Hurricane Obama (Sandy) Created With HAARP To Get Him Re-elected And Maybe Delay The Election


Technical Update 11-19-2012...

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Technical Update 11-10-2012...

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Did Obama use HAARP to get him re-elected?

The evidence coming in from various places clearly points that Hurricane Obama was created and NOT a natural disaster.

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You might be thinking "WHY" at this point, and the answer is simple really.  You see Satan was gaining more attention and electoral votes then Lucifer recently (err... Romney was gaining over Obama) and Lucifer needed to distract the media (and the slaves... aka, "YOU") from listening to and believing the lies that Satan was saying.  The slaves were actually believing the lies and Lucifer couldn't have that happen if he wanted to get re-elected.  So Lucifer devised his own evil plan to make him look like a hero and be seen on TV all day long dimming the spot light on Satan.

The plan was to setup to happen on a ritual "Eleven" day of course (the 29th, as 2+9=11) and that's when Hurricane Obama started attacking in the East Coast.  Now Lucifer is great at killing 2 birds with one stone and this time is no exception.  He won this battle by successfully getting all the attention away from the election (which he was losing ground in as Satan was becoming more popular with the slaves), which means that he could actually get enough votes now to win the re-election as the slaves forget about the lies Satan said recently and go back to believing the lies from Lucifer.

The second way Lucifer won was the new ability to create jobs now the attack is over with and the freshly destroyed buildings, homes and businesses must be rebuilt.  Of course just creating money out of thin air like Bernanke did on September the 13th with QE3 isn't something he can get away with as the slaves might get upset at Lucifer for digging a deeper debt hole.  But, if he offers the same money for "aid" to rebuild the east coast after he attacked it with Hurricane Obama then the slaves will see it differently and accept the toilet paper needed to get them back on their feet again.  It's as old a game as mother earth is... just take something away from an ungrateful slave and them give it back to them when they become grateful again.

But, the whole plan may have not worked... as so far the elections aren't delayed and Obama isn't yet guaranteed to win again (or is he?)

(to watch on youtube:

Even though in this obvious "New World Order Illuminati" video slip up, where they tell us in advance that Obama has already won the election with 40 million votes to Romney's 38 million, there's no guarantee that it's accurate?  You see there are apparently two factions of the Illuminati Cabal fighting right now over which demon they want as the next presidential puppet.  We have old world Illuminati in Europe known as the Rothschilds, the Queen, the royal trash family, and the Pope.  Then we have here in America the Cabal that simply call themselves the New World Order who want a different puppet in office.  They want Satan as the new president while the other cabal want Lucifer to be re-elected.

So the point is... who put out that "slip up" on that video episode of "The Peoples Court"?  Was it the Cabal here in America who want Satan, or the Cabal in Europe that want Lucifer?  Does it really matter?  Of course not... as there is NO winner here for us slaves.  Both Satan and Lucifer will continue to enslave us so voting is absolutely worthless.  Back several years ago I actually thought it matter (when I was a "Blue Pill" taker that only felt that something was wrong but hadn't seen the "Red Pill", or had the opportunity to take it) I did vote at every presidential election... even though I commonly switched back and forth from one party to the other (not that it matters as both are controlled by the Illuminati Cabal, but I thought I could make a difference back then).

Now that I know what I know now I won't be wasting my time voting as the election is rigged and my vote won't matter anyway.  Besides that, I'd be voting for Ron Paul who doesn't have a chance until enough slaves wake up and get rid of the 2 party system.  We live in the matrix where the satanists that control it have created these "Duality" world where everything is divided by 2 sides and they control both of them.  You have the obvious like the Republicans and the Democrats, but you also have North Koreans and South Koreans, Muslims and Christians, Blacks and Whites, Gay's and Straights, Wealthy and Poor, Celebrity and Fans, Smart and Dumb, Fat and Healthy, etc, etc, etc....

You see, we are the same inside... just "immortal spirits" living in different cars.  Some are white, some are black... some are fancy fast cars and some are beat up old rags.  But regardless of the car you live in (your human body) we are the same inside, and that's the biggest secret that these Illuminati Satanist Pigs don't want you to know.  If we all wake up together and discover that "they" are the real enemies, not some poor innocent middle eastern man in Iran (that "they" want to call a terrorist) then we slaves could then unity and rage against the machine and it's controllers.  There are 6-7 Billion of us slaves and very few of them... only 13 head families, and then 300 high ranking minions below them.  Followed by several thousand lower ranking minions that turned from slave to guard in the prison planet we live on called Earth.  In this example, the warden of the prison is one of the 300 and the governors are the 13 families (a side thought here... the country of America that ended in 1861 and is now a corporation was founded with only 13 colonies... just food for thought).

As for the prison we live in, it really started around 1933.  You see, we are born into slavery with something called a birth certificate that has a pre-determined value setup based on our future slave labor over the next 60-70 years of our life.  Today that value is about 1 million dollars at birth, which is then sent through the fractional reserve banking system to become 9 million by the first week of your new life in the matrix.  This is done with the trust account number on your birth certificate that is also created on stock certificate paper (so it can be later traded on the stock market as a commodity).

Living in this matrix and seeing all the evil done to us slaves makes me want to do something to help out those who can't help themselves, but the reality is that I can only continue to post everything I can about these satanists and hope that it with help someone over time to wake up.  The biggest thing these pigs fear is for us slaves to unity and stop fighting between ourselves.  They stage all reasons for us to fight so we won't unity against them.  It's the old "divide and conquer" method that the Bankster Rothschilds did in the mid-1800's to take control back of America when they staged the civil war to financially bankrupt the country and force the corporation of America to be created.  The Satanists then loaned money to the new corporation to enslave the people though debt... which still keeps us as slaves today.

You see, the British Elite (not the innocent British people as they are slaves too... just like the American slaves) didn't like it when America created the constitution in 1776 (even though it was created by Free Masons that also worshiped Satan) and basically flipped the bird (the middle finger) to the Rothschilds, the Queen, the Pope, and the Royal Trash Family and said that "WE" are now free from your taxes because we are now a "Sovereign Nation".  Once you become  sovereign you don't have to obey any laws, codes, or statues that are created by other sovereign nations like the United Kingdom or The United States.  There is only one document that all nations use as a reference to do business with each other.  It's called the UCC or Universal Commercial Code, which was created for fair trade among countries but doesn't make laws per se for the purpose of you obeying.  Any sovereign nation can create it's own laws, codes and statues, but "IF" it want's to trade with the other nations of the world it must agree to the UCC.

Basically, there are NO laws here in the corporation of America as corporations can't create "LAWS", they can only create Charters, Codes, and Statues.  And the country of America hasn't existed since 1861, where president Lincoln was last president because congress walked out of session which dissolved the government (a Latin word called "Sine die").  Unless a new congress is created (remember, this happened in 1861 and those congressmen are long since dead... unless they are vampires, which is another story [and we wouldn't want them back in anyway]) the country doesn't have a government anymore.  So, you are now born as a dual citizen... one as a citizen of "government-less" country of America and the other as a citizen of The United States of America Corporation (based in a 10 square mile radius called "The District of Columbia", located in Washington D.C.).

This corporation tricks you with this Dual Citizenship at birth as have 2 names... one is your "flesh and blood" name where you use a capital letter for the first letter in your first name, middle name and last name, with lower case letters for the rest of the letters in your name.  Then you have your corporate trust name (also called your straw-man name) that is spelled with all capital letters in it.  This all happened in 1933 right after the stock market bottomed from the 1929 crash (that was created by the J.P. Morgan family, Rockefeller family and many other satanist Illuminati members).  They pumped the stock market to extremes before they let it collapse and of course they sold out at the top and bought gold... just like they are doing today.

About every 70 years the fiat money system peaks and collapses on itself as it reaches a point that can't be sustained.  When this happens the country has an "un-declared" bankruptcy along with the stock market crash.  It's always planned years in advance and will continue to happen over and over again until we no longer need money to survive.  That would be the point where we have free energy and can grow our own food and the need for money is gone.  It would then only be used to get other things that we just want to have but not need to live.  This will be like the age of "Star Trek"... which is currently a reality, but not for the slaves.  Only the elite Illuminati have the ability to travel in space ships, clone themselves for body parts, repair any damage to the human body, etc... basically live like kings.

But, I believe over the coming decades that free energy and health products that really work and re-generate the body will finally come out and the slaves will get their freedom.  Between now and then though, we slaves are going to be in for some very hard times... unless we learn how to profit from this of course.  I've been working on just that very item as I know that trying to predict the movement of the larger ETF's in this rigged market is very hard.  In fact, it's almost impossible to predict with an 80% accuracy track record.  So while I still thinking that this market is going to rally up to around the 1450 SPX level and then sell off again in a wave 3 down (to continue the Legatus sell off) I just can't big consistence enough to profit hugely from these calls as sometimes I'm completely wrong.

The most accurate calls though have been centered around the Legatus meetings... particularly when they are held in Rome.

But eventually that method will stop working as it gets too much exposure.  In fact I think we'll only have one more Legatus call next year before they change it... and then we'll have NO signal's left to know when to short the market.  Of course this next sell off in the summer/fall of 2013 will likely be the largest one since the Great Depression One, and make a lot of people very poor while a few get extremely wealthy, I can't count on the gangsters using it as a signal much longer.  I feel that the original finder of this (Reinhardt) and myself have exposed it too much and they (the Illuminati Cabal... or "Operators") that control the stock market will change the game in the near future.  You have probably noticed that we don't get that many FP's anymore in the market... which "could" (not really sure about it, but it's possible) have been because of my consistent exposure of them every time I seen one.

I'm not the first person to catch them but maybe I was the one that exposed them to the point where the gangsters had to change the way the game was played?  Not to take credit away from ZeroHedge or other sites that now post these FP's but I've been posting them since January of 2010 when I seen my first one.  Lot's of people now have caught on and post them all over the internet.  I'm sure this game has been going on for decades so it's nothing new... but maybe (just maybe) my constant hammering down everyone's throats that the gangsters use them to signal the insiders where they plan to take the market got them noticed by too many people and forced a change in the way they rob the sheep (slaves... aka, "YOU").

I've had people tell me that the many reason they keep reading my posts and comments are for the FP's... which again, now seem to be much less frequent.  The FP on Gold though is one I believe will come true... but not until around 2017.  I think the gangsters don't really care to let that one out as it's so far out in the future that everyone will forget about it been foretold by the time it's actually hit.  I can safely say that I'm sure I'll forget about it by then and "if" I'm still around writing this blog (remember, they have a kill switch for the internet and will likely use it before then to stop free speech) then hopefully you readers will remind me of it.

However, don't forget about the old FP of 949 on Gold which could be the panic sell off level (from margin calls) before the bull run up to 17,000 plus over the following 4 years.  It makes sense to tank gold first before you run it up to extremes as you want everyone bearish on it so you can steal it from them at dirt cheap prices (thinking like a gangster here... where Robin Hood steals from the poor and gives to the rich!  Kinda like the world we live in today, Huh?).

Sometimes I go off in different directions I guess, but let's get back to making money in the stock market... especially during the time period between now and the final days before it collapses in the summer/fall of 2013 (which we'll all be going short then).  I've been chatting with someone about another way to make some money in this market recently, but before I mention any recommendations I want to check out their track record to see if the calls have been accurate.  I don't want to post someone's predictions unless I to believe them to be pretty accurate.  So, after hours on the phone and time on Skype the last week or so I see enough evidence to share this information with you all.  So, I'm going to post the next move that is recommended before it happens.

