Will Light Volume Keep The Market From Tanking The Week Before Christmas?


The short term charts say more selling is coming, but with the expected light volume we might not see very much...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOsalcCnJO4)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tat8SaY-Cvc)

You all know by now that the stock market is a rigged game that is manipulated via a super computer (call it "HAL 2000" for you older traders, or "SkyNet" for Terminator fans).  This computer has a different setting of trading parameters then what we traders see and trade off using various technical analysis techniques and wave counting methods.  But, that doesn't mean that it totally ignores the techniques we sheep us, but it instead simply tries to trick us and do the opposite of what we think and do... and for the most part, it beats us most of the time!

Right now, the charts I'm looking at say that we have more selling coming next week... but will it happen?  The light volume will happen because many traders will be taking off for the Christmas holiday, which usually means that the market will float higher... but not always.  SkyNet could simply uses this period to slowly walk the market down lower but keep the VIX from rising too much and panicking traders.  If this happens then we could see the VIX trade slightly up to sideways putting in a bear flag over this coming week, while at the same time the market works off it's bearish conditions and resets for a move higher the following week.

The question is, how low will they take it?  I'd say on the very bearish case that 1150 spx area is a likely target, but a less bearish case could mean only around the area of 1200-1210 spx.  This would imply one more drop is coming next week.  That drop could come on Monday as the 30 and 60 minute charts have a bear flag on them from last week.  While I know that not all bear flags play out (especially during light volume periods) this one has support form the daily and weekly charts too.

The market looks to be in a channel drifting lower each day after a failed gap up on many past attempts.  This again looks VERY controlled too me, and tells me that all SkyNet is doing is walking the market down slowly to reset it for a rally starting the last week of this month and into the next year.  The VIX is likely to rise only slightly during this move down as this will create the bear flag on it that I spoke of earlier.  We aren't likely to see any crash move down this week if the market simply continues this stairstep move down.

It's funny how the market used too take the stairs up and the elevator down, but now they take the stairs down and the elevator up.  This is of course NOT a natural movement in the market and is all the more evidence that the SkyNet manipulates this market to steal the sheeps' money.  This forces you to re-think what you see in the charts as they only work as long as SkyNet allows them too.  This is one of main reasons it's not a good time for option traders to trade in as you will likely be whipsawed to death and lose even if you get the direction right!

I believe January 2012 is going to be action packed though...

What is likely to happen here is that we finish up some type of wave 1 down this week and rally up for wave 2 into the first part of January next year.  This means that by the end of the first week of next year we should start to see a powerful wave 3 down start.  This assumes that we did put in a high recently at 1267 spx and that we have started the first subwaves of this larger wave 3 down called "Intermediate Wave 3" by most people.  If the rally back up takes out the 1267 recent high then we could still be in the final wave up (the "C" wave in an ""ABC" pattern) of Intermediate Wave 2 up, and will then go up to 1300-1320 spx before rolling over and starting "Intermediate Wave 3" down.

It's hard to say if we are in Intermediate Wave 3 down yet as it's too easy for SkyNet to turn this back up during the extremely light volume expected in the last week of the December.  All that is needed is some B.S. news out by the gangsters that Euroland is saved and SkyNet will take the Elevator UP hard and fast to wipeout the sheep that just became bears.  I'm personally not taking that chance and have chosen to simply sit out this last part of the year and focus my attention on some other projects I'm working on.

This market could truly go either way over the next 2 weeks as the light volume could also be used to crash the market while most traders are on vacation.  But, my gut tells me that SkyNet will take the market lower earlier this week only and start the move back up into early January by the end of this week or early next.  The key will be to see how far they push it?  I'll be listening for that "staged" good news report to push it up hard for a "C" wave up toward 1300-1320, or not much of any news to simply allow for a float higher to make the smaller wave 2 up (staying under 1267 spx) into the end of the year.

If you are not playing options then I'd say you are likely safe to stay short until this bear flag plays out on the spx and drops the market to the 1200-1210 area at minimum.  The area I'd like to see is the 1150-1160 spx zone so that I could believe that we have started "Intermediate Wave 3" down and not still be in "Intermediate Wave 2" up inside a "B" wave down, with "C" up to follow.  The odds will favor the "ABC" if the low stops around 1200-1210 and favor the first subwave 1 down inside Intermediate Wave 3 down if we go down toward the 1150-1160 area.

