Financial Astrology: April Fools At The Comex


The following is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Check out Astrology Traders for specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events in the various markets she covers.

The Comex, along with their owners the CME group,  is a regular soap opera these days.  There are so many name's we could borrow for this show like: "As the Warehouse turns," or "JP Morgans Hope" or "All My Traders."  Every soap opera has a prima donna and a Demon, we all know who the Demon is just change the "e" to an "i" and as for the prima donna, Blythe Masters, head of Global Commodities at JPM, is perfect for the role.  These guys think their ratings will never drop or that their show can never get cancelled.  In fact, since the MF Global collapse and the confiscation of millions of dollars in client funds and deliveries for gold and silver, their show is going on as if the event just got edited out and nothing ever happened!

Recently I checked the astrology chart of the Comex, which was founded in the 1930's, to see if there were any significant transits suggesting a turn of events for their business operations. It is ironic that the Sun in the Comex chart is almost at the same degree as the Sun in the U.S. chart.  The Sun in the U.S. chart is 13 degree Cancer (the Sun represents the currency and Cancer represents silver) so the nation was destined to have silver as a currency.   Until 1893 the United States prospered with a bi-metallic currency of gold and silver.  That ended in 1893 with the repeal of the Sherman Act. The Comex Sun is 12 degree Cancer (again silver currency) and is conjoin the U.S. Sun at 13 degree Cancer.  The conjunction means that the nation needed the Comex and would benefit from the institutions original commodities platform,  but as time went on the cooperation would turn into competition.

April Fools At The Comex

Saturn (the reaper of karma) is moving retrograde in March and April making an opposition to Uranus in the Comex chart.  This is a very critical transit and suggests an unexpected legal setback or an attempt to use their status with powerful "friends" to circumvent the law.  This is a very tough transit to navigate particularly if there are arrogant or selfish motives.  Watch for events around April 4th, the CFTC may step up to the plate and actually make the Comex substantiate a decision or involvement with the manipulators of the silver and gold futures.  They could skirt around the issue for a few months until in May 21st -July 29th when saturn will then square the Comex Pluto for a very long two months during which time there could be exposure of collusion or even blackmail where potentially damning evidence from insiders or a whistle blower  forces them to deal with the dishonesty and manipulation of the metals.  There could be some revisions this year however they will most likely only make some changes to reporting requirements on exceeding speculative limits that will ultimately not change anything.  The real trouble comes in 2014 when Uranus and Pluto make a T-square to the Comex Sun.  This is a "nuclear" transit that is so rare, it may not occur again for hundred's of years.  If the Comex does not get overhauled and become a legitimate trading platform the competition between the two charts of the U.S. and the Comex could become a war that the Comex could ultimately lose.




  1.  Could be a top, Bob got hit, Crawford Newsletter, Fear Factor, VOS, and Bernoulli, oh my!

    Check my blog–Arch Crawford allowed us to post his March 14 newsletter in FULL, for free, and it is a doesy, and dont forget to klik, know what I mean.

    Per my previous post, Big Bob got hit, his S&P stop at 1399 got hit.
    HBB (Humungous Bank and Broker) loves doing that.    A quick run up yesterday….scary pop for shorts, and then to see follow through today….lots of stops hit.   Bob a victim of his own success.

    Arch Crawford (pretty famous Astro and Tech trader) also on the same page by entirely different methods.   Arch kind enough to let me post a paid newsletter in full.   Check out Arch at his website, really interesting stuff.   If you call him on the phone he will answer too.

    •  I admire Arch Crawford, and one of my mentors is a friend of his.  That was great he let you put up his entire newsletter! For my Astrology Traders subscribers my advice was for this week another token smack for the metals, silver and gold, but the market would move up big and particularly on March 15th with money flowing back into the markets.

      I never use the Bradley model and my approach (I think) is quit different from other financial astrologers.  I pretty much keep to myself and don’t read other interpretations because I find it a distraction to my own analysis, which takes hours of focus and study.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Bye bye Harvard—–eliminated from the NCAA tournament.

    Harvard was made a 12 seed and had a first round matchup with #5 seed Vanderbilt.   They now do 5-12 matchups in the first round strangely enough…..5-12===8x8x8.

