Will Bernanke Raise Interest Rates In The Coming October 23rd 2012 FOMC


This could be our "October Surprise"...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKVJzAb-jIM)

Why? Because it really doesn't make sense to devalue the dollar when the market is up so high. It would be more logical (and get more "bang for the buck") if they sell off the market some first and then at the bottom they could do the devaluation to spark a "blow off" top rally into the summer of 2013. Kind of like doing "reverse stock splits"... you don't do them when the stock is high, you do them when it's really low. That way it goes back up to a "trade-able level", where as it's hard to trade it when it drops below $5.00... which is the reason why they do them as a 10-1 reverse split would put a $5.00 stock back at $50.00 and be more attractive to trade.

Therefore, if they sell of the market a couple of thousand Dow points and then do the dollar devaluation it would make the market (and gold) go up huge... maybe even to WBS's 30k+ target? Of course it will be with devalued dollars and therefore wouldn't be a real "level" like today, but it would fool the sheep until next summer when they really do let it all collapse for real. So, what am I thinking will happen? This coming October 23rd and 24th they will have another FOMC meeting (http://federalreserve.gov/whatsnext.htm) and I think that something they say will trigger a sell off in the market. Like I said, I think the top will be put in on Tuesday the 23rd as it's a ritual "eleven" day... just like the most recent top of October 5th was also an "eleven" day.

But what will they say? They now have QE3 going forever with no ending date set, so what's left for them to say to spark a rally? I can't think of anything... can you? If fact, in this latest 3 hour video Lindsey Williams says some very interesting things starting at 2 hours and 56 minutes into it.


I'm thinking that they "may" actually raise the interest rates at this meeting which would of course tank the market hard. Not a crash but a very large move down... possibly to this FP of 1068 on the SPX. Notice the date in the left hand top corner (not the date the screenshot was taken, which was 7/20/12 9:13am) that shows 7/19... which is 0+7+1+9+2+0+1+2=22, or "11"! These FP's that are put out on "eleven" days seem to be "real" ones, whereas others "may" be just a distraction? So, "if" they actually do sell off the market down to 1068 and then do the dollar devaluation... there going to be a new "all time" high for sure next year! Gold would go up 40% instantly just like they want to happen. Then from whatever level it starts at I would fully expect it to continue up all of next year while the market is on a crazy insane "devalued dollar" Bull Market Rally!

This would qualify for what Lindsey Williams said about there NOT being any crash in the next 3 months (his "crash" is something like from 1929, not a minor 3,000 point drop) and the rise in prices for Gold and Silver... as well as Oil. These things could all come true "if" they sell off first (to scare out all the bulls in Gold right now, as it should dip too) and then devalue the dollar to get the prices of everything up where they want them to be.

But what if I'm totally wrong and the "turn" after Legatus is UP?

This chart of the open interest in Gold has me worried. So one (or several big buyers) purchased 20,000 calls today on Gold for the 190 strike price for the month of November. Gold is selling off today as I'm writing this post and is around 168 currently. A move up to 190 or more would only happen if the "October Surprise" was the 40% dollar devaluation... which means the market won't tank hard as I current think it will. Everything tells me that we are going to sell off hard, but too many others see the same thing... and that has me really worried!

That facts are that the gangsters all met together in these Legatus Pilgrimages and decide the fate for us sheep. Right after almost all (not everyone of them though) a big turn in the market happens. I have just been "assuming" (making an ASS out of U and ME) that because we are so overbought that the "turn" will be down hard. But the reality is that we have been chop it up sideways in a narrow trading range for the last 2 months or more now. Therefore a "turn" could go either way, as trading basically sideways is just "Flat" with no direction really chosen.

I'm also worried about what Lindsey Williams said too. You see I'm sure they use him to spread "timely" information that benefits them when they want us sheep to take the other side of the trade. When they are long they spread fear in the market and all the bears get short. When they are short they everything is fine and it's just a health correction, and that we sheep should be buying the dips while it goes longer. Once the bottom is in they start spreading fear that it' going to collapse and that we sheep should panic, sell out our longs and go short. Then they rip it higher and squeeze us all out.

That's how the game is rigged folks. So right now they seem to be spreading fear of an "October Surprise Stock Market Crash". Now I've repeatedly said I see a big move down, but not a crash. However, if I'm wrong on this and the real "October Surprise" is the dollar devaluation (meaning that Lindsey either lied, was lied to by his elite source, or the elite source was lied to) and they will do it this year... not next year as he was told. Lindsey said that his source stated that they'll be NO collapse of the dollar before January 1st, 2013. I take that to mean that they won't do the 40% dollar devaluation this year... but what if he's wrong?

These gangsters are masters at lying, mis-leading and deceiving us sheep, so the biggest surprise could very well be a rip roaring rally from a dollar devaluation... and not a big correction as I (and many others) have been calling for. The facts are simple, as they refer to what has happened in the past. I'm not referring to the charts as they are too heavily manipulated to work anymore. I'm referring to the ritual numbers like "eleven" that many (not all) significant highs are put in on.

I'm also referring to the past times that there was a turn after an FOMC meeting (which is this coming October 23rd/24th). They will usually run the market up into the meeting and then sell off afterwards when no new "good news" is released from Bernanke. If they rally into the meeting slowly (because they don't know what will come out of it) then sometimes they rally hard after it... especially if Bernanke promises more crack. This past FOMC was a perfect example where they started a small rally into the September 13th, 2012 meeting and then sold off afterwards. It's always a tough call on what will happen after these meetings but they usually produce a turn in the market.

The other indicator that I watch is the Legatus meetings where all the gangsters meet to decide on how to screw the sheep again. The past Legatus meetings have been turns at least 80% of the time going back to 2008 (I never checked back further then that). So I fully expect something big to happen after this one ends this coming Sunday the 21st. Note that they are in Rome during this time period where it's easy for them to funnel their stolen money through the Vatican banks, as they don't answer to anyone or keep records of your name... only a "number" and "key" is used to access your account (great for thieves that need to launder money).

With everything lining up together now a "Big Turn" in the market is nearly certain!

The question is... which way? These gangsters are masters at stealing your money. Remember, they don't work for their money... they steal from you! The "work" that they do (if you can call it that?) is based on how to manipulate the sheep into taking the opposite side of any trade they are in... and then buying off, bullying, or threatening the right people to make the trade go in their favor. They front-men companies like JP Morgan to illegally manipulate silver and thugs like Goldman Sachs to move the stock market up and down where they want it to go. Make NO mistake about it... these people are criminals! They do "insider" trading as often as they eat, and murder the competition... physically!

