Olympics False Flag By The Illuminati Cabal To Crash Stock Market…Misdirection Or Truth?


Technical Analysis Update for 08/05/2012

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Technical Analysis Update for 07/23/2012

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Please note that although my downside target is around 1315 SPX, I also think we have too hit the Dollar FP of 86.47 before bottoming and bouncing.



Once Again, The Illuminati Cabal Is Spreading Their FEAR Into The Alternative Online Community With Threats Of Killing Thousands Of People During A False Flag Event During The 2012 Olympics...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpTMXuh5DxQ)

Will this happen or is it just misdirection again?  I remember all the hype about planet X or Nibiru, and even got caught up in it myself.  But it never happened, which makes me wonder about this Olympics bombing news as well.  We all should know by now that the Illuminati Satanist pigs are always trying to trick us sheep and commonly spread "dis-information" to keep us away from the real news.

They did this with the "mass arrests" news stories that a new comer named Drake Bailey came forward with... which never happened on the dates and time periods forecast.  While I do believe that he has the best intentions and is a honorable person, he was wrong about it.  Why?  Because the Illuminati pigs love to find good people and feed them dis-information so that "trusted" source will mis-inform us "truth seekers" and "patriots".

So, are they doing the same with all this youtube coverage of the false flag planned for the 2012 Olympics?

I really don't know?  On one hand I'd say "yes" and nothing will happen... but on the other hand I have to wonder as we might be coming to a time period where the Illuminati can't hide their plans from us sheep and that they never meant for all the exposure of this coming event to make it on to youtube and every blog in the "alternative media" outlets.  Yes, they still have to honor their code that states that they must tell us sheep in advance what they plan to do to us... just like they did with 9/11 by putting out clues in the "Lone Gunmen" episode where a plane was hijacked and was going to crash into the twin towers, and the Simpsons episode with the comic book showing the price of $9 in front of the the twin towers.

But back then most sheep never seen either as a future prediction by the Illuminati Cabal as to their plans to attack the twin towers for real.  Now with all the exposure the Illuminati are getting on the internet it's very hard for them to put some planned event out in the main stream media without the masses of awake sheep seeing it and then spreading that news all over the place to wake the rest of the sheep.  This wasn't the plan by these Satanist pigs I'm sure.  They only put this stuff out there because it's their sick code of honor, not because they really want us to see it.

They would rather us "not see it" and then they can do whatever evil they want and always go back and claim that they told us in advance but we didn't listen... which is some sick way makes it "OK" for them as apparently they see this as a game in which they are playing fair by the rules as long as they tell us what their plans are before they do it.  If we don't listen then it's our fault... not theirs!  Sick game if you ask me!

But, we are dealing with psychopaths aren't we?

No sane person would worship some Reptilian Alien from another dimension that they call Satan.  One look and the Pope and the Queen is all it takes for me to believe in pure evil, as it's written all over their faces.  You don't really think that all the talk about young boys being raped by the Pope is false do you?  It goes deeper then just rape as those young boys that didn't escape to tell their story end up as food in ritual sacrifices where the Pope, the Queen (think Vampires... as in the movie "Queen of the Damned") eat these children after they first rape and torture them.

Yes, their really are monsters in this world.. they are the rich elite pigs!  To free the world from them you must continually exposure them... which is what I do (along with thousands of other bloggers, patriots, and truth seekers) while I try to piece together their plans in advance and use it to predict the future direction of the stock market.  Not an easy job I must say, but I keep trying.

Getting back to the Olympics and the plan by these Illuminati Satanist to kill thousands of people in a false flag event I'm going to stay a little worried that this "could" actually be real, and not just more mis-direction.  Why?  Not because of all the hundreds of video's on youtube piecing together all the ritual symbolism, but instead by what the elite scumbags actually stated on their own site.  I'm talking about the Rockefeller Foundation and their PDF document that states the following on page 34...


Devastating shocks like September Southeast Asian tsunami of 2004, and 2010 Haiti earthquake had certainly the world for sudden disasters. But no was prepared for a world in which large-catastrophes would occur with such frequency. The years 2010 to 2020 were the “doom decade” for good reason: Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, followed closely by an earthquake in killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost out Nicaragua, and the onset of the Famine, caused by  a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change.

Add that to what Lindsey Williams "didn't say" in this video below during the last 5 minutes when a caller calls in and asks him about the Olympics and the possible false flag planned by the elite.  Lindsey says that he hasn't heard anything one way or the other from his sources but tells us to "stay out of large crowds".  This bothers me as if his sources aren't talking about a subject then it's most likely something they really are planning to do and don't want us sheep to know about it until it's over with.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3dN9z064tA)

In the past I would have been all over this Olympics False Flag story and believing 100% that is was really going to happen.  But since we've had so many prior events (Nibiru, Mass Arrests... many of my own Stock Market Crash predicts) all come and pass with nothing coming true I have too now lean on the side of "dis-information" first and require much more evidence and facts before I go believing it.

I still support people like Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Drake Bailey, Lindsey Williams, Alex Jones and many others... but you all have too realize by now that the Illuminati Cabal are likely mixing in truth and lies to feed to these good people in an attempt to give us sheep "hope" and to keep us distracted from what's really going on.  Going down the "rabbit hole" will turn you into a conspiracy nut and make you paranoid all the time.  You have to keep yourself focused and remember that the entrance to that hole is full of traps to keep you from going deeper where the truth really is.

The "truth" is going to be something that it hidden in plane site but so boring that the "Red Pill" sheep don't want to read because it isn't entertaining like these Hollywood stories of "doom and gloom" or of "rescue by some unknown group of good guys".  Many sheep fall by the wayside and are trapped by the pretty glowing objects in this entrance down this rabbit hole.

Those objects are exciting stories put out by the dark ones to keep you from going further down the hole.  They are the stories of "mass arrests" where the good guys win, and the bad guys lose.  This keeps us red pill taker sheep happy as we think we are winning and the Illuminati is losing.  The truth is that they are still fully in control of the world right now, and that definitely includes the stock market.

Will that come to an end and the good guys actually arrest the bad guys?

I think it will but only after the stock market crashes hard and exposes these criminals to the "Blue Pill" taker sheep.  They must wake up and demand justice or the bad guys will continue to enslave all of us sheep.  This "New World Order" will then fail as too many people will reject it.  But that can only happen if enough sheep wake up from their dream they've been living in.  Unfortunately that will require the greatest stock market crash in the history of the world!

But between now and then it's my job to try and forecast the next move in this casino we call a "stock market".  So while I'm worried about this Olympics "False Flag" event as actually being something that the Illuminati Cabal are actually planning on carrying out, I can only keep that in the back of my mind and see if it will line up with how I see things happening in the technical analysis of the charts.  So what do I see?  For next week I see a rally...

The charts are still very bearish on the monthly and weekly charts but the daily and all shorter term ones say the market will go up for awhile.  So while I was right on the call I made several weeks ago about the market rallying up to the resistance zone of 1370-1385 SPX to hit the falling trendline of resistance, I don't think I'll be right about that being the top of this rally up and some type of "Wave 3" down starting from there.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxqE3RG_wqw)

Yes, we did hit that area (1374.81 spx was the high on 7/3/12) and did sell off from it... but we are now rallying up and I now think that they will put in yet another high that takes out that 1370-1385 zone of resistance.  This means the "Wave 3" down is likely delayed for a couple of weeks... which ironically puts the peak around the time the Olympics start this coming July 27th through August 12th).  So I'm looking for ritual days ("11" days) for a peak to happen on, and the 28th of July is the first one I see.  When you add up all the numbers in the date 07/28/2012 (0+7+2+8+2+0+1+2=22) you get "22"... or "eleven" as 22, 33, 44, etc... are all master numbers that are dividable by 11.  I think this will be the day the market peaks.

Now look at a daily chart of the SPX and draw a rising trendline starting at the closing price of 1332.42 on 5/29 (yes the 29th is another "eleven" day as 2+9=11), then connecting it to the 6/19 close of 1357.98, and finally the recent high of 1374.02 (closing price) on 7/3... which makes a line that points up toward the 1405-1420 area by the time we reach the end of the month.  Over the next 2 weeks that trendline will rise up into that zone and depending on where the market first hits it will be determined by how long it takes to get there.

If we have a really strong rally this coming week then we could hit it in the lower area of 1405 spx, but if it stalls out and chops sideways for several days next week and doesn't come close to it then it should make another attempt during the last week of this month for that trendline... which by then will have risen higher and be closer to the 1420 zone.  That will of course fool every last bear if it rises that high and every bull will think that the market is going to a new high.  This is typical thinking by the bulls as it's true that a third attempt at breaking through a resistance area usually pierces it... hence the old saying that there isn't any "triple tops" or "triple bottoms".

But that really only works when multiple attempts are made close together, not when they are so far apart like they will be if that zone is reached over the next 2 weeks.  I don't think it will be broken, but instead I think it will fall short of those two previous tops tricking the bulls that buy that move down (from the close attempt at those prior highs... maybe 1410?) who see it as just a dip before a final move up for a triple top.  It won't likely be "just a dip" but instead the start of the "Wave 3" down.

And the bears will be waiting to as they want to short from that triple top just like the bulls who want to exit their longs at that level.  Both will be wrong as the market comes just short enough to trick the bulls into staying in their longs (as they assume there will be one more push higher) and the bears don't get short because it hasn't come up high enough yet.  This is the zone of 1405-1415 SPX... which is where every trader will think that market is just close enough to make a new high and no bear will want to risk shorting at because it's so close to the two previous highs at 1422.38 on 04/02/2012 (a ritual "eleven" day as the numbers all add up to the master number of "22") and the 05/01/2012 high of 1415.32 (another "eleven" day as they again all add up to an "11")... which was of course right in the middle of the last Legatus meeting!

When will this market likely top you ask?  How about the next ritual "eleven" date of 07/28/2012?

So, are you getting the picture now?  I hope so as that's the date I'll be looking the closes at for a final top before a plunge into a "Wave 3" down.  By that date I fully expect the rising trendline to be in the zone of 1405-1415.  Now of course the market is closed on Saturday the 28th, which means the high should happen on Friday the 27th, or Monday the 30th.  If we see a "topping tail" candle close on the daily chart on Friday then I'd say we'll see a gap down on the following Monday.  If not, then we should open up that Monday and start down... which then the "topping tail" candle will happen on that date.

I did a little calculation with the levels and that rising trendline to forecast where it will be at in the next 2 weeks.  I took the 3 highs (closing price)  from those dates that the trendline where it connects and came up with a rise of about 1.6565 points per day.  So, if we go out another 10 days (until the 27th) and include the 7 days already pasted from the 7/3 high, we have 17 days in total.  Take 17 and times it by 1.6565 points per day and we get 1402.18 as a high on July 27th.  Here's how I figured this out...

1357.98-1332.48=25.56/15 days=1.7040 points
1374.02-1357.98=16.04/10 days=1.6040 points
1374.02-1332.48=41.54/25 days=1.6616 points

1.7040 + 1.6040 + 1.6616 = 4.9696/3 = 1.6565 points per day.

From the high on 7/3 of 1374.02 including the 7 days already past and add the coming 10 days you get 17 days.