    During the First Four round, they had play in games featuring 2 #12 seeds ie 24, 2 #14 seeds(28), and the usual other special number seeds.

    Last year, one of their play in games was an 11-11 matchup, and the winner ended up making a run to the Final 4 (VCU)  (I remember distinctly since the losing 11 seed was my alma mater).

    But no 11-11 matchup this year.   Instead in the year of the boiling point, we have a 12-12 matchup instead.

    The NCAA tournament should be playing a highly ritualistic role this year.   (And I kept on seeing them flash the 34 number in today’s NewMexico–LBState game when #30 of NM would shoot free throws #4 was always standing behind him in the frame—saw a 212 also.  Some other stuff too but really wasn’t looking for it and was unfamiliar with the players anyway.)

    The baldie at the 4 letter had Steve Kerr on a few days ago to promote the First Four matchups, which his network was televising and also to talk about his Final Four experiences back in 1988 at Arizona.

    This week starts with the first 64(8×8), then pares down to the Sweet 16 the next weekend and then the following weekend the Final 4 which extends into April.

  3. The feathered serpent god returns on March 21st in the Mayan tradition.   I wonder if it has special importance in 2012, the boiling point year and the socalled end of the Mayan Calendar year.

    Quetzcatl====Venus so he should be really expected in June.

    I am rapidly becoming a pseudo Mayan expert.   I did review Roy Scheider’s passport in Sorcerer and it is true that there might be a Mayan angle to that movie since the dates:

    18  Mayo   76
    18  Mayo   78     

    are listed in it.

    or   18—-5—76

    76====4×19…..the day of infamy number………….The pyramind had something like 4 sections of 19 terraces on it.

    Mayo  (spanish for May)—-a cryptic reference for Maya?????

  4. Of course,  3-21 (3-777) is a special Fincher number.   He always has a shot of a clock set at 3-21 in his movies  (Social Network….Girl with the Dragon Tatoo)

  5.  Sorry I just don’t have time to mark up these charts for you.   
    These are my best of the best put call and buy write / put call
    indicators.    Email me and I will send you the Stock Charts link.    

    And don’t forget this is an advertising supporting site…which
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    These are on my Stockcharts “indicator” list which I
    scroll through almost daily when I am trying to get a sense of the
    overall market.    Extreme put call readings, and ratios, and MACD’s can
    be very instructive at the most important times.   

    Summary—These are starting to get extreme, but not a screaming that a big change is coming.    

    Other stuff is saying that a big change is coming.    Lots of call holders though….HBB hates paying them.

  6. Looking at the weekly chart on Apple makes you really believe that “Pigs Fly”, and this one strapped on a rocket and launched straight up!  Looks more like a new IPO then a multi-decade old company.  They must be including “free crack” with every Ipad sold to make that many sells.

  7. my forex kid should hook up with your site red.  Friggin bugger strapped into the Euro/USD right at the bottom and is printing money as fast as Barnhawke. 

      • I think Apple won’t stop until it hits 600 (in regular trading hours, as it did yesterday in the pre-market), and then I think the market can rollover.  I don’t know if it’s going to hit 1425 spx or not, as if Apple can’t support it… it’s going to fall short and make the bears chase it down.  Maybe 1415-1420 spx?  Just guessing there…

  8. Is this the moment of truth on TEBOW DAY.

    SP high at 1405.88……….or 55.88?????

    1405.88 minus October 4 low at 1074.77========331.11 or 33(3)?????Is that good enough.

    1405.88 minus 666.79============739.09  or 7329????Is that good enough??????

