David Wilcock Interviews Ben Fulford, The Real Truth On The Quickening Movie, And The Next Stock Market Crash!


Wednesday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQweeikAFYc)

The link I speak of in the video is...
The name of the movie is "Deep Impact" from 1998...

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Also, here the link to Chris Carolyn's article that is of interest and actually gives me the thoughts that after a brief bounce tomorrow, we could crash on Friday? I'm not sure on it of course, as today took me by surprise. I was thinking that we would put in a top going into this weekend's multiple turn dates, but it could also be a bottom? If we don't rally back up tomorrow from a gap down, and instead open flat and chop around awhile (making a bear flag), then the wave 2 back up I mention in the video will be very short lived.



David Wilcock Interviews Ben Fulford and gets more details about how the Evil Cabal is down to only controlling 5 countries now while 57 other countries have sided with the good guys!


(click here to read the interview and listen to the audio file: http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/975-undergroundbases)

Yes, it's good news as more and more evidence points to the Dark Cabal losing more and more ground as each day goes by.  These thugs think they can continue with there "New World Order" plans to enslave humanity even more by wiping out 90% of the population first, then saving us with a one world currency, (which will be electronic) meaning that you will be "chipped" if you want to be able to eat and survive.  But, I don't think that's going to happen in this timeline... humanity wins this go around!

There is so much to talk about that I don't know if I can cover it all in this post?  I'm really not that good at writing it all down, but my ability to ramble on in the video's I do is still there.  So, if I miss something here, be sure to watch the video.

Ok, Ben tells David how the "Meeting of 57' representatives from 57 different countries over the world (about a week ago now) really put a hurting in the members left in the Evil Cabal.  Yes, it seems that countries from all over the world are jumping ship and turning to side with the Jedi Knights (The White Dragon Society... the good guys!).  People are tired of the Evil Empire and want free of them now it seems.

Just like in the Hollywood movie Star Wars, good eventually wins out over evil.

inelia benzSince most you know by now that there are 13 men/families that rule this planet, and have been doing so for the last 4,000 years or so now, I won't go into that subject too deep.  However, I will say that I suspect at least one of those men jumped ship when he asked for "Clemency" (forgiveness) from God and Inelia Benz  (http://ascension101.com) was the spirit that went to listen to his call for help and let love into his heart when he opened it.  That would be like when Darth Vader saved his son Luke in the end, and turn from the Darkside back to good again.

This should tell you that we are going down a different timeline then the one the Evil Cabal want, and that their plans to destroy 90% of the population will fail, and already has failed.  In fact, the earthquake a few weeks back that took place just south of Washington DC, was 2 nuclear bombs that were set off by the good guys in the Pentagon to destroy 2 underground cities that the Evil Elite Gangsters had planned on hiding in... while World War 3 was going on above ground with nukes killing Billions of innocent people!

According to Ben, there was about 30,000 people (who unfortunately worked for the Evil Cabal) in each city.  That means that 60,000  bad guys were killed in that secret attack done by the good guys.  While I really feel sorry for those that lost their lives, as most didn't know the whole story or they wouldn't been there if they did, but it needed to be done save the rest of humanity.  I pray that those who died there will come back in their next life as a good guy and do the right thing to help others.

Ben also briefly mentions how the Evil Cabal (that started the Federal Reserve Bank back in the 1913) were also responsibly for sinking the Titanic... something I only recently found out last week from a video that "Gary the Numbers Guy" did telling the same thing.  Basically, there were (according to Ben) 600 senior financiers that opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank that were on the Titanic when it was sunk.  Once dead, they Evil Empire then had no problem in succeeding with their plan to rob the American people for the next 100 years through the creation of that private bank.

The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and how the Titanic was sunk by the Illuminati Reptilian Gangsters to eliminate those opposed to them...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlzubNIHDvQ)

Needless say, "The Powers That Be" (now called "The Powers That Were") have been running this world for a very long time.  But, I truly believe that their time is coming to an end now.  There is too much evidence that points to them the failing in this timeline and humanity being set free.  Besides all the wonderful investigative work Ben has done, there are others that have come forward and helped too.

When combining all the pieces together to see the big picture, it's clear to me that we will NOT be destroyed like the Evil One's have planned...

Let's go back to the timeline issue and revisit Dan Burish (http://projectcamelot.org/dan_burisch.html).  He was the whistle blower that came forward and told our modern day "Fox Mulder" and "Dana Sculley" (Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy) that he was a member of the secret organization called "Majestic Twelve", which was the group assigned to recover all debris from UFO crash sites and reverse engineer the technology.  He stated in his first interview about the existence of StarGates and how they modified them into something the called the  "Looking Glass", which was simply a portal they didn't go through, but simply looked into it to see the future.

