Lindsey Williams Says The dollar Will Crash In Late 2012


War with Iran is scheduled to start in September or October in 2012

(to watch on youtube:

The Elite scumbag Illuminati gangsters are planning on crashing the Euro and the Dollar late in 2012 according to Lindsey Williams' inside source. He was also told that the stock market should have crashed in 2008 but was stopped by the gangsters. But, that is all about to change as they finally allow the market to crash this coming Fall of 2012.

Here is a link to all 4 parts of the interview with Lindsey Williams by Alex Jones

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

If this is correct, then early next year we could actually see them put in a new high in this market as it's obvious that they still have the printing press running at full speed. Whether they admit it or not, there will be a QE3, QE4, or whatever you want to call it... in the market holding it up until the crash in September/October.

Does this mean for sure that it's going to happen like that? Doesn't the fact that it is now being exposed to the masses that it won't happen? That's impossible to answer. While exposing their plans does have the possibility to change the timeline, as it's done just that during the current year of 2011. They planned to raise the price up oil up much higher this year, but they backed off due to so many people waking up and getting upset about the cost of a gallon of gasoline.

But, they still plan to make the price go up to $150.00 per barrel or more, and it could happen overnight. Their timeline is this coming September/October of 2012 as that's when they plan to start the war with Iran. This will of course crash the stock market as gasoline prices going up to $8.00 and $9.00 per gallon will break the America consumer. The dollar crashing and the euro crashing will make the stock market crash too. Don't assume that when the dollar tanks the market will rally, as this time they will trade insync... not opposite of each other.

This of course all assumes they will succeed and Ben Fulfords' "White Dragon Society" fails...

Remember that the White Dragon Society (WDS) wants the same thing as the gangsters, but for different reasons of course. The WDS wants the stock market to crash so it can clear out the fraudulent derivatives that the gangsters created. Then they can put their Trillions of dollars into the market to fund the freeing of the people with the marketing of suppressed technologies. This all sounds great too me, as I'm tired of playing an Electric Bill... and really tired of paying for gasoline!

Of course the Illuminati Reptilian Gangsters want to crash the stock market to bring on their "New World Order" of massive enslavement. They plan to steal your job, home, car, 401k plan, and everything else you have of value. When you lose your job and miss your mortgage payment they will foreclose on your home and steal for NOTHING. Then they will rent it back to you and give you a new job for half the pay with double the work. You will beg them for that job as otherwise you will starve because you can't afford to eat as the prices of basic foods are triple what they are today.

Yes, the gangsters have their evil plan in place, but so does the WDS... the good guys in this matrix we live in called Earth. I don't know who will win in this battle between evil and good, but it's my duty to wake up as many sheeple as possible before it's too late to fight. This means you should all be preparing to raise as much capital as possible to short this fat pig stock market later next fall when the crash happens.

(to watch on youtube:

Either way, whether the good guys or bad guys win... the crash seems destined to happen, as both parties want it to occur!

Since the gangsters still have full control of the stock market I'm going to stick with the plan that they will indeed crash it this coming September/October and work on trying to figure out the exact date to go short on. It might not be given out until next year in some fake print, movie, tv show, or some other means to tell the insiders of the coming disaster. So, it's our job to look for clues that point to the two months given to us sheep and try to figure it out before it happens.

I personally plan to trade lightly the first half of next year, with a bullish bias. No, I'm not bullish, but I do believe they will artifically keep the market up and maybe even rally to new highes before the crash in the fall. Remember, they want every country in massive amounts of debt so they can fully control them after the crash happens.

These gangsters are so bold that they just don't care that we sheep are discovering their evil plans and spreading across the world with social media like Twitter, Facebook, and many many great blogs and websites. They really think they are going to pull this off and we sheep won't rise up and fight back. I believe the tables are turning and their arrogance's will be their downfall. I see the Mayan Calendar ending as the end of power for the Reptilian Illuminati Gangsters, and the start of the freedom for the people of the planet.