  9. I’m bored so I’ll post this email sent to me…

    Eric Bolling  test drove the Chevy Volt at the invitation of General Motors.For four days in a row, the fully charged battery lasted only 25 miles before the Volt switched to the reserve gasoline engine.Eric calculated the car got 30 mpg including the 25 miles it ran on the battery. So, the range including the 9 gallon gas tank and the 16 kwh battery is approximately 270 miles. It will take you 4 1/2 hours to drive 270 miles at 60 mph. Then add 10 hours to charge the battery and you have a total trip time of 14.5 hours. In a typical road trip your average speed (including charging time) would be 20 mph.According to General Motors, the Volt battery holds 16 kwh of electricity. It takes a full 10 hours to charge a drained battery.  The cost for the electricity to charge the Volt is never mentioned so I looked up what I pay for electricity.I pay approximately (it varies with amount used and the seasons) $1.16 per kwh.16 kwh x $1.16 per kwh = $18.56 to charge the battery.$18.56 per charge divided by 25 miles = $0.74 per mile to operate the Volt using the battery.Compare this to a similar size car with a gasoline engine only that gets 32 mpg.$3.19 per gallon divided by 32 mpg = $0.10 per mile.  The gasoline powered car costs about $15,000 while the Volt costs $46,000.So Obama wants us to pay 3 times as much for a car that costs more that 7 time as much to run and takes 3 times as long to drive across country.REALLY?

  10.     You know Red.  I am still glistening from your post the other day regarding the Fakes and the timelines to achieve them. 

         It was a brilliant observation.  As a very wise man once told me, most of the volume we see is wash trading.  But to move real large amount of paper takes time. 

         So the Prints which are mean for far wealthier men than us, are meant as goalposts, not as markers of time. 

         Still very valuable, but landmarks, not timelines.  Geccko23 perhaps might hit the appropriate code, or you Red, to indicate the time and the place.

    • I believe it is high probability that we saw the high on Friday or will in the next few days but I don’t have time right now to go in depth about it.

      Let’s just say all of the occultists that post on various message boards love to throw the same clues/ numbers out there in their cryptic messages.

      • I appreciate and value your advanced knowledge.  Is it possible you could post such sites or email them to Red, who could email them to me?  If not, I understand.  Thanks in advance.

        And I await anxiously for more interpretation from you on such cryptic messages.

  11. There was a huge amount of buying on BAC when there was all the bad news about the economy etc….  And it was a huge buying opportunity for the specialists at 4.50 to 5.00.  Have they had enough time to unload Geccko?  Red? I dunno, they took in a lot of paper.

       Same thing is occuring and has occured on the ETF, UNG.  I think it, is going higher, just based on my principles of black vulture investing.

  12. I don’t have a lot of time but I’ll post a quick update:

    They did a blatant 1987 ritual in yesterday’s NCAA Indiana-VCU matchup.

    After Indiana won a basic buzzer beater against last years #11 wunderking, they had “students” hold up signs saying  “Party like it’s 1987”   and “Indiana 1987 NCAA Champions.”

    So based on some previous sporting rituals, I’d say make Indiana one of your Final Four Picks as well as a sleeper New Mexico team.  (more later in a more detailed post).

    Really, one would have to be dumb as bag of rocks not to notice the blatant in your face advertisement of the upcoming epic waterfall but then I guess the enlightened ones are right in their attitude that the sheeple deserved to be sheered just based on their animalistic stupidity.

    •     Awesome stuff and you are right, that is beyond strange, coincidental and creepy.  And as far as the totally armageddon Fake Prints, we might want to store a little food and water huh?  Cause those prints were beyond 1987.

  13. Not exciting at all.  I am short obviously and curiously calm about it.  I feel the FP’s predicting dire levels are my friend.  In fact< I think I am going to have a fully Bohemian Summer, WHILST being 100% short.  IF those FP's are indeed true, the Chinese Mercs are probably getting very close to mobilizing. I cannot see much of a civilization being left with those dire FP's.

    • Chinese Mercs aren’t going to come WBS… we are on another timeline right now.  California should have had a massive earthquake in August of last year and it didn’t.  That earthquake would have started the pole shift that everyone speaks of, but we were saved as the people and earth raised their frequency enough to take a different path.

      Yeah, the market will probably still crash but I suspect at some point the good guys waiting on the sidelines with trillions of dollars will step in and prop it up… not Bernanke!  Then there will be mass arrests of the gangsters… publicly! Good things are coming next year… I can just feel it.

  14.   THere are some strong good forces, but I don’t believe what Fulford is saying. Too fantastic, too tooth fairy.

    • Eventually the arrest will be main stream news, but for now just don’t have any evidence of those arrests he’s talking about as being real.  But, we do know about the 300+ banksters quitting world wide… which is a sign that “they” are losing control and running scared.  They will be caught and dealt with in due time.

      •  Out of the gazillions of bankers worldwide, those ones didn’t seem all that important or numerous.  That didn’t impress me all that much. 