Of course all the Elite Reptilian Illuminati Gangsters got their chance to come and look into their own future.  Well, Hilary Clinton looked into it and seen that she was elected president, but later assassinated while in office.  She ignored it and continued to campaign against Obama.  Well, as we all now know, she didn't win as Obama did.  This was a surprise to the Elite as they told Lindsey Williams that "John McCain is our man"... meaning that they had already planned for him to win the election (which of course are all controlled... except for this one I see).

I'm not sure what their plans would have been if Hilary won the primary against Obama, as they made that statement to Lindsey Williams when the primary was over and it was just Obama verses McCain.  I'm sure they would have been happy with Hilary too, as she's "one of them" as well... meaning a reptilian shapeshifter elite gangster.

Back to Dan Burish and timeline we are now in...

Dan stated that there is an 80%+ chance that the "Armaggedon" scenario won't happen now, as they disassembled all the stargates on the planet so the energy that would be coming through them won't destroy the planet.  This energy would have amplified the natural energy we would experience around this time period (the 2012 year and slightly before and after) and caused the destruction of the planet with a pole shift like what happened to the Dinosaurs and the people of Atlantis.

Does this all sound familiar now?  Think of all the attention on the internet now about the comet/rock/dwarf star Elenin that tells of how it will circle between the earth and the Sun this month of September and October 2011.  Use your heads here and think about this for a moment.  The Evil Elite still control the Main Stream Media, and Facebook and Google are in bed with gangsters through the NSA and/or CIA... which means that when you get too close to exposing them, they will shut you down.


They did this to Dutchsinse (http://sincedutch.wordpress.com) when he put the pieces together with one of his video's on HAARP.  But, have they done that to all the people talking about Elenin?  NO!  So why is that?  Simple... they want it exposed!  They would have removed access to NASA's website if they didn't want the sheep (us... the dumb, now informed public) to find out about Elenin and start spreading the fear around the planet on blogs and video's.

Well, I believe that Elenin will pass by us with NO major damage to the planet... especially now that all the stargates have been disassembled now.  According to Dan's interview, those stargates would have allowed too much energy to hit our planet and cause the pole shift that would create a world that looked like what Gordon Scallion see in his future map of 2012.  I'm sure Dan didn't know about Elenin at the time of his interview and how it "could" be the object that would have some how used the stargates open on the planet to send massive amounts of energy through them shifting the planets' axis.


He only knew from his contact with some of the aliens (good one's I'm sure... Angels) that if we didn't shutdown those stargates that the planet would shift and wipeout most of humanity.  So, they shut them down.  Now, what energy that will be expelled on planet earth when Elenin passes by will apparently be low enough that it won't cause major shifts as previously seen in visions and planned by the Elite Illuminati Reptilians.

ashayana deanI'm sure there will also be good aliens/angels that will also be using their technology to some how shield earth and protect us during the time period.  In this video by Ashayana Deane (http://projectcamelotproductions.com/interviews/ashayana_deane/ashayana_deane.html), she speaks of how the "Galactic Alliance" is using the unknown open stargates on the planet to shield earth by sending some type of energy force field from the Andromada Galaxy (our home galaxy, as the Milky Way galaxy broke away from it a long time ago).

I know this is all getting very deep now, but bare with me as I put the pieces together...

Ok, we now have a whole lot of evidence that points to the earth surviving this 2012 armaggedon period and the Elite Reptilians losing this final battle against humanities' fight for freedom.  Let's list them all...

  • Ben Fulford states that 57 countries have now joined forced to unite against the remaining 5 countries that the Evil Empire still control.
  • Two nukes were set off in 2 underground cities controlled by the Elite that they planned to hide in while destroying the planet.  This sent them a clear message that "if" they do continue with their plans to kill off 90% of the people on the surface, they will be killed too!
  • The plan for Hilary to be president failed and we went down a different timeline in which the evil cabal lose control of everything, not just who they planned to be sitting in the white house
  • Humanity has called out for help and spirits/beings/god was listening and sent many people to help.  People like Inelia Benz came straight from source (God, Prime Creator, whatever name you want to call him/her), not ever living any previous lives like most of us here on the planet who have live 100's of past one's.  She and many others are here to help bring up the planets' frequency allowing us to pass unharmed by Elenin and it's 2 sister bodies following it.
  • Dan Burish states clearly that we have a 80%+ (two different reading... watch the video to fully understand) chance now that the stargates have been shutdown (the one's that the Majestic 12 members know about, who are funded and controlled by the Illuminati Reptilians, but obviously did the right thing here... regardless of what their bosses might have wanted), that earths' axis won't shift and wipeout most of humanity.
  • We have Ashayana Deane who speaks with some higher being/spirit/alien that has told her in depth of all the stages we Immortal beings go through and more importantly how planet earth is being protected with some type of energy shield/force field that comes through some open stargates (which Majestic 12 apparently doesn't know exist) on the planet.