You didn't really think Japan was hit by accident did you? Of course it wasn't... they had to murder the competition. For what you ask? Cars that run on water of course. That would have killed the oil cartel and destroyed their evil plans to chip us all and mold us into their "New World Order". You see, they will do whatever it takes to control you. While Lindsey Williams may have compassion for his elite friend, I don't! They are all murdering satanists that need to be exposed, arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

Believe me, they don't care one red cent about you... in fact they call you a "useless eater"! I call them Satanist Pigs! They may be trying to save themselves as they get older and face death (that's what Lindsey says), but "karma" is "karma" and they will have too pay for all the evil they have done throughout their lives. So will you and so will I... so I try my best to keep good karma and not do bad or evil things to anyone else. I just use this blog to wake up the sheep to the evil around them, but not to fall prey to them. Just smile everyday and don't let the gangsters bother you, as they will meet their maker when their time is up. Do good to others and when you meet your maker he (or she for you ladies... LOL) will be happy to see you, and reward you for your good deeds! (assuming you believe in the afterlife?).

Anyway, I rambling now. Let's get back to "thinking like a pig" but not becoming one. What are these gangsters deciding on doing after this latest Legatus meeting? I wish I knew the answer to that question but I don't. So, I'll have to play both sides of this game but lean heavy to the short side. I plan on taking a long position on gold as a hedge in case they surprise us sheep over the weekend and devalue the dollar 40% (closing the banks on Monday of course). This will be a "wildcard" position that I expect to expire worthless if the market tanks as I expect it too (gold should follow the market down... or up). I will take this position before the close on Friday the 19th and hope that I'm totally wrong on the surprise being a bank holiday.

If nothing happens then I'll be looking to get short the market on Monday the 22nd and see if I'm right on this call. A big sell off in the market will mean the long gold position will expire worthless as gold should go down with the market. However, "if" they panic the traders with a big, fast sell off (mini-crash) move down then gold could go up huge from the panic (as traders would flock to safety) and I would win on both positions. I don't see this happening though as it makes more sense to just take it down in a similar fashion to the May 2nd, 2012 sell off. That one dropped about 124 spx points over 13 trading days.

But, if Bernanke instead announces and interest rate hike then the dollar will soar hard (meaning gold should tank, but again... it's a wildcard as "fear" can also cause it to soar higher), and the market will tank hard and fast. Logic (and the evidence) tells me that a "BIG MOVE" is coming this October 23rd, 2012 but which direction is still unknown? Therefore the safest trade is to play both sides. One would be to go long metals in case of the dollar devaluation and the other would be to short the market in case of an interest rate hike. Either way the money made from whichever one plays out should more then make up for the loss on the other one that will expire worthless.

While I'm not giving out trading advice here as you all have too make your own decisions based on what you see in the market I'll personally be looking hard at some wildcard gold calls like "some big player" purchased today at the 190 strike price for the month of November. Now we all know that there is a buyer and a seller for all trades for both "calls" and "puts", so there had to be a seller for those 20,000 calls too, right? Some of you might think that someone is just "hedging" their positions by selling those calls to collect the premium as they expect gold to go down making those calls sold expire worthless in November.... which is a natural thought.

But, what trader in his right mind would sell so many "calls" so far away from the current level to collect only 4-5 cents? If you thought (or knew because you were an "insider") that gold was going down into November expiration wouldn't you want to collect as high a premium as possible? You be more likely to sell "calls" that are much closer to the money like the 170's that are worth $2.08-$2.10 per call. Remember that someone that buys or sells 20,000 calls usually has "inside information"... meaning that you (or that trader) knows that gold is going down and that he will get to keep all the premium he collects for the sale of those calls. So ask yourself this question... would you rather sell 20,000 calls for 3 cents each and keep the premium when gold sells off as expected or sell 20,000 calls for $2.08 each and keep that premium?

Logic should tell you that one (or several large traders) did not sell 20,000 calls at the 190 strike price today to collect the premium for them when they expire worthless, but instead bought them because he was expecting a big move up and they were dirt cheap to purchase. A dollar devaluation would cause them to go up 10-20 fold or more... overnight! To me it makes more sense that one (or several) large buyers purchased these calls today from many smaller sellers (that don't think gold is going up). While there has to be an equal amount of buyers and sellers for every call and put at every strike price that doesn't mean that there can't be one big buyer that purchased from many smaller sellers... which is what I think happened today.

Of course this is all just speculation on my part, but I wan't to be covered for the big move coming, so playing both sides just makes the most sense too me right now. Therefore I'll be looking to pick a crazy "out of the money" strike price on some gold calls tomorrow (Friday, October 19th, 2012) to go long on. Again, I fully expect them to expire worthless as I'm only getting them as a hedge against a surprise dollar devaluation over this coming weekend. Then I'll go short the market with some SPY puts on Monday the 22nd (again, this assumes nothing happens over the weekend). From there I'll just wait and see what happens during the FOMC meeting on the 23rd (the most likely "turn date" because it's an "eleven" date). My ratio will be 1/3rd long gold and 2/3rd's short via the SPY.

Please make your own trading decisions here and don't put up more money then you can afford to lose. While I'm doing my best to help everyone make a bunch of money from this big move coming I'm not always right as I'm a sheep like you are and don't have any insider information. This is pure speculation on my part and I'll be putting it to the test with my own money, but you should do your own research and make your own decisions.

Good Luck everyone...



  1. Sanchito raisded him QB rating from 66.6 to 70.9 with his 11 for 18 for 82 yards performance last week against the Colts and their heralded #1 pick QB, Andrew Luck #12 for a good old 6-12 QB duel last Sunday.      18 attempts for 82 yards====4.555555555 yds per attempt.

    666.79 of course is the infamous 3-6-9 SP low.

    Meanwhile, perusing through the Vanderbilt-Florida box score from last Saturday, I did happen to notice that the first touchdown of the game was scored by Vanderbilt on a 6play 66yard drive with the time at 9:22 (I assume that a 6 play drive wouldn’t take 9 minutes).    Florida’s QB Driscall ??? broke Tim Tebow’s single game rushing record of 166 yards by running for 177yards.

    • The Legatus Tigers just swept the Yankees out of the playoffs.   Maybe they’re just the semi-Legatus Tigers now since the previous owner was the Legatus founder. He sold the team in 1992 but they’re both pizza biz bros from the Detroit area and then throw in Mitt whose Bain Capital bought Dominos from the L.founder back around 1987 and it’s just a small little world with many coincidences.

  2. well i lean to the short side at least till the elections ..so its us bears cheer till elections then run bull run (4 a while…) tank hard  then the devaluation…man its complicated…

  3. Red, if you think they’d do the devaluation over the weekend, and sell off after the 23rd, then why don’t you bet heavily for the devaluation tomorrow, and if it doesn’t happen, you close out and open your shorts when your funds clear on Tuesday?

    • That “IS” the plan Anthony.  I will only buy the gold longs as a hedge against a possible dollar devaluation over weekend.  If nothing happens then I’ll sell them on Monday and go short the market.

      • I’ll keep an eye on volune of gold tommorrow… it certaibly isi odd, but I think someone would be blowing a lot more then 100k on it if they knew that was about to happen.