    •  87 and 89 came right out of nowhere.  I just sold all my stocks in 89 on an intuitive into a healthy market, and 20 minutes later they were ALL NO BID.  NO Freaking BID.

  15.    I found Geccko’s Indiana comments interesting.  I definitely believe in that sort of stuff.  I wonder how it is organized however, 4d? Matrix like stuff?  

    • That isn’t even half of it.   They flashed the special number on two players jerseys with a third one wearing #23 in the huddle right before the shot.     And they flashed the number 24combo on the players jersey on the kickout to number 10 who hit the gamewinning shot.

      Then in the post game interview of Indiana’s coach, they had #10 stand in the background while the coach gave a creative and exciteable interview (which I didn’t hear) but they never interviewed #10.   Didn’t get the significance of #10 though.

      It wasn’t an exact buzzer beater as VCU had time to get off a shot to end the game.

      Those power bracelets Lin wears had me thinking he might be remote controlled by some warlock sorcerer type.   Lin moves like a typical pick up baller but he gets off some unusual shots that he makes.

      Unfortunately, his ritualistic run has come to an end.   One of the 4 letter hosts mentioned that he recently had a 666 line in a game that his Knicks won big,  6 points 6assists 6 turnovers.

      The operators are done with Tebow too if you haven’t heard the news.    After Tebow day passes?????

      1024====2×512 or 2x8x8x8.

  16. Hey, Red.  Only thing we need to know is our FP’s and what you constructively added to the puzzle.  The necessity of the elite to have time to invest AND divest.  All you need to know.  Dig a well in your spare time I would say, and get ready to hunt Ch. mercs. 

  17. Hmmm… strange, the high for the ES was exactly 1408.00 (no cent’s?) and the SPX high was 1414.00… exactly again (no cent’s)!  This is likely a signal to the insiders, but I don’t know what it means?  The odd’s of both of them closing with double zero’s seems pretty rare too me.

    • Right now, you just have to watch what Apple does.   Either it puts in a doji here or it runs up to the 630 area.    It’s last run was as vertical a run as a stock can make so it’s hard to believe that it can get any more euphoric.

      The 60 min RSI was still too high at today’s intraday high but everything else looks fine.

      One of my gurus said that he’s getting nasty e-mails from subscribers and they’re leaving hysterical and outrageous phone messages too which is always a sign of a major top.    Condescension towards bears from most market players.

      1414 is 339.23 pts from the 1074 low ie 33(3x3x3).33.

  18. Today was DeMolay day.

    If one wants to dig into this, type  www     oregon(—)demolay   com     I was searching for that little rite in the Oregon area last week and found this site.

    Mr. NFL 666 picks the 1987 SuperBowl losing Tim Tebow-John Elway led Denver Broncos as his new home, which was the most logical choice from a ritualistic perspective on DeMolay day rather than the Tebow Day last Friday probably because he didn’t want to be upstaged by the NCAAs.

    Today 3-19 and I heard one of the 4 letter guys mention his 4 surgeries in 19 months (the day of infamy number and Mayan pyramid number as well—- see below) over the weekend and today was an occult fest over there as the hosts and all of their specialist guests were inserting special numbers in their cryptic remarks.   The morning guy wanted to go to his patented Eddie Royal #19, Eric Decker #87 as nice little receivers for 666 routine but apparently he didn’t realize that Royal had signed with San Diego over the weekend.  (probably an assistant informed him during the broadcast).   But they continued the same number over and over again.

    Manning did sign a 5year 95million contract, 59 being one of the main numbers for this ’87 ritual.
    His last contract with the Colts curiously enough was 5years 90 million.

    It was funny that before his announcement today that all of the football “experts” had no clue where he would end up or more likely the operators had a gag order put on them.  Pretty obvious the most likely landing spot from the ritualistic viewpoint was Denver plus Denver had the most money to commit to him anyway and will let him do whatever he wants to do.   If he wanted to win, then the SF 49ers were the best landing spot.  But SF had less money to commit and a head coach who is very structured and controlling.

    In retrospect,  Apple did close at a numerologically appropriate number.   IBM and the retail index have dropped the last two days.

