The Illuminati Ritual Days For The Stock Market In The Month Of June 2012


Technical Update For June 10th, 2012...

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Technical Update For June 6th, 2012...

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Look Out For June 2012 As The Illuminati Gangsters Have Lots Of Ritual Days To Do Evil Things On!

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This coming month should be full of surprises.  The ritual dates are powerful and I can't imagine the gangsters passing them up without doing something evil somewhere.  First off this Tuesday is a very ritual "eleven" day for the Illuminati (who control the stock market). It's the 29th (2+9=11) and a very common down day.  Considering the fact that they are rallying the futures in front of this Tuesday and that the charts are all overbought and ready to rollover, I'd say the odds of Tuesday being an ugly red day are very high.

However, more important is next month as June is a "six" month (it's the 6 month of the year, as 0+6=6) and this year is a "five" year (2012=5, ["2+0+1+2=5"])... which makes the 2 added together an "eleven".   This makes next month a favorite for the Illuminati gangsters and one for us sheep to watch out for.  The key dates  I'd watch out for are the 11th, 22nd, and the 29th.

The 11th is actually a double "eleven" day, as it's obviously an "eleven", but there is another reason.   This is because the other way they calculate it is to add up all the digits in the whole date, not just the digits in the day but the month and year too.   That is 0+6+(11)+2+0+1+2=22 (06/11/2012).   Please note though as master numbers aren't added together (those are numbers that are dividable by 11... 22,33,44, etc...), which means that you don't add the result together because it's a master number.

If it added up to say 23 you would add the 2+3 to get 5, or if it would have added up to 29 you would add the 2+9=11, which is what I did with the day of the week for this Tuesday making it a "daily" eleven date.  But if it's an 11,22, 33, etc... you don't add the digits together.  That's why I didn't add up 1+1, but keep it whole as "eleven" and added it to the rest of the digits.

So, next month we have the 11th, which is a double "eleven"...

06/11/2012 = a daily "eleven" as the actual day of the month is an "eleven". Also...
06/11/2012 = a yearly "eleven" as the actual digits all added up together (remember to add "11" as a whole, not 1+1) equals 22.
06/11/2012 = what the hands on the clock are pointing to in the Simpsons episode.
06/11/2012 = 9/11 upside down... and we've already had a 3/11 (when Bush, Rockefeller, etc... attacked Japan with HAARP and a planted nuke on the ocean floor fault line)

Then we have the next ritual date on the 22nd of June...

06/22/2012 = a daily "eleven" as the 22nd is a master number that is dividable by 11... therefore it's an "eleven"
06/22/2012 = a yearly "eleven" as the actual digits all added up together (remember to add "22" as a whole, not 2+2) equals 33.
Being that it's a 33 it should add more power to it as George H. Bush is a 33rd degree Free Mason (where the Illuminati hide at) and the number itself is very powerful to these murderers.

Of course the other ritual date is the 29th of June...

06/29/2012 = a daily "eleven" as the actual day of the month equals it. (2+9=11)".
06/29/2012 = a yearly "eleven" as the actual digits all added up together equals 22 (0+6+2+9+2+0+1+2=22 ).

I'm not saying that the market will crash on any of these dates, but that something bad could happen.  Maybe it affects the stock market and causes a big down day, or maybe it doesn't.  But one thing is certain... the Illuminati will stage something evil on these dates.  They just can't let them pass by without doing something wicked.  After all, they are the bad guys you know... and they must do something bad to keep their reputation.

As I said previously, they are currently running up the overnight futures prior to Tuesdays' open.  They will be nice and overbought at the open, and line up nicely with the overbought  SPX, DIA, IWM, QQQ, etc..., which means that just on a technical picture you have the makings of a down day.  Then you add in the fact that it's a ritual "eleven" date (only a "daily" eleven, which isn't as powerful as a "yearly" eleven) and you have ever reason to expect a nice move down to start.

Since the weekly chart is also bearish I'd expect this whole week to end up going down and closing red.  We had our bounce last week and put in a slightly positive close for the week, recovering a little more then a third of the previous weeks' sell off.  The daily chart actually had a positive close on the Histogram bars last Friday and looks ready to rollover again.  It has yet to make a positive divergence on the MACD's, which means a lower low is coming before it really turns back up to rally for awhile.

You also still have this FP on the dollar that hasn't been hit yet.  It shows 86.47 and is likely the target where it will top and the market bottom.  I expect it to continue rallying up toward that target next week.  At the same time of course I expect the market to continue selling off.

This next wave down is likely to be the 5th wave down with last weeks' rally being the 4th wave up.  This is on a daily chart with the first wave down starting at the high of 1422.38 on April 2nd (an "eleven" day... 0+4+0+2+2+0+1+2=11).

Then a choppy wave 2 up into the Legatus meeting May 2nd-May 4th high of 1415.32, and the wave 3 down starting on May 1st (an "eleven" day... 0+5+0+1+2+0+1+2=11).  This last wave down should put in a positive divergence on the MACD's and complete the first larger "Wave 1" down from the April 2nd high to whatever the coming low is.

The wave 3 starting high on May 1st was 1415.32 and the ending low on May 18th was 1291.98... which is 123.34 points in total.  If we look at closing prices only we have 1405.82 to 1295.22 which is 110.60 points.  (Note that if I were to round up the 1405.82 to an even 1406 and round down the 1295.22 to an even 1295 we'd have 111 points!)  Too funny!  More rituals...

Ok, so have far down do wave 5's usually go?

They say that wave 3's are the most brutal but wave 5's can sometimes go even deeper.  They call them "extended" wave 5's if they surpass the wave 3, or "truncated" wave 5's if they fall short.  If we look at the closing price last Friday of 1318 (round up the 1317.82) and subtract this FP on the SPX of 1269.00 you have 49 points.

If this is the low then it would be a "truncated" 5th wave down as wave 3 is about 111 points.  However, we haven't opened yet for Tuesday and we could (and should from the looks of the overnight futures) be up higher at the open before starting the sell off.  This high could be that 1338 resistance area, which would then make the move down to 1269 equal 69 points.

That's still a truncated 5th wave but it makes up nicely with a 61.8% Fibonacci move.  Meaning that the 5th wave down moves 61.8% of the 3rd wave down.  Since wave 3 down was 111 points, then 61.8% of that equals 68.598 (funny how these FP's line up with Fib. levels).

But what if it doesn't rally up into Tuesday and the high was put in last week?

Well, the actual high last week was on Tuesday May 22nd (another "eleven" day... LOL) at 1328.49 (we'll round it down and call it an even 1328.  So, 1328 - 1269 = 59 points right... which isn't any Fibonacci number that I can see as 50% would be 55.5 points (of the 111 points from wave 3 down).

I could play with the numbers all day but until the open on Tuesday I'm really just guessing.  The important thing to focus on here is that the likely low coming for this 5th wave down is that FP of 1269 (do note though that it's on the ES Futures and not the SPX cash, which are commonly a few points different from each other).

I would also look for the overnight sessions on the ES Futures as I've seen it hit the FP during afterhours/premarket and complete the move... validating the FP, and ending the sell off or rally.  Therefore you should look for both regular hours trading and non-regular hours for the ES, and look for the FP on the dollar to be hit around the same time period.

When should this all happen?

I'd guess again and say within the next 2 weeks or less.  A move of 59-69 points isn't really that much further down and could easily happen in only a few days if the gangsters want it too.  Then the first larger wave 1 down would be completed from the April 2nd top.  Since that's currently 8 weeks ago, and assuming the 1269 print is hit this week, that means the first larger wave 1 down will have taken about 9 weeks to end.

Then we should have a larger wave 2 up, which will likely be choppy but make up some type of ABC pattern up just like this larger wave 1 down is forming a 5 wave pattern.  This wave 2 up should much less then the 9 weeks it's taking to form the first larger wave 1 down.  I'd guess that it takes 3-5 weeks to complete.

Thinking like a gangster here, as they control the stock market, I'd cut this rally short and not take it out 3-5 for this large wave 2 up.  Why you ask?  Because all the ritual "eleven" dates are coming up this month of June.  Meaning that if I were to want to keep my evil empire going I wouldn't let these powerful days pass without using them to their fullest.

It's possible that they cut it really short and make it only last about 2 weeks or so... which means that it should end of the ritual date of June 11th.  That would then start the larger wave 3 down with some type of "false flag" nuclear event like in the Simpsons show.  Thinking about this week and we could actually sell off to the 1269 FP in only a couple of days and then rally back some the rest of the week to make this week considered a "half" week down.

That would mean that we could have 8 1/2 weeks down for the larger wave 1 down, and 1 1/2 weeks up for the larger wave 2 (completing again by the 11th).  However, this just doesn't line up right for me.  Since the FP of 1267 was given to us I'm inclined to believe that it will indeed complete the first larger wave 1 down.  But the larger wave 2 up (making up an ABC move) must last longer then just 1 1/2 weeks.

I'm thinking now that they will use the ritual date of the 22nd to complete larger wave 2 up.  This lines up nicely with Ben Bernanke giving the FOMC meeting on Wednesday of that week from the 2 day meeting on the 19th and 20th.  What will that idiot say that will cause the next wave down? Or is that too soon and instead they use the 29th for start of the larger wave 3 down?  Lot's of choices here, but few certain answers.  This will be a "wait and see" game I believe.

The charts should give us clues to the possible outcome.  We just have to match them up with the ritual dates and we'll have a much better chance of figuring out the gangsters plans.  For all I know we could go up into the FOMC meeting (after the sell off to 1269 first of course) and rally more after it because Bernanke promises more help if needed.  Then the top could be either the ritual date on the 29th (making the larger wave 2 up last about 4 weeks).

Let's not forget the coming Olympics in July...

The gangsters have put out movies showing and/or implying that a bomb is going to go off in London during the Olympic games.  While I hope and pray this doesn't happen we have to look at the reality that this Illuminati Reptilians are insane and will do whatever it takes to stay in control and bring on their "New World Order".  So there is still a real possibility that they pull this off and kill thousands of innocent people.

Yes, the good guys know about the plans I'm sure and will try to stop them.  So will the good aliens/angels.  But what if they fail?  I find the alignment of the Elloittwave count very interesting when the month of July comes up.  Regardless of how long it takes for the sell off down to the 1269 FP to end the first larger wave 1 down, I'd certainly speculate that the larger wave 2 up will also end before the Olympics start.

What if we are lined up for some type of larger wave 3 down to start around the time the Illuminati cabal plan to set off their bomb during the Olympics?  Talk about a disaster waiting to happen... the market would drop faster then Bernanke can print money!  If that happens then we will likely be on our way down to the sub-1000 level I'd say.  Maybe then at that point Ben will come in and stop the bleeding with QE3?

That makes more sense too me at this time then raising interest rates as I previously thought could happen at this next FOMC meeting in June.  Then they could rally up until the next Legatus meeting this coming October 10th-21st... and then let the market really crash!  Notice that this coming meeting will be for "eleven" days and that the 22nd (an "eleven" day) follows the end of the meeting... which happens to be on a Monday.