Take 17 days times 1.6565 points per day and you get 28.1610 points.

Add 28.1610 point to 1374.02 and you get 1402.18 as the likely spot the trendline will be at on the 27th.

If you go one more day to Monday the trendline will be at 1403.8375 (1402.18+1.6565=1403.8375).

Therefore, if this all goes as planned we'll have a high in the market just around the time the Olympics start.  That then leaves the next ritual "eleven" date of 08/09/2012 (0+8+0+9+2+0+1+2=22) as the perfect time for the Illuminati to stage their "False Flag" bombing event (or fake Alien Invasion?) for the nasty "Wave 3 of 3" down to start.  This assumes that we start the first sub-wave down  (wave 1 down) of this larger "Wave 3" down on the first ritual "eleven" date of July 28th (the 27th or the 30th), and also finish the sub-wave 2 up... allowing for a sub-wave 3 and the larger wave 3 down to happen at the same time.

I don't see any other ritual dates in July other then the 28th... which unfortunately is on a Saturday when the market is closed.  But that doesn't stop the gangsters from releasing some damaging news on that Saturday to make sure Monday is ugly for the stock market.  There is the other possibly that the market makes it into the week of July 30th before starting down.  Why you ask?  Because there is a FOMC meeting scheduled for July 31st-August 1st (http://federalreserve.gov/whatsnext.htm).

This could mean that the ignore the ritual eleven date of July 28th and push this out until Bernanke speaks on August 1st.  What could he say that would start the selling?  How about a rate increase?  Yes we all know that it's only a matter of time before the Fed's will raise the interest rates but figuring out "when" is obviously something only Bernanke (and the insiders) know.  I'm just guessing of course... mainly because the charts will be lined up for a nasty wave 3 down to start.

So maybe the Illuminati want to tank the market hard in front of the November election to make Obama look bad so they can get their gangster puppet Mitt Romney into office?  Remember that Lindsey Williams was told by his sources that the elite aren't happy with Obama and that he might not get re-elected.  They seem to want their puppet thug Romney into office right now... but they need to do a lot of "bad-mouthing" Obama here pretty quickly to make the sheep vote for someone else.  Problem is... the sheep hate Romney too!

That will take an awful good "public relations" campaign to get that stooge elected.  Of course all elections are rigged anyway and it really doesn't matter if the public like Romney or not... if the Illuminati want him into office they will put him there.  Now I don't think that the "Big One" is going to happen during this time period between now and the election, but I do expect some serious selling to happen if they plan to get Obama out and Mitt in.

Moving forward to the "Big One"...

I don't think the final high is in (back on 4/2/2012), but instead I see QE3 coming into the market later this year at some point.  We also still have the 40% dollar devaluation coming at some date this year (according to Lindsey Williams' elite source).  It's possible that the coming Legatus meeting in October will be the period that they do the dollar devaluation... which means that the dollar will crash, not the stock market.  I only know that those meetings usually produce a "turn" in the market... which direction is unknown?  If the market is taking into that date (again... probably because they don't want Obama re-elected), then destroying the dollar right before the election will be blamed on the current president and the people will be extremely angry and want change (not that they will get it with Romney).

Anyway... you get the idea now.  That's just a little look at the future over the next few months.  Looking into next week I see this rally continuing with a like pullback (or chop sideways) once the falling trendline is hit around 1365-1370 SPX area.  This is the same falling trendline that the market hit back on 7/3 and connects to the 4/2 and 5/1 high.  It should stop the rally temporarily and let it fall back to the rising trendline around 1347 on Fridays' close (or possibly another lower trendline that will be around 1325 on Monday... but I really doubt if it hits that one).

So, I would exit all longs around the 1365-1370 area (which should hit by Wednesday) and go to cash for the pullback to 1350-1360 area (as it will be around 1360 by Wednesday because it's rising every day).  I could then see them back down to that area and close out the week on "option expiration" Friday between the 1350-1360 SPX are (about 135-136 SPY).  This makes the most sense as that's about the middle ground of "open interests" for the "puts" and "calls" that expire at the end of this coming week.

This then leaves the following week of July 23rd to July 27th as the next push up toward the 1405-1415 area.  I know that seems crazy but when you stop thinking like a bear or bull and just focus on what you see in the charts this is what it points to.  Just look at the low on 6/4 of 1266 to the high of 1363 on 6/19 (not closing price, but intraday price) and you see that it took 11 days to make that move and rallied 97 points in total.

I think that was a "A" wave up that then was followed by a "B" wave down to the intraday low of 1309 on 6/25... which means we are likely in a "C" wave up right now.  The technical analysis of the MACD's and Histogram bars on the Daily chart support a "C" wave up right now too, which is why I have labeled it that... not because I support or make forecasts based on Elliottwave.  We all know that there are many, many different counts when you use just that type of charting.  You must use a combination of different types of charting to put the whole picture together.

That's why I'm use technical analysis, elliottwave, time cycles, numerology, FOMC days, Legatus meetings, and of course the toss of a coin (LOL) to forecast the market direction.  Getting back to this "C" wave up, if you assume that wave "C" up should be at least as long as wave "A" up then you should add 97 points to the start of that wave "C" up at 1309... which puts the high at 1406 SPX!  Funny how that lines up with the rising trendline too...

Also note that it took 11 days to rally up from the 1266 low on 6/4 to the high of the "A" wave up of 1363 on 6/19 (not including 6/4, but including 6/19).  Now the low on last Thursday (7/12/2012) of 1325 to Friday the 27th is exactly 11 (again, not including 7/12 but including 7/27)... which is from what I can interpret just the last wave 3, 4, and 5 of this wave "C" up.  The first wave 1 up and 2 down inside this wave "C" up started at the low of 1309 on 6/25 and ended on the low of 1325 on 7/12.

Looking at the 6/25 low of 1309 and fast forwarding out to 7/27 you have 23 trading days... about double the 11 trading days it took for the "A" wave up from 1266 to the 1363 high on 6/19.  This makes sense as "C" waves are usually twice as long as "A" waves... either in "Time" or "Points", or "Both".  In this case I see it being in "time value", whereas the "points" value will like be about equal to the "A" wave.

So there you have it... the forecast for the coming weeks.  I hope this all helps you make better trades.  While I'm not here to tell you what to trade or when to trade as I've been wrong before and will be wrong again... that's just the nature of trading.  But hopefully having the bigger picture here will help you plan your trades better.  As always, be sure to read the comments daily as I post updates there several times a day... which is obviously needed because the market changes daily.

On a sidenote, here's a video worth re-watching if you haven't already seen it...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsGak94OoN8)

It covers more about the Olympics possible false flag as well as some numerology too.  Also note that Rik Clay (the author in the video) was assassinated by the Illuminati Cabal, which makes this video even more credible.

Good luck as always...


P.S.  If anything I say helps you in any way a small donation is always appreciated.  🙂



  1.  They tend to rally the market pretty high before doing a big crash, so 1400+ is certainly a possibility…. The million dollar question is, will that crash come from a rate increase? or a false flag? Time will tell.

    • I don’t know “when” they will do a rate increase but it will happen eventually.  Regardless of whether they do or do not increase the rates I still see the market topping around that level.

  2. Good morning gang…

    This brief pullback shouldn’t last too long and is a buying opportunity.  I suspect it will turn back up by noon but could last until the close.  Today should just end up as a “doji” or pause day on the daily charts.

    It could be slightly positive or slightly negative, but not down very far.  If it turns back up by noon then it could actually rally up 5-10 spx points, but about “flat” seems more likely.  This will allow the overbought charts to reset and push up tomorrow I think.

    I suspect a peak by Wednesday followed by some selling on Thursday and Friday.  They will likely pin the market in the 1350 SPX (135 SPY) area by Friday I think.

    •  I have the exact same outlook Red.

      Not sure if thats a good sign..or a that we’re due an imminent 1000pt sp hyper- ramp 😉

      Looking for a re-short around 1365/70 Tue/Wed.

      Good wishes!

    • Yes… very boring.  All this sideways chop is just putting in a bull flag for tomorrow I believe.  However, I think we’ll put in the high for the week on Wednesday and then drift back down some on Thursday and Friday.

      •  Yeah. Then rally up nicely before the games would make sense… Especially if they have any intentions of pulling something. They did this crap before they said no qe3 last year… Peaked the market nice and high, and then no bailout…. seems logical to me to get the sheeple in on the rally

    • Nice catch Leopisa… yes I could see a move down this Thursday and Friday.  We have Bernanke speaking today at 10am and again tomorrow at 10am.  This should keep the market up and let it hit the wall of resistance in the 1370 SPX area.

      At that point I would go short for a move down, but how far down is unknown?  As I pointed out in this chart (http://content.screencast.com/users/RedDragonLeo/folders/Jing/media/dfd3d6fa-6511-4e8d-8840-2fbabafc3aa3/2012-07-16_1435.png) the market has 3 trendlines of resistance in that zone.  But my thoughts about it only dropping to the rising trendline of support around 1352 by Friday could be wrong.

      First off, the line is rising and should be around 1355-1358 SPX by Friday… which isn’t too far from 1370 SPX, which leads me to believe that level of support won’t hold and we’ll drop to the horizontal support at 1337 which by Friday the rising trendline below that (around 1325 today) should be getting close to 1330… adding more support.

      So, based on how overbought the short term charts are right now I just can’t see it not breaking the first rising trendline of support (around 1352 today) and failing back to the horizontal trendline or the next rising trendline (around 1325 today).

      After that we’ll re-evaluate the charts to see if they have one more push higher in them or if this is the start of a very large move down.  Interestingly enough, this article by ZeroHedge shows some scary chart comparisons from where we are now and where we were last year.


      So having a big “surprise” down day on this coming Thursday makes a lot of sense to me… expecially since it’s a ritual “eleven” day. (0+7+1+9+2+0+1+2=22/2=11)

          • We still have the 138.41 SPY FP to keep an eye on too, as although I see the next level of resistance at 1368-1370 SPX… so does all the other bears.  Rarely do they let them in on a big move down, which means all those bears that have stops just above 1370 will be cleared out first.

          •  we’ll see how it plays out, but I’m thinking we hit, and maybe pass?, that FP next week… Too early to tell right now though. We’ll see what crap reptilian Bernanke has to say tomorrow.

          • But don’t be surprised if we see a big down day on Thursday.  It’s a ritual “eleven” and the charts are way overbought therefore supporting the move down.  After that… who knows?

  3. Yeah lets see..  tend to like the weekly options. so that would be a big risk, but I’ll probably do a small position. waiting to see how the games play out…. After that, I’ll throw a nice donation your way for the insightful posts/thoughts

    • Thanks… 🙂

      And you might get your chance if Bernanke causes a rally tomorrow where the daily chart closes out with a “solid white candle”.  The reason is that past history shows that there is usually a “slightly” higher high the next day following an “all up day”… which would give you a chance to short Thursday morning at the “pop” open.

        • They do it all the time Anthony.  The bears see the big up day and assume it will go down the next day.  So they short at the close looking for a gap down that turns into a gap up (to take them out of their shorts) followed by the sell off they expected (but of course they aren’t short anymore and miss it).

