We Are Just Weeks Away From The Start Of A 200 Or More Point Drop In The SPX


Technical Update 05/27/2013

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Technical Update 05/19/2013

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Before my update here's an important update from Lindsey Williams...

We Will See The Collapse Of All Paper Money In A Period Of Two Years Maximum


(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFDL-diXB_Q)

To me this update tells me that a stock market crash is coming this year and next year just like the 1929 crash happened first and then in 1932 (when it bottomed) President Roosevelt devalued the dollar overnight by telling everyone to turn in their $20 dollar gold coins, followed by a revaluation of $35 dollars for the same gold coin after the bank holiday ended.  This means they are going to crash the stock market first and probably bottom in the 400-600 SPX area within the next 2 years and then they will close the banks for a week or so to revalue the dollar with a 40% haircut.  Then once they reopen the banks every dollar will worth that much less, which also means that gold will soar by just as much on a percentage basis.

This means that YOU and I have only the next 24 months or so to make as much money as possible from this coming stock market crash.  Then we are going to see massive inflation from this dollar devaluation and we'll also see a HUGE Bull market start that will take the Dow up to crazy highs like 30,000 or more!  On the short term I see gold continuing down to "possibly" hit the FP of 939 (or the 935 FP) for a bottom followed by a rally to over $3,000 per ounce by the end of 2014.

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Going back to a much shorting term I still see a very important high coming this May 22nd as the preferred date with possibly May 29th being the high.  After that I'm expecting a 200 point drop in the SPX to start the first shock in the stock market.  This will only be a small crack compared to what I see for 2014 as after a final high in February I see about a 1,000 point drop in the SPX by the end of that year!  You will have the opportunity of a lifetime to make a huge chunk of money on this coming drop late this May and early June and then turn that into a million dollars or more in 2014 when the real crash happens!

There are many, many pieces to the puzzle coming together now and I'm more certain then ever that we are going drop hard starting this late May and into early June.

A new article out about the latest Bilderberg meeting shows us some interesting timing and dates.  While those meetings are being exposed heavily now by people like Alex Jones and the now deceased insider reporter Jim Tucker the Legatus meetings aren't yet known to most of the "red pill taker" crowd.  Only Reinhardt and myself are really talking about the connection they have to the stock market and with the next meeting set for this May 23rd-25th, 2013... followed by a Bilderberg meeting June 6th-9th (re-updating a prior date of June 9-11), one has to wonder what these Satanist Reptilian's have planned for us sheep?  Here is that report...

American Free Press received e-mail from Grove Hotel staffer, apparently confirming that Bilderberg 2013 will be going down near Watford in the United Kingdom from June 6-9.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAZtVdv4sZQ)

AFP’s Mark Anderson reports that he received an e-mail from a Grove Hotel employee, apparently confirming a UK-based Bilderberg meeting this coming June. Anderson writes:

“An email reply to AFP from a Grove staffer and a check of the hotel website’s calendar confirmed the hotel is booked solid June 5-9. The Bilderberg meeting itself, by all the latest indications, is to take place June 6-9. This updates a recent AFP report that stated England was likely the general meeting location but that the meeting would be held June 9-11. At the time, the hotel where the meeting was to be held was not yet known.”

Indeed. In recent weeks there have been several indications pointing to a probable UK Bilderberg meeting. As I recently reported, a call handler at the Hertfordshire constabulary confirmed that the Grove Hotel, both the surroundings and the Hotel itself will be cordoned off by the local Hertfordshire constabulary in a “security exercise”. The exercise, by the way, is planned exactly at the time that the Hotel, according to its employees, will accommodate a “high profile” international group- booking all 220 rooms. As Anderson notes in his article:

“The hotel’s location, some 18 miles outside of London, provides easy access to and from Heathrow Airport. Its rural setting is well suited for Bilderberg’s usual ring of armed security to keep pesky reporters and activists at bay.”

Thanks to many citizen-journalists probing the Hotel and local Hertfordshire constabulary it is also becoming obvious that an elite club will indeed descend on the area at the beginning of June. According to a recent vigilant posting on the Planet X website, an employee of the Grove Hotel has revealed that the hotel’s golf course is booked out by an “American Group” from June 6-9. The commenter, pretending to be interested to reserve the golf court, no booking is possible on those dates:

“No that is not possible during those dates because the private American Group Organizers have requested that they have full exclusive use themselves”.

The “American group”- comment is interesting in more than one respect. Not only does this slip-up by a Grove employee confirm the grounds (Hotel, all its facilities and the surrounding lands) are off-limit to the general public (meaning anyone not holding key power positions), it also suggests that the organizers are predominantly American. When we take a look at Bilderberg’s current steering committee we find no less than 11 Americans among the 34 members (including David Rockefeller). Because the event itself is “international” in nature, concerning “high profile” individuals – we now have further indications the UK will host this year’s Bilderberg conference. Adding this little information-droplet to the others, spilled by employees of the Grove Hotel and the local constabulary, the Hertfordshire venue is increasingly likely to be the spot where the annual Bilderberg conference is set to take place.

What I find interesting is this old clock from the Simpson's episode showing various combinations that could be pointing to a date of some nuclear explosion.  We could have 11-6 (November 6th) or 6-11 (June 11th).  Other interpretation have been done of course and no one has yet to figure out what (or if?) this really is a signal from the gangsters of what's coming in the future.  I just find it interesting that the original date for the Bilderberg meeting was June 9-11... which looks like 911 to me.  Now it's set for June 6-9, which is just before a possible reading of June 11th from the Simpson clock.  That, along with a Legatus meeting just prior between May 23rd to 25th, has got to mean something.

I'm not saying that anything will happen (like a false flag nuke going off in some part of the world) but it's certainly worth noting and keeping in the back of your mind.  All move the stock market are planned by these Satanist months and years in advance so trying to forecast it isn't that easy to do.  But they give us sheep signals to help us (not really, more like "because it's some sick code of ethics they must obey"), and it's up to us to figure them out.

Moving back to the short term...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gey-RP27_j0)

I'm kinda jumping around here as I'm writing this post on Sunday with multiple breaks throughout the day... meaning when I come back to write more I my decide to talk about a different subject.  Right now I want to talk about next week and what I'm expecting to happen.  I'm thinking that we had some kind of wave 3 up happen last Friday and into the close we started a wave 4 down.  I'm not sure if it ended by the close Friday or if it will take all day Monday to complete, but once it ends I'm expecting one more move up to the 1630-1650 SPX area to end this very long rally and allow the first wave 1 down to start.  So if we hit this zone by Tuesday then I'll be looking to go short.  If it drags out a little longer then I'll just wait as I know it's very nearly done.

