New World Order Wants To Wipeout San Francisco And Damascus While The Stock Market Could Be Shutdown On 11-11-11…


Wednesday Update...

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Ben Fulford's latest speaks of plans to shutdown all financial trading programs or "platforms" on 11-11-11, but first let's cover the Evil Illuminati Cabal's plan to make San Francisco and Damascus "Uninhabitable"...

In this post by Ben Fulford he states that someone hiding their identity contacted the White Dragon Society (the good guys who want to free the planet from the evil cabal, which are made up of insiders in the Pentagon, and high ranking people in 57 other countries) by telephone claiming that they would basically destroy San Francisco and Damascus to keep themselves from losing power.

A third party group apparently found out about the threat (who obviously sides with the White Dragon Society) and counter that threat by stating that "if" anything did happen like that, they would hunt down the entire extended families of any ruling bloodlines of the Illuminati Cabal members responsible down to the last individual, and they would all be exterminated!  These people were not associated with the White Dragon Society, but must also be a group of good people trying to do the right thing.

It is obvious too me that these Evil Cabal members aren't going to give up easily.  After all, they have been in power for the last 4,000 years or so.  Fulford mentioned in an old post or one a radio interview (somewhere, I can't remember now) that these same people (bloodlines) go back to the Roman Empire, and are the same group.  I guess hoping that they would cut a deal and give up peacefully is too much to ask for or expect from evil dating back that many years.

The more recent post by Ben Fulford and David Wilcock speaks of the Stock Market being shutdown on 11-11-11...

This is planned by the White Dragon Society to purge out all the fraud from the system, or simply clean it out and revamp it.  This has too be done before the new financial system can be started it seems.  All those derivatives and other fraudulent transactions will then be purged from the system and we can all start over free of debt to these gangsters... if I'm understanding the meaning of his words correctly?

He also implies that the Evil Cabal is doing everything it can to keep the system from imploding on itself and collapsing.  Hmmm... very strange thinking there as I was under the assumption that the cabal wants the system to collapse so they could steal all the assets for pennies on the dollar, and then they would own everything in America.  We would all be working for the government then (which is owned by these Illuminati Cabal Gangsters) and then they could force us to all be "chipped" or starve to death.

Bringing down the stock market and crashing the economy has always been their plan, so they could bring on the "New World Order" slavery system that they've been planning for decades now.  Is Ben being mislead or do I understand it all incorrectly?  They (meaning the bad guys) have already told Lindsey Williams of their plans to bring on this NWO through bankrupting America, creating a 3rd world war, increase oil prices to $200.00 per barrel... all of which can't happen until the stock market crashes!

Also, this interesting video was sent to me by a reader of this blog.  It shows a cheap looking website ( that looks like a child created it, (or it's something from the 90's), that represents a company worth $14.3 Trillion Dollars! Huh?  Yeah, the website is intentionally setup to look crappy so none of sheep will pay much attention too it.  While I don't know if that's their "official website" or not, I found another one speaking of the jobs that will be created from it....(

The guy is on to something as Reinhardt made all his correct stock market predictions based on huge debasements to pay for huge projects like this...

(to watch on youtube:

Reinhardt ( has been very accurate at forecasting turn dates in the stock market based on the Legatus Pilgimage meetings, because that's were all the evil cabal meet to decide on policies and laws that affect the next move to happen.  I've watched his forecasts come true time and time again.  Put simply, a turn in the market will happen because of something these elite gangsters decide to do while in one of these Legatus meetings.

They pretend it's a Catholic event, but that's just a front, as they really get together to make decision on who they are going to steal from next.  They implemented both "Quantitative Easing One" (QE1) and QE2 during these meeting.  They simply stole the money from future children in America by massive printing of more dollars that will eventually cause huge inflation... again hurting the sheep.

Each time they did this the stock market would rally to unbelievable levels, because all that money went straight to the "Plunge Protection Team" via Goldman Sachs, who never distributed the money to the public in loans to create jobs like Obama stated that's what it was for... but instead wrote themselves huge bonuses and gambled the rest away in the market.