    • Nice chart San.  I’m expecting a false breakout through the resistance line on that triangle you’ve drawn.  Up to the FP on the SPY of 138.41 is totally possibly but it’s going to be tough getting through the 1370 SPX area (about 137 SPY).

      That whole area looks to me to be the best place to go short.  It’s common actually to see false breakouts as they are designed to clear out the bears’ stops and trap the bulls.  With that prior SPY high of 137.51 several weeks back a quick move up to 138.41 would certainly clear out the stops.

      By that time the short and medium term charts will all be very, very overbought and a nice wave down should follow.  The support levels on the way down are far and few between too… so the move should gather a lot of steam once it gets started.

      Add in the fact that this Thursday is another ritual “eleven” day (thanks to Leopisa for catching it… I overlooked it) and you have the makings for a bear feast here soon.


  4. If I’m thinking correctly (like the gangsters that manipulate the market), I’d run this up to the double top area around 137.50 SPY (1370-1375 SPX) and close the market there.  That will leave both bulls and bears guessing for tomorrow.

    Then you simply gap up to the 138.41 SPY FP (about 1384.10 SPX) to lure in the bulls and take out the bears’ stops above 1375 area… followed by rolling over and not stopping, at which point the bears won’t short because they think it’s just a dip  and the bulls will keep buying that dip that never happens.

  5. Doesn’t look like we’re quite there yet… Another push up tomorrow to the FP would seem logical. Then a nice flip right into the ritual date Thursday

    • Yes, they need to go down some afterhours to launch the ramp up tomorrow morning (on the ES) and then they can gap over the 1370 SPX resistance zone, take out all the stops, and hit the 138.41 FP on the SPY!

      Then “BAM”… without even a “thank you madam” they’ll roll this pig over and let it tank! Not sure if it starts on Wednesday or Thursday but I’d be looking to go short if the FP is hit… regardless of which day it happens.

      •  Ha… would be nice…. we need to get back in the red… The profits are so much nicer… we’ll see what tomorrow brings though

  6. There’s a strange fake print quote for crude oil over at yahoo finance right now.

    It shows crude at :    93.25  up 2.72 at +3.00% with the last trade at 5:07pm.

    Those are some very seasonal numbers.
    The chart shows 4 spikes up to the 93.25 price but I checked CME and the January contract never traded even near there today.

    It looks like options expiration for crude occurred today so no more reason to hold it up now.

    Tomorrow is 7-18, the date associated with Rooster Cogburn’s death in True Grit, when younging now old Mattie Ross is handed a poster of the Buffalo Bill show with that date on it when she visits the now elderly now deceased ROOSTER in 1903.     It’s also a prominent date in UNKNOWN, 7-18-06.

    Transports were down today.

  7. I came across a book Ray Bradbury that he wrote in 2006:     Farewell Summer.
    Tried to figure what that means but it’s really hard to read.  
    It does take place in October 1st sometime I guess in his youth.  (1920s—it’s supposedly the sequel to Dandelion Wine which I am unfamiliar with).

    I saw all of the appropriate numbers embedded throughout the text.

    I’ve never really read anything by Bradbury although in high school we were supposed to get a visit by him but it never happened.   We weren’t even required to read Fahrenheit 451.  I think I have attempted to read him before but his work just doesn’t capture my attention.
    Maybe he get’s a little extra hype cause he’s a 33 M.

    Also caught the opening scene to Risky Business while trying to roam around a Tangerine Dream site and lo and behold was able to check out the infamous clock in the SAT dream sequence and of course it was numerologically appropriate.   I figured with a title like Risky Business it would be a grand ritual flick.   Also caught the license plate on his father’s Porsche 928.

    The shot of the girl taking the college entrance exam showed her filling letter C for question 36.   A nice little 93 so it appears that Risky Business was referenceing 2012 since I don’t see how 93 worked back double 4 years ago.

    Stanley Kubrick’s 1987- released Full Metal Jacket appears to pulling double duty referenceing the lesser grand ritual of that year as well as the upcoming grand ritual.   In the Nancy Sinatra “BOOTS” Vietnam sequence,  33  33  (or 66 or 12) can be seen on the billboard in the background as well as the term/name HYNOS.   One of the trolls already showed the JELLY doughnut clip over at D.E.’s recently  ( 1-2-3-4, I love the Marine Corps).

    • Here we go.   According to Wikipidea,  Farewell Summer is a sequel to Bradbury’s 1957 novel Dandelion Wine.    FS is set in an Indian Summer in October 1929.   The book’s protagonist is 14 and I guess one of the metaphor’s concerns the upcoming loss of his youth and innocence as the SUMMER ENDS.

  8. This coming Thursday will be a “yearly” ritual “eleven” day as all the numbers added up together equal 22 (0+7+1+9+2+0+1+2=22/2= 11), which is a master number (11,22,33,44,55,etc…) as it’s dividable by “11”.

    Last year the market had a final peak on 07/22/2011, which is a “yearly”, and “daily” ritual ELEVEN date.  Let me explain… when you go to add up all the digits you don’t add 2+2 to equal 4 as it’s a master number.  So, you have 0+7+(22)+2+0+1+1=33/3=11… which is a “yearly” ritual date.

    The “daily” ritual is obvious as that date of the month was the 22nd, which is of course an “eleven” date by itself.  I’ve noticed that the “yearly” and/or “monthly” dates seem to be more important.  It could be a monthly date too if you did add the 2+2 to equal 4 (for the day of the month) and then add the 7 (for the month) which equals “11” of course.

    I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to add the numbers up or not, but it’s very odd how close we are to hitting the FP on the SPY of 138.41 which showed up on July 3rd, 2012.  I’m now “not positive” on if we will hit the 1405-1415 SPX area that I speak of in this post as I trust the FP more then my forecasts.

    That FP puts the SPX at around 1384.10, which is far short of 1405 or so.  Therefore I think it’s wise to get short around the FP level and let the market tell us if the high is in or if it’s going to just sell off briefly and then rally back up for that final high.

    For all I know they could be starting the first small wave 1 down inside this larger wave 3 down.  Then they could bounce back up from a lower trendline for the smaller wave 2 up into the Olympics.  Then start the smaller wave 3 down inside the larger wave 3 down whenever (or “if”… I hope they don’t of course) do the “false flag” event.

    If we are setting up for a wave 3 of 3 right before a false flag event during the Olympics then this market is going to have one very large crash wave down!

    Bottom line here is that I think it’s a very wise move to get into a short position tomorrow sometime… especially if we hit that FP on the SPY.  The first wave down should easily go to 1325 SPX or lower before a decent bounce.  Below that is 1290, then 1220, then 1140… you get the picture.

    • Certainly possible/realistic. I’ve been thinking/saying they were going to do a false flag for awhile. It’s something EVERYONE would see… Just what they want…. Them saying there will be more security then ever before, and 3,500 troops around the area, honestly just raises more red flags for me. After I close out my positions, or miss closing out before the small wave up, hopefully not, i’m def going long on some puts.  To me, 3,500 troops honestly just sounds like instant martial law and then finger pointing to the middle east again. Only time will tell.

  9. “The European Central Bank, in a sharp turnaround, advocated imposing losses on holders of senior bonds issued by the most severely damaged Spanish savings banks—though finance ministers have for now rejected the approach, according to people familiar with discussions.”

    could the banksters finally be getting serious about the problems with insolvency, rather than merely illiquidity?

    • Well, never mind waiting until lunch time as they are pushing it up now.  At this point I do think the FP on the SPY of 138.41 will be hit.  Possibly at the close today or tomorrow morning with a gap up and crap.

          •  That would be nice.. my buy in, for longs instead of day trades, is in the 137.5-138 range.. If not, i’m looking for a small gap up early tomorrow then I can take advantage of some weekly puts

  10. Short Alert coming soon!

    When the SPY hits it’s FP of 138.41 I would be inching into shorts.  While we could go higher it’s not likely going to be very much.  Also, with Thursday being a ritual “eleven” day (while the markets are extremely overbought) odd’s favor a nice red candle tomorrow.

  11. Odd how it paused at 65 spy for a good minute.. i bet you it won’t go back down there at all today

    • I think they are going to close this out around this level today and have a “gap up and crap” tomorrow morning at the open.  This is going exactly as planned.  I’d be looking to short the open if it gaps up and hits the FP on the SPY.

  12. The economy is worse than it has ever been , yet the market refuses to go down. How can anyone watch this crap anymore

    • Just ignore all the news and focus on the FP’s and the ritual’s BH.  This market is going up to the 138.41 SPY print before tanking.  I think it will happen on a brief gap up tomorrow.  Get you some shorts there and see what happens.  Remember that Thursday is a ritual “eleven” day too!

  13.  Looking good to catch those weekly puts in the morning… Gap up and close down around -1%! That would be a very beautiful day

      •  Yeah.. I’ll likely do a small position that expires this Friday, if we gap up close to the FP tomorrow, but mostly for next Friday expiration. Had 2 solid day trades already, at the open and when it froze at .65 SPY, don’t want to push my luck

        • Maybe get some 138 SPY puts that expire this Friday and go deeper for the larger position that expires next Friday… sounds like a good plan.  I think you’ll do well.

          •  Thanks red… Looks like it’s going to turn out to be 1 ugly august yet again. Tempted to ask to go back to work for a month  so I can get a bigger bonus. But, I’ll show my appreciation later this month if it turns out to be as ugly as i think

  14. Is this an IBM inspired rally?   I thought that they posted earnings after the bell.   I’d rather see them rally into their earnings release than drop in an already oversold state.

    XLF and Apple are both down.

    • Don’t know Geccko, but I doubt that IBM has anything to do with this rally.  It’s the FP of 138.41 on the SPY that’s keeping this thing going.  They will hit it before this pig tanks I believe.  A simple gap up on some manufactured good “continuing Claims” number is what I expect will be blamed for the gap up.

    • Go figure.. Past few calls have really been spot on. The last time you said this was when the dow closed up 33.33 points and you were right on the money. Looking forward to finally seeing some serious red tomorrow! If it gaps up. that would be a serious return.

  15. There’s a Cardinal Cross T-Square in place and no one’s talking about it.   The polar opposite of 2 years ago when it was the rage.    The new moon takes place tonight and activates it??
    Maybe the occultists in Europe come out with a bombshell tonight.

    Jeff Cooper had some thought provoking items today in his article over at minyanv….Tommorow 7-19 is the 5 year anniversary of the July 2007 primary high and it’s 90 degrees from that infamous 119 date so many years ago.   Today is 119 days from the spring equinox and or around 117/18 degrees from it on the Gann Square.

    He writes that that July 19 squares out to SP 1379 on the G. square which I verified.   Could this be a coded message?   1379===479 or 119.   So 119 to 7-19???   It is also 270 degrees or .75 of a year from that infamous date.    Tommorrow will also be 75 tds from the SP 4-2 high  (which was 775 tds from 3-6-9 low).   55 tds from the 5-1 Dow high.

    Today’s SP high 1375.

    Despite all of the after hours hoopla, the SP did make a nice divergent high with its early July high on the 60 minute charts.

