No Stock Market Crash Until The Second Half Of 2012


Lindsey Williams latest update says that there will be a stock market crash, but not in March, April, May or June...

In this one hour interview with Lindsey Williams, he says basically the same thing that he's been saying for awhile now, but added that he now has a "stock market insider" (which will be on his new DVD set coming soon) that confirms everything that Lindsey has been told, but from a different source.

He said that this new whistle blower is sick of all the corruption and manipulation in the stock market and decided to come forward and tell his story (funny how they always seem to do that after getting rich first from the information).  This person is a man by the name of Tom Fyler.

Tom tells Lindsey how they would go into  (or send someone in) talk with all new senators, congressmen, and high ranking judges (I'm sure Governors were included on that list too, but Lindsey never mentioned them) and tell them of a certain company that was going to go up big when a certain bill passed.  Of course they told them how to vote on the bill as well.

This is new information but not really surprising... at least not to me!  You had to know that all these people were presented with insider information at one point in their career.  The question is, how many of them caved in and used the information to make them rich?  I'd say most did as very few have any moral values left.  Hopefully Ron Paul wasn't one of them that took that bribe as I want to believe he's clean and doesn't have any "skeletons" in his closet.

Regardless of whether he does or doesn't, he's still ten times more honest then the other gangsters running for office, so he's got my vote for President.  On a side note... I'm going out on a limb here but I suspect that Gabrielle Gifford was clean too and that's why they (the Illuminati Cabal) tried to kill her with some mind controlled kid.

I have to say that I really like Gabrielle Gifford, and would vote for her for president anytime.   Sadly, she resigned early this year from being a congresswoman.  I'm 100% positive in my heart that the Illuminati Cabal Gangsters were behind her attempted assassination.  While I'm still a Ron Paul fan and do "currently" believe 100% in him, I'm also worried that he could be a "wolf in sheep's clothing".

I have no evidence of that, but I'm just naturally suspicious... especially since the gangsters control the main stream media, and commonly planet "dis-information" on the internet.  Who's to say that he isn't controlled by them and their "backup" plan should they fail at rigging the elections this time with their plan to make Mitt Romney their next puppet?  I hope not, as I do like Ron Paul a lot.  I'm just playing "devil's advocate" right now... so just forget I said that.

(to watch on youtube:

Back to Lindsey Williams, here are some important notes in the video...

Lindsey Williams : Goldseek Radio 20 March 2012 , Obama may not be re-elected because the elite are angry about him cancelling the Keystone pipeline.  Obama is a Muslim and he cancelled the keystone pipeline in favor of his friends in the middle east ... the financial collapse is delayed on purpose in order to get all the countries of the world in debt so that when the crash happens they will be forced to accept the NWO currency

Tom Fyler - Wallstreet insider told Lindsy Williams about the insider trading.

No crash in March, April, May, or June.

It didn't crash with Greece defaulting, and it won't with Italy or France defaulting either.

Two months ago China and Japan signed the largest traded agreement ever.  They will no longer use the American Dollar for trade.

America and the United Nations placed sanctions on Iran, as well as the European Union. They won't buy oil after June 1st.  India said "no problem" we'll buy Iran's oil and use gold to pay for it.

Saudia Arabia decided to supply oil to China and will build the largest oil refinery in China and they won't use the American dollar for trade.

Whenever the Euro crashes, you have 3-4 weeks before it hits America, and you must get out of all paper.

The keyword to look for is "derivatives".  Look for that market to crack first, and then the crash will follow.

Obama may not be re-elected because of the keystone pipeline.  Obama canceled it, and the elite are very upset about it.

Buy gold and silver that is minted my the US mint. They need to be  "1933's" dates or before.  Any coin minted prior to 1933 can not be confiscated by the gangsters (government).

One ounce silver coins can't be confiscated that are minted my the US Mint (any date).

"Secrets of the Elite" new DVD series by Lindsey Williams contains four insiders of wallstreet who name senators and how they control them.

Every Senator and Congressman is briefed about the secrets of the elite when they are elected.  So are all judges.


As of 03-22-2012 it seems that Obama has caved in and agreed to let them build the Keystone Pipeline.  This audio interview ( basically covers the same as above but added that new information about Obama.