Which one is it going to be?  I wish I could answer that one, but I can't.  The charts say the odds are higher for the case of the market moving down toward the 1150 area and lower for the "B" wave down with "C" up to follow.  But, there is the key word again... "Odd's"!  Odd's are even stronger that SkyNet will trick the most people and do what only the few will do.  Will there be more bears or bulls in the market next week?  Will there be any bears or bulls?  With lots of traders leaving for the holidays who's left to trade?  Just SkyNet playing ping pong with itself I guess?

I'm going to throw another possible target out there, which I think is the one many people don't see.... the 1185-1190 spx area!

Why you ask?  Because of several reasons.  First of all is that many traders are looking for the 1200-1210 zone as the likely support level to go long at and exit shorts.  If it breaks then they will all be looking for that 1150-1160 area as support from a horizontal trendline from the mid-January "left shoulder" high in 2010.  They seem to be 1200 area because of the gap up at 1196 on 11/30/2011, and assume the market will fill that gap.  Plus, the 1200 level is a mental level like 12,000 is on the Dow, and how 11,000 and 10,000 will be too.

But, it just doesn't look low enough for me.  I see a clear 4 waves down from the 1267 spx high on 12/7 and we seem to be missing that 5th wave down.  That should happen this week and it should be lower then 1200 in my opinion.   As for the 1150-1160 area, I think many traders look at that area because it would either be a slightly lower low or a double bottom from the 1158 low on 11/25, which makes sense of course.  But, what a lot of people may be over looking is the area in between which has multiple sloping trendlines intersecting in a support zone around 1185-1190.

The distance down to that area also seems more reasonable for the final 5th wave down as well.  Also, this will fool a lot of bears that will be pilling on shorting thinking that we are going down to at least the double bottom level of 1158, or to take it out and crash hard toward 1100.  The bulls will be fooled too as their "1200" level will be broken and they will bailout on their longs and become bears.  This will put a lot of bears on the short side around that 1185-1190 area and be a great spot for SkyNet to press the "UP Button" on the elevator.

Think like a gangster... or think like SkyNet for a moment.  What area will put both the bulls and bears in limbo scratching their heads not knowing which way the market will move to next?  The 1150-1160 area is clearly a double bottom zone and the bulls should load up.  The 1200-1210 area is the 61.8% Fib level (1201 spx is 61.8% and 1214 spx is 50%), which is also a zone that bulls usually go long.  But the 1185-1190 area comes in around the 78.6% Fib zone (1184 is 78.6%) and will panic most bulls out of their longs and turn the bearish.

Well, what does SkyNet always try to do?  (Steal your money is the answer here)

The point where the bulls say "Uncle" and the bears attack will be the point that SkyNet rallies the market back up in my opinion.  This is the whole point of this game after all isn't it?  It's design and purpose is to confuse the masses... not just one side, but both bulls and bears.  Well, at what point would you become very bearish?  Many will see at break of 1200 as very bearish and will load up short expecting the 1150-1160 double bottom area to be the next target.  This is the mind set of the public at large.  This is not the mind set of SkyNet.

If this does play out as I'm expecting here, then the market will still be in a large triangle hitting the bottom trendline of support in that 1185-1190 area and bouncing from it.  Then I would expect a move up into the first of next year to hit the downward sloping trendline of this large triangle, which should be in the 1240-1250 area by then.  If that stops the advance then it would then be label as a wave 2 up inside a 5 wave down move known as "Intermediate Wave 3".  This sets January up as one very ugly month!

Doing the simple math here, and assuming we bottom around 1185 for this first wave 1 down from the 1267 high, and then retrace back up toward the 1240-1250 area... then wave 3 down (inside Intermediate Wave 3 and Primary Wave 3) should about double that of wave 1, or 1267-1185=82 and 82x2=164 spx points!  But, since this is a multiple wave 3 down combination move, I'd add a little more on it for just in case TSHF!  That means a range of 160-200 spx points down should start in January of 2012!  Are you bears getting excited yet?