They are like "The Borg" and assimilate everything and everyone, and have been doing so for thousands of years. But, "Resistance ISN'T Futile"... in fact is resistance will happen and freedom from enslavement will prevail. Suppressed technologies will be no longer suppressed starting after the year 2012 as common people will bring them out in the masses to help their brothers and sisters to get off the grid and survive without the need to pay outrageous fees for electricity, water, gasoline, food, and other basic's needed for survive.

If I succeed in freeing myself by timing this coming crash properly, I will be one of those pioneers that will help bring this free energy technology to the people where it belongs. I will then have the time freedom to build and maintain many blogs promoting these products and will take the time to market them very heavily. I will one of many of other Anonymous sheep that will help to wake up all the other sheep and point their angry where it should be pointed.

The people will become a force that NO Elite Gangster can hide from. They will be hunted down like the rats they are, no matter what country they try to hide in. Once enough sheep become aware of their enemy the wolves will be trampled on and peace will become world wide. They think they will succeed in chipping us and turning us into robot slaves... they are wrong! They will be beheaded just like banksters in the past were.

The latest from Ben Fulford is a response to what Anna caught, posted and was very upset about... the bill that passed giving the military the ability to arrest, torture, hold without charge, and assassinate American citizens.  Here's the link ( to the story again in case you missed Anna's comment about it... and here's what Ben has to say!

The word is that the Pentagon, the agencies and the militias are on the brink of taking violent action against President Obama and the Senators who claimed the right to kill and/or indefinitely imprison Americans without trial. The criminal cabal in Washington D.C. and Wall Street may be able to pretend they are setting up a fascist/totalitarian dictatorship in the US for a while longer but no serious armed group is going to support them. The same is true in Europe were [where] Freemason P2 lodgers and Bilderbergers will make a move towards fascist control this week and will seem to be on the offensive but will ultimately fail. The simple fact of the matter is that these fascists simply do not have any reality to back up the numbers they are putting into their financial computers to bribe people and hire bully boys.

They are mathematically doomed.

The awareness in the thinking part of the population of Western countries has reached a critical mass. The group that is sitting brainwashed in front of their TVs is irrelevant because the contents of their TV mind-programming will change once police and the military remove the criminals now occupying the corporate media.

Anyone who still believes there is an ounce of truth or decency in the large corporate media establishments has to ask themselves why these organizations do not write 911 truth or about the murder of 2 million Iraqis or about the vast bribes most top Washington D.C. corporate government officials have received. They must ask why people are being railroaded into an agenda of war against Iran as a precursor to World War 3.

More than anything else, they need to ask themselves why the so-called governments of the West do not make any serious future plans for the planet other than fomenting war.

In signs of imminent revolution, the Senators who voted to kill and imprison Americans without trial are being confronted in their offices by angry constituents. The military has told Obama to buzz off, which is exactly what he did by running off to Hawaii. [according to the schedule, however, he is still in the Whitehouse (as of 12-5-11)]

There are many militia groups, many with over 10,000 members each, that have contacted the White Dragon Society and are just waiting for the word to take up arms against the corporate federal government. White Dragon allies in the Pentagon and the agencies are asking the militias to stand down because they say the Washington and Wall St. criminals will be dealt with by the law. Clearly, when a group of men who have been bribed by foreign powers occupy the seat of government in Washington and claim the right to murder and imprison Americans without trial, then Americans can legally claim self-defense when preventing these scum from carrying out their murderous criminal acts.

The question for the decent people in the Pentagon and the agencies is, “are you going to be like the German army that just let Hitler take over or are you going to uphold your vows to protect the US constitution and the American people?”

In Europe as well, there is going to be a concerted move by the old world order people to enforce central government control. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, reported to be Hitler’s daughter, has openly called for a political union of Europe that will be dominated by Germany.

Also, the new Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, Romano Draghi the head of the European Central Bank and EU President Herman van Rompuy are all Jesuit-trained, leaders believed to be linked to the fascist P2 Freemason lodge.

The summit meeting of 27 EU heads of state this week will feature a push towards an unelected centrally controlled technocratic government. This will be disguised as an effort to make sure there is “coordination of fiscal policy.” What it will mean though is that the process of compiling a national budget, main job of a democratically elected government, will go unelected bodies.

