Lindsey Williams Says To Look Out For October


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Technical Analysis update for the ritual "eleven" date of 08/27/2012

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Lindsey's latest report states that the gangsters are behind 6-9 months with their evil plans to take oil to $150.00 per barrel and make the dollar worthless!

In this new video from 07/28/2012 Lindsey gives us his personal thoughts that he's worried about the month of October and just after the Presidential Inauguration (January 20th, 2013) as possible months to look out for.  While he says that the gangsters are still planning to devalue the dollar before the end of 2012 the late January period of 2013 could be meant for something else bad to happen... maybe like war?  I'm just guessing there of course but since we have a Legatus meeting just a little later on February 7th-9th, 2013 I'd have to think that something big will happen.

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Getting back to this October I think Lindsey's "worry" is well justified as that is the period that the gangsters will be meeting for an "eleven" day Legatus meeting... and you know how they love the number "11"!  From October 10th to the 21st they will meet and make some decisions on how they plan to screw the sheep again by making some policies or changes that will make them broker then they already are... stealing their money once again.

These Illuminati gangsters are pure evil and I promise you they will laugh when they succeed in stealing the little peoples' money once again.  There is NO "Robin Hood" folks... in fact it's more like the opposite exists where the rich evil gangsters steal from the poor innocent sheep.  You must understand that we live in the "Matrix" where reality TV shows are all lies done by actors to brainwash you into thinking a certain way... while science fiction shows are reality as they continue to suppress technology that would free us slaves from the debt prison we live in.
Between now and October I'm not sure what they plan on doing with the stock market.  It's obvious to me right now that they are still 100% in control of it as it should have rolled over and starting selling off many days ago now.  It seems like they are in a mode of "indecision" and they aren't sure what to do next.  The FP on the SPX does tell me that we will go up to 1419 before any real selling starts... and the FP of 1068 SPX tells me the bottom, but when is the question?

My thoughts are that we are going to sell off to the 1068 FP right into the Legatus meeting and put in the bottom at that point.  Then another rally will start as they put QE3 into the market and/or also devalue the dollar 40% as Bernanke stated he would do back in 2002 if he were elected "fed chairman" and faced with another depression.  Well duh!  We are definitely facing another depression here!  So that means he's going to devalue the dollar just as he said he would.  The question is "when"?

Since Lindsey Williams said that the gangsters still plan on making the dollar dead (worthless in buying power, but not gone from circulation) before the end of 2012 I can't help but say that the odds of a bottom in the stock market going into late October and a rally from a devalued dollar (along with QE3) are very high now.  This coming week I'd say they will make a run for the 1419 FP even though the market is extremely overbought on most all charts right now.  They will once again defy gravity and keep push up on very light volume.

I remember a period back in 2010 (I think? or 2011) where they chopped around in a topping zone for 2 weeks before starting the sell off.  That could happen again?  It's not likely of course but I've seen it before.  If they sell off some early this week to drop back to the 1380 SPX area and then run back up later in the week and into the following week then this could be push out until the next ritual "eleven" date on the 27th of August.

While not all highs or lows are put in on ritual dates you still need to keep them in mind when you know the top (or bottom... from the FP given to us sheep of course), and one of those days is near.  Well, if they don't hit the 1419 FP early this week then odds favor a pullback to the 1380 SPX support zone before another attempt higher.  This could easily last 2-4 days and put us well into the follow week.  This would imply a move down this week to last almost the entire time, but a possible move up on Friday so the week ends with a doji or basically "flat" week.

Then they could frustrate both the bulls and bears for the next 2 weeks while just chopping around slightly down for a few days and then back up for a few days.  Maybe the week of the 20th to the 25th will be a slightly up week where they close that Friday on the 25th close to the 1419 FP but not close enough to consider it "full-filled".  At the open on Monday the 27th (the next ritual "eleven" day) they pop it up higher to hit the FP and then sell off for real.

This is just my guessing here as everything in the charts say we should start selling off hard next week from the extremely overbought short and mid-term charts... but why is it that my guts tells me that's not going to happen.  If we are going to sell off to the 1068 FP, and hit that print during or right the October Legatus meeting, then that's a pretty steep drop in only 2 months!  From mid-August to mid-October isn't really that much time to shave off 351.10 SPX points... or about 3,500-4,000 Dow points.  You could call that a mini-crash if you really want too, but that seems to me to be the likely plan of action.

So how do you profit from this?

(to watch on youtube:

For one you must not get sucked into thinking that once we hit 1068 that we are going to continue crashing to the finally low of 34.65 SPY (about 346.50 SPX)... and you must not assume that the previous high of 1422 SPX in April was the high of "Primary Wave 2" (P2) and that we have started P3 down.  This may or may not be the case?  If they do QE3 and/or the dollar devaluation the stock market is going to go up hard and fast and could very well put in a new "all time" high by mid-2013.  Yes, this new high will be a false high when compared to the massive inflation and price of gold, but never the less we stock market bears could get trapped short and loss a lot be not bailing out of our shorts when the lower FP is hit.

It is my plan to go long gold and silver in October when the Legatus meeting happens if we do indeed sell off to the 1068 SPX low into that time frame.  This will be a clear signal to me that the dollar devaluation and/or QE3 is virtually guaranteed to happen right during or after that meeting.  So everyone should remember to remind me of this very post if I get caught up into my emotional trap of thinking that we are going to continue down and crash after the lower FP is hit this October.

Speaking of gold I still have a very old FP  from several years back.  While I'm puzzled to when or "if" it's still valid it would be a fabulous place to buy if it really does get that low.  This FP shows gold at 935, with could happen if we drop hard and fast in the next 2 months taking the SPX down 351 points.   That should trigger some margin calls I'd think and make big hedge funds and institutions sell their gold to cover them.

I realize that going that low in gold seems impossible but don't just assume that it's not going to happen as it truly makes the most sense when you real think about it.  Remember that they either used Lindsey Williams to fed him "timely information" (that's released at a time period that benefits them the most and tricks us sheep into taking positions short or long based on this) or he's part of the deception and misdirection by knowingly working for them.

Personally I think Lindsey's an honest person but we all know that his sources are lying, stealing, evil gangsters... so what makes you think that they are going to tell Lindsey the "Whole truth, and nothing but the truth"?  They are intentionally mixing in the truth during time periods that they want us sheep to get scared and take a position based on that news only to see the opposite happen during the short term.

So all this talk of gold going to 3,000 an ounce from Lindsey is timed perfectly to trap the sheep in long positions during the next few months when I believe gold will sell off.  Will it go as low as the FP... I don't know?  It's possibly I guess?  But the short term charts (daily, weekly) say that gold should go down.  This is the opposite of the fear that Lindsey is spread (again... intentionally or not is unknown?).

All can tell you is that we have a FP that says we should go to 1419 on the SPX and then 1068.  Logic (and the charts) say we will go up to the 1419 print first and then start the move down toward the 1068 print.  If this happens in just 2 short months then the odds of many margin calls hitting those that aren't part of the "insiders" gang are very high. This is the opposite of what most think will happen but I see it as totally possibly.

If this works out and actually happens into the October Legatus meeting then you should fully expect that low in gold (and silver) to be a huge buying opportunity.  The next move will likely take Gold up to the other FP I have of 3,500 and Silver to it's FP of 84.30 by a devalued dollar of 40% overnight as planned by Bernanke... as well as QE3!  If you ever see the low in gold above you better mortgage your house and buy it by the truck loads!

Could this be the evil plan by the Illuminati pigs?  Only time will tell I guess, but I'm not dismissing these scenario as it makes the most sense too me at the moment.  While everyone is expecting QE3 to happen here soon the logical thing for Bernanke to do is to sell off the stock market hard first and then inject more money into it.

Getting the most "bang for the buck" is the game here and a drop of 3,000-4,000 Dow points would be enough to make all the traders think that the bottom is in now and the market will know resume the bull market.  The truth will be that it was all just a deception to sucker the last bear into going long as the market rallies into mid-2013 to make some new high... and then pull the rug out and let it really start the collapse to the finally low of about 3,000-4,000 on the Dow.

Most people will think that the wave down from some new high in 2013 is just a buying opportunity as they will believe that the low put in this year around the 1068 FP on the SPX was the so called "double dip bottom" (that was saved from hitting the 666 prior low in 3/2009 by QE3).  This is exactly what the gangsters want... everyone in disbelief as the market continues selling off day after day.

Remember, they want "MASSIVE DEBT" by every country in the world before they bring on their "NEW WORLD ENSLAVEMENT"!

This people are insane and should be rounded up by every citizen with a gun and publicly hung!  Their crimes are so numerous that you would fall asleep listening to them while read out loud in a courtroom.  But we all know that's not likely to happen... so back to reality (errr... the matrix).  The scenario that I've laid out here seems unlikely and not possible, which is why it is likely to happen.  If we tank hard over the next 2 months and then rally hard from a dollar devaluation (and/or QE3)... which puts in a new high, there won't be a bear left alive by the time it peaks in mid-2013.

This is exactly what the gangsters want... "Massive Debt" (and everyone thinking the worst is over that the new bull market is back).  The bulls will constantly buy every dip the market has when it starts selling off from that all time high and the bears will sit on the sidelines scared to go short.  This will likely be something similar to what they show in that video on youtube called "The Day The Dollar Died".

The only difference will be that gold will already be around 3,000 per ounce by time this all happens.  If we do tank hard into this October and gold does drop to the FP on it, then when the dollar gets devalued gold will almost double overnight to just under 2,000 per ounce.  Throw in QE3 and gold should start rising big time until the end of the year and into mid-2013.  It should be up to 3,000 or more by the time the stock market peaks which means that movie is being too conservative on the price level.  We could see gold at 5,000 from fear or much higher before the stock market finally bottoms in the 3,000-4,000 range on the DOW (34.65 SPY is the FP target).

Back to the short term...

Again, we are now in a topping phase and trying to predict the exact date that they are going to let this tank is very hard to say right now.  I can only think that it's very possible that they chop this around for several weeks before letting it fall.  I have no evidence that it's going to peak at the 1419 FP on the 27th, but it is the next ritual "eleven" date.  We could sell off before then of course as not all highs come on ritual dates but from past history I do see that it's common to chop around for several weeks before a really big fall happens.  So chopping this around until the 27th is possible... and it will certainly frustrate every bear (and bull), as they will just get tired of waiting and bailout of all positions.

I don't have any new FP's so I can only go with what I have currently.  I firmly believe that we will hit the 1419 FP on the SPX before we really start a big move down.  That doesn't mean we can't drop to the 1380 SPX support level before making another push higher.  I just don't see a huge move until 1419 is hit first.

On another note, the good news is that nothing happened during the Olympics.

But if you listen to Lindsey Williams you'll notice that he does state that's it's possible that the gangsters stage some event to cause war to start.  They want oil up to $150.00 per barrel or more and closing the strait of hormuz will do it.  So a "False Flag" is still possible, but just not one that we sheep will likely see coming ahead of time.  This was while I wrote that I didn't believe that anything bad would happen during the Olympic games.

Anytime the gangsters put out a lot of news about something, which causes a lot of fear (something they want), I immediately raise my "dis-information" RED FLAG... meaning I no longer believe most all of what is found on the internet that is extremely popular.  If it's something that very few know about then it could be true, but if it goes viral it's likely to be a lie to deceive us sheep.

I don't feel like what Lindsey is saying (as he vaguely mentions it) about a possible "false flag" to start a war to raise the price of oil is done to mis-lead us sheep.  I do think this is accurate as they are still trying to start a war.  Will they succeed or fail... I don't know?  They have been delayed 6-9 months as Lindsey stated, so they aren't "all powerfully" as they think they are.

Remember, this "Mayan Calendar" thing isn't something to totally ignore.  Something is going to happen to start a big change in the way we humans live.  What that is... is something I can't answer?  But I believe it's a change for the better for the slaves on the planet... which means the gangsters are going to lose their grip on us sheep as we slowly take back our freedom.

Will it happen overnight... like on December 21st, 2012?  I doubt it, but change is coming.  Free energy devices will slowly work there way into the hands of the sheep and they will free themselves over time from the debt enslavement that the Illuminati pigs currently have on us.  The coming crash in the stock market next year will likely be the downfall of the Illuminati as the people are force to live without credit or money.  Once people learn to live off bartering, growing their own food, making their own energy, etc... they won't go back!