    Also don’t see many bearish posters anywhere.   One of those blogs in the right margin doesn’t have any posts now.   And Danerics has become a free for all where all of the trolls obscure any serious postings.

  19. New Mexico coached by the 1987 NCAA player of the year and star of the 1987 champion Indiana Hoosiers team, Steve Alford, was eliminated on Saturday so they are no longer a Final 4 sleeper.

    The 1987 runner up, Syracuse, had a big year this year (only 2 regular season losses) and is still active in the tournament.    They had a Penn State like scandal this year but somehow it did not topple the head coach as it did in the Penn State situation.   (Penn State football===1987 NCAA football champs).   The media went into hyper frenzy over Penn State but was conspicuously quiet regarding the Syracuse matter.  (Syracuse’s journalism school does churn out a lot of sports journalists and broadcasters)

    I see Bobby Knight, the coach of the 1987 Hoosiers, has a new commercial  (double discount commercial???? of Aaron Rogers’ fame) and there is some blurb on him over at yahoo that I haven’t read.

  20. Look at the seeds of those teams involved in the heavily ritualistic Indiana-VCU matchup on Saturday.

    Next up for Indiana……the #1 team of the country, Kentucky Wildcats, Kevin Depew’s alma mater.   Someone should tweet Depew that Kentucky is going down in observation of the ongoing grand ’87 ritual.

    • How cute.   In his latest tweet, Depew writes:  “Kentucky 9-5 to win it all in Vegas.  Line opens at -8.5 for IU game”

      Nice 5-8  5-9 combos inserted in there in reverse.   This on the day it is announced Mr. 666 will get a 5year95million contract from Denver.

      Are these guys allowed to trade on their inside info?   Or is it part of their morality, that they must remain pure for the sake of the ritual?

      Depew is a raging bull by the way.

      And the morning guy on the 4 letter was dishing out stock advise today as well saying all of the experts were predicting that the market was ready to burst higher.   Basically saying it was a good time to dish out all of these ridiculous free agent contracts (in particular Denver’s offer to old 666).

    • That’s the reverse of a sail number I saw in the yard of one of the local enlightened ones last year……..5975 or it could have been 5935.  It is archived in a certain forum so I will eventually have to double check it.

      • He must be an old timer or highly ranked in the brotherhood to be tacky enough to display his sail number for the entire neighborhood to see.   Considering his home dates back to the sleepy days of the city’s past basically almost a vacation cottage while Nicholas Cage’s old home is across the street and a few homes down, a basic row of who’s who of corporate big wigs.

    • Sadly, today isn’t nothing for the bears to get excited about.  The volume is horribly low, which just 81 million shares traded on the spy right now.  Good solid down days usually have 200+… which means the bear flag forming isn’t likely to play out.

  21.   I am buying wlsa for a flip.  And am now down a used motorcycle on my all in shorts. 

  22.    Win most of the time. Lose sometimes.  A pump is coming, but it ain’t from Goldman Sachs, they have bigger pumps going on, such as AAPL. 

    • Ain’t that the truth!  Apple just won’t go down… it’s crazy!  Who is their right mind would buy it when they see the 20 year week chart?  It’s a rocket straight up, that when it finally does fall a hundred drop will be nothing.

  23. I see lazy, lazy people out there, if they can build a bull market on top of these people, then the biggest bubble of all time is waiting to be developed.   Todays workers couldn’t keep up with my grandfather on his worst day, me included.  Pencil me in as BEARISH. 

  24. Cisco breaking resistance levels:

  25. Peyton Manning is in such a desperate need to maintain his 666 identity/image (and placate the operators for the Ritual) that he is going to take a number that has been retired for years.

    Nice article, Florio, it’s as good as your 58 Kurt Warner article on Eli Manning.   Maybe a bit too revealing.   You’ve got me worried now that it might be a headfake with all of the key numbers so prominently displayed.   And then, the occultists in the comments section are adding their touches as well.

    Manning got another mill in the official contract.   5years 96 million with $18 mill (666) coming in the first year.    $58 million guaranteed the first 3 years according to the 4letter dudes (baldie and his partner—–they also had Kurt Warner on as a guest to give his take on Manning but I didn’t notice any numerological insertions in his interview but among the other guests:   yes)

    I am seeing 59 everywhere now. 

