Expect Greek Vote To Be Positive For The Banksters And Negative For The People



Technical Analysis for June 26th, 2012

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dygWPqFrXE)

In the last minute of the video I speak of an "alternative" wave count on the weekly chart. The reason I think we won't do that "alternative" count and go up to 1375-1380 SPX area is because of the FP on the Dollar still hasn't been hit. I think the dollar will go up to hit that FP of 86.47 while the market goes down for the 3,4, and 5th wave. Then we could rally for awhile (I guess? Too far out to tell right now).


Technical Analysis for June 22nd, 2012

Note: I added wrong in the video.  It's 156 points down not 138... which means the low would be 1048, not 1076 spx.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjdLoG_ab5M)


While the markets wait for the outcome of the Greek vote to leave the Euro or not I'll go ahead and tell you what's going to happen... the banksters will win again!

SIDENOTE: Must watch videos... https://reddragonleo.com/the-fall-of-the-illuminati/

Regardless of the which way the vote goes the main stream media (MSM) will spin the news into something positive for the stock markets.  While there could be some wild swings on Monday as traders try to understand what the news means I do believe that in the end the banksters will get paid.  Thinking back to what Lindsey Williams stated about the Illuminati satanist reptilians wanting to create "massive debt" before they crash the market makes me wonder "how massive"?  Have we already created enough debt already or will there be more debt needed before the final implosion of the stock market from the derivatives?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVd82t34vgg)

Since we were also told by Lindsey Williams' insider that there “wouldn’t be a crash in March, April, May or June”… then I think it's safe to say that this vote won't cause any huge move down next week.  Another thing he told was... "It didn’t crash with Greece defaulting, and it won’t with Italy or France defaulting either".  Now don't get me wrong about Lindsey as I still think he's being used by the Illuminati to spread fear, and to get the sheep to take a position in the dollar, oil or something else when they want to move it the other direction.

As for Ben Fulford I haven't visited him in awhile and decided to go read his past months' reports.  One of the reports from May 28th was interesting as it speaks of Insiders predicting a 5-bank holiday in Europe before the Euro ends and a deadline of September 16th, 2012.  Now in the past any deadline Ben has put out has never came true on time, but I'm more interested in the bank holiday information as that confirms what Lindsey Williams was told as well.  Remember, while the Illuminati pigs are required to tell us sheep what they are going to do to us before they do it... they don't have to give us an exact time and date so we can make a profit or just prepare to avoid something.

Insiders predict a 5-day bank holiday in Europe before Euro ends, Renminbi may replace US dollar in September
Benjamin Fulford, May 28, 2012

The final showdown in the ongoing financial war is appearing imminent. The 140 nation BRICS alliance is preparing to offer to buy up all cash US dollars and replace them with a new currency backed by a basket of commodities, including precious metals, according to multiple sources. After that move, any money printed by the US Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate would not be accepted as currency by the 140 nation group. This would force an end game for the criminal cabal that illegally seized power in the United States.

Before that move, though, there will be a 5-day bank holiday in Europe followed by the end of the Euro and the re-introduction of old national currencies like the Deutschemark and the Drachma, Rothschild family sources say.

The situation, however, remains highly volatile and there are signs of dangerous end-game maneuvers by the cabal.

In Japan, the attempt by the cabal controlled media to create panic over the nuclear terrorism at Fukushima, is being accompanied by renewed threats of nuclear terror. The deep sea drilling ship Chikyu Maru has been spotted off the shore of the Rokkasho Mura nuclear complex in Aomori Prefecture Japan, according to Japanese military intelligence. The ship is crewed by Americans and brainwashed Japanese slaves.

Rokkasho Mura is the location of a giant plutonium processing complex that has already produced enough plutonium to manufacture 5000 nuclear weapons. Sending the Chikyu Maru to drill tactical nuclear warheads into the seabed off the shore of Rokkasho Mura is a cabal attempt to blackmail the planet with a nuclear holocaust.

Shoichiro Kobayashi, adviser to Kansai Electric Power, and Yoshiyasu Sato, adviser to Tokyo Electric Power and both members of the Rothschild crime syndicate’s Trilateral commission will be taken in for vigorous questioning about their knowledge of this renewed terror threat. They are expected to sing like canaries and point their fingers directly at the Rockefeller gangsters behind these latest terror threats.

Message to the Rockefeller family: Remove David, David Junior, Nicholas and J. from all responsibility and hand over control of the Rockefeller syndicate to the female members of that family. If you do not, every single descendant of John Rockefeller will be hunted down and eliminated from all levels of existence forever.

While we are at it, we would also like to kindly request that the Du Pont family remove all carcinogens and infertility causing chemicals from their product lines in Japan and elsewhere.

Sources in the Japanese underworld are also now reporting that the Inagawa Kai and Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza gangs are split between those who are still working for the committee of 300 and those who want to restore Japanese independence. The talk is that top committee of 300 traitor slaves Yasuhiro Nakasone and Junichiro Koizumi are headed for punishment from heaven.

Question for Nakasone: “What was in all those blue boxes your people loaded into a submarine and sent to your North Korean homeland?” Was it documentary evidence of your crimes or were you sending Japanese plutonium to North Korea?

The other people on the crime list in Japan are Hisashi Owada from the International Court of Justice and Eiji Katsu from the Ministry of Finance. Owada’s daughter, Princess Masako, recently tried to poison the Japanese Emperor, according to families inside the Royal Household Agency.

The Emperor recently returned from England where he discussed the White Dragon Society, among other subjects, with the Queen. A representative of the emperor asked for a meeting with a representative of the White Dragon Society on May 26th, but the between was abruptly postponed by the Emperor’s side. We do not know why.

We trust the Emperor and the Queen agreed to purge the Satanists from the committee of 300 and support a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Hand written letters will be delivered to both parties requesting support for such a campaign and requesting their voluntary appearance before a truth and reconciliation committee.

Returning to the situation in Europe, we notice most of the reporting about the “financial crisis,” there leaves out the elephant in the living room, i.e. the 140 nation BRICS alliance.

The link to the following map explains the real reason for the crisis:


Basically, Europe has maxed out its credit card with the rest of the world. The region as a whole needs to negotiate a restructuring of its debt to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is asking for an end to ceaseless warmongering in return. The only European country other than Germany that has enough money to solve the crisis without reference of the rest of the world is Russia. Give Putin a call.

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, the longest serving Finance Minister in the G8 and a direct participant in the financial negotiations of the past few years, explains the situation very clearly in this op-ed:


Basically, he is saying the Europeans need to take their medicine just like all other countries that went to the IMF for money in the past had to.

The firing of the head of the Vatican bank last week and the turmoil in the Vatican are more signs of the end of an era in Europe.

The situation in the US is also coming to a head. A very senior US agency source asked that the following information be spread far and wide:

President Obama’s social security number 042-68-4425 belonged to a John Paul Ludwig born in 1890. Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked in a probate office in Hawaii where she had access to social security numbers of deceased individuals. Because Ludwig never received Social Security Benefits, there were no benefits to stop, therefore no questions were ever raised.

Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a US citizen, because he was born in Kenya and became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption, she scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not getting benefits and selected Mr. Ludwig’s for Obama, the agency official explained.

Detailed, indictable criminal evidence against Henry Kissinger was also provided by sources in Indonesia. Basically, Kissinger was involved in the murder of 14,000 Indonesians in Papua New Guinea to facilitate gold mining by Freeport, a company Kissinger advises. Kissinger gets $500,000 a year from them as a board member and gets another $500,000 in consulting fees.

In any case once the corporate government of the US is put out of business, the Renminbi will become the currency of the world. The date given by two insiders for this event is September 16th. We again remind readers that many dates have come and gone without predictions turning true so please remain skeptical and only believe 100% when you actually see it happen.

However, it is true that China has been systematically buying up all natural products like trees, copper, farmland or anything tangible to back a reality based currency.


In fact I'd say they the NEVER want to let us make money from a move down (or up) in the stock market, nor do they want us to escape being sacrificed in some staged disaster.  They want as many of us sheep to died as possible and to stay poor so we can't rise up and eliminate them.  You can't be king if you let the peasants have too good a life can you?  Keep them on the edge through fear and make them poor is the name of the game.  So don't expect this date by Fulford to be accurate.

Ben's latest post speaks of "Meetings set for June 15-20th in attempt to end financial crisis" but again... deadlines come and go, so I'm not holding my breath on this call either.  It is interesting to note that it's around the same time period that this Greek Vote is and the latest FOMC meeting on the 20th.  Now I'm not expecting QE3 to be announced at this meeting but anything is possible.  I think it will come from much lower levels and after the elections this November.  But, if they really want to create the biggest stock market crash in history (even bigger then the 1929 stock market crash) then juicing the market now for one last time would certainly make that happen.

You see, if they waited until the stock market fell to below 1,000 on the S&P500 then the QE3 would produce a bigger bounce in the market.  In other words, you'll get more "bang" for the "buck".  But doing it now when the market really isn't that far down from the recent highs won't make it go much higher.  You might get another 100-150 points (stretching it here) rally from it (making a new high of course), but once it's over with the crash from that exhaustion move will be even greater then if they waited until sub-1,000 to do it.

However, thinking about it now and trying to understand what they want... I'd say that it's totally possible that they do just that as they do want to push this out to the max before the explosion.  Expected the unexpected I guess and QE3 at this meeting on June 20th, 2012 would certainly be "unexpected".  Doing that would rally the market up into the election and keep the sheep distracted once again.

Getting back to that "5 day bank holiday" report from Ben Fulford and adding in Lindsey Williams' information about a "40% dollar devaluation" and we have a match I'd say.  Add in the fact that the government is already printing new 100 dollar bills (not Amero dollars) that clearly indicate we are going back to a gold standard and now you have enough evidence to say that this is all going to happen as planned by the elite scumbag pigs.  (http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/261.cfm)

So what if this is how things play out?

They do QE3 either at this coming FOMC meeting June 20th, 2012 or then next meeting, but well before the elections this year.  Then the market puts in new highs within the next month or so, and then slowly chops its' way down (keeping the fear low) into the October Legatus meeting.  Then during that "11" day meeting (which is actually a pilgrimage) they do the 5 day bank holiday and devalue the dollar 40% causing gold to soar according to new record highs over $3,000 per ounce.

Or, they rally some now from a positive outcome of the Greek Vote into the Olympics and then create the False Flag bomb event to sacrifice more innocent people and the market has a "mini-crash" from it... followed then by QE3 coming in to save the day and rally one last time into the election period.  Then you still have the dollar devaluation during the Legatus meeting in October and upon opening the stock market the week after it ends the market crashes hard from that surprise move.  At that point you would also likely hear the "Official Announcement" that the Euro has crashed adding more bad news to get all stock markets around the world to crash together.

As you can see either outcome points to that Legatus Pilgrimage as the likely announcement (and therefore crash!) of all the most negative news to be released causing the crash to start.  The question is... will this be the huge wave 3 down, or just a wave 1 down with wave 3 to happen in 2013?  If they don't first have a mini-crash wave down (to make the huge wave 1 down) at or around the Olympics, followed by QE3 for the wave 2 up, then the October crash will only be the first wave down.  So whatever it brings... wave 1 or 3 it should be ugly!  If it's only a wave 1 down then 2013 is going to be horrible.  You could then expect the wave 3 down at the next Legatus meeting February 7-9, 2013 I guess... or maybe the one after it?

From a ritual point of view it's quite obvious that this coming "11" day meeting is the most important one.  Putting all the other things together with it as well I'd say it's the most likely date for a wave 3 down to happen, not the 2013 meeting.  But, 2013 is still going to be a very bearish year.  While there will of course be bounces along the way we already know the final bottom for the market... 34.65 SPY!  That's about 346.50 SPX and happens to be around the top before the 1987 stock market crash.  It's all planned out folks and all right in front of our faces.  Getting the timing right is of course another story...

But, some long dated puts that expire in late 2013 would probably be a wise thing to purchase right before the October Legatus meeting this October.  I was looking at the "open interest" in various strike prices for the open months in 2013 and I noticed a lot of interest around the 75 SPY strike price.  Don't know if that really matters or not, as they could have been purchased long ago, or just be hedge positions from big firms.  But my gut tells me that insiders are purchasing them in advance of the coming crash as they know it's going much lower then 75 on the SPY (around 750 SPX).