This is the thing the gangsters aren't counting on as they think that we sheep will just bow down and worship their insane leaders and take the "mark of the beast" (the chip implanted in your skin)... but I'm confident that won't happen.  The sheep bowed down in the first "Great Depression" because the technology to free them wasn't around... nor was the knowledge about the Illuminati and how they were slaves.  This time things are different as we sheep know who the enemy is and more importantly we have the technology to live without the need for the money... which is the one thing the Illuminati must have in order to keep us enslaved.

If money isn't needed anymore then the Illuminati won't have any control of us... and that's what they fear the most.  This is why the suppress the free energy devices by either buying out anyone that comes up with one, threatening them, or murdering them if necessary.  If we sheep free ourselves from money then we free ourselves from the Illuminati pigs.  This is their biggest fear... and maybe the fact that we all still have guns and know how to use them! LOL!

When they collapse this economy next year and bring on "The Great Depression Two" they will be signing their own death sentence.  We sheep will then be forced to live without money and with today's knowledge that is available on the internet once we get out of the system of debt... we won't be coming back.  They think they will just be able to crash everything and then own it all because they created fraudulent paper document prior to the collapse.  This will all backfire in their face as the sheep discover how to legally show the fraud and take back their possessions from the gangsters.

Revolution is coming and the gangsters hiding out in the country won't save them.  Good old boys in the country are just as dangerous as city boys.  They have guns too and thinking that their mansion in the mountains will be safe will be their mistake.  There won't be any place for the gangsters to hide once the "blue pill" takers are awoken when the economy collapses next year.  The Illuminati don't realize that it's not us "red pill" takers that they should be worried about... it's the "blue pill" takers.

While they feed us conspiracy people "dis-information" on the internet by either putting "actors" out there like Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Alex Jones, Inelia Benz, etc... or just using this people by feeding them lies (I really don't know who's real and who's an actor anymore?) the normal "blue pill" takers won't be distracted by such nonsense.  When you take away their ability to survive they will come looking for someone to blame.  That will be the rich Illuminati pigs that hideout in their mountainous mansions deep in the country somewhere.

Only time will tell I guess but I'm confident that there won't be anyplace for the gangsters to hide once everyone wakes up to their murderous deeds.  This 2012 period is truly going to be the "beginning of the end" for the Illuminati as they underestimate the resourcefulness of the sheep they currently have enslaved.  Technology works both ways and the people will rise up against their enemy this time, as now they know who the enemy really is.  It's time to rebuild the gallows again and start hanging the banksters from them...



      •  Yes, Had i not seen a devaluation coming for awhile now, since QE1 staqrted, I wouldn’t have believed it either. While I personally think your thoughts are very realistic, I just hope, when the time comes, the sheep are ready to

  1. Also note the post on “options babe” wall about the new rules with brokerages. You reallynever know what they’ll do to ensure noone, but them of course, makes a killing off of such an event

  2. “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

    James Madison 

  3. Speaking of Inelia Benz , seems Steve Beckow brought her up today on his Look for the title “Inelia Benz and the Global Illumination Council”..

  4. The moon crosses over Sirius tomorrow around 6am EST or just as Sirus rises heliacally or close to it.    With Venus nearby.   On Timmy T.’s birthday.   His 25th one.

    Didn’t get a chance to Sirius this morning.   I awoke at daybreak and the sun was already too high.   It even blotted out Jupiter and the moon.

    Saturday morning I did get up before daybreak and Jupiter and the moon were practically cojoined at the hip although the moon had not yet moved directly over Jupiter.

    I drove and drove until I did get to a point were it appeared the horizon was clear yet I could not find Sirius which had me questioning whether it really had risen.

    Soon Jupiter might be above the moon.    The moon is really rising late.    It was more spectacular last Thursday when the moon, Jupiter and Venus were equidistant.

    • Good Morning… and yes, it’s moving up close to the FP level now.  It does seem unlikely that they will hold off hitting it until the next ritual date on the 27th, but stranger things have happened.  It’s still a short area as all double tops are places to go short at (regardless of whether it’s on a ritual date or not?)

      •  Yeah, Your analysis seems like a very plausible situation. So, if they were to ro; this over that hard, without any significant mini crash, They would probably need to get the rolling soon. If I happen to see gold/ilver that low before the meeting, then its time to tap out the cards

  5. Why does it not surprise me that they take the market up close to the FP of 1419 spx but not hit it?  Because they love to trick the bears into getting short before the real move down happens.  Same crap, different day.

    This tells me that we could (and certainly should) sell off a little over the next few days.  The daily chart now has a nice topping tail forming, but of course the day isn’t over with yet.  Still… if it does close around here (or lower) then I’d expect a small pullback for several days before attempting another move higher.

    So if we do indeed put in a topping close today then a move down for several days is likely.  But don’t get too caught up into thinking it’s “the big one” as until that 1419 FP is hit I would be too excited on the bear side.

    •  Damn. They could really drag this out until the 27th. If so, to get to that possible 1065 low, it’s going to be ugly

      • They sure could Anthony.  Until that FP is hit I wouldn’t get too excited on the sell off. I seen this before in the past where I thought they were “close enough” to the FP (so I shorted heavily) only to see a small dip followed by a move up to hit the FP and go slightly past it… and then the big move down happened!

    • Oops… meant to put up the 8th (market closed though), 17th, and 26th… not the 6th and 24th.  Those are “20” days and I haven’t noticed them being too important in the stock market.  I’m looking for “22” days as they seem too be important for turns.

      •  Yeah, looked at historical charts for the last few years and haven’t come across anything significant on “20 days”… All we have left for this month is the 27th, and the 29th is a daily

        • Yes, and since the 27th is a Monday I tend to think that they will put the high in on that date instead of the 29th (Wednesday).  I’ve just noticed from the past that Monday’s and Friday’s seem to be a more important turn dates then the middle of the week.

  6. flat…. bought a 139 put at the close… Thinking they pullback to tht 1385 area before having another run up to the FP.  After that, there will be a lot of money to be made. Finally.

  7. Happy Birthday Timmmy T……………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yahoo with a front page article that seem to be non birthday related.

    May you win your over-hyped non-existent camp battle with the Sanchize #6 or #15+ #6 for 26(66) or ……………..15 means 555 or 35 or 8 so 86???????

    • Timmy T.’s birthday, 8-14, is 3 years 10 months 4 days from the 10-10-08 crash low or 314 for Pi and  4 years 10months 3 days from the 10-11-2007 high or reverse Pi.

      134 calendar days from the 4-2 which is the Pi number rearranged.   Also 67×2….There have been many instances of 67 trading day cycles going back to the 3-6-9 low and I believe there was 134 td cycle rally into the Jan 2010 top from the 7-8-9 low which covered the 9-9-9 date.   Hmmm 26 days separate 8-14 form 9-9.   Or 1060 days from 9-9-9.    Today is coincidentally also 106 calendar days from 5-1 (The Tebow number reversed)  106===53×2.

      93(999) trading days from the 4-2 high and 73 tds from the 5-1 high.

      But all the fireworks are set for tomorrow particularly the astro fireworks…

      Tomorrow will be 3months 14days from the 5-1 high and 4months 13days from the 4-2 high.    7 months 7 days from the great 316 performance by Tebow against the Steelers and 3 years 7 months 7 days from his 2009 NCAA National Championship game when he first donned his John 3:16 war paint.   Or 1315 days later….making today, Tebow day a PIishh   1314 days later.

      7 months 21 days from the 12-18 Patriots game when Tebow played pied piper to his 19  87
      23   88        occultic entourage.  

      8-15 the Raven number from 127 Hours that I have mentioned numerous times.
      Supposedly, the cost of the guns Travis Bickle buys from the travelling salesman in Taxi Driver adds up to $815 but I got $875 (812) plus $40 for the holster for $915 so I will try to watch the clip later to see if my info is correct:

      There is a site LOL dedicated to discussing the description and costs of the guns DeNiro buys in that scene from which I got my info.

      It could have been an occultist dropping his preferred 815 number in the youtube comments section.

      We also got the T-Troll guaranteed gold contrarian sell signal last night as well.

  8. Well, I got up before daybreak but things had changed in the sky.   The moon now was below both Jupiter and Venus and barely above the horizon.   The moon was undertaking its own heliacal rising just as it hovered above Sirius.    I ended up driving all over the place and still couldn’t see Sirius.    There is a mountain in the way that might possibly obstruct the sight of Sirius’ heliacal rising.

    It was quite spectacular to see Venus and Jupiter aligned together and both pointing to the moon.   And another planet will be adding to the mix tomorrow morning.    Mercury will have its own heliacal rising at daybreak when it will barely hover  above the horizon at it’s most westermost point of elongation (furthest point away from the sun in its orbit).   Mercury will be in Leo and a website indicated to follow the line emanating from the Jupiter and Venus alignment to find Mercury (at the horizon).    This is getting very Three Kingsish.

    Meanwhile,  Mars and Saturn along with the star Spica are also forming their own alignment in the night sky.   (There was a triangle formation a few weeks ago)

    • The major astrology for 8-15 then:

      Venus moves into a Cardinal T-square with Pluto and Uranus.   Mars and Saturn form a conjunction in the other Cardinal Sign, Libra.      The moon will form a square to that Mars Saturn conjunction sometime in the wee morning hours near a possible heliacal rising of Sirius (during the eastern time zone???).    The moon will also be close to forming a conjunction to Mercury also in a heliacal rising position.

      Jupiter can be seen in the sky a few degrees to the east of the Alderaban (sp) star, the eye of the bull Taurus.      The Pleiades and Orion are somewhere in the vicinity but I believe Orion at least is lower in the sky.    I have been trying to find the 3 Kings in the sky to find Sirius but haven’t noticed a cluster like that in the sky.

      So Jupiter the planet of expansion and material wealth is finally pulling away from the Bull while the malefics form squares and conjunctions.    

  9. Yeah, haven’t stopped out of my 140 put, but with the range this tight, i think I’ll be better off closing it

  10. Great. I bet you they do this throughout next week too. I’ll sit on the side until we have a decent pullback, 1385 area, or we hit the FP. Too easy to get squeezed with moves like today

  11. barrage of EU news and meetings, late Aug, early Sept, and with gasoline so high, seems to me, back to school store sales will be dismal. that’s two possible trend changing events, to watch for.

    • If we don’t tank into the October Legatus meeting to bottom at the 1068 spx FP then it’s entirely possibly that we crash after that meeting.  Hard to say right now but there doesn’t seem to be enough time left before the meeting to drop 350 points.  So what if they just start the first wave 1 down and then back up for wave 2 into Legatus?  Then the wave 3 down to follow should be very ugly.

      •  Yeah, was going to bet pretty heavily when the fp was/is hit, bit 350 before October, while possible, seems a bit extreme. They wouldl need a fairly steady flow of bad news

        • Yes, I agree.  It does seem unlikely to drop that far before October.  So, that implies that we could see a huge “wave 3” down after the meeting and not QE3 and/or the Dollar Devaluation.

          I’ve thought about this for awhile now, and this now seems more likely then what I wrote in the post.  I just don’t see it dropping that hard and that low before the meeting… and just before the elections.  Instead we could just have a wave 1 down and wave 2 up.

          That would look better for the elections… regardless of which puppet they plan to have as the next president.  Then maybe the dollar devaluation and/or QE3 happens after the next Legatus meeting in Feb. 2013?

          •  Oh well , just a nice crash to nail to load up on commodities before the devaluation. I’ll gladly take that. However, I have a lot of higher up friends, who said Obama, for re-election, is already a done deal. That’s why, to me, a dollar devaluation wouldn’t make sense until after November. A market crash wouldn’t make people hit the streets, at least I dont think so?, but a dollar collapse certainly will

  12. it is, i just got short slightly. I think it’s to early to hit the 1419 area. The manipulation is out of control

  13. At least we all know that the market isn’t likely to rollover until the 1419 FP is hit on the SPX. Think of all the un-informed bears out there that have been shorting this for the last 2 weeks… man that must suck!