    Vincent Jackson did sign a 5 year contract last week for $55,555,555 or 5 9s…..58 just for the contract or 11,111,111 a year.

  26. The Mets owners also made a settlement to the Madoff trustee:   They agreed to pay $162 million to the fund and they don’t have to make a payment for three years.    The morning guy was harping on these numbers constantly.

    He also said “with the economy on the uptick”, this was a great deal for the owners.

    WSJ mentioned that they had sold 12 minority stakes for $240 million and had paid their loans back to major league baseball and Bof A.

    These guys were friends of Bernie and benefitted from the ponzi scheme but they vehemently deny it.

    •      Crashes?  You mean two 12 points SPX moves down?  If so, yes, I think they are luring in shorts again.  Red, Gheccko23?  You guys think one more upturn?  I think they do it ONE more time?  Why?  Possibly for no other reason than to create that time period for them to get their money out and SHORT the crap out of it themselves.

    • Comment, I see 3 possibilities:
      1) Roll over now.
      2) Have a quick, 5% correction to draw in shorts before a final ramp to >1435,
      3) Final massive ramp now to >1435.
      Too many people, I think Red mentioned this also, are waiting for 1425.

  27. Well a certain little indicator continues to head downward and it has been doing so since the start of February while the market has been rallying as it heads towards the crash zone.   It isn;t near there yet but it is on pace to get there by the special date which means the market should continue to drop.

    So far it’s been meandering but it should start producing some dramatic drops.

    SP  RSI was extreme at its high on Monday.   Nasdaq made a new high today barely so that should provide some divergence there.

    Apple had the rare red day today.  It should be continuing its latest run to the 630s or it topped here.    Since January, there haven’t been more than 2 days down in  a row in that stock and it shouldn’t be having negative days so close to its latest base.

    • In other news, Tim Tebow discarded by Elway and old 666 and company and sent to the New York Jets.

      At about the same time, the NFL suspended several coaches from the New Orleans Saints for Bountygate.    I don’t understand the ritualistic implications there although the draft picks penalty is numerologically appropriate.    Is it because Favre was the recipient of the most egregious bounty during the NFC Championship game 2 years ago.

      They’ve been doing bounties for years.   I remember Buddy Ryan issuing bounties in the early 90s when he was head coach of the Eagles.   Strange that the sports media is suddenly blowing this out of proportion.   Gregg Williams’ old team the Tenn Titans have been cheap shot artists for years and it was apparent to most sentient beings.

    •  It looks like Sorcerer is going to use that 491 numerological hit to the special date as in 34 91.

      They do show the speedometer at 19 early in their journey with the speed at either 7 or 8mph.

  28.    All I know is that after going all in, I am sleeping better looking at a profit than a meltup loss.   Is anyone in the bear den with me yet?

    •  How low do you think it will go Red?  I am a stacker and have a good amount of Fiat waiting on the sidelines to buy a nice chunk of physical.  Do you think i should pull the trigger soon?

      • Considering that Apple briefly went positive and is now negative again I tend to believe there is a high chance that today will be an “all down day”.  How low is unknown right now.

  29. Watch Apple for clues to the overall market.  Also look for the 11:30-noon time period, as “if” the market has put in a lower low by that time then the opening level, there is a high probability of a “trend down day” happening.  A high low could indicate that the low is in.

  30. Just want to say thanks to everyone on this site.  I have been lurking for a long time.  Just wanted ya’ll to know there probably are thousands watching but are not participating in the comment section.  Thanks Red!

  31.   Yeah I am up, and gotta thank Red and Gheccko23 for keeping the faith going.  My tsunami kid, who is very young and hates thinking armageddon for his future, sees BLACK SMOKE for the stock markets possibly.  It really upsets him, but me?  Heck, part black vulture. 

  32. Here we go:  end of the day meltdown…..

    I had 3-21 as the secondary high before the crash based on it being 28 trading days from Feb 9 but we never got a high then.

    • Crude oil in a precarious technical condition.

      USO has dropped down to its lower BB which is flaring open.   I won’t be able to check crude oil until after the close.   USO does have a red hollow bar so it could pop up again
      tomorrow.    20 day average is turning down on USO.

      The stock indices aren’t in such a precarious state yet but they will follow crude oil lower if it keeps up.