  4. I’ve changed my mind about going long gold.  While the possibility still exists that they “could” do the dollar devaluation over the weekend and cause gold to soar up 40% the odds don’t favor it.  Nor do the facts I’ve accumulated over from prior history.

    Therefore, after much soul searching last night, I’m going to stick to my original plan and do nothing today.  I will not take any position at all until Monday or Tuesday, and that position will be a short position on the market.

    I can not let myself get distracted from the evidence even if it is accurate information.  While many people with the best intentions come forward and share information that they believe is credible I can’t take it as fact.  It could be inaccurate, and even if it is correct I don’t know the time frame.

    I’m only concerned about the short term (meaning the next couple of weeks) and I must stick with the facts I have at hand.  Those facts are: Legatus, FOMC, and ritual “elevens”.

    While the market hasn’t always turned during or just after a Legatus meeting it has do it about 80% of the time over the past 4 years.  And while all significant tops don’t happen on “eleven” days the past 3 important ones have.

    The same holds true for FOMC days as many (not all) are important turn dates.  When you combine all three together into the same time frame you have very high odds for a big turn in the market.  So while I can’t know which direction that turn will be the extremely overbought conditions say it should be down.

    So if all goes as planned we should have one more important top on Tuesday the 23rd and then we should sell off similar to the May 1st, 2012 drop.  That was about 13 down days with only 1 positive close in the middle of the sell off.  I’m expecting something to happen just like that, and it could be worst.

    As for today, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t turn this back up by the end of the day and possibly close in the green or even.  Then Monday could (and should) be a nice “all up” day… leaving Tuesday to put in the “topping tail” and allow the real sell off to happen.

    So, I’m not wasting my money on a gold hedge as I don’t think we are going to have that bank holiday over the weekend causing gold to soar and the dollar to get crushed.  I’m staying in cash until I’m ready to short on Monday or Tuesday.

    • Good thought Red on staying with your gut instincts…there is so much noise out there today it can drive you crazy! 

      One thought I had is and maybe food for thought…

      Assuming proportionality (which it never is exactly in this market, but sometimes close), the 1086 SPX print you show would be roughly 9950 on the DOW. If you had a 40% devaluation on the dollar, that could in theory bring you to just under 14000.  Which is real close to the FP of DIA 143, right?  The same proportionality applies to the IWM 87.5 FP I thought someone mentioned a while back.  (IWM would be roughly 61 at SPX 1068; then multiple that by 1.4 for the 40% devaluation)

      The assumption is that 1068 SPX is the target for when the 40% devaluation happens.  So maybe that’s how we will reach those prints?  Just one theory to consider…

  5. Kimble: Head & Shoulders topping pattern in the NDX 100 just got some help from Google???

    Jeff Cooper‏: We are 300 months from ’87 crash. 300 ties to 9/14, this year’s high. Oct. ’07 = 55 months from March ’03 low. Next week = 55 weeks from Oct ’11 low.

    The crash in both ’87 and ’29 were 55 days from high.

    When they run for cover, GOOG could be a harbinger of what the sell-off will look like. Is the NDX commencing a 3 of 3 to the downside?

    Don’t know what it means, if anything, but it took 25 years for the market to make a new high after ’29 crash. Now we’re 25 years from ’87 crash.

    They say ‘this’ is about earnings, but the news breaks with the cycles and in 1980 the market plunged during the weeks prior to the election.

  6. Looks like the move down has started early gang… not sure what to think?  It’s right close to the end of the Legatus meeting, which we now know it accurate again.  The top being on an “eleven” day will have to go back to October 5th.

    So what does this leave for the 23rd?  Since “eleven” days aren’t negative or positive, but used by the gangsters for evil of course, there is now a possibility of a “flash crash” on that date.  Insiders already know what Bernanke is going to say and do… which is why we are tanking early.

    This tells me that we aren’t likely to bounce much and should continue down like the May 1st sell, with yesterday being May 1st.  This means I’m wrong about October 23rd being the top but right about Legatus.

    Unfortunately one needs to get it completely right to profit from successfully.  So here I sit in cash missing the start of the sell off and not wanting to get short until I see a bounce.  But past history shows there were very few bounces for the bears to get short at.  They intentionally make it this way as they don’t want us sheep to make and profit.

    •  well, can’t get them all right. if we’re heading anywhere near 165, there’s plenty to stoll be made

        •  going to wait until monday and hope for a small pop up, or the sell off to start a bit more slowly. That should make the puts at ;east a bit cheaper then the current rate

  7. Not looking good for the market gang.  One thing I got right was that the gangsters are masters at tricking the sheep.  LOL.  So Legatus is accurate it seems, but I’m still not sure why they started today instead of next Tuesday?

    Assuming the world doesn’t end over the weekend I’d think we’d see some type of bounce on Monday and/or Tuesday.  At this point I’m certainly not getting short and chasing this market down.

    I missed out on calling the top yesterday but there’s still more downside to come.  Remember that the May 1st sell off lasted 13 days… this is only the first day.  So I will angerily sit on my hands today and kick myself Saturday and Sunday for not catching this…

    I’m thinking that the bounce will come from the retail sheep that think Bernanke will save us with QE4 after the FOMC meeting this coming 23rd and 24th.  The people selling today are obviously the insiders that know the outcome of the meeting.

    •  they got a lot more hurt coming, than everyone is expecting, so they needed to start off early!…see my post on the QQQ, if i have this right, the numbers are frightening!

      • NewY.Composite advancers==670 issues.  At one point, they were at 667 near or after the close.    It drops a certain little indicator back into negative territory.

  8.       Congratulations RED on the site being a lot more conscientious on making the BIG CORRECT call.   And there is nothing wrong with you making a BIG CALL and making sure any newbies remember to put in stops just in case the big call goes wrong. 

        Hindsight is something we don’t get to use in this game, but your present course of being like a deerhunter instead of a skeet shooter should get this site back to its rocking past and much more.  And the dates certainly DO, line up for some exciting drops and rises.  All I will say is this.  Bull markets, have always been propelled by fooling even the elite.

         As we both know the elite have another set of elite above them.  And occasionally, the elite are fooled by the superelite.  Its what really drives a short covering from hell, literally. 

  9.     By the way Red.  A young man I mentored and watch go out on his own, took a very small amount of money and turned it into a rather large amount of money recently on the forex. 

        Unfortunately he is tough to get a hold of as he is young, full of youthful expectations and has a full time job, but he checks into this site fairly often and himself noticed the monster SiLVER Fake print of a few years back that indicated silver going to 63,when it was 17 or 18. Interesting that “they” were unable to get it all the way past 50,but still what a monster move that could have been caught.     Any more thoughts or discussion that I have missed on that outrageous gold FP?  I mean, that is crazy.  Anything even close to that level we are probably in the middle of something pretty fugly. 