  14. I have a feeling they’ll bounce around here and maybe touch it quickly tomorrow morning. To drag out a whole week ,when they’re this close, would be a bit much. Anything’s possible though

    • Yes, I agree.  I’ve seen them come close to a FP before in the past and not hit it (which I got short thinking it was “close enough”) and then latter (after a brief “few days” pullback) they rallied back up to hit the FP and pierce it slightly before rolling over for good.

      However, according to “Gary the Numbers Guy”, today qualifies as another “eleven” day as it equals 20 (0+8+1+6+2+0+1+2=20… which “2” equals two “1’s” or “11”).  I’m just not sure if “20” days are that important to the gangsters as far as the stock market is concerned.  I didn’t see any previous highs end on a “20” day, but I never checked back further then this year, so it’s possible prior to that I guess.

  15. I am just going to buy up as many shares of a company that I found, and sit on them.  I think they could go to 50-100 a share, and they are only around a buck(slightly less).  Its the biggest deal I have ever found, and I have found about 20 big ones over the years.

  16. my guess, of we dont hit the fp in the morning, is that we’ll chop back down slightly to get us bears in for the ride. And then have a few nothing days like we just did

    • While all important tops and bottoms aren’t on ritual “eleven” days many are.  So the possibility of the FP being hit tomorrow and then rolling over is there… but some how it just feels too me like they will take it down a little first to lure in some bears (maybe 1380-1370 spx) and then push back up next week toward the FP.

      If so, then we should top on Monday the 27th (a ritual “eleven” day) by hitting the FP and possibly piercing it a little.  The first move down isn’t likely to be the real move.  Think of it like they do… there are tons of bears short now as we’ve given them 2 weeks of chop to position themselves.

      That’s way too many bears on the train right now.  They should tease them a little here with a move down starting tomorrow and carrying into early next week.  Then push them off the train with a nice squeeze up to the FP of 1419 spx by Monday the 27th… and then tank for real.

      •  Thanks for your thoughts red- always appreciated. Makes/made me look at the market in a completely different way. a possible drop to 1385 is still worth riding on a weekly. I’ll see what the oepen looks like

  17. Any thoughts on silver/gold soon exploding? I personally thought they would’ve wanted to drop it a bit lower, to get the hedge funds out.

    •  with the amount of flat days we’ve had for awhile now, i’d be happier if it was just closed. I’m guessing we go down either way next week though. Either they hit the fp and roll over, or they  pull back a bit to get the bears in as you stated yesterday

  18. Ok, it looks like they will pop it up on Monday the 20th (a daily “eleven” day… not a “yearly”) to hit the FP of 1419 spx.  It’s so close right now that it seems crazy that they don’t just push it up 4 points and get it over with.

    But, it’s all planned and I’m just guessing on how to figure it out (obviously everyone clearly knows that this market is 100% manipulated as the last 2 weeks of this sideways movement isn’t normal).  I haven’t noticed too many “20” days putting in a top but again… I haven’t looked back more then this year.

    So, this coming 20th is a daily “eleven” day and then the following Monday the 27th is a yearly eleven day.  Odds favor one of these days being the top, and since we are so close to the FP I’d think it will happen this coming Monday the 20th but there’s no guarantee on that of course.

    Also, there is no guarantee that the market will turn once the FP is hit, but given the extreme overbought conditions on most all the charts I’d say it will be a turning point.  And remember that it’s common to pierce through the FP level slightly before turning (assuming we do turn at the FP and not continue higher… which I do believe will happen).

    •  Hopefully, the last two weeks have just been a waste. Bought a 138 put a bit ago for next week, friday expiration, so hoping the rollover, if the fp area is the turning point, kicks off with a nice start. At these levels, it won’t take much to do that

  19. “if” 1419-1424ish is the high, they can easily touch that Monday morning at these levels

    • There has been too much time chopping around at this level.  This means that if they do clear the current resistance zone and actually pierce through the prior 1422 high then there will likely be a short squeeze happen as all the bears that have been getting short over the last 2 weeks have to buy back those positions.

      There is a prior high on 05/19/2008 of 1426.63 (closing price) and 1440.24 intraday high.  I don’t think they are going to either.  If you breakthrough 1422.38 from 04/02/2012, then they will likely trigger that squeeze to 1426 and then 1440… which I believe is now what a lot of bulls are thinking will happen.

      There are probably many bears that are currently giving up and turning to bulls about now.  While there should still be enough left for a squeeze up to just over the FP I don’t think there’s much more let then that…

      •  That’s what i’m thinking/hoping. Went short a little early, but with todays close hitting/piercing the fp should be pretty easy. I just hope the drop that follows next week, if they do start on Monday, will be a decent one

  20. finally, finished the Q2 spy 500 earnings report—-
    i’ll just give you the bottom line—-and not bore you with the details.
    137.4 DIA MAX HIGH, between now and OCT is possible….if the market even gets that high.

  21. sp 500 is trading at p/e 12.7, last year at this time, it was 12.4
    10 year avg is 14’s, but that includes spx 666, when all was whack.

  22. I saw some traders charts showing a push to possible 1440, 144 spy, but i think we would at least have a slight pullback before even giving that a shot

  23. about:cache
    type that in the firefox address bar—-
    under disk cache device,
    click on
    list cache entries—
    IT’S BIG BROTHER, yikes!

  24. I’f be surprised if they were really able to push this to 1445 without first having, at least, a minor xorrection

  25. Well, my thoughts anyway, is if they REALLY wanted to get everyone,  and if i were in control of the market, i would drop down to a Resistance, where i know all bears would get short, 1380-70, then reverse back up to hit the FP next Monday before really crashing hard. I know, sounds drastic, and one hell of a swing, but that would wipe out almost everyone in my opinion

    • That’s exactly what they have done many times in the past.  I’ve been a victim of that exact trap… getting short before the FP was hit and/or pierced slightly.  I got over excited thinking it was “close enough”… only to see the dip turn back up and hit the print a few days later.  While history does always repeat, the gangsters do follow the same evil pattern.

  26. if they do put the high in, sometime near the open, then I could see them coming out with some bad news to easily drop this market 2-3%, from 142 spy area, to hover right around the next resistance by the end of the week. A month and a half of nothing, maybe they push it out another week? but I don’t think so

  27. Yeah, i’m slightly short, but i think they’ll drop to resistance 138/7 by Wednesday, and reverse back up to pierce 142 by Monday. Hard to say, But, i always try to think like them. And if I wanted to make sure the market was clear, for only the insiders, that’s what I would do

    • Yes, I’d agree with that.  I think most bears have bailed out by now as it’s taking too long to “not go down”… meaning a lot of bears are either in cash or switching sides to become bulls.

    • With low volume they have total control of the market.  They could go up or down without any resistance.  This market is being held here for so long because the gangsters need time to get out of their longs and get short.  The longer they hold it here the larger the drop to follow.

  28. if you take a look at the vix, its beginning to edge up, so i bet traders will go short. Why not have a little fun, and tease them, with a small dip over the next 3 days? Then catch them Thursday, Friday and Monday

    • The more I think about this October the more I think we’re going to tank hard in the stock market.  Some how I think they will push this dollar devaluation out until 2013.

      • Not sure, i’ve read a lot of your stuff, and know you see a lot of things pointing to October. Maybe its a crash? I think the bulk of Americans don’t focus on the market much, so I think a crash, and him still being put in office, is a possibility

        • Look at the timing of it all… the election is pretty much over with by the time the Legatus meeting is over on October 21st as voting day is November 2nd.  That’s not really a very long time for the sheep to look at the stock market and suddenly decide to vote for the other gangsters… so you can start the selling a little earlier in my opinion.

  29. Yeah. I personally think they want Obama back in office. So they want the markets to look decent for elections. A correction now would setup for a nice looking market before elections. it’s impossible to have a devaluation in October and have Obama get elected again

  30. “change you can believe in” my ass. The only change i’ve seen is the, at least, twice the cost in gas/food, and overall cost of living. But hey, as long as the market’s up, things are better right?

  31. They could still easily reverse this and head past the FP, but I dobt it. As i said, I still think they’re going to try and get the bears in early by bringing us down nicely by mid-week. Could be another crap week though. But, like I said, I thi nk that would keep too many people in cash… Not what they’d want in my opinion

  32. Might be right about that small correction.. With these overbought conditions they won’t need to put out much, as far as the news, if anything to bring the s&p down a few points. I think 137 might be a stretch though. guess we’ll see

    • Anthony, from the looks of things it doesn’t seem likely that they are going to dip anywhere near 137 spy.  I’d say that at this point it’s either going to chop around all week in this tight range just like last week and then hit the 1419 FP on Monday the 27th… or they will hit it today into the close.

    • Just guessing but 142.22 on the SPY is about equal to 1419.88 (or 1419.60) on the SPX.  The “9:11” time and the 222 (or 111) encoded in the 142.22 could be a signal that the gangsters are planning another 911 to happen when they hit the 2 FP’s on the SPY and the SPX.

      • Its just getting late in the year and we still see this insane market keep going up…Also we find out that Lord Jacob Rothschild is short the $200 million

        • Shorting the Euro is like going long the Dollar… the opposite of what Lindsey Williams is spreading about a “dollar collapse”.  He’s definitely being used to get the sheep to take a position in the market the opposite of what the gangsters take.

          I think we start selling off next week (on the 27th… Monday) and continue down and then back up some for the first 2 waves in front of the Election.  Nothing too serious to panic people on the wave 1 down as they all get relieved on the wave 2 up.

          Then the wave 3 down to start in late October after Legatus, which should bottom around the 1068 SPX FP over the following weeks to months.  Then they start QE3… probably after the Legatus meeting in Feb. 2013.

          This should take this market out to mid-summer of 2013 before the final high is put in.  After that I expect nothing but bloodshed by the bulls…

  33. We’ll see. If they were to do something, they would likely touch the prints before, or early wed. But doing something evil doesn’t always affect the market. Anything bad at these levels would set the market up for a nice dip. Looks like they’re bouncing around the area, but I doubt they touch it today

  34. Yeah, closed after i saw your post on the 9:11 print. this past month and a half has really sucked. Maybe we’ll dip to around there, after hitting the fp, sometime next week

  35. looking back i didn’t see anything worthy on 20 days, so i don’t think we’ll hit the FP today. Maybe wed. I know they’re close, but they’ve been close for a few weeks now

  36. Talk about teasing people… 142.21 spy, and now it’s overbought on the 5, 10, and 15, minute charts (yes, I know… it’s really overbought on everything) so they could “not hit it” today?

    But, it’s not equal to 1419 on the SPX anyway so hitting that print really isn’t that important.  I think it’s only a intraday FP whereas the 1419 is a daily one… which is the most important one to be hit.

  37. I’m thinking the low for commods is in, for good this time… or at least until a major correction…I’m thinking we’ll break old highs after a minor pullback once the fp is hit as well. But, if hat were to play out, i’m trying to figure out what could possibly drop the market that hard in October? Any thoughts

  38. If anything big is going to happen, it will happen over the next day or so.

    Moon has moved into the next cardinal sign of Libra and is entering the crescent moon stage.

    Quetzacoatl will be moving over Sirius in the next few hours  (enters Cancer 13 degrees after midnight edt.)    Probably the heliacal rising of Sirius combined with Quetzacoatl overhead will be the most volatile time maybe starting with Quetzacoatls own rising.

    Tomorrow will be 77 days from the grand reunion on June 5.

    I don’t quite understand the mythology though.    Sirius====Star of Isis and Quetzacoatl===Isis….they both share the same ornament, glyph/ symbol.     So a double rising, double reunion?????

    It’s already looking eerie here at nightbreak with the setting crescent moon barely hovering above the western horizon and everywhere else pitch black dark/ cloudy.

    Sometime during the day, the moon will be moving over the trinagular Mars Saturn in Libra/ Spica formation.

  39. today and tomorrow are 11 days. so i guess its possible to hit the FP on either day. 8+2+1=11…..and tomorrow is a yearly 22 day

    • That would be a “monthly” eleven day Anthony as only the month and day add up to eleven.  If you add the year in as well you will get a 27… which then becomes “9” (2+7=9) which does mean “completion”. 

  40. I am amazed when people using different sets of analyses come up with the same thing. 
    You say October low from your analyses.  Toby Connor says October using cycles analyses.  Just this morning, I see this post on CNBC by Nomura strategist Bob Janjuah: S&P 500 Facing 25% Drop Before US Election.  Abigail Doolittle is predicting a lot of downdraft but no timeline.  There is also a lot of talk about Israel visiting Iran before the elections.  I think Draghi and Netanyahu have the same PR rep.
    I’m a believer in: If the boy cries wolf 100 times, he’ll probably be right at least a couple of times.  But those couple of times will be monumental. 