    • There’s another spike/ fake print down on the crude oil chart over at yahoo finance.

      This time it spikes down to 85.95 at 7:19pm.


    The SPY has hit 138.15 in the pre-market and the FP is for 138.41, so we are very, very close.  While that could be all you’ll get and will be “close enough” or we could go just a bit higher at the open… either way today (this morning, during the first 30 minutes or less) is the day to get short.

    Good luck everyone…

    • Well, they sure are chopping this up and taking their time.  Unfortunately they longer they chop around the more likely they will have that last push up to hit the 138.41 SPY FP… then down (hopefully).

      •  Yeah think I might close the puts that expire tomorrow. Hard to say, even if its hit today, how tomorrow would look. Plus, time value really kicks in after 3 on the weekly options

        • What strike did you get?  If we do rollover today the biggest support is the 135 SPY strike price, which is where I think they will close out this week.  That’s assuming this ritual works today and we do turn down into the close.

          • I’d hang on until the close at least.  They need to hit the FP I believe before it turns over.  But I’ve seen times where they never actually hit the FP and just came close to it.  So far we’ve hit 138.18 as a high, which could be enough?  I’ve also seen them pierce the FP and go past it a little too.

          •  Thanks… I’ll hang onto it for now. I figured they were close enough and it was faring well early in the morning.

  17. And now the final hour…..seems pretty stuck in that range since yor FP, on the minute chart hit.

  18. Well, maybe today only marks the top and we only close with a long topping tail candle on the daily chart and go down tomorrow.  I guess that just because today is a ritual “eleven” day it doesn’t have too be a big down day.

    In fact, all the other ritual days in the past simply marked the top (or bottom) of a move.  Some were big down days and some just marked the top and closed about flat but with a topping tail.

    So, we could close flat today and have the big down day tomorrow?  Only I doubt if it gets below 135 SPY (about 1350 SPX) as there is good support in that range.  But a drop that far is a decent move down at this point I’d say.

    This still leaves us open for the possibly move up to my 1405-1415 spx zone next week before really rolling over hard.  I can see 3 waves from the 1325.41 low on the daily chart now.  A one day sell off tomorrow could mark the 4th wave with wave 5th up to continue next week.

    • Maybe i’ll hold looking for a dip tomorrow, as 137 isn’t too far off, with the next resistance being at 135ish

    • Yes it is… at this point I’m just going to assume that nothing much happens tomorrow and they just chop it around all day.  They’ll probably push it up to the 138.41 print too and have the down move on Monday.  But it’s looking more and more like we are going up to that 1405-1415 area before tanking.

  19. On days were you continue to make a “lower low” during the period between the open and around the 11:00 am to Noon time period there is past history that shows a 70%-80% chance that the day will end near the lows… calling it an “all down day”.

    However, with the volume being so light right now I’d be a little shocked if the PPT didn’t come in during the last hour and erase some of the move down.  But between now and about 3pm I think we could continue lower… especially since support seems like it’s about to break right now.

  20. Ok gang, from the extremely light volume I’d say that’s about all the downside we are going to it.  They refused to let it breakdown through the rising trendline of support.  So I’m expect a small move down on Monday but it should quickly reverse back up and head higher into next Friday.

    Looking at this old screen shot of “many FP’s” from back on April 10th it’s a strong possibility that they will actually push this pig up to 1419 to finish this rally.  Today looked like a 4th wave down as I stated yesterday.  That leaves the 5th wave up left for next week.  After that I expect a nice drop in this market….


    •  2013 tax hikes coming in Jan, i think.
       could trigger, any fake prints out there showing a 25% drop in the indexes.
      just guessing. don’t really know what the tax hikes will do.

  21. Wow, look at the crude oil chart at yahoo finance.   At 6pm EDT(closing price???), it shows a massive spike down to 84.25.    The reading for crude oil lists it at 84.25, -8.72, down 9.38% (911).    There is another spike down earlier in the day at around 7:40pm, but I couldn’t pick up a deviant price for that time.

    Is there something I missed.   CME doesn’t show that but I thought crude closed earlier than 6:00 pm.

    Those 4 spikes from a few days ago showed 93.25 and crude oil went up and hit 93.25 at its high yesterday.   It also might be a numerological code.

    Hurry and check it out.    They usuall get erased around 10pm EDT or earlier when a new chart is thrown up.

  22. Euro made a new low today and the European markets were hammered.   Transports down 2%.

    Yesterday, SP spiked up to 1379/80 making a square to July 19 on the Gann square just as Jeff Cooper surmised might happen also a Fib 55 days from the 5-1 high (23 down,32up)

  23. Thanks for the quick update today red… that play worked out nicely…was worried about it for a second.. One big question though, as I’ve seen the “false flag” occurring for awhile now, as you know…. Any idea what type of dip to expect if it were to occur though? Maybe the 6-10% range, assuming they do rally this up past the 1400 FP.

  24.    Guys a stock that I bought at around 3.00 bucks just brought up 38 million dollars in silver. OMEX.  Last week.  Only thing is.  If they brought up the silver, wouldn’t ALL our theories indicate that someone or something would have grabbed that silver?  There are trillions of dollars of gold bars at the bottom of the English channel btw. 

      •     Well in the same FP of all those various sectors in blue, it showed the SPX at 1419, BUT the Dow at 60,000.  What up?  distraction?

        • Never noticed it I guess…  I’d say it’s a distraction as there’s no way we are going to 60,000 on the Dow anytime soon.  Plus, the FP’s aren’t in “round” numbers like that.  They are more exact… which means that one isn’t real.

  25. That gold FP was given when gold was around 1300 though.  Might not be realistic to think that it is valid now. 

  26.  What are you thinking this week red? quick morning drop followed gby a nice rally this week?

    • Yes, I think we will go down first.  Not sure about the rally yet as the high may already be in.  Let’s see how far down we go before we forecast the rally.  If it stops around 1350 and then goes back up then we could take out the recent high.

      But if it continues down then we could have put in the high on the 19th.  Remember that the 19th was a ritual “eleven” day and many (not all) previous highs were put in on an “eleven” day.

      With the Olympics starting this week it would make sense to have already put in the high and to start the first smaller wave 1 down inside this larger wave 3 down.  Then bounce back up for the smaller wave 2 up during the Olympics.

      This all sets up the market for a multiple wave 3 down on some day during the 2 week period that the games are going on.  So, “if” they do actually pull off some type of False Flag event then the market will be perfectly setup for a nasty sell off.

      As far as ritual days during the Olympics, I’m looking at July 29th and August 11th… the most obvious dates.  But, August 9th is an “eleven” date too… which isn’t obvious to everyone, and it’s a date that the market is open on too.

      Hard too say for sure as I’m really leaning toward nothing bad happening during the games as I think it’s gotten too much attention on the internet.  But that still doesn’t change what the charts are lining up for from a technical point of view and EW count.

  27. The average move down lately has been 65 points or so on the SPX before any real bounce.  So if we do the same here then all intraday “brief” bounces are just shorting opportunities until we reach 65 points or so.  Of course “if” this really is a wave 3 down then we could expect a deeper move down then just 65 points, but that’s a starting point.

    • Looks like we are going down some more now.  I didn’t think 49 points was far enough. I still think around 1315 spx for the bottom of this first wave 1 down.  I was incorrect in the chart above.  The 40ma on the weekly is at 1323 spx and the 50 ma on the daily is 1332.

      But, the 200 ma on the daily chart is at 1315 spx… right where my target is.  If we hit that then I think we’ll bounce for about a week for the wave 2 up.  The target would likely be around the 1350 spx area from a falling trendline connecting the April high to the May high.

      If this does happen then the forecasted zone of 1350 could be hit next week right in front of another ritual “eleven” date on the 7th.  I’m not sure how “Gary the Numbers Guy” calculates that a “20” equals “11”, but I think it’s because the 1+1=2… therefore if all the digits add up to 20 then that date is an “11” date.

      Well, 0+8+0+7+2+0+1+2=20… so next Thursday is another “eleven” day it seems.  Of course we have the 29th (just 2+9=11) of this month on the “daily” eleven rituals and the 28th on the yearly rituals (0+7+2+8+2+0+1+2=22), but they both fall on a weekend when the stock market is closed.

      So they could still do the “false flag” on one of those days it not going to line up with the stock market correctly… therefore I don’t think it will happen on either of those dates.  In fact the date I’m concerned about it the 9th as it’s a “yearly” eleven date toward the end of the Olympics and the stock market is open that date too.

      This means we should continue down to about that 1315 spx level this week and chop around next week to rally back up for the larger wave 2 up.  If they drag it out long enough they could chop it the whole next week and into the 2nd week of August too… right in front of the 9th, which could be a significant high (probably higher then 1350 though) and end the larger wave 2 up.

      The following wave 3 down should be a multiple wave 3 combination regardless of any false flag event in the Olympics.  Of course if something really does happen then it will make an already ugly wave down even uglier!

    • Could go either way Zstock?  I was talking to Anna about that just an hour ago.  She’s bearish on them and I am too.  But I will say that because we are so near a bottom in the overall market now it they could put out good earnings to end the sell off and rally the whole market.  Hard too say either way?

      •  one AAPL scenario, to catch everyone off guard, you know how they like to be cruel! up 18 in ah, down 20 pre-market, Folks probably already know all the other scenarios.

  28. Hmmm… from 1380 spx top to 1329 spx low, which is 51 points.  Not exactly the average 65 points but we shouldn’t expect an exact match.  Again, I now see 5 waves inside this 51 point move down, and we are now getting a bottoming tail on the 2 hour chart.  It’s quite possible that the bottom is in now and we are about to start an ABC up tomorrow.

    Hard too say for sure?  Since we are setting right on that 1330 zone of support it could go either way.  A flat open or a gap down tomorrow should give us that last push to around 1315 spx.  A gap up tomorrow and the bottom could be in.  If it does gap up then it should fall back down to put in a “higher low”… which would be the signal to exit all shorts and let the bulls have some fun for awhile.

    I wouldn’t go long though, but instead let the first “A wave” up show itself first.  Then let the “B down” play out, and finally get long for the “C wave” up… which should go into next week I’d think.  The “A” up could simply go to around 1350 (which I’d think would be a good short for the “B” wave down, or the start of some other wave I missed).

    Either way, the safer play is to short the rips now as I do believe the high was put in around 1380 spx last week.

  29. Here is an excerpt from Ray Bradbury’s Leviathan ’99, a reworking of Melville’s Moby Dick and set in the year 2099 (39!!!!).  Published in 2007, it is the story of Ismael who embarks on spaceship CETUS 7 (WHALE) for a journey beyond the stars.

    From page 137 in chapter 2:

    “One lost voice recited,” David Smith, lost near Mars, July 2050.”

    Another higher softer said, “Elizabeth Ball, adrift beyond Jupiter, 2087”.

    And a third, sonorous, again and again, “Robert Hinkston, killed by meteor swarn, 2063(29), buried in space.”

    The occultists seem to love the Moby Dick storyline.   Bradbury even wrote the screenplay for the John Huston screen version.   I see Moby (The Sun will BE NO MORE) probably got his name from the novel.   Starbucks as well.