What am I'm talking about you ask?

I'm talking about getting involved with penny stocks before they make their run from insiders pumping them and then dumping them.  I've always known about penny stocks and even bought some back in the 1980's (worthless now) but never had any good source of information about them before they ran... now I do!  And I'm going to share that with everyone that is interested in doubling, tripling, or quadrupling their money in just a few days to weeks.

While my main focus has been on the big indexes I also know that this game is so well rigged that me trying to figure it out is like David beating Godzilla (much bigger then Goliath).  Understanding the next move in the SPX... "in a manor that I can make a profit from" is very hard, especially with options!  So, I've decided to expand out into other ways to make money and I believe this "Penny Stock" area is worth looking into seriously.  The last penny stock tip given to me went from about 20 cent to 40 cent by the close on Friday (11/02/2012), and that was only because of the insiders buying it up before they promote it and run it much higher.  Now I don't think now is the time to purchase it, even though it could run up another 40-50 cents, but with my new connection it is possible to get in it (or similar future penny stocks) while down at the 20 cent range before the insiders run it up.

So, while that deal is already over with there is a new one coming in 1-2 weeks that should be just a promising.  The symbol for the one that just ran from 20 cents to 40 cents is BFGC and while it should still go higher the time to buy it has past.  The tips I'll be giving you from this source will be timed so you can get in at the 20 cent price before the move up starts.  Again, this isn't for everyone and I'll still continue to try and guess the next move in the SPX, but I'll be adding this new opportunity into the mix.

However, giving this information out on the blog for everyone to see "could" skew the results and affect the stock price... so I'll only give it out in an email.  Anyone interested can simply optin and I'll inform you as soon as I'm informed.

As for the stock market this week...

(to watch on youtube:

We are likely to chop around until the election is over with and then we "should" rally up to hit the downward sloping trendline that starts at the 1470.96 spx high on 10/05 and connects to the 10/18 high of 1464.02... and should be around 1450-1453 later this week.  This should be the point where the bears make a stand and turn the bulls back down.  This rally (assuming it happens?) should start after the election is over with I believe.  Then "if" the bears hold the line, we'll see a nasty wave 3 down to follow.

If the line doesn't stop the bulls then we could rally up to a new high I guess.  Sad how controlled and manipulated this market is, as the charts are all very bearish on the larger time frames.  But the gangsters will do what they want to do, and if that means a new high then the likely date for the peak would the the 15th of this month.  Obviously if we start a rally after this election is over with, it should pierce though that trendline with 7 days of trading.  To go from about 1410 spx to 1450 or so should be a 2-3 day move, not 7 days.  That's why I think we'll put in a new high if that trendline is broken through.  Picking the date of the 15th is based on the fact that it's another "eleven" day (again, not all highs happen on "11" days, but many do) and that the day after that is option expiration.

The old saying is that the market usually puts in the low on the Thursday or Friday the week prior to option expiration.  This means that's it also possible that we don't get a rally from the election (remember, we don't know yet which demon they will put in?).  If Romney wins he will likely continue the Bush tax cuts and the selling before the end of the year will be minimum as there won't be any reason for traders to close out large positions for fear of higher capital gains taxes next year (The Bush tax cuts puts it at 15% if I'm not mistaken... far less then 40% or more that would resume if those cuts expire).  If Obama wins he will likely let those tax cuts expire (unless the cabal got to him and steered him back in line), which means that the selling later this year should be greater as traders close out those large positions to avoid paying higher taxes next year.

So I don't know how traders are going to react after this election ends but "if" they just keep up the old saying then we should continue down and put in a bottom on Thursday or Friday and then rally into next week for option expiration.  I know a lot of people are expecting a rally after this election ends but it could be delayed a few days and new low put in first... then a rally.  Which means that "if" this scenario plays out (it's my favorite one) then we shouldn't see a new high as dropping first into Thursday/Friday and then rallying back up into the 15th would only give the bulls 4-5 days to climb up to that trendline of resistance.

And since they'll be starting from a lower level (then the current 1410 spx area) the climb and time given sounds about right to hit the trendline on the 15th.  Of course the line would be lower by then and might only be in the 1445-1450 area.  Then I'd be looking to go short there... especially if we have strong "all up" solid white candle on the daily chart on Wednesday the 14th.  That would give the 15th the best chance of a pop higher to hit the trendline and then turn back down putting in a "topping tail" candle.

Well, that's about the best guess I can give you...

Good Luck as away.


P.S. If you really don't think HAARP exists check out this video by Jesse Ventura

(to watch on youtube:


Ben Fulford Update:

This new update seems to imply that Obama has switched sides and now is working with the good guys to stop World War 3 from happening.  This is great news if it's true?  I don't know what to think about it at this point but I do still remember Doloris Cannon stating that Obama has a "light around him"... meaning that he's one of the good guys.  So maybe he's been playing the part of the bad guys to deceive the Bush Nazis Illuminati gangsters up until now.  I certainly think Romney would have kissed Bush's ass and done everything they would tell him to do... including start WW3!.

(to watch on youtube:

So maybe we are better off with Obama then Romney?  I correct that... we are better off with Obama, as at least he seems to be fighting against these gangsters somewhat as Romney certainly wouldn't have.  While I still would have liked to have seen Ron Paul win I'll go on record and support Obama if he does go against the Cabal.  I've always stated that I wasn't sure about Obama and that until he proved himself I didn't trust him or support him.  My support has been for Ron Paul only, but if this story is real then Obama might just have been a "sheep in wolves' clothing", that just succeeded in tricking the wolves at their own game.


The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.

That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired. The purge at the pentagon and agencies included CIA Chief David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M.

Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, according to CIA and other agency sources.

Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term. The agenda he is expected to follow is

to set the stage for a swords to plowshares transition of the military industrial complex.
He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board.

The voting patterns for Obama reflected the fact that he was elected thanks to non-Europeans. He got over 70% of Hispanic, Asian and Jewish votes, close to 100% of African American votes and only 39% of European American votes. There was also massive support from the 180 nations of the world that are sick and tired of never ending American and European war-mongering.

Obama is now a high priority assassination target of the Nazi/Bush faction, according various sources.

The situation may actually lead to civil war against the Bush Texas stronghold. Since Obama got only a bit more than 30% of the European American male vote you can be sure there are lot of upset white men, many of whom belong to militias, who might fight with the Nazis, creating a potentially volatile situation.

The White Dragon Society was not involved in the decision to back Obama but agrees with it, with some reservation, because the alternative was WW3.

The overwhelming Jewish support for Obama, despite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s support for Romney, makes it pretty clear the Jews are sick and tired of being manipulated into fear and war by neo-Nazi Zionist thugs. The Israeli military and intelligence establishment has also finally figured out that they have been fooled into working as proxies for Nazi American and European tycoons and are no longer following the program. Netanyahu, who had his psychiatrist murdered, and was part of the 311 nuclear terror attack on Japan, will probably end up in jail when this is all over.

The Bush faction CIA agent “ambassador Stevens” was definitely behind the nuclear and tsunami mass terror attack against Japan on 311, according to MI6 and gnostic illuminati sources. He was tortured for 8 hours after his capture in Libya and spilled the beans on the plot to start WW3 with a false flag attack against US forces in the Persian Gulf. While he was hung out like a worm on a hook he reached out to various places asking for help which also helped reveal the network he was working for, they say.

Admiral Gaoutte, who wanted to help Stevens, was taken away in handcuffs and has not appeared in public since his arrest, meaning he is probably undergoing intense interrogation, pentagon sources say. Gaouette was planning to attack his own fleet and blame it on Iran in order to start a war, according to these sources.

The White Dragon Society also received a direct call from a senior pentagon general warning that Hurricane Sandy was just a foretaste of what would happen in Romney was not elected. Now we shall see what retaliation the Bush Nazi faction carries out now that their people are being purged following Obama’s victory.

There are also mass clouds of disinformation being put out now and it will take some time for it to clear up and reveal more about what is really going on.

For example many sources say George Bush Senior is senile and in a wheel chair and that Jeb Bush now runs the clan. However, Neil Keenan says Bush recently got a $5 million rejuvenation treatment in Hong Kong and is still fully in control.

This sounds far-fetched but Japanese military intelligence sources say former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone recently appeared at a funeral looking far younger than his 94 years making many speculate he had been “replaced.” Other well-known gerontocrats like David Rockefeller also occasionally appear rejuvenated as if they had undergone some sort of treatment.

The other disinformation surrounds what CIA Chief Petraeus was up to. Some pentagon sources say he was planning to install himself as a Roman style emperor after killing Obama and staging a coup.

Others say he was a patriot who was fired to prevent him from testifying about what really happened to Stevens.

What is clear though is that the mass firings announced by Obama mark a major change in the US power structure.

A lot of Japanese power-brokers have been deeply upset by the Romney defeat, notably Junichiro Koizumi’s and Yasuhiro Nakasone’s people. That means that well-financed attempts to set up a new Nazi puppet regime in Japan are now doomed.

This is already becoming visible. Tokyo Governor and well-known China baiter Shintaro Ishihara resigned to start a new national political party after his son was defeated in his effort to take over the resurgent Liberal Democratic Party. However, Ishihara is not finding any followers and has committed political suicide. The moves to place charismatic Osaka major Toru Hashimoto, an Ishihara friend, as a new leader of Japan are also now being put to an end.

Instead it is now looking likely that the Liberal Democratic Party and ruling Democratic parties will merge and choose a new leader through an open and fair election.

The Chinese leadership transition is also still underway but the emerging consensus is that democratic and other reforms that the new generation carry out will resemble the Singapore model more than they resemble the US or European models.

The Europeans, for their part, still do not have access to printing presses for new money and the result is a slow implosion of government function and society in many of their countries. Money will flow again when the wars and terror are stopped.

We truly could be moving into a new timeline where there isn't going to be another world war to kill off 2/3 of the population.  I certainly hope that Obama is really is one of the good guys as I'm sick of all this killing, lying, stealing, and corruption.  This article was also just published which I hope comes true.  By allowing these states (and others yet to file) to secede from the United States Corporation (that is run by and controlled by the Nazi Bush Illuminati Cabal members) it will force the bankruptcy for the private corporation called the Federal Reverse Bank, and free us sheep from the debt they created.

Citizens from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States

As of Saturday November 10, 2012, citizens from 15 States have petitioned the Obama Administration for withdrawal from the United States of America in order to create its own government.

States following this action include: Louisiana, Texas, Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon and New York. These States have requested that the Obama Administration grant a peaceful withdrawal from the United States.

These citizen generated petitions were filed just days after the 2012 presidential election.

Louisiana was the first State to file a petition a day after the election by a Michael E. from Slidell, Louisiana. Texas was the next State to follow by a Micah H. from Arlington, Texas.

The government allows one month from the day the petition is submitted to obtain 25,000 signatures in order for the Obama administration to consider the request.

The Texas petition reads as follows:

The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it’s citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.