    • I totally agree, Red.  I was going to also say, “But, it usually turns out going the opposite way.”  I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. 

  41. I’ve just been trying to think of what would cause such a huge correction? european currency collapse?

    • That does make me wonder too Anthony.  What if the insiders are buying up silver (and gold) because they know QE3 is coming?  That would cause metals to soar higher… and the stock market too.  Maybe I’m over-thinking this?

      •  yeah..might sit in cash before the meeting. while that would be a great shorting opportunity for commods, if there was no qe3 yet, that’s really a wildcard. That would make me question an October crash though…. September qe3 and crash a month later? That doesn’t make sense

  42. Good morning gang…

    Looks like the FP of 1419 spx has now be hit and pierced.  I’m still not sure if this is “it” or not but if we see some selling later today then a small short (to test the waters) might be a good idea.  Remember, all FP’s aren’t always “turning points”.  Meaning that they could continue higher?  

  43. Out of coffee gang.  I need to run to Winn Dixie to get some.  Be Back Later (BBL)

    P.S.  I hope everyone clicks on the “Twitter” and “Facebook” icons when posting a comment so it gets re-posted on your accounts with them.  It helps with the traffic to this site, so it’s much appreciated.


  44. The 2008 high is 1426.63 for the close on 5/19 and the intraday high was 1440.24 (which I don’t think we’ll see).  I think we roll into the close, but I wouldn’t short until we see something that would tell us that “it’s time”.  A “topping tail” close on the daily chart would be nice.

  45. The gangsters “could” make another run higher to fake out the people that got short earlier today.  But, it’s looking more and more like today could put in an important top… especially if it closes out with a topping tail candle on the daily chart.

    Still, the best time to take a position is the last hour of the day (and the first hour too).  So, for those not short, I think they’ll push one more time before the close.  Probably not as high as earlier this morning thou…

    I am a little worried about everyone else thinking that there is a big move down coming… especially main stream media.  But, even those fools get one right from time to time.  The “double top” alone says that a short should be taken.  The question is… for how long?

    Will it only sell off for a few days and then turn back up into the 27th (the next ritual “eleven” day), or will this really be the start of something more?  Remember, any FP is only a signal that the gangsters are going to take the market to that level.  It’s commonly a “turning point” but not always.

    In this case I do think we are going to sell off now that we’ve hit the FP (and pierced through it slightly… also common).  But the possibility still exists that they will only go down for a few days and then turn it back up and peak on the 27th.

    I say that because of how many times a significant high has been put in on ritual “eleven” days… and the fact that they rarely go straight down from any important resistance level without running back up to scare the bears out of their shorts.

    The bears were given 3 weeks to get short… that’s way too long.  Of course the pro’s were waiting for the double top at the 1426 high from 2008 to get short… and they should be short as of today.

    While I still think people should be getting a small short position today I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t turn back up and come close to hitting this area again the 27th.  That’s why I say “small” short position.  This is not me forecasting this based on the charts but pure 100% “gut instinct”.

  46. Although I think we are going down for awhile the possibility is still there that they turn it back up and peak on the ritual “eleven” day next Monday the 27th. My thoughts are that we go down to the 1370 support zone (SPX), then bounce back up to the 1400-1405 zone on the 27th. Then tank!

  47. Well, I am going with the original Cramer Code date.  Make a projection going forward and that’s a numerologically appropriate number of days although not the classic Gann d.z. number which we achieved today.    55 trading days from the June 4 bottom and 77 ie 11×7 calendar days from the grand reunion on June 5.

    Tomorrow is 10 years 11 months 11 days from you know when…….Although 11 years would be better but it is 5 1s which is one of their favorite numbers….see this year and last year’s closing high dates.

  48. While I do believe we’re getting ready for a huge dump, i’ve also heard commods have bottomed out….. I guess both could be possible?

  49. Good morning gang…

    Still light volume so we could chop around all day… and again, it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t sell off for 2-3 days and then back up to put in a significant high on the next ritual “eleven” day next Monday the 27th.

    • Don’t even know what to expect at this point. I’m slightly short right now, as i thought we’d at least sell off for a few days now, but who knows with this volume? got short yesterday morning on some September puts, so i might hang in there and see if we sell off a bit today/tomorrow. I feel like the only chart you can focus on is the daily, because everything else is overbought to extremes already

      • The 1400 spx zone should be touched I’d think as that’s where the most support is.  But it might not happen until later today into the close?  Hard too say but this light volume is killing the bears.

        If we don’t see a hard push down to that zone by the close, with the short term charts still bearish and not looking like they want to push back up, then we might just throw our bear hopes for 1370 out the window. 

        •  I guess on the other hand, the higher up they push this, the uglier its going to be for that wave down to the 1065 fp

  50. with how incremental the moves have been the past 7 weeks, its very hard for either side to really make any money though

  51. Yeah, making me doubt a pull back…especially much below 139. Wonder how much longer they an just chop like this

  52. it’s a fools game trying to catch this top lately. I think i may just wait until a decent downturn gets going

  53. What are people even thinking of this “rally”. that all of the issues have been resolved? QE3 expectations? I love how when our, and the world. economy is deep in the can, we hit 4 year highs….what a joke

  54. Yeah, unfortunate that its what people look at to judge a “recovery”. Real unemployment is in the 20% ballpark

  55. I think that small, temporary rollover is about to begin… still have some doubts about hitting 137 though.

  56. The volume is so light here that there is little chance any selling will stick.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that low is probably in already.  While we still could go down to the 1400 area I’m thinking that today’s low of 1406.78 spx is most likely the low.

    To me, this looks a lot like the end of the month from March of this year.  I’m not sure where we are in that pattern but I think we are on 3/29, or possibly 3/22?  Either way I think we are going to turn back up and peak on Monday the 27th.

    Why?  Because that’s a ritual “eleven” day just like 4/2 was.  And also, just like I said yesterday, they rarely go straight down after giving the bears so much time to get short.  They must go down a little first and then back up to squeeze those early bears out.  Then go down for real.

    So, if we don’t peak on the 27th then I’ll be looking for another ritual “eleven” date in September for the peak to happen on.

  57. Funny how the news came out the other day that jacob rothschild was short the Euro..Its at 1.25..Big move since the news. I think him being short is bullshitt. He is long .. We all know on this board that when news hits MSM that a person has a position in the market the opposite is true…

  58. closed the put i opened, at yesterdays open, for a small gain. At this point, while i think/thought for awhile. that the 27th would be the high, nothing would surprise me at this point. The control they have over this market, as we’ve definitely seen the past, now 7, weeks, is insane. While it’s certainly possible that they continue higher, if we gap up tomorrow, into Monday, I think that’s when i’ll short pretty heavily. I don’t think i’ve ever seen 7 up weeks, whether major/minor

    • The only thing I see in that article that I don’t think is likely to happen is the date.  It’s just too obvious for them to do something on 9/11 again.  I’m going to stick with the Legatus meeting October 10th-21st as the period where something big happens.

      What it will be is a puzzle to me right now?  Will they crash the dollar by devaluing it 40% overnight, or will they crash the stock market?  I don’t know right now but it should show up in the charts by the time we get there I think.

  59. Coonsidering this tight range, I think there’s a chance it could turn over to the fp red posted earlier

    • There is a lot of support in this 1400 spx zone, so breaking it is the key for the bears.  If they don’t break it then I’m going stick with my prior thoughts that we’ll see about 3 down days and then back up to put in the high on the 27th.

  60. $BIG update,
    probably not too many folks trade biglots, or even shopped there for that matter.
    it has all the classic signals to catch th

  61. You know… the more I think about the market the more I think we’re going to crash after Legatus.  The key here is to see if they just continue this light volume crap all through the month of September.

    Since I don’t think we are going to go down to the 1068 FP on the SPX before the October 10th-21st meeting the odds are that we’ll start some type of wave 1 down in early September and then a wave 2 up into late October.

    This leaves the period after the Legatus for the ugly wave 3 down to start, and then bottom at the FP of 1068 a few weeks to months later.  I think this is the more likely scenario now as there just doesn’t seem to be enough time left to hit the FP before the meeting ends… which if that happened they would likely start QE3 afterwards and the market would rally then.

    •  ^ articles like this, especially when they’re in yahoo finance, make me think we’re still heading higher. I honestly don’t think the high is even in yet.. maybe at 145ish

    • Yes meine Diehards.   You must seek out the meaning of my cryptic post.   Only the most hardened of red pillees can make it through a Rammstein video and this is one of their tamest and still it is disturbing on very many albeit minor levels.

      Just a taste of what to expect:

      Notice the donning of the Joker face paint.   (and the nice background in the top photo—unusual for a Rammst.  video)   This video was made in May 2011 not 2012 by the way.

    • Well David, I fully expect this October to be “chosen” again by the gangsters.  Something wicked is coming that month… either a dollar crash, stock market crash, or both?

  62. Yes I have my own grand reunion fast approaching and it will interesting to see if the beautiful people are still beautiful.

    Judging from the photos from the last reunion, I would say not.   Pretty scary actually.

    But we’ll be partying like it’s 1999 errrr 1987 so it could be a blast from the past.   One last golden, nostalgic moment before  SUMMER’S  END.

    I hear the Great Recession is killing all the reunions.   Very few will travel from afar.

    Turnout isn’t expected to be great.   Only the Less Than 00000000000000000 douchebaggery types like myself will be making it.    I intend to live up to my Less Than 0000 douche pedigree that up until now I had squandered.    Looks like the original one’s won’t be making it.

    The Great Recession killed all the larger than life d-bags around here.  Now only the superrich ones remain.   Like the Anne Hathaway character in Batman: D.K. Rises, I kind of like the new normal ie Bane’s cultural revolution.

    • The video was shot on 3-22-12 ie the S+B date.   Tomorrow will be 5 months 4 days later ie 8-26  when Sirius aligns with the 3 Kings in the sky at dawn per

      66 ie 26 from the Summer Solstice and 30 years 66days from the great Solstice birth of 1982.  or 360 months 66 days.

    • I seen it too BH.  Thank’s for posting it.  Also note that our wonderful president has stated a warning to Assad to “not use chemical weapon on his own people”… which is a sign just like when George Bush started telling the American sheep that Sadam had “weapons of mass destruction” before we evaded Iraq.

      This is a prelude to war again as Obummer is trying to get the sheep behind an invasion that will be blamed on Assad using chemical weapons on his own people when we “awake sheep” know that it will be the US dropping chemical weapons to start the fight.  Truly sad…

      I’d say we have the making of a crash coming soon.  The “when” is already know… during or right after Legatus.  The “what” is the tough one?  Will they crash the dollar or the stock market?  Either should send gold up if it’s a panic crash.

      I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now and I can see both the dollar and the stock market crashing together while gold soars “if” there is a huge panic in the market.  The dollar and the stock market only trade opposite of each other during “non-panicked” times.  Create a huge scare and not only will traders dump their stocks but also their dollars.  They will run to gold and silver….

  63. yeah…75 slv/3k gld… I thin it’ll be a little more exttreme then that once this hits full force

  64. Can’t be by much…a lot is riding on jackson. While I didn’t think he was going to do much at jackson, this bounce in commodities is making me wonder

  65. Also, the chart on Annas page, for the election year comparison, has looked pretty accurate so far

  66. That’s really a tough call what to do for legatus. As you said, if you look at history, the commodities should crash with the market… but a run on the dollar should create a flight to safety… Also. regardless of panic, or not, if a devaluation were to occur on, or around, the 22nd, that should automatically send up all commodities to at least the value of the adjusted dollar.

  67. Depending on how the charts look, I think I might just go with the November slv 41 calls when the date gets closer..maybe December. I’m just trying to think of what they could say? if they were to. ;lets say. drop a country out of the euro, then the euro would plummit, dollar would spike, and commods would crash possibly?

    • While I’m sure they are using Lindsey Williams I do believe that what he’s telling us is what the gangsters plan to do.  They just usually tell him at a time when the want us sheep to take a position in something that they are on the opposite side.