Other times they evil cabal will meet and decide to "debase" or crash the stock market so they can wipeout their competition by lower their stock price so low that they can buy them up and/or force a merger with another company they own... or simply bankrupt them.  Of course the evil cabal will also be making money by shorting the stock market while it's crashing too, thus stealing all the hard working America's 401k savings.

Create a problem, blame it on someone else, create a solution, take credit for it and be a hero!

That's what these piece of sh*t evil bastard cabal members like too do!  They do it not only with the economy and the stock market, but wars too.  They create the enemy by staging a false flag event like 911, then make up a dead enemy like Bin Laden (real name Tim Osman, who died in a hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2001 of kidney failure), then act like hero's for going to war to protect those very angry (blinded, mislead, lied too) sheep.

Now they want to do it with the economy.  They already created the problem with the 2007 Real Estate bubble, (which they stole billions from) which collapsed and created the massive unemployment we have today.  Next, they have to blame it on someone else with some type of "false flag" event that will cause the final collapse of the stock market.  This could be something horrible like nuking San Francisco and Damascus, (I pray not) or something less dramatic like the Euro defaulting and then America defaulting.

Who they blame it on it unknown at this point?  Maybe they blame it on a few select banks to distract the sheep?  Hard too predict that one in advance.  But, we do know their plans in advance as they have told us that they plan to take oil up to $200.00 per barrel (through Lindsey Williams' source) and the stock market down to 34.65 SPY by the FP they put out,  (also 939 on gold with that FP).

Now we get to the solution and them being hero's again...

If their evil plan succeeds, they will have to crash the stock market first (debase, as Reinhardt likes to call it) to steal all the money they need to build this new water pipeline spoke of in the video above, where $14.3 Trillion Dollars will be used to create some 3 million jobs.  So then, why does Ben Fulford not see the big picture here?  Both the White Dragon Society and the Evil Illuminati Cabal want the same thing... a total meltdown in stock market!

Of course the White Dragon Society only wants that to happen so that they can revamp and clean out the system, while the Evil Cabal wants it to create the New World Order.  Which one will succeed?  I hope it's the White Dragon Society, as that would mean all the new jobs created would be from suppressed technologies like cars that run on water, free electricity, cures for cancer, aid's and ever disease.  If not, then look out for some water pipeline to be built across America.. that I'm sure has more evil meaning behind it then just supplying fresh water to parts of the country that need it.

I've heard that "Water" is the next "BIG" commodity, which is of course being stated by the Evil Cabal, as it's their evil plans to make is scarce some how, and then jack up the prices of it and make it so you have too get it from this pipeline they are building.  After all, why build a water pipeline that is going to cost Trillions (lies of course, just like the government buying $600 hammers or $1,800 toilets... which we all know that 90% of that cost was funneled away for "off books" projects), if you don't first cause the price of water to rise tremendously?

Cliff High over at Half Past Human must have seen something in the web bot about this "North America Water and Power Alliance" (NAWAPA) that this guy spoke of in the video at the top of this page, which now all makes for a much clear "Big Picture".  The cabal want to make fresh water scarce some how, and then sell it at ridiculous prices to steal more money from the sheep and gain more control of us, so that we'll gladly be their New World Order slaves.

Putting the pieces together now...

The Evil Cabal are still on time as far as I can see, and all this talk of taking them down by the White Dragon Society still hasn't knocked them off course.  The next Legatus Pilgrimage is where I think they will finally let the stock market just crash to unbelievably levels... just like they planned it too happen years back I'd bet.  This dancing around with rumors of default from this country or that country is all just part of the play the way I see it.

While I'm rooting for the White Dragon Society to win this 4000 year old battle, I don't see it happening yet.  The success of the destruction of 2 underground cities just south of Washington DC in Virginia, that the Evil Illuminati Cabal planned to hide in while they murdered 80%+ of the world population, was a huge win for the good guys... but that's only one battle of many to come I believe.

The good news for us traders is that both the White Dragon Society and The Evil Cabal want the stock market to crash.  The White Dragon Society wants to shutdown all financial trading programs or platforms (for an indeterminate period of time) on 11-11-11 (curious date they picked... wouldn't you agree?), which tells me that date for the start of the largest crash should still be Monday October 24th, the first trading day after the last Legatus meeting ends for this year (Sunday, October 23rd, 2011).