Yes, think back many years to previous crashes and it's funny how October and Mondays seem to appear a lot (and "elevens").  Going back to the date of October 25th, 1929 when the stock crashed it was of course on a "Monday", and an "Eleven" day.  How you ask?  Just add up all the digits in the date and you get a "yearly" eleven day.   The date was 10/25/1929, which is 1+0+2+5+1+9+2+9=29... and since 29 isn't a master number you must add the 2 digits together, which of equals "eleven" (2+9=11).

Just so you are clear on this, a "daily" eleven date is simply when the 2 digits of the day add up to "eleven".  Obviously that is only on the 29th of every month.  Since it's just a "daily" eleven I'd say that it doesn't carry as much weight or power as a "yearly" one does.  This is just based on my assumption from looking at many previous months to see what happened on the 29th.

A "yearly" eleven is when all the digits add up to an "eleven".  This means they could add up to a master number like 11, 22, 33, etc... or a number that when you add those 2 digits together you get an "eleven".  That would be like 29 (2+9=11) or 38 (3+8=11), etc...  So this coming Tuesday the 29th should be a really powerful ritual "eleven" day as it's not a "yearly" one.  If you add up all the digits in 05/29/2012 you get 21... which then added together equals 3 (2+1=3).

But the month of June is different as not only does 2+9=11 for the "daily" ritual eleven date, but 06/29/2012 equals 22... which is a master number, and an "eleven" number.  It's a more powerful combination date, just like the 11th and the 22nd of June will also be.  This is why June is going to be something to watch for closely.

This isn't about just ritual numbers...

Yes, I've made this post about ritual numbers but the charts need to line up as well, so the move down can be confirmed by both the ritual date and the technical analysis.  That's the exact situation with what I see for the open tomorrow on Tuesday, May 29th 2012... a very bearish alignment and a ritual day to add into the mix.

I've pretty much only scratched the surface here with the ritual numbers as I've only focused on "eleven".  As we all know there are many more ritual numbers like 666 (the mark of the beast), .314 (the number for "pi"), and 212 (boiling point for water).  Those have their own multiples when figuring them out (like 666=36 or 3 six's which also equals 3x6 or 18, etc...).  I'll leave that for another day as right now the most obvious ritual number is eleven and it seems to be the most important one as well.

Ok, there you have what's coming for ritual dates of the Illuminati... which makes June out to be a very scary month.  Best of luck to all  and keep you eyes open for more FP's!



    • Thanks…  I sometimes get distracted with my passion to “wake up the sheep” (which is a good thing of course).  There are enough other sites out there doing a great job of that, so I wanted to get back to focusing on where the market is going next.

      This site is a mixture of a little of both so I have to find a happy medium between forecasting the market and exposing the gangsters.

    • on my screen I see three one inch squares of a small screen shot.  Can’t anyone else see it?  WTF man.

    • on my screen I see three one inch squares of a small screen shot.  Can’t anyone else see it?  WTF man.

  1. I would like to add that on June 5th there is the transit of Venus. 6month + 5th day = 11. It also will take place on the 5th and 6th of June (two time zones) and there again is 6+5 = 11. The constitution was also signed in 1769 on June 3rd (6 month + 3rd day = (9) which was also the transit of Venus which is rare and happens only twice in a 105.5 (11) – 121.5 (9) year span. This June 3rd will be the 225th (9) anniversary. I read the founding fathers (Free Masons/Illuminati members) waited until that particular day of the Venus transit to sign the constitution because it was a significant date to them. Something to keep in mind. 

      • Yes, and I hate seeing them to the upside like this when I’m thinking we are going to rollover for another way down.  Makes you worry that this sell off we are having right now is going to be reversed as they ram this pig up to the 135.71 SPY FP by the end of the week or early next…

        • they probably do it on purpose to add to the confusion.  It might not go up there, one just cant know.

  2. Well gang… the market did indeed rollover from this mornings’ high.  And we came pretty close to my previous target around 1338 (1334.93 spx).  But, with such light volume and the appearance of the new FP on the SPY of 135.71, I’m going to think the plans are changed now.

    I think they’ll turn this back up later today and continue rallying higher this week (choppy though) until that new FP is hit.  I know this seems crazy as everything is so bearish looking on the charts right now, but surprise and mis-direction is how they fool the sheep…

  3. Its amazing these crooks still have a hold on this market in the states. The shiit is hitting the fan in Europe yet our markets are still green.

    • They have too make sure there aren’t any bears in the market before the next leg down starts I’d say.  That’s the way they keep stealing the money from us sheep… make it look extremely bearish and rally up until it starts to look bullish.  Then of course you do the opposite and sell it off.

      With this new FP on the SPY I’d say the safest thing to do right now is to wait until it’s hit later this week.  Then look at the charts again to see what they say.  I’m assuming they will be very overbought by then and ready to rollover.  The bears should become bulls about that time too.

      • over at the2012scenario it seems the channelers are signaling big changes are going to happen real soon. I’m thinking June will be the month…

        • Post the link to the article you are talking about.  And yeah, I’d say June will be the month for the big changes to happen.  Today was only a “daily” ritual “eleven” day, but June will have some “yearly” ritual “eleven” dates in it.  They should be much more powerful and I highly believe the gangsters will use them to do something evil on.

  4. Well, there you have it gang… a sharp move down and a reversal on light volume.  Since the short term charts are still overbought right now I could easily see tomorrow trading sideways to reset them.  If so, the new pattern that would form is a “cup and handle”… which is a bullish pattern that would likely play out by pushing on up to the new SPY FP of 135.71 on Thursday and Friday.

    It’s going higher then I thought when I wrote this post so it looks like we could have another leg down next week and not this week.  The charts are too easy to manipulate and that’s what they are doing with this light volume.

    As for the 1267 FP on the SPX, there’s no reason to assume that the market will stop there… only that they will take it there.  It could be a turning point and end the sell off, or they could keep selling off lower after hitting it.

    Since Elliottwave is basically useless now that all us sheep know about it (which forces the wolves to change the programming for SkyNet), the first larger wave down could already be complete now (even though I don’t see a clear 5 wave pattern), which means that we could be in a larger wave 2 up right now?

    If so, then the larger wave 3 down could start in early June next week sometime.  This means that we should keep our eye open for more FP’s (to the downside) so we can figure out how low they plan on taking it.  The when part will be tough too, but I’ll be playing close attention to the “yearly” ritual “eleven” dates in June.

  5. I can’t say this was a scary up day.    The euro,gold, and silver all dropped while the market rallied.    At least gold and silver were up early in the morning but it was opex day for them and when the opex deadline came, they were no longer held up.

    Now it’s  the bankster overlords turn to cough up all of their positions.  

    There is a record euro short position according to the latest COT”s report held by hedge funds(most since 2007) and a reversal rally should have seen blown those positions out of the water today.   Instead, I am glad to see they are doing their role for the grand ritual.

    There is enough firepower now to get us to Quetzacoatl’s return.

    The hieroglyphics at the corporate facilities of the corporate occultists that I have to deal with indicated that today should have been a key day.    Maybe something pops up in after hours.

    Also KNOWING wasn’t so knowing.   But we now proceed to the next date, the most logical one but one that doesn’t have any 512 associations but 512 should still have some validity.

  6. New lows for the Euro tonight. ES has allot of catching up to do.I would say 150 points…Dammm elite

  7. The “6” days prior” to 6-6-12 begins at midday of the 5-31-12 worldwide local time.

  8. From the looks of things so far it more likely that the FP on SPY of 135.71 won’t be hit this week.  I do think it will be hit before another wave down starts.  I’m thinking that they could turn this into a rising channel that would extend into next week.  Then hit the FP (around 1355 here on the ES Futures) by the 11th (or before).

  9. Look at the Dollar now gang… on it’s way to the FP of 86.47!  LOL!  I think I see the plan now, as it’s looking like we will go down in the market first while the dollar climbs to the FP, and then it will rollover and the market will rally to the new FP on the SPY of 135.71 for the wave 2 up top.  (just thinking out loud here)

  10. Nasdaq futures on indicating the 300 pt drop again this morning.  It shows as of now 2541.25

  11. So what is the  play then?  SPY goes up to the short term fp, then we go down the equivalent of 300 points on the nasdaq?

    • I wish I knew the answer there but I don’t?  It’s all about the timing I’d say.  We want to see that FP on SPY hit around a ritual date.  But we still don’t know if the 300 point drop in the Nasdaq will happen after that, or if it just hits the 1267 spx FP.  Maybe the 300 point drop is for the crash in October?  Hard too know about that one?

      Did you get your email fixed?

    • I will say this… from the looks of the charts right now they are turning this thing back up quickly.  If they want to hurt the bears they could rally this hard tomorrow, as the charts would support a big up day.  The charts are turning bullish on the short term and could move up in a short squeeze on Friday or Monday.

      Not sure if they will or not, as they could also trade sideways tomorrow and allow for one more move down on Monday.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if it rallies hard as they usually like to fool the most people… which I think most people are currently short.

  12. WB,   you need to rewatch Silent Partner;  it has all the clues.

    Just DO IT…..DO IT like a mofo’n stone age druid
    Banksters DO IT with interest.

    Christopher Plummer, born December 14,1929, robs the First Bank of Toronto, in TSP, on 12-16-’77 or 12-777.    As Bad Santa, he also totes a cardboard sign with 3 capitalized Gs that also suspiciously look like 6s….or 777….below TTL are capitalized.   They made it simple in TSP back in 77.    No CGI numerological flashes every 3.3 seconds. 

     I guess they needed a few movies back then that could tap into the 77-2102 or 777 connection thus Sorcerer and Silent Partner were commissioned.    34 (7) years until 2012.   34 a Fibonacci number as well as being the 8th Fib number…8(7)…

    So many numerological parrallels back in 77 for TSP and today.     FBs behind Elliot Gould as he performs his duty as merchant teller.    He takes a deposit for $4,206 (see 127 Hours–also pre-flash crash high day) just before he is robbed.
    $48,350 are stolen from First Bank which drives Plummer bonkers over and over again since Gould makes off with most of it.     A kid runs up to Plummer wearing number 16 just as he is about to rob the bank.   etc.etc.etc.

  13. I guess Plummer was preparing for the grand ritual back then since his birthday is in so tune with the times.    And they reward him for it in 2012 with an Oscar.

  14. What a wild day today was… down, up, and down again!  They are clearing out both bulls and bears for a strong move in one direction… but which one?  They will likely either “gap up and go” tomorrow or “gap down and go”.  Which way I don’t know?  But a strong move is coming, that’s for sure!  I’m going to lean toward a rally as I think the bears have worn out their welcome to this party.  But I really just don’t know.

    • Well, looks like we are gaping down big not up.  As I said yesterday, I didn’t know which way they would go with it.  But now it’s looking more and more likely that we are going down to that FP of 1267 on the SPX.