    • No, this looks like the start of the “A” wave up.  I wouldn’t short it.  Yes there will be a “B” down, but that probably won’t happen today.  I think this “A” wave up could go to 1350-1355 area before running it resistance.

      That might not hit until Thursday morning.  The bulls need to close the week out above the 50 dma, which is 1332 spx.  So, if they rally up to the 1350-1355 zone for the “A” wave up, then they are safe for time being.  They just need to keep the “B” wave down which could happen on Friday (or next Monday) above the 50 dma by the close.

  30. For though brave enough I would go long close to the open when some trapped bulls sell and some late-comer “retail” bears short.  There should be a brief dip I’d guess, but it shouldn’t take out the low from yesterday (about 1330 spx).  A dip to the 1334-1335 area would be a good spot for a long (you might not get it that low though) that should run to 1350-1355 for this first “A” wave up.

    This should be a 1-2 day move at most, so I’d exit the long in that zone and go to cash until I see how the charts look for the “B” wave down.  They could just chop sideways for that wave making a bull flag for the “C” wave up next week.  Or, they could drop back to around the area we are at now (1338 spx) to close out the week above the 50 dma on the Daily chart.

    The daily and weekly charts are still bearish so they should go down for the “B” wave, not sideways.  There should be trapped bulls there that want out and retail sheep that missed the big move down who will short there thinking that the low will be taken out.  They will be trapped if the “B” wave down rips into a “C” wave up on Monday/Tuesday of next week.

    But for now I’d only go long around the open if they dip down a little and then exit to cash around the downward sloping trendline of resistance connecting the April 2nd and May 1st high… which is coming in around 1362 today and falling.  So, I said 1350-1355 earlier but I was thinking we would have another push down first and that would allow the trendline to fall into that zone.

    Since it appears we are done with the selling for now and are likely to start the “A” wave up the trendline hasn’t falling into that zone yet and is currently at 1362 spx… therefore they could take it up that high for the first “A” wave up before stopping for the “B” wave down (or sideways).  Long if they dip…

      • Ok… based on the time and the charts I think the low could be in now.  While it could go down one more time and reset it’s still worth riding that out in my opinion.

        Most of the selling/buying pressure is during the first 1-2 hours of the morning and the last hour of the day.  Therefore, I think the selling pressure is about to dry up now and allow an “A” wave up to start.

  31. I’d say that’s about as close to the FP of 133.14 SPY as we’re going to get.  This is probably the last chance to get long today.  Once the noon time hour comes the selling pressure will dry up and this pig will rally.

  32. Charts are mixed now.  I see the 4h and 2h with plenty of room on the upside to go. I see the 60m overbought and needing to sell off. I see the daily wanting to turn back up but could go lower. Overall though I favor the bullish case because the volume is still very low and we’ve already sold off 51 spx points already. The bulls also need to stay above the 50dma on the daily before the week ends. Tough call as always, but I’m 70/30 bullish/bearish for tomorrow.

    This should be fun!

  34. We appear to be in a wave 4 down now with wave 5 up yet to come (probably tomorrow).  This isn’t an “ABC” move but now a 5 wave pattern move.  So, this whole move could be just a larger “A” wave with “B” down on Monday/Tuesday… followed by “C” up later in the week to my original target zone of 1405-1415 spx.

    This is just guessing now.  I’ll need to see the charts next week to see for sure if that looks to be the plan or not.  For now, I’d wait until tomorrow to see if this is indeed a 5 wave move up.http://screencast.com/t/q2F1NvKVAAO3

    • In case you are wondering, an “A” wave and a “C” wave are usually broken down into 5 smaller waves.  The “B” wave usually has just 3, or sometimes just 1 large wave.

      Since we appear to have already had 2 waves yesterday and today’s open was a 3rd wave, with the current selling being the 4th… it stands to reason that the insiders bought the wave 3 up yesterday and are selling now to steal the sheeps’ money again.

      The retail sheep (bulls) are always late to the party and will buy this 4th wave down dip.  Then it will rally back up one more time tomorrow to suck in some more retail sheep.  Then next week it should drop nicely to shake them all out.

      We should get close enough to the previous highs for the retail sheep to think there is going to be a breakout to a new high, so many more go long.  Then that should end the 5th wave up of the larger “A” wave up.

      So, you then drop it on Monday/Tuesday to panic those retail bulls.  That move down should be a “B” wave down.  It could be only a “one day” move, followed by the “C” wave to a new high as the retail bears now get squeezed from shorting the “B” wave down after it ended.

      This is supported by the charts too… at least from what I see in them today.  Things can change of course, which means I’d have to change the forecast too.  But for now it does appear that we are back on track to putting in that new high of 1405-1415 once that “C” wave up finishes late next week or early the follow week.

  35. Good Morning Gang…

    Here’s the update for today.  Looking at the charts now I think the high will be put in near the open this morning.  The market should rollover within the first hour or two.  I’m not expecting a big down day but a slightly down day or doji (more like a “topping tail” close) is likely.

    This move up this morning should complete the 5th wave up inside a larger A wave up.  The B wave down should start today and continue into Monday.  This B wave down could only last one day though and turn back up on Tuesday/Wednesday for a C wave that should take us up to the 1405-1415 spx area.

    This all assumes the Illuminati pigs don’t kill a bunch of innocent people with some staged False Flag event over this weekend when the Olympics start.  I personally don’t think they will but we still have to keep that in the back of our minds.

    Now, what position would I take?  Since there is also the possibility that I’m wrong on the rally back up to the 1405-1415 spx area for the C wave later next week I think it would be wise to take a short position that you can hold over the weekend.  Again, I think we are about to open and drop within the first hour or less.

    They could dip at the open and then turn back up later in the day to fool the bears but today still seems like the best day to get short on.  You may have to ride out a little more upside but so far Monday is looking like a down day.

    If I’m wrong the C wave up then being short into Monday will simply mean that it will be the start of some other “down” wave (not a B wave) which means you would have gotten short near the top.

    Looking at the 4h, 2h, and 60m charts on the SPX I can clearly see a nice “MA” pattern forming, which means that the next leg down (that I’m thinking is only a B wave) could be the “right side” of the “A” in the “MA” pattern… which indicates a move down equal to at least double the previous 51 points down.

    Getting short sometime today makes the most sense to me, as I’m seeing a top for this current move up happening now.  The 1370 SPX area is tough resistance and should hold the bulls back on the first hit.


    • Hmmm…. this market is a little stronger then I expected.  I thought it would lose steam around the 1370 area and rollover but it’s still going strong.  I’d wait until closer to the close before shorting now and “if” they close near the highs without putting in some type of topping tail then I’d wait until Monday to short.

      I still think we are completing a 5th wave up inside an A wave, but it’s a pretty strong wave right now and I’d rather let it play itself out before shorting.  I need to see a “topping tail” close on a daily chart to feel more safe about shorting.

  36. I guess I should have known that the bulls would breakthrough the 1270 SPX area as the DOW was just too close to 13,000 and you know how big even numbers are like a magnetic for the market.  So, it’s rare that they get so close to a number that important and not touch it.

    Well, we’ve now hit a high of 13,001.19 on the DOW and still climbing.  What would be a signal to short would be a ritual number close like 12,999… or “666” upside.  Or the SPY or SPX closing with some ritual “eleven’s” in them.

    Again, let’s wait until closer to the end of the day before deciding on shorting or not.  A close near the top means Monday will also go a little high at the open at least… before rolling over. A sell off into the close where there is some type of topping tail would indicate that the high is put in today and a short could be taken.  For now, just be cautious as the bulls are still too strong.

  37. The bulls are just too strong right now it seems.  Unless they drop hard into the close today I wouldn’t thinking about shorting until Monday now.  I expected more resistance at the 1370 spx area, but the bears laid down and fell asleep there I guess.

    Bernanke speaks next week on Wednesday, August the 1st so I’m not expecting much of a down move on Monday now.  It’s looking more and more like they are just going straight up to that 1405-1415 area without stopping for a breather… LOL!

  38. S&P will not move above 1388.  Recall TVIX FP a while back it showed 11.11

    What is interesting is that CNBC Maria Bartimora(sp?) had mentioned the VIX (TVIX) at 11:11 AM.  Maria is born on 9/11/1967.  Do you get it now!

    • Yes, I forgot about that FP on the TVIX TraderScorpio.  Thanks for reminding me.  We do know that the selling isn’t over as the FP on the Dollar of 86.47 also still hasn’t been hit yet.  This does make you wonder about the possibility of a false flag over the weekend now.

  39. Have a good weekend everyone.  Obviously today wasn’t a day to go short as the bulls were just too strong.  I still expect a dip on Monday (but not a gap down… maybe a flat open), however we are likely to chop around some until Bernanke speaks on the 1st.  So I wouldn’t take a side either way before that.

    Keep your eyes open for new FP’s as they will likely let us sheep know where they plan to take it to next.  If you see a slightly new high for a FP then that should be the peak after Bernanke speaks.  If you see a low print then that would be the target once it rolls over.

    • seeing a big Market run up before Olympics is not surprising.
      more importantly, two more days of Month End paint the tape.

      unfortunately, a global terror threat is just the thing to tank it all.

      have a good one.  I avoided the squeeze the last two days.
      and ditched my longs.


      • I would expect at least one more hard core liquidity driven XXX pump action ramp job some time next week, before its time to blow town.

  40. Many interesting trading day/ calendar day numbers for today.   87 days from the 5-1 Dow high,
    116 calendar days from the 4-2 high (ie 6-11, 66), 81 tds from the 4-2 high (9×9 or 29), 61 tds from the 5-1 high.   38 tds from the June low…..38==888…in 1929,1987 the markets crashed on the 38th td from the high.

    116 weeks 1 day from the 5-6-10 flash crash or 1161 or 812 days(the flash crash occurred week 61 off the 3-6-9 low).    1239 calendar days from the 3-6-9 low.

    And then today is 126 days from the mythical Greek euro exit day of 3-23 with tomorrow 127 days later.  add 2 or 3 days later to the spring equinox for 128 or 129.

    More maybe I will delve into later but that is time-consuming.

  41. Of course, tomorrow July 28 has a big meaning to me personally.    It is the anniversary of a MAJOR Crash for me personally in the numerologically appropriate year.   Just thought it was always bad karma but maybe it was  a sign sort of like that #8-#7 later to be #10-#7(maybe it was then, didn’t check the video)  Ronaldo-Rooney tussle back during the World Cup on 7-1.

    7-28====7-10 and 7-5 ie 77777.   The corporate occultists I deal with have been going crazy with their 75s lately and have been partaking in a 3 day ritual the last 3 days with the times of the rituals taking place from 7 to 5.

    By the way, the doofus in the picture/ video above has his clock set at 10–25 or 10–7.  

    It is also 250 weeks from the 10-11-07 high or 1752 or 1751 days later.   My math is not adding up to 1752 if I add 512 to 1239 days from 3-6-9 so something is off by a day.

    1239 (999-12) weeks on Monday from the lesser grand ritual double 4 years ago.

    7-29 also equals 711.

    322 days from 9-9-11 or 1052 days from 9-9-9.

    I have already done a few technical related posts over at D.E.’s today.