As of 12:46 am, Sunday, signatures obtained by Louisiana, 7,358; Texas, 3,771; Florida, 636; Georgia, 475; Alabama, 834; North Carolina, 792; Kentucky, 467; Mississippi, 475; Indiana, 449; North Dakota, 162; Montana, 440; Colorado, 324; Oregon, 328; New Jersey, 301 and New York, 169. Many more States are expected to follow.

A petition is not searchable at until 150 signatures have been obtained. It is the originator's responsibility to obtain these signatures.

The Texas petition can be reviewed and/or signed by clicking here

So, at this point in time I think we should now give Obama a chance to prove himself.  The title of this post is most likely wrong as it was probably Romney's gangster buddies that created Hurricane Sandy, which I'll have to rename Hurricane Romney I guess... or maybe just Hurricane Bush?  Either way it's becoming clearing that Cabal is losing control as they told Lindsey Williams that they wanted Romney in and not Obama.  As the old saying goes "an enemy of my enemy is my friend"... meaning that if Obama is the enemy of the Nazi Cabal then he's not my enemy but my friend.

Updated November 12th, 2012 by Red...


  1. Good job, Red.  
    I am going another way of projection, whatever the noise is.  watch for 138.35spy area, to cover shorts

  2. Remember the Bane-inspired natural disaster to hit Gotham City in the latest Batman. Life imitating art?

    Of course, it kicksoff with the explosive kickoff return by ex Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward #86 as the Gotham City field implodes while Ward returns the kickoff for a TD (as all the remaining players/ pursuers are swallowed by the sunken field).   The scene was filmed in Pittsburgh and it is interesting to note that after Sandy has ravaged the New York metro area and reduced several areas to dislocated enclaves bereft of power and any signs of modern civilization or any elements of a functioning municipality that the first football matchup to be played in the New York area in the wake of Sandy’s destruction would be between the Legatus (NY) Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers.    It’s even more interesting that the other NY team, the Jets (911) had a bye this weekend leaving the spotlight to the Giants-Steelers matchup. 

    Mara Rooney, the newest Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and Zuckerdork’s infatuation in Social Network(with the 8-8 birthday), of course is a descendant of the Pittsburg-Giants clans/ oligarchies, aristocracies. (Mara=Giants,Rooney=Steelers) Her sister was also one of the few actors to appear in one of the great recent grand-ritual releases, 127 Hours.

  3. Interesting close price on NASDAQ today. 2999.66

    The day before elections, an 11 day, and Simpson’s clock?

  4. We also have to remember to keep an eye out for big FP’s today since it is an 11 day. With the distraction of the election, I would think it would be a good day to put them out…

  5. Good Morning gang….  today is an “eleven” day and many (not all) important tops are put in on these days.  The main stream media (MSM) is very bullish regardless of which puppet demon wins the election.  You do know that they are paid to mis-lead the sheep?

  6. Being a Bear is tough as you never know if the stream you are sticking your toes in has trout in it or not.  I’m just about ready to stick my toes in this stream as the trout look plentiful.

  7. It’s puzzling why gold is up so much right now?  Maybe it’s from fear of something coming or just squeezing out the shorts from the gap down a few days back?  Just don’t know what to think about that as the market and gold usually move together.

    So if gold continues higher how is the market going to sell off?  Also odd is that the dollar isn’t tanking equally like gold is rallying, which could indicate that the dollar isn’t buying into gold’s rally and that it might not last past today.

    • probably a good idea to hedge with it just in case something drastic occurs to commodities+ typical election rally

      • I’m not touching gold as I don’t know what to think about it.  As for being hedged, I’m not… but I only have a small position, so the loss would be minimum if I’m wrong.

          • No, I just always take small positions.  I’ll be taking a large position next summer when I think the crash is coming.  Until then I’ll just be dipping into and out of the market with small positions.

  8. I’ll be keeping an eye on the spx close, but the clock+the phone would just be to odd a coincidence if that happens to be the close

  9. Although I’m not sure if they’re going to do it overnight, as they’ve already been doing it slowly but surely, my concern is the devaluation. Even f you nail it, short term capital gains will let you break even at best

  10.  logic says we go up tomo, so— 
    15 minute chart, has room for an up day for elections results (11-7) 1440 or so, then it will have sell the election… signals 
    if doesn’t happen this way, then likely, i’m involved with an inverse falling knife.

    • Yes… logic does say we go up tomorrow.  And the MSM is promoting that logic as well, which is why I’m on the opposite side of this boat.  The MSM is paid to lead the sheep to slaughter so I’m taking the road less traveled.

      •  well, any time a government gains total control, such as back in Babylon, it never lasts too long. Lets hope history repeats itself and their technology is released to the the public… I know that’s a lot to ask, but hopefully someday

      • Yes it does… and the key here is to see the market pullback some before the close.  The last thing we want is a rally into the close making an “all up day” with a solid white candle on the daily chart.

        If that happens then there is a 90% chance of a higher high tomorrow… which also means that the election will be over with a clear winner.  We want a pullback to get some type of topping tail close.

        Then we could see a gap down tomorrow if the elections are too close to call.  The market wants a clear winner, and not a delay due to a re-count.  Sellers will come if we get an election that is too close to call a clear winner.

  11. BIG, gap test coming, put the price target at 33.5-34 , possible 35 = 100 day.
    9 month chart, shows how the market worked the last gap!
    looks like a repeat, to me.

  12. We are making a bull flag here now… which is also a triangle.  A breakout to go through the downward sloping trendline of resistance or a breakdown “should” happen before the close.  But, leaving us in limbo seems like the most likely way to hurt the most sheep.

    All the bears should be out of the market now as any stops they setup from just above the trading range over the last 2 weeks has most likely been taken out.  Bulls should be getting long here expecting a huge breakout.

    Bulls Long = 80%
    Bears Short = 20%

    Who gets fed?

  13. The “Bull Flag” is almost history now… not good if you are long.  Important bull flags like the one that has been building all day, which fail… usually produce violent moves in the other direction.

  14. SP futures have given up all of today’s gains and more.   I guess they don’t like the re-election of the great Commie.   Greek vote on austerity tomorrow, 11-7.
    It was scary out at the voting polls today.  Scarier than Halloween.   I got to see if they vote in these tax hike propostions as well in this one party state I live in.    More taxes and more overspending so everyone can take their little piece of the pie.
    I can’t believe the money they put in for advertising Prop 30.   It was like non-stop advertising 24 hours a day on the radio.   They blasted those commercials no matter what the radio format.

    • They even sponsored a portion of a business radio hour on a local all news station today.  Probably have done it repeatedly and I never noticed. 

    • At this point it’s still too early to figure out the market direction I think.  Has Obama clearly won or will it end up as a “too close to call” race that demands a re-count?

    •  Fiscal we come.

      Were I republican, I’d sit back for four years, refuse to cooperate..let obama go down in flames.

      ES -9pts…I’m looking for a -14pt Wednesday, that’d be a nice start to negate Tuesday’s nonsense.

      •  yeah- shorted pretty heavily, so that would be nice. I think short-term capital gains might stay the same though? guess we’ll see.

  15. Good Morning gang… looks like Lucifer got re-elected, not that it mattered.

    The key today is to break the 1402.50-1405.00 area on the ES… then we should see some real selling.

  16. What a relief . Closed early on assuming chop,  DOW 4,000. 2013 should make most bears nice and stuffed

  17. If I recall correctly the odds of an “all down day” are 90% when the market gaps down and makes lower lows during the first 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours of the day.  This is the period when the heavy trading happens just like the last 2 hours of the day is too.

    So, the failure to carve out a bottom in the morning and make higher lows leads to the day staying down near the lows all day long.  The bulls must make that higher low to climb out of the bear hole they are in…

  18. This could be all we get gang?  Meaning that if we selloff into the close and make a higher low then the 1384 ES low it could be the B wave down with the A wave up happening right now.  Then the C wave up would happen tomorrow and could continue into Friday.  Either way I’d exit all shorts and see what happens.

    The 13,000 level is important for the DOW and we might not see it broken again… meaning that it only broke it today and could recapture it tomorrow.  Today was a nice day for the bears and we shouldn’t get greedy.

  19. as you may be aware, we have an Obama cheerleader impersonating a news anchor (Chris Matthews) on an Obama propaganda network posing as a news network (MSNBC, aka MSDNC, aka MSLSD, aka More Stupid Nonsense by Communists). this Obama sycophant openly declares how happy he is that Hurricane Sandy struck the United States.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    • What
      balls the Illuminati have to come right out and say “Never let a crisis
      go to waste”! How about “let’s stop the crisis before it happens”, or
      is that too much to ask for?

  20. The 40 week moving average on the SPX is at 1384.89, which I’m sure they will try to hold.  On the daily chart the 200 moving average is at 1380.42… so that’s a very important level on for the close Friday.

  21. Time for the enlightened ones to flush the toilet on all of the KEEP HOPE ALIVE doofi.

    11-7-9=====666.79 SP low….the infamous 79.   I don’t really see how one gets an 11 out of there unless its 111×6 or 11-16????   Anyway, a certain little indicator although once again was rebuffed at the O line hasn’t yet entered the crash zone, only nomans land where devestation can still occur.    (Actually I am combining a certain indicator with its component )

  22. 11-7-9=====trading days 36,37,38 due to the Hurricane Sandy interruption/delay although the markets are also aligning to the pattern set double four (now five) years ago.

      • Today’s low is practically at the 200 day.   Either today’s low was a short term reaction low or it wasn’t.   We have the Greek vote after the close.  (I believe although I haven’t checked on it yet but it was to be Wed. evening).

        So we could have both Greek exit and fiscal cliff worries kicking things off and sending us to the ultimate destination.

  23. Russell 2000 at 806.35 around 11:00 AM Apple time down 19.29 or -2.34%.

    This reminds me that I need to get back to all the 1929s they flashed in the college and NFL games a week ago.

    I notice one flashed in the Monday Night Saints-Eagles game after one of NO’s scores (2nd to last score at 21-6? after one of Brees’ TD passes-his first).   They showed Brees #9 standing on the sidelines by himself after his TD pass (to Colston#12–for a 9-12 hookup) with a solitary Saint #10 behind him to form a 10-9 or 19???   It was shot from a high angle so that all of the 3 9s could be seen on Brees’ jersey for 999 or 39 and combined with the 10—10999 or 19-29????

  24. Ok gang, I think we just had our B wave down.  I’m looking for a flat open and then a rally for the C wave up tomorrow morning.  It could top by 1-2pm and then rollover though…

  25. If tomorrow goes like 9/27 then we’ll open up a little and drop a little less into about the 11:30am time period and then turn back up for a wave C up.  The low tomorrow should be higher then the low today.

    • “if” it plays out like back the 27th, Then we should go up ,pretty much, all day tomorrow, and then start to rollover again Friday

      Sep 27, 2012 1,433.36 1,450.20 1,433.36 1,447.15 479,755,08

      • Correct… the move up at the open will quickly be shorted by all the bears that were sleeping and missed the whole move today.  The bulls that were trapped will also bailout at the first pop for fear of more selling.

        They should then take the market down during this first 1-2 hours of the days as that’s when the selling pressure will be the heaviest from both bulls and bears.

        Then as long as we don’t break the low from today of 1384 ES, and just put in a “higher low”, they should turn it back up and squeeze the late-comers bears that are now short and the panicked bulls that bailout out of their longs and went short.