  15. New York Stock composite actually (and quietly) made a new low today.  

    This definitely has an August 2011 feel to it.    Big down days followed by hanging man down days followed by even bigger down days that encompass the previous day’s hanging man bar.
    Now all we need is for the big 3 indices to get below their 200 day averages which I am guessing will be tomorrow (based on some fractals).

    I am surprised to see that futures are down.   I thought they at least would hold them up until the jobs report tomorrow.

  16. If they don’t hit the 1267 FP on the SPX today at the close, then it should happen next Monday morning on a gap down and a reversal (assuming that’s the low and the market turns back up?  You never know for sure that any FP is a turning point… only that it will be hit).

    If it does turn back up from this 1267 FP the moves down from the April 2nd high to the low will make a nice 5 wave pattern to complete the first larger wave 1 down.  We should then rally for 3-5 weeks I’d estimate as this move down has taken around 9 weeks.

    The larger wave 2 up shouldn’t take but about half the time as the larger wave 1 down took.  So, this could push this out into the July period when the Olympics starts and the planned false flag bomb is scheduled to go off by the Illuminati murders.

    The only ritual “yearly” Eleven date I currently see for the month of July is the 28th (07/28/2012 = 0+7+2+8+2+0+1+2=22 or “11”).  That’s the 2nd day into the Olympics as it starts on the 27th of July.

    I’m still concerned about the 3 ritual dates in June, but “IF” they allow Elliottwave to work then we should rally for 3-5 weeks… which throws off anything happening big in June.  But, since I suspect the rally up will be choppy, we could still have nice down days on any of these dates in June.

    Maybe we chop around is some sort of crazy “ABC” pattern for the larger wave 2 up, but inside of the each of the 3 waves we see wild daily swings like we have since the smaller wave 4 up start on 5/20 and ended on 5/29 (again assuming that this is the smaller 5th wave down inside a larger wave 1 down).

    Of course they could fool us all and start QE3… which would take this pig to an all time new high!  LOL

    • Nice Anna… and you’ll notice that’s 5 waves too!  We are close to the FP on the SPX at 1267, and I do believe we’ll see it Monday morning.  After that, who knows?  I think we’ll rally for 3-5 weeks, but I’m not positive that the FP is the low.  We’ll see Monday I guess…

  17. Well we’ve moved on from 5-12 (888) and entered 6-12 (you know what).

    Monday is a lunar eclipse following the 58th incarnation of Saros 128 solar eclipse.

    Monday is 6-4 or 8×8 or 24 etc. and the date hinted at in last year’s NBA final finals game when refs #29 followed by the pairing of #48 and #9 served up some technical fouls with 6:25 (67??) left in the second quarter in Game 6 (26–Facebook???–FB– in a rematch between the 2 teams featured in the 2006 finals) between the Thrice and Mavs with the score at 42-40 or 64????
    The Thrice lost in that game to lose the series 2games to 4.    

    The line as appeared on TV read:   42–40…..6:25 2  (Oh now I see an 87 at the end there)

    DO IT  (like a mofo’n druid)—-4-6  9-2

    FB (Face Book and First Bank (of Toronto)====62 or 622(64)
    62—6(11)….Is something happening tomorrow?  A catalyst??

    A certain little indicator isn’t oversold so it isn’t implying that a culminating crash will happen on Monday but could it be the start of the crash wave????

    The big 3 (but not the Apple 100 index) finally crossed below their 200 day averages today.   That usually is the initiation stage of the wave.

    • Wow!  That’s crazy!  Why can’t the gangsters just give up and kill themselves?  It’s easier then arresting them.  Then we could all jump for a proper “Jubilee”!

  18. My review for TSP below was incomplete.   I missed one capitalized letter on CP’s Bad Santa cardboard sign.    The letters on the bottom should be TTLF.   I missed the F because it was below the other letters and hard to notice on the small youtube screen.

    So his sign should go as follows:
                                  followed by:           T T L F

    or 777(666-777 since the Gs look like 6s also) then   20-20-12-6……212-6???…7-6?…..48-6????Whatever it does hint at 6-12….2012….24etc. etc.   It does make more sense with the F in there……also has the 62 FB combo…..

    After reviewing the Cramer Code (mentally—haven’t viewed it in quite a while), 6-4 does seem to embedded it in several ways as well as being one of the numbers presented (as 15-04……in fact 2 years ago I was looking at these 2 dates/numbers (including the one that follows it).  But there is no 54 in 64.    So if the Cramer Code is correct then this decline could be quite extended.   6-2 (today)shouldn’t meaning anything.   And I am beginning to think that 67 probably refers to June July.    If that is the case with the market already oversold as it is, this could be one heck of a historic decline that makes ’87 look like a pleasant memory.

    This first obvious point for a target low would be 7-11 (haven’t checked what day that falls on).    Great bear market lows like to fall around the 7-4 holiday date although I think a 5 wave will occur into the end of the year/ early 2013.

    Better yet just fade Lindsay William’s forecast that there won’t be a stock decline through June—early July?????

    June 4 is 888 trading days from 11-21-08 low and 818 tds from 3-6-9 and 1170 tds from 10-11-2007 high.


    6s in years that end in 2 aren’t very favorable.

  19. The Tebow pied piper occultic entourage number also forms 64:

                                            15   (Tebow)
                                   19                        87
                                   23                        88
                                 ____                     ____
                                   42—-6                175—85—or—4

    • Sorry old buddy… been busy with other stuff.  We hit the 1269 FP in the futures tonight (Sunday) and seem too be very oversold on all the short term charts.  The 4 hour, 2 hour, and 60 minute charts are all buried and look exactly like May 6th.  Back then when the MACD’s were in the negative 10-12 range we had a rally from 1342 to 1370 before heading south again.

      I think we are at the same point at the open on Monday and we should rally.  However, at this point I see a clear 5 wave pattern completed from the April 2nd high.  So, we could be in for some choppy moves up and down this week but it’s looking overall bullish.  The only wild card is if they don’t make a similar type rally like May 6th.  If they choppy sideways all day Monday then they’ll make a bear flag and the low isn’t in yet.

      This 5th wave down from the 1334 high on 5/29 is a shorten “truncated” wave so far, and I think we have bottomed for a few weeks.  Monday is important as the bulls need to get a good rally started on it or else they will lose their biggest chance.

      Rallying from an extremely oversold position on all the short term charts is like being kicked off the mountain and you’re near the bottom.  Have they had enough rest?  They should have by now.  But they have too come out strong on Monday and Tuesday or else they’ll be giving the ball back to the bears.

      Put simply… a strong rally on Monday/Tuesday means we have strong odds that a low is in for a few weeks (3-5 I’m guessing, but could fall short at 2 weeks).  The failure to get going early this week we result in another leg down as any stalling here will just work off the oversold conditions and allow for the newly formed bear flag to play out within 2-3 days.

      We are at 9 weeks now since the April 2nd high, and 5 weeks since the May 1st high.  Unless “The Big One” is coming I think we’ll about bottomed for the short term.  A multi-week rally should be expected.  But I’d still be cautious on June 11th, 22nd, and 29th as those days are clearly ritual days and there could be something big happen on them.  The question will be what?  …and does it affect the stock market?

  20. The FP of 1269 has now been hit during regular hours on both the ES Futures and the SPX and pierced through slightly.  This is common of FP’s as the momentum in whichever direction seems to push it a little past the print.

    Looking at the charts right now I see that this move down is from the 30 and 60 minute charts getting overbought on the ES Futures.  The SPX is still buried at the -10 area on most all of the short term time frames (on the MACD’s) but should turn up soon.

    Once the ES Futures and the SPX Cash line up together as “bottomed out” and start to point up we should see our rally.  I guess the name “Turn-around Tuesday” will be accurate if this market follows the charts and rallies strongly tomorrow.

    Since the thing that is holding the market down right now is the 30 and 60 minute charts on the ES, I’d expect that there will be enough time left to close in the green today.  I see a FP on the ES of 1310, but I’m not sure if it’s real or not.  I don’t usually see them on the futures as they usually show up on the SPX Cash, but never ignore them… especially when the market is ripe for a rally.

  21. Red,  I know you are a big fan of FP’s, and lo and behold you are talking of one.

    this particular FP is hitting a fibonacci fan line, 
    a large one anchored on the Oct 04 low, and March 27 high.

    the fan line touch would be the 50% level.

    my theory is the algo’s slip through sometimes and hit the bid stubs.

  22. Red, 

    Food for thought here.  I just caught Wall Street 2 a couple weeks ago and took a few notes.  I believe you touched on this before, but the screen shot they posted 3 or 4 times during the movie matches to the level we are at right now and is very close to the 1269 FP that just got hit.  For reference they indicate the following:

    S&P 1266.84 down 25.36
    DOW 11386.25 down 241.81
    NAS 2365.59 down 49.12

    Not sure if this means anything, but since we are close to that level I though I would mention it since they had it in the back ground at least 3 times.

  23. And of course during the movie Gorden Gekko mentions that “the big one is yet to come”…

  24. And a couple quotes….

    “Bubble sare evolutionary, they kill excess, they ween out the heard…but they never die.  They just come back in different forms.  When they burst, they give birth to a new day.” 

    Are they talking about the NWO???

    “The mother of all bubbles is the Cambian explosion, and it happened by chance over 500 million years ago.  Scientists will tell you it is unpresidented, it happened in a flash.  And from it suddenly the world had millions of new species.  From that was born us…a new race.” 

    “Green is the next bubble”

    Are they telling us????

    • Wow… Ben Fulford is talking about human sacrifices!  Let’s just call them what they are… Reptilians or Vampires!  Good to see him go a little deeper to expose the “real” truth on these satanist pigs!

  25. Amazing, everyone over at D.E.’s is bullish.   Some even reversed their counts from the night before.   Pretty much the same situaltion everywhere.    Never have seen such an alignment of bears in a bullish unison.

    Tomorrow could be quiet a doozy then.  

    Futures are currently up but with all of the bullish conformity, I really don’t have any fear of a bullish ramp.   The day for the mega ramp to happen should have been today.    During the great decline phases before culminating into crashes, counter-trend rallies began on Mondays.
    A certain little indicator isn’t oversold so I can’t really worry about it producing a bounce.
    Maybe a mid-week V reversal (after a big decline) when the Fed gangsta speaks.

    But better yet just let the market play out this fractal (in similarity to early August 2011 and………..early October 2008)

    JPM was down 3% and XLF accelerated downward into the close while all the other indices bounced.

  26.      My vote for possibly the most interesting video on youtube.  Plug in androids amongst us 2010.   Don’t let it creep you out, you knew the truth was way more interesting than fiction.

  27. checking in.
    I guess the venus transit thing is big juju.
    or the Monday full moon.

    of course, after an entire month of May down, today was inevitable at some point.

  28.      You know this whole thing was spelled out pretty well for us.  We have the FP down to 1265 and now we have the SPY to 135.  Pretty basic.  I am going to short the crap out of this soon, at the FP point.  good luck to all and me. 

    •  I’m looking for a “B” down to start tomorrow or Friday WB, and then a “C” up to the FP on the SPY by next Friday.  Remember, most option expiration weeks are bullish and they commonly put in the low on the Thursday or Friday prior to opx week.