Let's not forget that the Mayan Calendar actually ends this coming October 28th, 2011... not December 21st, 2012 as the Illuminati would have you  beLIEve.

All of this sums up to a whole lot of crazy things happening in the world this coming October and November, which I just can't see as being a "non-event" period.  The Mayan Calendar ending and this chart showing every level of Consciousness coming together all at once, from 9 different levels dating back 16.4 Billion years... has too mean something BIG is going to happen on that date!  Plus you have a once in a hundred year event on 11-11-11 being set by the good guys as a tentative date to shutdown down the stock market!  Come on folks, do you really think we are going to pass by those dates with nothing much happening?  I don't think so!

So, what's in-store for next week in the stock market?

(to watch on youtube:

Probably another big sell off or crash... depending on what you can a crash!  While we "could" rally up some Monday and backtest the broken trendline from the large bear flag we've been in since the 1101 spx low back in August, we could also just roll right over at the open and start the next leg down to take out the 1,000 spx level.  "If" this is our 5th and final wave down inside this first major wave 1 down, then we could end up somewhere between 965-985 spx with capitulation selling to finally end the move.

This could all happen next week, and we could have a "limit down" day this week.  The charts are all still very bearish and with the daily now rolling back over again, it could gather some steam very quickly and with the weekly and monthly alos pointing down... this week is looking to be very ugly!  We basically chopped around after last Thursdays' morning gap down, and all day Friday... just trading sideways making a bear flag pattern that could play out Monday morning.

I see nothing in the charts to be bullish about right now, and everything to be bearish about.  However, after the market bottoms somewhere just under a 1,000 spx, I do expect a big rally into the October 21st option expiration date.  How high is unknown, but I think the 1200-1220 spx level will likely be the target.  If that is hit by that date, then the Legatus meeting in Rome, that ends that Sunday the 23rd, should mark the top of Major wave 2, with Major wave 3 down to start on Monday the 24th.

You then have just 3 weeks until the White Dragon Society plans to shutdown the stock market on Friday 11-11-11 (tentative date scheduled).  During that time period, we are first going to some how have complete consciousness of all 9 levels of existence (dating back 16.4 Billion years) come into our heads all at once.  Don't know what that means, or what to think of it, but that should happen on Friday, October 28th, 2011 (the end of the Mayan Calendar).

On top of all of that is the Elenin planet/rock/comet that's going to be passing between the earth and sun in October, which who knows it that's real, fake, or if it will really do anything to the earth or not?  It all tells me that something BIG is going to happen... and I don't think it will be a rally in the stock market.

Final Thoughts...

Over the next couple of months things could really get crazy, so I want everyone to focus on positive things in their lives and not succome to fear or panic.  You are all Immortal spirits just living in this crazy matrix called earth.  Death in this human body is not to be feared, for you are not a human with an immortal spirit inside you, but an immortal spirit trapped inside this human body.  While I don't think anything bad will happen and the evil cabal will succeed in killing 80%+ of the population, I don't fear it either.  Life will go on in a spirit form, (until your next life as a human)... but I certainly do like this human body would like to continue living in it for awhile longer  🙂

As for the stock market, I'm already short and will ride out any rally on Monday, as everything tells me that we'll have another August 8th this week... maybe worse?  Limit down is 1200 Dow points, and who knows if we hit that or not?  Depends on how many bulls panic this week and throw in the towel...

Good luck as always, and stay safe...



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  2. A certain little indicator has moved back into the crash zone but then again the action of gold,silver,copper,platinum already proving to be an on the mark leading indicator.

    There was a Bradley’s turn date last week.   From 4-26-1992, it should have been 19years4months26days around 9-21/22.   From the actual 4-29-1992 date, it is around today.


  3. Hey Red, sold that VKML the rest of it anyways this morning. Don’t want to hold any junior crap while all this is going on.  Obviously that elinin crap didn’t pan out today.  But there is something to that stuff, if you go to Montreal Canada, the most heinous sculpture in the world, surpassing the symbolism at the Denver Airport is on full display, depicting the elinin scenario. 