Ok, enough for now.  Not much on Ben Fulford or Lindsey Williams that's new right now, but David Wilcock has recently had a death threat by the evil Illuminati Gangsters.  Listen to it here... (http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Project-Camelot-32k-121411.mp3) and seen your support in prayers and love.  It's not as easy as you might think to stand up to this evil piece of garbage trash, as they have Trillions of Dollars and more power then any one individual could possibly have.  The threat is all because David posted this "Lawsuit" story on his blog... (http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/995-lawsuit-end-tyranny).

One more thing... we do have another "Eleven" date this month, and that's on the 29th of course.  While I'm not expecting a stock market crash on that date, I've been fooled before.  So, just keep that in the back of your mind as we approach that time period.  If all goes as expected we should be rallying up into that subwave 2 during that week and nothing bad should happen.  But, you should all expect the "unexpected" by these gangsters, so I'll be on watch... LOL!






  1. Week 15 in the NFL, to no surprise, pulls many surprises.   Tebowmania is crushed in Denver as NE GQ coverboy QB #12 picks apart the Denver defense with other TE #81—ie 12-9(18) while #87 is predictably held in reasonable check (since he had attained TD #15 coming into Week 15) while Tebow off to a fast start cannot keep up with Patriot’s juggernaut.

    And in Kansas City, the undefeated 13-0 Green Bay Packers are defeated by lowly Kansas City Chiefs led by former  Tebow nemesis/teammate QB #8 Orton  and who had fired its head coach earlier in the week.

    A sign of the end times per Bradley’s ode to the ’29 ’92 ritual.   Kansas City featured in Bradley’s ode along with Denver, Miami, and Eugene,Ore which recently hosted the Miami Thrice during Oregon’s upset loss in the Pac 12.   Of course, the LBC, which recently saw an attempt by Occupy LBC to shut down the port.(prophecized here weeks ago)    Riot in the streets of (name your city) or Occupy in the streets of ??????

    Of course, the NBA decided to plan on having a season which will be starting up next week….featuring of course a 66 game season.     The start of the NBA season to commemorate the ’87 ritual?   Or kicked off by it?

    ‘Tis 33 weeks off the 5-1 high. (among many other cycles)

    More on the abundant numerology flashed in today’s games  later……

    • IBM, the chief manipulation component of the DJIA, has been acting weak lately and I believe their earnings announcement is on the 19th (tomorrow)……There is a leading indicator for the tech segment which is predicting that tech earnings should start crashing soon ala January 2001.   Amazing how close we’ve been following the 2000 tech stock model  (minus the Internet stock crash of April 2000) up until about now.

      • I definitely think this January is going to be very ugly.  Even if they turn this back up and do a “C” wave to complete Intermediate Wave 2 up, it still means Intermediate Wave 3 down is coming afterwards.  It only delays the move down if they make a run for 1300-1320 instead of 1240-1250, but a big move is coming soon, and January is when it should happen.

        • This fake weakness is way too suspicious…almost like it’s coiling for a rally. I hope this doesn’t throw a money wrench into Jan, because it’s going to be a bad month.

  2. This tape is totally retarded. Like a bunch of 3rd graders playing. But as long as the pattern is gap and crap, just go with it. Like a whole week of that garbage. Crazy, man. Crazy.

    • Nice update Scotty… and I agree with it.  I see a low coming this week somewhere around 1185-1190 spx, and Wednesday the 21st lines up nicely with it as I expect a little bounce back up tomorrow.  Then give it one final flush down, followed by a rally until the end of the month or so.

      By the way, you should login to your Disqus account and put in your URL blog address so it will be linked to your name.  That way people can click on your name whenever you post a comment on someone’s blog as your name will be “clickable” to your blog.  It will help with SEO too and promote your blog without having to always leave your blog address.

      It’s a great way to just browse around the internet and respond to comments made on other stock market blogs that use Disqus, without looking like you are simply dropping by to only promote your  blog.  Some other bloggers get upset when people do that as technically it’s called spamming.  But it never bothers me as long as that person comes back and responds to comment made from time to time.

      Afterall, we all have too start somewhere I guess?  I started off responding to other peoples’ comments on other blogs and then asking my own questions in a comment sometimes too.  Then I later created this blog and dropped a few links back too it.  That was after those people got to know me first though…


  3. A little rehash of the Tebowmania bowl from yesterday.

    To start the game,  Tebow and co. drive down the field and go ahead 7-0 after the invincible one runs into the endzone bouncing off of several Patriots defenders along the way.