        This is where “C wave’s” happen as both bulls and bears are both short together and once they see the low isn’t breaking and the selling pressure is drying up they will get squeezed hard and force to cover at a lost.

        You could say that the move down tomorrow would also be the completion of the B wave down in this ABC move up that should end on Friday.  This is only accurate as long as the low from today isn’t taken out tomorrow during the selling that should last the first 1-2 hours of the day.

        I wouldn’t short the open looking for another big move down as “if” SkyNet continues to steal the most money from the sheep it won’t give the sheep another big wave down without first squeezing them out of their positions.

        Every bear and his brother is now short after the beating the bulls took today.  Don’t expect them to get another easy meal tomorrow.  The bulls might get smacked back down in the morning but they should kick a few bears back the 2nd half the day.

  26. “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. ”
    Joseph Stalin

    today’s voting fraud is more blatant. the people who REFUSE to count the votes decide everything.

    • Thanks Anthony… now we wait for about noon or so when the selling pressure drys up, and then the C wave up can start.  Right now the “late to the party” bears just got short at the opening rally and the trapped bulls sold out at a lost (and became bears).  So in a couple of hours this bear boat will be full…

  27. The B wave down looks to be just about complete now.  The “tease” of breaking the low from yesterday and tanking hard has all the bears licking their chops.  But, the noon time hour is near and all the selling pressure is about to dry up.  Nothing left to do but squeeze some bears.

        • Got out. Just going to watch it. Might just test that 138.5 area someone posted last week. I’ll short if it pops tomorrow

          • The time period of the most buying or selling pressure is the first couple hours of the day and the last hour or so.  So, unless “they” really want to tank it again, odd’s favor them rallying during this period between now and the last hour of the day.

            Of course if the rally turns into a C wave up then the last hour will be just a continuation of that move and not any more selling pressure until the all the bears are out and everyone is long.

            So, it’s really up to “them” to decide on a rally or to continue down with a ton of bear on board short.  I find that Skynet doesn’t usually allow that many bears to profit, which is why I see a rally coming first.

            It looks like typical stop sweeping to me, and after it’s took them all out of their longs it will rally and sweep out the shorts.

          •  Yeah, definitely makes sense from a crooks perspective, I just think they would’ve started turning up by this time if they planned to take it near 142 by tomorrow

          • yeah, just hanging on the side. I stopped out earlier. Nut too sure if they’ll turn up a bit until the close though

          • Yeah. looks. definitely seems like it now. If you’re still short, you might as well wait for that now though

  28. The
    Thursday or Friday before the week of OPX is where they usually put in
    the low. That’s today or tomorrow. I think the low will be put in
    today.  And the 15th is another “eleven” day, which they commonly use to put in an important high on. 

    • Since we took out the low from yesterday the ABC move hasn’t started yet.  Therefore the first move up (tomorrow probably) should now be the A wave, not the C wave as I thought previously.

  29. The doom crash could be next month! Look Lindsey Williams blog,
    Has anyone watched the video? The video was took off, which could be a sign validating his prediction…

  30. Wow. day 3? Hopefully this bounces.  I’d be surprised considering how heavy we went down already

    • Actually, a lower low it typical when you close at the low for the day like yesterday did.  The key will be to see if they reverse it back up and rally the rest of the day.

  31. thanks, got in at the open, closed around when Anna did, Great day. Just holding a jpm Dec 44 call now. Thanks, was thinking a bounce, but premarket going wild, and the news, made me second guess almost

  32. I see this brief move down as a wave 2 down inside a wave C up.  We are also in a triangle and might not breakout today?  But I see a wave 3 up inside a C up starting soon.  Should carry over into Monday as well.

          •  Changing your mind Red? Haven’t seen any FPs, but tim first said possible 143 upside, now chop and drop possibly? Being an “11 day! they could also make Thursday ugly I was surprised we ended almost flat today

          • Not sure Anthony?  Certainly we need to go up some to work off the oversold conditions on all the short term charts.  But, the price level could actually just chop around going basically nowhere until the charts get overbought… making a big bear flag on the daily charts.

            Then drop hard on Thursday and Friday.  How high will we go before then?  Don’t know yet, but the first level is that FP of 139.73 SPY or about 1400 SPX.  Possibly then we chop some more and finally make a run up to some downward sloping trendline that should be under 1430 SPX.

          • Whattttttttt?

            We do a double top at 1430 last mon/tuesday, we bounced from 1372 to 1391, and you still think we need to work off oversold? I guess you could say that one the daily, but..hey, we been negative MACD on that since late September.

            You gotta be kidding me Red.

            We watch this nonsense ramp non-stop from 1266 to 1474..and it still seems the bears get twitchy if we have a SINGLE down day.

            I suggest you stare at a weekly chart for an hour. Especially look back to June-August 2011. We are in a multi-week really is that simple.

            We went down this week..and we’re going down next week.

            Even the Wednesday decline was just 2.3% or so, that really isn’t that much. How many up days since June did we see where the market was up 2% or so? 6-8 or so, I believe.

            We all know the market falls easier and faster, than it takes to rally. There is no reason why we can’t see a number of major down days in the weeks ahead.

            There is also a lot to say about the Puetz crash window, which is soon approaching, but maybe we can get into that over the weekend.

            good wishes.

          • Hmm, but today was only day’3 down in this wave. thats really not much.

            I’m sure you read around as much as me, if not more. A lot of smarter people than me, all gunning for somewhere around 1350.

            Look at the last time the weekly broke lower, often it will hit the lower bollinger band in the first wave lower…which is currently around 1340.

            Today’s close sure wasn’t bullish.

            Again, I’m reminded that people were saying we were oversold on Tuesday, at 1430, a mere 3% from the QE highs.

            anyway….all i can suggest to anyone lately is focus on the bigger picture. Getting wrapped up in the daily action is largely a waste of time.


    I have seen this roast before, but not the Larry King part. Go to the 19 min mark. Larry says “Snoop told me during the break that once he had a DNA test and found he was only 71 % black…Is that true?”………some more lines Larry said but the last part was as follows “your 29 percent not guilty”. Those numbers i’ve seen before. 2+9=11.
    Even back then he seems to know things..Old clip below

    Not surprising from Larry. 
    Old clip with Billy..No numbers.. but the writing is on the walls as far as what Larry knows.

  34. Nice update red. I think because they ended Friday chopping down, they’re going to, at least, need some pop to clear out anyone who went short

  35. Incredible, they flashed an outright 1987 and 1929 on the same play in the USC-Arizona State game.    With 14 minutes left in the 3rd quarter (14-14 score)(basically the start of the 2nd half), the Arizona St QB hit his tight end #87 with a long pass down to the 10 yard line.   #87 was covered by USC’s #19 (linebacker ???) for a 1987 combo running down the field and then USC’s #29 (safety????) came over to tackle #87 after he caught the ball.

    After that play, Arizona St’s QB #10 was sacked by USC’s #91 and they formed an initial 91-10 aka 911 as scene on the TV screen then the 10-91 and 10-19 later.

    Earlier in the game, #87 did catch a TD pass and they repeatedly showed USC’s allword receiver #9 being covered by ASU’s #1 for a constant 19 formation.  The usual 29 references to the dynamic receiving duo of #2,9s for USC.

    Two weeks ago, the Arizona-USC game was littered with 29s as #9 went crazy breaking a school receiving record (at one point stuck at 299 yards receiving as he broke the record) while Arizona’s WR #29 had a monster game as well with over 250 yards receiving.   In a game that saw Arizona win 39-32.

    • In today’s game the 1929,1987 play came on 3rd and 12 at the USC 38 yard line, a 32 yard pass completion from #10 to #87 to the USC 6 yard line at 14:04 left in the 3rd quarter.

      • In the Arizona-USC game 2 weeks ago, Arizona’s #29 had a big game catching 10 passed for 259 yards or a 25.9 yard average.   He also had a big reception on a 3rd and 22 (322) late in the game.    His QB, Scott, #10 for the 10-29 connection just a couple of day’s before the Sandy swath of destruction on 10-29, also threw for 369 yards on 50 attempts with 3 tds for 7.38 yards per attempt or 711.

        USC’s #9 had 345 yards receiving on 16 catches for 21.6 receiving average.

        Brings back memories of Tebow’s big 316 game last January 8 with his 31.6 yard per completion average.

        • Two weeks ago, they also flashed a 1929 in the Florida-Georgia game showing Georgia’s #19 walking down the sideline after making the game winning play??? in a highlight and then they switched to the sideline reporter interviewing Florida’s #29.

          It was #2-#11 matchup for that game after Florida had won its last game 44-11 or something freaky to that effect(Yep 44-11 over S.Carolina).   Florida U ====Occultic U.

          • It was Georgia’s #19 who scooped up a fumble in his own endzone as Florday was marching towards the endzone at the end of the game to preserve Georgia’s 9-17 win.

          • #1 Alabama was upset by Texas A+M 29-24 today.   #29 and #24s coincidentally were the two Pittsburgh Steeler defenders who chased Denver’s #88 down the sideline on the 80 yard (888or 24) gamewinning overtime catch in Tebow’s big 316 game last year.

  36. I think they take the market up this week. I bet we get a mid week report on the fiscal cliff meetings that they are “making good progress”. Also have CPI and other numbers coming out tues and wed 8:30 AM to watch for. if they are good, no reason market shouldn’t do some run up…. market thinks its oversold down here.

    • Next week is option expiration week and it’s commonly bullish, so taking it up to make the “put holders” expire worthless is usually how the game is played.  Considering that they also commonly (not always) put in important tops on “eleven” days it’s likely to peak on Thursday as it’s an “11” day.

  37.  just got in- think that’ll be today’s low… we might just chop like this until Thursday, if that’s the high. Turbos 132 is still in mu head though

    • Tough to trade this right now as the charts are too oversold on the “less then one day” timeframes.  That means the weekly and daily charts are trying to push the market down while the 4h, 2h, and 60min want to push the market up.

      The daily and weekly are more powerful charts and will likely keep any rally contained.  So yes, we should get something of a rally, but I don’t know how high it will be on the actual levels.

      I’m more focused on watching the MACD’s and Histogram bars on those shorter time frames, as once they get overbought and rollover the market will drop hard.  When you have the weekly, daily, and all short term charts all pointing in one direction you have a wave 3 happen.

      But since the bond market and the banks are closed today for Veterans day I’m not expecting much action in either direction today.  Hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday they can get some kind of rally going so we can short it by Thursday morning.

  38. I think we get a run up tomorrow, some afternoon sell off, but should run in the AM. Banks are getting back to biz after 3 day holiday and first fiscal cliff meetings may offer “hope” to investors. We are also still at a bottom here at 1380. I see alotta buying coming in to take her up. Chart is flat lining. With AAPL also near a bottom. Market will see AAPL as a bargain down here, so I think the bull rides tomorrow.

    • I agree… we are going to get a bull run before we drop into a wave 3 of 3 (assuming that what’s coming?).  Don’t know how high but 1400 is one target and “if” they really want to trick the bears then I’d look for an extreme overshot around 1430… which would likely be hit around Thursday morning.

  39. Another bizarre weekend of football scores and activity.   In the Chargers-Tampa Bay game, Philip Rivers threw an interception right at defender #29 who returned it 83 yards for a touchdonw.   Rivers#17 was running to the sideline and then threw the pass right at the defender who was 10 yards ahead of him and he didn’t even have a receiver running behind the defender to throw to.  The throw was unexplainable.   And then someone although he was on the sideline at the time of the throw, he somehow was out of position as the defender ran the ball back on the sidelines and not in a position to knock him out of bounds.