So there you have it... ton's of evidence supporting the theory that "we" will be OK!

While some of the evidence is more ground based and factual, like the stuff from Ben Fulford, and the rest of the evidence is more "out there" and only for the Red Pill Takers... none the less, it all adds up to freedom coming for us sheep, not the planned death of Billions and massive enslavement of those that are left alive from the Evil plans the Illuminati Reptilians had for us.

In fact, they are trying everything they can to brainwash us sheep into believing that the world is going to be destroyed by Elenin and a World War 3 will start that would be a nuclear one.  They attack the dumb "Blue Pill Taker" sheep with the main stream media as their weapon to program them, and the internet for us "Red Pill Taker" sheep.  They put out scary movies like "2012", and "Battle LA" to condition the sheep for what they plan to do.

They also fund internet movies like "The Quickening" (http://vimeo.com/27240681) to mislead us smarter sheep who took the red pill into believing that it's still going to happen and that we'll have a choice to stay and become a "chipped" slave for the Elite Reptiles or just have "faith" and ascend into the heavens or somewhere.  Total mis-direction here in this movie!  It's full of stuff they want you to believe... not focusing on what the real truth is!

YOU are and IMMORTAL Spirit living in a human body...

Not a human with an immortal spirit living inside!  You don't need to fear death, as you can't die.  But while you are here on this planet, living in this matrix, you can and should focus on doing good things for others and not focusing on "FEAR", as it doesn't exist... unless you allow it too!  Remember in the movie "Merlin" where in the end there was a battle between him and Mabe?  What he did to defeat her (as she represents evil in the movie) was to simply turn his back and walk away, refusing to believe in her (or magic) anymore.

That's what we all must do here... "Refuse to focus on Evil"!

If you do that, then good will win and evil will die as it will simply stop existing anymore.  I simply believe that evil can't come into my life unless I allow it too... and I don't allow it!  I keep a smile on my face all day and always try to stay positive, even with all the negative news I write about the Evil Empire!  I just write about it and laugh, and then picture these evil reptiles as the little old man behind the curtain in the "Wizard of OZ" pulling the string on the hologram trying to scare everyone.  What wimpy old men these Illuminati Cabal Reptilians must be, to always hide in the shadows afraid of what might happen to them if everyone found out the truth.

Well, you should now know most it... if you are a regular reader of this blog.  There is really too much information here to go any further in-depth, so I'll let you do your own research from here.  The main point I'm trying to get through here is that you shouldn't believe all the doomsday talk of the world ending this fall or by 2012.  I believe just the opposite is now happening... the "Evil Cabal's Empire" is ending, not the world.

However, that doesn't mean that the stock market isn't going to crash, as it must be cleared of all those fraudulent transactions with illegal derivatives that these Illuminati Gangsters made to steal the sheep's' money and crash the economy.  Their plan was to buy up all the assets for pennies on the dollar like they did when they crashed the stock market in 1929 the first time.  But, I believe what is going to happen this time is that when it crashes they will be caught and arrested, and put in jail... preventing them from stealing again.

David Wilcock Interviews Ben Fulford, The Real Truth On The Quickening Movie, And The Next Stock Market Crash!...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0ikSeKAD0w)

Instead we'll likely see a huge stock market rally start from all the Trillions of Dollars the people inside the White Dragon Society have sitting on the sidelines waiting to be invested in free energy technology and programs designed to stop the starvation of half the people on the planet.  Money will go into 3rd world countries and end massive poverty and starvation.  The new world will be one of peace, prosperity, freedom, and abundance... not more slavery like "The Powers That Were" want to happen.

Moving on to the stock market...

Since both the good guys and the bad guys want the stock market to crash (for different reasons of course), I see no other probability here as it must happen for the world to "reset" and start off fresh again.  The technical picture of the stock market clearly shows that it's going down much further then where it's currently at.  Of course we know the downside target, as the Illuminati gangsters have already told us... it's 34.65 SPY!

Now, if they are losing control as I've previously stated with the given evidence above, doesn't that mean that it won't happen like that?  Maybe?  Or maybe not?  Again, the good guys here know that the market has to crash to clear out all the fraud... which means they aren't likely going to stop it.  They will instead be standing by waiting to restart the economy (and the stock market) with all that money they have sitting on the sidelines.

So, at this point, I think the Evil Cabal still control the stock market... especially here in America.  Remember, Ben Fulford stated that they are down to only controlling 5 countries now... America, England, France, Germany, and Italy.  And since the other countries of the world are now joining forces and fighting this evil cabal by not accepting dollars from them anymore, they are slowly running out of ways to support the stock market or pay the military.