Anyway, I'm getting too far ahead of myself here on this one.  Let's focus now on the short term.  I'm going to stick with the 2 FP's that are still un-hit as our targets.  Some how I think we'll hit the 135.71 SPY FP and then we'll work on hitting the FP on the Dollar of 86.47 later.  I could see some wild swings Monday, but I think we'll eventually go up and most likely it will be into the FOMC.  This of course doesn't mean that the SPY print will be the turning point in the market as we could go higher toward the 1370-1385 SPX area where multiple trendlines intercept.

However, at some point the market will rollover as the dollar has a destiny with its' FP of 86.47 (obviously meaning that the market will sell off from it).  I'm still thinking that we must rally for 3-5 weeks for this wave 2 up as the wave 1 down lasted 9 weeks.  So again, this could push us out to early July before turning back down to start the first smaller wave 1 of the larger wave 3 down.  Elliottwave isn't something I would use to forecast this market alone but something I'm just using to make sense of all the other stuff I see in the technical analysis, news events, ritual dates, etc...

So, just expect the 135.71 FP on the SPY to be the first target hit, and then we'll re-think everything from that point.  The FOMC meeting will also put the market in limbo as traders don't know which positions to take.  Therefore it's reasonable to assume that the first part of this week will be choppy until Bernanke speaks and either gives the market more crack (QE3) or at least promises more in the near future.  I really don't know what he'll say but if he does start QE3 then I can't see how they are going to crash the market (a "mini-crash") during the Olympic bombing that the Illuminati murderers have planned.

Seems more likely to me that they won't do any QE3 yet and the market will top shortly after the meeting is over with (several days, not weeks), and then they can start another leg down in the market in before the Olympic's begin on July 27th, 2012.  You see, for them to get a nice "bang" for the "sacrifices" they would want the market to be setting up for a multiple wave 3 down situation right before they set off the bomb.  It won't be as many "wave 3's" as what I see lining up for the Legatus meeting in October, but it should still produce a "mini-crash" if they succeed in pulling it off?

However, all this guessing right now is just that... "guessing"!  We won't know until we get closer so let's just focus on the short term for now... which is to expect the SPY 135.71 print to be hit early this coming week.  From there I don't know?  The FOMC meeting is likely to be more important then the vote outcome about the Euro as more QE3 or promises of QE3 is the only thing that keeps this market from crashing to where it should be... 3,000-4,000 DOW!

Keep your positions small I'd say, as it's going to be a wild ride until after Bernanke speaks I'd say...


P.S. Although I've seen this video several times I do wonder if there are any hidden clues or codes in it?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N8gJSMoOJc)

Also note that on the website (http://inflation.us/videos.html) of the people who produced that video it was uploaded/created on 11/24/2010 (1+1+2+4+2+0+1+0=11) and when you go to see when they registered (http://www.whois.com/whois/inflation.us) the domain name it was on 04/30/2002 (0+4+3+0+2+0+0+2=11) at 9:33 GMT time.  Note that the actual exact time was 9:33 and 32 seconds... just one second too early from making another 33!  Of course the 33 is equal to another "eleven" as it refers to the 33rd degree in Free Masons.

I also find it odd that around 2:22 into the video we see the "all seeing eye" (the CBS logo) with the newest Batman movie showing 12/12/12 in it.  I looked for that new movie and all I see is this one coming out June 14th, 2013 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0770828/).  Strangely, the logo for the "National Inflation Association" also has a nice looking "red eye" in the obvious shape of a pyramid as well.

At 6:16 into the video the dollar shown beside the picture of the oil tanker has "111" in it.  Everyone look in your wallet and see how many dollars (0f any denomination) that you can find that has 3 one's in a row on it.  Why did they pick that one?  Now it could all be nothing of course, but it's entirely possible that this company is part of the Illuminati and is being used to send out coded messages?  Or just some odd coincidences I guess?


  1. Great update Red…

    You know…if they hit the 135.71 before Bennie speaks this week, what would surprise everyone the most???  Not QE3 or even status quo…but an interest rate increase!   That would set the banksters who know to make a ton of money.   The dollar then gains strength to the 86.47 FP, gold falls to the 935 FP, and QE3 can be introduced right around that time to spike gold…

    • Yeah, it’s a guessing game right now as I’m not sure which plan they are going to do?  Will they do QE3 this coming FOMC meeting or after some “mini-crash” from the planned “False Flag” in the Olympics?

      A mini-crash after the Olympics should force a lot of big institutions and hedge funds to sell all the gold they have left to meet margin calls I’d think.  Then later this year during the “5 day bank holiday” where they devalue the dollar 40%… I’d say gold will spike and go though the roof!

  2. Right on Red. ES is up tonight..All that fear infront of the Greek Election…What happened..Green in the Euro and ES. Who knows when New York Opens… they may take it all back..

  3. Quetzacoatl returns tomorrow????   Or was it today?   Quetzacoatl can hop off the sun onto the moon tommorow at 11:02 am est, if that is where he ended up on June 5/6th.

    They’ve been flashing a lot of 6-19s in the Euro Cup.   

    • The last 4 Euro Cup winners all major financial crisis players:

      Spain (2008)  Greece (2004)  France (2000)   Germany (1996)

      The last 3 World Cup winners:   Spain (2010)  Italy (2006)  France (2002)

      • British bulldog, champion of the masses, Wayne Rooney #10 returns tomorrow for England after having served a 2 game suspension.

        Ex German star Michael Ballack had an interesting commentary on where Rooney would start and who would join him in the lineup during the halftime break of today’s broadcast in what seemed to be a very obviously cryptic commentary.

  4. Wayne Rooney#10 was suspended for kicking a Montenegrian defender in the leg last October 7th.

    He was initially suspended for three competitive Euro matches which meant all of the matches in the first round but apparently it must have been reduced to 2 games (2-3???).   It also doesn’t make him very smart since it occurred in the last game of the qualifying round.   It does look pretty fake and contrived though.

    It occurred in the 73rd (777) minute of a game that left England with 10 players and ended in a 2-2 tie.   The opposing defender was #20 or a 10-20 Rooney-defender combo.

    6-19-12 (tomorrow) when Rooney will play for the first time in competitive Euro play since the suspension will be 8months 12 days from the 10-7-2011 incident or 8-3 ie 888.

    October 7 was Edgar Allen Poes death date.

    That is also the Ballack number mentioned below and I heard the classic radio morning guy use it this morning.   Also one of my key breakthroughs.

    • Interesting… thanks Sam.  I guess we all knew that the gangsters are never going to stop printing money.  So it looks like some type of QE3 is likely according to that article.

  5. Today we opened at the FP on the SPY from yesterday of 135.15 and now we are just .01 points from hitting the 135.71 FP from last week.  Is that close enough?  Is should be for anyone long right now.  While I wouldn’t go short I’d exit all longs and go to cash until the FOMC meeting is over with tomorrow.

    • That’s what others are saying too, but I’m not sure about it either way at this point.  Lot’s of “dis-information” out there to keep us sheep slaves and not finding out the real truth.

  6. With all the great news out there today (from what I heard Germany somehow was going to agree to the bailouts through ESF?? bailout fund), I would have expected the Dow to finish up 300 pts today but it looks like it topped out about the time the new moon filled its void and entered 69.    And about an hour before Wayne Rooney took the field against Ukraine in his first competitive international match since his notorious incident back  on 10-07-11 in the 73rd minute.

    Crude oil was never up much today and gold looks like it ended up down.

    Rooney scored a goal and England prevailed 1-0 to win the group while France lollygagged through its match against Sweden to lose 2-0 but still managed to advance to the playoff rounds as the number 2 seed.   Ukraine managed to put in an equalizing goal but the refs waved it off.   Ukraine thought would have been eliminated if the game had ended in a tie.

    So England vs. Italy in the next round.     And France versus Spain.    And whoever gets to be the big sacrificial lamb in the upcoming grand ritual should move on and it could be France as their banks’ coffers are loaded with weapons of mass financial destruction ready to explode on any displacement of the European financial order.    In ritualistic revenge scenario for the original Friday the 13 th incident 704 years ago.   Or just a general destruction of the European order circa 1345.

    In 1345, it originated from the Florentine city state.   The local classic radio guys played Verdi’s Simon Boceneggra sp.? a few weeks ago.   The opera centers around a politician/ doge of the neighboring Genoa city state in the 14th century.   Supposedly he was the doge from 1339-1356, a man of the people before being poisoned.    Doge===4-6-7-5  simlar to ROD (see the Silent Partner)

  7. Rooney got a very easy goal.   Almost as if it had been giftwrapped for him.   A teammate put in a long strike that was deflected past the goalie and went right to Rooney who was waiting for it at the southern end of the goal.    The goalie totally flubbed handling the ball which was tricky since it bounced right in front of him.

    Rooney apparently had said at an earlier press conference that he hadn’t been playing well at the championship level tournaments since he hadn’t scored a goal in any of them since 2004 during the Euro cup.

    After his goal, the announcers said it was his first goal since June 21, 2004 or 6-21-24….6-21===6-11?????/  or 6-2

    The 4 letter announcer during the halftime show said Rooney scored during the 20th minute but it really was the 27th minute. 

    Later Rooney #10 was subbed for by #20 or 10-20 which happened to be the combo that he recorded his red card and suspension on 10-07-11.


    6-20 has a 9-11 hit to the great event double four years ago.

    They’ve flashed a lot of 6-20s during the World Cup and it was very evident during the France-England match when #20 stood next to the French coach before entering the game for #6 ie 6-20.

    I’ve got to check my notes for other examples.

    • Too me this means very little rally left in the market.  Remember that most FOMC days are bullish so don’t get caught up in these wild swings.  Wait a day or so to see the real direction.  If it closes down today then I would wait for a backtest tomorrow to short.

      If it rallies then I’d say they will allow the technical analysis to work this time… which tells me the top is between 1370-1385 spx.  Sitting on your hands right now and not taking a position is the wise thing to do as the direction is still undetermined.  Give it a day or so to decide.

    • We watched, we dipped, and then we ripped. Disappointment at no new QE drove Silver down first, then Oil and then the rest of the risk basket tumbled notably. EURUSD dumped 60pips, ES dropped 7-8pts to Monday’s close, Treasury Yields dropped 6-7bps, Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper) all fell 1-2% (with Silver worst). But then we ripped as Van Rompuy and Merkel started chatting about some progress in Europe. This pulled EURUSD up to unch, Gold and Silver retraced half of their spike down, stocks recovered all of their drop and reached up to VWAP (rather conveniently) where selling volume re-appeared. Notably, only Treasuries remained near their spike levels. As we post, the recovery spike back up in risk assets is now fading. Now get your popcorn ready for Bernanke’s presser. Finally, the issue with the European stick save, where Gollum mentioned Eurobond lite again, is that it is merely a regurgitation of news from Sunday, which Germany has already said Nein to: In The Case Of The World Vs Merkel, The Broke Prosecution Proposes Eurobonds Lite.


    • This is the “norm” actually BH as it’s been doing this since 2009 when they first started these QE programs and made Bernanke’s speech such a market mover.  Yes it’s rigged… which is why you don’t trade on FOMC days.

  8. 6-20 is also 55 trading days from the 4-2.   Subtract 20 and you get 35trading days from the Dow 5-1 high.   35, the enlightened ones power number….also equates to 6.   55 a Fibonnacci number and Ganns number for financial death  (the Gann death zone—-according to Cooper over at Minyanville).

    The Thrice’s regular season record  46-20.   Tack on 16 wins if they win the championship and you get 62 wins.   Right now they have 7 losses in the playoffs if my recollection is correct.   Maybe add one more since they are up 3-1 and they should win the series, in the numerologically appropriate, 4 games to 2.    Although I could see 27 working.

    The next Thrice game is Thursday.    I did notice something from yesterday’s game when the score was at 87-83, the time left in the 4th quarter was my new favorite number  (probably always one of my favorite numbers—-a variation of the Ballack number—–let’s just say Para-Para-Paradise as Coldplay sings while the thunder blasts in the background during the 4letter’s Euro Cup  postgame show intro and exitros.)