  10. I caught another 8-7 score Thursday night after the fact in the Oregon-Arizona State game.
    After Oregon scored its first TD on #24s 71 yard run on 2 and 10 from Oregon’s 29 yard line, they attempted a 2 point conversion and converted it to make it 8-7 on a pass from the Punter #49 to the kicker #93.    Oregon then basically had its way for the rest of the first half running the score up to 42-7 before ending the game at 42-24???? but I did notice on the way they got the score to an unusual 29-7..

    I also saw Arizona State flash a 1987 in its huddle in garbage time during the fourth quarter on a 4th and goal play but I still need to dig into this.    Their TE #87 was everywhere during garbage time hooking up with the backup QB #18 quite frequently.

    • Check out the USC game and their dynamic receiving duo #2 and #9 and their prolific #7QB to #2-9s connection.

  11. Quite an incredible front page article in today’s WSJ on the current earnings and economic meltdowns.   Must read material.   I posted a small blurb over at DE’s.

    • Keep it simple…… As Michael Belkin says recessions===corporate earning meltdowns.

      Earnings meltdowns====occultists hitting the algo self destruct buttons=====market crashes.

  12. 10-21-2012, take out all the zero’s, and its..
    12-12-12. if you don’t write down 12-12-12, 3 times on a piece of paper,
    you’re going to die today!

  13. no dollar devaluation  – they want Obama re-elected. Romney would tighten the money supply and finish the keystone, making OPEC jealous and vulnerable to decouple from the USD for oil. The banksters want Obama re-elected for these reasons and a dollar devaluation would get Obama defeated overwhelmingly and Ben bern the banke fired!
       If Obama re-elected, buy calls on HCA or THC. If Romney is in, buy puts on HCA or THC. 
    If Obama is in, market will tank. If Romney is in, my hunch is the market’s reaction will be up, but then will quicky tank on tighter money supply and elimination of QE. If stalled on a re-count, this means less time to solve the fiscal cliff. Market will really tank! My bet is Obama gets re-elected and Republicans keep control of the house and market tanks on this stalemate for the fiscal cliff to be not worked out in time. VIX calls is what you want! The only good news out there would be a Spain requst for bailout – everything else, bad news, buy puts FB weatherbill7

    • Yes, we could still be right… but have just missed the first wave down.  If they top out tomorrow there could still be a very nice sell off start on that “eleven” day.

  14. aww shucks! Missed the QQQ to buy puts on the high. I knew aapl was gonna run. No brainer on the hype of their mini coming out tomorrow. AAPL also releasing earnings thurs after the bell…hmmm

    • There is usually just one decent bounce day before the selling really gets started and that should be tomorrow.  I see this last wave of selling as a wave 5 down (inside a larger wave 1 down).  That means we should see a larger wave 2 up tomorrow morning and then the start of the larger wave 3 down to follow.  It should last all week I’d think.

      •  Thanks- updates always appreciated. Learned a lot since following this blog- made me dwell into numerology as well.

  15. I’m expecting a “pop” tomorrow morning to panic those bears that got short today, but I don’t think it will hold.  I’d short that bounce… wherever it goes to in the morning, as the first wave of trapped bulls will sell out at a loss to get out of their longs.

    After that we should see more selling.  How low we go is still unknown though as I just can’t determine yet if this is a “fakeout” sell off or a real one?

    • Should scary the retail bears Turbo…

      A nice little squeeze into early tomorrow morning I think.  Then more selling.  We could see a wave 3 of 3 start tomorrow or Wednesday… especially if Bernanke disappoints.

  16. Nice bottoming tail on the daily chart.  This move up “should” scare everyone into bailing on their shorts and going long (assuming the gangsters continue to screw the sheep like they have always done).

    Then, “IF” if doesn’t take out the high from Thursday (1464.02 SPX) then we should see a wave 3 of 3 down to follow.  This means we “could” still have that big turn on the ritual “eleven” date of tomorrow.

    What could cause the big rally?  Maybe something positive leaked about the outcome of the FOMC meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday… which conveniently turns out to be just a false rumor right at the top of the rally when the last bear goes long.

    Then some confusion to set in as traders don’t know what to believe… followed by reality on Wednesday as Bernanke offers NO more crack (other then the $40 Billion they have already promised to crackbulls).  Selling should then start a wave 3 of 3 down…

  17. Obama plays HCA & THC – both ran today on speculation of Obama win in tonight’s debate.
    HCA -P/E of 4.5    THC – P/E of 41
    They will both run up to the election days before the election if polls show Obama still in the lead, so look to buy next week. Buy the rumor and sell the rumor and you’re safe, so sell day before the election maybe. Buy HCA more so because of low P/E, but if Romney win, short THC because HCA P/E is already way low. THC can have a more potential deep fall on a Romney win than HCA, but HCA because of its low P/E can have more room to run on an Obama victory. If Obama wins tonight’s debate, look for HCA to run up in the AM and BTU to go down (BTU-Romney coal play)

  18.  top 20 military remote viewers, another youtibe video, man i was on a
    roll today, tested for positive, 13 targets that are going to get wiped
    out, summer of 2013. 
    one target included Sydney, by Tsunami, or meteor that hits the water, causing a tsunami, OR 
    favorite theory, nuclear missiles from china, that misses sydney , hit
    the ocean, then causes a tsunami to hit sydney. times 13, cause there
    are 13 targets, get wiped out.

  19.  was flying thru youtube video’s this afternoon. found one where this one town in Texas, has NO BUGS…. 
    really…this farmer went looking for bugs, all around his farm, then went into town, and NO BUGS, anywhere. 
    he said the MON wheat he’d been buying all these years , was the cause. the GMO wheat was just too effective against the bugs.

  20.  countries all around the world, are saying the drought is causing their
    crops to fail. I feel it may be a little more systemic, than a drought. 
    think MON, finally doomed everyone, because all their plants
    cross-polinated with regular plants, and then when the regular plants,
    cross-polinated back, to the MON plants, a sort of cancer developed and
    is eating at the plants. the gov’t’s around the world are using the
    cover story “drought did it”

  21. The SF Giants, World Champs 2 years ago, came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the NL Championship defeated last year’s champs StL Cardinals 9-0 in a game that ended in brutal downpour.   They won Game 7 9-0 as the announcer get repeating (though I believe he was saying 9-0 game 7  ie 97).

    Our little aberrational downpour over the weekend has turned the air somewhat chilly for the first time.   I guess it means it’s SUMMER’S END.   Our Indian Summer is to be NOMORE.   Once longtime resident Ray Bradbury put it though as FAREWELL SUMMER.

    Maybe one last party at SUCAMORE Beach.

    The SF Giants will square off with the Semi-Legatus Tigers for the World Series.   Somehow I associate 1987 with the Tigers although the Minnesota Twins won the World Series that year.  I believe the Tigers made the playoffs that year though.