        For insiders this is the centerpiece logo of the end.  It is in front of the Laurentian Bank.  It is made from a very interesting metal.  Some anti globalist, who was so offended by its presence, drove a truck into it at a high mph and was seriously hurt, and the structure was not even scratched. Its probably made from the same substance as my calibrator.  Take a very good look at the opening subsciption/wording.  Notice how the two “gentlemen” at the front have no eyes. More on that later.

  4.     Sorry Red, got derailed from the calibration.  Back now.  CRASH coming soon.  Will get a more specific call soon.

  5. The S and P is being dressed up really well overnight, glad I didn’t go short yet.  Big accumulation on BAC btw, that scares me seeing that.  This might be a wave 2, in which case it might crawl up quite a bit.  Those bulls love to entice bears to squeeze them for the long crawls up.

    • Well, they could extend this out until the end of the October 23rd Legatus Meeting… worst case scenario.  If so, every bear will throw in the towel after too many failed repeated attempts breaking down from this massive bear flag.

  6.     The guy who taught me how to trade, only taught the two of us, the other guy is ceo of US global funds, and has given my teacher no credit whatsoever.  I fooled around and used his techniques to support a tennis bum life for a long time, but always gave him a ton of credit. 

        This guy here, wrote 3 best selling books in the 70’s, and our teacher encouraged us to read and reread his three books constantly to re-program or re-brainwash ourselves as to what is what, and what is not. 

        Its very similar to what Red keeps referring to, the gang, or the gangsters.  Red you would have loved this guy.  His books were all bought up, and then the publisher refused to publish any more.  He was on Carson, then Cavett I think, then they pulled him from all media.

  7. Big morning volume came in and supported the market just now, or did they just fill it in and short it?  Time will tell. I think they want this higher.  Haven’t calibrated anything yet. 

    • We still have the possibility of rolling over and tanking hard later this week… but yeah, I’m thinking that there is a small chance that they could continue up to choppy until the Legatus meeting is over.  That would certainly fool the bears and defy what the charts say on a technical analysis point of view.

  8. Absolutely dying to go partially short here, calibrator is not onside YET. So I won’t.  But its hard, the electronic subconscious emf signals from the ELF towers are probably turned on to FULL to try and get me right now. 

    • Probably best to live out in the country away from all the ELF towers, so you could think freely.  As for the market, the charts still say we “should” rollover by tomorrow, but we all know that the market is manipulated by the gangsters and the charts don’t always work.

      “IF” that is the new plan… to manipulate the market back up higher and squeeze out ever last bear, then the 127.07 SPY FP is back in play and “could” be hit by the Legatus Pilgrimage date this October 23rd.  If that all happens, then starting the week of October 24th, we should see then next wave down in the market… a Wave 3! (A HUGE WAVE 3!)

      •      Heh, they run as much EMF now from under the ground as they do above ground now RED.  That is why I have the calibrator, you cannot trust your intuitive versus their tech which shouts out buy at tops and sell at bottoms. Its like trying to outscream a woman giving birth. Just not possible.

  9. I believe today is the top. It doesn’t seem possible to retrace significantly today, but according to the pattern, the move down could start before the close.

    • Problem is… we have light volume (which usually favors the bulls) and a bull flag pattern forming while they rest the overbought short term charts.  I don’t see a sell off happening today… unless of course the gangsters stage some false flag event to fool everyone?

    • If we get a double top here within the next 2 hours I may pull the trigger to short. I am all in cash since late last week.

      • Bull flag formed now GL, which will likely mean a push up into the close to fulfill it, or a gap up at the open tomorrow….. then it could fall back down.  Plus, the 4 hour chart is still pushing up… You might wait until you see the bull flag play out, and then short?  Food for thought…

      • It seems the criminals are pulling out all the stops to push this market up beyond overbought for as long as possible before pulling the trigger, due to EOQ. What a pain. Maybe this reversal will give them less breathing room (or more?) the rest of the week, but the fact that they couldn’t close on the highs shows a clear lack of conviction, and free money.