    Last year the Thrice’s regular season record was 58-24.   With 14 wins in the playoffs they finished with 72 wins and 7 or 8 losses in the playoffs.

    Oh and yesterday was 711 days from the unveiling of the Miami Thrice number.  712 from the DECISION.

  9. I thought last Thursday had a nice 7-11 hit but it was an incomplete one.   Tomorrow, June 1st has the complete hit.   111 weeks from the flash crash or 7×111 for 777 days or 3-7.

    Poor Christopher Plummer dies at the base of the 11 escalators in the Silent Partner.   He lived at 611 Winston Avenue.

    In the film, we get to see 11, 22, and 33 numbered escalators for 66 or 26 or 12???

  10. Old man Fischer of the OKC THUNDER is one of the few #37s I see in sports.   A couple of games ago they flashed a nice 6-37 with him and LeBron.

    Their big man Perkins is complaining of a lack of playing time and he would seem to be more important for the Thunder than little man Fisher who has been ridiculed and riddled by opponents for his defense and led to him being released by the Lakers.   Fisher seems to get a lot of face time these days.   We know it is more the numerology than the playing skills that determines playing time unless you’re one of the allstars.

  11. Just caught this video.


    I’ve watched some clips of Taxi Driver, one of my top 10 or 12 movies of alltime, the last couple of days and noticed all of the appropriate freaky numerology in it.

    This is a clip of the final scene and credits and the uploader mentions the strange disposition in DeNiro and the music around 25 seconds in.   Apparently Scorcese and the composer Bernard Hermann played the music backwards at that spot.

    But notice the screen right afterwards.    The lights and letters of the TAFT hotel appear and then they are reduced to FT.     TAFT====20-1-6-2 and FT  6-20 (maybe 777-66)  or 21-6 and or 6-2….62 could also refer to the year 12.

    Later on one can see the DOLL porn theater which if anyone had any doubts that they are referring to 2012, they should be eradicated by now.    DOLL====4-15(6)-12-12

    There’s an even better scene but I’ll leave that for the weekend.

    Taxi Driver released on February 28, 1976  or 2-28–1976 or 48–1976???

  12. Friday is another “eleven” and all the charts look very bearish too me.  While I still think they want to take this higher toward the 1370-1385 spx area right now it’s looking like some selling is going to happen.

    Here’s my thoughts on this… if we break this lower support line in this rising wedge then we should fall to 1320 on the ES.  If it holds then they will likely turn this back up an rally toward the upper support line in this rising wedge.


    • Since tomorrow is “eleven” day and we have currently pierced through the lower trendline of support, I’d have to say that we are likely going down more on Friday too.  If the 1320 ES level doesn’t hold then the high is likely in and we will continue down until the Dollar hits its’ FP of 86.47

  13. We are no where near being oversold right now, which tells me that we are likely to break this current support level and drop lower to the next level around 1300 ES (probably tomorrow).  We could bounce from oversold shorter time frame charts but it’s likely to fail and rollover.  I would short any bounce as I see it going lower on Friday.

  14. I think a bounce could happen into tomorrow morning but I think it’s going down hard again on Friday after that brief bounce.  I could see 1337 SPX providing resistance which could be the bounce high.  A big bounce would mean a rally to resistance just below 1350 SPX, but I really doubt if it rallies that high.

    Either way, I expect tomorrow to be another down day.  So at this point I think the high for the wave 2 up is complete on 6/19 at 1363 SPX (meaning I don’t see one more push to hit 1370-1385 area).  I give it 70% chance of continuing down and the high already being in.

    The daily chart is rolling over now and we should easily take out the current low if they allow the technical analysis to work, as it clearly has plenty of room to continue down before becoming oversold.

    Therefore, I believe we are now in the first wave 1 down inside the larger wave 3 down.  This wave 1 down should contain 5 smaller waves inside it.  If they continue down tomorrow (after a brief bounce) then we could end the first smaller wave 1 down by some Monday morning gap down.

    If not Monday then Tuesday morning should end the first smaller wave 1 down and allow for a smaller wave 2 up (all inside the larger wave 3 down) into late next week.  This all sets up the “yearly” ritual “eleven” day on Friday 06/29/2012 (0+6+2+9+2+0+1+2=22) being the smaller wave 3 down inside the large wave 3 down.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the 29th next week will be a few ugly down day!  It should be a multi-wave 3 down combination… but nothing like what I expect for this October after Legatus ends.

  15. Not sure if anyone follows Bix Weir:

    The last impediments have
    been cleared and events necessary to transpire before the final crash
    hits have just happened. JP Morgan and the banksters have been
    spotlighted and are front and center as “someone to blame”. The Fed
    Twist has been announced and will backfire leaving the Central Banking
    monetary control concept proven to be faulty. And Europe…oh Europe –
    Europe has been destroyed from the inside out and the bank runs will
    start there and quickly move global. We now have the Green Light so make
    sure seat belts are tightened and life vests a properly stored under
    your seat cushion.


    Watch for the silver fraud to be revealed before the GOP Convention in late August. This headline: “CFTC Finds That JP Morgan Rigged and Continues to Rig the Silver Price Lower” 
    will turn the gold and silver markets upside down instantly. A lot of
    “I Told You So’s”, lawsuits and BLAME will be flying around!  Watch for a
    “force majeure” to be declared on all metal trading floors and in all
    metal ETF’s. We are now ready for the full exposure of the banking
    cabal’s fraud and manipulation. Hang on tight to your physical metal and
    be prepared to ride the market volatility out – no matter what happens.


    I have provided Private Road Members (paid subscribers) with Road Map for the next TWO MONTHS here:


    SPECIAL REPORT: Confirmation from “The Insider”



    The collapse may continue
    into the summer so prepare to just ride it out. Hopefully, it will be a
    short lived event, a crash with a thump, but there is also the potential
    for it to last for months.


    Stay strong Road Warriors.


    This is the end game.


    Bix Weir



    PS – A new “Conversation with
    God” article started this morning and should be posted sometime next
    week. Guess someone thinks we may need a little pep talk before July

  16. Will we flash crash into the close?   Most likely we finish on the low of the day as in 10-6-87.  The SP dropped 2.7% on 10-6-87.

    I am missing my Portugal Euro Cup all things Christian Ronaldo fest for this.

  17. I’m looking for around 1337 SPX for as the first level of resistance and then around 1345 if that fails to stops the bulls.  Those levels would be a good area to short I believe.  However, I’m not sure yet if they will roll this over into the close as it could take all day to work off the short term oversold conditions (or several days?).

    That would mean that the next wave down would likely start on Monday… or Tuesday if they really stretch this out.  This is possibly I guess is today is only a “daily” ritual eleven day and not a “yearly” one… which is more important to this Illuminati pigs.  Meaning that only the “22” in today’s date makes it an “eleven” day as 22 is a master number and dividable by 11.

    For this reason they could value it less and not sell off into the close today.  But next Friday is a “yearly” eleven date and should be more important to them.  Therefore if we don’t drop into the close today it’s entirely possible that they chop around with this rally until next Friday before dropping hard again.

    If they do that… then this smaller wave 2 up will likely go higher and retrace a large portion of the smaller wave 1 down yesterday.  Remember, this is all inside a larger wave 3 down that started on 6/19 at the high of 1363 SPX.  This setups up for a smaller wave 3 down inside a larger wave 3 down to happen at the end of next week.

    Of course this is also inside a much larger “Primary Wave 3” down from the high on 4/02 of 1422.38 SPX.  If I’m counting this all correctly (and remember that EW doesn’t really work anymore by itself, which is why I use technical analysis first [which is also manipulated] and try to make the waves line up with the TA, ritual dates, etc…)… then we should complete this final 3rd wave down into early July.

    Refresh page for new video update…

  18. The Thrice won the championship game last night.    That can’t be good for humanity.

     4 games to 1.   Brings their overall record up to 62-27.   16-7 in the playoffs.    And they got the championship 714 days (777 or 75) from the unveiling of the Thrice number and 715 days (76 or 7555???) from the DECISION.

    Did you see all of the Thrice championship gear?   2012  Champs, in the year of the boiling point with 2012 next to the Heat logo.   And this on the day when the Sun achieves its peak for the year.    Could all of this be a coincidence?

    The morning guy on the 4 letter yesterday was breaking down the Thrice’s playoff record last season and this season.   So glad I can help him with his material.

    He was obsessing over the 3-1 number (111???) even though the Thrice took down many of their series 4-1. Battier #31 was knocking down a lot of big 3s in the series and partaking in the numerology flashes. Le Bron (KING of SOUTH BEACH) and Battier combo—631—the Thrice number reversed and 64.

  19. Christian Ronaldo scored the only goal in yesterday’s Portugal-Czech Republic game to predictably propell Portugal into the semifinals.   He scored in the 79th minute.   I got to the game just as he put in the score.    Apparently, I hadn’t missed much since the Czechs decided to go into defensive lockdown mode the entire game.    Some guy inferred that they were mimicking Chelsea.

    It was Ronaldo’s 3rd goal of the tournament.   Ronaldo #7 or 37.

  20. Interesting…

    The Bradley turn date is on the ritual “eleven” date of 07/28/2012… one day into the Olympics.  http://forbestadvice.com/Money/Gurus/DonaldBradley/BradleyTurnDates2012.html

  21. Looked at the history for June 29th, and it doesn’t generally seem to b a big down day overall.. Yes, there was one decent drop in 2010? i believe, but overall, not really sure. Maybe i’m missing something?

  22. June 25th is the Gann death zone 55 calendar days from the 5-1 Dow high and 58 trading days from the 4-2 SP high.  1716 days from the 10-11-2007 high or 87???  1183 tds later.  6-25===67.

    Also the date mentioned some time back for the PGA National Championship golf tournament from the Bayonet and other B golf courses in Seaside California.   The tournament starts unusually on a Sunday June 24 and runs to Wednesday June 27.

    The face and the semi-face of the 4 letter said they would try the best burger joint out in the US in San Francisco while they visited the Bayonet tournament in late June.    But the 4 letter does not televise this tournament and the face flew out of Frisco (after working the US Open there) Tuesday and was back doing his radio show on Thursday so I hope he enjoyed his burger.    It was supposed to be comparable to the old IN AND OUT.

    6-24====the big 64????

    Only problem is that a certain little indicator is hovering in no mans land right now near the debacle zone territory although I believe Peter Eliades considers this area debacle territory.

    But they have cryptically flashing the 6-25 number repeatedly.   And Red used to have a FP with that date (from a couple of years ago).  .625===5/8

    In fact 19 87  can be decoded into June 25 and they were flashing a lot of these numbers in today’s Germany match but there was so much going on there that I am going to have to dedicate a separate post to it sometime over the weekend.

    Angela Merkel showed up for the Germany-Greece match.

    The score from 6-12-11, during the final Game 6 match of the Thrice-Dallas Mavs Finals:

    42-40 at 6:25 left in the 2nh quarter of game 6 when the refs went into action following an altercation at the court with ref 29 leading the way to the scorers table followed by the combining of refs #9 and 48.    (Actually now that I look at it I can see the Ballack number in there as well).  

  23. I’ve gotten numerous emails asking what’s going on……

    So here it is…..

    We will see an epic blowoff top into July 30, $SPX prints 1507

    Followed by the greatest harvest of speculative capital in 25 years….

    Yes $SPX is still going to print 965 and it will happen lighting fast during the eighth  SOL-ar  month (8.13.2012)

    Next week will be epic as the $SPX rounds out Q22012 at the 1403 level followed by the breakaway gap from hell on 7.2.12.

    I’m rarely ever bullish, so it shows you the train that is going to bull everybody over the next month.

    I’ll have the whole month of July to show you the mathematical sequence commencing……

    • Sun,
           They’re going to crash this puppy on my birthday.   Glad to see you have it encoded there.

    • I don’t see QE3 until we first hit that 965 level first… which I think will be over the coming months and into October.  It makes sense to tank the market ahead of the election to blame it on Obama so he won’t get re-elected and the Illuminati can put their gangster puppet Romney in as the next president of Walmart.