      When Lindsey first spoke of the dollar devaluation the stock market had topped and the dollar bottomed.  If someone would have shorted the dollar based on Lindsey’s fear preach they would have got cleaned out as the dollar soared and the market sold off.

      The same should be true now.  Over time I do see a dollar devaluation coming as it’s mathematically impossible to keep this ponzi scheme going forever.  Since we also have seen that they have already printed new one hundred dollar bills ( we know that in order to back those bills by gold they must take the price of gold up and the value of the dollar down.

      The timeline of when these events will happen is the hard part.  I do know that “something” will crash after this coming Legatus meeting.  The fact that it’s “eleven” days long and that the market opens on a “daily” eleven day of October 22nd, followed by a “yearly” eleven day on the 23rd (1+0+2+3+2+0+1+2=11) tells me how important it all is.

      But what will crash?  Will it be the dollar?  Will it be the stock market?  Or will it be both?  Maybe gold crashes down to it’s FP of 939?  Doesn’t seem likely too me as they want it to go up to 3,000+ before the end of the year.  But, if big institutions and hedge funds are hit hard with margin calls they would sell their gold to cover them.

      I just don’t think that is likely to happen though… instead I see it going up from fear.  I don’t think they are going to do QE3 after Legatus, but instead I think they will do the dollar devaluation.  That would cause panic and fear… which they could then do QE3 next February after the next Legatus meeting.

      This would rally the market into mid-summer of 2013 for the final high.  Then all hell will break loose and the market will crash the rest of the year and into 2014.  They will let all those derivatives implode on the market and we’ll likely see the 34.65 SPY FP by 2017.

  68. this fits well with learning that the Fed has stopped printing money.

    is the Fed more interested in PROMISING easing than actually easing?

    “why actually do something when promising works even better?
    if selling the sizzle works, why broil the steak?”

    The Bernanke Put can not long survive the realization that indefinite easing provides diminishing returns. Carefully rationing the use of easing is critical to maintaining the mystique of the Fed.

    • I still think the high is in Anthony.  I think it’s going to sell off for awhile from here.  But, it might not be worth doing options as it might go too slow… meaning the time decay will kill you.  Doing a “put spread” should work thou…

    • Not worth trading right now Anthony… at least not options.  Well, for that matter it’s probably not worth trading futures either.  Maybe day traders, but not swing traders.

  69. yeah. Don’t think we’ll see much until after Jackson Hole I guess that could go either way…. but to lift this market more then to how far we’ve already gone, 143 spy, would be nuts.. picked up a small slv put

    • I’m not expecting a big move down in Silver.  I’m only expecting a small pullback for awhile as I don’t think it can break through the resistance zone yet.  Maybe it pulls back for a week or so… and then rallies up through it?

      It really depends on what the overall market does.  If we float down slowly to the 1370 spx support level over the coming weeks, then silver should float down slowly too.  But like you said… nothing much is likely to happen until after Jackson Hole.

  70.  not sure what will be said at jackson, but i’m going to guess a mixed message. That could chop us down to resistance at 1370. Then we start chopping back up higher right before/into legatus Crash hard after to 1065 up to Feburarys meeting where they unleash qe3

    • Now you’re thinking like a gangster.  When the market tanks to the 1068 FP on SPX and then recovers from QE3 (which I wouldn’t doubt will happen in the Feb. 2013 Legatus meeting), all the traders will think the worst is behind us.

      They will think that the March 2009 low won’t be repeated and the 1068 low was it.  The market will rally one more time into mid-summer of 2013 to put in a final high.  It may be a “higher high”, or a “lower high” then the all-time high… but never the less, it will be the final high before a 4 year sell off starts.

      •  That would make sense if i were a crook… Was just trying to figure out the best way to position myself for legatus….Short the market, or long commodities. Both could certainly reverse directions if panic sets in. I’m thinking shorting the market would be more profitable, but its to early to tell. I’m sure something will show itself, in the charts, before Octobers meeting.

  71. Don’t expect a QE at JH this weekend.  I think the FED will wait after the ECB & Germany and maybe let go of QE or a like around SEP 12-13 which is next FOMC meeting.  I don’t even think FED will do anything this year since QE will spill higher prices for food, fuel, etc.   The market is up 4 year high – NO QE until market trades down in a panic mode to S&P 955.

    •  At these levels, i dont think they’ll do anything. Just wondering how low commodities might drop, as i’ll likley short them before the meeting

  72. Good morning gang… 

    Not much going on (again), so my advice is to take the day off.  If you have something funny, post it here.  Call today a day where you wear jeans to work instead of a suit and tie.  In other words, you don’t have to keep you posts related to the stock market.

    Find something interesting in any subject and post it, as it’s not like we are too busy to read or watch in now (LOL).  I like subjects about alternate energy too (besides reptilians and gangsters).


    • No point trading right now BH, which is something I expected to happen… just not to this extreme.  I was thinking there would be a small move down to 1370 or so, but no such luck.  LOL

      • while i don’t expect qe3, yet of course, they could push this up even higher by hiting at it, as usual. Think this is now 8 weeks of nothing. I can’t even remember the last time we had a 1% move, or more, in either direction

          •  Sadly, need to nail one of those companies that just randomly spikes/drops out of nowhere… like yelp today….. Where’s our damn insider info!

          • we should have a little action next week, based on the verdict a jackson hole… I’m thinking mixed message, which should bring the market down, to send us to 1370 in maybe 2-3 weeks, then we slowly chop our way back up before legatus. tempted to buy some puts before the he talks, but you really never know with the way this markets been. might wait until after the news

      • Well, if Bernanke does nothing (which is what I fully expect him to do), but announces that he will support the market if needed (with QE3), that should cause traders mixed feelings… and therefore we should see some selling.

        Not a huge amount of course, but we should have a wild day of swings up and down this Friday.  If we are lucky enough to see a FP to the upside then we’ll know where to short.  If not, then I’d just sit on my hands until Monday.

        However, it’s highly possible that the high will be put in on Friday and Monday will open down and stay down.  No guarantee of course, as I’m still not thinking anything “big” will happen… but a move down for a few weeks into September seems likely.

        I wouldn’t short it unless we get a new FP showing the high.  If not, I’d wait until Monday (err… Tuesday, market closed on Monday) as the time decay would kill your options (Futures are a different story though and worth shorting).

        Given the fact that this announcement is during market hours and that we have a long 3 day weekend afterwards I’d say that this meeting was setup on purpose  at this time and date to give traders time to calm down over the weekend (and the MSM talking heads time to spin whatever Bernanke says as positive).

        This will limit the selling on the downside, which is just what they want.  They are doing everything possible to stretch this out until the elections.  They’ve done this many times in the past.  I remember when they announced the “Dubai” default on a “half trading” holiday back in 2010 just before a long 3 day weekend.

        It was a Friday and the market was closed on the Thursday before that, but open for a half day of trading on Friday… followed by a long holiday weekend.  The selling should have been huge but because it was only a half day of trading and that all the traders were gone already for the weekend… the selling was muted and the following week they quickly turned it back up and rallied.

        The “main stream media” (MSM) had all weekend to spin the news into bullshit that the sheep would believe.  By the time the market opened on Tuesday the whole event was almost forgotten.  I’m expecting something similar here to happen, but will a little more selling then back then.

        Regardless of whether they sell off to 1370 spx or slightly lower to another support level, they will reverse it back up into late September and early October for the elections.  Then we’ll see the big move down happen… 🙂

        •  That makes sense. i’ve seen them do this before, the last time people were expecting QE… he said nothing, ie they weren’t doing it, and the market was flat, but still slightly positive for the rest of the day.. only to start rolling over  the following trading day

    • Interesting, but the title of the video isn’t mentioned in the video.  He says nothing about October?  Not that it’s important as we already know what’s coming.  I do see his point with Deflation thou…

      I’ve been having a hard time understanding how the correlation between Gold/Silver, the Dollar, and the Stock Market will play out when this all happens in late October.  The more I look at it the more it makes sense that it’s going to do exactly like all previous times.

      In the past the dollar would soar up and the market would tank hard.  Metals would also tank.  I think the same thing is going to happen this time too.  In fact, I’d say we’ll likely see the FP of 939 on Gold before we see the 3500 FP.

      Down first as hedge funds and big institutions are forced to meet margin calls, and then up later as the gangsters print more money in QE3.  The wildcard here is the 40% overnight dollar devaluation that Bernanke promised to do back in 2002 if he were faced with another Great Depression (and he is faced with one).

      I just don’t know how that will effect the market or the dollar?  That’s a real puzzle to me right now?

      • I’m just going to go with shorting the spy, probably around 10% out on a November monthly put pretty heavily… Even “IF” he does the 40% devaluation, at best people will run to commodities. I think that lines us up for a hard crash either way. And then i’ll stock up on some physical silver when the gold FP is hit.
        What would cause this? I was thinking something like Greece falling out of the euro zone. That would crash the euro, spike the dollar, and crash the markets. Then, to remain competitive, i guess?, Bernanke both “saves us” with QE3 and a dollar devaluation

  73. Interesting video, and more interesting is the time period he’s calling for…

    But, I disagree on how extreme he see’s it.  I only see a move down to the FP of 1068 spx, which could hit around February, 2013 when the next Legatus meeting is.  Then QE3 starts and we rally until mid-summer… and then we collapse similar to what he’s talking about (but there will be an election).

  74. i’d say we’ll finally see a 1% drop on Tuesday. Same crap as last time when he didn’t do anything… market stood positive, then dropped the following day… market day anyway… shorting at the close

    • I don’t know Anthony?  It’s a chop fest right now with wild swings up and down as traders try to figure out what to do.  I do think that we’ll see some selling next week, but I wouldn’t go short with a option over a long 3 day weekend as even if you are right the time decay will eat away your profit.  

      • you would think that’s priced in… but looking at the weeklys, i don’t think so… I’ll just sit until Monday.. going small until October though

  75. Based on the action today this looks like the typical moves up and down just before a big move in one direction.  They clear out both the bulls and bears stops commonly before they make that big move.  So we should see some clear direction next week.

    Which way is anyone’s guess of course, but I’d think it would be down.  But, you never know if they don’t secretly put some money into the market to trick everyone and push it up higher still.  I’d say it’s best to wait until Tuesday to see what the real direction is.

    While the charts are bearish on the big picture the smaller picture doesn’t have any clear signals that I can read.  Sideways trading for 2-3 weeks just makes the shorter term charts flatten out… which means you can’t read them.  So, waiting on the sidelines seems to be the safe position for now.

  76. Europe up on hope…. what else is new? Think i’ll wait for the meetings next week before i start to short

  77. I hope everyone had a good holiday.  I was going to do a new post but I just didn’t know what to write.  Pretty much we all just waiting until this coming Legatus meeting before taking any really big positions.  I know that between now and then it doesn’t look like we are going to see much bear action.

    Today is a decent down day I guess but it’s still got very light volume as traders are just coming back from the long weekend… hungover I suspect! LOL!  So I’m not expecting much to happen today.  The charts are still worthless right now, at least as far as seeing a trend happen.  Day traders still can do well today but swing traders might as well just wait for October.

    Problem is… with all this “leaked information” about a total financial collapse coming from main stream media I’m concerned that it’s all just a smoke screen and won’t happen.  Lindsey talks about it in his interviews, and now Alex Jones is talking about it from his source.  Then we have the Chicago Tribune posting on it.  This all makes me worried as I’ve never seen the gangsters actually tell us sheep the truth before.

    They always mislead us into taking positions on the opposite side of where they are.  When they wanted us to short the dollar it was at the bottom already.  Same thing will gold and oil, and now the market.  They are basically saying that we sheep should short the market because it’s going to collapse in Oct/Nov…

    This is not what I wanted to hear.  I’d rather them say that they will do more stimulus in October to stabilize the market… and then don’t!  Then it would collapse!  So while something big is coming late this October I’m just not sure what’s going to crash?

    Will it be the dollar? (which I really can’t figure out how the market would react?).  Will it be the stock market? (remember I still think they will do one more final rally into mid-2013 to put in the final top).  So they have me second guessing myself once again.

    However, we do have the FP of 1068 on the SPX… so maybe we have another “Flash Crash” down to that level and then they come in a save the day with QE3?  Then we could rally up into mid-2013 for the final high.