Then the first move down should find support around 1600 as that was prior resistance.  It should end the first wave 1 down if it stops there and allow for a choppy move back up into May 22nd for the wave 2 up to complete.  Then the wave 3 down should start and drop 150-200 SPX point in a period of about 18-20 calendar days (based on prior history of similar moves).  If the wave 1 down breaks 1600 and goes to the next level of support around 1550-1570 SPX then the move back up for the wave 2 should be pushed out to the secondary date of May 29th before it ends and allows the wave 3 down to start.  This is really a tough call here as I don't know when we are going to hit the top zone of 1630-1650, or how low the first wave 1 down will go.

Each move should take a certain amount of time based on similar moves in the past but telling you the exact date right now is hard too do.  I'm estimating that we'll hit the top zone sometime this week and then start the first wave 1 down.  That wave could last as little as 3-4 days if it's only 40-50 points down or 5-7 (trading) days if it's 80-100 points.  From there we can calculate the move up to last 4-7 days as well, which should tell us if the high is going to be early on May 22nd or later on May 29th.  We know from past history that many of the turns are centered around Legatus meetings and this coming meeting is dead set in the middle of those two "double ritual eleven" days happening on May 23rd to 25th.

Looking back at last year we see that they had a Legatus meeting on April 30th to May 2nd and the "eleven" date back then was May the 1st (05/01/2012 equals 0+5+0+1+2+0+1+2=11).  This year we have an "eleven" date just before and after the meeting and both dates this time are "double elevens".  You see, when you add up all the digits you get what I call a "yearly" eleven date.  But there's also what I call a "daily" eleven date where just the day of the month equals eleven.  So every month has 3 of those dates as you obviously have the 11th, but you also have the 22nd as it's a master number (just like 11) because it's a multiple of 11... meaning that all 11's, 22's, 33's, 44's, 55's, etc... are all master numbers and not to be added together like all other numbers are.   That means that 11 isn't 1+1 to equal 2, but simply remains as "eleven".  The same thing for 22, as it's not 2+2 to equal 4 but remains as twenty-two.

The only other day of every month that equals "eleven" is the 29th as 2+9=11.  So every month has the 11th, 22nd, and 29th as "daily" elevens, and then there are the "yearly" eleven days where all the digits add up to eleven.  So this coming May the 11th is of course a "daily" eleven but it's also a "yearly" eleven, whereas all the digits add up to 22, which is a master number and equal to 11 (0+5+[11]+2+0+1+3=22).  The same thing is true for the 22nd as it adds up to 33 and then the 29th adds up to 22.  All 3 dates are both "yearly" and "daily" elevens... or double elevens.

Since many (not all... maybe 30%?) of the important tops occur on ritual eleven dates it's very important to monitor them and look for a high on them.  This means that either the 22nd or the 29th should be the high for the wave 2 back up as the wave 3 down is a very important date and will likely be on a ritual eleven day.  Nothing is written in stone of course but I'd pay close attention to those 2 dates.  Between now and then it could be choppy as they make a wave 1 down and wave 2 up.  My plan is to take a small short when we hit the 1630-1650 area to ride down that wave 1 to where ever they take it to.  Maybe 50 points or maybe 80 points?  I don't know which but both are worth shorting I believe.

That's about it I guess as we are all just waiting patiently for the right time to attack...



    • That’s “ProphetCharts” from inside my Ameritrade account. They offer both “ThinkOrSwim” and “ProphetCharts” and although I showed you the PC in the video I also use the TOS charts too.

  1. Looks like a boring day gang. But I think we’ve met some type of short term top. I’d think we could see a move down to fill the gap around 1597 SPX here soon. It could start later today and carry over into Wednesday. Once hit it should provide support and allow for one more move back up to 1630-1650 to complete the high for this year.

    I thought we might have done it today but it looks like it’s not going to happen. So it’s going to push out the time table a little I guess but all is still lining up nicely for the coming Legatus meeting to be the start of the really big move down.

  2. Funny how many bulls are out there now and how many bear blogs are dead. Rest assured that this is NOT the start of a new bull market. After this coming 20-40 point drop and then the following last rally back up (target still 1630-1650 spx) we will see the bear return.

    How do I know this? My “bear blog” is dead and so is every other bear blog. They always die as the market tops and this is no exception. The market is rigged to make you go long at the top and short at the bottom. There will likely be one more move up but this bull is almost dead… mark my words on that.

  3. Looks like the bulls are dragging this out and will likely wait until tomorrow before moving down 20-40 points. After it happens there should be one more rally back up which should take out this current high and get close to 1650 SPX.

    Remember the old saying that the gang at “Mr TopStep” likes to quote… “the low is usually put in the Thursday or Friday prior to option expiration”. Tomorrow and Friday therefore should put in the low and then the week of option expiration (next week) they rally it back up to make those put holders expire worthless.

    This is common manipulation by the gangsters as they don’t want to pay out any money to call holders or put holders. So they have to shake out the call holders with a move down quickly and then shake out the put holders the next week with a slow grind back up.

    The likely downside target is the 1600 area where the market broke out from. There is the gap fill area at 1597 which really should be filled, but of course there’s no guarantee on that. Maybe we only dip to 1610 or so? I don’t know the downside target but tomorrow now seems like the best date for it to happen.

  4. SINKO de MAYA time NOW!!!!!!!!??????

    Tomorrow is the infamous 59 and today was 117 trading days off the November low making it 275tds from last year’s 4-2 high which itself was 775 tds from the 3-6-9 low which all adds up to 1050 tds from 3-6-9. It is also a Fib 55 tds from the late Feb high.

    Solar eclipse tomorrow and there was an extremely high tick reading today.

    And WB’s old buddy Frank Holmes is imploring investors to ignore the sell in May and go away mantra. I wonder if the CNBC gang is parroting that philosophy. They did the opposite back in November 2000 before all the markets tanked.

    It’s a nice job by the operators to start off the May seasonal period so strongly so that investors might ignore/ forget about the sell in May mantra.

    Most indices have now put in two new bars in the new high (breakout) range, in particular the DAX.

  5. You are such an awake and aware person to how this world runs. You see numbers and cycles most don’t. God has truly blessed you with an amazing third eye. Been following you for months. Wish you could give me a one hour tutor to get me started on my journey. Because I too also am familiar with sacred numbers/geomtery and can see certain paterns that history always repeats. I just need to turn this skill into making some money but don’t know anyone like you in real life. . after all its in investment to my future and not a cost. I need help getting started on the right foot.. Care to help? I can pay for your time. Namaste

    • It’s taken me the last 4 years to learn what I’ve learned John, and I’m just scratching the surface right now. I share all I know on the blog freely presently so I don’t know what more I could offer you? You probably know more about it then I do. But I’ll let you (and everyone) know when I go short for my “wildcard” option play around Legatus.