      • The EMF waves will manipulate your brain not your gut instincts. Your gut is your intuition, which will serve you well if one listens

        • Yes, you are correct… I stated that improperly.  My “gut” instincts are my immortal spirit telling me the truth, while the gangster bombard my brain with EMF pulses to trick my logical thinking and get me to go short or long when the opposite is the correct move.

          • If I may put in my 2 cents, the vast majority of experimental mind control has been more along the lines of emotional control, which has a greater effect on someone’s gut feeling than anything else. Emotions have the tendency to make people forget logic and reason, so it’s a very powerful force. Just sayin……

  10. D but go look up EIX,FE,AEP utility stocks, unless the US just rapidly increased their electricity use or created jobs, my best guess is they toppod again. i’ve made a small fortune this month on AEP’s $2 channel. i’m adding D, king of nuclear, to these shorts…i like shorting these companies
    here’s what you do….

  11. any news on these x9 solar flares? reports say one of these could knock out,  on a long term basis, the communication satellites. i wonder if that means the internet will go down too.

  12. Its Warlock time again:
    Notice the second hand seems to point to 27minutes.   The time appears to be 11o’clock7minutes27seconds or (11+7)-27 or 927.   Then the mention of Bambino U.  Class of 1(927)below.   Nothing really happened today but there were rituals galore today.

    Remember this poetic moment from the bitchin Warlock:

    That photo was taken on February 21,2011 or 2-21-211.    8months7days later is tomorrow.

    And the Bi-Winner is suddenly back in the news with his multi-million dollar settlement.   Ritual or coincidence?

    • I see them turning this market back up tomorrow and rallying… at least that what I read in the charts.  This assumes the initial claims numbers are horrible and the market tanks hard from them.  I don’t think that will happen though as volume is light today. I hate to be the contrarian here, but I don’t see this market crashing this week.

  13. DR. copper is dropping like a rock. Futures low $ 3.06 from 3.51 high

    I was second guessing my long position at the close. But I have to go with my own calibrator (gut) signal.

    • Meaning what?  Bullish or Bearish?  I’ll be doing a video update tonight, but I see a “possible” gap down in the morning (depends on how bad the initial claims are?) but then a reversal all day long… closing positive with nice rally.  “If” the intraday FP is correct, then we should at least go to 117.50 SPY… if not more?

      • Some times my mind, over rules my gut instincts. After I sold my shorts 10 minutes from the close, I got a clear gut feeling to go long. My rational mind was thinking it was to dangerous to go long near the close. I had to remind myself to trust my own calibrator and buy a half position long in the market. Than buy the other half in the morning.

  14. It’s good you like conspiracies, but you’re following all the wrong people. Benjamin Fulford is a disinfo agent.
    The Unhived Mind

    Those are the only two websites you should be following. Ben Fulford is a disinfo agent and a Jesuit, just like his buddy Alex Jones.

    • And just who is the “right” people to follow? Your link is “busy” and doesn’t work?  And your Disqus handle is “offensive”… so “if” you really did care about freeing the sheep, you would have done so more politely.  Your previous posts on totally unrelated subject matters tells me you are just an annoying troll.  Can you prove otherwise?

  15. Type your comment

    I’m sure this does not surprise you Red

  16. Yes, Wikicompany has some uptime problems. There are no right people to follow. The truth can always be followed, and I do not think Fulford has ever told the truth. If you go read his posts from a year ago, have any of them been remotely accurate? My original comment was very polite. I think you are taking my username far too seriously. Also, Lindsey Williams is a Knight of Malta.

    • Fair enough… that’s your opinion and I’ll let you post it.  But, your Disqus handle “MUST” be changed.  Tone it down some.  It is offensive to people.  I don’t care what name you choose but get a new one before posting again.

  17. Can mrfuckno change his handle perhaps, might make it a little easier getting to “no” him.  As far as his  inferences, I think anyone, me included is an agent if they concentrate on the bad for too long.  What was that famous line in the movie Wall Street?  If you look into the abyss for too long, you become one with it?

  18. And yeah went long at the close.  Don’t like to do that usually, but heck, wanted a taste of some profit.  So far, looks pretty good.  Calibration.

