrimage of October 23rd should be the start of the crashing... which could bottom out on December 23rd, 2011?  I know that sounds crazy, and I don't know if that will happen, but anything is possible with these gangsters.

That would be the biggest surprise of all, as NO One would be expecting such a huge crash in the market.  Not even the biggest bears would expect it, and they would probably miss the entire move down waiting on an Elliottwave bounce back up to get short at... that never comes!  Remember, this gangsters don't want the bears to make money from this crash, and they want it over as fast as possible (at least according to what they told Lindsey Williams).  They want to "shock and awe" us sheep so they can bring on the "New World Order" of enslavement at extremes.

Let's not forget the FP I have Gold at 935...

The new movie coming out called "Margin Call" tells me that they plan on forcing margin calls on big investors, hedge funds, and other big institutions that aren't part of the "good ol' boy group" (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, etc...).  When that happens, (and by the way the movie is released October 21st and the end of the last Legatus meeting this year is October 23rd), those people will be hit with huge margin calls which could force them to sell their gold and silver to cover them.  This could cause gold to drop 50% and hit the FP of 935!

In the middle of the time period between October 23rd and December 7th you have a once in a hundred year occult date happen... 11/11/11!  There was a movie put out called 11-11-11, which I'm trying to download from the internet but can't find anyone that has it on their hard drive and is sharing it.  I might be forced to buy it from Amazon or something, if I can't get a free copy it before then.  I'd like to see it and find out if it has any clues in it?  I'm sure it's full of secrets, even though it was not a popular movie or well known by the masses.  Call it a B movie horror flick I guess, but I'm sure there are many important bits of information encoded in it.  If anyone has it, I'd sure like a copy 🙂

The Movie 11/11/11...

No doubt something major will happen on that date, but I'm not sure if it will be related to the stock market or not?  But never the less... it will be an important ritual date for the Illuminati Reptilians!  Considering that it is in the middle of those other two important dates, I'm pretty sure that whatever happens on 11/11/11... the stock market won't like it!

While predicting this stock market based on a mixed of technical analysis, fake prints (FP's), Illuminati codes in movie's, ritual number's, and astrology with moon cycles is what I'm attempting to do... it isn't easy by a long shot!  I continue to need the help, advice, FP's, and code understand by YOU the reader.  I need you as much as you need me!  We are a team of a 1,000 readers a day that can put these pieces together close enough to make money in the stock market and survive the coming Great Depression TWO... so always feel free to email me with anything strange you catch, and I'll share it with everyone in these posts.  (Click on the Contact link to reach me).

Moving on to the stock market...

I missed the call on Friday, as I thought they would breakout to the upside but they took it down hard to the lower support level at 1150 spx instead.  I miss read the charts I guess, and never figured out what they will telling us in the news.  It was a signal that they wanted the market lower into Friday so the gangsters could go long into the coming week of options expiration.

I should have seen this, but I missed it this time.  The news that was released to us sheep was that "there are new credible threats of terrorist attacks this coming 9/11", and "there is a possibility that Greece will default over the weekend".  It didn't hit me at the time they realized the news that they were trying to panic us sheep into selling our longs and going short into this coming weekend.  Why would that do that?  They never let us sheep make money in the stock market, as it was created to steal money from us.

That means they constantly mislead us with lies to get us to do the opposite of what they are doing.  So, reading between the lines, I believe they will be using the new "Jobs Money" that Obama implemented in the market next week, and you can simply call it a light version of QE3.  This will cause a rally to happen instead of a crash that the sheep were lead to believe.

They told to the Main Stream Media (MSM) to distract us with talks of the possible Greece default and the new 9/11 threats to get us all to get short, while they will going long.  I fully believe they will rally up next week and squeeze the bears hard.  The daily chart looks to be rolling over, but as I previously stated I believe the MACD's will get up to around the zero level before finally rolling over.