  6. I get the feeling that they will not go up to hit the FP (https://reddragonleo.com/media/spy-fp-with-final-high-for-2013-showing-164-30.png) until next week. If we close down today by 10 points or more (on the SPX) then we could continue into Friday morning to put in the low. Then back up next week to hit the FP and end this bull market for this year, leaving only one more final high around 1700 SPX set for February 2014 around the Legatus meeting set for then. After that we should start the 1,000 point drop into the end of the year.

      • Yes, we could still hit it today… or tomorrow morning at the open I’d assume? It would be nice to do it today and then gap down tomorrow but the bears never usually get that lucky. If we do get today though I’ll be taking another put spread on it as this bull is on his last breath.

          • Hmmm… it certainly could pop and drop tomorrow. It’s not acting like it wants to hit the FP today, so hopefully it will do so tomorrow. However, if it keeps dropping into the close today and breaks down below 10 points or more then I’d have to think that it would continue down into Friday and put off the FP high until next week.

  7. Australian dollar is crashing now…..dropped below its daily and weekly bbs and is already on a week 4 TD downcount (and clearing all support in a new downrange) so it looks like it should keep its downside momentum going. Comparable to gold’s silent crash.

    I am just hoping gold can bounce back up to its 50 day average. It will do a bull flip next week unless it makes a massive drop by the end of next week. And usually bull flip weeks are massive white bar weeks.

    I did a study last weekend and gold and commodities were already in advanced MONTHLY TD downcounts and their TD prior 4 month comparisons were going to get easier the next few months. I believe gold was alread in month 5 now and the meat of downmoves come in the 5-6 periods. 8 and 9 are usually bunched close to 6 and 7 closes making a bull flip easier. Euro has an easy monthly TD setup and crude oil is getting there as well having made three consecutive lower highs over the last few months. Stocks could get there too via a hard downmove pronto.

    On the otherside, the US dollar has been establishing an easy monthly TD upcount where the comparisons will be getting easier over the next few months.

  8. Ok, we have a couple of things that could happen tomorrow and both are bearish. First off we know that the FP will eventually be hit and wasn’t hit today, so that means we shouldn’t get married to any decent move down. Secondly we know that Bernanke is going to speak tomorrow morning before the open, which could be positive or negative.

    If he says something positive and the market rallies up to hit the FP then I’d go short my last 1/3 position (in put spread for now as we aren’t starting a wave 3 here, where I’ll go with straight puts). If he says something negative then the market should sell off the rest of the day and drop 20-40 points from the current high.

    My thoughts are that he will say something negative and make the market drop all day. I’m not saying some big huge drop but over 10 points at least. Remember, we have a gap at 1597 spx that needs to be filled so that could be the low on Monday morning. Historically the market makers will generally put in a low the Thursday or Friday prior to options expiration week to shake out the call holders.

    Then they will rally the week of option expiration week to make the new put holders expire worthless too. Remember that the market makers goal is to steal money from both the bulls and bears, which is why you sometimes have a 2 day drop right prior to that last week.

    I give this scenario the highest odds for that reason and 2 other reasons. One is the fact that I’ve seen the game played many times in the past where they will put out a FP and come shy of hitting it making me think that it was “close enough” and then I get short later after chasing the move down.

    Then it reverses back up a week later (or more) to rally back up and not only hit the FP put pierce through it a little bit… then they sell off for real. This is common move to trick the bears the see the FP and realize what it is… or at least they think they do.

    I firmly believe that FP was real and will be hit before we rollover for good so any move down we have I’ll be ready to exit my current shorts when I see a bounce coming… which I have a feeling it will be around that gap fill area.

    The 2nd reason I think whatever Bernanke says will cause the market to continue down all day and not rally up to the FP first and then sell off is the fact that we haven’t made any negative divergence yet on the daily chart. In fact today is the first lower bar on the histogram chart.

    It’s very common for the market to start making lower histogram bars while the market drops some and then go back up and make a lower “hump” of histogram bars to create the divergence while the actual price of the market goes higher. This would mean we should drop for a few days and then rally back up for 3-5 more days hitting that FP but making lower histogram bars on the daily chart.

    This could be dragged out all next week and even into May 22nd just before the Legatus meeting starts. It’s hard to know if they plan on starting early on the 22nd or waiting until the meeting is over and topping on either the 27th or 29th. (I just remembered that the 27th is an “eleven” day too as it all adds up to 20 and that equals 2, which is 1+1 or eleven).

    Picking the date will be tough of course but those 3 dates are my preferred targets. So if we don’t hit the FP tomorrow then I’m expecting it to be hit on one of those days. If so, then the first drop should go down to test the 1536 prior bottom.

    Then a bounce for a wave 2 up and then a wave 3 down that should be in the 1420-1440 area before stopping. Of course these targets are subject to change but that’s what I see currently. For tomorrow and Monday I’m expecting a gap fill around 1597 at the very most and at the least at gap window around 1610 spx.

    It’s rare that Bernanke speaks prior to the market opening which should tell you that whatever he says they want the market to react to it all day long… but what reaction do they want? The best trick would be to tank it 20 points or more and then calm things down over the weekend… and then open up on Monday with all those bears trapped once again. But I’m just guessing here, as only the gangsters know what’s really planned for tomorrow.

  9. Tomorrow is another Friday following a new moon Thursday. With the Dark Knight Rising????
    It will be 42 weeks from July 20 and 21 weeks from December 14 or 21weeks + 21 weeks. 147 days+147 days or 777+777……

    Pain and Gain and Iron Man 3 once again representing a flurry of movies set in MIAMI.

    • Wise idea Peter as it doesn’t look like it’s ready to go down any right now. They are just making a bullish triangle right now that should breakout to the upside Monday morning. Of course they still could breakdown just as easily as triangles can go either way. But since the bearish view of things rarely work and bullish view always works we have to lean toward a bullish breakout on Monday.

      The only thing that bugs me is that they really won’t go down enough to create a 4th wave and to create the negative divergence on the daily chart I’m looking for. They need about 3 day of down movement which tells me Monday should be down… at least during the morning session.

      However, the rising lower trendline on the channel has moved up to about 1615 today will continue rising on Monday as well. So the move down to gap window around 1610 doesn’t seem likely at this point. They are really stretching this out until the last day I guess, which is frustrating both bulls and bears.