However, as mentioned before, the European nations do not have enough money to finance the overall European external deficits. That means electorates in debtor countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and the Baltic states will have a choice between being forced into having extreme cuts in their standards of living dictated to them by Eurocrats or renouncing their debts and going back to national currencies. The most likely outcome given this scenario is that the Euro will be reduced to a rump of 10 countries.

In Japan, meanwhile, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds remain cut-off from Japanese financing. This may be connected to an announcement by the Japanese Financial Services Agency that Citibank, Japan will be facing penalties for deceiving its clients. These penalties are expected to include separating the Japanese part of Citibank from the rest of Citigroup and shutting down some of their operations. This is the third time Citibank has been penalized in Japan. The last time was a few years ago when they were caught money-laundering for the Goryo Kai, Yakuza gangster syndicate.

The head of Citibank Japan as well as the top executives of three other major foreign financial institutions in Japan all quit in October. The behind the scenes clean up in Japan will continue over the coming weeks and months.

Finally, it is worth noting that a full moon and a full lunar eclipse will be visible on December 10th. The moon will be visibly red in the sky. A red moon is a sign of war.

The Western criminal elite says the Red and Blue are paper tigers and that the White Dragon Society is just a toothless entity.

They forget that patience and tolerance is not the same as weakness. Time is on the dragon’s side and the Western elite’s system is falling apart without any need for violence. However, we are getting very close to the point where it will be necessary to make some arrests to prevent war.

Moving on to the short term in the stock market next week...

I really don't see much happening over the rest of the month as it's the holiday season and volume will be light. The most likely scenario is just some more choppy action with a bullish bias. I could see a move down on light volume (very controlled) to put in a "B wave" down, and then a "C wave" up later in the week and the following week. This is option expiration week and it's usually bullish.

A move down early in the week would shake out some bulls and then a ramp back up later into Friday to make the newly short bears lose their shirts again when their options expiration worthless again. The bottom line here is that the gangsters are still in full control of this market and NO Stock Market Crash will happen until they want it to. This tells me to not worry about the rest of this year and just take the time off and enjoy the holiday season. 🙂

So, I'll be around but not doing any trading until after this holiday season is over. Next year will be a once in a lifetime event, so get prepared for it...

12/9/2011 -- FEMA camps on 72 hour notice AND military authorized to arrest = VERIFIED

(to watch on youtube:!)



  1. Thanks for the post red.  I’m also seeing bullish bias for rest of the month.  There likely will be checks and balances when SPX hits 1266-1270 again.  As long as we stay above 1210, I’m still under bullish bias.  Ultimately, I’m of the opinion that the 1270 resistance will fail ultimately.

    Hope you have a great rest of the December.

    Pretty concerning what Lindsey talked about.  Not sure if I want to remove the 401k yet.  Good question whether or not the plans purposefully change again to make Lindsey lose more credibility.  Infowars isn’t exactly a hole in the wall anymore.

    • Yes, the plans “could” change if enough people wake up.  But the Illuminati gangsters have been in control for so many years that they think they are beyond touch and can’t be stopped.  So far that has been the case, but the recent delay that Lindsey speaks of shows that they are getting scared.

      They obviously delayed their plan to raise oil prices above $150.00 per barrel this year because of the mass awakening of the sheep.  You can see that with the “occupy” movements around the world.  I think we’ll have an even bigger awakening this coming year and the Illuminati will disappear as we sheep free ourselves.

      Of course that doesn’t mean that the stock market isn’t going to crash in Sept/Oct as they plan for it too.  But it does mean that they won’t be robbing the public of their homes on fraudulent foreclosures like they think they are going to do.

      Whether Alex, Lindsey, Ben, or many others are right or wrong isn’t really important.  The important thing is that the sheep are waking up and asking questions.  Soon they will start beheading the bankers first and asking the questions second!

  2. Red,

    My thoughts on Lindsey and drawing parallel’s to the FP’s:  After listening to him on AJ’s show, my take away was Sept/Oct was when the war would start and not necessarily when the crash would occur.  Lindsey said it would not be this month, the next month or the month after that.  Meaning “if we listen to their words”, starting in March, it’s possible. 