Yes, I missed the call on Friday... sorry, I'm not perfect.  But I fully believe that nothing will happen over the weekend and Greece won't default (as of now, about 3pm Sunday, nothing has happened) as they tried to make us sheep believe.  You have to ask yourself... when was the last time the gangsters to us sheep ahead of time that the market might crash?  Never is the answer by the way!  They always mis-lead us with lies, while they do the opposite.  When George Soro's or Warren Buffet (ShapeShifting Reptilians) tell you on the MSM that the stock market is in big trouble and could collapse... get out of all shorts and go long as the bottom is in!

They always lie to the sheep... that's just what evil people do!

It's tough to have compassion for these reptiles as I'm fully human and not a fan of snakes... so at this point I can't find in in my heart to forgive them.  Maybe I will be able to forgive in the future and leave this dual-al-lity existence that I'm stuck in currently, and simply be one with myself, but for now I'm not there.

To understand this better you would have too watch the TV show called "Stargate SG1", and the episode where Daniel Jackson becomes an "Ascended Being"... only to fall back down to the matrix existence we currently live in when he failed to maintain control and "took sides".  You can't do that as an Ascended Being, as you have left the "Dual-al-lity" world and become "One" with yourself and all others.  He tried to use his powers to attack on of the evil ones to protect his friends back at Stargate command, and was stopped by other Ascended Being and told that they "can not interfere".

Well, it's a great lesson to learn, and explain why the Aliens/Angel's don't interfere with us human's and allow us to have "free will" as told in the Bible by Jesus.  It's a great show that secretly tell us that there is a secret space program for real, but of course we sheep are too blind to see it... LOL!

Back to the stock market, as I just write whatever comes into my mind and get sidetracked a lot... sorry!

(to watch on youtube:

I'll restate this again... the short term charts are oversold and argue heavily for a rally to start next week.  The first resistance is around the 1187 spx level where the downward sloping trendline of resistance from the triangle pattern that has formed will be at on Monday.  I still think we will breakout of that triangle to the upside and rally up hard in a "fakeout" move toward the upward sloping trendline that starts at 1208 on the 17th and connects to 1230 on the 30th... which would point to a possible high of 1250-1260 next week.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't know for sure if it will get that high or not, but you have too look at the bigger picture here (I think it will fall short... maybe 1218 or so?).  The lower trendline making the massive bear flag starts at 1101 on the 9th of August, connects to 1121 on the 22nd, and then 1140 on the 6th, and finally 1148 on the 9th of September.  That's 4 hits on that lower trendline and only 2 hits on the upper trendline... which tells me that one more attempt is likely to happen before finally rolling over and piercing through the lower one.

I don't know for sure if this next attempt will fall short of hitting the upper trendline, or actually reach it, but a final attempt is very likely in my opinion.  This would allow the daily chart to rally up close to zero level on the MACD's before finally rolling over.  I know that the market looks very bearish to you, but I strongly believe we bears will be surprised with the rally coming next week.  They never make it easy for us... so don't be shocked if we rally up as I expect it to.

On Monday I expect a relief rally (because Greece didn't default, and nothing happened on 9/11) that will take most bears by surprise.  While I don't know if we will break through the 1187 area of resistance from the downward sloping trendline or not, I do think it will be broken before this week ends.  I know that most other blogs are extremely bearish and expecting a collapse... I just don't see it?

A collapse is coming, but it might not start until next Thursday or Friday...

Over the last 2+ years of writing these posts on this blog I have come a long way in the learning process.  I'm getting much better at reading the charts, interpreting the news, and putting it all together to figure out the next deal of the cards before the dealer turns them up... but of course I still make mistakes and miss a few, so use your own judgment when placing a trade.

So to end this post simply, I'm expecting a rally on Monday to at least the 1187 spx area (after a gap down on fear that the Illuminati put out there for the sheep to believe), to hit that upper trendline of downward sloping resistance.  After a possible pullback on Tuesday (assuming it doesn't pierce through it on Monday) I'd expect more rallying toward that upper trendline that forms the massive bear flag pattern.  At some point this week I expect it to top and rollover again.  My best guess is Thursday/Friday.  This means that the week could still end as a "red" week... even with the rally from early on.