    • Parker you could be right on that call for 1666 for all I know? I’ve thought about it myself many times but it seems too obvious even for them to do. So I’m sticking with the 164.30 SPY FP and just a little above it. I’ve found that it’s common to pierce through FP’s a few points before rolling over. So maybe 1646 SPX instead of 1643 as the FP indicates.

  10. This is very frustrating… which is of course what the gangsters love to do to us bears (and the bulls). No real direction here as they haven’t hit the FP yet to go short at or retested the 1615 spx area where the lower trendline in this rising channel is located at… so you can’t go long either. Very hard to do anything right now but just wait to see what they give us.

  11. 1636 (ie16-36 or 16-666) is 969.21 pts from 666.79 and today, 5-13-13 or 5-26 is 4 years 2months 7 days from 3-6-9 or 1528 days later.

    • When this rally ends (and I personally think it has today) the bulls are going be trapped with no way to get out. They are going to go down with very little bounces for sleeping bears to get short at, or trapped bulls to get out at.

        • Yes it will Rod. While catching the exact top is about as hard as catching the exact bottom I’m just happy that I’ll be within the last 5% percentage of the move up so I’ll be catching the meat of the move down.

  12. $vix up, crude oil, commodities,gold, euro, lumber all down in today’s upmarket. $ndx was up slightly as Apple was mini-hammered and looks to be starting a new leg down. Australian dollar continues to crash.

    Breadth wasn’t even that strong for the day’s action.

    Today 5-14 is 240 degrees/days from the 9-14 high. Today would be the last point for a high for the EXASperating flash crash scenario. But commodities seem to be in a holding pattern the last several weeks awaiting the big plunge. Gold is acting very feeble in its bull flip week.

    Lumber has declined hard since its March peak and hasn’t shown any sign of a decent counter-trend pop/ reversal and has knifed right through its 200 day average. Not a good sign for the market.

  13. I did hear on a real estate/mortgage loan infomercial a few months back that low FHA loan rates were set to expire on April 1 as well as low the current low mortgage insurance rate. So don’t be surprised that this front loaded housing demand into the early part of the year and that we start suddenly seeing disappointing housing numbers/ news going forward.

    The infomercial sponsors were definitely trying to drive up business going into that April 1st date.

    • The only thing that puzzles me is the fact that we’ve yet to top out and have our first wave 1 down, as usually that is complete before the Legatus meeting as most of the turns from them have been wave 3’s. So I’ve been expecting a turn down anytime now but they just don’t want to give up yet it seems.

      If this keeps going then the 22nd will put in the high. But today isn’t over with yet so maybe we top today and roll over to fill the gap at 1597 in the next few days before bouncing into either the 22nd or the 29th to top for the wave 2 up.

  14. Ok SkyNet, I’m going long now… are you listening? The last bear has went long… what are you going to do about it? Will you give me my money? Don’t go down now, as I’m a bull now!

  15. it is curious that many blogs I read are calling for 1666, since the low in 2009 was 666…either we blow past that or we top just a little shy….what do you guys think?

    • You know, I never thought they would go up to 1666 as it seems way too obvious but right now they are so close that they must either stop here and reverse back down (falling short of that target) or blast through it as you suggested. I just can’t imagine them stopping right on that level. I just we’ll know in tomorrow…

  16. Today, another “5” day…..280 td days from 4-2 high last year and 1055 tds from 3-6-9 low…..1055==5555 or 54???? Has the Tebow 15 combined with the Gann d.zone #55….

    Gold dropped below its close of 4 weeks ago so there is no longer a bull flip in process and lumber continues to plummet.

    Industrial production dropped in April with industrial production being one of the key components for the NBER’s recession criteria and supposedly very useful for ECRI’s leading economic indicator which supposedly it has abandoned in its recent recession calls according to former super-bear turned mega-bulltard Doug Short in his running dissings of ECRI’s calls.

    Of course, Deere just lowered its outlook for the rest of the year of modest growth to actual contraction.

  17. Everyone should be relishing this condition. Personally, I believe this is an orchestrated set-up of epic proportions. The purpose will be revealed in a sudden way. But, suffice to say, the evidence of a new currency regime abounds…

    • Mean what Stanley? You thinking that this “set-up” is one of the bullish nature where we will go to insane levels like 2000 SPX or more? Or are you thinking a huge move down to scare the hell out of everyone?

      As far as the new currency that should not come until the market bottoms. History shows that Roosevelt did the devaluation of the dollar by setting the value of the the $20 gold pieces at $35 after the stock market crash was over with. It started in 1929 and end in 1932 when he did this bank holiday.

      Therefore we must have a several year stock market crash before any new currency will be bought into play. I suspect that will happen in late 2015 or early 2016 as we haven’t even topped in the market yet to even start the crash. The final top in this market should be in early 2014… maybe February? Then we drop a 1,000 SPX point by the end of the year.

      • Agree Completely, except for the “multi-year” part. It may be considerably quicker. A ‘melt-down’ in front of this generational change is REQUIRED.

  18. I’m sure even the “blue pill takers” have now noticed the 1666.66 SPX level as a target for the gangsters to take the market to on either an “intra-day” high or closing level… however, I personally think that is way too obvious this time around. Therefore I they must go higher then that level to distract the sheep from it but some how show it’s importance to their evil followers.

    So how do you do that without too much attention? Lets go back to August 25th, 1987 to look at the prices hit on that day (since it was the all time high for that year before the crash). What most sheep see is the intra-day high 337.88 SPX and the close of 336.77, but most missed the intra-day low of 333.33… which I’m sure was planned that way.

    Now we are many more awake sheep which should make the gangsters think twice about what level to take the market to as ritual numbers are being spotted by even the propaganda puppets on the “Thought (manipulation) Visor”… aka, the TV.

    If I were them I’d do another intra-day low on something like 3033.33 on the Nasdaq 100 or even 999.99 on the Russell 2000. I guess they could do 1666.66 SPX as the intra-day low as well but having a closing price or intra-day high of any of those targets will stand out like a lying politician does… therefore I think it will show up but not be too obvious.

    Since we are now very close to the ritual “double eleven” date of May 22nd I kinda have a feeling that they will continue this choppy crap until then and do one more exhaustion move up to hit one of those ritual targets next Wednesday and then drop like a rock (without the bounce that they had yesterday from the late day drop).

    So if you aren’t already short then I guess you can just wait until the 22nd as originally planned and go short. I really surprised though I thought we would be starting the wave 3 down on the 22nd with the wave 1 down and 2 up having already started in early May and ending on this date. Since this coming top and sell off should bottom around the retest of 1536 SPX and then bounce back up it’s sure going to make the next wave down (the wave 3) a very Bear-licious wave!