    Then I noticed in the box score that Tampa Bay also had 29 yard blocked punt return for a TD.

    Then there was the infamous 24-24 Rams-49ers tie game, the first tie since November 16,2008 (Eagles-Cinci. 13-13 infamous tie in which Eagles QB Donovan McNabb admitted he was unaware of overtime rules.) which was probably one of the truly most bizarre games I have ever witnessed in terms of the bizarre officiating, playcalling, missed field goals etc.

    It would take a novel to cover all of the pertinent events in that game.

    3 QBs were also “knocked” out of games yesterday with “concussions”   Eagles QB #7 Vick, 49ers QB Smith #11 and Bears QB #6 Cutler or 7-11-6.

    Many bizarre calls missed by the pro officials.

    • According to a tweet( and rereported over at cbssports),  the last 6 NFL ties have occurred on November 11,Nov. 16,Nov. 10,Nov 23, Nov. 16, and Nov. 19.

      So just as the stock markets has seasonal tendencies, there is seasonality for ties in the NFL.

  40.  Today was a perfect low volume environment to ramp the market and it didn’t happen.

    A certain little indicator continued to traverse through no man’s land and march on to the ultimate destination while the market has paused over the last few days.

    Athens down 3% last night.

  41. Another QB just knocked out.   Steelers #7….So two 7s one 11 and one 6 this weekend.

    Also noticed San Diego’s first touchdown came on #84s 80 yard Td reception when Tampa’s aforementioned #29 attempted to tackle him around the 30 yard line and #84 twisted out of the tackle and ran 70 yards for the score.    Deion Sanders and Co. at NFL dot com were quite baffled that #84 could then run down the field with two bad knees and a knee brace and not be chased down by a Tampa pursuer.

  42. I’d have to go back and rewatch the technical update I did a few days ago (as I forgot what I said) but I think I pointed out this 1370 SPX area as the likely bounce spot due to the necktie of support from a rising trendline and a horizontal trendline

    • I doubt if this rally is over with yet.  A necktie of support like the 1370 area should produce a rally from it for several days.  I think we’ll peak on Thursday and then drop again.

  43.  Done for the day- Thanks for the chart update Red, certainly came in handy. Think I’m just going to sit in cash until Thursday now

  44. This market is very weak, so even if we do see a C wave up tomorrow it’s not looking like it’s going to be very powerful.  The bull flag triangle has broken down right now as the 60 min chart on the spx rolls over.

    The 4hr and 2hr still have room to go on the upside which might still allow that rally to happen tomorrow, but by Thursday even those charts will be overbought.  If this continues like it’s going then we could have a very ugly Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.

    •  lol. down to the minute? a lot of time’s they’ll chop after he speaks, to fool you, and then collapse the next day

    • Speaking of which, the day after the meeting (that is again, just a rehash of October’s meeting) we see Bernanke at another meeting…

      November 15
      Speech–Chairman Ben S. BernankeHousing and Mortgage MarketsAt the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit, Atlanta, Georgia1:20 p.m. ET

      I wonder if the market doesn’t wait to hear what he says there… especially since it’s on a subject of importance (housing).

      The fact that all the short term charts will have had enough time to work off all their oversold conditions and become overbought by Thursday at 1:20pm certainly sets up the market for a big sell off if Bernanke doesn’t say something they want to hear.

      At this point I think we’d discover when to short the market… 1:19pm, EST on Thursday, November 15th.

    • Yes… let us not forget that print as we’ll likely see it happen late next year.  Just thinking outside the box here but it’s possible that we continue down from now until the next Legatus meeting February 7th-9th, 2013 and bottom at the FP on the cell phone of 1068.50 spx.

      Then rally up some (mostly choppy sideways action) to the month of August, 2013 before the collapse really happens and we see the FP on the VIX.  Now looking at it for further clues and it’s also possible that the percentage gain of 1,198.48% could also be the rally up level for the SPX or ES before the crash starts?

      Not likely that easy of course, but just something I noticed in the chart.  It would also make a nice larger wave 2 up if wave one down is from the 1470 high this year and the forcasted low is the 1068 FP.  That’s about 400 points down for a larger wave 1 and about 130 points up for a larger wave 2 up.

      Certainly interesting, if nothing more then that.  Thinking about the wave 1 down being about 400 spx point it sure makes you scared to think about what the wave 3 down will be?  Should be at least double according to EW principles… or about about 800 points from about 1198, which is around 400 spx or so!  Wow!  Very scary indeed!  And of course we also have the FP of 34.65 SPY, which is about 346.50 SPX!

  45. i’m thinking the market i gonna be calm tomorrow due to the market holding its breadth over fiscal cliff talks

    • Me either Anthony.  The market looks to just be making a big bear flag on the daily chart.  Once the 4hr, 2hr, and 60min charts get overbought (which should be about this Thursday sometime if it keeps moving like it’s currently doing) they will all rollover with the daily chart and thing could get ugly really fast.

      •  yeah. I would’ve thought they’d have a decent push up before dropping nicely. But I guess chop will leave traders conused

  46.  this is a goldman sachs operative. so he could be lying!-=-
    In light of the fractious environment, O’Neil sees a market shock as a necessary precondition to a congressional bargain, noting that

    “… without a sense of drama, Congress is not likely to come up with a credible deal.”

    This seems to be O’Neil’s way of putting a positive spin on what he calls two “worrying” developments in the S&P 500 charts:

    “… a quick glance at the S&P charts suggested to me a pattern forming not dissimilar to the one formed in the early Summer of 2012, or more worryingly, that of the Summer of 2011, i.e. the spot price and its 21-day moving average had dropped below the 50-day.”In O’Neil’s view, this appears to be a sign that the market is headed lower in the short term, a development which he apparently believes will be just the shot in the arm Congress needs to strike a deal.

  47. Red, how about a little excitement here. First thing in the morning, we all predict the closing price of the sp 500

    Every one has to put in their prediction by 10 AM   The winner gets free access to your blog for a month. LOL

    • I’m already give free access?  You mean the coming members section with the penny stocks?  I’ll be giving them free for about a month away.  Got one coming up soon, probably will start it’s run up on Monday and last about 3 days.  I’ll talk more about it tomorrow or Friday so anyone that wants to can get in before the run up.

      As for my prediction for today… the charts are all mixed right now with some pointing up and some pointing down.  I’m not sure where we are going today, but I’m going to say about flat.  But by tomorrow the 4hr chart we be ready to rollover and Thursday afternoon and Friday we should see a wave down.

    • Not unless the charts line up together pointing up.  The only thing they have done all week long is to work off their oversold conditions.  By tomorrow sometime the 4hr, 2hr, 60min charts on both the ES and the SPX will become overbought.  Then they will all rollover together and a nasty move down should start.

      •  That certainly would fool people. By chopping, I think that will make most want to go short before the fed anyway, and it just doesn’t seem like them to give us a decent idea of where things might go

    • Certainly looks like we missed a nice way down.  Bummer.  The 4h, 2h, and 60min charts on the ES are already about done to the upside but the SPX is lagging.  It rolled over a little earlier then I expected as it followed the ES.

      So, tomorrow this should continue after a small move back up (maybe?) to trick the shorts into thinking the bottom is in (we are at a double bottom on the ES right now, and it’s common to rally from that).

      But since the SPX has broken through the double bottom and put in a lower low the ES is likely to break to, on it’s 3rd hit sometime tomorrow.  So many bulls/bears will be getting long here from the ES double bottom, but the 4hr, 2hr, and 60min charts have come off their lows at oversold levels over the last 4 days and won’t likely have the power to start a huge rally.

      For a good rally to start you need to get a run at it from very oversold levels on the MACD’s and Histogram bars, on the various short term charts.  You won’t go very far up from levels where you are getting close to overbought.  If the SPX makes it up to just below the zero line on the 2 hour chart with the MACD’s that’s about all I’m expecting it can go.

      Why not go up to +7.5 you ask, instead of just below zero?  Because it’s fighting downward pressure from the larger time frame charts like the daily and the weekly.  They will keep pushing down on the 4hr, 2hr, and 60min charts until they to become very oversold.  Then they can all rally together.

      But we aren’t oversold to that extreme yet on the daily and no where near oversold on the weekly… as it’s just getting started.  So while some EW people will see this move down today as a wave 5 that completed the entire move down from 1464 spx on 10/18, they fail to see the technical side of it.

      You don’t rally from MACD’s that aren’t oversold extremely.  In fact, as they go up you create a divergence and put in lower low on the market while putting in a higher low… which is what is happening right now on the SPX.

      But, the problem is the huge downward pressure the weekly chart is putting on the market, which is keeping the daily chart in oversold levels and pushing it down deeper.  Once the 4hr, 2hr, and 60min get up to just below zero on the 4hr, about zero on the 2hr, and a little above on the 60min I think that will be about as high as they can go.

      Then I think they’ll all rollover together from the pressure the weekly chart (and daily) is putting on them.  If those charts were bullish then these short term time frames could rally to +7.5 or higher, but when the larger charts are bearish they usually just go up to around zero and then fall back down again.

  48. Thanks.- well, we are pushing back up, so there still seems to be a nice opportunity to get short. Might do a bit now, and then a little more tomorrow if they decide to pop it up a bit early on. But, hopefully a small pop tomorrow so I can load up some weekly puts

    • Yes, next weeks’ weekly puts will be open tomorrow so I’ll be looking to get put spread on them or just straight puts.

      When you think about what they just did today you start to see it more clearly.  This last sell off looks like the perfect 5th wave down to end the sell off on the SPX in EW terms.  Then you see the double bottom on the ES and think it’s done too.

      That leaves the market open to rally now when you “just” see those types of analysis.  The bears that got short eariler this week are happy as the “bear flag” on the daily chart played out as the market dropped.

      They see this as a bottom just like the bulls do too.  If I didn’t play attention to the weekly, daily, 4hr, 2hr, and 60min charts on both the ES and SPX and just focused on the double bottom for the ES and the 5th wave down for the SPX, I’d probably go long here too.


      The weekly pressure on the market that is continuing to push the daily deeper into oversold conditions… along with the 4hr, 2hr, and 60min charts having now “just about” worked off their oversold conditions simply doesn’t support any huge rally to start.

      You just can’t get a big rally started until that weekly stops putting so much pressure on the daily chart, which is putting pressure on the 4hr, 2hr, and 60min charts… which is keeping them from getting up above the zero level on their MACD’s.

      This simply tells me that we’ll tank tomorrow and/or Friday once these shorter terms charts exhaust themselves from rallying off their very oversold levels.  There simply isn’t any positive divergence yet on the daily chart, or even signs of it curling back up on its’ MACD’s.

      Plus, this will be the 2nd close below the 200dma on the daily chart and that is the mark of death for it when the weekly is so bearish.  If, and that’s a big “IF” they do get any rally going tomorrow morning the 10dma around 1396 spx is about the max I could see it going to.

      But, I’m not really expecting anything big tomorrow.  If it does happen though (maybe from something Bernanke says today after the FOMC meeting at 2pm) then we’d be very lucky to short from there.