Possibly "Gary the Numb-ers Guy" has something with his call that the 16th is an important date this week?  Things can change of course, as clues are given in the closing price of each day... meaning that date could be moved to the following week.  But, the technical's could easily point to another huge down day this coming Friday... especially if we top out around that 1250 area on Thursday with some intraday peak.   For now we'll just take it one day at a time and for Monday I expect a rally.

Good luck as always....




    • Could be GG… but I doubt it.  They want the market to crash so they can buy up all the assets for pennies on the dollar.  This time we crash, not rally.  This week so be the last hurrah for the bulls and then we should start heading down toward 1000.

    • I am not clear on what you are trying to communicate here. If you are are referring to a fake out to the up side. I fully agree with you. They (Big Boys) are going to wipe out a lot of bears on this last rally. To appoint where a lot of the bears are going to run out of ammo.

      It is interesting on some of the sites I read. I can gauge on most days, on what the market is going to do on the following day. Simply by doing the opposite of what most of the traders are going to do the following day. Although I screwed up last friday. But I would say 90% of the time you can get a pretty good idea on the market direction.

  1. why are comments chopped off on the right margin of web page. anywho any rally
    should be shorted as ive said for last month. preferably in 1220 range. if we
    see it. 200 day and 50 day still much above and declining. still short and
    staying short but may take some profit tomorrow if it starts to climb back in
    channel. had to use google chrome to see the comment button to post also

  2. Contagion was released this weekend……………………..
    It looks like another accurate hit for my customized market manipulation signals……Notice the starting QBs for the official NFL opener on Thursday….#9 and #12,,,the last 2 SuperBowl MVPs,Rodgers and Brees….or 129 and we just had a 129pts rally off SP1101 to 1230, followed by a secondary peak at 1229 the next day which so happened to be the .618 pt for the October 2007 high to March 6,2009 low.

    Looking very doubtful now for that 500pt rally tomorrow or even the original SP 1260 by Monday target.   Maybe the bulls will get lucky and the lower BB puts a brake on the downmove.   Calling for rallies when the euro is crashing.

  3. Brees threw for the day of infamy number of yards but otherwise didn’t spend a great deal of time crunching the numbers for any signals.

  4. Great post as always, Red.

    For the first time, I think my projected market moves are very different to what you have mentioned – not that I’m right, in fact, I think you might be closer to the truth than I would like to believe.

    I have the markets going down (in a choppy fashion) to 1000-1048, reaching that level somewhere between late Sep and mid Oct. That would be my wave (1) down from the May top. From there a strong rally (a-b-c) to around 1250 by the end of the year, to a wave (2) top.

    Then, at last, the long awaited (3) of 3… timing’s a little fuzzy, to be honest.

    Now, none of this has taken the Legatus, or the FOMC (20/21 Sep), into account. Nor have I looked at the FPs, so the trick I have to perform now is to try and see how all the good info you have will fit into my projection.

    I really like the significance of:

    “In the middle of the time period between October 23rd and December 7th
    you have a once in a hundred year occult date happen… 11/11/11!”

    It all sounds so juicy, I almost want it to happen!!  I was going to sell all my VXX soon – maybe I’ll hold on to some a little bit longer….

  5. Good morning all…

    Looks like the market is still down this morning.  I do believe it will bottom today and start rallying from here.  First target is the upper trendline from the triangle around 1187 spx or so.  The ES is at major support and oversold on all the short term charts.  So, according to those charts, a rally should start today at some point.  I’ll probably take another long position at some point today.  Good luck as always.

  6. I suspect this week will be a replay of last week. Low on Monday and up and away thru wed. Significant sell off into Friday.

  7. I’m beginning to have my doubts on a rally up to 1187 now.  Today’s failure by the bulls means tomorrow will be even harder to rally up as the daily chart is continuing to rollover.  The market is simply forming a bear flag while working off the oversold conditions.