This new update is from 03-25-2012 and is with Alex Jones (Timeline to America's Total Destruction with Pastor Lindsey Williams)

Moving on to Ben Fulford and his latest...

It's hard for me to believe that they arrested Bill Gates and Reptilian ShapeShifter George Bush Sr, but they claim to have done it.  Who knows if it's true or not as there isn't any main stream media coverage about it, but that seems to be common with the stuff Ben claims to have happened.  I will say that the number of banksters quitting has now rocketed up to 358, which tells me that it just takes a little time for the things Ben speaks of to make it to the main stream media.  Here's the updated list (

You have to understand that getting everything Ben Fulford talks about into the main stream media isn't going to happen overnight.  We will know in advance of some of the things they are doing by his posts, but evidence won't appear until the main stream media picks up the story.  That could be awhile with arrests of such prominent people like Bill Gates and George Bush.  But, evidence of some of the low level people running scared (and getting caught and arrested) is coming forward as we can see from that list of banksters arrested.

It is time to storm the Bastille, vive la revolution
by Benjamin Fulford. March 13, 2012

The financial war that has been raging intensively at least since 2001 may be finally ending. This week a three pronged effort to convince the Luciferian banking cabal to surrender is being carried out. In one prong, the Chinese government has announced it will start the mass installation of wind and solar power devices on rooftops world-wide in order to free humanity from the cabal controlled energy grid. In another prong, the cabal controlled central banks will be asked to make good on broken promises by redeeming financial instruments backed by gold stolen from holocaust victims during World War 3. The third prong is still being kept secret but essentially it is a promise to start a bottom-up revolution in cabal controlled countries like Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the US unless these countries stop their ceaseless war-mongering.

The arrest of Bill Gates, the announcement in an Italian paper that the pope will resign on April 15th, and the presence of a US marshal accompanying cabal operatives like Timothy Geithner are all signs that very little, if any, opposition remains.

Last week a Chinese delegation met with a representative of the White Dragon Society in Tokyo. At the meeting an informal agreement was reached in which the Chinese side promised to provide manufacturing facilities and financing for new energy technology. To start with a revolutionary roof-top wind turbine and solar panel combination will be distributed with no initial down-payment necessary to householders and enterprises world-wide. These householders will then pay the installers the equivalent of their current energy bill for 5 years after which they will become energy independent. This is a concrete and realistic way to give the atomic and fossil fuel based energy cartels time to find a new line of business.

Other “free energy” technologies, if proven to exist, may be used in lieu of these devices but only after safety testing. The installation of these devices would also be phased in so that existing energy corporations would have plenty of time to transition into new lines of enterprise. Toyota has also already begun its assault on the fossil fuel industry by producing cars, now on the market, that get over 100 kilometers to per liter or over 300 miles per gallon.

In a different, and more direct move, the banking cabal will be asked to make a $15 trillion donation for the purposes of ending war, ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and freeing humanity from drudgery, poverty and disease. This will involve a specific actual move that we cannot write about in detail at this time other than to say it involves asking the Odessa/Bush Nazis to pay back the gold they stole from holocaust victims. The only other thing that can be said about this particular maneuver at this time is to tell the Romans to “beware the ides of March.”

There will be an announcement, aired live on March 13th on the internet, by the hacker group anonymous, the gnostic Illuminati faction and the White Dragon Society. If this announcement is not heeded, there will be revolution according to both anonymous and the gnostics.

In other news, Western embassies in Tokyo will all be shutting down on March 20th, ostensibly to celebrate the vernal equinox. If this embassy closure is a pretext to evacuate personnel in preparation for a mass terror attack against Tokyo, there will be unfathomable consequences for the Western ruling oligarchs and their extended families. In addition, nuclear weapons have already been placed in both Jerusalem and Rome by gnostic agents and these two cities will vanish forever if Tokyo is attacked. We urge all citizens of these two cities to evacuate immediately should Tokyo be terrorized by the Romans.

Furthermore, the Chinese and Japanese military have finalized preparations to sink the La Palma rock formation into the ocean and cause a 100 meter tsunami to hit the US East coast and Southern Europe in retaliation for the planned attack on Tokyo. The world will no longer tolerate Roman terror. The Romans must renounce Satan and the Vatican must be purged of all Satanists. This is not negotiable.