  19. SINKO DE MAYA time!!!!!! The Mayan high holiday on Monday. The enlightened ones’ Pentecost. One year removed from the solar eclipse conjunct the Pleiades…..

    As I wrote elsewhere yesterday, the SP closed at 1666.12 for at least 30 minutes before interventionists changed the close to 1667.49. 1666.12 is 999.33 pts from the 666.79 bottom on Friday May 17, 180 degrees from the Friday November 16 low and 21 trading days from the wave 4 bottom in April giving the wave 5 equality in time to the 21 td wave 1 rally off the Nov. 16 low.
    More time related squaring as well.

    I’ve been searching for the past month for that May 20 (solar eclipse related?) you tube video I saw last year which was centered around DaVinci’s Last Supper painting that had blood drawn on the floor in the shape of the letters S T L. It was in Spanish and it was titled at least partially Comidas??? (feast) but it has been one long unproductive search….

    Some major astro activity next week including the big one on May 20.

  20. We have not topped yeah. And there’s usually a solid upday before one is put in place. I could see 1680-90’s. Will you add at that level? or is your position already pretty big?

    • I’m just going to add on the 22nd regardless of the level and hope for the best Peter. Then I’ll have one more chance to add on the 29th if I’m wrong on the 22nd.

  21. Since we are only 2 days away from our preferred topping day I tend to think we’ll come short of 1700 spx as I’m sure there will be bulls looking to exit there and bears waiting to short… which means they won’t let either happen. While there is no real resistance levels up here now (because we are in uncharted territory) there is always the “even number” resistance levels.

    Therefore even numbers like 1700 spx or 16000 dow will provide resistance and also act like a magnet. Meaning that traders will look for those levels to be hit and will exit longs there and/or short. SkyNet knows this fact about human emotions and will do one of two things… fall short of hitting the level or pierce through in a fake out move higher that will fail.

    Considering that we are so close to the first ritual “double eleven” date I tend to think they will fail short of the high and make the bears chase in down while the bulls wait for a bounce back up to exit at… only they won’t give it. They should go up to the low 1690’s if they are going to top this Wednesday and stay below the 1700 level.

    If on the other hand they do some crazy 20-30 point move up Tuesday to pierce through the 1700 level then I’d still look to short around the open on Wednesday. I’m looking for that magical topping tail like they did back on 10/11/2007 to happen.

    The date of course could be wrong and it might happen after Legatus on the 29th but so far it’s looking go for the 22nd. The market acts really tired and I just don’t think they are going to push it out until the 29th. Of course it doesn’t mean it’s going to tank hard this week as the gangster don’t usually do that until after they launder their stolen money through the Vatican banks after the meeting is over with. But a top seems near too me…

    P.S. The penny stock I mentioned should start tomorrow is apparently it’s a holiday today in Canada and their market is closed.

  22. I want everyone to be aware that today is the 20th and that equals 2 or 1+1, which is eleven. Meaning that today is a ‘daily’ eleven day and ‘could’ mark the top? Remember that the gangster read this blog too and will want to fool as many sheep as possible that are waiting for the 22nd to be the top.

    I’m partially short from last week and will add to it on the 22nd should we rally back into it. But if we continue down tomorrow (doesn’t seem likely as almost all the Tuesdays this year are bullish) then the top is probably in today. The Fed speaks Wednesday and I’m sure the insiders know what Bernanke is going to say. I don’t think it will be positive for the market.

    Regardless if we top today or Wednesday the first move down should be toward the gap fill at 1597 SPX and then a bounce, followed by more selling to end the first larger move down around the 1536 SPX prior low for double bottom. Then bounce and more down…

    • Looks like a bunch of chop right now… and will probably stay that way until after 2pm tomorrow when Bernanke speaks. It’s a wildcard now as “if” they decide to pull another rabbit (dead) out of a hat I guess they could rally up higher to insane highs. But I think they won’t and we’ll start selling off.

  23. yeah. Insanity. On one end, I want to stick with the trend, but I feel like when I do, we’ll go down. We haven’t even had a healthy pullback all month

  24. Quetzi. returning back home to the location of his grand reunion last June 5th tomorrow.

    Wonder what the mind-controlled puppet will have to say tomorrow.

  25. WOW…….
    just watching 1690-1696ish and $VIX with a strong break above 13.40 to MAYBE take a small short?
    Nice bounce in gold for now!!!

  26. Today is the last deal in this card game between the Bernanke Bulls (the house) and the Dragon Bears (the players). There is one Joker left in the deck and whoever gets it will win the pot. Will the crooked dealer pull from the bottom of the deck and do a new stimulus? Or will he deal fairly from the top of the deck and give the Dragon Bears a chance?

    If so, then odds are good that the Bernanke Bulls will not be dealt the joker and the Dragon Bears will get it… winning the hand. I’ll be looking for the FOMC minutes to be released at 2:22 pm (EST) instead of the usual 2:15 pm. Or even possibly 1:11 pm CST (2:11 pm EST) to use the power of the ritual eleven number.

    We should see another move up around this period as I don’t think the shakeout is done yet. This was just the first shakeout to remove the bears’ stops from the last 2 days. There should be another shakeout close to (or just minutes before/after the release of the minutes) to shakeout bears that got short today around the high.

    Today is a very powerful and important day for the gangsters as it’s a 33 (yearly) where 0+5+(22)+2+0+1+3=33, and a (daily) 22 simply because it’s the 22nd of the month. That makes it a ‘double eleven’ day and just one day before the gangsters meet at Legatus to worship Satan for 3 days.

    The next powerful day is the 29th, which is another double eleven, but not a 33 day. Some how I think today is a move powerful day for them and should be the top. Just look for some wild moves around the release of the minutes but I expect the end result to be a move to the downside. I’m already short from around 1650 (still underwater on that 1/3 position but not shaken out) and will look for another position around 2 pm today.

    If I miss it I’m fine with that too, but odds favor another shakeout upside move. According to Mr. TopStep key levels to watch for are 1691 and 1694 SPX, and since we are in uncharted territory I’ll have to use their knowledge for resistance levels. So if you don’t have the stomach for these wild moves then wait until tomorrow to see the real direction, but I’ll take another chance and get short again today.

  27. Whatever happens after the FOMC minutes are released I don’t think at this point they will have enough power to take out the current high… meaning that any bounce is likely a gift for the bears and should be shorted.