  42. I found a great Batman Dark Rises youtube video and it looks like the guy might read this site since he uses some of the stuff I have been writing here over the past year but he definitely comes up with most of the stuff himself.    And he highlights one number in particular that I have been “interested” in.   But I’ll hold off for now.

    Saw Batman and it definitely fits in as the illuminati movie of the year.   Not in weirdness but in the messages it is conveying.    The Bane character definitely really the Dark Knight who RISES.    BANE===73.

    Anyway, the Catwoman characters tells Bruce Wayne that a storm is coming and living the high life will be over.     Need a separate post for a complete review.

  43. S&P 500
    1,385.97 1+3+8+5+9+7=33
    25.95 2+5+9+5= 21=2+1= 3^ 333 

    +1.91% 1+9+1+11




    +1.46% 1+4+6=11

  44. Unless qe3 is unleashed, i can’t see this market pushing much higher.. Any worthy “bad” news is going to make this market look uglier than last August

  45. Gang I’m not looking for much on the downside this Monday morning as it’s doubt we fall very much since Bernanke speaks this Wednesday.  About a 5-10 point drop would be the best I could see happen for the bears.  There is good support at 1370 ES for the bulls if it goes that low.  Pretty much…. today is likely to be a boring day.

  46. I’m just trying to picture what kind of affect QE3 would have? Maybe 15-1600 spx? With the market already being this high, the upside can only be so much before we see. probably, one of the worst market collapses in history.

    I read some crap on how they’re purposely devaluing the dollar to bring back jobs, and end up doing something like China, where they undervalue the currency to prosper through manufacturing. I think more so for there dreamed NWO, but who knows? I guess with something potentially that ugly on the horizon, it’s sometimes a bit more comforting to look at the other possibilities..

  47. we might hit that 141.5 fp area right before he speaks… Then finally some worthy red, hopefully anyway

  48. Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America: Aurora shooting in gun-free zone
    “where citizens are prohibited from carrying weapons for self defense.” 


  49. Probably a similar day tomorrow. They could do anything though to “confuse” investors… Extend low interest rates, possibly raise them?, do some other bs program … will be interesting to see what crap he has to pour out 

  50. I think its worth going short either way before the fed meeting.
    Scenario A, they do the bailout, or any form of “operation twist” and we push slightly higher, as I think QE3 has already been priced in.

    Scenario B, They do anything other then some form of bailout and the market is going to have one ugly August again…. They can do the “false flag” and have a solid 1-2 day drop, or they can turn this baby over throughout August and announce QE3 later this year

  51. The Sun is moving into Leo 9 degrees which was the location of the moon on July 20th when Quetzacoatl also returned to the location of its grand homecoming on June 5th.   The moon is now in Capricorn and is joining in in the cardinal T square with Saturn, Mars,Uranus, Pluto.

    Sun is also forming a YOD formation with Jupiter and dour Pluto.

    YOD basically  a             Y      formation between 3 planets.    Two 60 degrees apart and

    both inconjunct (150 degrees) to a third planet.    Sun and Jupiter are sextile and both inconjunct Pluto.    Retrograde Mercury had a similar YOD on July 25/26.    Retrograde Mercury made a conjunction with the Sun on the major Bradley date of July 28.

    It was a very strange, heated, frenetic weekend and I am not talking about the troll activity over at DE’s.    As if it was a full moon effect.

    Today is 38 tds (888) and the Fib 55 calendar days (Gann d.z. off major tops) from Quetzacoatl’s grand reunion/ homecoming on June 5.     The 38td/55 calendar day combo is a lethal combination/ major crash signature only we’re getting it off a major event rather than a low or high.   It is 39(999) tds off the 6-4 low.  Today is also 119 calendar days off the 4-2 high.

    Last week was 16 weeks off the 4-2 high.   9 weeks down, 7 weeks up or 10-7 if one includes the week of 4-2.    7/9====7777777777.     The week of 4-2 was 26 weeks off the 10-4 low.

    I have elaborated on this over at D.E.’s.

  52.  Keep thinking tomorrow he won’t do much, but then I refer back to “the day the dollar died” video, and those are the levels I would expect if they were to do QE3 tomorrow

      •  Yeah, makes sense… Think it’s best to wait on the sidelines until after he speaks, as i’m tempted to get some slv puts….Today’s likely to be another boring day

  53.  slv’s already begging to sell off.. Wonder if that’s the insiders selling off, or them trying to trick us

  54. The last 2 days they have been simply working off the overbought conditions on the 60 minute, 2 hour, and 4 hour charts.  By tomorrow they will have reset them and this will allow another push high after Bernanke speaks (or before he speaks).  I don’t think it’s going too much farther but I don’t see any selling until we first go up higher.

  55. Took your call on a push up tomorrow… Hopefully he does the meeting during market hours so the puts will be cheaper, with a push up… Silver’s still getting hit right now though… Making me wonder if he talks before the open

  56. Matthew Modine appears in the new Batman movie as under police commissioner  Foley:


    He doesn’t seem to do much lately but he is well known for all of his youthful role’s in the 80s and in hindsight especially for his role as private JOKER in 1987’s Full Metal Jacket.    He’s looking older these days but back then he was more known for his work in Vision Quest and Married to the Mob than Full Metal but his role in it as well as the movie have endured.

    A clip of Joker in Boot Camp:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUc62jD-G0o

    (Warning! Warning! Extreme language especially after Joker leaves the scene at the 1:52mark)

    The other guy next to him, COWBOY, recently played Red Sox owner John Henry in Moneyball if that means anything.     The drill seargent, R. Lee Ermey is in commercials/ reality TV everywhere today and even has a new role in the recently released movie The Watch (released July 27).   He has definitely become a 1987 icon.

    Once again the enlightened ones are playing games and telling us that the onset of the grand ritual is about to begin bringing back icons from 1987.   And once again it is obvious that Full Metal Jacket was pulling double duty for that year’s lesser grand ritual as well as this year’s ultimate grand ritual.

    According to the article above, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan wanted him for the movie and offered him in the end a larger part as the deputy commissioner rather than a smaller original role.   Someone should tell him it was the JOKER ritual/ play on characters/ pun that got him the role and not his acting talents.

    According to early reports, Modine’s character was named Nixon.   In the end, it was Foley but it is interesting that the anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation(38 year anniv.) is fast approaching and the term “this watergate” appears in the BB’s “Sabotage”.

    That Full Metal Jacket clip like most of the movie is heavy R rated so definitely not appropriate for those offended by foul language.

    • Modine’s next role is in the Apple/ Steve Jobs bio-pic  JOBS where he plays ex Apple CEO John Scully.

      There is an Apple reference in the new Dark Knight Rises movie when Anne Hathaway’s character takes a bite from an Apple and then throws it away….an obvious Adam and Eve reference.

  57. The perigree moon was Sunday so it explains all the frenetic activity over the weekend.   Also might not need to worry about the “pull” of the full moon on August 2.

    Crude oil with a nice TD bear flip.   It will be hard for them to launch the SP without crude participating.   $xoi was looking very extended yesterday and the Dow should have been hit harder with crude’s drop.

    A certain little indicator dropped below the O line today most likely invalidating the buy spike generated by last week’s rally.

    6-4 to 7-30 rally almost the identical fractal to the 10-4-10-30 rally last year.

  58. There will be some time in the morning… “The Fed’s two-day meeting kicked off Tuesday, with an announcement due Wednesday afternoon.”

  59. Also, i’ve heard China’s been buying up all the gold to go to some gold standard… Makes me wonder if its worthwhile loading up on some remimbi/yuan as well

      •  Closed a silver put at the close yesterday, just in case we did pop up, which we did as you assumed, but silver still got hit hard for some reason,… and just closed a spy 136 put about even. I’ll wait until Bernanke speaks, or i see another big pop up before shorting…

        Not too sure if silver will get hit much harder if it doesn’t correcto before he talks

  60. In case everyone hasn’t figured it out, there will be NO QE3 from today’s FOMC meeting.  Sure, it’s eventually coming but not today.  While we should get a pop out of it I don’t expect much more on the upside.

    “IF” they actually do take it to the 1405-1415 zone then that would be one very good shorting spot.  I’m having my doubt on that target though, but it’s still a remote possibility.  We do however know that we are very close to a big move down as insiders are selling already (according to this article emailed to me from ZeroHedge)


  61. Looking at the August 128 spy put… Seems a bit far out, and pricey for that far out as well, but i’m thinking it should still move with a sell off after news hits the public

    •  That’s be nice.. then i can load up on some weekly puts since they should come out in the morning

  62. i’m looking to short at 140 area…  Then we should roll over pretty hard… They always do the same thing before they drop hard.. Rally to a new high, and then collapse

    • Yes, they do… as we’ve seen this time and time again now.  Next week we have a ritual “20” day on the 7th of August, which “Gary the Numbers Guy” stated was considered an “eleven”.  I guess that’s because there are 2 “one’s” that when added together equal “two”.

      Therefore, any date that equal’s “2” or “20” is an “eleven” date.  Of course we also have any date that adds up to “11”, “22”, “33”, etc… as those are all master numbers and equal “eleven”.

      This means August the 9th is a ritual “eleven” date as it adds up to 22… which would be my suspected “high in the market” date.  So, I’m looking for one of those dates to be the “top” in the market and allow for the turn back down.

  63. Last time they did this  was the end of qe2…Maybe this will be to setup for the false flag? That would roll us over, at least, 5% in one day

  64. Never heard of “20 days” though…. But I guess it is possible to peak on the 7th, and do a false flag on the 9th during market hours.. or just begin a strong start to the rollover?

    • I can’t see any clear direction yet Leopisa… tough call.  I’ll have to study the charts more.  Right now I just don’t know which direction they are planning on going?  Down tomorrow seems likely though, but I’m not sure if they plan to continue down (into the 9th) or turn it back up and rally into it.

  65. T minus less than an hour for the full moon.    And then the Dark Knight will have risen.   2 full moons after the grand homecoming.     No doubt this ECB meeting was planned around this full moon and the ECB should act on it.

    Russell 2000 and Transports were down 2% today and it is hard for me to believe they can ramp the markets up tomorrow just as vehemently.    With the euro, gold, and silver doing bear flips today as well.

    117 weeks tomorrow from the flash crash and 1212 tds from the 10-11-07 high so a nice setup for a nice plunge.   755 days from the DECISION as well.

  66. Well, I guess they do want it to sell off… LOL!  I’d guess that the move up was just to trap some bulls and scare out the early bears.  This now looks like the true direction to me now.

  67. Yeah, got burned a bit at first, but recovering now.. Have a 130 spy august put… Think its a solid hold?

  68. Not sure if I would hold any positions overnight…. Even thought we have awhile to go to hit the fp, If tomorrow doesn’t open down nicely, time value will drop the puts

    • There should be a move up early tomorrow Anthony, but since it’s a Friday they might not allow it to roll back over and instead push that out until Monday.  If you see a gap down in the morning tomorrow I’d be looking to exit all shorts before the lunchtime float higher on light volume.

  69. Rally up some tomorrow likely as most short term charts are oversold now.  But, I’d wouldn’t be surprised if the drop in the morning first (to lure in some late bears and trap them) and then rally the rest of the day.