        • Well, that would be nice. Would still be able to pick up some puts at a nice price. But I think any pop tomorrow, once the MACD and stochastic look slightly overbought, I’ll be going short. Not too fond of holding things over the weekend, but this look like one that’ll pay-off. Taking two classes, about 2k each, on different options trading/strategies, so hopefully i can bring some support to the blog

          • I think I’ll be getting in a put spread Anthony, so the decay won’t effect anything.  Since Turbo Tim thinks we are going to 132 something I’d look to sell the 132’s and buy something higher… then I’d want 132 to be the bottom to capture the most money.

  49. ah, yeah- double checked. That would leave a nice little window to go short again, and if next week plays out like those preceding days did, we’ll be in the red almost all next week! 🙂

    • I’ll be putting a out pick tomorrow or Friday that should be running starting next Monday, and it should run up for about 3 days before peaking.  This will be the first FREE tip as I plan on doing several free ones to prove they are accurate before starting a membership site.

  50.  I’ll be looking to go short, some more, somewhere around 138+ if we have a small pop… probably at 134/33 and some shorts on banks- JPM/C

  51. I don’t trade off the news, but this does seem very important (at least for the bulls it does, as without Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Chase pumping the market there’s no way in hell this pig is going to rally!). Quote below:

    At this hour, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, along with a majority members of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, have retaliated and ordered a freezing of call accounts at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and the Central Bank of Australia, as massive repatriation of collateralized assets aka precious and industrial metals as well as oil and natural gas holdings continues at full speed, with Protocol implementation now unstoppable.In closing, a personal note and direct message to loser Hillary: 

    That’s taken from this link…

    • Usually they will do a “gap up” to panic the bears and trick the bulls before a big move down.  Then the gap up fades and the selling starts… then the panic!  But so far it’s looking very ugly for the bulls.

      •  Yeah, if tomorrow opens ugly too, hopefully not, the weekly puts won’t even be worth it with the time decay

  52. Getting ugly… sheesh!  I missed a nice move down today… 🙁

    But, I see 137.00 FP on the SPY at 3:03pm on the 1 minute chart.  Maybe that will be the high tomorrow?  That print also had an opening price of 136.6999… nice huh!

    There is also a FP of 137.83 at 1:01pm but that seems like a lot to ask for in a rally to get short from tomorrow.  I think we’ll be luck to see the 137.00 print.

    • That’ll certainly help. lets hope. They’re going to need to pull out something “good” though. Looks like we’ll be closing out pretty low

      • Looks more like a gap down tomorrow morning, and possibly going to the 132.20 print Turbo Tim seen, and then rallying next week?  Hard too tell right now, that’s for sure.

  53. I am here Red, I just do weekly analysis and set target. Get confused with hourly chops.  yes, target remains same. 

  54. And I think we’ll get another chance. Shorted at about 136.4.. So, hopefully we don’t go to 137 lol.. but either way I should be ok. Didn’t want to take a chance at missing this one + I have next weeks expiration

  55. Ah- whatever, I got it at a good price anyway.. As long as we crash afterwards, I should be good. It is an 11 day anyway… and evil is thier celebration

    • If a rally starts today then it will end tomorrow.  But yeah, today could end down a little and then we rally tomorrow and end it Monday.  Just doesn’t feel like any rally would hold on the first attempt, so maybe the rally reverses tomorrow into the close?

  56. Yeah, was able to do it through think or swim at decent timing.. unfortunate that it even happens though

    •  going to wait to see if it pierces 137/how much.. Then go… Even if I miss it a bit, that’s almost a whole point higher. But I don’t think we’ll hit it today. never know though

  57. Athens closed down 6.66 pts or -.84% to 788.06 today.

    This on the eve of Greece trying to buy back bonds expiring tomorrow whilst not having any bailout funds released to them in months despite passing austerity measures.

    11-16=====111×6 or 666.79(16).    This date wasn’t one of my high impact numerological dates but one must respect this numerology.   Flash crash occurred 61 weeks from the 3-6-9 low.

    Today is a similar bar to the one the day before the flash crash.

    11-16 will be 925 (97)days from the flash crash and 861(87)days from the unveiling of the Miami Thrice Number on 7-9-10.

    A certain little indicator continues to traverse no mans land as it attempts to reach the ultimate destination while its component is at an extreme level (but not for a crash) so the setup is partially there.

    It is interesting that the news from Europe has suddenly disappeared and that no one seems to be worried about any Greek missteps.

    $dax finally dropped down to its lower BB today while the euro has rallied the last two days (similar to the stock rally heading into the elections??)

    • I hear all of these commercials today hyping BLACK FRIDAY including one auto company mentioning it is BLACK FRIDAY month.

      SKYFALL also opened last week.

      • For those of you who want to get the bad taste out of their mouth after viewing SKYFALL, here’s some classic James Bond, a remix of Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger:

        I hear a remix over the weekend.  I don’t know if it is this one, which I haven’t listened to but you can’t go wrong with Goldfinger.

        The local hip indie NPR station was going crazy with their BOND tributes this weekend as they have done so sporadically during the year.   Even the London Olympics commemorated 50 years of BOND in their opening series.

        Martin Scorcese did so 37 years prematurely in his TAXI DRIVER in showcasing the BOND theater.

        Adele’s song also registers at 4:50 ie 45.

  58. Good Morning gang…

    Still looking for 137 spy before shorting.  There is a meeting at 10:15am about the Fisical Cliff, so we could get our pop to 137 after the meeting if they just say something positive.  Of course the pop shouldn’t last and we should rollover afterwards.

    • or we go down to 132, like turbos first assumption, and bounce from there. We’re already pretty close. Hope not, and don’t think so, but some bad news could def make it happen

      • Yeah… that’s possible too.  If that happens I’ll just go long from there in a call spread.  It would suck to miss the big wave down, but sometimes you get screwed I guess.

          • Nothing yet Anthony.  Next week is a holiday week and they aren’t doing much promotions.  But the week afterwards we should see some movement on it.  I’ll email you and everyone when I get more details.

          •  ah- good old turkey day. This limbo is getting irritating, making me wonder if we will break out. Any idea when that meeting ends?

          • If we continue to chop all day Anthony I’ll go short by the close with a put spread so I don’t get killed on time decay.  I’ll sell the 132 (our target) and buy the 135.  Max profit is 3 dollar minus your cost to get in.

          •  We might hit it…. Been some wild swings though… I guess the later they hit it, the better though… Takes a lot of the time value off of today at least

  59. If we close at the highs today there is a 90% chance that we’ll put in a higher high on Monday before selling off the rest of the day.  So, I wouldn’t go short today if we close at the highs but would wait for the pop higher on Monday and then short.

      • At whatever?  In other words we need it to go up to 137 and back off some leaving a tail at the top of the candle and another tail at the bottom.  We just don’t want a bottom tail only and close with a solid white candle for the rest of it.

        Anytime you close at the highs the candle pattern indicates that there will be a continuation of that move the next day, but that continuation doesn’t have to hold, but only just put in a slightly higher high.

        Look at 11/1 for example.  A solid white candle “all up day” (no bottom tail at all on that one), which was followed by a move higher on 11/2 but it sold off the rest of the day and end up with a red candle and a topping tail.

  60. Btw, tip for TD. If you call, and complain about there service, and threaten to switch, they’ll lower your ratesa to 7$ a trade/.60 a contract

    • Thanks for reminding me.  Once the bottom is in next week we should look for a rally that forms an ABC or 5 wave pattern up.  So, 12/3 could be the top of one of those waves up.  Then some selling for a B wave down (or 2 wave) and then back up into Febraury 7th-9th for Legatus (and probably the last important high before some serious selling starts… followed by the start of the crash in July/August, 2013)

  61. Probably go with a spread too at the end- just ub case 136.57 is all we get. Think it will be, as I dount they push this up over a point before dropping hard. But, anything’s possible

  62. Staying in cash is the wiser thing to do today as Monday is another day full of opportunities.  Speaking of which, we could be making an A wave up and B down today with C up on Monday morning… followed by more selling into the mid-week.

  63. Looks like we are going to close near the highs for day… shorting isn’t recommended as there is a 90% chance of a “higher high” on Monday.  It could be only a slightly higher high and then sell off or a big higher high (maybe from a C wave up?), but then I expect more selling into mid-week.

    Those odds are based on a close at the high and that percentage drops if a “tail” is one the top of the candle.  The longer the tail, the lower the odds.  If we close with a small tail then maybe the odds drop to 70& or so.

  64. European markets dropped hard overnight with the big ones closing below their lower BBs.  The $ftse looks really ominous dropping way below its lower BB.

    The US indices dropped down to their weekly BBs and bounced.

    Today’s bar is very similar to a bar seen during the late July-early August mini panic with a certain little indicator in the same area although it’s component bounced today unlike then but it then gives us enough firepower to make it to BLACK FRIDAY????

    It was a bullish engulfing bar basically but how often have we seen bearish engulfing bars fail during the magic rally from 2009.   Plus we got the “positive news” from Congress which hints that this was not the bottom as the slope of hope continues.    A hammer bar back in Feb 2010 was accompanied by massive media hysteria over the worsening European situation back at that low.

    Interestingly, Athens did nothing basically forming a small range doji bar as if it is waiting on some ominous news over the weekend.   They did sell enough bonds earlier in the week apparently to buy back maturing bonds today.

    11-19 is a high impact numerology date…..11-19===39…..a Monday the 19th following opex Friday so similar to the situation double 4 years ago (double 5 now) but there were 3 days of increasing big declines leading up to it back then.

    A certain little indicator is still in no mans land although it is soon to exit unless the market turns around here.

  65. Looking good so far Red. 132 by midweek will be one nice ride though. I’ll probably do some puts for next week’s expiration

      • Going to be a nice week for bears. Seems pretty common on short weeks, when traders are away for yhr holidays/ mostly sitting in cash

      • My stomach feels like I’m going to be sick shorting at the open as my brain and emotions tell me to go long as a rally is starting.  Since this is probably the ELF’s radiating my body I must do what makes little sense and feels the weirdest… short!

        •  Red. In most cases when you are about to place a trade when you are feeling sick or nauseated, the trade will usually go in the wrong direction on you. Your solar plex area of your body is the inner guidance, some times called the gut instinct in the business world. The X CEO Jack Welch of GE commented many times on honoring this feeling.

          Last week, I was about to place a huge trade to go long. I believe it was last Wed or Thursday. I had to remove myself from the computer and walk around because I was feeling so nauseated. I realized their and than that my body was telling me to not make the trade. Sure enough, it was the correct decision as the market went down significantly from where I wanted to go long.  In most cases for myself, I will get a small little nudge in my stomach area if I am about to make a incorrect trade.

          But than again, it may have been some thing you drank or ate last night. LOL

          • LOL…. could have been but I never had anything to drink on Sunday.  A few beers on Saturday though.  If I’m wrong on my call I’ll just blame it on the beer and say I was still hungover.  🙂

  66. Looking to get short near the open today as the FP on the SPY of 137.83 has been hit.  While it could still go higher and I could be wrong, it’s what I see in the charts so I must follow them.

      • Me neither Anthony?  Feels like I’m really going against all common logic.  Looks like a real rally starting, so going short seems nuts.  But, I’m a little crazy I guess so that’s normal for me.  Either this is a real rally and they are going to squeeze the bears hard or it’s a bull trap?  Don’t know which?