In other news, an informant has provided this writer with more details on how the banking cabal has manipulated the Japanese political system. Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, a freemason Satanic agent, was bribed by the bankers with the promise his son would be the “first prime minister of a world government.” The source of this information is a friend of Hatoyama’s wife.

Hatoyama and Banri Kaeda, along with Seiji Maehara are some of the top Satanic P2 lodge agents in the current Democratic Party of Japan government. This source also confirmed at former Prime Minister Naoto Kan is a North Korean Satanic P2 lodge agent. Power broker Ichiro Ozawa tried to switch sides and “join the Chinese,” but he was in fact an agent for J. Rockefeller who was trying to infiltrate the Asian secret societies.

The Japanese magazine Kami no Bakudan (paper bomb) has also reported in its latest edition that current Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is part of a homosexual network of agents linked to Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita and the CIA international homosexual network centered at Georgetown University. Any government official worldwide who was sent to Georgetown for graduate studies is likely to be part of this network. However, as far as we can tell, the gay network is supportive of the White Dragon Society and its aims to end poverty, end war and stop environmental destruction.

We would like to ask this network to fully activate itself in order to dismantle the remaining Satanic agents still working to terrorize Japan into submission to their plans for a world fascist government. They know the specific agents who have been carrying out this traitorous work and they must all be put into preventative custody this week.

The first anniversary of the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attacks has come and the Japanese corporate media provided extensive coverage while carefully avoiding saying it was a natural disaster. This is a clear sign the media moguls here are still cowards who are sitting on the fence and waiting to see who wins the financial war.

They need to understand that Satan has already left this universe. Humanity will finally be set free.

(Here's an audio interview with Ben Fulford

Plus, we now have a main stream media outlet confirming that the rats are leaving the ship as this former Goldman Sachs insider comes forward with his story of corruption and is now a whistleblower  (   The point here is that while we hear all this things that Ben Fulford speaks of, we rarely see evidence of it.  Here's some real evidence that the main stream news admits!

So, maybe in the "not so distant future" we'll see some Reptilian ShapeShifter news anchor person like Brian Todd come on TV and announce that his vampire brothers were arrested.  Not for killing ten's of thousands of people, raping children in ritual sacrifices, and then eating them... but for simple robbery charges (to the tune of Billions and Trillions of tax payer dollars of course).  Yes, most sheep will never know about the Reptilians on the planet as they simply can't even believe there are aliens that exist... let alone the fact that they walk among us, control and manipulate us, and even eat us!  But, that's another story...

As for the stock market... it's not going to crash until later this year.

Yes, I know that it should but these reptiles are still in control of the money tree and even though they are simply buying their own debt (like eating your fingers and toes when you are hungry and don't have any food left), they can still continue to hold the market up until the second half of this year I'm afraid.

You have to realize that these gangsters have been in control since at least the days of the Roman Empire, and it's not easy to just arrest them all in a public fashion... yet!  Most of the sheep are still asleep, but waking up slowly.  How do you think most American's would feel if they seen on the news where their former president George Bush Sr. was arrested for stealing Billions of dollars from the taxpayers (them!)?

They probably wouldn't believe it, nor would they believe that he is likely a clone, synthetic, or a reptilian shapeshifter... yeah, that would blow their minds!  How about the thought that he eats children in rituals sacrifics?  Or that the Queen and the Pope are also reptilian shapeshifter (or a clone or synthetic?).  I'm sure it won't take them to long to figure out that the stock market is rigged and 100% controlled by these Illuminati Gangsters... but believing in all the crimes against humanity that they are really responsible for is probably just too much for the average sleeping sheep to take in.

Regardless of all this "good news" that's coming out from Ben Fulford I'm sticking with what the facts are currently and have been in the past.  Those facts are that the Illuminati Cabal is still in control of this stock market and that they plan on creating massive debt world wide before they allow it to crash.

So, while Lindsey Williams hasn't be perfect to listen to for his timing of certain events, he still hasn't been wrong yet.  He's always stated that the "Elite" (that's what he calls them... I call them murdering, raping, thieving, satanic illuminati reptilian pigs) plan to take the price of oil up to $150.00 to $200.00 per barrel by the end of 2012, and we still have 9 months yet to go.  I do think that they will succeed in causing this overnight oil surge, and the dollar devaluation of 40% overnight... as well as gold going to $3000.00 or more per ounce.  But, I think they will fail at starting World War 3...