    So, it’s looking like any pop higher tomorrow will likely work off all the oversold conditions by the close and be a shorting opportunity.  We’ll see, but my original thoughts that we would rally to 1187 at least and possibly 1218-1220 are now becoming less likely.  I’m still mostly in cash and waiting for the best spot to go short at.

      • Yeah, we’ll probably hit that area but I don’t see it doing a false breakout to 1218-1220 now.  If that was going to happen, they would have rallied hard today to start the move.  Now it looks like it will end around that 1187 area.

    • As you know red. The end of bull run will whip around  with violent moves in either direction. We are at the end of the 9th inning.  One last move upward to the 1187 – 1218 and I believe that will be it. I will not be waiting for the 1218 level. I am going to start layering my shorts possibly tomorrow thru Thursday at the latest and just sit back and watch history unfold in the markets.

        • I am not going for the last dollar here. I will leave a few dollars for the next trader. If your 1215 comes into play within the next 48 hours. I will fully exit my position and short from there. The next few days will be crucial for establishing a good short position.

  8. wow, what a closing rally.  surprised me!
    yes, the semi’s were strong, but I was assuming it was just defensive posturing.SPX close 1162.27daily 1000(MA) – 1162.4988off by 50 cents.

    • I was seriously having doubts about my ability to read the charts GG, but I was just a day too early I guess.  Tomorrow certainly looks bullish to me, and I even took another long position at the close.  I think we’ll see at least 1187 tomorrow.

      • Keep up the good work.
        we’ve been banging the tape between 1120 & 1220, i’m in no hurry to get chopped up.
        I’m just not that good.
        and in between the whole mess, is the 200 week MA which is important to me, but the only enthusiastic person I’ve found was a broker who’s been in the biz 31 years.

        So I sit and learn.

  9. Semi-epic collapse in the overnight futures in the last hour.   Can they save it again by the morning.  Yesterday’s candle similar to the August 3rd one and one made on approximately October 14,1929….
    And tonights Monday Night games replete with 87references with a few 29s thrown in for good measure… the Denver game, let’s just say the 87references were tied to Teebowmaniaaaaaa…
    The Patriot’s game seemed to be displaying some other numbers .

  10. And the market, I am not even calibrating it so far, it is as Gold Gerb pointed out, a range driven market right now.  I will probably calibrate later today.

  11. By the way someone sent a long, long ass video that contained one very interesting tidbit.  It showed the 1987 crash chart.  Gotta tell you, its virtually identical to what we are seeing right here.

       But in no way did we have the overhanging crap we do now in the market.  But Bull Markets are borne out of bullshit, “revolutionary technology” such as plastic, computers, software and the internet.   It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see a MAJOR wave 3 rise out of the sea all based on the “emergence” of say nanotechnology. 

    • I do see a huge Bull market arise… but not from these levels.  It will could out the ashes so to speak… meaning after a huge crash!  The crash must happen for the White Dragon Society (the good guys) to put all their money back into society and start all over.

      They want all the debt wiped out and a clean slate to start from, which means that the market must crash to eliminate it all.  Plus, the Illuminati Reptilians also want the market to crash, but for different reasons of course.  They want to steal all the assets at pennies on the dollar so they will own everything and then we’ll all be working for them!

      Of course this means they will succeed in starting their “New World Order”, but I think they will fail, and the good guys will win (remember, you are an Immortal Spirit and can choose your own timeline to go down).

      After the crash, and the good guys win, they will bring forth all the free energy technology to free the world and a new bull market start.  That’s the day I’m looking forward too!

  12. Here’s the plan gang…

    Since the bulls failed to rally on Monday, the odds of getting up to 1250-1260 are near zero now.  The odds of getting to 1218 or so is maybe 33%?  The odds of getting to around 1187 for the backtest of the falling trendline is probably 50%.

    Every day that goes by the odds drop.  If we get to 1187 or so, I’ll be going 100% short and just will wait for the bottom to drop out of this market.  I see 1000 point drop in the Dow coming very soon… probably within the next 2 weeks.