    • Good to see you old friend! Don’t those gangsters just love their ritual numbers? LOL! So ‘if’ this is the top then should be heading toward that 1630 spx first and then the 1597 gap fill before a decent bounce. I’d exit all shorts there and reload after the wave 2 up bounce to maybe 1630-1640 area. Then short again for a ride down to retest the 1536 low.

  28. If they treat the bulls like they have the bears then there won’t be many decent bounces to let them out on (or for the bears to get short at). So “if” there is any morning bounce tomorrow (doesn’t look good) then bears will be receiving a gift as tomorrows’ close should be ugly!

    • I was early too Peter, but happy I never caved in and sold. I’ll stay short until we get a gap fill at 1597 on that old position and re-short tomorrow morning “if” we get a bounce early in the morning. So far it’s not looking good for that but you know how the gangsters love to trick us bears. Bounce or no bounce the trend is now down.

  29. Average move down is 80-100 points from what I’ve seen in the past. That implies a move down to fill the gap at 1597 spx before a decent bounce. Since it’s likely that we topped today this is a wave 1 down and after it ends we should see a nice wave 2 back up to lure in the bulls and shake out the bears.

    These moves usually take 18-20 calendar days but I wouldn’t be surprised if this one didn’t go down a lot faster. Remember that many, many sacred geometry “cycle” waves (dating back to 1897) are all converging in May and pointing down. So the time frame for these moves should shorten I believe.

    As for tomorrow, I’d short any bounce back up with 1670 area being about as high as I could see (about 50%), but I don’t know if they will even give the bulls an out like that or the bears a chance to go in short? Hopefully they will for those of you not short.

    • We should bounce early tomorrow morning… that’s a given, but do understand that these gangsters are tricky and won’t likely give the bull or bears much time to enter or exit any position. That means we could rally in the morning until noon and then sell off the rest of the day and still close in the red.

      What I’ve noticed in the past is that the market makers will make the ‘wave 2’ up be an intraday move so it looks like it never happened on the daily chart because it ends half way through the day and the wave 3 down starts the rest of the day.

      Then the bears miss the entry to go short at and the bulls miss the exit to get out at… all because they both are expecting a positive close with more upside to happen the next day. But it never happens and the ‘wave 1’ and the ‘wave 3’ seem to look like one big wave down.

      They basically merge them to keep either side from knowing what to do! The ‘wave 4’ up is the tricky one where they chop it around for many days before rolling over to complete the ‘wave 5’ down. Looking at the charts right now I don’t see any support until the 1630 spx area and then the gap fill area at 1597… so ‘if’ they bounce tomorrow intraday I’d say the next move down will go to that first support level and hold into Friday.

      • Thanks for the insight Red. bought a small spy position after the close, closes at 4:15, jt in case we don’t bounce. Will add heavily after. Great call months prior. Double ritual day- go figure (22/33)

  30. POMO ends at 11 red. So, if we get a bounce, that’s likeley the time for a reversal. Between 11-1, since lunchtime is usually weak. I’ll be looking to add short heavy around 11 assuming we’ve bounced

    • If we open up tomorrow morning with a gap up it will likely be shorted by late-comer bears and panicked bulls will exit as well. This will cause a move back down to come close to retesting the lows from today. The move up will be the ‘wave A’ and the move down will be the ‘wave B’, which leaves the ‘wave C’ back up (to complete the whole wave 2) should last until 11am to 2pm before ending.

      I’d look for a retest of the opening area around 1670 spx from today as a likely target for the end of this ABC wave 2 up. The time frame will likely be the 11am-2pm lunchtime period just as you noted. Bulls will feel relaxed and happy and bears won’t believe the sell off has really started.

      Then it should rollover into the last 2 hours of the day to start the wave 3 down that I think will end around the 1630 spx zone, but eventfully the final target for this 5 wave move down (inside a larger 80-100 point wave 1 down) should be that 1600 area for the gap fill.

      The market is closed next Monday for a holiday so who knows how fast they will move this market down? If we see that gap fill by this Friday (unlikely, but possible) then I’d exit all shorts and expect all (or most of) next week to be up for the larger wave 2 back up to who knows where?

      I’d guess at 1630 area at least but it’s hard to look that far out in advance. Regardless, the move after that should be the larger wave 3 down toward the eventual retest of the 1536 prior low. That should be out in June some time of course.

  31. i count 5 waves down on the YMs….. the up move is a W2

    bounce at the close was A wave of A-B-C

    • Whether it started into the close or tomorrow is hard to say but an ABC move up for a wave 2 is still planned to happen. I can’t guarantee it will start tomorrow but it seems likely.

  32. Logical reading of the charts tell me an ABC wave 2 up will happen tomorrow morning as we held the channel here in this chart… http://stockcharts.com/public/1092905/chartbook/287454750;

    On the other hand the “thinking like a gangster” side of me says we’ll gap down below the channel, then back test it and then sell off again into the close. Remember, everyone see’s this channel and is expecting a bounce tomorrow. The gangsters don’t usually give us what we expect do they?

    What ‘if’ we gap down to support around 1630 area and then rally back to backtest that lower trendline on that rising channel, which I’d guess would be around 1660 area… and then we roll over into the close? Just saying… expect the unexpected.

  33. SINKO DE MAYA TIME!!!!!!!

    Too funny last night in the Washington-SF Giants baseball game last night.

    With the game tied going into extra innings, the Nationals bring in pitcher Maya #31 in the tenth inning. This after former Nationals closer Storen could be seen warming up between innings. One just knew something dramatic was going to unfold and of course Maya obliged, coughing up a 2 run walkoff homer to the defending champs #48 ending the game at 4-2 (or2-4 from the Nationals point of view)

    There was a nice ritualistic numerology flash preceding the walkoff homer a couple batters earlier when Nationals first baseman LaRoche #25 visited Maya on the mound producing the Maya #31—#25 combo. Maya then gave up a base hit to #19 and then the walkoff homer to #48.

    Interestingly, Maya had just been called up from the minor leagues earlier in the day (naturally to perform his ritualistic duty) and placed into crucial spot immediately when the Nationals had more accomplished pitchers available (including their flame-throwing former closer)

    Meanwhile, there was an obvious ritual performed in the Spurs-Memphis playoffs game when Spurs guard #20 flagrantly fouled Memphis’ #9 grabbing and holding on to his arm as he went up to finish a layup with the score at 81-85 Spurs with a few minutes left in the game. #9 proceeded to violently writhe around on the ground while dramatically clutching his head although no part of his head hit the floor. It was a very WWE like moment. I believe players #33 and #31 showed up in the frame as the 20-9 takedown was occurring.