      Also, I’ve been thinking hard about this coming Legatus meeting as I know 100% without any doubt that it will be a very important turn in the market.  However, it’s possible that this will be the time period that Bernanke does the 40% dollar devaluation (and possibly QE3 too?).

      Not sure on the timing of QE3 as that could come before the October meeting, but I’m getting a strong feeling that the crash will only be in the dollar and not the market.  Some how I think they will push this pig of a market up into new highs that will come mid-2013… which will then be the final high before a total collapse.

      QE3 will be used to prop up the stock market once again, but QE4 won’t work… especially if they devalue the dollar 40% this October.  Hyper-inflation is coming and it starts with this dollar devaluation, QE3 and QE4… which will get the economies of the world in massive debt after too many repeated bailouts just as the Illuminati planned it all long ago.

      Once the crash in the stock market starts the gangsters will think they’ve won and will own the world.  But they will be hunted down and arrested over the following months and years and will never collect on any money or asset they tried to steal again.

      Yes, it worked in 1929 as the Rockefeller’s and J.P. Morgan’s robbed the American public when they created the 1929 crash… but it won’t work this time around.  These are the end times for the pigs… not the sheep.

      Unfortunately, all this talk of mass arrests currently won’t happen on a large and public scale until the stock market crashes… which means the so called “good guys” are going to have to let the “bad guys” do everything as planned and scheduled.  The only thing the good guys seem to be stopping right now is the mass destruction of 80% of the population by some staged WW3 that the bad guys can’t seem to get started.

      We’ll see how much in control the bad guys really are when the Olympics starts.  My bet is that they fail to set off another false flag event and nothing happens on the ritual date of July 28th, 2012 (or any date during the Olympic games).  While they are still in full control of this stock market, their control of causing major disasters seems to be weakening now.

      I have 2 other source that point to the July/August 2013 time frame as a major new and final high for the stock market.  I think your July 30th forecast could be accurate, but not this year… next year.  QE3 isn’t likely to happen until sub-1,000 levels on the SPX… and I believe you stated that previously?

      Meaning I thought you said earlier that when the SPX hits 965 they will start QE3?  Not sure what made you change your mind on that…. new info maybe?  Regardless, in my opinion your July 30th high prediction of 1507 SPX (not likely accurate though as it’s not a ritual number like 965 is [9 and {6+5=11}=911], whereas 1507=13), will come next year in that month or August, 2013.

      •  If they are successful at the Olympics, qe3 in August would make sense. I feel like they’re trying to get everyone into this 2012 end of the world thing so they’ll try and collapse the system by the year end. If not, then yeah, they’ll have to figure out something else to drop the market to a level where 1e3 will be deemed necessary

        • Yes, it does seem like they are promoting the “fear” very heavily right now… which usually means they plan to do the opposite.  So, if they tank this down to the “sub-1000” level on the SPX I think they’ll have ever bear onboard looking for the crash.

          Then when they start qe3 the rally from it will be much more powerful as bears will continue to short and keep getting squeezed time and time again.  Finally the bears will be exhausted once they take out the recent 1422 SPX high on April 2nd, 2012.

          All they have to do is rally up 50-100 points higher then that level and there won’t be any bears left.  After the coming Legatus meeting is over with this coming October.  They usually put up the schedule for the next event after one ends.  Some how I bet you it will be in July/August of 2013… marking the final high.

  24. It looks like some of my figures for 6-25 are off.   1719 days from 10-11-07.   That’s still an 87.

    1185 tds from then.    1183 was 6-21.

    Curiously it is 258 days from 10-11 in a leap year.    256 days between Wayne Rooney’s game of suspension and his first game back on 6-19.

    I am liking England tomorrow against Italy.   During the 4 letter’s post game show following Germany’s stunning repudiation of Greece, the hosts were doing a discussion/preview of the next match for Germany and right after that, the camera panned across all of the English team colors/ memorabilia in the studio.   In fact, I like England as a sleeper candidate to win it all since Wayne Rooney is definitely the man after he topticked the stock market so well on 6-19.   Then all the London whales can blow up their hedge funds and banks.

    The 4 letter also changed their Coldplay song.  No more para-para-paradiiissseee.

  25. Looking at the ES I think they will turn the short term charts back up afterhours and premarket into Tuesday and allow for another move down on the SPX (the MACD and Histogram only… the actual price level probably won’t rally much at all).

    However, the SPX isn’t showing any signs of turning back up now as it’s behind the ES… (obviously, as it doesn’t trade as many hours as the ES Futures do).So, while the ES should try to rally back up to recapture as much lost ground as possible, by the time it opens tomorrow it’s highly likely to be overbought again.  Meaning that it should rollover again tomorrow with only a brief bounce on the SPX.I’m looking for a drop to 1290-1300 on the SPX to put in a short term bottom for this move down.  “If” the charts line up like I think they will then that drop should allow for some choppy upside movement into this Friday.  I’m not expecting much of a rally but more like some sideway wild up and down swings… that basically go nowhere.Now Friday should be a down day if all goes as planned.  Right now there is about a 7 point difference between the SPX (around 1312) and the ES Futures (around 1305), which is a clear indication to me that more selling is expected.http://screencast.com/t/f03mklzw3u0

  26. Today was also 73 days from 4-13, Friday the 13th when I was getting a multitude of cryptic messages from lower level enlightened one wannabes who I am acquainted with.

    Italy and Spain down about 4% today, their ETFS around 4.95%.   Greece down 6.4% and France and Germany at 2%.

    The Italians took out the English on penalty kicks yesterday sending the English home and making Wayne Rooney’s Euro Cup appearance a brief one.   At least he made his penalty kick.

    I guess playing in defensive lockdown mode and hoping to win on penalty kicks really isn’t a viable strategy especially when your team has fewer finishers than the opponent.   Playing passive isn’t the greatest training for ruthless kicking marksmanship anyway.

    Germany, Italy,Spain, and Portugal are the group of financial death semi-finalists.   I’ll take Germany to win it all since they have played the best and the rest are just peripheral players.
    Germany wins and then exits the euro setting off all sorts of financial ordnance.

    Tomorrow is 6-2, 2 different ways.   74 days from from 4-13 (and 704years from the original Friday the 13th incident).

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer came out on June 22nd.   “Four score and 7 years ago” was my birthday.   In the numerologically appropriate year.

    Taxi Driver is just loaded with references.   Even the Doll theater.   It’s very disturbing though that Bernard Hermann who worked with Alfred Hitchcock on all of those scores, would alter his score for the young punk Scorcese all in the name of the grand ritual.    Some very long range planning there.   I can even see it in a Clockwork Orange.

    • Italy beat England 4-2 on penalty kicks.

      England’s penalty kickers:    Garrard #4,  Rooney #10, Young #11,  A. Cole #3

      or      4
             for   28 total or 14—14—-missed made (11 and 3 missed)

      Italy’s kickers  Balotelli  #9,  Montolivio  #18,  Pirlo #21, Nocenio #23,  Diamanti #22

      #18 missed so   9+21+23+22===75    add 18 (29???) and it is 93

      Italian wackjob #9 strangely enough was not subbed for this game and played all 120 minutes.    No standard 9-11 substitution for him.   They must have needed his numerology for the penalty kick flashes.   He was a master again at missing point blank shots.

  27. I’m doing a new video update right now and should be up in less then 30 minutes.  I think the first wave 1 down is over with and we are now starting a “A” wave up of an “ABC” move for the “wave 2” up.  This should last until Friday I believe and then rollover for the “wave 3” down (especially since Friday is a “yearly” ritual eleven day).

  28. I wonder if they’ll still have a nice down day friday, as its a ritual day, or maybe rally and peak it to roll over next week

    • Well, since they broke through the resistance zone today, I’m thinking that they go down tomorrow morning to backtest this breakout and put in the “B” wave down.  Then back up later in the day and into Thursday for the “C” wave up.

      Finally, the “C” wave up ends by midday Thursday or closes at the high, followed by an exhaust move up Friday morning… and then we start wave 3 down having completed an ABC move up for wave 2.

  29. Change of plans…

    Since it  looks a little long in the tooth right now, I’d say a gap up to finish this “A” wave tomorrow seems likely.  Then a dip down early in the morning for the “B” wave down.  It should last most of the day to lure in some bears I believe.

    Then a rally back up into the close to start the “C” wave up and make a “doji” for the close on the daily chart.  Then up on Thursday to finish the “C” wave and down on Friday to start the wave 3 down!  Booyah!

    • By the way, I’m not a EW person.

      I only try to match the wave count up with what I see with all the various time frames using technical analysis.  You have to mix them all together in the pot, spin it, throw in a couple of “eye balls”, “chicken bones”, “goats heart”, eat a bowl of it… and see what shows up in the Dragons firey breath as he pukes on it all…

    •  if it plays out as such, which seems fitting, any guesses on how long the wave down could last? maybe 3-5 weeks, before the Fed meeting and then its up in the air for QE3

  30. just an interesting note i’ve noticed about silver, that tends to work for me, is a bottom at 26. Everytime it gets there it tends to pop back up. That’s worked for me for awhile. Until qe3 though, I think it’ll stay in that 26-28 range.. just my opinion

    • Yes it is… 08/09/2012 = 0+8+0+9+2+0+1+2=22 and 22 is a master number as it’s dividable by 11 (like 33, 44, 55, etc… is too).  So that is also a “yearly” ritual “eleven” date.  Good catch… 🙂

      • interestingly, that would also be the 11th day of the Olympics…. They’re both worth shorting, just in case.

  31. Poor Alex.  Betrayed by his droogs who now have become the Man.

    His addiction for the old ultraviolence now cured, his favorite Ludwig Van, 9th Symphony 2nd movement (9-11!!!!!) now repulses him whenever he hears it.


    Well, Well, Well, Well…..!!!!    Alex discovered by his old droogie mate at approximately at the 1minute mark.  After that it loops the same scene over and over for 9 minutes. Notice the 665 number on the police uniform ie 125 or 512?????   Glad to see that they were prescient enough to know that Elizabeth would still be queen.    ER  the standard 5-18 , 5-29–8-15 I see everywhere.

    Earlier in rampaging days, he listened intently to the old Ludwig Van and at one point, we see him pull out the cassette:

            Ludwig Van
            Symphonie Nr. 9
            d-moll, op 125

    d-moll so similar to the Doll theater in the Taxi Driver credits.   Of course, the LL is the standard give away to 2012 ie 1212 or 2×12.

    Alex mentions BLISS as he listens to Ludwig  Van.   2-12-9-19-19

    • The movie came out in 1971.   The book in 1962 (26!!!!)   Some real long range planning there.

      And Alex repeatedly sings Singing in the Rain throughout the movie usually as he engages in a bit of the old ultraviolence.

      Singing in the Rain was first performed in 1929 movie, the Broadway Revue of 1929.   Then it became the focal point of the Gene Kelly movie Singing in the Rain which if you look at the plot synopsis,  is almost identical to the recent Oscar Winner for Best Picture, The Artist.    Only Singing in the Rain has sound and music.

      Both about performers in the silent era of filmmaking coping with the onset of talkies in 1927.   In the Artist, the silent star releases his own silent film on the Friday before the 1929 stock market crash while his erstwhile love interest has her talkie released on the same day and blows away his film.

    •  Check out the prison yard scene which can be seen among the Alex Jones clips.   Or you can find it on youtube—particularly in the best of Chief youtube video.

      The prisoners are walking around what looks like the sun painted onto the yard.   But they are walking counter-clockwise.    It’s more like they are following the elliptic path.

      I always thought it was a weird scene.   (one of many in this movie)   I guess my subconcious always had me thinking it was a solar reference.  (clockwork orange).

      Soccer field’s have the sun like circle at the midfield area.

  32. Interesting…


    The next “2-day” meeting for the FOMC is July 31st-August 1st… just a few days after the start of the Olympics.  More interesting is how Lindsey Williams tells people to stay out of crowds when asked about a possible “false flag” event during the Olympics.  It’s toward the end of this video during the last 5 minutes or so.


    Will they raise interest rates during this meeting?  Or will they just start QE3 after a “false flag” event at the Olympics.  Lindsey hasn’t heard anything about it (supposedly?) but the tone of his voice tells me he “thinks” that something “could” happen.