  13. I am going to take a hard fought profit.Getting out of my longs 3/4 position and my margin from Mondays lows. I am getting tired of chasing the top.

      • Good luck Red, I am going to just sit back and just relax. I have a sign in front of me, BULLS AND BEARS MAKE MONEY    PIGS DO NOT. As you said, we are close to the top. I am not going to risk it here, although the market may likely head up into possibly wed. Yes I am going to leave some money on the table. I am getting worn out here. It is not worth the fight for me to get the last dollar. I have done very well over the last few months. Why risk everything I have fought for?

  14. And sorry I haven’t calbrated anything other than expect total surprise at all times.  I will say that I see the potential for a Bear Trap, in that there may have been a lot of accumulation lately.

  15. I have 1/4 long position.  I believe the market will go back up to the highs from this morning. Than I will sell the remaining longs.

    • I agree GL… The 5 and the the 15 minute chart look to be about done resetting now, and we should have that 3rd push up here soon. I think it will be over by 1pm-2pm though, and I’ll exit my longs and go short… regardless of whether we make a higher high or a low high. 

  16.    Now up .30 sents or so… Sell on the news.

       This company will be bought out sooner than later, they are trying for 9.00.  So IF gold doesn’t go to  954.  This is a comany where you buy large blocks and sell them and instead of making a cash profit, you keep a small block.  Try to earn 20,000 shares or so in the next six months.  THESE guys have NO INTEREST in producing an ounce of gold or silver.  We always built this to sell it.

  17. Red, how about next time being a little more exact with your timing. LOL

    I am 1/4 short here. Will not go fully short until my gut instincts gives me the word. Hit the top with shorts and exiting longs.

  18. We should test gap window at 1177 spx before the close today I believe, after a pullback (probably tomorrow morning) I still think we could push up to hit that downward sloping trendline, now coming in around 1185 or so.

  19. Ok, I closed out my longs at the close today.  I’m now flat and will see what tomorrow brings?  I think it will gap up and crap, but I didn’t want to chance been wrong… cash is a position 🙂

      • I just don’t trust the market at this point, so I bailed, plus…

        The ES closed at 1165.00 at 4:15 today. That’s 1111 [11(6+5=11)]… The SPY closed at 117.74 or 1111 [11(7+4=11). Something coming soon…

  20. 87 references a plenty in last night’s games.  Denver’s #87 scoring on a xxx yard punt return and the pairing of Oakland’s starting and backup QBs,#8 and #7.   There was an obvious 87 staging near the end of the game when those two QBs stood alongside Oakland’s head coach while a player with a certain number stood in the background while one with an identical number sum had stood in the foreground before the camera panned away.    The first pairing can be seen in the game highlights at the 3:11 mark over at  But they were flashing so many combinations that my head was spinning trying to decipher them.    Like Orton #8 walking past his lineman #70.  Plenty of #58 also.

    Tomorrow will be 703 years 337days from the date important to the insiders.   And just in time for a downgrade of some French banks.    It is also 1 year 111 days from the release of the Cramer Code.   Also 115years 111 days from the birth of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  And one year from the release of Linkin Park’s The Catalyst.   The day of infamy number reversed.    Also a big ritual day at the Capitol tomorrow morning.  

    And futures once again are down big.   Three times a charm??   Hang Seng was up 1% early today and has now reversed down -1% and German futures were pointing down 1% before the open.

  21. Well gang, after being down over 140 Dow points afterhours and premarket, they managed to gap it up.  Now we wait to see if they can get it up to that 1185 spx area or so.  That’s the major resistance area from the downward sloping trendline, and should stop the bulls dead in their tracks.  That’s where I’ll go 100% short at.