      That means tomorrow or Friday we should see the low for the “B” wave down and then we should rally up to the FP by opx next Friday.  Since Bernanke speaks the following week on June 20th for the FOMC meeting, I’d wait until then to get serious on shorting.

      Whatever he says or doesn’t say the market will have already priced it in before the meeting.  Therefore we should peak on the 20th or the 21st and then rollover again.  Due note that we could get another FP before then that would line up with my thoughts that we could go up to around that downward sloping trendline (about 1360-1370) as I cover in the newest video I posted.

  29. Hey Red…..If the Fed is allowed to do QE3 it would imply that the good guys and all the stuff we have been hearing is not really working in stopping them. If everything i’m hearing is true and all of the changes that are accruing behind the scenes are for real then the FED should not allowed to do anymore easing..It seems that leaks are accruing now that QE3 on I guess we will know soon enough this month..

  30. Hey BH… I don’t know whether or not the gangsters will be arrested or stopped… just nothing happening.  But I do believe they will do QE3 at some point.  The “when” is unknown but I suspect it will be at sub 1,000 on the SPX.

    Maybe that happens in the next month or so, and then we rally up until October when I see the start of the biggest crash ever to start.  The gangster have too do QE3 I’m afraid as they are at the end the rope and must jump. They know it will kill the economy but it has too be done.

    • Keep in mind Big Ben will be speaking this Thursday at 10AM EST. If he says nothing about QE3 then this market is going to dump. Todays market action was due to people expecting him to say something on THursday…

      • Ben Fulford talked about the Kimbal Castle in CO in his report this week. Stew talked about this on his website.

        You can find this under breaking news..His site is hard to navigate.

        • Funny thing is… most people who actually have inside knowledge on any subject are too busy working to learn how to build a cool website.  I started my quest on “internet marketing” and how to build nice looking sites and this stock market thing was just a hobby.

          Now it’s a passion, but I’ve improved my website/blog skills ten fold over the last 3-4 years.  That’s mainly because I have the time to study it and I’m not actively working on the “inside” of some secret project.  If I were I doubt I could build a very nice website either.  LOL

    • I’ll have to watch Stew Webb another day… too tired right now.  I’m going to watch the Alex Jones video and then go to bed (it’s midnight here in Florida).

      • Yea late here in CT..This Bilderberg Leak is big, even though it’s from 1966..This needs to go viral..

  31. Another hook’em horns bar.  Very similar to 9-19-2008.   That was a two day affair but it retraced approximately 79-80% of the previous decline (from the last ledge high) like this bounce has.    And these bounces were almost immediately retraced.   This type of bounce (one large bar following two smaller bars are almost universally retraced.   There were 2 bounces like this last summer).

    And to make the next Cramer Code number, they have to almost immediately head south.   A certain little indicator now has enough firepower to get to that date now.    And the date works so beautifully, numerologically and astrologically.

    If this advance had started off as spectacularly on Monday then there might be something to worry about.   Trin today was at .63 which is unusually high for such an advance.   It should have been more around .3

    The 60 min RSI did not get excessively overbought and the historogram bars are already at a divergence at the last high.   Crude oil, gold and silver sold off at the end of the day while the averages powered higher.    They need to keep crude oil moving higher to get these inidices to continue to rally.    Crude oil still has a very low RSI at around 25.

  32. The Thrice are on the brink of elimination.   The LA Kings in the 46th year of their existence are up 3-1 in the Stanley Cup finals and the French Open is in progress.

    Remember it was during the French Open final (which featured Roger Federer) when things would begin to unravel for our hero, Dima, in John Le Carre’s latest, Our Kind of Traitor, as he was forced to sign over his money laundering business to the Prince.    We had a similar corporote takeover earlier in the year that is still muddied in shareholder acrimony.   It will be interesting to see if any news develops there over the weekend.

    The Spurs were eliminated tonight by the OKC Thunder.   They were flashing quite a few 29 2s during the first half of the game.    One particular moment near the end of the first half when OKC shot free throws.   The first half score, I thought was pretty interesting  (right at the tail end of those free throws)

    They liked lining up Ginobli #20 with Parker #9.   Westbrook#0 was involved there at one point.   0===the void??????

  33. Well gang, we had our move higher this morning from the bull flag formed yesterday.  Now the market has put in a nice long topping tail on the 4h, 2h, and 60 minute charts on both the ES Futures and the SPX Cash.  I’d say we’ll go down from here to put in our “B” wave down.

    While a common trick the gangsters do is still possible (run it up one more time into the close), tomorrow we should see this market sell off some.  I really don’t think they’ll run it up into the close today as every short term chart seems way too overbought right now (but it’s still possible).

    Regardless of if they do or don’t try to make another squeeze move up, I think the risk is of staying long here is high and the risk of being short is low.  I could easily see them sell off to 1290-1300 for this “B” wave down (maybe more).  You’ll then notice that it will make an “inverted head and shoulders” pattern when complete and support my theory that we’ll have a “C” wave up.

    While our latest FP target is 135.71 on the SPY, which is about 1357.10 on the SPX or ES, I think we’ll go higher then that before ending the rally up.  My guess is that we’ll hit the downward sloping trendline around 1387 currently, but I think it will be much lower by the time we hit it.  Probably in the 1370 area where the horizontal trendline will intersect with it making a necktie of resistance.

    So, if you’ll not already short I think you’ll be safe for 20+ points down from here.  🙂

  34. Crude oil with quite a reversal on the daily.   Can it make a 2 close reversal on the daily.
    Gold and silver showing they have no faith in the ability of the Fed and ECB to pump liquidity into the markets.

    There hasn’t been a 60 minute RSI divergence in the big 3 so far but the RSI never got that high at today’s spike high.
    The full moon effect should now start to wane as we approach the quarter moon mark.

    More TA after the close. 

    • Since this coming Monday is a ritual “daily” eleven day (which I don’t think is that important or has much power when compared to the “yearly” ones) I suspect we’ll have a nice down day to make our “B” wave down.  Then most likely start the rally back up on Tuesday into opx Friday… and into the next week when Bernanke speaks for the FOMC meeting on Wednesday the 20th.

  35. I should also mention that they were flashing a lot of 2 2 29s or 2 29s or 2 9 2s etc. in yesterday’s Spurs -OKC matchup using OKC’s #2 with the Spurs #2 #9s.
    They also flashed a 37–35 using old man Fisher #37…..ned to review more of his action if I can find the tape.
    The Thrice really are the duo at this point since #1 has been MIA for several weeks.  He has been benched due to a mystery injury that never occurred on the playing court.  He finally played a little in the last game but the coach didn’t even play him in the crucial moments of the second half or barely at all in the 2nd half.   (I believe he only played 12 minutes for the game).   So it’s just been 36 carrying the load.
    Cute, I notice I capitalized MIA above.   A nice little pun on MIAMI.
    Also, the HARD KNOCKS show was awarded to the MIAMI dolphins, probably the most boring team in the NFL.
    Also the little zombie apocalypse event in MIAMI recently.

  36. Crude oil with a bearish engulfing bar over at the sc daily charts but not on the CME charts but really a moot point since it continued lower after the pit close and probably will produce a bear flip tomorrow.    Gold and silver with nice monster bear flips.

    Today is 26tds off the May high and a 13td cycle tends to show up in bear cycles.   So today was a likely day for a top based on this cycle.   Monday if we reset the traditional count to the Dow high in early May but I don’t think that will be likely.    Based on the Cramer Code number and the 6-8 cycles.    If that is true, it would project the cataclysmic event out to the PGA date that the face and semi-face at the 4 letter were alluding to some time back.

    6-8, as well as being a Mayan codex number, has some interesting numerology cycle hits.
    It is 3years 7months28 days from the 10-11-2077 top and 8years 4months 4 days from the 2-04-2004 Facebook date or 8-8 or 8-24….

    It is 1699 days from the 10-11-2007 high.
    67 days from the 4-2 high………6×7==42
    47 tds from the 4-2 high.

    During yesterdays Spurs–OKC game, the network showed an ad for the next game.  It went as follows:

                          Friday  8:00  pm
                           Game  7
                           (if needed)

    Well Game 7 wont be needed.

    6×8===48   (see some of my The Silent Partner comments below)

    I heard one of the 4letter guys this afternoon throw out the 68 number.   Probably something to do with moaning about the Thrice since that seems like what sports talk radio was focused on today although he mentioned Vegas still had them as 8 point favorites even though Game 6 was in Boston.   (Haha a little 86 insertion there)

    He was also taking about OKC’s Harden #13 not being worth of a max contract around this time as he had a cap expert on explaining how OKC could lock up some of its young players going forward.

    The Thrice did end up winning Game 6 so maybe they are no longer on the brink of elimination although I still don’t understand how the Celtics have taken them this far but this is the NBA so I guess I do have an explanation.

    A lot of 65s flashed in tonight’s game, basically a lot of 6s since Le Bron had a monster game:
    45 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists on 19 of 26 shooting.

  37. There is a little battle going on here between the bulls and bears.  The ES Futures has worked off enough of the overbought conditions on the 4h, 2h, and 60 minute charts that it could resume the rally upward with the “B” wave down being completed at the overnight low of 1305.

    But, the SPX Cash wants to rollover and go down as it’s lagging behind the ES right now.  The problem is that the bulls are favored by the gangsters 90% of the time… and this being a Friday leads me to believe that the low is in for today.

    This leave Monday open for either a continuation of the rally or another move down to my forecast-ed 1290 area.  We won’t know until Sunday night as the ES Futures could reset themselves to either a bullish or bearish position for the open on Monday.  If they rally and get overbought then I’ll say that well go down on Monday.  If they are down at the open on Monday then I’d say we’ll rally back up later that day and into Tuesday.

    This “B” wave down could already be completed now or it could go lower again on Monday… hard too say right now?  But the light volume favors the Bulls (as it almost always does).  My gut tells me that we’ll have another leg down to the 1290 on Monday, but that’s no guarantee of course.  As for today it’s looking like a flat day for the close.  Could be slightly positive or slightly negative, but not much either way.

  38. All the indices closed just below their highs from yesterday.   Normally this type of setup resolves bullishly  (at least during the 2009 bounce escapade).   But I did look at these type of bars when they occurred in June and July of 2010.   Normally following a red reversal day like yesterday, the following day saw a monster white bar/ rally day that completely enveloped (and dominated )the previous day’s bar.

    Crude oil and gold and silver bounced from the overnight abyss to save the market today but crude oil basically tested its multi-month lows earlier during European hours.

    So are these wave 2 bounces or continuation of the rally.   On the weekly no bull flip and it needs to head south to avoid one next week.

    Some gurus are callings this an intermediate bottom.    But shouldn’t it have been more powerful.   Or could it be repeating the events of 9-18/19—2008 but spread it over 4 days rather than 2.   The markets rallied into the end of the week like then and following the Arpil 4,2000 event as well.