    • It’s just the charts resetting back to a bullish direction Anthony.  They’ve had the last whole week or more to allow the MACD’s and Histogram bars to get oversold while the price level really doesn’t go down very far.  

  78. yeah, would’ve been better off taking a long vacation instead of looking at these markets the past few months. did a small short on iwm yesterday and stopped out…. didn’t expect that big a gap between spy and iwm yesterday. I’m just thinking whenever this starts turning over, its going to get pretty ugly pretty quick

    better off in the asian markets

    • Lots of people think we’ll sell off after September 14th because of the FOMC meeting on the 12th and 13th, but I’m sticking with Legatus as it’s only thing that I know of that seems to work the majority of the time.

      However, it’s not always a top… it’s only a turning point.  I’ve seen it be a bottom and a top, but given the extremely overbought conditions the market is currently at right now I’d think it’s going to be a top.

      There is the chance though that they actually sell off and bottom into the meeting, but that doesn’t seem likely in front of the elections in my opinion.  I’d think they will keep it up until the elections are pretty much all over the news, which it will be by the 3rd week of October.

      Just thinking outside the box here, but what if Obama stages something to delay the election so he can stay in power?  A false flag to close the straits of hormuz would send oil through the roof as they want it to go.

      If the false flag caused enough panic Obama would declare a national emergency and delay the election.  If this happened with just one week left until the election it would be easy to pull off.  The market would tank hard and fast, that’s for sure!

      We need to keep our eyes out for more FP’s as I’ve haven’t seen any in awhile now, and I know they will put them out before we tank.  Right now all we have to go on is the 1068 FP, which should be the bottom if we do indeed have a mini-crash.

      • question is do they want a second obama term?i think not 4 various reasons,so combining the legatus  meeting i go with the hypothesis that they grind,hold till then this wreck market, then all havok unleashes during the very heat of elections and voila we get a feverish point at election day after that all things dollar devaluation, iran attack 
        ,market re-birth ..
        is on the table

        • I think they do want Obama back, and think he’ll be re-elected. As elections get closer, they’ll dig stuff up, via MSM, to make Romney look bad. Thus, leaving Obama in office yet again.

          While things have gotten nothing but worse for us, Obama is doing exactly as they say, leading them ever closer to thier n.w.o dream. Or, as stated, they declare some national emergency load of crap and Obama stays in office without even a vote. The tensions, from the sanctions, with Iran are already there. All they need to do is trigger something and the sheep will follow cheering on the troops as usual. same old game.

          I feel bad for future generations around the world. Unless some huge uprising occurs, and succeeds, the elite have indebted every nation to the point of no return.

        • Agreed…

          I think the elite don’t want Obama to win the election because they can’t control him very well.  I’d say they will push for Romney as he’s an easier puppet to manipulate and will do as told by his masters.

          This would mean that it would be Obama causing the false flag to keep himself in office as he probably knows that he’s odd’s of winning the 2nd term are slim.  So, if he causes the market to collapse hard just before the election he can force a delay to happen.

          But it’s got to be very ugly as they don’t just cancel the elections over nothing.  It has too be an all out “flash crash” that stays down.  He can then look like the hero and save the day with QE3 or whatever.

          Obama has been a sore thumb to the elite and they are desperate right now.  So they either have to get him under control again or replace him with Romney.  Which will it be… I just don’t know?

          Either way I’m sticking with something big happening after Legatus.

  79. Sorry trolls,  I wasn’t really in any of those photos from that  photo album.   I guess I am not one of the beautiful people.

    And don’t go stalking anyone in those photos.   I haven’t seen anyone of them in 15-20+ years.   Strange though considering most still live in the area.

    Some of the beautiful people though didn’t make it into the photo album either.  

  80. Some nice bearish setups going on right now.    10 day average crossing below the 20 day average with the lower BBs flaring open on the $dax, $cac, Dow, $nya with the $ftse, $xoi, Transports, semiconductors, EEM already in bearish extreme plunge mode as they have already made it down to their lower expanding BBs with the 20 day average in a downtrend and are barely hugging the lower BB.   $xoi closed below its lower BB with crude oil flat.   The Australian dollar in a severe plunge mode as well.

    $ftse did a TD bear flip on the weekly last week.   I am expecting most indices to follow suit this week.

    Tomorrow, 9-6 is 5months 4 days from the 4-2 high date for the SP and 4months5days from the 5-1 Dow high.   9×6==54

    • 0+9+0+6+2+0+1+2=20… which is another “eleven” day as 2 is made up of 1+1, according to Gary the Numbers guy (who knows a lot more about this then I do).  But, I haven’t noticed too much importance to the number when it comes to “turning points” in the stock market.

      So, maybe we have some selling tomorrow, but I wouldn’t get to excited about it if we do.  I still see Legatus as the big turning point.  However it’s possible that we go down into the meeting and then turn back up after it.  Right now though it seems pointless to expect anything from the bears.

  81. Party at SucaMORE Beach for the NFL Opener.    Hmm a repeat of that infamous Dallas-giants matchup from 2 years ago when Tony Romo #9 was knocked out for the season.  #88s for both teams scored 5 times.

    1 year 10months 11 days ago.

    • Michael Boley #59 knocked out Tony Romo #9 on that day.   And here a repeat on 9-5.

      Strange that the NFL has an opener on a Wednesday when it generally opens on Thursdays.

      Of course, these teams play each other 2 times a year.   Just saw a photo of Dallas players #88 (Dez Bryant) and #8 hovering over the injured Romo.    Bryant also had an 88 yard punt return.

      Of course, remember last year’s opening day QBs?????    Party at SucaMORE beach time?????

  82. Good Morning gang…

    Looks like the gangsters are going to take this higher still.  Crazy huh?  They spent the last several weeks working off the overbought conditions while keeping the actually price level about the same.  The MACD’s and Histograms actually got oversold… which is why we are up this morning.

    •  142 and change. They really are dragging this out. Still trying to figure out what October could bring. Especially with the fed meeting shortly after. Makes me think a hard crash followed by QE3/dollar devaluation. But, that sounds a bit too extreme

  83. That’s the million dollar question. Not going heavy until legatus, but just making me wonder  how the hell they’re going to bring this down, currently, 357 s&p points

    • I’m just glad I’m not playing in it right now as most traders are probably hurting today from being caught short.  I remember Turbo Tim posted that I have (can’t find it or even remember it) a 2 year old FP showing 143.98 SPY.  So maybe that’s the target?

      • If nothing happens by the end of October i think Lindsey Williams etc will never be listen to again..

        • I don’t like the fact that Lindsey Williams, Alex Jones, and main stream media (Chicago Tribune) is all calling for October as they are usually all wrong on their dates.  This has me worried that we could sell off in front of the meeting and bottom into it… the opposite of what we all expect.

          But, as we get closer to the end of the year it’s possible that the Illuminati truly are losing control and more and more truth is being released.  This October news could be the truth this time around?

          •  Well. I think the October options expire on the 20th, market day 19th, so, if ou speculate that the end of the meeting, the 22nd, is the crash, then anyone who shorts October, with options, will get burned

    • LOL… and the Sun doesn’t exist either I guess.  Free energy is everywhere, it’s just that some people think it’s only for them because of some sick bloodline bullshit, so they keep everyone else from using it.

      On another note, it’s good to see you drop by again as I was beginning to think that I wasn’t being watched anymore.  Now that I’ve hit a nerve (the Legatus call) you show up… which tells me I’m right about the call.

      Tell Spock I said hi… and do stop by more often.

      • I’ve decided I’ll just short heavily… and “if” commodities tank hard as well, which I’m really not too sure about, I think that would be the perfect opportunity to stock up. Makes me tempted to sell off some of the physical I have

          • yes. I agree. even the small bets add up over the past weeks. all I have no is aw long slv call ,36 October strike, that I’ve had for about a month now

  84. Is it possible for them to ever truly lose power though? lets take a possible glimpse at the obvious future… Worldwide currency collapse. That would, most likely, skyrocket the value of gold/silver. From what I’ve researched, the Rothschild bloodline has, pretty much, cornered that market. I feel like no matter what happens, even if we’re “free”, they still win and it’s only a matter of time before they regain that control.

  85. VXX i have a fairly strong signal, (30 / 50 day) on the 2 month chart, says VXX going to 12.6-12.7, possibly as soon as the next couple of weeks, and if QQQ reaches 70.7, GO SHORT anything! i’m throwing a dart, and where ever it lands, i’m shorting that!

    • I remember an old friend that posted we’d see 1507 spx before a collapse to the 965.  He’s dates were off on that call as he thought we’d see it in July/Aug.  But, the prior call he made for a previous low was dead on accurate for the level, but also off on the date.  I think the same will happen here.

      •  i’m pretty consistent at calling the top. i call the tops on a lot of stock trades. Indexes and etf’s, aren’t that much different, it turns out. Their price follows the same eps algo’s, i use.

  86. Crude oil did not participate in this ramp.   In fact, it put in a massive reversal bar and ended down 1%.    So who plays catchup?   The markets or crude oil.   It’s amazing they ramped it this much without crude.

    66 tds from the 6-4 low today.    There have been numerous 67 tds cycles but not in awhile.

  87. Roger Federer was eliminated from the US Open during the quarterfinals yesterday.    And the merger of equal qangsters vote is tomorrow at Summer’s End.    Looks like John LeCarre’s crystal ball was a little foggy again.    Chaos ensued during the shareholder’s meeting in Our Kind of Traitor as our money-laundering hero Dima bolted from the proceedings after being forced to sign over his laundering business to the gangster kingpin, “The Prince”.

    Commodities and the euro have rallied into this vote and looked to have peaked a couple days ago with a retest of the highs today.   $cci (old CRB) with a topping doji today.

    The word on the street is the merger will fail but who cares. It should mark a ceremonial top in commodities just as the BHP merger did back in July 2008.

    Iron ore prices are already back at 2009 levels which isn’t saying much about the current state of the global economy.   Earnings releases in October should reflect that.   So enjoy the last few carefree summer days.

    This also looks like a setup for tomorrow’s employment report with crude not participating and the euro hardly moving above its high from last week.

    • I don’t know where the vote will take place.   Either London or Switzerland.   In the novel, it is Switzerland but London seems more big money centric.   Don’t know when either and I have been searching.

      • Found it on the company website.  The meeting is set to be adjouned at 9:00 am ZUG time in ZUG, Switzerland on 7 September (7-9) 2012.

        The document mentions that on 11 July (11-7) 2012 , the company announced the shareholders meeting was set to be adjourned for 9 am Zug time  on 7 Sept 2012,  (Street name??) 2-4.   (it had been postponed from its original July 12th?? date)

        ZUG===26-21-7 —47-7 or 54????

        Remember the SP 666 low on 3-6-9 ie 666.79………The unveiling of the Miami Thrice number on 7-9, 2010.

  88. It looks like Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity is now entering the location of the grand reunion back on June 5-6.   And the moon is entering Gemini in about 2 hours and will be traversing over that location over the next two days and forming a conjunction with Jupiter most likely tonight-tomorrow.

    This harkens back to July 20 when Quetzacoatl returned to the location of his grand reunion following the new moon in Leo and the Dark Knight Rose just after midnight.  

    • Sun opposes Jupiter tomorrow and the moon supposedly occults and even eclipses in some locations Jupiter Saturday morning.     With Jupiter hovering above Orion’s belt early in the morning.

  89. Today is also 3years 6months from the 3-6-9 low or 1260 degrees later.   Hmmm  3×6 2 different ways.   Makes sense.

    Moon has just risen and it looks to be around perigree judging from its size and proximity.   The meeting in Zug should commence within an hour.

    The Great One is finished with his speech.

    SP closed 765.33 pts off its 666.79 or 711.33.

    Tomorrow is 87 tds from the 5-1 Dow closing high which still holds.  Or 129 calendar days later.  158 from 4-2.

  90. I’m going to wait it out and short if we hit 150 spy. Too hard to tell right now. They could sell off right into/before legatus, or maybe they back test soon, to 137, and shoot back up right into the meeting before coming down hard. I’ll be looking mainly for the typical swing they might do to wipe out both bulls and bears before making a huge move

      •  Yeah, that one I wasn’t too sure on… Wouldn’t the high oil prices generally bring down the market?