  70. Bear flips everywhere today in the U.S. indices (except $rut and $transports where they already existed).   Only Apple didn’t perform one but maybe that comes tomorrow.

    But the spectacular action was in the European indices where not only did they do bear flips but they put in massive bearish engulfing reversal bars.   Most were at new multi-month highs early in their session before reversing down on the ECB’s inaction/ lack of follow-through on its tough talk from last week.    $dax and $cac were down 2+% while the Ibex was down 5% and MIB was down 4+%.   The euro markets have been leading both up and down and its hard for me to see those down days get reversed tomorrow.   The euro and australian dollar also with spectacular reversals.

    A certain little indicator dropped below last week’s lows as it heads towards no-mans land and from there to debacle territory.

  71. 3 small down days off a high was troublesome but four off a high to form a bear flip much more comforting.    But the decline off of last July started off similarly.

    Anyway, notice the KNIGHT trading fiasco’s similarity to the DARK KNIGHT motif.   On the eve of the official rising.    The KNIGHTS have a 127/ 703 year anniversary coming up as well.

    The Dax closed at 6606.09   18-9 or 29 or 39 or 46s????

  72. Things are just lining up perfectly for something nasty to turn this market over hard… If we hit that 140-141 area, on the 7th, i’m going to presume there’s a big possibility that the false flag may occur

        • Anthony, if you are buying straight calls you’ll get killed on the time decay.  You should do spreads if you think it’s going up there.  But, you shouldn’t be chasing this now as the biggest part of the move has already happened.
          In fact, the short term charts (4h, 2h, and 60min) are getting overbought now.  By Monday (or today) they should roll back over.  So yes… we can go higher, but you will be chasing it now.

          A long position should have been taken yesterday, but I wouldn’t have taken it.  They was no way of knowing how high they would rally up.  Yes, the short term charts were oversold yesterday and today should rally, but they could have also traded the market sideways while the charts got overbought.

          In today’s case they didn’t, but instead rallied hard from the oversold charts.  Other times they could have chopped sideways.  The market is ready to rollover but will probably chop around for several days frustrating both bulls and bears… and then finally tank for good.

          • yeah. Didn’t think the open would be so strong.. Just going to sit in cash untl we get to that 140ish area. Bought some tvix yesterday, but i think that’s a decent hold even with todays drop

  73. We are now in the month of AUG and it’s the same old games…I would have been better off shorting some of the European markets. THe US markets are a joke.

  74. What a wasted day!  Nothing but sideways movement all day long.  Have a good weekend everyone and expect a move higher next week.  The next ritual “eleven” date is Thursday, August 9th… so that’s my target date for the next high in the market before selling off.

  75. I already have done an elaborate technical post at D.E.’s so I’ll just add some thoughts on the upcoming weekend.

    Monday, 8-6 is 87 trading days and 126 calendar days from the 4-2 high.  86=888,888 and as a certain Batman video pointed out 888+888=1776.   The football player who scores the touchdown as the stadium field implodes in the Dark Knight Rises, Hines Ward, wears number 86.   8+6==14 or 5 and 8×6==48 or 12 so 512 (888) or 125 (5×25 or 555 or 35s).

    Anyway, if the insiders want to play on a Greek motif then this weekend would be the time since the Olympics will be over the next weekend.    Sunday is 8-5.

    Following the Yahoo finance crude oil print of 93.25 (which proved to be the high), the next print was 85.95 and then 84.25 a few times.   85+95==175s or 85 ????   6/7===.857142 or 858(6)??? while 7/6===1.1666666 or 266666666????  6×7==42 

    Last week, the morning classic radio guy mentioned it was the birthday of a German composer.  He said he was 85 and on the station’s website photos of him at 19, 29 and now could be seen. or  19 29 85???   And this guy loves his cryptic references.

    116 (26) years ago during the Dow’s inaugural year, the market bottomed on 8-7.  Will there be a golden tribute this year???

    Maybe I’ll throw out that Batman video over the weekend.   But it’s definitely not for the squeamish or blue pillees or for occultists for that matter.

  76. 136 days from the spring equinox was Friday or today depending on your date for the equinox……3-20 or 3-21……

    We have some big 1987 birthdays approaching.    I believe Joran Van Der Sloot’s birthday is today and then there is Timmy T.’s…….

  77. Geccko23
    Shed some light on this : U.S. lost many lives on 9-11-01; and Japan lost even more lives on 3-10-11. Add those dates together, & you get 12-21-2012.

      • Yeah I think i’m just going to sit in cash until 141, and go short at that point regardless of what I see in the charts… It’s the same game as always… New high and then they take it out hard… Making me wonder about that false flag. Especially if this ends in that 141 area today. This entire rally has been on crap news and data. Taking it out soon seems likely to me…

  78. Just a note red, the spy puts, even at a 130 strike, for September, are pretty pricey. I think you’ll be better off going with iwm

  79. At this point, i dont think we will ever see the big drop in the market..I think we all have been tricked…With all the bad news in the world and this market still finds a way to go up…I think we have passed Peacefulwarrior8 window for the big dump….

    • Yes, I agree.  Unless they really do stage another false flag somewhere soon… this market isn’t likely to go down hard as many have predicted.  I have noticed over the last several years that when something gets a lot of attention on the internet it’s always a distraction and rarely comes true.

      This Olympics buzz of a possible “false flag” is just that… a distraction.  Notice how we didn’t get any forewarning of the shooting in Colorado?  They also never told us ahead of time about the BP oil rig or the 3/11 Japan attack.  They keep the real events secret and put out lies on the internet to keep us sheep guessing.

      So, while I do see this market continuing up to the 1419 spx FP target and then selling off (again, probably this Thursday as it’s another ritual “eleven” day) I don’t see a crash  coming.  The 1068 SPX FP (on the cell phone with the 1419 FP) could be our downside target but it could take months to get there.

      I don’t think it’s going to happen really quickly in a crash type move.  But, this all assumes we don’t have a false flag happen, and I don’t think we’ll see it during the Olympics.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t have another planned for somewhere else as they are still trying to start WW3… which means I’d look out for something that would cause a war to start over there in the middle east causing oil to go up huge.

      I think they will push this out until this coming Legatus meeting in October and then decide on whether to let the market crash or to do QE3 (and/or a 40% dollar devaluation)… which would then cause a huge rally to peak the market out in the middle of 2013.  That’s what I’m really thinking will happen as I keep hearing that statement on how the gangsters want to create “massive debt” before they crash it.

  80. On the 60 min charts, the historogram bars are barely above 0 now and the MACD lines are beginning to cross over.     Shorter term oscillators like RSI 5 and CCI 5 are at  overbought extremes and in some cases like the CCI 5 have already slightly rolled over.   The NDX RSI 5 though is at a very extreme level today and this with Apple actually down.

    August 7 was the low in 1896,(116 years ago or 26) the Dow’s first year, making a low for the year at 28.48, 73 days from the initial start date for the Dow on 5-26.

    Tommorow, 8-8 will be the 38th anniversary of the Nixon resignation and if one reads the resignation speech it definitely comes across as a grand ritual document.

    Tomorrow though won’t be an easy setup for a bear flip.   It would need to close below the big Friday bar.    We need to see a decisive bear flip.

    This is week 66 (26) from the 5-1-11 highs and unless there is a weekly bear flip, then a TD 9 weekly upcount will be hit.    Still don’t think that will happen.

    Crude oil got above its July high today for a TD exhaustion setup.   Like many indices, it has never achieved a 9 TD upcount but chopped higher nothing that DeMark has covered publically.    5 chops higher with higher closes with each chop for the SP and the Australian dollar for another example.

    DBC(commodities) finally did make a new closing high today and it has achieved the DeMark sell setup/exhaustion extreme however one wants to count it.

    8-9 is the one year anniversary of the August orthodox low.

    • Well, the Dow made a daily TD 9 count (during the early June run) but it is debatable if the SP did.   There was one bar where the close was about equal to the close 4 periods earlier and maybe slightly higher.     The Nasdaq and Russell 2000 never did them.

      The Nasdaq 100 with 2 new bars completely in a new range today something I like to see at a top.

      Today is also the bottom date before Tom McClellans long anticipated BearMaggeddon or Bear annihiliation phase.   It’s hard to believe that is going to happen at a weekly 8 TD count.

  81. Sirius’ heliacal rising is right around now.   August 7th from San Francisco.   Came across a video on it but haven’t watched it yet but it apparently claims the 11th is the date for the rising from a site popular with the insiders and that the closing of the Olympics was designed to coincide with it.

    • Why wouldn’t you want to post this BH?  This is exactly the information we need to see.  Thanks for posting it, and I’ll look into to it to see if it’s accurate or not.

      • B/C the elite like to use Kerry to spread fear…Also she does not have a good record on reporting from sources that tell her certain things will happen…But i guess i will look at some puts just for laughs..

        • I just posted on that thread BH… “I just looked at the SPY (tracks the S&P500), the QQQ (tracks the Nasdaq), and IWM (tracks the Russell) and I don’t see any odd or unusual amounts of open interest in the “Puts” for these indexes.”

          So, I don’t think we’ll see a false flag to crash the market but I do believe it will sell off after the FP of 1419 spx is hit… which again, I think will happen this Thursday because it’s another ritual “eleven” date.

  82. The nasdaq, Dax, $Cac with patterns/ rallies seen going into the 10-6 top double four years probably accompanied by similar type of euphoria.    Put call ratio dropped hard today.    Cobra’s Nasdaq total volume to Nyse total volume hit its highest levels since February (when it didn’t really mean anything except maybe a high for the advance decline line).

    Today is 88 tds from the 4-2 high, 68 tds from the 5-1 high and 98 calendar days from the 5-1 high (127 from 4-2….29 from 4-2 to 5-1).

    The QQQs closed at 66.65.

    The 1896 Dow 8-7 close of 28.48====88.12????

    Nixon’s resignation speech was on 8-8 but his resignation occurred on 8-9 (at 11:35am–11-8 or 88?).

    He was the 37th president and his resignation speech was his 37th speech to the country.   And he mentions there are 2 1/2 years left in his term…..5 1/2 years have already passed (512==8x8x8)….etc.etc.etc.

    • All this sideways to slightly down movement is just allowing the short term charts to work off their overbought conditions… giving the bulls another shot at going higher.

      • And with tomorrow being a “22 day”, it makes sense for then to be the possible peak in this market

  83. Hey WashBoardStocks… you still out there?  What about you PeaceFullWarrior?  You know we can all have differences of opinions and still get along.  I do miss your comments as you are both full of good information.

  84. Looks like the same crap the past few days… Move up to a range that gets stuck midday, then sell off a bit into the close

  85. Only problem with next week is I don’t believe there are any ritual dates. I’m not sure how long you’ve had this blog, or been in tact with the numerology behind the market, but have all highs, and lows, been hit on ritual dates/days?

    • About 3 years now Anthony. I started this blog in late 2009, but the numberology is something I only recently discovered. As for the highs/lows always being on ritual dates… I’d say NO. Some are and some aren’t, so we could still put in a high that’s not on a ritual date.