  19. My gut instinct is too technically trained, that is why I rely exclusively on the calibrator.  Lost it for a day a week ago, full on panic set in.

  20. Six Weeks to Save the EURO…

    Hmmm… I wonder if that expiration date falls on 11-11-11?  Wouldn’t that be funny?  Now, if I recall… Lindsey Williams said that once the Euro Collapse, we have less then 2 weeks to “get out of all paper”.  Whether or not he is a “dis-information” person or not, is debatable.  I do think he is being used by the gangsters to tell the public what they want them to here.

    But, I don’t think Lindsey is “one of them”.  What he says has been right in the past, I think it will be right this time too.  However, I see the Euro collapsing just after the Legatus Pilgrimage ends on October 23rd, and the selling starting then.  Add 2 weeks and you then will be going into that 11-11-11 period followed by the December 7th date (where I have the FP on Wilshire showing a 4,000 point drop).  I’d say this is all lining up for a nasty Fall this Fall… LOL (pun on words)

    • We hit our downside FP, and pierced through it a little… just like the upside FP of 117.50 from yesterday. Now let’s see if it turns around or continues down? I think it will rally from here.

  21. Really, cause I didn’t short the market at 117.45 like I wanted to, the ole calibrator prevented me from doing so.  Hope its right.

  22. New FP of 115.08…

    When hitting a FP there is NO guarantee that it will stop there and reverse or continue higher.  You have to figure that out by reading the charts.  We only know that the FP will be hit.

    • Ok, that 115.08 FP could be a “late fill” as I see it showed up 3 more times after the close yesterday.  So, I’m not giving it too much credibility.  It could still hit, or the bottom could be in right now?  The short term charts look bottomed right now…

  23. The 30 and 60 minute charts look poised to turn up here and rally.  I’d be cautious if I was a bear here.  As San pointed out in his triangle chart of the ES, until that lower support level of the triangle is broken, the bears aren’t in the driver’s seat.  We are also going into the light volume lunch time period now.

  24. I managed to get my other half this morning after the down draft. I am going to sell that half shortly and let the other half ride.

    • We are still stuck in this big triangle.  Once it breaks out, we should continue in that direction for awhile I would think.  But which direction?  My gut tells me up, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point?

  25. Coming close to the apex of the triangle now.  I smell a rally starting from a breakout of that triangle.  I suspect it will happen by the end of the day or tomorrow morning.  The market is running out of room inside this triangle and will have to pick a direction very soon.  Just looking at the charts, they support a breakout to the upside.  We’ll see…

  26. We can go down to about 1155 spx or up to about 1180 and still be inside the triangle.  I would think that we will breakout to one direction or the other tomorrow, but they could push this out until next Monday.

  27. We also have a 114.76 SPY FP from 8am this morning that I didn’t see earlier.  This was a premarket print and is likely a valid one.  The “when” part is still unknown, but if the triangle breaks down then I’d say that will be the downside target.

  28. But the charts scares the crap out of me, I am not pulling the trigger here at all.  Standing back all the way.

    • I didn’t see that early morning FP, or I would I posted it…. sorry about that.  Those premarket prints are very accurate, and should be taken seriously.  Once we hit the 114.76 spy level though, we could stop and turn back up, or continue down.  Hard too say… I only know that the print will likely be hit.  Whether it stops there is anyone’s guess?

  29. US/CAD has just broken to the upside, and if that is the case…… usually goes contra to an up move here.  So maybe, the calibrator’s streak is in jeopardy here.

  30. IT would be a heavenuva great price on the FAS though if it reverses and tricks all the bulls. But I am chickening out.  And the calibrator does not like the lack of courage. Lol. 

  31. This chart would scare any bull who knows technical analysis wouldn’t it?  If it runs up from here, I am going to buy the calibrator a steak dinner. Lol.

  32. Sure feel like I am the only one here today.  Where is goldy?  Z?  Ghecko?  Red? Anna?  Jeez, is it somethin I said?

      •    We are waiting for some part that mysteriously has become very unavailable.  We have ten NHL hockey players waiting patiently for them.  As they serve other purposes besides calibration.