    Then there is a shot of Tebow and company walking off to the sideline and the viewer gets a massive numerology blast.   Tebow #15 is flanked by #s19,87,23,88 in the following manner:

                                15                     (Denver sideline)
                   19                      87
                          23            88                   or something to that effect.

    Quite an amazing visual effect.    An elaborate numerological display I have never quite seen from a football broadcast.   Despite the fact that the entire Broncos team was standing around them in the background, only their numbers were visible to the viewer. And this all occurred in the matter of 4 seconds or so.  I don’t think I have ever seen them combine 19 with 87 either.

    19 (Royal),  87 (Decker), 23(MacGahee),88 (Thomas)

    And then as the game progressed, there were frequent shots of Tebow sitting on the sidelines with #87 walking up to him quite a few times.

    Of course that brought up memories from a few weeks earlier when Tebow threw his first TD pass to #88 (after Minnesota defender #23 backpedaled away from him in coverage) and then ran up and went to hug/ congratulate #87 instead of  #88 LOL.

    On the Patriot’s side, they did line up a play with #87 right behind GQ coverboy QB #12 in the fullback position for a nice little 12-87 alignment but didn’t notice much else.    There was a sideline shot of 3 lineman (but it might have been from raiders-lions game) with #98 flanked on one side by one lineman whose number was partially covered by 98s body so that only 7 was exposed while #2 could only be seen on the lineman on the opposite side of 98 thus forming a 2-98-7 combo or 29-87.

    Detroit’s superstar receiver#81 got back into the TD race with 2TDs and 204(?)yards receiving including the game winner to cement a 28-27 come from behind victory .

    And Green Bay’s embarrasing loss to lowly Kansas City at one point saw the score at 12-7 (127 Hours) late in the fourth quarter in a game that ended with Kansas City winning 19-14 (33points total) and dropping the 13-0 Packers from the undefeated ranks.   Kansas City’s new QB, former Denver reject/ Tebow nemesis, Orton #8 put up 299 yards passing in the win.   (This sets up a possible Orton-Tebowmania revenge grudge match in 2 weeks to determine the division)

    Back to the Raider Lions game, after QB #9Stafford and WR #81 (9-81 or 999) hooked up for the final score, the Raiders attempted one last drive that saw them attempt a field goal from around the 50 yard from the noted 9-11 holder, kicker combo.   ( a record 65yard attempt according to the broadcast.   #11 broke the record earlier in the year)  But the attempt was blocked.

    Can’t say I care about the game going on right now.

    • Haha!!!  I found the image for those that think I am crackpot.   Tebow’s first quarter run and the numerological aftermath:
      Go to about 22 seconds into the video to watch them flash the numerology.  It occurs from about 22 seconds to 26 or 27 seconds in.     As Tebow #15 walks off the field, #s 19 and 87 walk onto the screen from different sides of Tebow and then meet with #s 23 and 88 (588) doing the same thing a moment later.

      The other tapes of this touchdown run I viewed had this little segment missing.  Hurry and view it before it disappears!!!!!

      And notice Tebow scores at 9:49(left) in the 1st quarter which means it was 5minutes51 seconds into the game. 5-51 for #15.  5:51 (1st quarter)

  4. IBM’s earnings are on January 19 not today so I guess we’ll have to wait a month to see the implosion in their earnings.   Still it did have a large drop last Friday on significantly higher volume dropping it below its 50 day average.

    And a certain little indicator continues to mosey its way down into the crash zone breaking beneath its November (25???) levels last week.  It would be very unusual for it to break through a prior support like that only to reverse direction again especially at its current level in no-man’s land.

  5. gangster update— 
    AEP shorts added j42 puts, new coal restrictions on utilities passed today. AEP is the largest US coal utility. instead of going down on the new regulations, they go up.

  6. XOM short from yesterday, i used a 1% stop, i had at the money j-puts—loss 20%, next trade
    i think i have to use the CVX might get to its double top, then short XOM …the market is raising XOM p/e. i don’t control changes in p/e, unfortunately

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    The Scope is only about 60 lbs wet (lets hope it doesn’t get wet), but is a beast at gathering light.   These are actual pictures.    