  22. I still have my 1/4 position long from missing out selling at the close. I still looking for my 1185–1187 area.

  23. The sp looks like it is recoiling its self for a move up. I will stay with my small long here for a thrust upwards.

    • Anna caught a 116.50 spy print this morning and I think that’s where it’s headed to today.  I’ll likely exit at that area and go to cash again.  I agree with you that they want to hit that 1185-1187 spx area, so they will likely try again for it later today or tomorrow.

  24. The 15 and 30 minute charts are just now getting ready to crossover the zero line on the Histogram bars.  We are waiting on the 5 minute chart to roll over now, as it’s rallying from being oversold on the first move down.

    After this next move down (to the 116.50 FP area I believe), the 15 and 30 minute charts will likely turn back up.  There is still very light volume in this market and they don’t seem to want to sell off yet.  Again, I’ll exit my shorts and go to cash after this next move down and wait for another chance to go short… tomorrow probably.

  25. I do like this site in sharp contrast to IBD and other periodicals that I read.  However I just glanced at my trading platform and noticed the word “collapse” in the upper right hand corner and felt panicked for a second, until I realized it is just a drop down menu to hide the index view.  Maybe I should take a break.

  26. Sold out 1176, will wait for a retrace in the markets to go long. I am not convinced that the markets want to take the crash route yet. I am all in cash.

    • I’m not sure if you are going to get your pullback to GL?  Maybe?  We’ll see?  But I also think we’ll go up to that 1185-1187 area before tanking.  I don’t know if their hit 1200 or not… possibly, but seems unlikely now.

      • Thats o kay, it feels good to be in cash. I hope it does fill the gap. I would like to start layering in some shorts. That will be the tricky part.

        • We should drop back to about 117.50 spy area to reset the overbought short term charts, and then push on higher tomorrow to 1185-1187… assuming they still plan to take it there?  Also, there is still a chance (slim) that they go up to about 1200 spx before finally tanking.

          • I will not be taking any chances. I am going to start layering the shorts if that gap is filled. 1/2 position. Than take it from there.

          • Considering how close they are to filling the gap, they might not pullback any and just keep on pushing up until they hit it?  The SPY looks to have filled it’s gap now…. next is the SPX around 1186 or so.

      • Yeah these guys know they’re untouchable at the moment, so they’ve been stealing premium from both the puts and the calls every day this week.

    • What a nutzo day! I think they took it down to backtest the upper boundary of the wedgie. Every day this week, I’ve been playing the breakouts and break-back-ins and just DOING AND NOT THINKING was fairly profitable. Damn! The HFTs are going criminal crazy…either we go back down thru both ends of the wedgie or bounce off and enter a medium term rally, at least that’s what I think now. Unbelievable.

    • Yes, now what?  We hit my 1185-1187 (50% chance target) and then hit 1201 (33% chance) and up next is 1218-1220 (10% chance).  Will it hit tomorrow on one last gap up?  I wish I knew?

      • The only safe way to play this is to layer in. At the very end of the last wave up before the melt down.  The market will surprise many by its shocking moves to release the bears from its position.That is why I said a week ago, that many bulls and BEARS will miss this move downward.

        That is why I will not generally use options. By layering in as the market goes upward, you do not have to deal with being correct at a given point on the charts. I personally use ETFS x2 at the moment. On Annas board, I saw one comment where he threw in the towel. He was fed up and will not touch this SH_T again using options. This is a good indicator as you know, that we must be getting close to a top.

        Red I will personally e mail you when I receive more info.

  27. Today was one of the biggest sucker rallys i have seen in a long time.The crooks and getting worse and worse

  28. So for the FP .. let me see if I understand, on market close .. somebody throws a last second trade that is executed then the media reports closing at that level?  Essentially this is market manipulation who it  benefits I am a little unclear.  Seems to me it would benefit institutions as they price mutual funds after market… be interested in the three sentence description.

  29. I think will push just a little higher to 1208 before we drop fast 30 points to 1166ish.  After that a fast move to 1257 to which will see a big bear flag.  Then wheels come off and bear shall rejoice for a while!