    • Definitely… as I think we have bottomed now.  We did go past the 114.76 FP, but that is usual.  I think we can now rally into tomorrow so.  Don’t know how high, but the current low of 114.14 spy seems to be holding right now.

  33. Big volume on the breakout on the US/CAD, Market Makers ready to throw the buffalo over the cliff? And a SPX runup?  We’ll know soon.

  34.    Huge volume on the US buck.  I am going into short it, gotta think the boys are setting up the shorts right now.

      • Today and 2 days ago were two hollow red candles, which have, for as long as I can see, meant an upward trend, when the second bar is higher than the first. Still bullish on the dollar.

        Edit: I’ve seen a lot of playing the long side assumption from the lows, so I still think the dollar will run. Besides, if the EFSF increase is ultimately approved, it’s more printed EUROs and downgrades for Europe!

          • As for now, I’m going back to the basics and look at the obvious signals…whether it’s technically an H&S pattern or M&A, both are bearish and there are lower high and lows. All rallies failing and getting weaker. According to Topstep, 100,000 eminis came out of the market to drive the last short covering rally, which was the weakest yet. Too many headfakes, gotta look at the big picture. If I’m wrong, fortunately, it’ll be a cheap lesson 🙂

  35. US bucks short is working out, the fas is not so far.  But the calibrator has not been wrong so far.  But I am NOT buying any more.

  36.    Red, I hope you appreciate the calibrator as opposed to money.  NO ONE gets a calibrator without a lot of integrity shown.  And you have demonstrated an ample supply of it.  Its like excalibur.  Both the LONG SPX and the US dollar short are doing very well.  Three great trades today.

    • Oh yes… very much so!  I wasn’t referring to you.  It’s priceless in my opinion.  I don’t really care about donations on the site.  As I said, I don’t do this for the money.  It’s my passion… but it does make you feel appreciated when someone makes a donation, or even an email to say thanks.  I guess I just want to know that I’m helping people.

      •     I think if we toned down the attacks on the reppies we would probably attract a lot more people around here.  Then again, if we ever advertised on it would probably be full of interesting people. So who knows.  

        • Yeah, I’m sure I could get more people on the site if I really wanted too.  I really haven’t tried too hard, and haven’t ever advertised on another site.  I know what I need to market this, or any website for that matter, but I don’t have the time to invest in it right now.  Also, the 2 pieces of software I need to automate everything is quite expensive.

          Maybe later this year, I’ll purchase them and take some time off to learn them and set them up.  Right now I’m just more focused on getting past this October, November and December safety.  Lots of important dates that I’d like to see pass by… without the planet ending or something.

          As for the reppies, most people wouldn’t believe that anyway, so just referring to them as gangsters is much easier.  David Icke did mention that there are a lot of good one’s that are working secretly to help humanity… so that’s encouraging.  Kinda like good Klingon’s and bad one’s… LOL!  This matrix is so much like Star Trek it isn’t even funny!

    • My computer froze d up as I was exiting my longs from the earlier lows. Hope fully we get a gap up tomorrow morning. It was only a 1/4 position.

  37. Could be?  Hard too say at this point?  I only think that we’ll rally in the morning tomorrow.  Don’t know if the rally will hold into the close, but it will give anyone long a chance to close out their positions if they choose too…

  38. Tomorrow, 9-30, a Cramer Code number.   1year4months4days from the unveiling of the Cramer Code.  144 a favorite number of Gann’s and the insiders.  It was flashed in Moneyball too, one of a trillion numbers though there.

    Rooster Cogburn dies in True Grit on 8-12-1903 and there is a poster shown associated with his death with the date 7-18-1903.   2months12days from 7-18 is 9-30.

    Interesting, that despite the euphoria of Germany passing more bailout funds for Europe, that the Dax never did exceed its previous day’s high yesterday.   Now it is selling off pretty good.

    Nasdaq also outperformed marvelously to the downside today.  It was only up 25pts when the Dow was up 200+pts.   Some of the luxury retailers like TIF and COH were just hammered today also.


  39. Thanks Z that is good stuff.  I know, I want Red to go for a chatboard myself, but keep to one location.  I hate buzzing around a whole pile of different locations just to talk to the same people.