    C’mon how about a little Christmas present for steveo?    Thanks and have a Happy Holiday season.  I will probably be pretty scarce between Christmas and New Years as far as blogging goes.


  8. Zerohedge catching FP’s?  


    If I remember correctly, the last time ZH caught one it was the Baltic Dry Index and it was hit a couple weeks later.  I’d imagine this one might not be hit for a while?  Maybe around the same time as we hit the GLD FP of 1000+?

    Note the time:  6:47 = 6:4+7=11  and the date it falls on 12/22/11 couple multiples of 11? What I can’t see is why 481%?  Maybe 4+8 = 12 (December) 1st of next year?

  9. SPY close to its 200 day sma, QQQ reached its 200 day a couple of days ago, and pulled back.
    SPY is less reliable than QQQ following TA…
    actually trying to chart the SPY is wasting everyone’s time. QQQ,IWM,DIA are the ones always trading off the regular signals. SPY NEVER does.

  10. not talking about you red,
    anybody that charts the SPY, is helping GS and the gangsters.
    SPY never trades off the menu of signals that are out there.

  11. folks at other blogs banking on SPY 200 day as a short sell signal. cripes!!!

    SPY 200 day as resistance. never worked in the past, why will it work this time.

    QQQ 200 day, works as resistance.

  12. Red, You follow Gold ?

    “Advance Warning”– Gold Sell Signalhttp://markethighsandlows.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/update-12-22-spx-gold-advance-warning-sell-signal/

  13. Today with some unique cycles:

    707 trading days from the 3-6-9 low,  777trading days from the major 11-21-2008 low, 374tds from the 7-01-10 low….77 weeks from the 7-01-10 low…..146 (Social Network #) or 2×73 weeks from 3-6-9,  219 or 3×73 (Unknown #) from 10-11-2010 high, 161 or 23×7 weeks from 11-21-2008.

    And 235 years 235 days from the founding of a certain organization on May 1,1776.

    Also a Fibonacci 55 days off the October 28 high.

    704 years 70days or 704years 2months9days from the original Friday the 13th episode.

    I just caught the last minute or so of Bradley’s ode to the ’29 ’92 ritual about a few hours ago but it was during ’90s flashback but today would be 19years 240 days later or 19years237days from the real date……(237 was the low for the DJIa on 10-29-29)

    Today also saw 2200+ advancers on the $nyse but had a negative tick reading.   According to Cobra, who I can no longer access, this is generally a negative harbinger of things to come although Cobra might have used a close of 1% or greater with a negative tick.    But 2200 advancers should be associated with a close of 1% or greater although it didn’t occur today.
    This signal though misfired with the October 4th bottom reading so it might be totally discredited (and ignored now).

    I know there is a vote on the Italian budget tomorrow in parlaiment (to rubber stamp the technocrat Monti’s all tax increase budget which has upset the Northern League party)

    Today is also 1year 1month 10 days from the 11-12-10 release date for Unstoppable (or #777 the UNSTOPPABLE force) or 406days later.

    Oracle’s earnings from a few days ago a forward looking guide to the implosion of tech earnings to come.

    • Wow, today is also 10years 7months 7days from the original CSX 8888 or UNSTOPPABLE incident on 5-15 (Tebowwwwmania!!!!) 2001.

      7years 10months 18 days from the Social Network Date.

  14. red, do you think crude gets to 102.
    here’s my thoughts. this price might make the retail stocks nervous, and if they fall, then the indexes might pullback that day too.
    oh shoot, my t chart keeps posting, it’s the annamall nightmare before x-mas scenario.

  15. All this Santa Claws rally ridiculous bullishness coming out of Wall St while the Fed expands its FX swaps by $6 billion a day kinda gives me that “End of 2007” feeling…

  16. The ECB loaned banks a record 489 billion euros ($636 billion) for three
    years on Dec. 21 to avert a credit crunch from the sovereign debt

    • Red,  as a Christmas present to all of us, why don’t you put ribbon and a bow on all the gangsters and put them in a jail cell with rest of the criminals?  And I’m being nice here.  I can think of much better ways of getting the punishment to fit the crime.  Though I think some of their “jail-mates” would like to have their way with them for a while first! LOL!….

      Merry Christmas!

  17. my highest probability trade signals say—

    on my overnight charts indicate a major down trend day coming, after spx reaches 1270.

    small chance the spx won’t reach 1270, before the down trend day.

    good good good…I finally get a number that’s actionable.