  34. nikei limit down 2 times last night …..caught most of the move luckily since i was short looking for a B wave over night

    we gotta think more intense bearish waves since soooo many were buying the QE idea ….W5 or W3 ….up all night trading my futures account

    i am fully loaded with TZA in other accounts because of these gap down plays….overnight gap down is very hard to predict but TZA will capture the move

    today will be nasty….violent


    • Not looking good for the US markets, that’s for certain… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-05-23/japanese-stocks-plunge-over-800-points-biggest-drop-22-months

      Obviously at this point there’s no bounce from that lower trendline in the rising channel that the market ‘has’ been in for quite awhile now. Instead they gaped down out of it and now the open looks to be at least 10 points down.

      This means that the first support is at 1630 and then 1597 for the gap fill, but there is also a rising channel on the daily that puts support around 1580 spx… which would scare the hell out of the bulls. I’d really expect a powerful 2-3 day rally from that level though…

  35. I’m looking for a backtest of this lower trendline in this rising channel today, and then rollover into the close. http://stockcharts.com/public/1092905/chartbook/287454750;

    Again, I have found it common that the gangsters will mix the wave 2 up inside a down day so you miss it and aren’t able to get short before the wave 3 down starts. This morning is a perfect example where we should go up in an ABC pattern to make a wave 2 and then rollover into the close to start the wave 3 down.

    It should continue into Friday morning and hopefully fill the gap at 1597 spx. The 1620 area should provide some support too but it’s a vacuum to 1597 if that breaks…. and it ‘should’ break if we start a wave 3 down today into the close. While it will likely hold today tomorrow morning it should gap below if they continue to trick the bulls and bears like they have in the past.

    So we should look for that 11am-2pm time frame for the end of this ABC move up to complete the wave 2 pattern. Then I think it’s a good short into tomorrow for continued selling.

  36. Gang, I think they are going to push this down move out until next week. You know how they like to make the market look good going into a 3 day holiday weekend. It’s obvious to me that they are holding this market up for that very reason. We should have rolled over early today and that’s not happened yet.

    So, I current see a A wave up and it looks like we are in the B wave down right now. This leaves Friday open for the C wave up to complete the whole wave 2 up. I’m getting the feeling that this C wave tomorrow is going to scare the pants off the bears and go a lot higher then anyone will believe (but NOT take out the current high).

    Therefore I’m going to exit all my short positions and wait to see what happens. I don’t trust these gangsters one bit and the trickiest move here to rip the market up hard tomorrow and fool all the bears.

    • Thx Mr. Red…..

      Will 1658-1660 resistance hold??? I have been asking myself that question…covered my short from yesterday….I’ll take a few bucks! Just watching once again till Tuesday most likely…….off tomorrow.
      Have a great weekend one and all! Seawind

      • The low is likely in for the week Seawind… so yes, the resistance will likely hold. The penny stock is showing lots of insiders (I’m guessing there) trying buy at low prices as they probably know about DMS going out to sea. By the way, they are currently on the water, so things are looking good for the next 2-4 weeks.

  37. I’ve liked May 24th as a SINKO DE MAYA date for quite awhile but it’s pretty close to a top but as with the Nikkei, they have shown that they can crash it off a top at a stretched RSI level. In fact, I think all standard technical indicators should be ignored as they flash crash it from some unusual technical standards ie elevated $nysi, RSi’s etc.

    In particular, May 24 is 1414 trading days from 10-11-2007 and 25years7months5days from the lesser grand ritual of ’87. May 24 also fits with the Cramer code which depicted the trading of CRM on May 20 at 4pm a few years back.

    Then we have the infamous numerology flash during the halftime of a Lakers game back in February that ended in a 99-90 score where they showed an initial 59 (14 or 5) followed by a 24.
    I posted that info real time and almost immediately the resident troll at the time was basically accusing me of being a crackpot.

    I noticed that the MACD lines for the SP are about to cross over in a bearish fashion and wouldn’t it make sense for them to flash crash it before a technical trigger like that could occur as well as some others like $nysi still being above its 50 day average and the number of new highs, advance decline line, #of stocks above the 50 day average etc. still near peak levels.

    A lot of people complacent about a trading day ahead of a 3 day holiday.

    Astrowise, Quetzi. and Mercury will be conjunct each other just ahead of Saturday’s full moon. Mars and Jupiter also are bunched around the moon, sun, and the previously mentioned 2 entities.

  38. Bonds have continued to sell off with equities which is really a dangerous sign. Likewise, gold and every commentator on the planet seems to be bullish on gold yet it still continues to fall.

    Lumber continues to plummet demonstrating that no RSI level can be considered too low. So much for the so call housing recovery.

    Which reminds me that IYR ie Reits have been hammered along with RTH (retail holders) and financials which had been the 3 strongest components of this final blowoff. They have relentlessly rallied over the past 6 months and seemed impervious to any sort of decline.

  39. I have a pic of FNMA at .66 (fake print) 5/24/2013 @ 1824 hrs.

    I got a size limit when I tried to upload the image.

    • Download and install a free screen capture program called “Jing” by TechSmith and then use it to make a screenshot of it. Then you upload it to your Jing account and they will give you a link that you can post here. Really simple to use… thanks.

    • That tells me Tomorrow could be a bad one as everyone expecting higher market going into 3 days weekend. Like Geccko23 said Bonds and stocks sell off is no good sign at all.

      • FP’s like that aren’t likely to play out the next day Amy. It could be weeks before that happens or even months. No way to know in advance of the ‘when’ part on it. So I have to stick with all my charts and other indicators and go with the odds… which say we’ll be up tomorrow.

  40. Ok gang, looks like that B wave down just happened at the open this morning. I’m not sure when it’s going to end but it should be done before noon today I’d think. Then the C wave up should start and carry into next Tuesday/Wednesday. After it’s done we can go back to shorting again.

  41. the bounce off the low was a W4 is my view…..that choppy move down is an ED 5th wave to new lows

    just guessing but that looks like what is happening to me

    • Could be? It’s hard to get the wave counts right as it’s unclear if this is a B wave down inside a wave 2 up with a C wave yet to come… or if it’s a 5th wave down as you suggested. For it to be a B wave down it must not go lower then yesterday’s low as then it will be a 5th wave down.

      • criminal bankers will not make it easy on the bears…. they got trillions in QE invested and a printing press

        thanks for ur insights

  42. The market is stuck in a triangle right now… http://screencast.com/t/uHtZKkkvzke6
    A breakout could happen later today if they want to close the market in the green or they could chop up and down inside it until next week. Hard too say but historically they like to close the market on Friday positive… and especially since we are going into a 3 day holiday weekend.