For the stock market next week, I see a rally!

(to watch on youtube:

Sorry, but the charts have been reset for the most part and are now pointing back up on the 4h, 2h, and 60 minute timeframes.  The daily could go either way, but since we already know that the gangsters are pushing out the crash until later this year then any chart formation that is "in question" will result in a bullish one.

Monday could dip a little lower and hit the 1370 ES area, but after that (if it even does go down there?) I do expect them to turn it back up and rally the rest of next week.  They totally control this market and I wouldn't be surprised to see new "all time" highs before the "biggest stock market crash ever" starts.  Think about that for a moment and you'll see why they will take it to new highs first, as it must be done to kill ever last bear in the market... and then they can pull the plug on it.

As Lindsey Williams stated, which was told to him by his Elite insider and confirmed by this new Wallstreet whistleblower named Tom Fyler... "Watch the Derivative Markets"!

Now I'm not sure exactly how we sheep can do that, but I'm open for suggestions on this one.  Exactly what ETF can we follow that tracks this market so we can look for "cracks" in it?  Please post that in the comment section if you know how to do that as we can all then join in "The Hunt for RED Derivatives... in October I'll Bet".

Yes I still think the biggest move down in this market will happen after the Legatus Pilgrimage meeting this coming October 10th-21st (as I'm sure you regular readers caught my clue of "October"... and the cool movie of course too).  I think it "could" start down for the first wave in the May/June time period, but not what I'd call a "crash".  Lindsey stated that it wouldn't crash in March, April, May, or June... and I believe that to be true, but it doesn't mean it can't start heading down in that time period.

So, I'm think we are going to chop around with continued light volume until this coming May/June time period... much like 1999/2000 period or the 2007 topping process.  Then when the last bear is asleep in his cave and the manufactured job's numbers, un-employment numbers, non-farm payroll numbers, etc... all start looking like the worst is over and the new recovery has begun, "BAM" the crap hits the fan again!

Only this time the bounces just don't happen!

As for the coming weeks and months, it's time to just relax and not do too much trading.  The real reward will happen later this year when the crash comes.  It will truly be a "once in a lifetime" event.  Shorting this pig exactly before the crash won't be easy, but I plan to do my best to try and pick the date.  For now, don't expect nothing much next week... or the week after.  These gangsters aren't going down easy and they still control this stock market, but once they do you can expect the biggest crash in the history of the world.

We have clues to tell us, and those clues are "the Euro collapse... which means we have only 2-3 weeks before it hits America", "the Derivative cracks", and the 2 coming Legatus Meeting's this May 2nd-4th and October 10th-21st.  These are things we have to look hard for, and not focus on the news that is designed to mis-lead you into getting short too early.  As long as we have all this negative news in the main stream we aren't going to crash.  Let's start to get worried when all the news is positive...




  1. repost—
    i came up with a theory to the end of this sideways market. involves getting AAPL,PCLN,CMG to retest rsi 50, and timing that! 
    write this on any 49th floor wall:)  
    the closer to april earnings season the market gets, (whilst no pullback), the higher the probability for a good pullback. 
    all those stocks that are above rsi 60. if they are still above rsi 60, april 5-9—-  
    they will drop to rsi 50, before earnings season starts.  
    a 10 to 20 point drop in rsi, on the high priced stocks is a $60 move ON those stocks

    •  I give you a like.   I like the 59 insertion.   10-20-60.   Does Larry King steal your material?

  2. thanks red for another fantastic post.  Gifford, interesting comment, yes I believe she would of made Palin seem like a child in a presidential election.  Shame, and amazing she pulled through it.

    • That 2nd chart tells the story SAN, as the SPX will eventually hit that broken trendline from the March 2009 low.  My bet is that it hits it in June of this year… 

      • Yes leo the corrections are shallow. And if price delays the hit at that resistance line then the resistance level also moves up which will help bulls to continue this up move for sometime to come.

  3. Washboard,
          I wonder how many who float these special numbers understand their meaning but I suspect most of them do since they would have to completely vapid not to notice anything.

    The 4 letter had Peter King on today and he even inserted some special  numbers in his appearance.    He mentioned something about the Tebow led Jets didn’t have their first round pick and their first pick would be around pick #59.