    I’m thinking we’ll do QE3 “if” they do create a “false flag” during the Olympics.  If no false flag, then no QE3 until later this year.  It really depends on who they want in for president I guess.  If they want to make Obama look bad then they won’t do QE3 until possible after the Legatus meeting this October.

    That means they will take the market down into that time period and blame it on Obama, all the while their puppet gangster Romney will be going around telling the sheep how he will fix the economy.  Then they do QE3 after Legatus and the market rallies until the middle of 2013.

    The other scenario is that that devalue the dollar 40% after the Legatus meeting.  It’s hard too tell right now for sure but a crash of either the stock market, the dollar, or both seems likely to happen after Legatus.  It’s just too early to tell which one right now?  Then there’s the other issues that point to a final high in the stock market in mid-2013.

    This will imply that QE3 must start well before that to get the rally going.  Of course that doesn’t mean that we can’t go down several hundreds points first and then rally from the new money in the system.  And how will the the 40% dollar devaluation affect the stock market?

    Fear will of course make gold and silver shoot through the roof, and logic would say that a falling dollar makes the stock market go the other way (up), but will fear make the market actually go down with the newly devalued dollar?  Seems hard too predict at this point, but gold and silver going up is guaranteed I believe.

  33. As for the market currently…  it appears we are still carving out the first “A” wave up.  Since tomorrow is Thursday and we still haven’t done the “B” wave down, I’m thinking now that we are going much higher then I first thought.  If we don’t sell off today into the close to put a “B” wave down then I’ll have to redo my EW count.

    This would mean that the “B” wave down might happen on this Friday (because it’s a ritual “eleven” day) and look similar to what they did on 6/11 where they sold off hard all day for the “B” wave down and then continued back up the next 6-7 days.

    So, while I still see this Friday as a down day, it might not be the start of the wave 3 that I’m looking for.  Remember EW is subject to change… which is why it’s not something you can trade off of alone.  You must use the technical’s first and try to make the wave patterns fix it… not make the wave patterns first and expect the technical’s of follow.

    This all implies that we could still go up to that 1370-1385 SPX target for the “C” wave of this wave 2 up from the 6/4 low of 1266 (which will contain an “ABC” pattern up most likely).  If 1266 to 1363 (on 6/19) was the first larger “A” wave up (inside a larger wave 2 up), and 1363 to 1309 (on 6/25) was the “B” wave down, then the “C” wave up has just started and could easily go to 1370-1385.

    This smaller “A” wave which I’m now going to call “minor wave 1 up” because “C” wave usually are 5 wave patterns not 3… seems to have started at the 1309 low.  If it continues up tomorrow as well and then drops on Friday then that wave down could just be a “minor wave 2” with “minor wave’s 3, 4, and 5” still to come next week… all inside the “C” wave up (inside the larger wave 2 up from the 1266 low to the predicted high of 1370-1385).

    All this wave counting is again just speculation based on what I see in the technical analysis part of the multiple time frame charts.  I previously thought that this wave 2 up would last 3-5 weeks and we are into the 4th week right now.  This of course assumes that we are going up to the 1370-1385 range before completing it.

    If not, then wave 3 down really does start this Friday.  Seems to make logical sense that regardless of whether we start a big wave 3 down on Friday or just do a “minor wave 2” down… the bears should still be able to make money even if it only lasts one day.

    So, if we go higher then my 3-5 week count will be stretched out to 5-7 weeks for the larger wave 2 up.  That means that it could be the middle of July before peaking… leaving them time to start carving out the larger wave 3 down two weeks before the Olympics.  In that period they could easily do the first smaller wave 1 down and 2 up (inside this larger wave 3 down) to setup the period during the Olympics to have a multi-wave 3 down wave.

    Pure evil it’s it…

  34. Interesting…


    Something evil will happen this October and Legatus will be part of it… you can bet your last dollar on that!  Preparing for something big in St. Louis Missouri huh!  The Illuminati are preparing for the people to get upset about something, so they are getting the troops ready to stop the people it seems.

    So what could make people so upset that they will start rioting in the streets?  I’d say a 40% dollar devaluation overnight (with the banks closed) would certainly fix the bill for some “upset” people… wouldn’t you?

  35. I missed the second half of the Spain-Portugal matchup but caught the last three penalty kick tandems streaming online and it looks like Spain won 4-2 (there’s that number again) in the penalty kick phase.

    And Christian Ronaldo did not get an attempt in the penalty kick round.   The Portugese superstar without an attempt.   Were they leaving him for last?   That seems like a waste of your supposed top talent.    Or did they want to keep #7 at 3 goals for the tournament.

    He’s really a model running around as a soccer player.  He doesn’t seem to have the requisite athleticism of the other soccer superstars.    His kicks don’t seem to have a lot of power to them.  And he doesn’t look like a speed burner either.

    Well from my notes,
           They flashed a 888 followed by 14-11  around Spanish player #14 (the hero of Spain’s last match)  for 888—5–11  around the 45 minute mark.

    Slightly earlier they flashed an open 87 using Ronaldo, at my new favorite number minute/second mark.  (The equivalent time to the 87-83 score in the 4th quarter from Game 5 of the Thrice–OKC series)  (actually it’s been one of my favorite numbers for awhile)

  36. Christian Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney who were teammates then at Manchester United, famously got in a tussle during the quarterfinals of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.    Back then Rooney wore #8 so it was an out in the open 87 numerological flash.   Rooney was booted for the match.

    Ronaldo made his Manchester United Debut on the same day (Edgar Allen Poe death day) that Rooney got his red card 2 game UEFA suspension last 2011 only 9 years earlier.

    Earlier in this year’s Euro tournament in a match against Denmark, Portugal’s winning goal in a 3-2 triumph was scored in the 87th minute at 29 seconds or 87-29 with a 3-2 score.   I never did get into a discussion on that seemingly highly ritualistic game.   Eventually I might.

    The 2006 World Cup took place from June 9 to July 9 or 67 29?????

  37. Some interesting facts for tomorrow.    June 28 will be a Knowing 50 days after 5-9.    58th calendar day from the 5-1 high. 61 trading days from the 4-2 high. 61 was the number of the flash crash week off the 2009 low.   112 weeks from the flash crash day.   114 (24) days from March 6th.   721 (73??) days from the unveiling of the Miami Thrice number.

    6-29 with some more.   Last chance for 6 of 67 to work.

    Tebow #15 or 6 threw most of his TD passes to #88  (and he had receivers #19 and 87 on his roster to throw to.).  6-88 or 6-28

    During one of their promos in their Euro Cup coverage, the 4 letter briefly showed a clip of the infamous 80yard TD pass to #88 ie 888 on 1-8-12 at the start of overtime against the Steelers in the wild card playoff round.   The Steeler’s #29 could be seen running down the field next to #88.   Could be a 7-11, I suppose.    #24 was there with #29 as they were being burned by #88.   Tebows 316 game (37 or 48???)

    •  6-28 is 5 months 20 days from the 1-8 Tebow 316 game.  520 the solar eclipse date for Saros 128.

      I never mentioned this but Tebow had another 316 game only earlier during his triumphant overtime victory over the Bears (13-10) on December 11,2011 (12-11-11???).   The SNL Tebow skit the following Saturday picked up on this before his BIG 316 game a few weeks later.    He was something like 3 for 16 on passing attempts for the first three quarters before he received his standard miraculous intervention.

      I independently verified this.  

      Tebow’s 1987 Super Bowl losing Broncos ended the 2011 season at 9-9 or 29.  8-8 during regular season record.

    • Here’s another link…


      “IF” this really happens I’ll be a very happy camper, but it’s hard to believe it when these gangsters have been in power for centuries.  And it doesn’t make sense to me why someone would give advance notice of such arrests.

      If it was me, I’d do a sneak attack on the thugs and they wouldn’t see it coming.  None of them would have any advanced knowledge or warning.  So that’s why I find this too hard to believe… because it’s not logical.

      Just like “Wikileaks” telling everyone that they had all this information that was damaging to the banksters and that they were going to release it on some future date. Again, if it was me with that damaging information, I’d release it without telling anyone.  The gangsters would just turn on the news the next day and “BAM” all hells’ breaking loose as they would be exposed.

      Which is of course the same reason I don’t have any faith in Wikileaks or it’s founder “Julian Assange”… who suddenly had George Soro’s come to his defense when he was arrested.  When a gangsters bails you out, it’s not for free!  There will be favors requested later.

      • Thats what i was thinking..Drake did say he would come out with the Green Light a few days days before they were going to do the mass arrest. I think he said this a month or so ago. If this does not happen before the 4th of July, Drake will have shot himself in the foot. I will then expect him to loose most of his followers. Time will tell..

    • Interesting Afam4, but sounds like “fear porn” again.  Remember, these gangsters have been in control for hundreds of years and I don’t think they will let it collapse this weekend.  I can tell from past experience that every time I got sucked into this stuff (and shorted the market)… I lost.

      They always pull a rabbit out of a hat at the last minute and up the market went.  Now I’m still expecting tomorrow to go down hard, but I’m not expecting the world to end this weekend as LaRouche states.

      The ES should turn back up by noon I’d say while the SPX still wants to go down.  They are pointing in different directions right now, which leads me to believe today will be a “doji” or “slightly down” day.

      At the end of the day we’ll see if the chart all line up for a nice hard down day tomorrow.  So far all I can see is that we are either starting the larger wave 3 down (I doubt it) or we in a minor wave 2 down inside a “C” wave up.  If the charts get too oversold today on the short term we could have the opposite tomorrow and rally hard in a minor wave 3 up inside a larger C wave up.

      Right now it’s still unclear.  Ritual “eleven” days don’t have too be down days.  They could also be rally days.

      Scenario A: http://screencast.com/t/wJQh5moMkUwC

      Scenario B: http://screencast.com/t/FwpENFLIEvmi

  38. Bouncing as expected gang.  The ES hit the trendline to the “T” and is rallying from it now.  So this sets up either Scenario A or B for tomorrow?  Don’t know which yet?

  39. Are any of you happy with this? 32 million will now have insurance and YOU and I will pay for them via taxes. Special taxes. Is this not Tax and spend? Isn’t that what we’re all against? 

    Now you see just how doomed we are. 

  40. Volume is very light on the SPY, which is usually Bullish.  Short term charts are mixed but mostly in the “oversold” area.  While they could get more oversold so far I don’t see any evidence that they want to go lower.  It’s seems like they are holding the market up at a slightly higher low then the low we had back on Friday.

    So, (sadly… as I’m a bear) it’s leaning toward a Bullish morning tomorrow, if not the whole day.  I’d give it 70/30 that the market level will be higher then the open within the first couple of hours.  How high will determine if this is Scenario A or B?

    If they break the 1327 area on the ES then we are clearly going up in a wave 3 inside a larger C wave.  This means today’s move down will be similar to the move down on 6/11… a one day event (A wave 2 down inside a 5 wave pattern to make up the C wave up).

    On the other hand, if we open weak and struggle to get off the lows for the first several hours of the day then we’ll basically make a bear flag and likely collapse into the close.  There is still that FP on the dollar of 86.47 that must be hit (which means the stock market will go much lower) but the question is “when”?

    This is a tough call to make right now as the charts can go either way?  Plus it looks like we are forming a Head and Shoulders pattern too (on the daily of most ETF’s).  But, my gut tells me that they want this market higher, so I’m still thinking that 1370-1385 SPX is still possible over the coming weeks.

    Tomorrow is just a wildcard day at this point, and I won’t know more until the first couple of hours.  I need to get a feel for the market early on.  All ritual “eleven” dates aren’t “down” days, but they need to be focused on when the charts all agree.  Right now they don’t all agree, but anything could change between now and tomorrow morning.

  41. I was wondering when they were going to put him into action but Sidney Crosby, #87, probably the best player in the NHL signed a 12 year $104.4 million extension today which equates to $8.7 million a year.    First time, I have seen the 144 number used in awhile (144===12 squared) unless they have been disguising it as 54  (see 5-4 Supreme Court decision today).

    The best part of Crosby though is his birthday.   August 7,1987 or 8-7-’87.