    All of the indices basically have rallied back to the 50 RSI level (49+).  The conformity of the various indices is very bizarre.   $tran $spx $rut $indu $ndx all at 49+  with $sml and $compq at RSI 48

    Tick was +1000.

    • $bpspx at 48% or so is nowhere near the August October lows levels.   That shoots a hole in the intermediate bottom theory.

      We’ll be passing 6-9 this weekend and have some numerology/ Gann cycles hits here as well.

      The August 9 low last year and the October 10 low in 2008.

      The 10-10-2008 low was 3years 8months ago or 888.    The 8-9-11 low was 10months ago or 10/12 or 5/6 of a year ago or .8333333 of a year.

      10-10-08 also will be 1338 days from June 11 next week.   or 3.6666 years ago

  39. Just that June 11 has some very interesting aspects to it.

    The original True Grit released on June 11,1969.

    And I came across this:

    Check out the top photo.   The speaker basically is seen with the number 87 reversed behind his head and 87 is displayed two different ways there as well as 98.    From top to bottom and backwards to forwards:

                  17 (8)    9
                    7         8

    Then check out where his hand is pointing to or what appears just below his hand/ wrist.

    I’ve been seeing 98 alot lately,  8989 last week but really don’t understand what it means unless it is 9×8===72 or 77 or 7×11?????

    Next week is 244 weeks from the 10-11-07 high.

    Also have a big “4 Letter Event” hit for later.

    • 69===54  or  45….the seasonal theme,

      The latest Men in Black….MIB 3………takes place in 1969.   Will Smith travels back in time by jumping off the top of a skyscraper whose address is  405 or 504????   We see that number repeatedly throughout the movie.   He heads back to July 15/16 1969.
      July 15===Rooster Cogburn’s birthday(in the new TG version). Basically 7-15–87.  Probably a 76 reference.

      Last year’s Transformers also goes back to the 7-15-69 date.

    • Don’t know at this point WB?  Monday is tough call.  If they gap up out of the rising wedge there’s 80%+ chance it will roll back over and head down toward the 1290 area.  If we gap down then 1290 should give support for a rise back up to the 135.71 FP on the SPY… probably by opx Friday.

      But there is the possibility that they gap up and run for the FP first and then sell off to the 1290 zone.  Based on past opx week (which are bullish most of the time) I’m leaning toward a gap down and then rally back up… but I’m just guessing on that one.

  40. just go opposite way of katzo. short for 3 years. gitterdone. watch wrong calls all day at
    led the sheep to slaughter this week with his down calls. today he says long after it went up. classiclllloooll. poor sheep are caught short. best opposite contrare indicator in internet. he called for 1150 ohter day as guarantee, last time he did market went to my target 1425. gluckie . he buys tvix at 30, 20 , 10 and somehow up on it. and 3x short for 3 years. getchasome

    • Does he use EW as his primary way to forecast?  From my experience EW should only be used to predict possible wave counts from what you see using technical analysis first.

      While no one gets the all right I do think you need to use a combination of TA’s, EW’s, FP’s, Ritual Dates, FOMC Minutes (and other news), Trendlines, Cycles, and a flip of a coin… LOL

  41. Here’s the special 4 Letter event that was hyped for weeks on the radio network although this video is pretty stupid:

    For what seemed like an eternity, after he had been “challenged” by one of the other initiates at his network, the morning host demanded that he could run a 6.30 minute mile and finally a date was setup to run it where he could prove to the outside world and his doubters that it could be done.    Of course we know what 6(x)3 is.    Well to the shock of everyone, he ran a 6.11 minute mile (supposedly—although the video doesn’t give evidence that he did.)

    He’s always mentioning that he’s 48 so is it really plausible that he could achieve this time?   It’s seems ridiculous to me.

    Since this number is very applicable to the times (flash crash week—week 61 from the 3-6-9 lows  1/6=== .1666666), I’d say there is a numerological agenda here.

    Last year, I calculated the Simpson’s 6-11 clock at 1.61111111 etc. dividing the 58 squares on the circumference by 360 (degrees).  I thought it might be applicable to January 2011—ie 111 but the 16 is seasonal as 4×4 or 24 in year 2×12.

    • The results of his race were released on his show on May 24th or 5-888 (the race was 2 days earlier)   7-11 days later is June 11.   7 to the end of May and then 11 in June.

  42. Here’s the special 4 Letter event that was hyped for weeks on the radio network although this video is pretty stupid:

    For what seemed like an eternity, after he had been “challenged” by one of the other initiates at his network, the morning host demanded that he could run a 6.30 minute mile and finally a date was setup to run it where he could prove to the outside world and his doubters that it could be done.    Of course we know what 6(x)3 is.    Well to the shock of everyone, he ran a 6.11 minute mile (supposedly—although the video doesn’t give evidence that he did.)

    He’s always mentioning that he’s 48 so is it really plausible that he could achieve this time?   It’s seems ridiculous to me.

    Since this number is very applicable to the times (flash crash week—week 61 from the 3-6-9 lows  1/6=== .1666666), I’d say there is a numerological agenda here.

    Last year, I calculated the Simpson’s 6-11 clock at 1.61111111 etc. dividing the 58 squares on the circumference by 360 (degrees).  I thought it might be applicable to January 2011—ie 111 but the 16 is seasonal as 4×4 or 24 in year 2×12.

  43. 1 year 1month 9 days from the 5-01-11 Bin Laden pre-hours spike top.   A lot of 9-11s being flashed in the Euro Cup.  29s as well.   A lot of 9s scoring period.  (or acting bizarre)

    Spain (the defending champ and World Cup champ) played Italy to a 1-1 tie today.  #11 scored for Italy moments after coming in for whackjob #9.    The scoring came in minutes 61 and 64.

    Denmark’s #9 took down the Netherlands after the Dutch defense did a parting of the Red Sea for him.   Never quite seen that in international soccer.

  44. Hmmm… looking at the charts now it appears that the futures got too overbought on the 4h, 2h, and 60 minute charts.  This means that the SPX cash and the ES Futures aren’t in agreement and pointing in the same direction.  When one is wanting to go down (the ES) and the other wanting to go up (the SPX) we usually have a day with wild swings in both directions and not really going anywhere.

    So, I’d stay on the sidelines until this resolves itself and they both align up in the same direction.  My thoughts are now that it will be Tuesday before the charts point together again.  I suspect that they will point up, but it’s entirely possible that the could point down as well.  This is why you don’t want to take any position until both the futures and the cash are in agreement.

  45. Well, it’s not looking good for the bulls today.  But the volume is still light and we’re really not down that much.  In fact we should be down 20+ points if the volume was up more and they weren’t holding this up.  I getting the feeling that the low for the week will be put in today.

    • I’m expecting this sell off to turn around and go back up later today/tomorrow
      and continue the rally up to the FP.  The highest we got so far today is 134.25
      and the FP is for 135.71 (about 1357 spx),

  46. Based on what I’m seeing the charts right now I do believe the “operators” are going to turn this market back up soon.  They are holding it on an important rising trendline while the overbought short term charts reset.

    So, while we could dip one more time to put in a slightly lower low or double bottom (odds don’t favor another move down) I think we will rally into tomorrow and Wednesday.  I’d give it a 70% chance that we’ll rally up to the FP of 135.71 by Wednesday/Thursday.

    • Studying the VXX right now (the fear gauge) it looks ready to pop higher very soon.  Today it bottomed out and put in a nice reversal candle on the 4h chart.  This is going to make it harder for them to get up to 135.71 on the SPY as I don’t think we’ll put in a lower low on this VXX.

      So, if we put in a higher high on the SPX and ES but don’t put in a lower low on the VXX, this is a clear divergence between the two of them.  This will indicate that the high in the market well likely be in for awhile.

      This could give us our move down from that 135.71 (about 1357 spx) to put in our “B” wave down… or more?  It really depends on the “when” part as “if” this market tops on a ritual eleven date it could end this larger wave 2 up (that should last 3-5 weeks).

      But, my gut (and the charts) tell me that the coming sell off will only be a “B” wave down that should stop around 1290-1300 and then a “C” up should continue to meet that downward sloping trendline which I think will intersect with the horizontal trendline around 1370 spx.

      The timing of it will be tough but I’m really thinking that we’ll top a day or so after Bernanke speaks at the FOMC meeting this coming 20th of June.  It’s common to rally in front of these meeting in the hope of some good news (like QE3).  The old saying is… “Buy the rumor, Sell the news”, and I think it will hold true this time around again.

    • Obviously I’m going to be wrong on the time frame for this call as we are selling off nicely now.  If we bounce of that rising trendline in this screenshot ( ) I posted earlier then it shouldn’t hit that 135.71 until possibly this Friday or next Monday.  I still see the rally up coming, but it’s looking more and more like they are putting in the right shoulder today before they go for the FP on the SPY.

      I’ve stated before that FP’s aren’t always a “turning point”, but only a point that they plan to take the market to at some unknown time in the future.  Most larger prints do seem to be “turning points” but I doubt that this one will be.  I think we’ll rally up to it, pause, and then continue up more toward the 1370 area.

      Possibly the FP is just the target for this Friday as it’s an “option expiration” week and they have to tell their insider buddies where they plan to take it to so they can steal money from us sheep to pay for their cocaine and hooker parties at the Hampton’s when the next long weekend comes along?

  47. Here’s another thought…

    It’s entirely possible that we’ll never go down to 1290-1300 to make the right shoulder of this “inverted head and shoulders” pattern that is forming now.  Maybe I’m just seeing that pattern because they want me too (and everyone else)… which means that today’s sell off could be making the 2nd right shoulder and both of them are just much more shallow then the 2 left shoulders.

    If that’s the case then once the sell off ends, we’ll just keep on going past the 135.71 SPY print on the move back up, and head up toward that 1370 spx zone for a final top of this larger wave 2 up.  What if this is how the H&S pattern is going to play out…

    • Yes TS, we should go down again in the morning at least.  The VXX really rocketed up today hard, so we might not go down too much further without the VXX taking a breather at minimum.  However, it’s clearly the bears in control right now and I see no reason to bailout of any short position currently.

      The charts are rolling over on the short term and don’t looked bottomed to me yet.  If the rising trendline around 1306-1307 breaks down hard tomorrow (sometimes they just pierce through it but close out the hourly candle above it) then I’ll be wrong on that last screenshot I posted and we’ll have too go back to the original forecast of a move to 1290-1300 for the right shoulder.

  48. They should add Greece to Italy, Spain, and Ireland for Euro Cup 2012 and dub it the group of financial death.   Label if Group FB.

    More 911s, 711s, 19s, 1019s, 29s, 59s flashed in these games and I like their substitution patterns for their numerological implications.   I could have sworn #20 (France) was taken out of the games (and stood by the coach) and then was put back in the game but I will verify later.

    The French Open Final was delayed until Monday (and I have no idea if it was played today)
    and the LA Kings finally won their first title in their 46year history tonight.