  30. There was a false print for the $hsi (hang seng index) at that measured down to 14K but it is no longer there.   But there was one for $ibex in the opposite direction that I have seen 3 times in the last few weeks.  (I saw it today but it has disappeared also)

    Tomorrow is Tebowmaniaaa day.   Also the the 3rd anniversary of Lehman Day but will they use the 9-15 number again.   It is 497 (777) days from the flash crash or 7×71 weeks ie 7×8. ..

    In Monday nights Patriots-Dolphins games.  QBs Tom Brady#12 and Chad Henne#7 were pitted against each other or 127 or the December 7 number.   A memorable date 12-7-1941.

    Plent of market moving economic data for tomorrow to get little wave 3 going.

  31. Ok gang, I didn’t get a chance to do an update last night…. sorry about that.  But if I had, I’d been wrong because I thought we would open up with a gap down to retest the broken trendline of resistance now support.

    Instead, we now see the market running up 15 points higher!  I’m not sure what to think of this as I really expected it to rollover some this morning.  But, I want to throw this idea out there for you as a “possibility”… and while I’m not saying this is what’s going to happen, you still need to know about it.

    Last week Obama created a new Job’s Stimulus plan and basically just injected the market with 400+ Billion, as we all know that money went straight to the Wall Street Gangsters… not for the creation of new jobs.  That could very well be called a “Light Version of QE3”.

    So, if that’s true… how high do they plan to take the market?  Great question, and while I can’t see this being hit right now, this FP from a few weeks back might be the answer?  If we rollover hard today and crash tomorrow, then NO… this print isn’t likely to be hit.  But, don’t bury your head in the sand and forget about what they can do with $400+ Billion Dollars.

    Also, if you remember past video’s I’ve done, there is some uncertainty about whether or not we have completed 5 waves down in the first Major Wave 1 down.  What if it is completed now, and we are now starting Major wave 2 up?  This “could” carry us all the way into the Legatus meeting and peak at that FP of 127.07 SPY?

    Surprises and mis-direction is the name of the game for these gangsters and the biggest surprise and mis-direction could be staring us right in the face.  While the Main Stream Media (MSM) was focused on the Greece problem, Obama quietly sneaks in QE3 and the sheep don’t see it because all eyes are focused on the Euro crashing.

    Listen to their keywords Lindsey Williams say, and read between the lines in what the MSM is telling us.  I think they just told us that they plan to hold this market up for awhile longer.

    • I’m looking for another small short entry for some selling into tomorrow, but it could simply be a one day trade into tomorrow.  The charts are so over bought now that we should still sell off on Friday regardless of whether or not this is wave 5 down or just a move to down reset the charts before more buying.  Either way, it should go down tomorrow.

  32. Been out of the loop for two days. Lots of meetings.  Making moves, just in case this turns out to be a  monster Bull market to trap all of us Bears. via the social media.  But have no fear all of my trades are primarily short efforts.  Still NOT in this market yet.

  33. Calibrator is bullish and NOT of the opinion there is any imminent fear of a crash.  But I still cannot BEAR to go long.  They have done a good job on making me fearful. 

    • Well, that doesn’t mean that they can’t continue swing up and down with that new $400+ Billion until that runs out and then crash.  It would make one big bear flag that could drop after the Legatus meeting ends this coming October 23rd?  Surprise and mis-direction is the name of the game, and everyone is still expecting a crash before the end of this month… even me.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still think we’re going to sell off hard tomorrow and into next week… but maybe it stays in this bear flag channel for another month, never taking out the 1101 low?  That would frustrate the hell out of both the bulls and the bears!

    • I don’t know what will be the reason, but I still see tomorrow down big.  Just because it’s opx tomorrow doesn’t mean that they (the market makers) haven’t squared up their positions today and therefore will allow it to tank tomorrow.

  34. We have a “cup and handle” pattern formed on the 15 minute chart.  This indicates a breakout to the upside (which should quickly fail and fall back down) at some point today.  I suspect this will happen during the last hour of the day.  It’s also a bull flag on the 5 minute chart.