  22. The big baseball buzz though last week revolved around the $200 million man Alex Rodriguez who was basically benched for the Yankees-Tigers series as it was hyped that he couldn’t catch up to a 90mph fastball anymore at the age of 36 or  37.   He ended up going 1 for 9 for a .111 batting average so that numerology might have been the reason why he didn’t see any more at bats.  It turned out his replacement went 0 for 18 with 9 strikeouts so his benching looks kind of strange in hindsight. (the dude is also a fringe journeyman player these days as well). So I am guessing there was ritual in there somewhere. In fact there were a lot of 1 for xxxxs by prominent Yankees in that series.

    Anyway, Donald Trump was making the media rounds bashing A-Rod as much as he could saying he was a bad tenant and achieved his large contract on fraudulent circumstances. He was saying the Yankees have just cause to void the remaining $114 million left on the last five years of his contract and that’s what he would do. He was pimping his twitter account twitter/the real Donald Trump where I guess he was continuing on the assault on A-Rod. Of course, the buzz amongst fans and the baseball cognoscenti was that A-ROD was headed to MIAMI as his days with the Yankees were done. (and somehow the Yankees would eat most of the remainder of his contract). I did see him pinch-hit in the last game against a rightie and he didn’t look as bad as advertised.

  23. Trump also came out and praised another Yankee tenant Derek Jeter.   Said Jeter had a revolving door of women going to his apartment but he told Jeter not to sell his apartment.    He sold it for $15-16 million and the next day in the playoffs, Jeter broke his ankle ending his season.

    So I am guessing maybe that new TV series 666 Park Avenue might be modeled after the Trump building.

    •  Trump’s argument against A-Rod:   bit.ly/WJNSS2

      Trumps is a pretty good tweeter on all things.

      Some good A-Rod/Jeter tweets:

      “A-Rod was a great player when he lived at Trump Park Avenue–although he was on the juice.”
      “Derek Jeter had a great career until 3 days ago when he sold his apartment at TrumpTower.  I told him not to sell-karma?”
      “Maybe Derek Jeter should ask AROD about renting his apartment next year.  Very soon A-ROD won’t need a place in NYC.”

      •  “Derek must move back into one of my buildings immediately.  I will be lucky for him like in the past.”
        “I think the Yankees win today.  Unlike ARod, CCis good under pressure.”
        “Now there is talk of A-Rod being shipped to the Marlins.   If A-Rod is not a Yankee next year, the fans will be happy.”

        He also has a funny one on Diet Coke:
        “Have you ever seen a skinny person drink Diet Coke.”

  24. Wow… looking at the futures this early am here on the 23rd it’s looking very ugly for the open.  I guess the bounce I was expecting was the one into the close yesterday?

    • No, I wouldn’t get short now either Anthony.  They’ve sold off too far now and need a decent bounce.  Of course we could crash and not get a bounce?  But I still wouldn’t go short at this level.

    • Problem is that we topped on the 18th and have now sold off into the 23rd.  So we could have a short term bottom here BigHouse.  Legatus was correct that there was a turn in the market but I got the direction wrong for the 23rd.

        • Doesn’t look good for a bounce Anthony but one is coming.  It might not be much though as what we had yesterday could have been it?  However, we could rally Wednesday on something Bernanke says and continue into Friday.

          Wouldn’t that be crazy if we rallied back up for a wave 2 into Friday and then crashed next Monday for a wave 3 down?  Monday is the 29th and we’ve had prior bad days on October 29th… will history repeat?

    • That will probably be the bottom for this entire move down from the looks of how it’s already got started.  When (and they will) the wave 2 up starts and then ends the wave 3 down will be a multiply combination of wave 3’s.  It really could happen this coming Monday the 29th?

      Of course lets not forget about this coming election day as it’s another ritual “eleven” day.  I looked all the way back to 1900 and couldn’t find any “November 6th” during an “election year” that was an “eleven” day.  That’s got to mean something….

  25. Looks like all the bears are onboard short now… which tells me a squeeze is about to start.  It should be an “ABC” move up and could last for 2-3 days.  But after it tops I expect the next wave down to be worst then this one.

  26.  Today was a little too heavy to go short.. I’ll look for a small pop up tomorrow and maybe into the end of the week

    • We “should” see a 2-3 day bounce.  However, with next Monday being the famous October 29th I don’t see any traders holding into that date (some times the past does repeat itself).  So, I suspect this Friday will be a down day and the high for this bounce should happen on Thursday or at the open Friday.

  27. flat close. couldn’t get a bounce outa FB rev news com’n – I rarely hold into closes anyways, unless I’m up aways to absorb an overnight change – always something manipulated EOD or overnight to screw the sheeple out of their bread

    • The question is… what do they mean?  They aren’t very obvious and it seems too me that when they decide to really tank it hard they make it stand out.  Kinda of ego thing to them I guess.

  28. We should be starting an ABC up today.  Wherever this A leg up ends the B wave down will likely start toward the end of the day.  This is where the sheep that missed the top of the big move down will go short.  Then we should have the C wave up tomorrow to squeeze them out.

    • Wait to see if they rally from Bernanke releasing the FOMC minutes at 2:15, and then decide.  I suspect that the first move will be the wrong direction.  Meaning… if they sell off from what he says (or doesn’t say) then they are likely squeezing out the longs.

      Then they “usually” rip it back the other direction (up in this case) to squeeze out the shorts.  Since we’ve already sold off in front of the meeting it’s likely going to drop first and then rally the rest of the day.

      Of course if they rally first then I’d be looking to get short as it will likely fail and roll back over into the close today.  It’s always tough to trade on FOMC days as the true direction isn’t known until the day afterwards.

    • Yes, I agree…

      What I’m thinking is going to happen is (after the wild swings in both directions… down first is likely) they will rally up on more “hopes” of QE4 from keywords that Bernanke says (which should “hint” at more crack without saying it exactly).

      The rally “could” be a very powerful squeeze that closes the daily candle out solid white.  Then a brief rally Thursday morning to take out the early bears that short at the close today… followed by a gradual rollover ending the day with a nice topping tail candle.

      Then Friday would follow through with some more selling… leaving Monday to be a very ugly day!  Of course they could also rally today and tomorrow and then put in the “topping” tail on Friday… leaving Monday up in the air?  Everyone would be guessing at that point, not knowing what is to follow.  Sounds more like them to do it this way.

      The other scenario is that we briefly pop higher and sell off into the close leaving Thursday open to close nicely in the red.  The bottom could then be put in around the 1390 ES area where there is some really good support.

      That would make all the short term charts very overbought and a rally for 3-5 days should follow.  That cancels out Black Monday in my opinion.  They way I’m seeing it we need to rally up today and tomorrow to peak for a wave 2 up (inside a 3 down), which then allows for Monday to put in a wave 3 of 3 down.

      It really depends on what they want to do at this point?  Is the secret plan a nice Black Monday, or just a small correction to 1390, rally for 3-5 days and then drop one more time to 1330-1360 for the end of this sell off.  Tough call, but I’m thinking they plan on a bigger move down.  That signals a rally today and tomorrow with Monday to be ugly.