    He’s missed several games the last few years and he only played in 22 this year while suffering from a “mystery” concussion.    He missed the first 20 games before playing his first game on 11-21-11,  then stopped playing in December when he had a “relapse” and started up again on March 15.     He had 37 points (777) in 22 games.

    I believe his Canadian jersey was c7 or 37.

    • His last game in 2001 was December 5 or 125.     He really can’t sign his contract until July 1st so this is a strategically timed release.

      On his Wikipedia page, there is a photo of him in a Penguins jersey where only C and 8 are seen from the front……c 8===888.    C I guess stands for Captain.

      Pitching phenom, prodigy Trevor Bauer was finally called up to pitch today.

      The Warlock’s new show premieres tonight.    2899 the number of Warlock love from 2-21-11……..2899====1699 or 1629 or   629 or 4429 ie 2429?????
      It is 1 year 4months 8days later on 6-29…….77-8 or 5-8 or both.

      6-29 is also 77 days from the 4-13 special Friday the 13th and 59 calendar days from the 5-1 Dow high.    62 trading days from the 4-2 SP high.

      • Eventually, I’ll get to Germany’s defeat in the Euro Cup.

        Just have to mention Italian whackjob #9 Bolatelli scored both of Italy’s goals or 99 ie 29 in the 20th and 36th minutes or 2+9.   He finally converted on some point blank shots.

        • And yes there was a 9-11 substitution for Bolatelli in the 70th minute, 69 minutes on the clock.

          And I almost forgot but it is 1288 weeks from the great event double 4 years ago with 920 hit for tomorrow.

          And the market is set up for a 3 of 3 wave from the wave down from last week’s high but the higher degree wave is probably a 1.

  42. es +14 and ym +120 at 11:30 PM EST on some good volume for this time of night – very weird. This move started in the 10PM EST hour.

    • I seen that just before I went to bed Donnie.  Looks like it’s continuing into this morning too.  I wonder if it’s just the PPT juicing the market or insiders buying in anticipation of QE3 or something similar? 

  43. Gang, this goes to show you that the charts lead the news… not the other way around.  This EU summit decision showed up yesterday in the charts when I posted a 70/30 chance of a rally.

    This is a minor wave 3 up inside a larger C wave up.  There should be a wave 4 down while the insiders sell near the top and then the retail sheep will buy the dip which will create the 5th wave up.  It won’t be near as powerful as this current C wave of course, as it’s an “exhaustion” wave.  But, it’s still worth buying if we get a pullback soon.

    I wouldn’t go long if it reaches 1360 SPX before pulling back as there won’t be much more room left on the upside.  My target is still 1370-1385 for the end of this whole C wave up, which should also end the larger wave 2 up from the 1266 low.

  44. This is a similar pattern to last end of May start of June only this was a more explosive news-driven event bounce.      A saucer shaped formation from May 20 high to May 31 which saw the largest bounce day occur on the last day, May 31st.     And then on June 1st when many were bailing out of in fear of the approaching start of the month, the market tanked losing more than was gained on the previous day.

    This is the perfect setup to open the trap door after squeezing the shorts like this.  Only thing is it’s hard to believe that they would announce anything on the Euro Cup final Sunday, upstaging it.    But it is the six year anniversary of the Wayne Rooney—Christian Ronaldo 87 World Cup tussle plus Rooney and Ronaldo have all of those 1(0)-7 connections with Rooney’s last occurring on 10-07-11  (red card 10-20 suspension).

    I am beginning to think that Rooney/ Ronaldo are programmees from early in their youth and the Man U. chief their chief programmer.    Ronaldo had always worn #28 but on his arrival to Man U., the boss told him he was going to wear #7  (his first appearance for Manchester 10-7-2002).  

    July 2, ie 72 will be 1 year 1 month 1 day from the June 1,2011 reversal day.   There was also a similar saucer pattern in mid July last year.     Anyway, it was a big up day into the end of the week which didn’t work out too well in the September 2008 glory days.

    July 2 also the Gann d.z. number 505 days from the 7-01-10 low.   (4-2-12 high was 442 days from 7-01-10).   A Gann 2 year anniversary (730 days or 720 degrees).  7-2 will be 730 days from the infamous Yahoo 7-3-10 fake print.

  45. A certain little indicator is an extreme positive territory and it will take awhile to reverse down and get back to debacle territory.   In order, to get to LES Motel 512 territory, a reversal down has to come soon.

    There is the DIMA Our Kind of Traitor self takeover, merger of equal gangsta that is coming up and I have been looking at it to put in a secondary high but if the market continues to rally into that date, a certain little indicator  and its cummulative will have become too extreme.

    The merger is generating a lot headlines and acrimony.  

    DIMA, our money laundering hero from OK Tr…, similar to DIM,  Alex’s old droogie ball now turned the man in the Well Well Well clip from below.

    • The weekly chart seems to be developing the final part of the head of a possible H&S.
      If that so, we could have south moves soon to the neckline (+/- 1100’s)…

      • Looks like a “wave 3” or “C wave” up on that weekly chart to me Morpheuz.  I think we go higher next week.  Traders will be gone for the holiday’s and the gangsters will take full advantage of the light volume to push it up higher.

        Not work shorting in my opinion as it’s too easy to get squeezed.  They could chop around all week and go nowhere or rally up much higher… but I doubt if they let it sell off very far.

  46. Here’s Italian whackjob, #9 in action after his second goal again Germany during Thursday’s Euro 2012 semifinal matchup:


    On his first goal, he started grabbing and pulling at his jersey near the number 9.   After this one, he took the jersey completely off to reveal the 111 tapejob on his back.    For 9-3????
    It was his 3rd goal  (3-9) of the tournament, tying him with Christian Ronaldo (#7 or 3-7) among others for the tournament lead.    Later, another photo shows Italian #16(7) hugging him with the 111 next to the 16 on his jersey.   (3-7???)

    He was promptly awarded a yellow card for taking off his jersey.  At the 37th minute.

    Here’s a standard 29 flash, from Balotelli’s Wikipedia page:


    Balotelli plays in Manchester, England also but at Manchester City, which I assume is Wayne Rooney’s Man-U crosstown rivals.    Maybe they both share the same programmer handler.
    At least Balotelli kicks the ball with power unlike Christian Ronaldo who always seems to kick dribblers that never get airborne.

    On his first goal, they flashed the-day-after Wayne Rooney’s birthday number, and then a 14(5)-9 on Balotelli’s header.

    Germany didn’t score until extra time when an Italian player made a handball infraction in the goal box area giving the German’s a penalty kick opportunity.    Germany’s #8 then knocked it in at the ’92 minute mark or 2 minutes into extra time.

    So the goals scored in the game officially came in the 20th, 36th, and 92 minutes or 2+36(29)—92.

    • Germany with the standard Klose #11 substitution for Gomez  #23 at the 46 minute mark.
      Mueller #13 in for Boateng #20 at the 71 minute mark.   (42—71????)or 33—71???

      UEFA had a pretty interesting line set up in its lineup sections for the game:

             Germany                                                         Italy                                                    G                                                                       G       G     YC
      #8  Ozul   90-2       (followed across to Italy’s side:) #9 Balotelli   20     36    37
                                                                                               70  (sub)
                                                                              #10            58  (sub) 

  47. Italy and Spain supposedly pressured Germany in the Euro meetings this week now face each other in tomorrows Euro Cup final.    Will Germany rain on their parade??

  48. Of you course do… but it’s not likely to happen.  Sorry.  Just take the week off and enjoy it while you can, as there isn’t much time left until something big happens.  October is only 3 months away now and I fully believe they will either crash the dollar or the stock market (or both?) during Legatus.  We have a lot of pain coming our way soon…

  49. Iranian lawmakers have drafted bill proposing blocking of Straits of Hormuz for tankers headed to embargo countries…This could get ugly!

    • Sounds like they are preparing for war as Lindsey Williams said.  This could be the catalyst that causes oil to go up to $150-$200 dollars per barrel overnight.

  50. Spain defeated Italy 4-0 yesterday to win the 2012 Euro Cup.   Spain’s Fernando Torres #9 was awarded the Golden Boot award as the tournament’s top scorer with 3 goals.
    He tied several others at 3 goals (such as #7–(3-7)  Christian Ronaldo and #9–(3-9)Italian whackjob Mario Balotelli) but he was awarded the trophy since he scored more assists than anyone else.

    What is amazing is though is that he came in as a substitute late in the game in all of his matches except against Ireland when he started and scored 2 goals (29).   He came in late in yesterday’s game and immediately scored and then set up another goal with a pass to a wide-open teammate right in front of the goal.

    Torres #9 scored his 3 goals (3-9) in an incredible 189 minutes of playing time.   189==999 or 39.    Spain played six matches (generally 3 matches at 90minutes each in the group play and then in the playoffs) but the one against Portugal went into over time for an extra 30 minutes so 570 total not including extra time so around 29-33% of possible playing time.

    July 4 will be 299(39) days from September 9 in a leap year;   July 3 otherwise.   July 3 will be 1027 days from 9-9-9.   27==3×9.

    July 3 also 839 trading days from 3-6-9 and 1191 tds from 10-11-07.  119 calendar days from March 6.  

    Spain’s first goal yesterday came from the same #10-#21 combo that was responsible for Spain’s first goal of the tournament also against Italy. 

    Spain has now one the 2008 Euro Cup, 2010 World Cup and this year’s Euro Cup.

    • Torres #9 came in for #10 or 10-9 or 9-10 at the 75 minute mark and scored in the 84 minute mark.    Spain’s #6 had an interesting line too.   He came in for #13 at the 87 minute mark and then scored at the 88 minute mark (on the Torres assist) or:

      6-13(4) or 6-4  ’87  ’88

      Germany’s Gomez (#23) had as many points as Torres but wasn’t awarded the Golden Boot so I don’t know what the tie-breaking criteria is.

      Russia’s #17 and Croatia’s #17 also had 3 goals apiece.

      3-9   (torres)
      3-9     (balotelli)
      3-7      (ronaldo)
      and 2 —-3-17s —–ie 38s.       6 players with 3 goals apiece.

  51. Oh I forgot…..The Bradley date from his ode to the ’29’92 ritual is 7373 days from July 3.   Until July 9, the last two numbers will correspond to the current July date.

    Crude oil and the euro down decently.

  52. July 4 will 236years from the 1776 founding date (236years +64 days from the other founding that year)

    236 years===86199 days or 8(61)99 or 87–29 
    7474 days from tomorrow was  1-17–92 or 117/29or 911…….7374 days from Bradley’s ode to the ’29’92 ritual.

    The Henley Regatta begins tomorrow.

    • I am slipping……..It is also 15×15.7333333333 years from 1776 following last year’s 15×15.6666666…….15(3×5) the power number.   We had tops this year and last on 5-1 with the overall markets peaking on last year’s 5-1.

      Tomorrow is also 1029 days from 9-9-9.(1028–(7×4) today)   With the ECB meeting on 7-5, I don’t know how they can pull anything off tomorrow. 1029====39????

      Pitching phenom Trevor Bauer #4 made his major league debut last Thursday and threw 74 pitches and was pulled after 4 innings.    His line:   4innings pitched 2runs allowed for a 4.50 era.   His next start is tonight.

      A certain little indicator is at historical extremes (extreme positive) and needs to immediately reverse in order to get into debacle territory by LES Cali motel 217 time.

      Don’t worry, it reached these extremes back at the B wave high double 4 years ago.

      Travis Bickle (from Taxi Driver) went ballistic back in the middle of the summer of ’75.(movie was released on 2-28(4×7)-76)….37 years ago.

      Russell 2000 60 min RSI at a super extreme 77.66 while the MACD is stretched to extreme levels while the historogram bars are diverging badly.    Russell 2000 outperformed the SP and Dow on the reflex bounces in August and September 2008.

      • Wow,  Bauer born on January 17,1991…..which makes him 21 years old or 21years 168 days old or 7839 days old tomorrow on July 4……21 + 168===777,888.

        His wikipedia page is loaded with freaky numbers like his UCLA freshman year numbers:   9-3 record 2.99ERA (39) 92 strikeouts in 105.1 innings.

        I particularly like his professional signing day (my bday). Most of these big name draftees usually hold out for as long as possible and never play the year they are drafted.