    And then the morning guy mentioned a 777 in one of his quotes but he rapidfired so many numbers in a row I couldn’t keep but he did start with a 7 8.   It had something to do with Tiger Woods winning more majors than anyone  other than Sam Snead (78?) and Jack Nicklaus (73) and Woods at 70?//another 777 there??????He said Woods has won 13 titles in California and 13 in Florida and then I lost track.

    Anyway, I wonder if Woods now was a longtime Tebow- like Wonderboy cultivated in the basement of some MONARCHial overlord since he was a child prodigy and had heaps of praise and overcoverage from the fawning press over the years.  Even these 4letterers comment on how much of a robotic personality he has.

    Anyway, he won his first PGA event since his scandal broke out over the weekend.  Busy and didn’t follow it.

    The baldie mentioned that he has followed Woods since his Stanford days in 19(95) when he had flowing locks.

    I also noticed the new MIAMI Marlins cap over the weekend on some kid.   Is it a coincidence that they are opening a new ballpark in a week and switched from the team name from the Florida Marlins to the MIAMI ones?

    • Heh, how about that movie back to the Future, where the Scientist comes back and says the florida marlins won the world series.   And the Florida Marlins weren’t even in the baseball loop at that point.  Not even a franchise.   And of course the Florida Marlins DID win the World Series. 

         Anyways a nurse friend of mine recently saw a baby delivered that had eyes scoping the room in a robotic, weird way, as soon as she was born.  It disturbed her very badly.

         And then I came across this video.

      • This is really good.   Only saw the first two minutes but read the comments below.

        I can only imagine what the reaction would be if I told the guys I play poker with about this video.    They would think I am even more oddball.

        Already told one guy the stock markets crashing and he replied he hoped I wasn’t right and he’s the “corporate” guy in the group who you would think would be a little more open-minded.   But alas he has hit his ceiling in the corporate world and there is a reason for that.

        Don’t play poker much anymore.  With the proliferation of poker on TV, all the yahoos at the casinos go all in on every hand pre flop.   Makes it a game of chance on every hand.   You would need telepathic powers to navigate through all of that.

        Phil Ivey is the Tiger Woods of poker.

  4. SP did make a new high today with a lower RSI reading on the 60 min chart.   A certain little component of a certain indicator did rise up to the 0 line again today.  Since early February, it really hasn’t risen much higher.

    Apple was decently up but didn’t make a new high.

    • While I’m sure that they use ritual numbers in the sports arena that you follow Geccko, I haven’t seen any indication that they use to tell the insiders about the next price point they plan on taking the stock market to.

      So far, only the FP’s give us the best idea… but do continue to keep your eyes open as that is obviously your niche.  I know they use the movies to foretell future events (that they plan to make happen), and that the “fake alien invasion” was one that they seriously planned on doing.

      In that Battle LA movie we seen the market crashing hard, and that could still be a clue to what’s coming later this year… but I don’t think the alien invasion will be the cause for it.  That plan seems to be killed by the “real aliens” (good one’s that are here to help us stop the Illuminati).

      But, movies aren’t the only place they do their rituals, as I’m sure there is a lot in sports too.  It would just be nice if they actually used it to tell us sheep where the stock market is going to next.  Since we don’t have that “insider” information, I’ll just stick with the 2 Legatus meetings for clues to the turn.


    Yes I believe in the first world theory of stock market investing….Looking for a major highs when sentiment indicators are off the charts excessive bullish—Rydex bull ratios at all time highs and moving into a major crash window heading into Quentzocatls return and when seasonality is about to get megaly bearish.

  6. Every day now the market seems to get more and more boring… moving up before the open and chopping around all day.  The bears are getting lots of good quality sleep right now.

    • If (and that’s a big “if”) we do start to sell off soon, then I suspect the coming May 2nd-4th Legatus meeting will be the bottom and where this print hits.

  7. I fuggin knew it, just knew it.  I went all in on small leverage short at 1397. So I couldnt add any but I really, really felt that the top was in.  Great find turbo.  Great stuff.  And thanks as always RED. 

