Will The Illuminati Countdown Ending In 3 Days Mean Another False Flag?


Or will the stock market crash from some European country defaulting?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZd9sh5uzUo)

I wish I knew the answer, but I don't. I really don't hold much faith in a website called "Illuminati.org" with a hidden countdown on it, as it seems to me that the Illuminati would never be so obvious as put up a website with their name it, that calls for something bad to happen on a certain date. They are all cowards that hide in the shadows and rob, steal, rape and murder you... just like vampires do. Expecting them to put up a website and foretale some date that something bad would happen on isn't exactly their style.

But, quite frankly... it's all I can think of to write about right now. The market now takes the stairs down and the elevator up, and telling you that we are going to sell off hard, tank, or crash just seems pointless right now. This market is clearly controlled by a super computer (SkyNet) and doesn't care about what happens in Europe. The news is only for us sheep to get distracted from, as SkyNet doesn't use as a factor to determine the market direction it seems. I don't think SkyNet uses any news frankly, and is simply programed to steal the most amount of money from the sheep as possible.

The sheep are of course scared to death with bad news all over the main stream media outlets, which forces SkyNet to rally the market up to steal the shorts money. It's obvious to me now that you need to ignore all the news and simply figure out how SkyNet works and follow along for the ride. It's only a computer program of course, but trying to predict it's next move isn't easy...in fact, it's probably impossible. But, we stubborn sheep will continue to try to figure it out anyway.

Back to the coming end of the hidden countdown on the Illuminati.org website, as it's possible that the market will put in a top around that date (December 7th). This means that it's also possible that we could finally see the start of those multiple wave 3's down on that date. That would add more credibility that the website is telling us something important. Maybe it was put up by an Ex-Illumunati member that wanted to warn us sheep of that date? Who knows if it's real or not, but it certainly could be a top for this massive wave 2 up.

We'll see this Wednesday I guess?

As for now, I'm going to keep this post short this weekend as I've been very busy with other stuff lately. I'll go over the charts in the video, but simply put... we are very near a top. Whether that top starts wave 3 down or just B down and C up to follow is unknown right not. But the daily charts looks like it could go up 1-2 more days before rolling over on the Sto's, and becoming very overbought on the MACD's, Histogram bars, etc...

This could push this up to 1260-1270 spx before rolling over. I know it seems hard to believe, especially with all that's going on in Europe, but SkyNet doesn't care about that. It's only job is to "Terminate" you... and it does a great job of it in my opinion. For now it seems it's best to just watch from the sidelines until you see it finally rollover. Even then getting short is dangerous because of how they trick the bears repeatedly by gapping down one day and rallying back up the next... only to whip you out of your position before they finally tank multiple days in a row like the previous 7 days of selling.

I know I'll be looking forward to next year when it finally does crash... at least according to what Lindsey Williams' source told him. The when "exactly" is the part we need to figure out. It's not an easy thing to do, as the gangsters are always adapting and changing the plans if we figure out theirs before it happens. So, that tells me that nothing will happen from this Illuminati.org countdown ending, as we sheep now know about it... therefore the plans will change, right?

This is getting too confusing so I'm going to end it here with a short post. I'll do a update late in the week when I see more evidence in the charts for a top, and can actually have something worth saying. For now I'll just say that the light volume should hold the market up on Monday, and the rest of the week is unknown for now.



  1. Fear Not.  
    because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world market.
    1 John 4:4

    I would like to share my SPX chart.

    it contains a 70 week sma with one and two standard deviations.
    there is no need IMHO, to be trip wired (in fear) of daily wiggles.

    70 is a powerful, perfect number.

    also, i’ve colored what is a possible Christmas rally, and subsequent decline into January.
    this is assuming the current cycle.
    (count the extreme lows, they are about 39 to 37 trading days apart).


  2. Mr. Ultimate Contrarian, Barton Biggs who only a few days ago was harping on stocks dropping to their 2008,2009 lows prior to the 500 pt meltup day on Wednesday is now saying he really isn’t bearish in a headline I saw over at Bloomberg.    Good news for the bears.   I see futures are up significantly again so maybe some of Bigg’s newly emboldened bulls will rush into the market tomorrow.  

    A certain little indicator hit resistance on Wednesday and again on Friday(resistance in a bear move) so lets see if this overnight session remains buoyant.   Things are still pretty overbought on the shorter term charts

  3. Ahh yes Skynet from Terminator.  I met a mathematician in NYC about 9 months ago, he was working for an undisclosed trading firm.  He told me how sad is was that great scientific minds were being lured by wall street firms to crunch numbers and work on theorems to perform high speed trading.  He saw it as a real loss for humanity. 