    • Buy when fear is the highest and there’s blood in streets… sell when greed is high and grandma is giving out stock picks.

      Worst case scenario here is that this is an A wave up and we only get a B wave down to put in a higher low then the 1340 low.  We can then get out with a small gain or breakeven… depending on how high it goes up with this A wave.If we are right then this is a 4th wave up and we still have a 5th wave down to go… which should take out the 1340 low and make a new low in the 1310-1320 area.

    • In order for this move up to have high odds of failing we really needed to see it back off at the open and put in a topping tail.  The longer it chops sideways the more bullish it becomes (as it will make a bull flag).

      Just have to give it all day to see what happens I guess.  The key time to watch is after the morning volume dries up… usually by 11am to noon.  Then SkyNet will use the light volume period to move the market in the real direction that it’s programmed to take it to.

      If it rallies more between noon and 2pm then I’d say that they plan to go up to 1400 before rolling back down.  If we give back half or so if this rally then we could put in a topping tail on the daily chart and go down tomorrow.

      It’s a tough call as this is a very bullish open and usually results in a bear squeeze.  The question is… for how long?  How many bears are in the market trapped from the 1340 low?  Did they all exit and become bulls?

      We could actually have more bulls long then bears short right now as I think a lot of people are expecting a big rally.  We’ll, here it is… now what?  Regardless, either a B wave down tomorrow should happen or a final 5th wave.

      If we chop sideways all day tomorrow and don’t go down but a little then the bears are trapped and they will continue rallying in a C wave up on Wednesday or Friday.  If we sell off nicely tomorrow then could be in a wave 4 up and 5 down will trap the bulls.  Tough call either way.

    • Me too… I had to go with the odds on that call.  And the odds are 90+ that when you close out a daily candle at the top with little to no topping tail, there will be a higher high the next trading day.  Of course that could be a small move or a big move… and in this case it was a big move.

      I’m happy to be short from this level though as being short on Friday would have certainly hurt a lot today.  All the short term charts are overbought on the ES, but the SPX is lagging behind.  This tells me there will be a move down caused from the ES being overbought, and this move will take 1-2 days to bottom.

      Then the SPX and the ES can rally back up together and allow the ES to put in a lower high on its’ histogram bars while the SPX simply gets overbought for the first time.  This should lead to another sell off to a lower low (then 1340) but might not happen until next week.

      •  Yeah- thanks. Almost did go short Friday, as I thought we were close enough. But, not big on holding things over the weekend either. I’m sitting on a 132 put, for next week, that I got at .22. So not too bad

  67.  certainly overbought. Well. hopefully I at least break even on my shorts by tomorrow/wed. Then I’ll close and maybe go short again sometime around Friday’s close, or, more likely, early Monday

  68. Fiscal Cliff talks today… does it really matter?  Of course not as a few Billion in cuts doesn’t mean anything to the Trillions in debt that’s really out there.  But I guess the gangsters have to distract the sheep with something…

  69. At this point in the day it seems likely that we’ll close at the high.  This also means that there’s a 90% chance that we’ll make a higher high tomorrow.  It could be only 1 point, 10 points, or a million points.  The only “point” to this is that I missed the top by shorting today.

    We needed to have dropped within the first hour today to put in a topping tail candle which would have given good odds for more selling tomorrow.  Now it’s looking like we’ll pop in the morning tomorrow and then sell off the rest of the day putting a topping tail on Tuesday instead of today.

    Of course if I’m completely wrong on this call then we could be headed to 1400 before rolling over, but that doesn’t seem likely.  I think too many people are expecting a continued rally from here and are now long.  The bears seem to have been squeezed out today from the huge volume in the ES I see.

    Regardless of whether we pop higher tomorrow or not I’ll remain short until the downside target is hit.  It could however take awhile longer to breakdown through the current low of 1340 then I thought.  Still should happen by next Friday I think…

    • You need to learn to do spreads Anthony, just for this very reason.  Time decay on your options won’t affect you as much then.  As long as we are below the strike price by November 30th we’ll make a profit.

      I have a 135/132 put spread, where I bought the 135 and sold the 132.  As long as it closes below 135 by the 30th I’ll profit.  The same can happen for you but not if you bought the 132’s, as that’s the downside target area.

      You need to sell the one where you think it’s going to and buy a higher priced one so you’ll be “in the money” when it hit.  The time decay on the 132 will then work in your favor, not against you as it is now.

      • Yeah, still sitting on profits from the elections drop. I was going to wait until the drop got started to go heavy. Profit margin is smaller with spreads, but it would save me in situations like today, where I was short and we kept going up…. Had a feeling we were though. I doubt if we get much higher then the close though, but anything’s possible

    • yeah. Think I’m happy I stopped out then, even though at a bigger loss than usual, but that makes me think we will have that “santa clause rally”. I’ll st on the side until it either gets too high to make another short tempting, or other FPs show themselves

    •  Yeah, getting that feeling as well…. It really is what they always do… Rallying up in hopes of something, only for it not to happen, or be even close to what was expected. That reference gave good examples. August 2011 was a perfect one

  70. This is a one day pop if my target dates are correct.  Gives us enough firepower to get there.

    A certain little component of a certain little indicator has once again popped to the 0 line area.

    The Vix interestingly has dropped to and below its lower BB which seems to always produce a bounce back and above the lower BB almost immediately.   And the structure of the BB setup is not a bearish (for the $vix) setup.   The lower BB is flat as is the entire BB channel.  The lower BB is not flaring open with a downtrending 20day average.

    It looks like the euro has already given up its gains for the day in the globex session on the France downgrade.

    Apple and the Nasdaq needed a pop.   Their daily RSIs were too low but they have now alleviated that condition just as a one day pop did so so many years ago as well before the market went into SKYFALL mode.

    The Transports are actually following that fractal with amazing precision.

    • Don’t know if you are going to get 140 or not?  Looking pretty weak right now at the open.  Usually they pump it up another 6-8 points (or more) when they really want to rally hard.  Might just rollover right at the open?  We’ll know pretty quickly I’d say.

  71. Based on the time of day and lack of any really selling I’d have to say that they will likely chop sideways all day today making a bull flag for tomorrow.   It doesn’t seem like they are going to allow it to go down any right now.  That means they will keep trading sideways until the work off the extremely overbought conditions  and then rally higher.

  72. ‘yeah, going t likely short around 140, but that 132 target seems extreme. for a next friday target anyway

  73. Everyone is looking for 1400, which makes me think we will fall short of hitting it.  The high could already be in today?  Or maybe they close about where we are today and then do a “surprise” pop higher at the open tomorrow and then tank?

    There are some “stops” sitting just above 1391.39 spx from 11/9, which would be my guess for a high from this rally.  Maybe pop it to 1393-1395 and then sell off without allowing the bears a chance to get short.  Of course there are tons of bears waiting at 1400, which again is why I don’t think we’ll reach it.

  74. I think it might’ve been a tease for the bears. And we’ll start going down after some pop tomorrow 

  75. Now they shoot higher into the early morning, after now wiping out moast bears, and then tank! Or at least begin to drop. Still not too sure on the 132.1

  76. figured it would bounce though because that drop was just straight-down. they didn’t even chop it. I’d think the bears will be wiped out by the morning

  77. The Apple bar today was insane.   Popped up to 606.5 before closing down.   It’s rallied 20% and done a 50% retrace of its decline in 3 days.

    A certain little indicator got to its 0 line today.

    Tomorrow is do or die.  Pop or drop.    Pop as in double ninen or drop as in ocho septo.

    Keep seeing Black Friday references.   Maybe I wasn’t as attuned to them in the past.   It would be amusing if the enlightened ones gave it a double meaning this year.

  78. Google with the 669.9x close also.   The doji following marizubo topping pattern combo???
    seen basically everywhere today.   Even Athens formed one.

  79. #87 injured on the 59th point………The Gronkster broke his arm on the extra point attempt that capped the Belicheats 59-24 victory over the upstart Colts Sunday.  

    At the time, I knew that score had special meaning but then the face/baldie/ lead-/master occultist of the 4 letter network gave it extra mention on his show yesterday with the “87 injured on the 59th point” line and dedicated several segments to this controversial injury.  He and his partner couldn’t  get enough mentions of 59 points into their conversation as well.

    Cal fires their football coach today after a 3-9 record but I guess they couldn’t wait until the season was over.

  80. Tomorrow is another “eleven” day and the markets are closed… bummer.  
    11/22/2012(11+22+2+0+1+2=38 3+8=11)  But, they could still make some announcement to rattle the market… which would then result in a gap down on Friday when it re-opens.  Bears dream…

    • Very boring Anthony… probably will stay this way all week.  Closed tomorrow and a half day on Friday.  Some how they will continue to manipulate this market and not let it fall.  I could see 1395 spx but not 1400, or I could see a drop of about 10 points on Friday for some profit taking.

  81. When I was younger and rooted deeply into the matrix with the Blue Pill served to me for breakfast, lunch and dinner… I actually thought there really was bad guys in Russia, the Middle East, North Korea, etc… that we needed to go kill.  I thought the banks where there to help us too.  I would have then thought that Jesse James needed to be arrested for robbing the banks.  But since I’ll awoken from the matrix and taken the Red Pill I now know that it’s the Banks that are the bad guys and that we need more heroes like Jesse James to free us slaves and get back what is rightful ours.

  82. Today was the 4 year anniversary of the 2008 crash low.

    Some major astro activity heating up as well.   Mars entered the historically volatile Capricorn 3 degrees today.   

  83. Happy T day – looks like we gotta nice wave up for next week to bring er down, but fiscal cliff news will trump it all. They could do what Obama said last week, and pass a partial fix for tax rate on the middle class. That would send markets way up. If ther eis stalemate, look for the wave down….its gonna be sketchy…..

    • Today will likely be the top for the market.  I see a FP of 140.32 SPY, which could be the close today?  If so, then the daily chart will have a nice topping tail candle on it, and allow for a gap down on Monday.  That would really be sweet… and a surprise to most.

      • I fully agree with you Red, I am going fully short here. Looking for some kind of good down draft into early next week.

      • Agreed, but I do expect a higher high on Monday as today’s closing candle pattern on the SPX is a bullish engulfing one, which has 90%+ odds of a follow through to the upside on the next trading day.

        Of course it could just go up one point higher and then rollover hard and close down for the day.  Or it could go up another 5-10 points and then rollover.  Regardless though, I do see Monday as a down day.  In fact, I see the whole week as down.

  84. The market is following the double ninen model to a T.   Maybe a pop of a few more points on Monday.

    Trin 5 should get low on Monday when last Friday’s number gets wiped off the books.

    A 66 point pop off the lows so far.

    •  60 min RSI on SP,Nasdaq etc. very extreme in the 75-77 range.   A very parabolic finish look to it.

      The SP weekly bounced to its BB midline.

      Monday should be 938 trading days (911) from the 3-6-9 low.

  85. Morning Update:

    The Nasdaq and the Russell are lagging behind the S&P500 right now as it wants to rollover but the other two haven’t quite finished their move up.  I suspect we’ll end about flat for the day with a bias to a small move down.

    But by tomorrow the Nasdaq and the Russell should be peaked out and get a bearish cross on their MACD’s for the 2hr and 4hr charts.  This should allow all of them to rollover and produce a nice down day together.