  8. Lindsey is running out of time…You think the elite is going to wait till the Fall to dump the market? He has been saying to get in Gold and Silver from last Fall. Yet, the metals market has been munipulated and kept in a choppy zone. I don’t think the crooks are going to serve the crash on a silver plater and wait till the end of the year…The more time that goes by and nothing happens… Lindsey will end up going up  in smoke. He keeps pushing the crash further out as we click off each month…

    • I agree with you BigHouse. I believe any time from April 15th into the July period is the most auspicious time for the markets to finally crack wide open since the 1930s

      Arch Crawford says the July period is the most dangerous time for the markets to explode. He does not think that any puts or other shorting instruments will ever be payed out.

      The elite will not be the ones who drop the markets. It will be the internal markets that finally give way because of all the derivatives that finally explode. This will cause massive ruptures thru out our antiquated financial system.

      This will be a blessing indisquised. Shortly after wards, a new financial system will be put in place based on integrity. No more corruption. As it is, their will be massive amount of arrest over the next few months with those who have manipulated the financial system. I am looking forward to both the arrest and the massive melt down in our markets.

      Our markets are like the Great Roman Empire. As you know from history, the Roman Empire caved in on its self due to corruption.

      Good luck every one !

      • Good to see you again PW… and I do agree that Lindsey isn’t to be used as a timing mechanism.  I’m sure the gangsters use him to release information when it suits them best.

        You say that they won’t pay out on “puts”… how about “calls” on gold and silver? Or do you think those will crash too when the market does?  Personally, I don’t see Gold and Silver rallying up when the market crashes as I think big institutions will be hit with margin calls and have to liquidate their gold and silver to cover.

        That means we could easily see the 949 FP on Gold be hit… and then Bernanke will likely come in and devalue the dollar 40% overnight, which will stop gold’s fall and cause it to rally hard.  From there I don’t think we’ll see it stop rallying for a long, long time.

  9. What if one buy’s silver bullion from APMEX say 100 ounce bricks. Is that going to be confiscated by the crooks?

  10. I think Lindsay, like Prechter is a disinformationist.  Not as good as Prechter who was allowed to be BANG ON sensationally for years.  I think that those armageddon prints will bring the market down sooner, much sooner than Lindsay portends.   I am betting obviously that the time is almost NOW.  And I feel really calm and good about it.  

    • I’m keeping my eye on the next Legatus meeting, as they are decision periods for the gangsters.  Will they take it down into the coming meeting and then secretly put more money into the market and rally it back up afterward… or will we continue to chop higher into the meeting and then collapse?

    • I used to listen to the radio liberty show quite frequently, the half hour version on the weekends and used to listen to Lindsey back in the summer of 2008 when he called for crude oil to tumble to $50 from the then $140 mark.   He was right then but I already knew that they would have to tank oil going into the election which is what they have to do this time also and they need to tank it earlier and keep it low for several months going into the election if the current puppet wants to get re-elected.

      Lindsey said they would keep it low for a couple of years to bankrupt Iran and then launch it to the moon.   Well, he was partially right there.

      But all of his comments from the past year are nonsensical.    There is an insider billionaire waiting to feed him new information once the last insider billionaire dies?

      The Radio Liberty guy seems sincere.  He makes Red look like a wide-eyed optimist but the fact he keeps promoting Lindsey has me a little disturbed.

      I haven’t listened to that clip above though.

  11. Today’s high on the SP:   the occultic 1419.15……The day of infamy number combined with the Tebow number, a nice bookend to 666.79….The difference  752.36  which isn’t convincingly occultish.   (77.666???)

    The difference from the October 4 low is better.   1419.15 – 1074.77====344.38

    Somewhere in my Mayan research, one of the authors mentioned the 914 combo===666.

    Pyramid has 4 sides with 91 steps on each side…..supposedly 19 terraces on each side also.

    Russell 2000 and some of the other leading indices were down today.

    Today was also the final high before the collapse of the internet bubble in 2000, 12 years ago.
    Are they going to be that obvious????

  12.    Everyone is freaking bullish now.  Daneric is almost bullish, pretzellogic has gone definitely semi bull, or temp bull.  I feel very, very alone again.  Usually its when I am the MOST right. 