This means that the Illuminati Federal Reserve Board Gangsters can't stop the collapse of the stock market even if they wanted too!  They are running out of time here and a collapse is coming no matter what they do.  With that said, I don't think it's randomly going up and down, but instead was planned out a long time ago.  This new money from Obama's $400+ Billion Dollar Jobs Stimulus plan wasn't something they just recently decided to do... it was planned to be announced on the date it was, so it could be used in the stock market to rally up the market for awhile longer.

This means that next week isn't likely to crash, but instead will fool the bears and rally up toward the FP the gangsters put out there showing the SPY at 127.07!  While I don't know if we will hit that level next week, or the week after, I do believe it will be hit.  I see them selling off on Monday and probably closing the day down.  Then rallying most of the rest of the week... probably sparked by something positive statement Bernanke says on Tuesday.

Remember, this has all been planned out months and years in advance...

Nothing here is out of the ordinary or a surprise.  These Evil Reptiles still fully control these 5 countries, and we should still expect that all these FP's will still work until we stop seeing them... which could happen if the good guys win this 4,000 year old war and start the world out "anew" again, with a stock market that could finally be traded "freely" for once...  without all this manipulation.

But for now, I have to say that what I see in the charts and what I believe really happened with the Job's Stimulus money, all tells me that we'll rally up to the 127.07 spy FP before rolling back down again.  The weekly chart supports this, and the daily chart is still pointing up, and should find its' way close to the zero level on the MACD's.  After that, I think the next huge wave down will start and the weekly chart will also roll back down and could even hit new lows on its' histogram bars.

When you ask?  Well, looking at the charts I could see that SPY hitting that 127.07 print by Monday the 26th or so.  We have the 25th as a major turn date from spiraldates giving it a 6.5 reading, but that's on a Sunday.  Also, we have the new moon on Tuesday the 27th, which usually is a high in the market.  According to astrocycle the market usually tops within a 2-3 day +/- period around a new moon.  This means the top could be Monday the 26th, or as late as Thursday the 29th (which is an important ritual date for the Illuminati because 2+9=11, and eleven is one of their most important numbers).

All of this points to the FP being hit at some point during the week starting on Monday the 26th and ending Friday the 30th.  This means that this coming week should be another rally week, with Monday being a down day to reset the overbought short term charts.  I said last week that it was possible (although I thought it was slim, but now I think it's most likely) to hit the rising upper trendline of this massive bear flag on the daily charts.

The lower rising trendline has already been hit 4 times, while the upper rising trendline has only been hit twice.  If we hit it a third time around the 26th, it will put the spy at 127.07... which lines up perfect with the new moon cycle too.  This is all that Job Stimulus money that is being used in the market right now, and all of last week.  Just use your head and you'll see how the huge rally that started last week happened just after Obama spoke of the Job's Stimulus program.  Regardless of whether or not this is approved, it's already being used in the stock market as you can clearly see!

Last week the stock market should have crashed down from the 4th hit of the lower rising trendline in that massive bear flag, as the odds of the 4th hit failing and falling through to new lower lows was very high... yet it never happened!  It rallied instead!  That clearly tells me that this new money saved the market from collapse, and is now being used to create this counter trend rally.

Well, don't pull the wool over your eyes in disbelief as they told you they are going to take the market to 127.07 on the SPY!

You must paid attention here and listen to their keywords as Lindsey Williams likes to say.  Speaking of Lindsey, I want you to fully understand that he is being used by the Illuminati Reptilian Gangsters to spread the message that they want you to hear and believe... but, if you listen to him you'll hear him repeat it over and over that he doesn't want them to succeed.  He wants to be wrong and for them to fail.

Lindsey doesn't want to see oil prices up to $200.00 per barrel as the Elite thugs are planning, and he certainly doesn't want WW3 to start.  He's spreading the message that they want him to spread, but not in the manner that they want it told.  They want the message to come across as one of "fear" and "acceptance", so you sheep will just give up and let it happen.  Well DON'T!  Make Lindsey wrong this time by standing up to the gangsters!

How?  Spread the word of their existence.  Only through knowledge can we stop them.  Let everyone know of them by spreading posts around the internet (like this one) to all your friends.  Only through numbers can we defeat evil, and that's only by simply not accepting their plans or carrying them out... for those inside the Illuminati circle that are good at heart and didn't know the true evil that they were working for.

That's what the Admiral's and General's did inside the Pentagon when they chose to set off those 2 nukes on the underground cities that the Reptiles thought they could go hide in while the rest of humanity dies on the surface during WW3.  Just like a snake to go hide in the ground... ashamed of what they are, and what they've done!