      • The “fake out” could be happening right now?  While in the past they had the wild swings immediately right after the minutes were released they could just be taking longer now.

        The market seems to be selling off on the shorter term charts as they became overbought a little.  But the 4 hour and 2 hour charts are very oversold right now.  They need 2-3 days of upward movement to get overbought again.

        This looks to me like it’s trying to form a bottom from where it can rally some from.  I’m thinking we go up tomorrow and Friday… leaving Monday as a “wildcard”?

  29. holding some SLV and HCA
    HCA on the 2.50 divy – should gap up in the AM
    SLV on FOMC, should be up also in the am , a little FOMC crack to take her up a bit…he he he

  30. Rally or Crash tomorrow… don’t know which?  The charts are oversold enough now that a crash could happen… or they rally hard and squeeze the bears.  Tough call here?

    • Actually it looking more likely that we’ll go down Anthony as the longer they trade sideways (making a bear flag) the more likely we’ll drop hard.  If no rally starts tomorrow and they just work off the short term oversold conditions then Friday or Monday we could see a crash wave down.

  31. Guess a rally t is… doubt this last more then a day or two though. got burned a bit yesterday by holding, so I think I might just sell at the open

    • Yes, 1-2 days is likely for this rally.  We “should” but in a nice solid white bar on the daily candle chart either today or tomorrow.  That leaves Monday open for the slight gap up to end the move and put in a nice topping tail.  Of course if the momentum gets going on Monday it will turn into a crash wave 3 down.

  32. jobless claims- what a joke. Maybe that’s because people become magically employed once they’re off unemployment with no job. lol

  33. Today “should” produce our A wave up and B wave down, leaving C up for Friday.  Then a brief pop up on Monday to complete the entire wave 2 up and then wave 3 down to start afterwards.

  34. The C wave could start now, into Friday, then crash hard Monday. You’re thinking a C wave that takes out todays high?

    • No… we haven’t even started to rally yet.  I think it will be more powerful then we expect as we are taking to long to start.  That means more bears on board to squeeze, which means a bigger rally.

      •  surprising at these levels. Maybe it’ll make sense that they drop, or chop tomorrow then to get  people on board for the weekend

  35. look for market to sell off into the election then, with only 7 market days left to the election. The election creates great uncertainty, so big buyers are held off till after. 

    • Could be right there Bill?  The last sell off from May the 1st lasted about 13 trading days with only 1 day bouncing nicely and closing positive in the middle.  Maybe they do go down the same amount of days?

      If so, then a short on Monday might be the bounce day that looked like 5/10 was?  Since you pointed this out about the election “uncertainty” I’m having my doubts about any powerful rally at this point.

  36. We might be bottoming now gang?  Since we failed to rally they will likely push the rally out until next week, and it could last longer then 2-3 day now.  The longer they stay down here it’s likely getting more and more bears on board short.  This implies a bigger and stronger rally when it finally gets going.
    If they would have rallied today and tomorrow then we could have crashed on Monday.  But this kind of action looks like it’s craving out a real bottom to rally from… and not just a small rally, one that approaches the high from last Thursday.  So Monday is not looking like a crash day at this point.

    • yes, possible bear squeeze, but what would be the catalyst for a rally? Spanish bailout? earnings season ending? There needs to be a catalyst to take it higher. I don’t see one. I see the election pausing everyone on buying, accept for coal or healthcare stocks for bets on romney or Obama. Everytime we’ve seen a gap up, it’s sold off, a sign of a non reversal

      • I keep forgetting that we are likely going to do the same thing that we did after May 1st… meaning “little to no bounces on the way down”.  I might be looking for a bounce that isn’t coming until we’ve had a similar 13 days of selling.

  37. Microsoft near Up trend line and Death cross: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.in/2012/10/microsoft-near-weekly-up-trend-line.html

  38. Nasdaq is up 7.77 pts………I heard Apple was at 612 earlier.   Now it’s nearly back there again at 611+…….Apple earnings after the bell.   Thus making me hesitant to commit to positions.   If it was rallying into the earnings, then it might be another story.   But do need to see the current Apple internet chatter.

    It’s just that they slammed Apple last earnings release.   Will it happen again???  But the last earnings release was on a Wednesday on a date dear to my heart.    Why release on a Thursday this time?   Is there an agenda?

    If the earnings do disappoint though, it will be a catalyst for StockArmagedon.

    A certain little indicator has dropped through it’s early August lows and it’s component is at 4 or 5 time support over the last several months.   Will we get a breakthrough?

    • So far I see NO Apple chatter.    The last release was on the 25th as well so maybe they are sticking to the same calendar date.

  39. Really freaky now.   Apple at 609 down -7+ at SC but showing 607.03 as the low when I clearly saw 606.63 -10 just a few moments ago.

    Beginning to think I am hanging out in that Trump Building.

  40. Looking at the charts and watching the action right now (with Amazon and Apple both disappointing) I think what they are doing is clearing out the longs right now.  This market doesn’t seem to want to break 1400 ES, so if it hold here in the afterhours session we could still see a rally tomorrow.

    If it breaks then will likely tank hard tomorrow.  It makes you wonder here as they allow us retail bear 2 days now to get short looking for another big move down.  That should always make you worried.

    While I don’t see anything to be bullish about the charts still remain very oversold.  When the rally does come it could be brutal.  Maybe they push the rally out until next week, or just keep on tanking it for about 13 days like the May 1st sell off?  I just don’t know which right now?

    • The market action now looks like they will rally tomorrow gang.  They panicked and sold off in the ES afterhour when Apple and Amazon disappointed but it doesn’t want to stay down?  If it were really going to tank hard I’d expect it to continue down… but it’s not.

      They are holding it up above 1400 on the ES, which tells me they will either keep it flat tomorrow or start the rally.  Hard too say…

    • Red, you’re overthinking all of this nonsense.

      Weekly trend could not be any more bearish, could it?

      Don’t get lost in the noise.

      Bulls had THREE days to rally..and they FAILED.

      Seeking a Friday close <1390, which would set up a major move on Monday.

        •  Yes it is, ES is 1401, and ready to snap lower into the early morning.

          We could easily open up in the mid 1390s..with VIX +15% @ 20.

          A lot will depend on GDP data, but…even so…who wants to be going long into this weekend? I can’t see anyone wanting to long across this last weekend in October.


    • $ndx down 20 now.   Apple not  down much.   Will have to see how things transpire the rest of the night and into tomorrow.

  41. Divy plays are what’s going to get hot soon, because of the tax rates going from 15% to 39% after Jan 1st – insiders can pay themselves on the dividends before they loose it to uncle scam, so be watching out for a slew of divy or buy back announcements soon after the elections if Obama wins. Corporations are goingn to take advantage of it. They would be fools not to. Call options on these hum dingers are going to be fun, despite what the market does…http://seekingalpha.com/article/897421-special-dividends-90-days-and-counting  – Its going to be a very merry xmas! 8D

  42. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.in/2012/10/s-500-analysis-after-closing-bell_26.html

  43.  Oil fell, poised for the biggest
    weekly drop in a month, on speculation U.S. economic growth
    won’t be enough to boost demand amid increasing stockpiles.