  86. Thanks. I’ll see what the close looks like first. 1% certainly isn’t impossible, roughly what’s needed to hit that FP….. All they have to do is pop out some bs news from any country, about progress. I do know they want to get as many people to buy into this market before they roll it over so one big push could do just that

  87. I think they might reverse the trend, as of late, today, and push up towards the close. At that point, hitting the FP quickly at the open may certainly be realistic

  88. From what I see in the short term charts right now (the 4h, 2h, and 60min)  both the ES and the SPX have sold off enough on their MACD’s and Histogram Bars to turn back up and push through the current 1400 resistance zone.  So, if the bulls get going we could see that happen today.

      • It doesn’t act like it wants to go up right now Anthony.  I’d say that they are going to drag this out until next week from the looks of it.  With today’s light volume they should  have already made the push higher by now.  They might need to sell off some first and then make another attempt later.

  89. yeah.. figured it would’ve picked up a little more steam by now if they were going that high

    • This is a very, very tight range they have been trading in for several days now.  This means to me that the gangsters are taking new short positions and closing out all their longs.  We seen this same thing back on 4/27 to 5/2, where they chopped sideways for several days before tanking.

      Notice that they put in a long topping tail on 5/1 just before the drop.  They maybe doing the same thing here, where they will push it up to the 1419 FP just before they drop the market hard.  Too many bears are getting short right now as the gangsters take their time exiting their longs.

      These bears need to be taken out just before the sell off and that’s why they will still push this up to the 1419 FP area just before the drop.  Of course it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen today, which leaves us to wonder when?

      There aren’t anymore ritual “eleven” dates until the 27th of this month.  That’s a long time to wait if all they have to do is reach 1419.  I guess it’s possible that they sell off for several days next week and then recycle back up into the days prior to the 27th to make that final high.

      If they just pullback then the 1375-1385 area seems like the most likely area to stop and turn backup.  But today isn’t over yet, so maybe they rally this pig up into the close to hit that FP zone?  Stranger things have happened.  I don’t think all “highs” are done on ritual days but since today is one, I can’t imagine them doing the high tomorrow or Monday and not on a ritual day.

  90. Classic topping pattern the last few days for most indices.    Two dojis following a big upleg (that is in exhaustion mode).    The first doji dipping to a lower low and forming a sort of hanging man like pattern.   Even the European indices featured this pattern.

    As I mentioned over at D.E.s,  most of these indices have run up to their TD magnet prices, mostly from the 5-1 high but some of the European indices or the australian dollar to a magnet price bar earlier in April or March.   TD magnet being a sort of resistance or absolute retracement level.   I believe the nasdaq price chart into the 10-6 high double four years ago probably rallied up to a magnet price level.

    5 day Nasdaq trin hit .59 today, an extreme level and nyse 5 day trin at .76.

    McOscillator made a very very minor change today basically closing even….The price being less than .1 of a point changed.   Usually it takes 2 days for the big move to come but the averages have already flatlined the last two day and the McOsc. has formed a cluster top as well closing in a tight range the last few days.   I don’t think I’ve seen that oscillator blow out of a cluster like that to the upside.

    The euro and the transports have already started to head down and initiated daily bear flips.
    Everything else has a really easy bear flip tomorrow.  

  91. I have already some elaborate posts on the current trading day cycles so click onto my icon for my most recent activity but I do see some interesting stuff for tomorrow.

    866 8(26) trading days from the 3-6-9 low and 1766 ie 866 calendar days from the 10-11-07 high.   I basically like anything that features 26 in the year of the 26.

    Tomorrow, August 10,2012 or  8-10-12  or the infamous 93???   Also 29-12 as 81==9×9

    8-10 is the one year anniversary of the turn off the mini crash low of early August.   It is also 3 years 10 months from the 10-10-08 crash low…..hmmm reverse that date and it is 8-10 but then another 10 not a 12.    I don’t see anything with 3 10 by itself.   But add 4 days to that and there might be something but that is something for a future post.

    But 8-10 would be 4 years 9 months 30days from the 10-11-2007 high.    Another 93 there.   I don’t understand 49 though….4+9===13 or 4 and added to 30 or 3===7 and multiplied would equal 12.    1380 degrees later or 4 years and 5/6 of a year later.   5/6===.83333333

    There was some discussion over at D.E.’s on Gann 360s 144 trading day cycle which might have been hit this week.    6×144====864….864==888????  Trading day 864 was yesterday August 8 or 88…

    Break down 864 to its basics and the result is 6x6x6x4  or 216×4.   864tds off 3-6-9 was August 8.    The low on 6-4 (8×8) was followed by 46 trading days to 8-8.    64 calendar days later was August 7, so far the high for most markets.    64 days from the grand reunion on June 5 was August 8 or 8-8.

    8-10 is also 1218 (129??) trading days off the 2007 high.

    8-10 is also 3 years 5months 4 days from the 3-6-9 low or 3-9???

    This is quite an interesting confluence of technical fundamentals and numerology that it seems like tomorrow has a high probability of big downside action.

    There are others work as well which  is showing that market has exhausted itself and has nowhere to go but down and it is very convincing and objective TA.   And I don’t think anyone has been patient enough to wait for this moment to deploy funds into the market despite all of the bearish calls on some sites.   Most of it has already been deployed and maybe squeezed out.   The last few days of flat action had me thinking that they are holding up the market long enough so that margin calls will force shorts out before the market can head south again.

    It’s alway clear once we get there but usually the money has already been deployed.
    The astrology is also setting up well.

  92. Two days ago, I was up early enough to catch the heliacal rising of Sirius so I waited until daybreak to see it but I couldn’t find it.   Too many houses and trees to see it.

    But what was noticeable before hand was the sight of  Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon clustered together in the sky.   Venus is a morning star right now so it can only be seen a few hours before sunrise.    And I am guessing Jupiter is rising slightly earlier since I couldn’t see it in the sky before I went to bed.   I couldn’t see the moon either until I looked up online that it didn’t rise until around midnight local time.

    Two nights ago, though it was pretty spectacular to see the moon hovering over Jupiter which was hovering over Venus.    And they are pretty much bunched together.    And they are all near Sirius’ location.    It’s as if the line that emanated from the moon down to Jupiter and Venus then extended to Sirius’ loaction something that an Egyptian pyramid might be designed around.    The moon has since entered Taurus and will enter Cancer tomorrow afternoon after the market closes.    I believe Venus is entering Cancer as well so a spectacular conjunction is setting up although Venus will be off a few degrees.

    And the heliacal rising of Sirius is now hitting the latitudes around London for tomorrow or the 11th.    The one video I mentioned had the 11th for the U.S. Canadian border although the location the narrator mentioned was pretty irrelevent in the larger scheme of things.    Sirius’ heliacal rising should have meaning for the insiders and right now it should probably revolve around the Olympics since they have already invested so many occultic touches in it ie the opening ceremonies and such.

    • London is 51 degrees latitude similar to Calgary’s.    The location mentioned in the video was on the North Dakota-Canadian border which should be slightly to the south.

      Reportedly,   Sirius’ heliacal rising occurred on August 7 in San Francisco at latitude 37 degrees.    It should have already risen at Washington D.C. by now which isn’t too far north of San Francisco.   Maybe New York tomorrow????

      • New York at 40 degrees isn’t much farther to the north than San Francisco and if Sirius’ heliacal rising for the ND-Canadian border is the 11th then it should have already occured in NYC.

        Maybe the 12th for London????  The 12th is a big 703 anniversary for the insiders.

    • It’s funny how now that you know what to look for you see a ton of occult crap in old movies that you used too watch back when you where young.  It’s always been there, but we just didn’t see it back then.

  93.    By the way, just found out the world went basically bankrupt between 1915-1918. Maybe I have already mentioned that.  So, they have done one heckuva job papering the whole world for essentially 95 plus years.

  94. Maybe they bring this down to that 1385 area, for a stronger rally to the fp before dropping hard

  95. Yes, saw it as well. Now there’s a movie coming out called “666 park avenue” not too far from where my parents live. Wonder if the building itself has any occult symbolism

  96. Happy Birthday dear Red!
    I shorted S&P this morning, as being your day, I thought we go south… But with this low volume, bears don’t have a chance…

    Have a nice day…

  97. I miswrote last night when I wrote the Moon was entering Cancer today.    It is entering Gemini.  It still hasn’t passed Jupiter.

    The moon currently is passing over the Pleiades now over the next hour or two.   I am not too sure of their exact location.    I have seen Taurus 29 or Gemini 0 degrees.    It enters Gemini at 4:11 pm or 1:11 local time according to artcharts.

  98. I woke up at around daybreak and went walking around for 40 plus minutes trying to see the heliacal rising of Sirius again but couldn’t find it.   I could see the nearby mountain so the sky was clear enough but I am guessing the haze and the inversion layer is obscuring it.    It might be better to get up earlier when it is completely dark to see if I can see it.

    I guess that’s why the insiders designed an observatory in the middle of nowhere along the U.S Canadian border.

    Jupiter and Venus seem to be perfectly aligned and pointing down directly at Sirius.   The moon above both isn’t as aligned.    The moon should have been in Taurus 25,26 then,  15 degrees off of Jupiter which is about 22 degrees from Venus.

    But it is quiet biblical.    Like the 3 kings pointing towards the Bethlehem star.   Jupiter is in the area of the 3 kings or Roosterland.

    I guess the metaphor though is it’s the Dark Knight that is rising.

    Tomorrow at daybreak, the moon should be above Jupiter and by Sunday, it will be quite close to Venus.

    • Venus is in cancer now so there is now a cardinal grand cross set up although Mars and Saturn in Libra won’t form an exact square with the planets in the other cardinal signs.

  99. Cobra’s Nasdaq total volume to Nyse total volume chart/ratio remained at the exteme 2.9 level over the last few days.   Today, it dropped slightly to 2.77, still quite extreme.    Reviewing Cobra’s chart, the extreme spikes in this ratio usually has a one day lead time at the quickest before the market drops.    Sometimes the drop is immediate, but this seems to occur when the market is already in downtrend.

    Another  basically unchanged reading in the McOscillator.   Is the big move put off another day?

    Today’s candle for the SP and Dow was very ugly for the bears but volatility continued to lessen as the market has traded in a very tight range the last four days.   Three day margin calls should have taken force by now as well.

    Currencies and some commodities looked like they put in hanging man patterns.

  100. The market topped on August 11th in 2008 in the previous election cycle.   And the rally off the July lows into that high featured a similar upward chop.    Tomorrow is 1766 days from 10-11-2007 high not today as I had mentioned.   I thought that date was a Wednesday but it was a Thursday.

  101. The moon enters Cancer at 4:23 am est. and then should move over  Venus next which coincides to around mid-day.     Moon with Venus in Cancer settinp up a Cardinal grandcross with a possible heliacal rising of Sirius.    Still haven’t seen Sirius yet…didn’t get up this morning and there is some question as to when exactly is Sirius’ heliacal rising.   It does have to get high enough above the horizon to be seen not just rising above the horizon at daybreak.

    • About ten hours later after entering Cancer, the moon should be above Venus but that is just a rounded estimate.

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