    And lo and behold there was a corporate update today on a corporate takeover that resonated so similarly to the corporate reshuffling featured in John Le Carre’s latest, Our Kind of Traitor, when poor Dima was forced to sign over his business to the Prince.   Alas it looks like the official shareholder meeting will be scheduled in July but it is mired in severe shareholder acrimony at the moment.   In the novel, it takes place a few days after Dima signs the papers in a Parisian tennis club.  (immediately after the French Open final).

    •  No France’s #20 came in during the 85th minute.   More on this later in a more extended post.    UEFA has some great stats over at its site.

  49. It appears the local morning classic radio guy is one of THEM.   He went on an extended numerological riff.

    First in his traffic report, he ponders the great question of whether Shreveport, LA or San Jose has a longer average commute time and he finally responds by saying that San Jose does with a nine minute longer commute than the 20 minute average commute in Shreveport although Shreveport has 200,000 residents to San Jose’s 900,000——-29.

    Then he mentions that the USS Iowa is docked in berth 87 in San Pedro and then rambles off the temperatures of all the Iowa Streets in the Area but mentions a different street in San Luis Obispo (for the USS Enterprise????) since there are no Iowa streets north of the San Fernando Valley?????

    Then he either mentions that the USS Iowa or Enterprise????? was commissioned on February 24, 1943 or 224—19–43.   He says the Iowa will be open to the public on July 7 (7-7).

    Then he mentions the high will be 77 degrees for the day, the lowest high for the year until October 25 (10-25—–this one really doesn’t make any sense on the face of it).   He says the low on this day was 48degrees in 1892.

    He says it is currently 61 degrees and has been since 4:30 in the morning.   (This is around 7am)

    • Iowa== the 29th state.   And it looks like the USS IOWA was delivered during the BARRYMORE year!!!!!!

    • That’s funny… Drake lives in Venice, Florida.  I thought he live up north in West Virginia as when I heard him call in on a radio show where Carrie Kasey was speaking he mentioned for her to call him and that the number he called from was his number.  He then said “it’s the one with the 304 area code”… which is West Virginia, not Florida.  Maybe he has 2 homes?

  50. For those of you who see the “head and shoulders” pattern and are thinking that we are making a “right shoulder” now… which should lead to the market rolling over tomorrow or Thursday, I have to disagree.

    I see that smaller H&S but I also see the larger “Inverted H&S” that tells me we are going up much higher… and soon.  The move down yesterday is very likely the “B” wave down with the “A” wave up ending at 1349 on the ES and 1335.52 on the SPX.

    I see the “C” wave up starting now and continuing until around 1370-1380 range on the SPX and a little higher on the ES.  The 4h, 2h, and 60 minutes charts support this move up, and the daily could too (it’s could go either way… up more, or rollover and go down).

    The key here is for the SPX to breakout above around 1325 where a downward sloping trendline keep it in a triangle.  We bounced off the lower rising trendline and held so far.  I think the next move is up… and up strong!  Bears beware, as “if” 1325 is pierced by a gap up tomorrow then it’s off to the races for the bulls.

    If 1325 is rejected and we rollover, then the bears win as 1310 area won’t hold then next hit of it.  I then see a new low coming, not just a right shoulder (RS) in the 1290-1300 area for the larger “Inverted H&S” pattern… as I think we have already made 2 smaller RS’s and 2 deeper LS’s already.

    • Obviously we are already selling off toward the 1310 area now… instead of tomorrow.  Therefore it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not the lower trendline in this triangle will hold or fail?

      The bulls had their chance today and failed to breakout.  They traded sideways making a bull flag on the 4 hour chart for the ES Futures for a total of 5 candle bars.  That’s a total of 20 hours stuck around one level.  That’s just too long  and the result is the breakdown we are having now.

      The volume is medium, not light nor heavy… but this Euro vote scheduled for this Sunday could halt any advance and keep the market stuck in this triangle until Monday.  That really sucks as going out to the very end of the apex and finally breaking out to one direction or the other makes for a hard call.

      The daily chart still support more upside, but honestly it’s likely to be decided on Sunday nights vote.  The daily could just as easily roll back down as it could continue higher.  The weekly chart still supports a rally here as we’ve had 9 weeks of selling now and we need 3-5 weeks up for the larger wave 2 pattern to form.

      Right now we are in week 2 of the rally.  If the Euro vote is favorable then I suspect we’ll rally next week into Bernanke’s FOMC meeting on the 20th.  Then we have a ritual “eleven” day on Friday the 22nd, which could start the sell off and end the wave 2 up… or it could be push out until the next ritual date the following Friday the 29th.

      I just don’t know at this point as forecasting these daily moves inside this triangle is hard enough… let alone going out 2 weeks from now.  But, I think we’ll see our top for this wave 2 up by either one of those ritual dates.

      If it’s the 22nd then we will have had a 3 week rally… or if it’s the 29th then it will have been a 4 week rally.  This all is pointing July starting our larger wave 3 down.  Since the larger wave 1 down was from 1422 spx to 1266 spx (156 points), it should be one very scary sell off!

      Remember, wave 3’s are commonly double wave 1’s… and are very violent!  Of course the wild card here is “if” Bernanke announces QE3 this coming Wednesday the 20th.  If so, then we are off to new highs and you can throw all these wave counts out the window!

      I don’t personally think he will as I don’t think we have sold off enough yet.  And there’s all that scary talk about the Illuminati bombing the Olympics in late July.  That certainly would put a halt to any rally from QE3!  I think they’ll do QE3 at much lower levels… probably sub-1,000 on the SPX.

      Anyway, that’s all I got for now…

      It would be nice for someone to post their thoughts and opinions as it’s getting boring talking to myself here.  Is anyone even reading these updates?  Does it help you in making trades and avoiding getting caught in the wrong position?  I’m assuming everyone has their mental stop losses and bails out when a position isn’t going as planned.  Well, enough typing for now…

      • I have to tell you… This weekend is the Greek vote, then the two day Fed meeting. If Bernanke doesn’t come out with something.. ouch. We could take quite a shot. If he does.. the market looks like it’s setting up nicely for a big romp.  I say we start moving UP.

        This is a very risky time. 

        • Hard too tell TS, but I don’t think Bernanke will do anything but blow a lot of hot air out that gives some hope of QE3 to the markets.  By the way, do “Reptilians” fog mirrors?  We need to see if Bernanke is alive or not?

      • I posted once and you shot down everything i said. I can see why others don’t post.  Now if you were more accepting of other peoples forms of technical analysis (even though you may not agree with the tools they use) then maybe more people would post.  For instance – I don’t say anything about your FP discussions, even though I don’t see but only a couple of them on the charts I use.  This leaves me to believe it could be bad data and not real. This is your web page and I don’t have the right to tell you what to do but you did ask for other peoples thoughts and opinions.  I know you meant regarding the market but…  Today: I actually closed half my short position at 3:50 PM EST because the drop during the last hour started to slow down.  During the day I watch ADV-DEC shares, Uvol-Dvol, tick and trin along with hourly charts but I pay attention to the volume per hour for signs of weakness in the move.  If you want I will delete this post.  Just let me know.

        • Donnie,

          When did shoot down what you said?  I welcome everyone’s opinion as no one can get them all right.  I get some right and some wrong… that’s life.  But I don’t every ban someone for their opinion.  You are welcome to post your views regardless if I see something different.

          Sorry that you took something I said the wrong way as it wasn’t meant to put you down or your opinion.  I disagree with others from time to time but I don’t belittle their view.  I just state mine and leave it at that.  So post away if you want and I’ll agree or disagree with you, but it’s never personal… just some we see different.

          Since I can’t see everything it’s easy to see how we could be on a different page.  I don’t always catch the up/down volume so that information would help me (and you) to put all the pieces together to make a better decision.

          Today for example was  classic case where the news (the Euro vote this Sunday) is keeping the market in a zone and not allowing it to breakout strong or sell off strong.  I’ve seen this before in the past but I failed to realize how important this news really is.

          Most of the time the market would have already broke out or down by now, as it’s rare to go out this close to the end of the apex of any triangle formation.  On the 60 minute chart there are now 5 hits on the overhead trendline of the triangle and 6 on the under-head trendline of support.

          These patterns usually break one direction or the other by 4-5, not 5-6… and I think it’s going to stay in this range until the close on Friday, which will probably make it 6,7, or 8 hits.  Very rare, but it is what it is…

          Your technical outlook is welcome as it can only add to the group as one person can’t see it all.  Since you follow the volume, please do let everyone know if you see any large volume spike in the dollar as that will likely be the signal that a big move in one direction or the other is coming.

      •  hey Red !
        Yes, its looking like next Wed/Friday as the peak. Fri’22, might make for a kooky peak, that’d give a 5 days for the C’ wave up.. to around the 1350/60 area.

        I suppose if the fed extended QE-twist, we might even briefly hit 1370/80 – that’d certainly fit with the inverse H/S right now.

        good wishes

        • Yes Permbear… I thinking just “hope” of QE3 (and maybe some secret QE2.5 injected in) that’s just enough to rally up to that downward sloping trendline coming in around the 1370-1385 range.  Just get all the bulls hopes up for a new high and then… BAM! LOL!

          •  Its kinda weird, whenever I hear any of the bullish nonsense talk,  I just refer them to one of my monthly charts.

            They usually go quiet then.

            Whether we max at 1340,50, or 80. the down move will be hard and faster than wave’1.

            We should in theory see a good 200pts off the sp, maybe even 250. That would make for 500/1000% gains on option puts for those who do a few intra-day trades too.

          •  I have to note again, there were a number of people who appeared at the start of the year on both cnbc and bloomberg who were suggesting the year would close around sp’800.

            ‘if’ we do get a secondary deflationary wave – and it seems so if you look at the commodity charts, then sp’800s…very viable.

            Going to be some real bargains around those levels.

          • Not really, as 2013 is going to be just as ugly.  I certainly don’t think we’ll bottom this year… and I don’t think 800 will be the low.  But short term (several months) that will be a nice bargain… just don’t get married to it, as after some 4th wave rally there’s still the 5th wave down yet to come.  Remember, they told us sheep (and there buddy insiders) a year or more back what the final low is… 34.65 SPY! (about 346.50 SPX)

  51. Industrial Production figures will be released on Friday but I am expecting something for tomorrow.    I was surprised that today’s drop was so minor.   

    It is 1177 trading days from the 10-11-07 top and they even flashed a 7-11 substitution in today’s Germany-Holland match and it was a BIGTIME substitution (more on this later).

    Better numerological cycles for tomorrow (obviously a 78-11 hit but even some better ones)

    Spain, Ireland, Italy play tomorrow in the group of financial death bracket ie group FB.    Spain vs. Ireland.

    Holland was eliminated because it is too financially solvent.   Germany moves to the playoff round because they provide all the backstops to the bailouts.

    Russia and Poland played yesterday on 6-12 in Warsaw, Poland, on “Russia Day” and many Russians celebrated by marching from downtown Warsaw and holding up signs like “This is Russia”.

  52. The LA Kings finally won the Stanley Cup after going up 3-0 in the series but finished at the more numerologically appropriate 4 games to 2.