    We also know crashes occur from oversold conditions.   For example, since we have a FP of ~DOW 8300, we could in theory go down to that level and crash to 34.65 FP you have in Sept/Oct once the war starts???  That difference down matches fairly close to the FP on Battle LA (DOW down 4800 or so) and would be the excuse to take oil to $150+ and the dollar to start it’s death by end of 2012.   My point is, we don’t have to make a new high in 2012 first.

    That being said, I’m with you since the high is around SPX 1370 and the FP of 138.XX SPY has yet to be hit.  I think they will take this higher, but when looking at the whole picture, we still need to be VERY careful if going long.

  3. There is a distinct possibility that we fill the huge gap made from the rally off the Nov lows. However, if this doesn’t happen, I may take the next several weeks off also.

  4. Nice bear flag on the short term charts now.  We should drop again the last hour of the day.  The big support area is 1200-1210 spx and could be the bottom if this is only a “B” wave down with “C” wave up to follow into the first of the year.  That should end this wave 2 up, and should be around 1300-1320 spx.

    Of course there is still the possibility that the gangsters will pump a bunch of money into the system (secretly of course) to rally this up to that old FP of 138.86 spy and make a triple top.  I don’t think that will happen, but you never know with these gangsters as they still have full control of this market and WILL fool the most people with their evil plans.

    If Lindsey Williams is right and they don’t crash this pig until late fall of 2012, then we do need to make a final top early next year as we should be entering the largest combination of  “Wave 3’s” in the September/October time frame.  That means we must have the first subwave one down and two up complete by then.

    These subwaves could be labeled “Major Wave”, “Minor Waves”, and “Minute Waves”, as I believe we will start “Intermediate Wave 3” down after this “Intermediate Wave 2” up completes around the projected 1300-1320 spx area.  This could be the first week of January of 2012?  There will be many subwaves along the way, but “The Big One’s” should all line up late next year in the Sept/Oct time period as Lindsey said.

    I’m open minded to a new high before it starts down as the gangsters have clearly made the point that they intend to get every country possible in the maximum amount of debt obtainable before they crash the market.  I don’t see it happening in the charts, but we all know how they manipulate them to fool us sheep… so it’s possible, just not likely.

    I’ll stick with the market completely Intermediate Wave 2 up around the downward sloping trendline that starts at the May 2nd high, touches the July 7th high, and comes in around 1325 spx today.  Of course it will be lower by the first week of January when I think it will hit and should be in the 1300-1320 range.  For now, that’s my target… but I won’t rule out being fooled again and making a new high before the plunge.

  5. Red .. I can’t go to the movies anymore without looking for numbers!   I saw Descendant .. which was pretty hokey and slow moving.  Anyway in Clooney’s wife’s room there is a #6 on the bed and then 2 6s on the number on the wall to call for contact.  

  6. GM Gang… looks like a small rally here at the open.  I wonder if it holds?  With the light volume in this holiday season they might just play ping pong with the market and keep is rangebound?  Hard too say, but support is at 1200-1210 spx, should the gangsters allow the charts to work and the market to actually sell off?

    • Failed rally. Plus Black Friday retail sales SAD SAD SAD. Bulls running to Uncle Madman Ben for Deux ex Machina…

  7. Red, this is cool

  8. i don’t think this market can get going until the commodity stocks settle down.
    those things are getting hammered.
    when the hammer finishes, then –commodity rally…those last up to 2 weeks.

  9. I’ve been very busy working on another website the last week or so and i hope to have it up and finished by this Sunday’s post.  It has nothing to do with the stock market but you all will want one… (don’t you love secrets?)

    Be sure to tuning in…

  10. We have another “Eleven” date this coming 29th, and “if” we have started a large wave 3 down, with the last week being the smaller wave 1 down (and assuming we rally up some for the smaller wave 2 up) then we could start a multiple combination of wave 3’s down on the 29th.