  4. Red,
    I’m on the radio today at 3:15  ETLink is in the mid day reporthttp://markethighsandlows.wordpress.com/

  5. Two failed rallies in a row and Madman Ben leeps throwing money out the window. I don’t dislike him, I hate him. What a scumbag.

  6. I didn’t realize that Jon Corzine was Biden’s economic advisor. Kinda like Ken Lay’s relationship to Dick Cheney. So basically was got another dick for VP, but his name is Joe.

    Yeah I know it’s crude, but I just had to say it!

  7. All LOGIC says we go higher.  We are clearly correcting sideways making a bull flag.  We are also in the holiday season, with light volume, which is usually bullish.  The charts are working off all the overbought conditions on the short term.  Yep, all LOGIC says we rally… so all us newly converted bulls should join the crowd and go long, because LOGIC says so… :-))

    By the way, everyone else sees the same LOGIC as you do… so climb aboard the bull train!

  8. Everyone keep your eyes out for “key” numbers in the close today.  Could be 1266.66 spx as the high, or close?  Could be 126.66 as the close on the spy?  Could be up 6.66 points on the spx or es at the close?  Of course there is also the dow, qqq’s, iwm, etc…. to look at too.

    The “Illuminati.org” website isn’t up anymore, and tomorrow is the end of the countdown on it.  Maybe nothing will happen, but right now all the bears are in hibernation and the bulls are “all aboard” for a rally up to 1300+… so you put the pieces together and decide for yourself.

    Nothing could happen, but the timing is ripe for a surprise right now…

  9. Big headline over at Bloomberg yesterday about Tom DeMark calling for a rally to SP 1330 by Christmas and now the trolls are pasting it everywhere…….Say it ain’t so, joltin’ Joe…….Et tu DeMarke…..
    This on the heels of the Barton Biggs sell signal that was flashed on Sunday night..

    And now everyone is bullish……With the little Puetz thingie approaching.

  10. the full moon is coming—i’m going to use that to time my load the boat on shorts signal.
    none of my other timing signals are working …
    might as well give this one a try.
    what do you think RED!!!

  11. Crude Oil channel and moving average update: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.com/2011/12/crude-oil-channel-and-moving-average.html

  12. DAX almost had a flash crash, but not quite. Looks like the Bernank has assigned Fed employees all over the world to ramp wherever it’s needed, because they’re certainly trying to ramp it up in Germany now. I wonder how much BMW stock the Fed owns?

  13. Not much to say here gang… as we could chop sideways like this for several weeks like we did in 2010.  This light volume makes it easy for SkyNet to hold it in a tight range… maybe until the end of the month?  Who knows?  For me, it’s best to just take the time off and do nothing.  It could tank of course, but right now it’s not looking likely.

  14. Red
    Buy signal today !!New Charts are coming, Gold, Bonds and the Dollarhttp://markethighsandlows.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/12-7-2011-update-new-charts-coming-soon/

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  16. Well, looks like the bulls failed to put in a higher low.  Based on the time of the day, and the lower low now put in… the odds are high that this will be a trend down day.

  17. Where did the Trillion Dollars go?  Duh.. I don’t know?  I’m just a stupid bimbo with a fancy title called “Inspector General” of the Federal Reserve.  Of course my job is know where the money went, but dodging the question is easier then answering!


    Here’s my answer…

    The money went into the bank accounts of the Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons, (and many others), and given out as bonuses to wall street banksters like Jamie Dillion, Lloyd Blankfien, and countless other gangsters like George Soro’s and Warren Buffett.

    • Thanks BH…. I caught the last half of the show.  Lindsey says the dollar and euro will crash in September or October of 2012, and that war will start then too.  Oil will go up to $150.00 or more per barrel literally overnight.  Scary stuff there… but if we tell the sheep before it happens they might not be able to succeed?

      • I would not put too much weight into what LH says. He was off on his last prediction: oil & PM going up a 20-30% b/t Sept & Now. Yes, yes.. i know b/c Libya delayed things . Yada yada!

  18. Am I seeing this correctly?  S&P down 26.66 today?  That’s triple 6’s???

    Wonder what they are planning????

  19. SPX Analysis after closing bell: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.com/2011/12/s-500-analysis-after-closing-bell_09.html

  20. Amazing, every single night, the Fed ramps up the euro and the market players sell it off. Simple transfer of wealth. I wish I could trade 24X7 and had a $billion forex account so I can get a piece of that Fed action.

  21. Something has to give, I will go long the ticker.

    Assume Bernanke is buying Euro bonds, saving Europe.  Euro will go up, USD will go down.   US Equities will go up, and Gold will go up somewhat, but the reduction in “fear” will limit it’s immediate rise.

    But this triangle is amazing, and it will break up or down.


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