        Matt Latos, Yahoo’s fantasy player of the week, with an interesting video by Yahoo.

  53. For your July 4th viewing pleasure:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zatmdqTYivI                 The Henley racing sequence from the Social Network.

    A classic that never gets old.    Race #12 and the 1 mile racing bouy with the 12 on it obviously refer to the current year.

           Bouy:                    1  Mile        MILE===13-9-12-5  MILE as in MIAMI…13×9==117
                                        2  1

    149 on the racing board refers to 777.    The clocks at the finish line at 4:21 and 3:15 or 34 and 43 add to 77 or 711.

    The 23 flashed near the end of the race on the rowboats just as the Winklevoss twins are overtaken by the Dutch team and defeated.    The Winklevoss twins then are handed another defeat when they find out that Marky Z. has played them for fools and absconded with their Harvard Connect U. concept.    So I can’t imagine the 23 number is a very positve one.

      • Not yet Anthony as the FP hasn’t been hit yet.  Besides that it’s still going to be light volume all day as most traders are still gone for the 4th of July holiday.  Don’t be surprised if it just drops back to support today (around 1350 zone on the ES Futures) and then rallies back up some tomorrow.

  54. Gang, I haven’t done a new post because it’s pointless to expect any selloff to start during this light volume holiday week.  I’ve just taken the time off… sorry I’ve anything new, but there’s not anything worth posting right now.

  55. Anyone have thoughts  on TVIX? tempted to buy at times, but I’ve gotten burned before on stocks under investigation.

      • sorry, E.T.NS. claims its supposed to do twice the ^vix, but it doesn’t really seem to follow that trend. Plus, i believe it got hammered on day, which is what created the lawsuit/s

  56. Dow with a new high today but a divergence on the 60min Rsi.   SP did not make a new high and it hit 77.66 rsi on July 3 and $rut hit 83 rsi.    Interesting numerology but I wonder if a divergence is needed there.    Tomorrow will be an easy setup for a bear flip.   Plus the opening range for the month will be established.

    A certain little indicator should be down decently today no matter what unless there is an unexpected surge into the close.   $nyse is way outperforming everyone else to the downside.
    At this point, we need extreme positive days just to keep this indicator elevated and flatlining.

  57. commodities have been getting hammered. I wonder how much lower they can bring them

  58. I caught the tail end of the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” Wednesday night at around 11 pm.    Which means it probably started at 10:57 which makes sense.    Haven’t heard that song on the radio in awhile.

    Looked at the Simpsons video and it too now makes sense.    The standard 54 to start the countdown, the meaning of the 19 equivalent etc….6-11 obviously a reference to 66 or 26 or 12.

    Trevor Bauer #4 in his 2nd major league start on 7-3 (2-4 or 4-2) gave up 7runs 6 earned in 3.1 innings pitched.   3.1 (111?) 76???

    Double four years ago the big turn came on 10-6 but that was a Tuesday.   It means the same thing anyway.

    Christian Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are both 27 years old.
    This German guy I know who is a big European soccer fan basically ridiculed Ronaldo when I asked him why didn’t Portugal have him kick a penalty kick against Spain.  (It was reported that Ronaldo asked to kick fifth but his turn never came—5–for #7.   The 4 letter reported among other things that Ronaldo had made 92%(9-11) of his kicks (23 for 25) in Euro league play over the last few years.)   He said they knew he would f$#@* it up.   Then he said Ronaldo wasn’t even the best player on Portugal’s team.   I didn’t take it a step furthur and call Ronaldo a model/ programmee running around as a soccer player.   He wasn’t happy with the German coach not playing his younger players but I didn’t venture to tell him that the coach is told to play the players based on their numerological implications  rather than on their playing abilities.   He especially didn’t like them playing 34 yearold Klose #11 ie 7-11 (as one publication described him).   Klose did score a goal against Greece (he did start that game-his only start) and he did his patented slide after the goal and raised his arm but the camera cut away before he could extend his fingers into the 666 hand sign that he loves to display.

    That Germany-Greece game had a bevy of ritualistic numbers with each goal and I never did cover that game. 4-2 final score.

    •  I’d be careful with it.. While it is tempting, because of what it claims, it doesn’t follow suit. If you look at ^vix vs TVIX, it doesn’t do “2x”. A while back, thankfully I wasn’t trading it then, it just dropped out of nowhere and a whoever was holding it got fuked. To day trade it is one thing, but I’d be careful with it as a hold.

      • my chart analysis shows is it as a BUY.  The VIX should see about 25 by next week, which put TVIX at about 9ish or so.  However, the FP of 11.11 shows something bizzare to hit us.  Just wondering.

  59.    I was pretty certain that Andy Murray, would prevail at Wimbledon with the Queens Jubilee year and all that, but no, the King, Federer did.  Hmmm.

    • So WB, what’s your thoughts on this coming week?  Up, Down, Sideways?  I haven’t had time to study the charts yet, or write a new post, but based on what I seen Friday there appears to be one more push higher still left.

      •      Yeah, it could go higher.   What about this fake print?  On tvix?  Is it valid? And by the way, can you send personal tweets now on twitter, to an individual member, instead of a bulk tweet?

        • Don’t know about the TVIX print as I never seen it?  I think you can send personal messages on Twitter but I haven’t really tried.  I rarely use it… or FaceBook.

    • Yes, I saw Federer won.   His first grand slam title in awhile.   He was predicted to be in the French Open Final in Le Carre’s Our Kind of Traitor but I guess LeCarre’s crystal ball was a little foggy and he meant Wimbledon instead.    After all,we have our merger of equal gangstas, self-takeover taking place later in the week which was when our poor money laundering hero Dima was forced to signover the papers of his business(Arena Global Trading) officially to the Prince.   Haven’t checked to see if the merger takes place in London or Switzerland.    (Berne Switzerland in the book)

      But I guess for literary sakes, Paris makes for a much more exotic, thrilling setting than London especially when all of the principals (minus Dima and the Prince) are British.

      What has happened to the red tool bar?  I am losing my incentive to post without that thing around.

  60. Based on what I see in the charts currently the ES Futures could drop to the 1335 support area, but the Dow is already at support.  The SPX could drop to the 1337 area to find its’ support.  However, the 4h, 2h, and 60min charts on the ES are oversold currently which means that we should rally up some today.

    The SPX only has the 60min chart oversold as it’s lagging behind the ES.  The 4h and 2h chart still has room to go down lower.  This implies that a rally up today should provide a nice entry to short for the move down to the 1337 area.

    Both daily charts on the ES and the SPX are rolling over and will put pressure on any rally up.  The only wildcard here is “if” the low volume allows them the rally up and put in a higher high then the previous 1375 level.  If so then the move down to the 1335-1337 area will be invalid.

    The strength of this rally should determine if this is just a bounce to be shorted or the end of a 4th wave down with a 5th wave up to new highs still to come.  For now it’s good for a long position, but how high is unknown.

    • Hmmm…. either they are clearing out stops (for those long) or they plan to go down to 1335 ES first, and then rally up.  I take that back on being a good long position.  I’d sit on the sidelines and only go long if we hit the 1335 support area, or go short if we rally all day and work off the oversold conditions on the short term charts.

      • Based on the volume being “extremely” LOW right now I fully expect a rally to start once the market finds its’ support level.  So, if we close down here near the lows I’d expect a quick move down tomorrow morning to hit the 1335 area on the ES and the 1337 area on the SPX.

        Then a reversal rally should happen.  The time between today and tomorrow morning should be enough to get the 4h, 2h, and 60min charts oversold on both the ES and the SPX.  Once they turn back up we should see the daily chart put in a smaller histogram bar on its’ chart and probably a slightly higher high… hitting the FP on the SPY from last week at 138.41 (about 1384 SPX).

  61. slv looking pretty good today….euro strength i assume…. think its worth holding? 

    • Silvers weekly chart looks ready to rally but it’s also putting in a bear flag on it.  The daily chart is mixed and could go up more or rollover and head lower.  Short term though I could see it hit 27.00 and then stall.

  62. Interesting….


    This guy see’s 87-88 on the Dollar once it breaks out, which should take 4-8 weeks he thinks. Obviously he’s not a reader of this blog as we all know that the dollar will hit the FP of 86.47, but it’s nice to see someone else with the same thoughts.

    So, the plan could be to drop down one more time tomorrow (maybe?) and hit the support zone of 1335-1337, and then rally to the SPY FP of 138.41… followed by a 4-8 week sell off as the dollar races toward it’s FP of 86.47… simple huh? LOL

  63. Ok gang, it looks like we put in the low yesterday and won’t be going down to the support zone of 1335-1337.  The lowest we came yesterday was 1341, so I guess that’s the bottom of this 4th wave down and we are now in the 5th wave up.

    I think we’ll hit the 138.41 SPY FP and then rollover.  No guarantee that the print will be a turning point but the charts agree with that forecast currently.  We’ll have to see what they look like after we hit the target.

      • Not sure yet Anthony?  But since we couldn’t rally up very far this does make me wonder about the “when” part concerning the 138.41 FP.  This down move to retest the lows again has a high chance of continuing lower.

        The current support isn’t likely to hold.  This means we should hit the 1335-1337 support zone at least.  Will it hold or break is the question?  Volume is very low right now, so this move down is very controlled.

    •  this makes more sense to me. I’m thinking we rally up to/maybe above? the FP for the next two-three weeks, right before the games, then a big leg down with some false flag. Then, possibly, qE3. “IF” it plays out as such, I think that “The day the dollar died” video may hold true. Makes no sense to even think about qe4 if it doesn’t play as such… It would be too early for another bailout if QE3 occurred any later… just my thoughts

  64. Good morning gang…

    The market traded allow the rising trendlne of support last night and this morning on the ES Futures.  It formed a bear flag and is currently breaking down from that flag.  However, the short term charts are oversold and curling back up.  If they don’t take out the low from yesterday then I think this is a buying opportunity.

    • The only chart that worries me is the daily, as it’s could easily continue down.  The shorter term charts are oversold and want to rally but the daily could easily go lower.  If the low from yesterday breaks then we could see a nasty wave of selling. If it holds then we should see a rally.  Tough call right now.

      • Interesting. I think any scenario would create QE3. If he doesn’t hint at it, the market will likly spike down and they would likely step in to do something. If he does, then we rally, i say, up to right around the games, then they do it after some false flag. Those scenarios, as stated below, would make me believe that video, f the dollar dying, may hold true. Plus, i don’t think they’d devalue the dollar in october without first having qe3

        • From the open until around 11:30am to Noon is when the largest volume of buying/selling happens… then the last hour of the day.  So, if they can’t push this market down into some wave 3 of selling by noon, the odds of a rally from oversold short term charts go up to 80%, while right now I see the odd’s at 60% rally, 40% selloff.

    •  I think we are going to rally up to about 1353 SPX (1350 ES) tomorrow followed by a nasty wave 3 of 3 down.  That FP of 138.41 is going to have to wait as I don’t see it hitting anytime soon.

      There is a downward sloping trendline that should stop the bulls around that 1350-1353 area, which also makes a triangle when you include the rising trendline of support that the market is currently riding.

      If this rally does happen then what follows will be very ugly.  So maybe my rally call will play out tomorrow morning followed by the wave 3 of 3 call as I explain in the video?

      •  I’d agree. The sub 1,000 level makes sense to really milk the impact of another easing. No matter what’s said today, i still see QE3 in August, so they’re going to have to make things look pretty ugly first.. Shedding 3-400 points off the s&p would be pretty ugly. Possible? I think so

          • Bernanke speaks today at 2pm of the rehash of Junes’ FOMC meeting.  Assuming he says nothing again, and just has “promises” of QE3, but not actually implementing it… then we should see a brief rally on “hopes” into the close, then reality sit in tomorrow morning… and finally, down we go!

          •  That’s one way to make sure the vast majority lose money on this…wouldn’t surprise me

    • So far all is going as expected.  I think we just had a “B” wave down with “A” wave up being from the 7/10 low of 1330.50 (ES) to the 7/11 high of 1342.50 (yes, I realize that we actually violated EW by going a little lower on this “B” wave down and making a new low of 1330.25, but I think the gangsters do that to trick us).