    The French Open Final was delayed due to rain until Monday and wouldn’t you know it, in LeCarre’s latest, Our Kind of Hero,  our money-laundering hero Dima plays his tennis match against the idealistic Brit semi-hero in a rainstorm on the Monday following the French Open after signing over the first set of papers to the Prince, with the tennis match really  a ruse to recruit him into the services of  a special branch of British secret services and to deliver him from his expected fate at the hands of the Prince once he completely signs over his money laundering business to him.   The rain had threatened that the actual meeting might not take place as poor Dima was constantly followed by bodyguards and the Prince’s entourage.

    DIMA—-4-9-13-1   PRINCE  16-18-9-14-3-5

    The THRICE made it to the NBA finals and played game 1 against OKC last night.

    They flashed GG’s RIV at one point while they shot OKC’s #2 shooting free throws.   In the background  RIVERVIEW Stadium could be seen painted on the stadium rafters but #2’s head basically blocked out everything but RIV.

    With 48.5 seconds left in the first quarter, the score hit a noticeable milestone as Miami led 29-20.

    All the fans in OKC were wearing T-Shirst emblzoned by the work  ONE (with OKC below but generally not viewable)—ONE the standard 29-5 combo (14+15)….see ONS Jr. Market….NONE—NOW…NO MORE….as in NOW that you’re alONE, the sun is NO MORE…

    The score hit 87–81 (99–29) at 6:27 left in the 4th quarter.

    The classic morning radio guys do love their 29s.   They update the current time generally with 29s.    I’ve heard them mention that it was 9 minutes before 9,  2 seconds after nine, and 7:29.    They have a special segment every day at 8:15 am just like the Raven flew by everyday at that time in 127 hours.    Yesterday’s theme was built around the KINGS after their championship.   Today’s had something to do with China and they topped it off by playing a song from Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger that was performed by YO_YO MA.  I suspect YoYoMa was the codeword with the big hidden meaning since nothing else was noticeable.   I’ve also seen YOYO MAs name popping up elsewhere lately.

  53. The face and semi-face of the 4Letter are already out in San Francisco for the US Open.   Now they get a chance to determine whether the Burger Joint in Frisco is as good as the semi-face said some time back.   Hopefully as good as the good old IN AND OUT  (if I recall correctly Malcomn McDowell used this phrase in Clockwork Oranger).

    The U.S. Open to be played at the Olympic Club in San Francisco this week.   But I could have sworn that the face and semi-face mentioned late June and the Bayonet course.   Since I am not well-versed in golf this all sort of passed by me ( and  above my head).
    The Bayonet course is near Monterey not San Francisco but Frisco isn’t far away.

    I heard the announcer of the German-Netherlands game mention the parting of xxxxx  sea in regards to the Dutch defense on a failed German goal attempt……..

    Hmmmmmmmmmm…….just a few days after I mentioned the Dutch defense parted like the Red Sea and let Denmark’s #9 dribble up to the goalie and put in an point-blank goal Sunday.   To be then immediately hugged by teammate #11 (9-11).   The Dutch superstar Robben #11 also did a 9-11 hug in today’s highlights (or highlights from last Sunday????).   Robben though was the one who was inexplicably subbed for today by #7  while his team was down 2-1.   I guess the rituals take precedence even with soccer superstars.   Robben #11 then pranced around the stadium in a not very cheerful mood.
    But the semi-face is scheduled to do the broadcast on Thursday.   (tomorrow)

    • Yes Robben #11 subbed for at the 83 minute mark (888).

      The goals scored today by Van Piercy (#16-Holland) and 2 by Gomez (#23 Germany) at the 
                ’73……………..’24,’38 minute marks or   777……..888 (or 2(x)12),888 or

      Some good substitution info too:

      Dutch   #9  replaced by #20 at the 46 minute mark ie 29 or 92(11)

      Germany   star #23 replaced by #11 (Klose the former starter known for his 666 hand signs after scoring goals in the last World Cup….lost his starting job to Gomez since his #23 is more numerologically appropriate for the times)

      #13 replaced by #15 at    ’90 +2 ie 92/29 or 2 minutes into extra time
      or 13-15===46????or 28

      Dutch yellow cars   #8  at 80minutes ie 88…….#15 at 90 minutes or 59 or 69???
      Germany #20  at  87 minute mark

      but the Portugal Denmark game had better stuff if that can be believed.

      • Gomez was taken out for Klose at 72minute mark ie 77……..or 612???

        Klose then promptly ran into the Dutch goal keeper#1 to form a 111.

  54. Yeah, its hard tto see a QE3 in july and then an olympic bombing. There symbolism is certainly everywhere for the games, so its certainly something worth betting on, but that means would only rally for a month, or less, if QE3 were announced, and i’m not even sure i would rebound. I think they’re going to kill the dollar by the yar end, so July makes sense…But,I guess they could possibly do it a bit after such an event? hard to call. I think the vote will go well and we’ll have a rally though. Today was quite rocky. We tested both resistance levels though, so I guess its all up to Sunday?

    • If they do bomb the Olympic then the market will crash for a huge wave 1 down.  Then QE3 will probably be announced to save the day and rally into the Legatus meeting… and to make the election go smoothly… regardless of which idiot they want to put in as the next puppet president.

  55. That fake print of the FTSE, would be indicative of a 50% move UP?  That seems very hard to believe.   I know some of these prints are probably softward feed glitches, but that one looked as real as a lot other effective ones we have seen. Ideas? Thoughts? 

    • I don’t think it’s a target WS, but instead coded with “price level”, “date”, and “time” in the volume, high, low, open, close, etc… but unfortunately I don’t know the code.

  56. I looked through a lot of your things red, and they’re very interesting, but I hope you’re right on this year being a great one, because otherwise we’re in for one hell of a ride. But, that is pretty slick to bomb them and inject the markets shortly after. I wouldn’t put it past them. That’ll be a big 10-20% drop.

    • You ain’t a kidding!  If we haven’t shifted into a new timeline then 90% of all of us (world wide) will be dead by June 1st, 2013.  I can’t say anymore…

  57. serfs and oligarchs… Not sure if I’d want to live in such a world anyway. Only time will tell. I just don’t see what will stop them sadly. All the pieces to the puzzle are already there. Once the euro collapses, so will everything else… all they need is a trigger….. if only the public opened thier eyes……Welcome New World Order

  58. i’d think the they’d do some decent rally to herd in all the sheep before such steep drops

  59.   I’d be careful with those etfs.. If the dollar were to bust, i have a feeling those etfs would collapse.. I doubt they even hold all the physical metals they claim to have.

    • I don’t know about that, and it’s hard to compare to the 1929 crash as I don’t think they had any ETF’s back then?  If they had anything comparable I do wonder if they paid out on them?  I assume there was a way to short stocks and the Dow index but I haven’t done my research on the past so I really don’t know?  I do know that the gangsters of that era bought up all the stocks after the crash… robbing the sheep once again.

  60. Recording of Cobra ..First one. With his voice altered. He talks about the financial system and other stuff. Its one hour long.


    • Yes I do WB… but again, it all depends on the vote outcome this Sunday.  The more fear they spread on the “Manipulation Media”, the more I think the opposite.  Seems pretty obvious to me that they are telling us sheep ahead of time so we’ll get short over the weekend expecting the worst.

      Then they will likely “save the day” and push this out until a later date… allowing a rally to squeeze the new shorts.  We’ve seen this game many times in the past and I’ve always got burnt if I took a short position.  Therefore, it’s best to just “not play” and wait until the meeting is over.

      If I’m wrong and the outcome is negative then the market will gap down.  If I right and the outcome is positive the market will gap up.  Since it just a flip of a coin here guessing on the outcome it’s better to miss the first big move on Monday and wait for a backtest to take a position.

      If they gap up then wait for it to backtest and ride it up to that 1370-1385 area.  If the gap down then wait for a backtest and ride it down to infinity… LOL!  Note: when I say “backtest” in this example, I don’t mean any particular trendline but am instead simply referring to “trying” to close the gap, or at least hit “gap window”.  (I really doubt any gap will be filled, but a quick move back is common… and short lived).

      This is what I’m thinking…

  61. ok, well, no matter what happens, there’s going to be a big move in one direction, so, why not buy both ways on a weekly option? Risky, of course. But I bet you’ll make over 100% in either direction no matter the outcome.

    •  I have actually done that in the past. Once the direction is determined I either sell the loser and let the winner ride or sell the winner and wait for a pullback to sell the loser.
      It depends on how fast and far the winner runs.

  62. unless we’re flat, and then you’d really only get burned if outcome were already priced in, which thay might be.

  63. We still have that FP on the SPY from 5/29 at 11:00 am on the one hour chart… which shows a high of 135.71 … maybe that’s where we close this Friday? Notice that it’s only on the one hour chart and that the time it showed up is “11” o’clock… on the 29th (another “eleven”, as 2+9=11).

  64. They played John Philip Sousa’s “ON Parade” today on classic morning radio in tribute to today’s Kings’ championship parade.   He listed all of the CHAMPIONS streets today in his weather report since he said he couldn’t find any parade streets….He mumbled something about the streets stopping at par???? and starting again at paradise.

    I couldn’t locate ON Parade on wikipedia so didn’t get its year but I did notice that Sousa wrote a book called the Transit of Venus, an interesting subject for a book considering he had missed the last one by about 30+ years.

    Is John LeCarre one of them??   His nom de plum, Le Carre certainly has some seasonally appropriate numbers.     LE  (12-5)or 6?    CARRE—3-1-18-18-5……RE seems to be seasonally appropriate as well see  BARRYMORE,   RE in the CAMP 55 background in Moonrise Kingdom….Nevermore from the RAVEN  (the little girl from Moonrise Kingdom plays a RAVEN in the Benjamin Britten play….the Sun will be NO MORE…..

    I woke up in the middle of the night to a national classic radio program and the host was mumbling about the final French Open game being played over 2 days with Nadal whining over that timespan and Martina Sharapova winning the womens’ side……He mentioned something about 2 LOVE   (ie Love for MVP…Love for the Mavs etc. etc……Kate Upton’s LOVE) and then introduced JEUX by Debussy…..Jeux  (games)….a Debussy piece that revolves around a tennis theme.

    Oh and Quetzacoatl never returned home but he will soon.   Just needs to wait to hop on the next transiting vehicle to earth.

  65. Basically part of today’s action is to force players out of their contracts.   The SP main contract for the last several months has been the June contract so even those in the money on the contracts might not have the incentive to hold on and roll over to the next contract on a pre opex ramp job.

  66. WB,

    Here’s your Summers End:

    Bill Murray’s guided tour of Moonrise Kingdom.   He lives in Summers End on New Penzance Island.    Notice the little skiff in the background with the words Summers End.   It can be seen at approximate 1:11 minutes,1:17-1:19min.,1:46-1:51min,1:58 minutes, 2:04,2:09min and 2:16-2:24minutes.

    Never quite heard the phrase Summers End before or understood the implications of the phrase.   