    • One of the big mega bear posters on Daneric’s suddenly was bullish and calling for a month long extension to the rally and this combined with Lindsey saying no crash for the next 4 months tells me this is an automatic fade.    (also that the dude is a troll)

  13. Today on the 4 Letter morning show, even Larry King got in on the occutlic cryptic references in his interview act.   His presentation was a little sloppy though as age is affecting his performance.   The argument was a little lame.   He called up to chide the host for his Tebow bashing saying Tebow would be a good counterbalance as a #2 to the #1 QB Sanchez.  (whereas the 4 letter host says the #1 guy needs to have all his snaps and reps in practice).

    King said something to the effect whats wrong with Sanchez driving the ball 60 yards to the 10 yard line and then bring in Tebow to the 10 or 20 yard line to finish off the drive.

    Then he made some analogy to baseball where a defensive specialist replaces Prince Fielder in the late innings after Fielder has played most of the game  (can’t remember the numbers used if they were used at all)
    and then he made a similar reference to the Dodgers and I do remember the specifics here.
    He talked about James Loney playing most of the game at first only to replaced in the end in by a defensive specialist say like Andre Eithier (#16).  The host seemed to be in on this as he smoothly played along with King’s banter.

    Larry King was part of one of the groups that was bidding on the Dodgers but his group did not make it to the final round.

    And Larry King is the last guy I would think would be a Tebow fan.

    King and the 4letter host are going to meet up next Friday in Anaheim.    (Anaheim featured in Bradley’s ode to the ’29’92 ritual but as a street (in LB) not a city.)   Presumably for the Angels opener.    Strange considering that I gotta guess Larry King is a Dodger fan and goes back to the Brooklyn days.

    • Fielder #28 Loney #7  Eithier #16…..So probably no other player # involved with Fielder although I thought his number was 8 (last year with the Brewers—I will need to check).

      How freaky after I wrote about the Dodgers sale, I go over to a sports site and see that the Dodgers have sold for $2billion to Magic Johnson’s group.

      I guess the market is ready to crash now.

      These are the type of ridiculous deals that seem to occur at market tops.  Prechter loves these new items as market timing tools although they probably are rituals.

  14. With the dreadful FP’s of a month ago, I don’t see ANYONE getting paid out.  Puts, people or otherwise.  

  15. If I were going to short this market for a “possible” move down to the new FP of 1269.00 ES… today would be the day.  Why?  Because tomorrow is another ritual day, as it’s the 29th… or 2+9=11.  Of course the charts need to line up with being extremely overbought for the ritual dates to work, and other clues must be given… which were (the new 1269 FP).

    The market is also knocking on the door of the old April, 2008 high, which should provide some resistance I’d think.  You add that up with the new FP, the ritual day tomorrow, and the FP matching up with the 50MA on the weekly and 200MA on the Daily… I’d say we have a good shot at selling off here.

  16. Notice how silver is selling off today?  There were some big down days in the past that were “eleven” days.  There was 04/29/2011, 08/22/2011, 09/22/2011, and most recently 02/29/2012.  There were other sell off days that weren’t “eleven” days of course, and those dates listed weren’t always the “top” date.  But a sell off does seem to happen around these “eleven” days… so pay attention.

    • Looking at all 3 of those charts San, I’d be a buyer normally… as we know the Fed’s are keeping the market up and it’s hitting support area’s right now.  But, with tomorrow being a ritual “eleven” day, I’d pass on buying this support level.

      It could bounce, and it could not bounce.  Best to move to cash until we see what tomorrow brings.  My guts tells me it’s another down day, but the charts say it should bounce from support.  We’ll see tomorrow I guess?

    • Who says they have too have a “wave 2” up?  Elliottwave doesn’t seem to be very accurate with the extreme manipulation in the market now.  I bet we just continue down more tomorrow, without much of any bounce.

  17. england gdp report (-0.3%) during the 4th quarter. that’s not good. hard to bounce back from that.
    MOS reports ah, i think, and BBY the next day.

  18. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMM!!!!

    Do some of these guys read this website.   The baldie at the 4letter today made a reference to someone going all in on an inside straight draw on the river and not coming up with the card he needed (a reference to college hoopsters declaring early for the draft??) just a day after Wash posted a youtube video of a reptilian basically going all in on an inside straight draw on the river but he got the 7 he needed at the end of the video.

    It was freaky last when I wrote about Larry King’s group bid on the Dodger sale and right afterwards I went to a sports website and they had a headline that the Dodgers had been sold for 2bill. It must have been just been announced because the site just had the emergency headline at the top of the site and hadn’t put an aritcle on the sale up yet.