    •  I am still holding short from 1404 sp level from last friday. We have a lunar eclipse for this Wednesday, a extremely powerful day. As long as we hold a round these levels today, wed should have a good downdraft in the markets. It Feels like we will have a good day with the shorts wed.

      • Hope you’re right on that as the longer it chops sideways the more bullish it is.  We need it to rollover some tomorrow as well, and then tank on Wednesday.  If they drag it out they will work off the overbought conditions and then it could rally again.

        But that should take more then one day… probably more like 2-3 days for the 4hr and 2hr charts to move from overbought to oversold.  We Bears need them to get overbought (like they are now) so the move down in the market can go deep with the charts.


    Per Steve Puetz, the eclipse “crash window” is supposed to be from 6
    days before to 3 days after a full moon within six weeks of a solar
    eclipse, but most often panics occur around the time of a lunar eclipse
    two weeks after a solar eclipse:

    “Puetz attempted to discover if
    eclipses and market crashes were somehow connected. Without discussing
    our own opinion on the potential connection between astronomical
    configurations and market timing, let’s simply relate to you the basic
    findings discussed by Puetz. He emphasized that he is not contending
    that full moons close to solar eclipses cause market crashes. But he
    does conclude that a full moon in general and a lunar (eclipse) full
    moon close to solar eclipses, in particular, seem to be the triggering
    device that allows for the rapid transformation of investor psychology
    from manic greed to paranoia. He asks what the odds are that eight of
    the greatest market crashes in history would accidentally fall within a
    time period of six days before to three days after a full moon that
    occurred within six weeks of a solar eclipse? His answer is that for all
    eight crashes to accidentally fall within the required intervals would
    be .23 raised to the eighth power less than one chance in 127,000.””.
    . .Puetz) used eight previous crashes in various markets from the
    Holland Tulip Mania in 1637 through the Tokyo crash in 1990. He noted
    that market crashes tend to be lumped near the full moons that are also
    lunar eclipses. In fact, he states, the greatest number of crashes start after the first full moon after a solar eclipse when that full moon is also a lunar eclipse
    . . Once the panic starts, Puetz notes, it generally lasts from two to
    four weeks. The tendency has been for the markets to peak a few days
    ahead of the full moon, move flat to slightly lower –waiting for the
    full moon to pass. Then on the day of the full moon or slightly after,
    the brunt of the crash hits the marketplace.”

      • Of course not… that’s not coming until August of 2013.  But a nice wave down should happen.  I think more then 40 points though, as I think we need to have a lower low then the 1340 low before a decent rally can start.  So I’m looking for 60-70 points, but of course that could take until next week to happen.  I’d be happy with 40 thou…

        •  I like to be conservative here with my own estimates. I do not want any of your readers to go all out and have any fantasies with the money they MAY make.

    • Both the full moon and lunar eclipse occur this wed, Nov 28th. There was a total solar eclipse on Nov 13th 2012 just recently. Next solar eclipse is on May 10, 2013.
      WOW! We are in that very crash situation as the others.

      • Hmmm… May = 5th month or 5, 10 just equals 1 as 1+0=1, and 2013 equals 6 as 2+0+1+3=6.  Added all together we get 12 (0+5+1+0+2+0+1+3=12), nothing much important.
        But the next day is an “eleven” day as not only is it the 11th day of the month, but also… all the digits equal 22 (0+5+[11]+2+0+1+3=22), which is a master number and equals 11.  Might be another important top there? (However, it’s a Saturday so it would have to top on Friday the 10th or Monday the 13th)

  87. This is going to be really interesting with eurogroup and imf reach deal. euros broken they triangle 4th. sell the news should occur overnight me thinks.

    • Always stealing from the sheep they do… as you will most certainly be correct!  Rally in front of the news and sell it when it’s released.  The sheep will be ready to go long tomorrow only to get trapped afterwards.  Everything in the world is backwards it seems…  reality TV is fiction and SyFy is reality.  LOL

  88. I made a slight aire with the times. Full moon is Wednesday at 9:46 am. The sell off, if it occurs will be after the full moon. I have other cycle dates that I am looking at. Dec 3rd for a possible low from this sell off after the Full Moon.

      • Doesn’t seem to be a problem… SkyNet can easily control this “very light volume”.  I’d like to see it start down some thou, as that would give the snowball a little monmentum to get going down hard tomorrow.

        •  When you have a powerful lunar eclipse like we have tomorrow, you do not need any momentum to start the ball rolling.

  89. i am looking for an up start in the AM, then a down rest of day tomorrow. I don’t think there’s enough dumb money up here to take the markets to much higher. Many traders are waiting for that elusive $600 on Appl, so EOD here will be interesting to see if we get a run  close to that

  90. It is very obvious the markets are ready to bolt, either upwards or downwards. The markets have been caught in this fairly tight range for the last week. I believe the markets are building up energy here and are ready to make its decision within the next 24 hours. If long or short, make sure you have stops in place. Good luck every one !

    • We are already very overbought on all the charts Anthony.  To “work off the overbought conditions” will take several days of hard selling.  But the “norm” is to do a “fake out” move before reversing to the other direction.  I fully expect them to do a fake out move tomorrow morning but I’d be just as happy if they tank it with a gap down tomorrow morning (unlikely thou…)

  91. well, tomorrow shall be an interesting and, hopefully, fruitful day for bears. Nice find on the FP today Red

  92. Full moon tomorrow next to Jupiter in the land of Quetzacoatl’s return last June 5 which also happened to be a lunar eclipse.  Also the location of The DARK KNIGHT’S RISE July 20th.

    Did Quetzacoatl go into hibernation all this time?  Time for his return???

    • Lunar eclipse was June 4 in Sagitarrius, nearly 180 degrees from Quetz.’s return the next day.

      All the deeper implications and dynamics, I am sure are being thoroughly discussed in tonight’s lodge meetings.

    • The SPX dropped right to support on the 200dma at 1383.98 and bounced off of it.  The 10dma is intercepting it as it is rising and is at 1383.70, which together form a necktie of support.

      The first hit on those has a 90% chance of holding… which it did.  And considering the volume (low) it could likely hold all day long and this could be the end of the move down.  The only thing that would make me think otherwise is if we close below 1383 today.

    • Total bear trap it seems.  Looks like that was a B wave down with A wave up starting at 1343 spx and ending at 1409 spx.  That means we’re likely going up in a C wave for the next week or so.

      The only wildcard is if the 1343 to 1409 wave was a 4th and the 5th wave down started at 1409, with the move down today to 1385 as the 1st subwave inside the 5th wave.

      That also implies that the move up from the 1385 low today to the current high is just a subwave 2 inside the 5th wave down.  If this plays out then a subwave 3 down inside a wave 5 should come tomorrow.

      I give it 80/20 odds favoring the bulls…

      • 11 days are counted when all the numbers add up to an 11, as in 3/3/2012.. 3+3+2+0+1+2= 11 for a yearly 11 day.. Or when the day itself is an 11.. as in the 11th and 29th of every month as a daily 11 day. Yearlys carry more weight though

      • Tomorrow is only what I term as a “daily” eleven day as only the digits in the actual day of the month add up to eleven.  It doesn’t seem to have the power that a “yearly” eleven day does, where all the digits added together equal eleven.

        That’s probably because every month contains 3 eleven days… the 11th, the 22nd, and the 29th.  That means there are 36 “daily” eleven days every year making them too obvious for turns in the market all the time.

        The days that are “yearly” eleven dates will of course vary from year to year, month to month, and day to day.  Since this month is already an “eleven” it is not added together as 1+1=2 but holds the value of 11.  The same is true for 22, 33, 44, 55, etc… as they are all master numbers and not dividable.

        So, the only “yearly” eleven days this month were the 6th, the 15th, and the 24th, as they all add up to 22, which is a master number and equals eleven.

      • Don’t know about the “when” part but they always clear out the bears before they really tank it.  If it closes here around the highs then this move up will continue into tomorrow morning at least.  If they back off and close flat then it leaves “in-decision”, which could lead a move either way.

        Odds (and the crooked nature of the game) suggest another move up tomorrow morning to clear out the stops sitting right above the 1406-1409 area.  Only the retail bears got cleaned out today.  Tomorrow they will take out the pro’s by going up above that zone.

        This assumes that we close near the top today.  Any selling into the close will negate that statement, and raise the odds on the bearish side and lower the odds on the bullish side.

        For this to be the start of the 5th wave down we need to “not” go above the previous highs from yesterday (the 27th) on the ES and from the 23rd on other ETF’s.  The most recent high must not be broken for this move up to simply be a subwave 2 inside a wave 5 down. 

  93. hmm.. maybe its best to wait a bit/see it play out… santa clause rally is possible, but I’d assume only on some fiscal cliff news

  94. market manipulation for another fiscal cliff tax sell off is what I see. They want the best price for their stock, then they will buy it back after Jan 1st, but since they own the off shore accounts, how will any of this be traced to be taxed anyway? So maybe this is just filling the gap…. or maybe they want the illusion that there’s a sell off (when it happens) and that they do pay tax…..LOL…. caymen islands, Belize, Bahamas….. love those banks… how do I get one….LOL

    • CLF is going to have its dividend cut.

      And the utilities have been getting hammered.   They seem to believe the fiscal cliff is going to happen.   They aren’t worth owning when dividend tax rates rise in the future.

  95. AK Steel another one getting hammered to nothingness. (and I haven’t even looked at in a week.)   It doesn’t seem to validate the thesis that the economy is doing OK.

    In fact, 3 month average of durable goods with airplane orders and defense/ govt. spending stripped out was down 24% in Sept, a recessionary indicator.

  96. Since today is a “daily” eleven day (29th=2+9=11) and the fact that the FP was hit today, I’m going to say that the odds are very high that today marks another important top.

  97. I see an 8:08 am FP of 141.94 on the SPY, which is probably the low for the day… sadly.  It wouldn’t surprise  me to stay stuck in this triangle all day and close flat.  Monday is another “yearly” eleven day, which could be the high before some selling starts.

  98. Silver’s little plummet today a shot across the bow for the bullish case.   It’s little pause the other day was supposedly just a technical reaction to its new unfolding uptrend/ ramp but today’s action basically took out that “temporary” pause.

    Everyone seems to be bullish as well including a TA Maven I subscribe too.  It was getting a little depressing.

    Minor change reading you know where today.

    Today was also 10 day runup similar to the first bounce wave in November/ dec. 2007 as well as last summer in July.   11 weeks off the 9-14 high as well which just happened to be the secondary high last July.

    And all of the indices have put in a slightly greater than 50% retrace ala the double ninen initial snapback rally.

    • Well, silver didn’t completely take out the red bar from 2 days ago but it did produce a nice TD daily bear flip.    But it shouldn’t be producing fat red bars like today if it’s in a new uptrend.

      There were weekly TD bull flips on all of the indices today as well.   Fakeout move to get all of the TD traders out of bear positions?

  99. Today should also be the last of the full moon high effect although the misdirectors want you to believe the lunar eclipse marked the low.

    Massive bullish title to Jeff Cooper’s latest “free” article to the masses.   Is the mother of all short squeezes impending?   Off the lunar eclipse low.

    All of Cooper’s free articles to the lemmings have been about impending panics and square outs to the recent tops since the start of the summer.   Glad to see he’s bullish.

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