    It is still unclear on whether we are in that larger wave 3 down on not?  We could still be in a “ABC” larger wave 2 up, and the current move down being the “B” wave with “C” up to follow (which would conclude the larger wave 2 up).

    It all depends on where the rally up stops?  If it stays under the 200dma around 1260 spx, and peaks on the 28th… then we could see that crash wave 3 of 3 down on the 29th.  But, if it takes out that 1260 area then we are probably in the “C” wave up inside the larger wave 2 up, and will then likely head toward the 1300-1320 spx area.

    Hard too say which one we are in as we haven’t even bottomed yet (we look close though) and started the rally back up.  Only time will tell, but this coming December 29th is another opportunity for the gangster to crash it (per their rituals that they love).

  11. A big week of football as the NFL enters week 15 with New England ie Brady and Co. (Gronk) invading Denver to take on Tebowwwmaniaaaa.   #87 aka The Gronkster, subject of a mini ’87 ritual earlier in the year with the adult actress Bibi Jones ( ) has developed quite a cultural phenomenon around himself as well as he caught 15 TD passes for the season to become the #1 TD receiver in the NFL as well as breaking an NFL record for TD passes caught by a tight end for the season.

    The golden boy, Tebow, ,who reportedly lives in Denver with the address of his jersey number#15 according to Reilly on the 4letter on Friday,  will have his hands full as he takes on the offensive juggernaut Patriots and QB#12 and star receivers #87 and #83.  Tebow has been experiencing non-stop miraculous 4th quarter comebacks on a week to week basis to firmly implant him within the football fandom’s psyche as his opponents inexplicably find ways to lose games in the 4th quarter with latest seeing the Chicago Bears squander a 10-0 lead with 2 minutes to go, helped immensely by Bear RB #24 (888) running out of bounds stopping the clock with a minute to go and then fumbling the ball in overtime when it appeared he was ready to break his run into the open field ahead.

    Green Bay’s own #87 receiver has slowed down over the last few weeks(although he did record a TD last week) but it is expected that he will become the go to guy to GB’s #12 with Greg Jennings out for the rest of the regular season.   If not #87, then GB’s goliath TE #88, is ready to fill the void.   Golden Boy Tebow has seen big plays materialize when his own #88 has recorded big play receptions over the last few weeks ie last week’s TD reception when the Bears coverage broke down and left him completely open in the end zone with 2 minutes to go.   The previous week against Minnesota followed a similar theme when Vikings defender #23 would drop coverage of #88 on then two big Tebow TD plays.  On the first TD, Tebow amusingly ran though to receiver #87 to hug him for the TD play though.  This in an interesting back and forth game that at one point featured the unusual football score of 29-29.

    As we enter week 15, Tebow has thrown for 1290 yards while Gronkster #87 has a 15.3 receiving average with 15tds and 1088 receiving yards.

    I wonder if the heralded one realizes that #15 is the enlightened one’s ultimate power number.
    See the stock market high on 5-1, 235 years from the founding of a certain little organization.  5(x)3==15


  12. Indian Christmas
    I just sent a present to my homeland, my domicile area.

    To my brother, and I labelled it “Indian Christmas” since he can only keep it for a few months.    A fantastic telescope.

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    Then I thought…how politically incorrect.   Those poor Indians.    Indeed.    When you are robbed and then you have some “life saving” gifts granted back to you with conditions…indeed….there can be nothing worse.     The Indians, the Hawaiians.    They are screwed as a people, screwed because they are accepting these “gifts”  as their “birth-right”.

    Better to know that  a gift is only temporary, and not your “right”.   Living on the Dole is terrible, it destroys your life spirit, a slave to gifts.

    Viewing the heavens is an important way to realize there is something bigger than ourselves.   Try it, I have to wait a few months, since I Indian’d away my own Christmas present.

    Wow, I ought to stick to ranting about Wall Street!

    Here is a Video that shows some close by astronomy items viewed with my scope.

  13. CS headed to 19. it’s not as bold a forecast, as you might think
    very few supported me, when i said GS headed to 85, back in SEPT.
    They then, had there hats handed to them.

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