    I came in late but it really is Summers End in the movie.    September 4 and 5th from the parts I caught.   (the good old 45 combo or 9-4,9-5…..I guess 99 too)

    A lot of occultic stuff in this movie that I haven’t deciphered yet.(nor attempted to)   It just gets too weird and occultic and the movie breaks down in the end unless you like your illuminati weirdness. 

    RE can be seen on the bag in the background at the Camp Ivanhoe scene(s). 41 second mark on the trailer. You can get to the trailer through the above link.

    •      As 33rd level M, Bill M, Murray, once said in where the buffalo roam, when the going gets tough, the weird, turn pro. 

  67. Interesting…

    Funny how this lines up perfectly with the October Legatus meeting.  WB, you stated that you never seen or knew anyone that go short right before the crash.  Well, I’ll be your first one as I’ll be short right before the Legatus meeting ends.

    Note that it lasts “eleven” days long and the day following the end of the meeting the market opens on the 22nd (which is a “daily” ritual “eleven”) and that the 23rd is a “yearly” ritual “eleven” (10/23/2012=1+0+2+3+2+0+1+2=11).

    Let’s go ahead and call it what it will be… “Black Tuesday”!

    • You know, I have NEVER seen these Illuminati Cabal Murders tell us sheep in advance of a huge market sell off to allow us to get short and make money from the fall.  In fact they have always pulled a surprise move and done the sell off when only the insiders are short.

      Therefore, if they stick to the same plan that they’ve been doing for many many years now, I’m going to have too expect them to once again steal the sheeps’ money (as everyone and their brother is now short because of all this “planned” negative news) by coming out with something positive out of this Euro vote.

      What I don’t know, but I full expect them to surprise us all again and ram the bull horns up the bears behind.  I have repeated (in the past) fell for this game of “negative news” and went short over the weekend only to lose my money on a gap up from the gangsters coming in at the last minute to “save the day” (which is only pushing out the crash to a later date).

      I’m not saying that we aren’t going to go down of course, but I’m going to have to take the opposite side of most (note though… I’m not placing any trades) and say we’ll go up next week not down.  They will spin this news to look positive regardless of the vote.

      Thinking outside the matrix…

      Let’s go back to May 1st when the market started down.  Was there any real negative news out telling us sheep in advance to short the market?  I don’t remember again?  If there was, it wasn’t anything big.  But I told everyone months in advance that the Legatus meeting was highly likely a turning point… and it was.

      So, while I do think we’ll start heading down for the first larger wave 1 over the next couple of months, I think next week we’ll continue up and probably rollover later this month.  You know the name of the game is to fool the most sheep and steal their money.  After 1-2 more weeks of going up we should top and then rollover on NO News or positive news.

      I don’t know how low or how long the next wave down will be, but they should turn it back up into the election… sometime in August/September I’d guess.  Then, we’ll see another significant top/turning point at the next Legatus meeting this October.  Therefore, the move down from it should be the “Crash Wave 3” that we’ve all been waiting for since the 2009 low.

      And, I’ll go out further on a limb and say that there won’t be much negative news out before the crash.  In fact, it’s highly likely to be a “surprise” event.  The main stream news will be talking about the next gangster election (errr… Presidential) and the sheep won’t see it coming.

      The move should be 3,000-4,000 points down on the Dow I’d say and should last until December 7th if I’m putting the pieces together correctly? 

      Riddle me this Batman…

      Why are these 2 FP’s, taking over a year apart on different ETF’s, both pointing at December 7th? (Pearl Harbor).

      The Wilshire 5000 chart shows a FP of around 7550 (hard to tell exactly?) and the closest date I can find to match up with that level is March 11th, 2009 when it was 7564.  Well, the SPX was at 721 on March 11th, 2009.

      So what is that chart saying?  And why is the Euro FP on the same day?  Of course I don’t think the Euro is going up that high, but the date is the important thing to note.  Possibly (and highly likely) the FP just has some coded message in it to the insiders.  I’m just focusing on the date as that’s now the 2nd time it’s showed up.  Why?

      Thinking reasonably logic says we’ll start crashing at the Legatus meeting in October and bottom on December 7th… or at least “bottom” for a decent multi-month rally into the next meeting in 2013.


      •  I would’ve thought, if they planned to do something at the games, they’d try to rally the markets a bit beforehand? so, bad news, let the market drop a bit, and then stop the bleeding with QE3…..rally a bit through July, and  surprise “terrorist attack”? Probably best to wait on the sidelines

        • Yes, it’s best to stay in cash until Monday I believe as it could go either way?  While I “think” they will fool the sheep and rally (as I’m sure there are a lot of sheep going short into this weekend) there’s still no guarantee that the gangsters still have full control of this market.

          Therefore, it could really be the “truth” this time around and the news could be bad… which means the market will tank of course.  At some point I do believe the news will be “real” and the market will continue selling off from the fear in the news, but I don’t think we are there yet.

          However, “if” we do go up from something positive coming out of this meeting I don’t think the market can rally much more then 1-2 weeks before rolling back over (this assumes NO QE3 yet).

          So, that means we’ll likely start down before the end of this month and into July.  It could then line up for some type of “wave 3” down by the ritual “eleven” date of July 28th… which could be when the Illuminati bomb the Olympics?  Let’s just hope they fail this time around…

      • The public wouldn’t likely be happy with a new dollar called “The Amero”, so it’s easier to keep it called “The Dollar” and just change the look I’d say.

  68. If they rally this into the close to the FP on SPY of 134.32 then I think we could go down on Monday.  The reason I say this is because it would indicate that the gangsters want to take out all the “stops” of everyone going short today so they won’t make any money from the sell off.

    If the retail sheep (us) aren’t short, and the gangsters are, then they will be the only one’s to make any money.  The sheep will have too chase the move down.  Remember, the gangsters are evil greed murdering satanist pigs and they can’t let us make any money.  It’s all about fooling the sheep time after time so they can continue to steal from the poor to give to rich.

    While I don’t have any idea what will happen on Monday from this vote the current move up is giving us sheep some clues.  If we rally up to the FP of 134.32 on the SPY into the close then I’d say the odds are leaning heavy toward a sell off on Monday.

  69. surprised  you’re not tempted the do a small postion. Would be a decent drop if the news is bad

    • I stopped telling people if I’m short or long as I don’t want someone just blinding following me and then I get it wrong.  I’ve been wrong and lost money just like everyone else and been right and made money.  But if I tell people that I’m going to take a position and I get it wrong that time, I feel guilty.

      Even if I get 5 out of 6 right, what if the only time someone reading my comments takes a position is on that 1 out 6 that I get wrong?  So, I just tell you what I see and it’s up to each person to decide on what to do.  The need to do their own research and just add my thoughts into the mix if they wish.

      But don’t make a decision solely based on what I say.  I will say this… I guarantee you I’ll be shorting in front of this coming Legatus meeting in October.  Between now and then I’ll continue to give updates, but not state my position taken.  I may say from time to time when I’m “not” trading and in cash, but I’m refraining from telling everyone my position when I’m in one.

      Remember, everyone’s time frame is likely different from mine.  I could go in and out the same day, or several days, or longer term.  Going long or short can change from minute to minute based on someone’s trading style.  It’s best just to state what I see and let everyone make up their own minds.

      •  well said. The updates/ insights are appreciated. But you’re right, noone can be right all the time.

  70. While that FP of 135.71 on the SPY is still out there un-hit from earlier this week, the odds now favor a move down on Monday based on them hitting the FP from today of 134.32 SPY.  That doesn’t mean they won’t reverse it and go back up into the Wednesday FOMC meeting to hit the 135.71 print, as anything is possible.  I can only say that odds favor morning selling this coming Monday.

    • Crawford have said for today will be “OPX EXP – Sharp rally high-SHORT on CLOSE”  “6/18-20 could have sharp down”

      Speaking of Greece – I have family in Greece and no one wants to be part of the EU.  The EU destroyed our economy thanks to Goldman Sucks!

  71. Red

    You’re a pretty smart guy.  I enjoy reading your articles and your comments.  You nailed it on the head today with the SPY. 

    • Thanks Sam… I get some right from time to time.  Still don’t know about Monday, but my gut tells me bullish for most of the week… at least until the FOMC meeting on Wednesday.  Of course that doesn’t mean we can’t gap down at the open on Monday from uncertainty on “how” to understand the vote outcome on Sunday.

      Which “if” we do go down at first I’d start paying close attention to the volume.  When the “bot’s” come into to stop the fall there is usually a big spike in it.  I could be totally wrong of course and the market just collapses on Monday, but again… my instinct says the timing isn’t right just yet.

      I’ll keep everyone posted as to when I see the short term charts get oversold (not saying that they can’t get more oversold of course) which should indicate the bottom before turning back up into the FOMC meeting.

      I’m still looking for them to get this up high enough to put the bears too sleep.  The dollar is still overbought on the daily chart and could easily go down to the 80 area before finding good support.  That would allow for a rally to my target area of 1370-1385 SPX… but we’ll see I guess.

  72. They’ve actually been leaking that the pro-Euro New Democracy is leading in the Greek polls.   That was yesterday.   I don’t what went on today since I followed Euro Cup soccer and not the markets.

    But I didn’t do anything at the close.   I’ve never seen a 3 day crash develop above the 200 day average.   I notice Crawford and Mr. Astro Energy are in alignment on this.   Those are the 3 days that they have been advertising BLATANTLY but there probably is something more subtle going on.

    6-18 is the next number on the Cramer Code.   Benjamin Britten’s Noah’s Flude, which features so prominently in Moonrise Kingdom, was first performed on June 18, 1958 which makes Monday the 54th anniversary and if you check out Britten’s background it is more likely he was an enlightened one rather than a pious Christian soul so the original performance date definitely had occultic implications.

    Rock of Ages, a rock opera set in 1987 opens in theaters today.   As a musical it first opened in Los Angeles on July 27, 2005 or  7-77-7????  6-18 is 6years 10 months 22days later.

    6-18 is also a double ninen hit from the great episode double four years ago.

  73. Rooster Cogburn if alive today would be 186 years old.   New TG version.   His birthday 7-15-1825.   

  74. Noah’s Flude is Britten’s Opus 59.   The title really is  Noye’s Fludde   (NOYE—YOYOMama!!!!)
    It is considered a 1957 play and there is a Greek angle to it as the first song is KYRIE ELIASON sp.??

  75. If they staged a 9-11 type act in the USA on one of these dates, what would be the best strategy for stock investments on one of those dates? Short the S&P through an ETF like “SH” or “TZA”? What would be your strategies?

    • i’d go with IWM over TZA, as it generally has much more volume. The “3x” part is already priced in, so you’re not going to be any more profitable from either E.T.F. With that being said, if an event like that were to occur, I would bet everything across the board would be down significantly so you could really have some puts on almost anything, and still be very profitable, in my opinion.

      • I don’t know how to do puts or shorts on regular index funds, only to buy funds that short the indexes like TZA, etc. Any suggestions for the simpler investors like me?

  76. Question is, do you think it’d be more profitable to bet on commodities, or a market crash during a devaluation? Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the market go up when the dollar goes down? so, theoretically, wouldn’t the market spike when they devalue the currency?

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