      At this point we need to see a “C” wave start into the close and into tomorrow morning that shouldn’t go past the downward sloping trendline that is currently just below 1350 ES and falling.

      You can say that they took out all the bulls’ stops that we’re hoping for QE3 just now with this “B” wave down, and the “C” up will take out all the bears’ stops that seen the bear flag and shorted the market at the top of the “A” wave up.

      Once both bulls and bears are out of their positions the market will be free to fall hard into a nasty wave 3 of 3… which I see happening tomorrow sometime.  The only thing that would change my mind is a gap up over that falling trendline of resistance.  It should fall to “just above 1345” by tomorrow morning if I guessing.

      Gap over that and this forecast is wrong.  Fail to gap up and I see an 80% chance that the falling trendline will stop the bulls and allow for another wave of selling to start.

        • Sheesh… that was scary!  Looks like the PPT is coming in to save the day now as the selling seems to have died down.  However, this could change the outlook a little.  They could rally up tomorrow much less then previously expected and only ride just below the rising trendline of support (now turned resistance as it’s clearly broken now).

          This could take most of the day tomorrow and just put in another bear flag allowing for a hard drop into the close or on Friday.  The market now has too recapture the broken trendline of support and go through the downward sloping trendline of resistance.

  65. I don’t think they went up far enough, yet, to stop out the bears…. So, I say we still push up a bit tomorrow and line up for one nice start to a wave down for Friday the 13th- go figure

    • So far all I see is a bear flag forming with more downside likely to happen.  Sure we should rally up some, but if we just chop sideways all day tomorrow we will fall hard once the short term charts work off the oversold conditions.

  66. Good morning all…

    Doesn’t look like we are going to have that brief bounce after all.  In fact, today is looking like it’s going to be a solid down day.  We had our “pause” day yesterday as we closed with a doji candle on the daily chart.  So today we should have a long red candle.

    Sure we could rally up too and start the short squeeze, but we haven’t had any real volume on these daily down moves.  Without a “capitulation” day (heavy volume) I just don’t see yesterday (or a quick gap down and reversal today) being the end of the selling.

    And unless I’m missing something, I don’t see any real support until around 1310 area.  That’s quite a bit further down yet.  Also, the previous move down from the 1422 high on April 2nd to the low on April 10th was 65 points.  If we do something similar then the from the top at 1375 on July 5th should put the bottom at 1310.  So, shorting the bounce seems logical to me…

  67. as of 10:30 EST the adv-dec ratio and uvol-dvol ratio is looking ok/good for continued sell off today.  However, the tick hasn’t hit -1000 yet today and the trin is not acting the way it should on a down day – YET!  Trin may come around if the sell off continues but for now it’s suspicious. JMO

    • So what are you thinking Donnie?  You saying that you are suspicious of more selling, or suspicious of any rally?  Doesn’t the tick usually go well below -1000 before the selling stops?

      • When I see the tick -1000, -1500, etc means selling continues.  We never got a -1000 this AM but more alarming to me was the trin was not rising fast enough compared to other “down days” so i suspected the selling wouldn’t pickup and it didn’t.  ES turned and is moving up.  adv-dec ratio has turned up during this up move today but the uvol-dvol ratio HAS NOT.  So there is still a possibility this up move today will be limited. Trin is still not confirming an up move or down move at this time. This is just MHO.

        • Good information… thanks Donnie.  Keep us informed, as I expect that they’ll put in the bottom tomorrow around that 1310 area.  Then rally next week as it’s an OPX week (and the market being oversold will be another reason to rally)

  68. Mr. TopStep….


    I’m agreement that we should see the low either today or tomorrow.  I personally think we’ll hit that 1310 area before we rally into next week, but the low could already be in?  If they sell off into the close today then we should continue into Friday morning with a gap down.  Then by midday we could see the low and a rally should start to close Friday out with a bottoming tail candle (assuming that doesn’t happen today?)

    • Looks like the low could be in now.  I think we are seeing an “A” wave up that should hit resistance around 1335 ES, followed by a “B” wave down tomorrow morning to lure in some bears, and finally a “C” wave up into the rest of Friday and early next week.

    • That’s the problem with the ETF’s David… they have too many different sectors in them.  The gangsters just keep shifting from one sector to another to stop any huge sell off and keep the market up.

  69. The only problem i see is the doing QE3 in August at sub -1,000 levels is that even if they pulled something at the games, its unlikely the market would drop to that low of a level

  70. Big Friday the 13th tomorrow.   Wish I would have known about it awhile back.    I thought we were running out of Friday the 13ths before the grand ritual.

    704 years 9months from the original the Friday the 13th episode.    Or 7–49  or 777.   It’s all lining up beautifully.

    I have never seen MLB not start the season after the all start break with Thursday night games.     But the  second half of the season starts up tomorrow Friday the 13th with all teams playing games.    Comes across as very ceremonial.   Similar to that Sunday back in April, on Jackie Robinson day when every player and coach in baseball wore the # 42.

    Our merger of equal gangstas was postponed until SUMMERS END on Friday September 7.   Still like today as a ritualistic top for commodities.     I guess it was contentious shareholders meeting in Le Carre’s Our Kind of Traitor as our money-laundering hero Dima escaped from his “captors” there and bolted from the meeting.

    I’ve been posting elsewhere (D.E.’s) so diehards click on to my icon for anything that you might have missed.

    When the red tool bar reappears, I will return regularly.

  71. Ray Bradbury never made it to see his Fahrenheit 451 take place.   He at least made it to Quetzacoatls return which might have been good enough.

    Apparently Francois Truffaut was a big fan and co-wrote the screenplay and directed the film version of F. 451, his only English language film.    I took a look at some F. 451 and Day for Night clips and one can see the grand ritual numerology in the clips.     They even gave an Oscar for Day for Night (1973) for BEST FOREIGN film.     Truffaut died at a relatively young and ritualistically symbolic age.

    Ernest Borgnine also passed away recently.   He had a very strange and ritualistically symbolic role in RED  (29/18-45) which was released back in October 2010 in the midst of several grand-ritual centric releases  (Wall Street 2===9-24,Social Network===10-01,Red===10-15???,127 Hours==11-5,Unstoppable===11-12).    The best scene of course was  when Bruce Willis and Co. head down to Borgnine’s special records room in the bowels of See Eye A building and the elevator unusually stops at the P3 level.   (p3===73??? among its other obvious meaning).
    Were the enlightened ones giving us a clue to when P3 begins?

    • Here’s one of Borgnine’s clips from RED, in which he explains the meaning of RED.  I haven’t listened to the clip yet so I don’t remember it really.    It was one of the best movies that year and it is definitely filled with deep hidden meanings, impenetrable to all except for the highest of the insiders:


      Here’s the trailer for Fahrenheit 451, made in 1966 (26).   Bradbury wrote the book in 1953.:


      Check out the number displayed on the TV screen at the 3:50 mark when the hero has become a fugitive.  

        • Thanks ZS.    I like the version to the right titled Travis Buys a Gun at 4:23(45!!!).   It starts earlier when Travis is trying to get   Organ–I-Z-E-D on June 8 while working for Senator Palatine  (similar to Senator Palpatine????of Star Wars Phantom Menace fame????).   Then you see him wait for the taxi and a truck with interesting letters passes by.   The comments section is pretty funny too and someone did post that the guns cost $815.   I haven’t kept track of the guns and their cost but I do recall it was a 44 magnum, .38 snubnose, colt xxx etc. etc.

          The I’m Hip clip is pretty good too.   Check out the number on the building behind SPORT (Harvey Keitel).   Travis Bickle is 26 and he intends to save IRIS who is 12.  (In the final scene, you can see the number of IRIS’ building)

          I’d say all the clips are good.   Just some aren’t so family friendly.   That’s why I can’t do too many Clockwork Orange clips.

          Someone also did a compilation of shots from the movie and ended it with the shot of the TAFT hotel in the credits sequence.    Maybe he should have added the DOLL theater as well.

  72. looks like we’re shooting up pretty high already… hopefully it dops down a bit to ride it out

    • Yes it does… the bears are getting squeezed now.  The “B” wave down must have happened into the last 15 minutes of yesterday.  This looks like a “C” wave up (or wave 3?).

      I thinking this is still the first “A” wave up though and it’s currently in a wave 3 up.  The “A” wave up and the “C” wave up could have 5 waves inside them.  So, if this dips on Monday for wave 4 down and then peaks late Monday for wave 5 up, then “B” down could happen on “Turnaround Tuesday”?  Just guessing right now…

  73.  WMT,TGT,KSS are expected to make 10% more on eps… assuming, it’s all from old customers, and not any new ones coming into the market, it’ll cost 10% more to buy your usual stuff. so inflation at the stores is 10% for next year.
    I’ll take that! its better than the 40% increases I saw on some of my store bought items last year.

        •  dollar tree chain has gone through the roof over the past year or so…. might be a good long, after a crash…especially if they do a devaluation

        • Exactly… might want to buy a cow so you can afford to drink milk.  If I bought 2 or 4 of them I could use them to all pull my car down the road since I won’t be able to afford gas either.

  74. I’m looking for a quick move up Monday to a falling trendline that is coming in around 1365-1370 SPX… which should end this “A” wave up.  Then a “B” wave down to probably hit the rising trendline of support coming in around 1350.

    Then “C” up for “Turnaround Tuesday” until the end of the week (remember it’s Option Expiration week, which is usually bullish).  This “C” up could surprise us as I don’t know how far it will go?  But at least that 138.41 SPY (around 1384.10 SPX) is what I’d expect.

  75. The morning classic radio guy had an interesting numerological presentation today.   Since it was Friday the 13th, everything was dedicated to the number 13.   In fact all day long they were going to play pieces dedicated to the number 13.     Mozart’s infamous MAGIC FLUTE will be played later in the day.(4or 5pm???)

    Well he did his usual temperature readings and said 1.)   13th Street in Redondo Beach will reach a high of 77 degrees    2.)   13th street in bankrupt San Bernadino will reach 93 degrees
    3.)   13th street in ????? will reach 95 degrees   4.)  13th place in Grover Beach will reach 66 degrees—wherever Grover Beach is…..I’m guessing up near Pismo Beach/Morro Bay…whatever it took to make the 66 work.   So—13—77,93,95,66.

    And it rained last night and into the morning of the Friday the 13th here.    Quite a Friday the 13th anomaly.    I don’t recall it ever raining in July.

    Moby (The Sun Will be NO MORE–July 14), Tangerine Dream (Sorcerer, Thief,Risky Business–yesterday July 12—damn I missed it) and the LA Phil Harmonic, with a Beethoven 9th Symphony performance, with ceremonial grand ritual kickoff performances this week.

  76.     Had a good week.  Bought CTDT at .105 last friday and sold it today in the mid thirties.    So a good go.  Sold my bfgc purchased at .45 at .61.  Have a fellow who gives great timing tips, working out well.  Just more money to purchase FAZ with I suppose. 

      •  ah, to be blunt, most people are still to stupid to believe it….Of course they will blam “al qaeda”…. and mainstream will fall for it yet again. One thing to note though red. The last olympic bombing was on July 27th, 1996…not a ritual day… So, while I personally see it at  the 28th, i’ll place my bets on the 26th… I was thinking a monthly put 10% out… i’ll take reccs though

  77. The Warlock has quit twitter but fortunately his twitpics are still up.

    Time to revisit some classics.    Of course, let’s start with the breathless Warlock Time with the class of 1927 Bambino U ring:


    Then a new one, which is pretty good, his new Anger Management script:

    And then the old CharlieDog  inhouse stadium grubbshack:

    The charlie dog twitpic makes a lot more sense 16 months later now that we are at the onset of the grand ritual liftoff. (As we approach the 43rd anniversary of another grand liftoff so celebrated lately in many recent summer blockbusters)

    Rooster Cogburn (Coen Brothers version) will turn 187 tomorrow as Quetzacoatl roams around Roosterland in the sky.

  78. You say that Obama is behind in the polls. Have you even looked at the polls? He is ahead in all the battleground states. Therefore your basic premiss is invalid. As to your assertion of a ‘red-flag’ event, that is is as questionable as your lack of attention to the reality. 

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