So here's the plan for next week...

Sit it out or go long Monday should it sell off and close in the Red.  I see support around 1180 spx and then 1160, and I don't think they will sell it off below that level.  Since we have a "W" pattern formed from the 1230 high on August 31st, down to the 1140 low on September 6th, with the middle of the "W" at 1204 on the 9th, then the most recent low of 1136 on the 13th, to finally the end of the "W" at 1220 on 16th, all that is left is for the backtest to start forming the "V" pattern.

Add those together and you get a "WV" pattern which is bullish where a "MA" pattern is bearish.  They are the same pattern only turned upside down.  They each are a very reliable pattern, and should play out this time just like they have in the past.  You have multiple pieces of evidence that supports a rally next week.

Yes, the short term charts are overbought now, but the daily and weekly charts are still pointing up.  I still think the daily MACD's will also hit the zero level before rolling back down for the next wave of selling.  You also have the job stimulus money that is clearly in the market from what I seen happen last week.  I know it's hard too believe that we will rally up higher again next week but there is enough evidence here to say it will.

While I'm a bear and don't want to believe this will happen, I have too be open minded to the high likely-hood that it will.  So, I'll probably set out most of next week or trade very lightly.  I've been a bear in a bull suit before, but I'd really rather just wait until the bulls get tired and then go attack.  Who wants to chase a bunch of bulls who just got another shot of heroin in their rear-ends?  Better to wait until the effects wear off.

You'll know it as we'll have hit the 127.07 spy FP by then... which I think will happen by Monday the 26th or Tuesday the 27th, and then we can start to accumulate short positions.  You and I know that "if" the market does rally up to that level every bear will throw in the towel and put on his bull suit.  I'll be waking up from a nice nap and start sharpening my claws to get ready to attack some very tired bulls coming down hard from too much heroin... LOL!





  1. Futures are down big.   Did Greece already default or was last week just typical options expiration manipulation?

  2. The infamous NBA ref #29 of the Blake Griffin-3-33-3(2-4) ritual on 3-19 has retired or filed his retirement papers.    The 4 letter announced this on Friday.   Couldn’t believe it was considered so newsworthy to be put in a national hourly update.  The latest 29 ritual.

    He also reffed the final Miami Thrice game on 6-12 when the Thrice were eliminated in the finals.   With fellow refs #9 and #48, one of them being infamous ref Tim Donaghy’s best phone pal.  They did a little ritual with 6:25 left in the 2nd quarter of that game but I haven’t been able to crack the code.

  3. Good Morning all…

    It should take all day to get nice and oversold on the short term charts.  Then tomorrow should be a doji day or up.  Then rally the rest of the week.  So far, all is going as planned. 

  4. Congrats to the shorts.  I still refuse to buy on Fridays, so I couldn’t participate even if I wanted to.  And congrats to Red, wow, that was quite a compilation of information, and very positive.  I am thankful you intuned(intuitively received) the same vibration from it as I.  Lots of subtle giveaways such as giving credence to the BIG BANG and such.  And of course the production was very elaborate, very professional.  Not the work of some blogger with a video touch and a green screen.

    • Yes, it’s very well done… which tells me that it was likely funded by the gangsters.  Look as Wikileaks, who seems to talk a big game but fails to deliver.  Why is that?  They were going to expose the big banks last year, but then Julian Assange got in trouble and they basically faded away.

      Of course he was likely setup, but then Gangster Reptilian George Soro’s came to the rescue and defended him.  Now we’ll only get information leaked for Wikileaks that is first approved by Soro’s and the others in the gangster gang.  Meaning that Assange is now a puppet for the NWO thugs!

  5. I am out of my swing trade from 1190 and out at 1196

    I am waiting to get 90 to 100 % short with the right set up.  I am 40 % short now

    • Looks like a bear flag forming right now, so there could be another drop into the close or tomorrow morning?  The thing that worries me about the bear case here is the light volume (which usually favors the bulls) and the fact that Bernanke speaks tomorrow.  The markets tend wait in “pause” mode until after he speaks and then pick a direction.  Meaning the drop from the bear flag might not be too low.

  6. Closed out 70% of my shorts at 1204.5 Will keep 30% short for tomorrow  morning. Made some chump change but yet left some money on the table

    • Euro goes up,shows how well known that was about exactly a month ago.    This should be required reading in grade eight for kids about how markets actually work.  Instead of reading how dinosaurs fell to the ground and somehow became 77 million of barrels a day. 