      Apple down again after making a new breakout high and doji hammer high.

  33. It looks like I jinxed it for today but it did cause a certain little indicator to accelerate so the next down day should get things going if it doesn’t reverse back up here.   I don’t like seeing 3 feeble down days in a row but at least Apple was down today.

  34. KLAC,UGA shorts, from yesterday, managing gains.

    a little early on my NEM long, though.

    added TIE longs today, probably early, who knows.

    ATK long trade, activated. it’s already showing a gain.

    FSLR long up nicely today.

    bad position size on NEM, ate into some profits.

  35. HAL
    HAL is below it’s past support. news out of china, bad PMI, might have a couple of days effect on HAL price.
    i’m watching, and if price goes in the green area , i’m activating a trade.
    i might be able to time The long entry on all the OIH products, if i can get a green area signal, from HAL.

  36.      Hey, no one commented on that silver FP that was posted on, none other than,  Seems to me, it was HIT today.  Wish we had a new one.  Any new FP’s Red?

    • LOL… top of what?  Top of the mountain made of sand I’d say.  Tomorrow is likely to be a “pause” day with Monday giving us our move down to the 1370 ES area.  Of course if we hit that area tomorrow, I’d get out of all shorts and move to cash for the weekend.

  37. Syracuse survived its latest matchup and can continue to carry on its ’87 ritual.

    The big Indiana-Kentucky matchup is tomorrow although both teams played in the Thursday-Saturday slot last week.

    The 1987 final four also featured Providence, then coached by Rick Pitino (now coaching Louisville) and led on the court by Billy Donovan (now head coach at Florida, a #7 seed which is playing right now) and UNLV, which made the tournament this year but has been eliminated.   But UNLV’s legendary head coach from that era Jerry Tarkanian,81(9×9 or 29?), supposedly had a (minor)heart attack this week.   The morning guy at the 4letter who covered Tark and Vegas back then , broke this news on his show and spent an entire segment on how he and Tarkanian have  since reconciled but in hindsight this just seems like another ’87 ritual.

  38. I believe I saw a special screening of Sorcerer back in the spring of 1988.  I would like to find the actual date since I believe it was a 24 year pre-anniversary ritualistic screening.

    Reading the comments from some of the occultists over at the youtube Sorcerer clips, there is definitely a reason this film continues to have special screenings, midnight viewings and  achieved an overall cult film status.

    The movie definitely has an inherent day of infamy feel to it now with the shots of the oil facility blowing up(in the trailer) ala the BP day of infamy event two years ago so there definitely should be a 4-19 code to it.

    Also in the trailer, during the US sequence, when the car Roy Scheider is in flips over, one of the trucks in the background can be seen with the letters S L and then 9 on it. 

    S L 9====19—12–9.    A veiled 1929 reference alluding to the year 2012????  The first truck has the letters MV or NW on it.   (I can’t really tell)

  39. And what was interesting was that it was juiced for three dollars UP before they took it down to the print.  Which is synergistic with what Red is saying for the big goalpost FP’s.  Takes time to get the elite positioned IN and OUT>

  40. And my piece of junk stock,WLSA, is up 33% today.  My target is a double, and I am NOT keeping half any more on any juniors, until I see a new bull market.  Its buy and DUMP.   I am bidding on PPTO lightly to try and win some stock as I know the guy who “operates it” has hurt a lot of friends and is going to PUMP it, at some point.  Other than that, its got two oil wells that put out enough oil to probably power up one or two homes(lol).

  41. And my piece of junk stock,WLSA, is up 33% today.  My target is a double, and I am NOT keeping half any more on any juniors, until I see a new bull market.  Its buy and DUMP.   I am bidding on PPTO lightly to try and win some stock as I know the guy who “operates it” has hurt a lot of friends and is going to PUMP it, at some point.  Other than that, its got two oil wells that put out enough oil to probably power up one or two homes(lol).

  42. The Rick Pitino led Louisvile team took out the #1 seeded Michigan State team in a shocker last night.   It’s hard to believe a highly ranked team led by Tom Izzo get knocked out so early in the tournament.   (Pre tournament they were ranked #8 going agaist #7 Ohio State in the Big 10 tournament final)

    Billy Donovan’s #7 seeded Florida team also advanced to the elite 8.