  40. Unless I have a monster profit, I love closing out positions before the end of the day.  And looking at the SPX and the US CAD, two great profits would have turned into two losers.  Don’t get greedy ever folks.

  41.    Heading out for coffee trying to avoid going long here.  No calibration so far.  Don’t usually employ it on Fridays.

    • Well, I can’t blame him… the market is too crazy to figure out right now.  Wild swings indicate indecision and that means it’s safer to set on the sidelines until a direction is chosen.

  42. I am dying to buy a ton of FAS here today, but I am not.  Arthur is not involved with that decision.  But so many bears makes me bullish.

    • Lot’s of bears out there, but I see just the opposite.  The failure to take out the 1101 area, after too many repeated attempts, tells me they will eventually breakout to the upside and rally.

      • Red I like your idea on the unfoldment of the markets over the next few weeks. The only concern I see, is for later on today into next week. I still believe we will see a little lower lows in the over all markets. This will have the bears licking their chops. At that point, I believe the big boys will than ramp it up the bears rear end. Well see what happens  I hope they ramp it up today, I would love to go short, for a partial short over the weekend. But I do not think it will happen today thou.

        • That’s still possible, but I don’t think we are going down below 1,000 until after the Legatus meeting is over.  Maybe we go down for a double bottom, or slightly lower, and then rally for 3 weeks into opx?  Hard too say which at this point, so I tread lightly until a direction is more clear.

  43. if we ever close below 1120 it will be uglyyy. like i said if we get below 1250
    a few months back. i’m talking 100 points spx quick

    • It’s coming, but they are doing everything they can to hold this pig up for right now.  I’m expecting to hear some B.S. good news soon (maybe over the weekend?) about the Euro debt problems… which should cause the market to rally.

      I still think they are going to chop around and/or go up into this coming option expiration on October 21st.  Then we are going to fall off the cliff starting on Monday the 24th.  Between now and then is just a crap shot?  Just wild swings everyday shaking both bulls and bears out.  I think they will rally it up into that date, but I’m ok with them just chopping sideways too.

    • Good news about the European Debt will have too come out over the weekend for them to rally this pig I believe.  Otherwise, we will likely continue down to retest the 1101 spx low I think.

      • Maybe we get a “capitulation” move today?  But, the volume isn’t really that high… so more selling could come next week.  However, I think it will be short lived and only go down to test or slightly pierce the 1101 spx level.  Then a rally into opx.

        • Bingo. Down fast and then up just as fast. This time it won’t linger on the bottom; I believe it’s going to be a flash in the pan this time.

  44. i’ve been studying what i can expect during OCT earnings. so far 8 eps upgrades, for every 18 eps downgrades.
    doesn’t take a math genius to figure out, that the spy 500 overall earnings, will not be beating the street.
    i’m calculating OCT will miss earnings by anywhere from 2-4% to 6%—
    the low support on the DIA has been 105.
    i subtract this 4% to 6% miss, to that last DIA support, and i get a potential dow range of 10080-9870–
    if I use a quarterly multiplier —there’s 4Q’s per year, this makes it a potential 8% (2% X 4Q) hit TO THE 105 SUPPORT—
    OR 9660 on the DOW.

  45. The sp futures are slightly up. I hope the futures head up into tomorrow morning. I would love to short this PIG. Well see what happens. 

    • I’m processing a new video now, and should have it uploaded to youtube and the new post up by 10 pm EST or earlier.  Your shorting level is 116.05 spy, but might not be hit until late Monday or Tuesday.

  46.     Had a lot of people approach me for a loan over the weekend.  And some surprising candidates as well.  Some with bigger houses and multiple cars.   I never went in for the big house and mutliple car crap, always went for the appear small and enjoy life myself.   And get ready for the next trade. 

        I try to teach people how to trade occasionally, but wow, its so hard.  Most of them talk to brokers or experts and are just on a different moon than us.

  47. I just checked it. 11.November 2011. Local Time 11:11.11
    Orion Belt at that exact time above San Francisco, well exactly at Santa Cruz is 33°33’33”
    That message is pretty clear.

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