    Since we are at a double top from the 8th, the bears are now getting short and putting stops just slightly above the 1204 area.  You can expect the market makers to pop it up higher and clear out those stops today before they let this market fall.

  35.     I love my calibrator.  Even though I quite often disagree with it.  It has prevented me from jumping in so far.

  36.     I love my calibrator.  Even though I quite often disagree with it.  It has prevented me from jumping in so far.

  37.     I love my calibrator.  Even though I quite often disagree with it.  It has prevented me from jumping in so far.

  38. No comments for two hours, am I trapped in bizarro disqus world while everyone else is chatting away on another page?

  39. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a headfake downward move tomorrow. GOOG, RIMM were positioned for the criminals to do so.

  40. Check this out…..add one year to ur age then add it with the last 2
    numbers of the year u were born ….the numbers 111 or 112 will usually
    be the answer with anyone’s birthday …..very strange in deed

  41. SP 1208 is the 20 month moving average.   In May 2008, the SP tagged it from below and then made the long hard move down into the fall of 2008.

    SP closed at 1209.11 today another interesting close.   Another one of these closes made during the pre-flash crash high day of 4-26-10.  (high of 1219).

  42. All is quiet for now.   My calibratror is still indicating up, but my bear addled brain isn’t reacting to that yet.

  43. Trading Considerations

    Duration of the Pattern

    Like Rounded Bottoms, the Cup with Handle is a
    long-term pattern. According to O’Neil, the cup duration is between 7
    to 65 weeks. According to Gregory Khun, the cup “is usually three to six
    months in duration but can be as long as 12 months during bear markets
    or as short as seven weeks during bull markets.” The handle usually
    develops in 1-2 weeks.

    Target Price

  44. Gang, looks like today will be a choppy day.  While it’s up a little right now, I think it will be range bound between the lower support of about 1190 ES and resistance from the double top on 08/31 of 1223 ES.  Not sure where we’ll close, but it will likely be just a doji day… meaning slightly up or slightly down.  Overall, just a boring day for most traders.  But of course day traders might enjoy the moves up and down.

  45. Sold approx 30%  of my shorts at the 1205 level. Down to the 60% level. I am going to do some swing trades. I still believe the markets will end on their lows late today and no later than Monday.

    Good luck every one

    • Markets should go down on Monday/Tuesday, and then up on Tuesday/Wednesday into Bernanke speaking Wednesday/Thursday.  This coming Thursday is the 29th (2+9=11), and that would be my best guess as to when the next big move down starts.

      • I am not going to flinch here. My earlier post, I meant to say that we will go down to the lows from last Monday. I am getting in some swing trades to mitigate some of the damage.

  46. The Legatus meeting is on the same day as ‘Packers and Pumpkins’ at my kids school.  I am sure we are in for a doozey, the Packers, Pumpkin Carving, and a meeting of a bunch of psuedo snotty rich Catholics on the same day!

  47.     Back. Tons of tennis, beer, and a few dalliances today.  Seemed to have missed very little. Anticipating that junior to soar on monday/tuesday.

  48.    Still not a participant in long or short.  Just don’t calibrate it yet.  And I am too stubborn to profit from the positive calibrations on the market.

  49. After 2 good swing trades today, I was able to mitigate some of the damage. I am now back to 90% short for Monday.

  50. sometimes the blog publisher talks about a batwing formation forming on
    the chart. I always wondered what are they  talking about. 
    i finally found an example  
    batwing stock pattern, batwing stock chart pattern. BATWING FORMATION. here’s what it looks like 

  51. an investor blog i follow, well he just got back from a greek vacation. he was staying at the same hotel the euro bank leaders were staying at. he has lots of insider information. I’ll try to post the link here at red’s, if red’s blog site will even open on my computer, sometimes computer freezes, then crashes…
    when trying to access this site’s comment section. very upsetting, to say the least.

  52. Calibrator says crash again this year. Not in September.  So far, its been, well, beyond reproach.  I will try to get more specific over the next few days.

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