  7. Schiff has some problems in his arguments, but overall correct.

    is the answer, start with a 40% reduction of all government at every 
    level, give them training in how to build factories, and then have them
    build those factories, and then when they are built, have them work in
    those factories, to make product that Americans need to buy, made in
    America by real public servants.   Build hydro, build wind, build solar,
    build computer stuffs, build infrastructure that makes us stronger.  
    Not idiotic investments in stupid a** solar companies that go bankrupt
    in a handful of years.
    And the military in 150 of so countries,
    bring them all home in stages within 5 years, and let the world know,
    will can no longer be their police, nor their economic hit man as the
    case may sometimes be, and that to a great extent we will be self
    sufficient except if those commie bastards try to screw us too badly on
    the rare earth minerals until we can get our own production up, and if
    they do, just tell them that we will take it.    And we can, so don’t
    woos out on taking a stand on this.  
    Besides greedy self serving
    “public servants” controlled by lobbying interests, besides  that litlle
    impediment, what could be wrong with this plan?   Keep it simple
    stupid.    Reward hard work, reward innovation, reward those who follow
    the rule of law.   Make lobbying illegal, totally.   Instantly revert
    goverment salaries to be 10% less than an outside private sector salary.
      Restore the constitution and head toward only the government that is
    specified in the constitution, fail to the low side, and bring back
    critical function only when they are screaming obvious that those
    services are really needed.    
    If you don’t speak english, you
    have 18 months to learn, or you leave the country.   Yes, there will a
    standard test.  If you are illegally here, you will leave the country
    regardless, do it in those same 18 months before you are prosecuted by
    being put in a forced labor camp for 3 years (making our factories),
    then deported.   
    OK who would vote for that?

      • Then we in USA won’t have enough jobs, because others are willing to work for cheaper.   We will end up with alot less 48″ TV’s and phones with 1000 features, stuff we don’t actually need.

        I respect your opinion Deej, however, I can’t say that I have seen concrete examples of how no trade controls actually helps.  It may, just never seen a real study, real evidence, even anecdotal, haven’t seen it.

        • SD,

          If we stop the labor to come to USA, companies will just go outside and setup their shops outside i.e. more unemployment and more frustration and slowly people will forget their skills. It’s already happening. I agree that Labor will be cheap initially but law of demand and supply will sort things out. It’s costly to live in USA. People will automatically demand more money as they gain experience.

          This can happen anywhere. If 10,000 people (same profession) decide to move from TX to CA to get better wages than they get in TX, obviously we will bring down wages in CA because supply will be more than demand and CA people will be angry at those people who migrated from TX and brought local wages down.

          Let’s assume that world is just USA which is made up of not 50 states but 50 countries. We don’t have any tariff or protectionism in these 50 countries but Law of markets sort prices out. Cost of living is different in each of these countries. No passport or visa is required to travel or work. People decide themselves whether to move to another country or not. Companies still move their operations from one country to another based on what gives them advantage.

          If every country (including USA) cooperate, then it is possible what I was trying to say in two lines before.

          BUT (there is always a BUT)

          In truth and reality, it’s still a law of the Jungle outside and we still try to live in “survival of the fittest” mode.
          Human being species has evolved a lot but part of our brain is still a reptilian brain which goes back 300 million years in evolution. It attacks or withdraws back when it senses fear of an attack or when somebody really attacks at us. Attack or fear can be in any form (I do not mean just war).

          • There is a certain segment of crazies in government that has worked the last 40 years to make sure that “reptilian brain” is lost. How many nutballs in the US would yell to an assailant “yes, you’re the victim, I deserve this!” as they are being beaten or robbed or stabbed to death? When people lose all sense of reality or logic, a significant change in society is near.

    • I agree – Schiff suggests some things, like “zero” regulation, that may not be the best because of the number of dirtbags out there, and the increase of people in society with sociopath tendencies, but the important thing for me is, he “gets it.”

  8.    And as given by the calibrator, this market ain’t finished yet.  I am itching to trade, but no indications yet for a BIG one.  Still lingering around.  Waiting.

  9. Another huge reason why there is so much war around the world is because every tom dick and harry that is not suppressed is building free energy machines in rogue countries.  And tech that indicates WHERE oil,gas,gold and silver actually is in abundance.   Its about money sure, but real money, resource money, not just paper.

  10. Just back back gang… had some errands to run this morning.  Did I miss anything?  It doesn’t look like it so far.  I guess we are still in “pause” mode until Bernanke speaks.

  11. Looks like the market does not care about bad news out there. Market keeps going up. What a rigged market.

  12. I always find it really unsettling when PMs like gold and silver are in sync with the market like right now.  Usually they are contrary, be an interesting week.  My thoughts are .. SPY hits 50 DMA, then excitement happens.. dumb money enters the market.  A few days of hurrah!  Then another rollover as Red suggests, I just keep thinking we need one more shake out to make 2011 right.  Then rally rest of 2011 so the boys on wall street get a bonus.