    Now all we need is for Indiana to advance and we will have an occultic 1987 style final four in the elite eight.

    ONe of the 4 letter guys mentioned that Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim has only taken in 36 years 5 teams to the elite 8  ie 58 or 36–58—666—58.

    Another coach also came on as a guest and mentioned that teams that face syracuse’s zone thrown the ball around 6 or 7 times and then fire a 30 foot shot an obvious cryptic occultic reference/ overexaggeration.

    MOre tomorrow……

  43. Indiana lost last night so we only have a ’87 trifecta in the elite eight.  Mentor (Rick Pitino) vs. protege (Billy Donovan) right now in the Florida vs. Louisville matchup.    Powerhouse Kentucky was Pitino’s old team when he won championships.

    The fillin guy on the 4letter Friday morning did mention that Derrick Coleman was in attendance at the Syracuse game on Thursday.  He was a freshman on the ’87 team that lost in the final game.  The fillin guy mentioned that “DC” missed the front end of a 1-1 at the end of the game.   He also mentioned that was the last time before they created the introduction of automatic 2 free throws.  11-22.   But they were throwing out too many numbers;  it was too hard to follow all of them.

    Then the baldie followed and mentioned he just made a one day trip to Vegas and the first thing he did upon arrival was head to In and OUt Burger, the best burger place anywhere according to him.   Then he asked all of his guests what their favorite burger place was and they agreed with him.   Then his predecessor came on (the semi-face of the 4letter) and mentioned a place in San Francisco, and the baldie said that they would have a chance to visit in June for the “Bayonet”(????) golf tournament.   I looked it up and the tournament is June 24-27 which had me little discouraged since I thought it might be a possible crash reference.   Don’t know if In and Out had any cryptic meaning but June 24 is a Sunday which is an odd day to start a tournament or Sunday to Wednesday????

    I will verify now.

    • Yes, June 24-27 or reverse of Bradley’s ode to ’29’92 ritual: April 26,4-26.  4-26,27 also prominent dates in 127 HOURS.

      I don’t know golf very well.  I just don’t get having the tournament start on a Sunday.

      I guess it rules out June 24 as a crash date but maybe June 25===67??? they love to throw out.   Still low likelihood but the PGA press release on the 45th national championship being held at the Bayonet and BlackHorse Golf Courses in the 95th year of the PGAs existence is flowing with occultic numbers.

      The golf courses had a $13million redesign in 2008,  December 2008 more specifically according to the press release—-12-2008????

  44. Gheccko23, are these announcers trained or prompted in the jargon?  In other words do THEY know what is up, or are they merely prompted?

  45. i came up with a theory to the end of this sideways market. involves getting AAPL,PCLN,CMG to retest rsi 50, and timing that! 
    write this on any 49th floor wall:)  
    the closer to april earnings season the market gets, (whilst no pullback), the higher the probability for a good pullback. 
    all those stocks that are above rsi 60. if they are still above rsi 60, april 5-9—-  
    they will drop to rsi 50, before earnings season starts.  
    a 10 to 20 point drop in rsi, on the high priced stocks is a $60 move ON those stocks—-LOL!!!!

    •  You know, after seeing that recent silver FP, and see silver go the opposite way for a couple of weeks then suddenly, like a moth to light, go right to the Print, makes me look and anticipate something really ugly soon enough.

          I am going to short the highs.  Sort of like sell high.  That thing so few are able to do, becasuse of 13 years of educational brainwashing.

      • I really do think that is the point of what the TPTB are trying to accomplish.  Red has said it many times before, but they really want to portray the collapse as “no one saw this coming” while having as many people trapped as possible. 

        Having the market go in the opposite direction will make those socks stink even worse for a while and then all of a sudden they’ll smell good!

  46. I did a new post Saturday gang, but I’m having audio problems with this new microphone so I didn’t get any video done last night.  I’m trying to install some new audio drivers right now so hopefully that fixes the “clicking” noise I’m getting in it… or I’ll be going back to the microphone in the camera, which doesn’t have that clicking noise but does pick up a lot of background noise.

    I’m sure you have heard the fan going in the background, cars drive by, the computer fan speeding up, or the ac unit kicking on.  If not, you just wasn’t paying attention… LOL

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