    I had some late night posts way below for those interested including giving a like to Z for the creative post of the year.

    The baldie has admitted that he is a stock market junkie.   Didn’t hear the morning guy today because he was pre-empted by the locals doing a special broadcast on the Dodgers sale which was very boring.    Wanted to hear the Turd’s take.   Maybe another “unannounced” call in by Larry King.

      • It was pretty good.  Might be the best conspiracy related one I’ve seen.

        Pretty trippy.  Helps to explain why poker players are so unattractive, uncouth, and unsavory.

        And the reppies don’t like being exposed.   I don’t think I’ve come across any.  Their unusual stares would be quite noticeable.   Some of those dudes need to wear sunglasses fulltime.  

        Old man Rockefeller had those soulless reptilian like eyes.

  19. Does Lindsay William ever know how to spin three points into a yarn.  What is his recipe for survival, I CANNOT watch any more.  I give up. 

  20. What is his recipe for dealing with what he predicts is going to happen? Red?  Or has everyone fallen asleep like myself?

    • I haven’t fallen asleep… just been too busy.  But so far we are still on track for more downside tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see if they take it down to the 1269 FP by May 2nd-4th.

      •  I would be very, very happy of course.  I didnt cash out when i was up a small moped, now I am slightly down again, but I am holding the bear fort.  Everyone else has left.  Pretty well everyone anyways.

    • I remember when it happened live.  I was here in Florida watching it on TV as they interviewed people on the street.  I remember one guy that they spoke to who was in front of the Pentagon.  He clearly stated that he seen a “white drone” missile like object hit it… and I never seen that interview again.

  21. Back to even was very close to calling it a day.  But, what the heck, if I can stand 1420, I can stand no profit. 

  22. Crude oil crashed down below its lower BB which is flaring open.   Same with DBC (commodities ETF).    Apple held onto most of its losses while the Nasdaq bounced and a certain little indicator continues to drop.   (its component was repelled at the O line)

    3 small down days in a row again?????Or was today more of a hanging man like pattern?   There were some red hollow bars today so if no bounce tomorrow, then watch out.

  23. i thought they were running the stops on me, on BTU yesterday, when my stop loss activated. Today BTU is up to around 1% , of wear i entered the trade.

  24. As expected, the $640 mill—17 ie 8×8-8 mega millions winning lottery number featured occultic numbers:


    I went with the 24 number rather than 2-4 and used 23,38 a few times but I basically went with 5,9,16,45 on most tickets…….46 number is a standard number they have been flashing over the last year but haven’t seen them using it lately.

    I even used some Larry King/ Z numbers on a couple of tickets and numbers from the PGA press release for the Bayonet PGA National Championships.

    23×2===46  I think they are standard occultic numbers and don’t specifically reference the upcoming crash (as in precise time)

    Of course, this lotto was a pre-crash ritual.

    I did hear Bradley’s ode to the ’29 ’92 ritual in its entirety last night for the first time in awhile.
    (I have caught the tail end of the song a couple times the last few months).   From around 11:25 to 11:29 local time last night.   Insteresting since we are approaching 1125-29 trading days from the 10-11-2007 high.

  25. Those fake prints from a month ago if to be believed should inspire everyyone to get at least three months of water and food in reserve.  I cannot believe things would be too pretty anywhere but on a remote island.  At that point. 

  26. Good Morning Gang…

    I see a nice 8:00am FP on the SPY of 141.51… but it matches the premarket high zone (around 7:35am) last Wednesday so I’m not sure what to think of it?

  27. I think once the dollar is devalued by 40%, the stock market will almost double in points, instead of crashing. And from what Lindsey Williams said that QE3 will come near the end of 2012, then I guess QE3 will be large enough that it can devalue the dollar by 40% overnight. This can also be confirmed by what Jim Sinclair said about QE to infinity, that other than the 17 trillions already printed, another 17 trillions will be printed again. This doubling of paper money resonates well with the dollar getting 40% devaluation, to take place near the end of 2012. I suspect there will be a super bull beyond that point as we get closer to hyperinflation.

  28. Today (May 10) in downtown Toronto there were arrests made by police. The news was not specific but it was of organized crime. Could this be a part of the mass arrests, I wonder.

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