    BTW .. this guy keeps calling me from MF Global .. buy natural gas he tells me over and over.  Like .. stop calling me!

  13. This timing of “No Deal reached on Greece Debt” is to convenient too me.  The short term charts were overbought and needed to rollover and reset.  By tomorrow morning I suspect they will become oversold and then Bernanke will speak with the charts pointing back up… meaning the rally should continue.

    We are still putting in higher lows and the volume is still low too.  Bernanke will likely pull a rabbit out of a hat tomorrow and this rally should resume.  I’m not buying into this being the start of the next big wave down.  Everything still points to this weekend and early next week as having multiple turn date indicators happening.  I’m sticking to my plan and waiting until then.

    • Not good for the bulls… that’s for sure.  We close to a huge sell off.  It’s just a matter of getting short by the end of this week or next Monday I believe.  After that, I think this next wave down will dwarf the previous one we just had in August.

  14.  Here we go folks…

    Usually there is a head fake in the opposite direction after the Fed minutes (here at 2:15pm)… which I think will be down first and then a rally.  Strap on your seat belts!

  15. Ok, the Fed’s are going to buy $400 Billion in Treasuries by the end of this year.  This should give the market the final push needed to rally up to the SPY FP print of 127.07… which I hope hits by this Friday or early next Monday.

        • It’s a 400b swap – the Fed is selling short duration for long duration, so the net increase in its balance sheet is zero. It also going to stop buying treasuries with MBS interest, and instead buy more MBS. This is the cancellation of QE lite. Whether or not the market rallies in the near future, there isn’t any obvious QE for the time being.

      • The market is oversold on just about all the short term charts ACP, so we can expect a rally tomorrow my friend.  I’m still sticking to my guns that we’ll rally up to the FP of 127.07 spy… and then totally collapse!

      • However, with that said… I’m more focused on the turn date period over this weekend then the actual price level of the market.  If it doesn’t make it up there by the turn date, I’ll still go short on it… as the charts will tell me that the top is in by then.

  16. Gap window on the spy is 118.17 and gap fill is 117.25.  Gap fill on the spx is 1177.54, which could be there downside target before turning back up.  I think this is just a shake out move on the bulls, as I do expect the rally to continue.

    • Could be, there is still a little more money from QE lite until the end of the schedule, but this is effectively a tightening.

    • I forgot to mention, transports down OVER 5% today. I don’t know if they’ll try to use what’s left of QE lite to pump the market as much as they can before dumping, but I’ll be watching very closely……

  17. I’ll do a video update later tonight gang.  Not sure on what this was…. the beginning of our big wave down or just shaking out some bulls and trapping some bears?  Could have trapped some bulls instead?  I’ll look at both possibilities.

  18.  thanks, either way, time to start cashing out any equities I have left… not a good feeling on this one.  Too much bank failure, negative euro action, and politics.

  19. Good Morning gang….

    Looks like we will definitely get our gap down this morning, but closing slightly down or slightly up seems more unlikely right now.  I think the gap down is too strong and the market is more likely to have a very short lived bounce (small wave 2 up) around the open, and then a turn back down again. 

    I suspect we’ll close at the lows of the day after this brief bounce happens.  I’ll be looking to get short on that bounce.  This means a wave 3 would start into the afternoon and into all of tomorrow.  There is likely to be only one chance to get short today, as tomorrow won’t likely have and decent bounces.  I’ll just be looking for the 5 and 15 minute charts to get overbought to find my short entry.

    This means that we could crash tomorrow with another 500-1000 point drop.  I’m not sure yet of course, but if we get that short lived wave 2 bounce today, then tomorrow will really be ugly.  We are very likely going to cut through 1101 spx like it’s hot butter this time, only briefly bouncing from it.  The bottom target I have is 965 spx, which could be hit early next week, making this weekend’s multiple turn dates a bottom.

    The daily chart has risen up enough to have worked off all it’s oversold conditions and could easily go back down for several more weeks now, and the week chart could do the same.  The only thing that would make me think this turn date period is a top is if we closed positive today and tomorrow, make a larger and longer wave 2 back up.  That would only delay the crash until next Monday/Tuesday, but as bad as the futures look right now, I think the crash will be today and tomorrow.

    • Interesting ACP… I also thought that he caved in to the evil cabal when he let George Soro’s fund his defense in his trial case.  He basically sold out, and we never seen anymore “real” damaging data from wikileaks after that.

      • Yeah, interesting how the diplomatic cables came out, but the financial leaks never did. Shows you where the TRUE power lies…

  20. Looking at the charts I see that we have started the bounce I’m calling wave 2 up.  If we manage to stay above this mornings low and put in a “higher low” then the odds favor us rallying back more the rest of the day.