    Futures dropped as much as 1.1 percent before a U.S.
    government report today that may show the economy of the world’s
    biggest crude user expanded by 1.8 percent in the third quarter.
    That would cap the first back-to-back readings of growth lower
    than 2 percent since 2009. Stockpiles in the country have
    climbed to the highest for this time of year since reporting
    began in 1982.

  44. nice quickie on QQQ puts – out for the weekend 8D – looks like we are in a trading range with slight down trend till election results are in. I expect next week will be the same, unless polls move. Remember my post below, on dividend plays. If Obama is in, expect a slew of divy plays soon after the election. In the evenings, around 7 EST, you can google “special dividends” and  see who’s got a fresh release on a divy. Also at 9est before market opens the same. some rule son divy plays. no play if stock also shows loss on earnings with a divy. Options must have volume! Divy plays are only two day plays, unless it’s a popular stock like goog or msft or dell offering a divy, then it might run longer. 75% of these run 2 days and then drop. So a short play is in after 2 days. Most of these with perimters met, jump in at open, but if it flat lines (not often), get out with small loss. Good trading mates!

    • PS – when google searching a divy play, make sure to typ ein the date, like “special dividend 10/26” in google search field. That will do it! For tonight for a possible monday play type in  “special dividend 10/26” and Monday AM, type in  “special dividend 10/29”. that will ease your search for nice divy plays

  45. I don’t think we are going to crash this coming Monday gang.  I think we will be choppy and rangebound until the elections.  But, we should still keep our eyes open for ritual numbers in the closing prices.  “If” they do decide to do a “mini-crash” on Monday (again, not likely because of the elections) they will probably signal the insiders in the closing prices.


  47. They were going crazy with the 29s this weekend in college and pro football.   Full report tomorrow.

    Maybe they’re getting the full moon out of the way with this SANDY storm.   Need to ponder the meaning of SANDY====19-1-14-5-25……Closing the markets does delay the trading day count….maybe a reason for the delay.

    Sandy===beach====SUCAMORE BEACH………just thinking out loud……….

    • The name Sandy comes from Sandra or Alexandra. 
      Alexander masc. proper name, from L., from Gk. Alexandros “defender ofmen,” from alexein “to ward off, keep off, turn (something) away,defend, protect” + aner (gen. andros) “man” (see anthropo-).The first element is related to Gk. alke “protection, help,strength, power, courage,”

  48. Well, since Obama has now steered Hurricane Sandy into the east coast to delay the election and make him the center of attention on TV (suppressing Romney’s media coverage right when he’s ahead) we can now say that he will be re-elected.

    Not that I was going to vote for Satan (Obama) or Lucifer (Romney) but as far as the stock market goes we should see some selling before the end of the year because of the Bush Tax Cuts for traders will not be extended with Obama, where it would be with Romney.

    This means traders will sell before this year ends to lock in the lower tax rates, which should stop any Santa rally from happening.  Yeah, they will likely print more money out of thin air and put it into the market to keep it up, but some how I think they’ll be more traders selling then the PPT buying…

    My thoughts are… “if” the election is delayed to another day (and I expect it will be), then going short a day or so before it seems like a smart trade too me…

    • expect some rallies from “special dividend”s to give insiders and holders some loot before the 15 to 40% tax hikes come in….other than that, it’s gonna be a bear market into the fiscal cliff. I bet they play us on news of “fiscal cliff almost complete” headlines, only to give us “fiscal cliff deal takes a turn for the worse” the next day and traps the suckers or vice versa to trap the bears…this is exactly what they did in summer of 2011 with the EU crap. The best way to play that would the VIX

      • There should be some selling before the end of the year of course, but I’m not expecting a huge drop now.  This Hurricane Obama will not only get him re-elected but the re-building afterwards will likely boost certain stocks… which I expect will then be used to keep the market from dropping off a cliff.

        Then there is the usual “Santa Rally” when all the traders take off for the holidays and keep the selling pressure to a minimum.  This tells me that we’re going have a choppy and slow decent in November and then a light volume rise in December.

        Overall, a very controlled sell off and rally back seems to be likely.  After all, what hurts the most traders?  Choppy, trendless action of course.  That’s what I expect for the rest of the year.

        While that FP of 1065 has been given to us I doubt that we’ll see it this year.  I doubt if we’ll see 1200 SPX.  

  49. Hey Red, dont you think Sandy could be the trigger for a Crash, as a major power outage will hit Wall Street, beeing a good excuse for it?

    • Nah… I doubt it Morpheuz.  I expect some choppy action between now and the rest of the year.  The Legatus move is over with now.  While we should still have another wave down after an “election” (and Hurricane) rally, I don’t see any crash this year.

      • I am wondering about the power outages and the capability for the nuclear power plants cool the reactors for a long time without energy. Sandy passed throw at least 12 nuclear plants…

        • They managed to control the one’s in Japan to the point that the media attention disappeared, so I’d expect the same here.  The only way those 12 nuclear plants are going to cause the stock market to tank is if they allow them to meltdown and tell the media to cover the story and promote fear from it… otherwise it’s a non-event.

  50. Taken from another blog


    Historically ( for 100 years) this week should give us hint on who
    will win the presidential election…except one time, market rise this
    week then current president will hold the office, if market sell off
    this week then Romney has all possibility to become president….if obama
    wins then we will see new high by end of december…or else who knows…

    Anyone has more data on this important indicator?


  51. Just a start to my soon to be epic 29 post, I did see in today’s morning paper, a photo showing 3 Atlanta Falcons darting from Eagles players with the Falcons’ players being the only ones whose numbers were shown.

    Basically, the 3 numbers were:

           27   (2)the ballcarrier    77

    for    9-2-77 or 9-11-77.

    The ballcarrier, Jacquiz Rodgers #32 had his right arm covering #3 so that only 2 could be seen.   The caption mentioned Rodgers gaining some of his 60 yards on the play.

    Then below they had a photo of basically 87 with a photo of the Patriots old reliable Robert Gronkowski who had a big game yestersday.

    I am pressed for time so I don’t know if I can get the epic post in over the next day and 1/2.  If anything later tonight.

  52. The CME Group (CME)
    said U.S. equity index futures and options on futures markets will
    open at 6 p.m ET for overnight electronic trading, but will close
    Wednesday morning at 9:15 a.m. ET. for both the trading floor and
    electronic trading. 

  53. I’ll copy my recent post over at DE’s regarding tonite’s MNF game:

    “Did you see Arizona QB#19 line up with TE#87 in the backfield and then proceed to be sacked by SF player #99 (29) who bolted in the backfield with about 13:15 left in the fourth quarter with the score at 24-3.