      • next week, spx 1270-1275 maybe, then 1250 or lower on the pullback.
        maybe WMT same store sales will disappoint. or EU will mess up again.
        i know these ganster’s like to pull the these sorts of headlines out of thin air, so they can reload long—

          • thanks for the happy holiday greetings. i’m not to worried carrying this many shorts. they should see a profit next week.
            i only need one really bad pull back day, or a couple of mediocre pullback days. hehe

  18. I still think this is the best Christmas Gift I have ever received (even if I had to buy it).  

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  19. 1981 marked a zone of intense inflation following an oil crisis.

    And real estate mortgage value almost doubled between 1976 and 1980

    In an effort to take advantage of the real estate boom (outstanding U.S. mortgage loans: 1976 $700 billion; 1980 $1.2 trillion)[5]
    and high interest rates of the late 1970s and early 1980s, many
    S&Ls lent far more money than was prudent, and to ventures which
    many S&Ls were not qualified to assess, especially regarding
    commercial real estate. L. William Seidman, former chairman of both the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Resolution Trust Corporation, stated, “The banking problems of the ’80s and ’90s came primarily, but not exclusively, from unsound real estate lending.”

    listen to this speech from Reagan, it is almost unfathomable that one
    could expect such a “politically incorrect” speech in terms of religion
    these days.    Yer to hearken on back to days in which America at least
    tried to follow a brighter star, a more noble approach.    Think on
    these things.

    3 decades of easy money, where has it gotten us?


  20. Hey Gang, I’m not doing a new post this weekend.  Sorry, I’m just taking time off for the holidays and working on other stuff.  I’m not expecting much this week anyway as the volume should still be very light, with most traders still on vacation… which I’m one of them!  LOL!

    Feel free to continue posting comments with your updates and thoughts as I do still read them.  Things should be back to normal by the first week of January though, and I’ll be back to posting regularly.


    • Years ago when I was in college, I thought some people were crazy for not retiring. Now I can’t possibly see myself retiring, at least from trading. No matter how much I try to stay away from the market now, I’m addicted. I’m sick! I need help!

  21. most dow 30 type companies are showing 10% growth for 2012.
    some of
    these stocks are  getting priced at 2012 eps, right now. that’s the jan
    effect. most new yearly eps estimates change over in jan.

  22. More than 100 sears and Kmart stores will be shutting their doors for good.
    see there. Sears should have bought a high ender chain, not a low end chain.
    they should have let some private group buy k-mart…
    every sears store that has to be closed, there goes some prime real estate on sears’s part.

  23. Gang, Anna’s site (hotoptionbabe.com) is currently down.  I’m working on it for her (just in case some of you wondered?).  I’m not sure what the problem is, but so far it appears to be a database error.

  24. ZH tweets Greeks are returning their license plates & not paying fees. Tax collectors on strike. Full blown revolution soon.

    • the MF global rule, keeps gold from going to $2500.
      with that in mind, it’s hard to imagine gold going under $1500, when it’s real worth, if it weren’t being manipulated, would be $2500

  25. If a person is invested in gold futures, the company selling the
    futures, has the right to seize that persons account, and put it in
    their own pockets. this is the law in england.
    this is what mf global did.
    this ended a lot of careers in the gold futures business, because the risk became unlimited.

      • lets say someone bought at 1700, and then had the account liquidated at gold $1800. you’d think the person is ok, up $100, not too shabby, right…
        Not true. the house has the option of back dating the price. they can use the sept 1535 low, you lose $165, plus whatever leverage you were using.

        • Based on what I’ve seen, those kinds of shenannigans would be done regardless…

          Edit: So the goal is to be the house.

  26. if the masses, sheeple saw $2500 gold, they would think something is very wrong. $2,500 gold has to be stopped at all costs, and so it is being stopped.

  27. anytime the gold traders try to make a run for $2,000 gold, another mf global will show up…
    pretty good weapon the gansta’s designed. huh!!!

      • i had to come up with something, to explain the recent gold price activity.
        so far this is working. gold doesn’t go too low, because it’s true value is so high.  When gold gets going too high, the speculators, start wondering if they will trigger the next mf global event, so they start selling off, just in case.

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