        • Maybe… depends on how fast it rises.  If it rises too fast traders will panic as they know that it will affect the economy.  But if they rise it slowly they won’t likely sell off the market because of by itself.

          •  alright. thanks. i’ll keep an eye on it. still waiting for October. Maybe they chop around like they’ve done the past 8+ weeks or so until then. But I as thinking theyu backtest first, then rally higher before coming down hard. At least that would possibly create some action in this market

          • Makes me think about what Lindsey said though. I’ve decided to mostly short the market when the legatus meeting nears its end, if we don’t start a sell off prior, but that could also be the catalyst that shoots gold to 3,000$ an ounce. Hopefully something will show itself as the date approaches

  91. I saw a triangle at daybreak with Jupiter at top and Venus and Sirius??? at the bottom.   The moon was practically hovering over Jupiter.     Sirius didn’t appear to be in the right spot as it seemed to be behind Jupiter in the sky but it could have been an optical illusion and in reality might have been closer than the other stars.   But it was brighter than Venus and they were the only 3 stars/ planets I could see in the sky.   Sirius is the 3rd brightest entity in the sky after Venus and Jupiter so it had to be it.

    Sirius was just above the Sunlit horizon still in the evening sky.

    The moon actually was in apogee last night at 2:00 am eastern.

    Doing some research, I came across one comment from NYC area where the individual claimed that Sirius rises above the Freedom tower at the WTC site on September 11 as seen from NJ.

    Of course, I believe it rises above the Capitol building in an upcoming date as can be seen from the cover of Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol but I need to verify that.

  92. I don’t know what went down in that meeting in Zug.   The takeover offer was revised so I guess a new vote will be scheduled.

  93. This past week was 183 weeks from the 3-6-9 low.   183====3×61

    9-7 was 3 years 6 months 1 day from the 3-6-9 low.

    61 weeks from the 3-6-9 low was flash crash week.    61 weeks later was the July 2011 pre mini meltdown high.    61 weeks later is this week.

    It looks like our little shareholder meeting in Zug turned out to be quite contentious as it went from a merger our equal gangstas to an outright hostile takeover.

    They even brought in high-powered British politicians to smooth things over just as in LeCarre’s novel.    This time it was Tony Blair who helped facilitate negotiations with the dissenting shareholder parties but the new offer has opened up a whole new can of worms.

    Busy with football this weekend so can’t elaborate.

  94. Little bit of selling Sunday night on the futures, but why don’t I think it’s going to stick?  Are we going to have another boring week of sideways chop in the market again?  This is really wearing out the both the bulls and bears I’d think.

    • Red: I have read several articles by Avi Gilburt, and I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in him. 


      April 2, 2012
      Market in strongest part of 5-wave move

      This is our primary count at this time, and would be supported by a strong gap up on Monday. In fact, as you can see from the 60-minute ES chart, our target region for the gap up and rally on Monday (and maybe into Tuesday) would be the 1425-1430ES region. Thereafter, the market should consolidate over the 1410ES region and then rally to the 1450-1457ES region by the end of the week, or early the following week.

      • Thanks Sam… I don’t hold too much weight from anyone on “main stream media”, but I’m still open minded to listen to others as sometimes they get it right!  LOL!  I’m sticking with what works… and that’s Legatus.

  95. Going to bet heavily, but just going to make sure i’m well prepared. With that new law in place, they could destroy this market and the brokerages could close down due to massive losses of clients funds

    • Hey Zstock… just how have you been trading this market lately?  Most people are just sitting on the sidelines (well… smart option traders are).  I don’t plan on making any big trades until late October.

      I might dip my toes in if the market makes a move but right now it’s about as flat as Kansas, and it’s nearly impossible to make money with options.  I don’t even think the futures traders are too excited about this kind of environment either.

    • Geccko, I think first down will be faded to close gap. so tomorrow no change in prices closing wise.  gap down, then fade it and qe3 back to gap up open wed, iphone 5 . possibly 1449, then back to square one of 1405 by 15sept

  96. Here are some of the party pics with even some of the 2012-style partying photos:

    Mr. Vix’s video below is undoubteably the same guy who produced the notortious Batman video I mentioned awhile back.    It includes much of the same material except he has added some new stuff and now is doing some astro work.

    It seems tamer now but back at the time the Dark Knight Rose it was a little too harsh except for the most hardened of red pillees.

    I haven’t the last few minutes of the video though.

  97. The triangle in the sky predawn between Jupiter,Venus, and Sirius continues.    On Saturday near dawn, the quarter moon was hovering just above Jupiter at the apex of the triangle.    Since then it has been sliding down the Sun-Venus edge of the triangle which is the elliptic and appeared to be heading over Sirius today.

    On Friday the triangle was more spectacular as it appeared far off in the sky and not to far from the horizon at daybreak.    Now it is rising higher with each day so that Jupiter now appears to be directly overhead (90degrees) near daybreak.

    I pretty much can now tell the third entity/ point of the triangle is Sirius.   I was able to see the 3 Kings above in the early morning sky with Rigel extended to one side and Belteguese (sp) extended out to the otherside.   The sharp angle of the elliptic (side of the triangle) makes it appear that it is behind Jupiter but it really is still ahead of it in the zodiac.

    And we know the enlightened ones love their triangles.   Could this be the sign and mythology that the grand ritual is built upon?  

    I am trying to figure if an all-seeing eye is needed for this triangle.   If that is the case, Belteguese is moving gradually into the heart of the triangle.

    Meanwhile, Jupiter moves to the location of the grand reunion back on June 5, only minutes away while just forming a square to the sun.   It will move into opposition to the Sun in early December so that seems like an appropriate timeframe for a collapse.    Merriman mentions that the Sun-Jupiter square is a major change in trend astro signature.

    How often do the 3 brightest entities in the sky form an early morning triangle in the sky?   I am guessing it’s rare.    Especially just after the heliacal rising of Sirius has taken place.

  98. hi red, here’s how i’m trading the market.
    mostly, i’m a pretty good top caller on individual stocks. I short them, and the ones that i scalp at the right top, i take the profits. the ones that go against me, well i figure those expire in Oct, and i’ll unload them, when and not before, the QQQ pulls back 5%.

  99.     Hey guys, been more fun being bullish lately so I haven’t been around as much.  It looks like they are going to take this puppy a lot higher into late 2013, but I am always open to different opinion.  Long and sorta strong.  

    • Glad to see you drop by WB… and yeah, it’s a bullish market right now.  But, all bad things come to an end and soon the bears will rejoice… and this year will just be a small taste of what’s coming in the second half of next year.  🙂

  100. Well, TT you were right about today but I was looking for tomorrow to have all the action.   I guess it makes sense to keep everyone guessing by rallying it today instead of following the fractals from April 2010 and July 2011.

    Tomorrow is 888 trading days from the 3-6-9 low.  It is also 8years7months8days from the Facebook day of 2-4,2004.    3years 6months 6 days from the 3-6-9 low.   

    1299 weeks +2days or 12992 from the lesser grand ritual double 4 years ago.   1286 days from 3-6-9.    1240 tds from the 10-11-2007 high.    Quite a convergence of 12s that will soon be ending.

    Brees #9 Rodgers #12 last year’s opening day QBs and the 2 previous Superbowl winning QBs.
    9-12 also 9-3?????

    RAT===912……RATs play a prominent, recurring role in the new Cronenberg sci-fi/financial flick, Cosmopolis. (As does currency trading but it’s the yuan in this movie)

    Anyway, it’s been a vicious squeeze that has cleared out many shorts across most markets so even the most bearish ones while still bearish really can’t do anything about it.

    Dow made a new high but basically unaccompanied by anything else while the 60 min charts put in RSI divergences at their high.    Fewer 52 week highs at this high.   An exuberant reaction to tomorrow’s ruling would send the RSIs to the stratosphere.

    So far from my perusing, it seems pretty euphoric and exuberant among the forums.   Which should show up in tomorrow’s II survey but it was already at 51%bulls last week.

  101. The moon in Leo (like July 20) should be conjunct Venus around daybreak in the lower left corner of the Jupiter-Venus-Sirius triangle.

  102. Well, we should all know that this was coming.  They are likely to continue this insane rally with brief pullbacks all the way until late October.  So this shouldn’t have surprised anyone.  A surprise would be if they sell off before then and make some type of wave 1 down and then rally back up into it for the wave 2 up.

    That would surprise me as it seems as though they simply don’t allow elliottwave patterns to form properly anymore.  So while this is a logical pattern to form in front of what should be a nasty wave 3 down after the 3rd week of October, it might not happen?  Instead we could see the first wave down be the nastiness for all I know.

    • They could also let the dollar run to the fp of 86.47, right before legatus, and then crash it, That would make commodities nice and cheap right before they spike

        • Agreed. I think, as the date gets closer, one or the other will show itself. I’d also keep an eye on the volume on the spy/iwm and dollar as possible cues before the meeting ends. For now, having the 1065 fp in mind, pushing this higher only sets up for a very ugly wave down

  103.  333 trading days from the 3-6-9 low to the July 1,2010 low.   555 trading days later: 9-12.
    333+555=888………35s===the enlightened ones power combo number or 555.

    Just as many big numerological hits for tomorrow…….797 days from the unveiling of the Miami Thrice number on 7-9-2010 or 66 days from 7-9.

    123 weeks from flash crash day of 5-6-2010 or 861 days later.   There’s that 61 number again and if rearranged with the 8 to 816==888 or just 87 as 8(61)….8 years 7months9days from Facebook day.

    9096 days from the lesser grand ritual 24 years ago or 24 years 10 months 25 days later (making today 24 years 10months 24 days later) or 1299 weeks plus 3 days.

    1799 days from the 10-11-2007 high.   or 899 or 829???

    889 tds from 3-6-9.   It does appear they like the 89 combo or 888 888 888????

    I missed the Venus-moon conjunction last night as the skys were cloud covered caused by some wacky remnant of a tropical depression that actually produced a little rain.

    •  I never did get into any NFL/ college football numerological related recaps so I will touch up on last week’s NFL opener.

      It appears Cowboy’s QB Tony Romo #9 exacted some revenge against the Giants in NYC nearly 2 years removed from the eventful game in which he was knocked out for the season by Giants linebacker #59.    (Boley actually picked off Romo in the first half and nearly returned it for a touchdown only to be horse-collared out of bounds—his tackler was just fined by the NFL—near the goal line).    Romo #9 threw 3 touchdown passes or 93 to #85(13) twice and a final one to #19.

      Tomorrow the NFL will have a rare early season Thursday night game (not related to the season opener) featuring the Packers and the BEARS.    The two QBs will be #6 and #12….612 of course===??????

      By the way, the 4 letter morning host was again doing his rating of the top 3 tiers of 6 QBs each….ie the top tier of 6…followed by the next tier of 6 and then the following tier of 6 of QBs who have abilities but are also missing something.   He put Sam Bradford in the final 6 so he must be stretching to fill his numerological quotas.

    •  Maybe its good we didn’t see it though? We would’ve then assumed the market was going down, and there would be no bailout, when there was. But, this uptrend can only continue for so long. Legayus still makes sense. A little to odd that its 11 days, and ends followed by an 11 day

  104. dollar down, equity up – same as it ever was.
    I’m glad I hedged my shorts with longs.
    (gerb looks at the screen) Dam, I wished I doubled hedged!

    Click my name for an interesting chart, that I posted on the 7th.

      • excellent.
        now that is a date mind you.  
        This Market is choppy, and just as summer changes to fall, the 17th may not be THE PRICE HIGH with perfection.  the seasonal change is a fuzzy process.  so are turns in the Market.  it takes some times for the “this is as good as it gets to sink in”. yes?

    • I haven’t seen the video yet but I am very suspicious.   The perpretators had inside information and the ability to penetrate the security.   Not to mention there was a very sophisticated misdirection set-up/ cover ie the religious demonstrators.

  105. Hmm at the high today the SP at 1463.15 was 796.97 points off the 666.79 low 797 days from the unveiling of the Miami Thrice number on 7-9-2010.    By the way, tomorrow is the Thrice # 136 days from the 5-1 high or 1 year+Thrice number from the Bin-Laden high the year before or 502 days later.