    If we put in a lower low, (by 11:30am EST) then there are high odds that it will be a trend down day closing near the lows by the end of the day.

    • Yes, it was much shorter then I thought it would be as I spoke of in the video update.  Wave 2 is likely over now, and wave 3 down should start into the close today and all day tomorrow.  The bulls are trying desperately to get out. If we gap down below the 1101 level tomorrow, they are going to panic big time! It could really get ugly then!

  21. Gang, Anna’s cat Haley is very sick and could not make it without surgery?  He has a heart murmur and it will cost over $400 to help him.  If any of you want to help, she would greatly appreciate your donation… 

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  22. never been a bear, but I am getting the courage up … seems to me there is a long drop down from here.   Negative retail reports for December, banks are close to default.
    Scrooge may take away Christmas so that there is a shake up in the executive branch.


  23. Ok gang, if anyone wanted to help Haley (Anna’s cat that is sick) and tried previously, the link wasn’t correct.  I fixed that for Anna and now it allows you to enter your donation amount (it previously defaulted to $89.00, her monthly chatroom price).  Please refresh your page and try again…  she really needs your help on this one, as taking care of so many animal’s can get very expensive.

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  24. SILVER Breakdown below 50 week moving average: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.com/2011/09/silver-breaks-50-week-moving-average.html

  25. Looks like we are getting our wave 2 up today gang… meaning that the next leg down probably won’t happen today (unless we roll over into the close?), and will be early next week.

  26.  i cant believe what is happening to SLV, just took a loss on a long term
    about to take a loss on another.
    every indicator had support …. all stops blown away
    my guess is .. take out pm first then take out SPY … really unbelievable.
    friday for PM is usually rally so that the dealers sell physical at a premium.
    want gold or silver ?  buy some this weekend

    • Is that what the calibrators sees… or you?  I ask because I see a bear flag forming on the 15, 30, and 60 minute charts… that I think will play out on Monday with a gap down.  Then we could rally for awhile I believe.

  27. Not that I believe this will happen, as it’s more fear mongering I believe, but the next date of importance for Elenin is September 26th, 2011…


    Possibly the gangsters stage something that would be blamed on Elenin?  Again, I think we are NOT going to die, as we are be protected right now.  But, the video is still interesting to watch, as the August 18th date he mentions did produce a nice sell off on the market…. will that be repeated on Monday?

    • Crash next week likely BigHouse… then rally hard in option expiration on October 21st.  Then end the Legatus Pilgrimage on Sunday the 23rd, and open up Monday the 24th to start Major Wave 3 down.. and the crashing starts all over again!  Atilla will be right again I believe.

  28. Red, Looks like the  Oct puts has 4 to 5 times up volume than the average month reading. Would that not indicate a positive month in the markets since most people who bought puts are neg.

    Can you please comment on the put to call ratio please.

    Thank you

    • The Put/Call ratio is a contrarian indicator… meaning that if to many people are buying calls the market is close to a top and will reverse soon.  Or, if to many people are buying puts, a bottom is near and a rally will start soon.

      But, in this market, there will likely be extremes on both sides.  However, October is too far out right now for the market to change directions to make those puts expire worthless.  We still have all of next week to crash and then we should rally up into October OPX on Friday the 21st.

      Here’s what I think… we tank hard next week and hit my 965 spx target.  Then we rally up hard into October the 21st to squeeze out all those bears.  The Legatus Pilgrimage ends on Sunday the 23rd (coincidence?), which means that Monday the 24th we start crashing back down again for Major Wave 3!  Yeah, the gangsters know how to fool everyone!

      • Put/call just hooked back up, it’ll need to peak out first, before they take the market back up. It always turns on a sharp peak, and it’s been just fumbling around until yesterday. There’s time until the EOQ to take it down before pumping it back up. What better way to pull in some quick cash than to wait until the EU “solves” the problem, then tank it? Retail will be jarred out of their positions (and out of their senses) and the smart money will buy in at the bottom.

  29. Hey gang,

    Just to let everyone know that Anna will be doing a free webinar this Sunday the 25th (tomorrow) at 6pm EST.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  It’s basically going to be a question and answer session about options.  Now is a great time to ask those questions as I think the next few months can make a person a ton of money as this stock market crashes.

    Go over to http://www.hotoptionbabe.com and enter your name and email address in form on the right, just a little ways down the page.  You’ll be invited then and details of the webinar will be emailed to you.  I’ll be there too of course…


  30. Invisible and Bullet Proof H&S line
    Still fighting with the H&S neckline, wonder why I am the only one in the world to see this neckline, what up with that?   Bears too scared to even utter H&S anymores?

    With the highest moving average of CBOE total put call since 2008, looks like bears are going to take it up the whazzoo, ramp-a-mania.


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