    Man they are going crazy with their 29 and 87 references.   And altlhough, I did see #87 make a big reception, I did not seem him paired up in a 1987 combo with his QB #19 the rest of the night although I only saw the second half of the game.

      • I’ve always wondered why Jacksonville (and the rest of the east coast of FL) seems to miss the Hurricanes all the time.  Now I know… they don’t want it hit for some reason?  Not sure why but the military base in Mayport and the Kennedy Space Center a little further south could be the reason.

  54. Continued trading sideways makes a “Bear Flag” on the daily chart of the SPX, and all other indexes.  Assuming the election is still held on the 6th and not delayed I’d say that this chop could continue until then.

    And, since the 6th is another “eleven” day, I also say that if there is going to be another wave of selling down then this date is the most likely date for the high before the selling starts.

  55. Ford Motor Inverted head and shoulders: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.in/2012/11/ford-motor-inverted-head-and-shoulders.html

  56. certainly a nice up day, sold earlier then i wish, but I think I’ll short sometime tomorrow just in case something stops the elections

  57. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.in/2012/11/s-500-analysis-after-closing-bell.html

  58. From http://arcticcompass.blogspot.com/2011/05/stock-market-is-fixed.html

    Titanic Battle or Insider Trading?
    That leaves the question, why the suspicious downgrade on August 5, AFTER the government had made major concessions just to avoid default, and despite the embarrassing revelation that S&P’s figures were off by $2 trillion? Suspicious bloggers have pointed out that Lehman Brothers was brought down by a massive bear raid on 9-11-08, echoing the disaster of 9-11-01; that the S&P downgrade hit the market on 8-8-11; and that the S&P fell exactly 6.66% and the Dow fell exactly 5.55% on that date. In Illuminati lore, these are power numbers, of the sort chosen for power moves.
    But we don’t need to turn to numerology to find a motive for proceeding with the downgrade. On August 12, MSN.Money reported that it “wasn’t much of a surprise”:
    Wall Street had heard a rumor early on that the downgrade was coming. News sites reported the rumor all day.
    Unless it was all a huge coincidence, it’s likely that someone in the know leaked the information. The questions are who and whether the leak led to early insider trading.
    The Daily Mail had the story of someone placing an $850 million bet in the futures market on the prospects of a US debt downgrade:
    The latest bet was made on July 21 on trades of 5,370 ten-year Treasury futures and 3,100 Treasury bond futures, reported ETF Daily News.
    Now the investor’s gamble seems to have paid off after Standard and Poor’s issued a credit rating downgrade from AAA to AA+ last Friday.
    Whoever it is stands to earn a 1,000 per cent return on their money, with the expectation that interest rates will be going up after the downgrade.
    The Securities Exchange Commission announced on August 8 that it is investigating the downgrade. According to the Financial Times, the move is part of a preliminary examination into potential insider trading.
    Whatever can be said about the first two weeks of August, their market action was unprecedented, unnatural, and bears close observation.

  59. anyone ever notice, that when you make a bad decision, you get filled immediately, but when you try to get in on a good decision of the direction of the market, it takes longer to get filled???

  60. Something’s strange is happening.   Everyone expecting a bounce here, including myself but a certain little indicator rallied to its 0 line today and any sustained bounce would take the New York Composite and Dax to new highs.   Apple also didn’t rally.   So it needs to pop tomorrow.

    The markets other than the Nasdaq (and Apple) really aren’t that oversold and not due for a sustained bounce anyway if the panic scenario is to play out.

    $cpce (equity put call ratio) dropped sharply while $cpci (index put call ratio shot up to its highest level since the top).

  61. Oh and nobody is talking about this but Athens index was down 5% today and is down something like 15% in 5 trading days.

    I guess it’s a good sign that the fake bear intelligentsia/ misdirectors/ opinion influencers are ignoring this.

  62.  I think that’s all we’re getting today, on the down end. Small fake move to get the bears short.. Squeeeze out Monday, maybe Tuesday as well, then back down we go- hopefully. Silver got hammered today though.

  63. We may have seen the high for this rally today?  While they “usually” put in an important top on a ritual “eleven” day (next Tuesday is one, and it’s election day) that’s not always the case.  Looks like some fear setting in before the election game show airs.

    But, from a purely technical point of view, the move down today could have be a “B” wave with an “A” up from the bottom last week that ended at the gap open high today.  So, if they are going to fool the bears like they always do then a “C” wave up next Monday/Tuesday would certainly do the trick.

    If this happens then the place to short should be the downward sloping trendline connecting the 10/5 high of 1470.96 SPX with the 10/18 high of 1464.02 and trailing down lower as each day goes by.  My best guess is that it will be about 1453 by Tuesday and should definitely stop the bulls.

    •  147 seems like a bit of a stretch by Tuesday, but would be nice since I failed to go short today

    • Yes, I agree… there should be a continuation of this move down on Monday morning.  The question will be… is it just the end of a “B” wave down, or more?  That I can’t answer as we could have another wave up, or not?  Just don’t know at this point as the charts are very bearish.  The wave up (if we have it) would simply be to fool the bears and go against the charts, as they clearly indicate more selling is coming.

  64. I do not know whats going on with the web site here. I posted a comment for Monday morning. Can anyone see it. It is not showing up for me on this site.

  65. Their must be some Diqus problems this week on your web site. I have sent some very timely information, but yet it does not  show.

  66.   (CVX:
    $2.69 a share,

    analysts expected Chevron to earn $2.83 a share5% miss, CVX should see further weakness, in the days ahead!it did deserve it’s 118 highs, but not no more!

  67. Commodities are having a nce bounce, but I don’t think we’re going to see much until after elections, as far as the market in general. Probably chop. Tuesday is an “11 day” though, so maybe it’ll be interesting

  68. Have a feeling something interesting will happen for elections. I’m probably going to go short sometime tomorrow

    • Should definitely be a pop higher I think… probably just after the election in over with. I could see about 1450 spx before it hits some nice resistance and turns back down.

  69. Weatherbill – I see a re-count controversy for a day or two, not knowing officially who the pres is till wed or thurs – if this happens, expect a nice market drop. This is what happened to the markets during the bush/gore re-count. Markets dropped big! Any re-count controversy will do the same! Once we know who the pres is, expect a rally….all media outlets are saying the fiscal cliff will get solved, so expect delay on fiscal cliff drama to december. If Obama is in, calls on HMA or HCA. If Romney in, calls on BTU, ACI, ANR….. or short them  on opposite outcome…I lean on shorting coal plays than buying health stocks, since they are already up, but coal stocks are up, so more downside potential on those

  70. GLD is looking good. A re-count controversy could take gold up. gold looks at a low right now, so little to no risk with an obama win, but with a romney win, brings in a more hawkish fed, so gld would rally on a romney win or a re-count controversy. If Obama is in, GLD is at a bottom, doubt it goes down much….pretty safe play for now

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