    • I’m beginning to think that Bernanke will do the “Dollar Devaluation” of 40% next year just after the inauguration is over with.  If Romney is put in as the next puppet to replace the current puppet (who isn’t listening to his master) he will likely not re-appoint Bernanke.

      So, what better way to leave then to devalue the dollar on your last days as Fed Chief?  The Illuminati pigs will reward him greatly and maybe even put him in as CEO of Goldman Sucks or Banksters of America?  Who’s knows what the reward will be for sucking up to your masters…

      • ha, destroys the economy and gets a fatter salary. That makes sense. Then the sheeple will blame everything on Bernanke,  and they’ll just continue the game with whoever they decide to appoint next. Where are our navy seals who have awoken?
        Mission illuminati wipe out….

  106. we’ll see what they do now though. We all know the u.s can’t take on Russia and China.. We also know the REAL reason they went into the middle east was because they had converted thier oil trades from dollars to euros

    • Good job TT.   I think that about confirms trend change.   I have also been discussing the similarity lately to the fractal going into the March 6,2009 low over at DE’s.

      You’re a Gann specialist now.   I stopped looking at that once we passed the .618 retracement mark and forgot about it.    Mr. X hasn’t mentioned that stat either.   It will be interesting if he includes it in his weekend report.    It will go to saying a lot about where he stands.   I can’t currently tell if he is bearish, bullish or neutral.   And I am pretty sure he occassionally checks this site.

      We did get a Prechter contrarian sell signal as DE has mentioned.   He did the same thing the Friday before the 1987 stock market crash ie bailing out of his short position or sell signal.

      I’ve got a new date so we should have topped on Friday for it to work.    New moon today as well as being 3 years 6months 9days from the 3-6-9 low.   Jupiter enters the kill zone on Monday while inconjunct Mars starting tomorrow.

    •  i don’t think tech analysis will work, next two weeks, because QE3 confuses the short term, except at the top, who already have the road map. i think RED says, they have to tell us the roadmap, so right now, i’m looking for fake prints!

        • With QE3 now a reality it does make you wonder what they will do to cause the market to tank in late October?  I’m still scratching my head wondering, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll still short this pig when the date arrives.

          Ritual’s, FP’s, and gangster meetings is about all that seems to work in this rigged stock market.  Charts just get more overbought as everyday passes by.  At what point could you actually look at a chart and say that it’s time to short it?

          The Bears that have been shorting this pig based the charts have been doing so for the last month or more now… and I’m sure they’ve taken a beaten from it.

  107. I didn’t think they could do a fall collapse because everyone would get too bearish too quickly but I guess all that was needed was to have the Fed declare QE 3.

    Sun predicted it too.   He wrote after the SP got to 965 (911) they would declare QE3.

    9-14 supposedly is the day Sirius rises directly above the Capitol building as seen from the Washington monument but I haven’t been able to confirm it yet.    I saw 9-18 mentioned also but from a sketchy source.    9-14===the day of infamy reversed.

  108. Get ready for even higher food/gas prices…. Then that bank “holiday” to really get shit rolling.
    gas before our last election, 1.83… food at least half, of current marketprice. I’m sure we’ll see something worse throughout this one. Great

  109. Remember gang, today is a ritual “eleven” day.  “If” they some how manage to rally up to Friday’s high and pierce it slightly that “could” be the high for awhile.  Now that doesn’t me it’s going to be a great short, but it means we could drift down for a few days to weeks.

    If that doesn’t happen then we have the 26th as the next ritual “eleven” day.  At some point I do believe they are going to drift down to make a wave 1 of some kind.  Then the rally back up for the wave 2 should end right after Legatus.  You know the rest of the story…

        •  And then a lot will be priced in and the puts will cost a lot more. I think i’m going to short heavily on the 22nd. Since that’s a ritual date, i’m thinking that could be the peak. We’ll see how things look as the date approaches

          • No… the puts will be dirt cheap.  🙂  …both on the 22nd and the 23rd, regardless of which day marks the top.  But yes, it would be wise to start getting short prior to the date.

            I’ll be looking to get short partially on Friday the 19th (maybe half?) and then the rest on Monday the 22nd or Tuesday the 23rd… depending on what I see in the charts at that time.

            I’ll be looking for December puts mostly and so wildcard puts for November.  The 19th (in October) is also option’s expiration so I don’t expect much on that date.  It should be light volume like most opx days.

            But, I don’t want to miss out if they do the 40% dollar devaluation over that weekend and close the banks on Monday… or even do some false flag event?  I don’t know what they got planned but it’s wise to have some small short position over that weekend just in case the SHTF on Monday!

          •  Yeah, hopefully some FPs start to pop up around then.. Hard to gauge how the market would react if its a devaluation. Logic tells you one thing, history tells you another

          •  hey red.

            What  you’re saying is indeed an interesting theory..still.

            Yet, we have QE3..the perpetual version now underway (with secondary ramp in January 2013).

            Would you not agree, that even if we do fall late October, it is merely a buy the dip opportunity.

            I’m sure not saying QE does anything for fundamentals, but it looks like we are going to be ramping all the way into summer 2013 overall.

          • Yes, it won’t likely be the bottom or the start of “the big one”, but it still should be a very nice meal for the bears.

            The feast for the bears won’t likely be until mid-2013 and last for 4 years or more I’d say, but this coming October should fill the bears’ stomach for a nice hibernation nap until next summer.

            Would I “buy the dip”?  Not until I see a several hundred point haircut on the SPX… and time wise I’d like to see it line up with the next Legatus meeting in February 2013, but I might not be so lucky?

            Maybe it only lasts until December and Santa arrives to save the day?  Either way I’ll just play the cards dealt to me and look for FP’s as clues.

          • Even during the turmoil of the 2008/9 collapse wave, we saw a sp’200 pt up cycle during the Santa period.

            I would sure be buying late November.

            Anyway, it remains good to see lookouts for FPs and other such issues, but..for now..primary trend remains UP.

            As it is, I’m short, am looking to bail 1430 later this week.

      • LOL… of course you’re not.  You’re a “red pill taker”… like everyone else is on this blog (except for the troll called “WilliamS”, who works for the “New World Order” thugs).

  110. Looks like Poof has said the following in his latest report..

    “Bernanke can’t print anymore because the owners of the fed had the plates melted down in China a couple years ago.
    Look at the dollar you have in your pocket, I defy you to find anything with date beyond 2010. The military knows this because they helped have all those printing presses taken apart around the world and the machines melted down.”

  111.  STI,
    I DON’T KNOW WHY they raised STI’s eps 60%. at first i thought it was a misprint, but maybe it’s the elites, telling everyone, how much they think, qe3 will help, this bank, or mayBE, STI, got some sort of one time eps gain.
    I’ll be looking to see if this sort of eps change, happens to other banks, on a quite sudden basis, next 2 weeks.

    • ha.. read something similair awhile back. i’ve always stuck with silver because of ths.. I go through kitco.. correct wiegh,t and I always scrape a few from the box. After all, regardless of condition or the picture, an ounce is an ounce

  112. very boring…. Just been trying to think up what could come out of that meeting that would cause a sell off? If it does go down that low, 1065, and there’s no devaluation, I think that’ll be the last chance to load up on silver/gold at bargain prices

  113. Crude oil is in complete meltdown mode.    Not only did it produce a TD bear flip on Monday’s drop but it currently is on the verge of performing a weekly bear flip as well.   It also broke beneath the base of the last short-term bottom.   Meanwhile, the overall stock market has remained levitated near the recent highs.   So who play’s catch-up?

    It looks like today negative divergences were put in with new recent highs in Apple and the Apple 100 while the Dow made a retest of its highs (it did make a new closing high on the 60 min chart) while the other indices were took weak to even approach their highs.    Lower rsi on 60 min charts and fewer 52 day highs.

    Today is the strongest , most bullish day during opex- week and judging how all markets were acting in after-hours activity last night, it should have been an easy bullfest with Bernanke speaking (supposedly he was, I didn’t see it) and no really important news releases scheduled.

    It looks like most stock indices completed TD 9 upcounts yesterday, probably a reason they have remained levitating near their highs whereas most commodities had already reached TD 9 upcounts.    No real bear flips yet but tomorrow will provide an easy opportunity.

    •  And crude oil has dropped down and closed below its declining lower BB.   In collapse mode, but might pop enough tomorrow to get back above the lower BB.

      •  Platinum has produced a nice TD daily bear flip as well as collapse pattern after launching a parabolic run into last Friday’s top that saw its RSI hit about 90.

  114. here we are almost a month away from, what hopefully turns  out to be, a bear feast. But,we have williams saying they want to take gold to 3.500, which could also be caused by massive panic, a 1065 FP on the downside, and no FP’s for guidance yet.

    i’m thinking, if they push this market higher, Then we’ll see a massive selloff. It doesn’t seem logical to push, possibly, even higher when everyone will likely be riding this bull to the sky by then

    tick tock

  115. Nasdaq finished down 6.66 points.

    Tomorrow, 9-21-2012 is SUMMER’S END.    It is also 1807 days from the 10-11-2007 SP high.

    Apple finally had a little red bar while the SP put in a TD daily bear flip albeit not much of one.  The euro with a daily bear flip as well.   Crude oil rallied today back to its lower BB line.    DBA (agricultural commodities) dropped down to its lower expanding BBand.

    McOscillator finally dropped below the 0 line while putting in a minor change reading yesterday.

    With tomorrow’s rebalance and options expiration, they do appear to making it seem as if tomorrow will be a big rally day but something else could be up.   The equity put call ratio shot up today.   Normally, going into opex it does the opposite.

    Anyway, watch the euro and the euro markets during the overnight session to see how things should unfold tomorrow.   If the markets have reversed, they should accelerate their downside moves.

  116. Time to watch Mr. NFL 666’s bro play and chuck it to his 88-80 WR tandem.   Unfortunately, Nicks #88 is nicked up and won’t be playing despite making it unscathed through last Sunday’s game action when he ended up with 199 yards receiving and little 36 bro threw for 500 yards.

    Big bro though had a horrendous Monday night game with his popgun arm producing multiple picks.   It appears the operators have put him out to pasture in Denver where he will wind down the rest of his NFL days.   But they still allow him to perform rituals.   Week 1 in the Denver-Steeler’s 888 playoff rematch,  big bro got to take a play out of the Tebow playbook and threw a measly screen pass to #88 who took it to the house for 70+ yards while burning Steeler’s d-backs #23 and #29 once again.

  117. Big Bro with his popgun arm probably can’t chuck it down the field Tebow style anymore.   Hence the need to produce ridiculous ritualistic 70 yard screen pass TDs.

  118. I didn’t mention today’s action in the $dax.   Basically a flattish hanging man day but stockcharts has it as a big fat hollow candle which is normally a bullish candle.   A lot of  hollow candles today.   Basically any rally in the Dax will send it to new recovery highs.   Meanwhile the other euro countries had more significant down days but with hollow bars.

    In the Giants game tonight, it was apparent why #88 didn’t suit up.   Lil Bro chucked it to his replacement #13 all night long for a prolific 10-13 combo on the night.  # 13 had 9 receptions for 138 yards.(15.3 yards per reception)
    10-13 also is a date quite unfavorable to the enlightened ones.

    SuperBowl game winning scorer #44 didn’t suit up either and his replacement #35 produced a big game as well rushing for over a hundred yards(20-113) with 2 TDs.

    •  SP was down .79 as well while Dow was up 18.97???

      Saw the following recap on the local news.

      Dow      up            18.97
      Nasdaq down           6.66
      Sp down                   .79

      Scramble the Dow number and it’s 1987 and the 666.79 is 3-6-9 SP low.

    • i’d be careful vix- while what he says usually does happen eventually, short term ive seen the opposite play out. I was going to wait until the next big dip to load up heavily

  119. Guys, I wrote a new post last night but I can’t do a video because my backup computer that I wrote it on is too slow and freezes all the time.  The post covers more about what Lindsey Williams is talking about concerning QE3, but I don’t want to put up the new post until I can do a video for it.  Hopefully I’ll have my main computer back up tomorrow…

      • supposedly the dollar will be the last man standing Z, use that as an apportunity to stock up on gold/silver. Red’s saying next month, so hopefully some FPs start popping up before then

  120. only one problem I see red, if there is a crash in late october, and the gold fp you have is hit, you really think they’ll be able to drive it up to 3k an ounce bfore the year end?

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