    But there is also just as much a likelihood that they will chop it up the rest of the day inside the triangle and breakout (or breakdown?) next week so they can leave the traders clueless as to the direction. I’m sure they took out the bulls’ stops that went long yesterday with today’s gap down, but they might leave the bears stops alone until next week.

    • this is the new normal in my opinion….robotic algorithmic churn….only HFT knows the targets because robots r the only ones trading the markets

      HFT is about 70% of todays market imagine when its 90%….bankers dream

      financial markets totally controlled with known ranges …..no crashes but unbelievable squeezes like the one we just went thru since NOV 2012….that was a algo ramp if i ever saw one….no pullbacks….no exit points until target hit

  43. Wow, $cpci (index putcall ratio) skyrocketed to 1.74 today. Was everyone really that bearish today or just smart money???

    Monday could be the infamous 27–ie 999 or 59 but the markets will be closed in the US.

    Tuesday, 5-28 could be “special”. It would be 1415 trading days from 10-11-07 and the operators certainly like the 14-15 number with all of the 14,15 week cycles etc. etc,14+15==29……14-15…ONs Jr. Market…….ObiliviON…….TbONe….Live for NOW….NO More…. and many more.

    I did realize that the Cramer Code numbers add up to a scrambled 5-28-13…
    The 3 columns add up as follows……………20—-85—-130…….
    So a European style date???ie (208)(5)(130)….. Actually, I now see even more embedded in there….

    In fact, next week should be quite fun from top to bottom…….. A lot of 61s next week.

    Just want to see how the lower daily and weekly BBs hold up to the impending decline.

  44. Oh yes and tomorrow’s infamous lunar eclipse…….The final eclipse to this very rare triple eclipse dating back over the past month. Lunar eclipses tend to work as important triggers over solar eclipses. The solar eclipse earlier in the month crossed over the Southern Pacific and was hardly seen by any of the planets’ population.

    The Hangover 3 comes out this week. Probably need to see it for its ritualistic significance. Also need to do a Great Gatsby review……Gatsby very Grand Ritual appropriate.

    • Lumber down again today……The weekly red bars are getting bigger and bigger….
      Utilities down 1% as well while most averages closed flattish to near flattish.

    • Amy, I never received an email from you with the FP screenshot. But I wouldn’t expect too much from it right now. Some of my FP’s are 2-3 years old so you can’t trade off them. Just look for that area to be a target once we start selling off.

  45. i started to watch HALO4 the movie ….this movie is soooo aimed at ‘generation unemployed’ u know the 18-27 year olds today

    message of the movie….its a good thing to killing insurrectionists with hightech weapons….u wont even get ur hands dirty !!!!

    NWO plan is always the same and they always give u a preview in a movie

    1. determine an objective 2. create a crisis opposite of objective 3. wait for masses to demand solution which accomplishes the objective

    so if u watch HALO4 and imagine the NWO objective of eliminating an entire generation of people here is the scenario

    1. eliminate a human generation 2. massive unemployment creates violent uprisings 3. youth army with licence to kill anyone using drones

    read the news its already happening in sweden UK and france ….uprising !!!

    have a nice day

  46. Looks like a wave 3 gap up open this morning and a wave 4 down right now. Only wave 5 up tomorrow is left to complete this 5 wave pattern. The high tomorrow should NOT take out the high from the 22nd to be accurate. I’ll be looking to short in the morning should the market get up closer to that prior high and complete this pattern.

  47. FNMA update:

    As expected R1=3.15 taken
    R2 = 3.53 taken
    R3 = 4.45 inplay
    Gap needs to fill at 2.07. IMO Expected by this Friday
    The close today +1.11 (37.37%) is a ritual number.

    • That could happen at the open tomorrow morning Amy as I’m expecting one more pop higher in the SPX before it rolls over. So maybe your 4.45 target is hit on FNMA around the same time the market tops and then it drops to fill that gap at 2.07 later this week while the SPX works on taking out the 1636 recent low.

    • That could happen at the open tomorrow morning Amy as I’m expecting one more pop higher in the SPX before it rolls over. So maybe your 4.45 target is hit on FNMA around the same time the market tops and then it drops to fill that gap at 2.07 later this week while the SPX works on taking out the 1636 recent low.

  48. FNMA update:

    As expected R1=3.15 taken
    R2 = 3.53 taken
    R3 = 4.45 inplay
    Gap needs to fill at 2.07. IMO Expected by this Friday
    The close today +1.11 (37.37%) is a ritual number.

  49. Did anyone mention the SP 1660.6 close?????

    Bonds were just crushed today. Not looking good.

    Tomorrow 5-29…..The ONE……Barrymore’s ending in 1942…..

    • I seen it too Geccko. The top is just about in now with tomorrow being the end of the up move for awhile I believe. I’m looking for a ‘pop and drop’, but this time the ‘drop’ actually sticks!

  50. i do not like these places where EWT counters r looking for one more wave….they never seem to materialize

    here is my count….the fact that Emini futures have already breached the top of w1 in a 5th wave count is worrisome

    chart here for what its worth …. getting short tonight in futures

    • Elliottwave is always just a guessing game as we both know the market is rigged and ‘they’ don’t let EW people make correct predictions all the time. I’m basing my thoughts on one more final high tomorrow on the charts somewhat, EW a little and ‘thinking like a gangster’ a whole lot.

  51. The first couple of hours is when the volume is the heaviest, so as long as that lower trendline holds there is a good chance they will attempt a rally to the upper trendline. The time period to look for that to happen is between noon and 2pm est. I don’t believe they will be able to breakout of this triangle and make a higher high then yesterday so I’d be looking to short when (if?) that upper trendline is hit.

    The next move down from that hit should break the lower trendline of support and take out last weeks’ low as well. After that I don’t see much support until that gap fill area around 1597 spx, so that would be the point I’d exit my shorts at.

    • That lower trendline has broken so the chance of a rally today seems very slim. It should go up a little in the lunchtime period but it’s looking very much like the high was in yesterday. Between around 11:30 am and 2 pm is the key time frame to see if it’s got the strength to rally very much. If it trades mostly sideways then it’s making a bear flag and will likely tank into the close.

  52. Ok, it looks like the bottom is going to hold for today. The 60min and 2hr charts on the ES and the SPX are curling up and should cause the market to retrace some of this move down today. The daily and the 4hr chart still have room to go on the downside though, so I’m not sure how far they can rally today?

    I’d say we will close in the red today but be up from the lows a decent amount. Depending on how much will determine if it ends today or continues higher tomorrow morning. That upper trendline on the triangle the market is in will of course drift lower tomorrow. If we rally up and hit it today into the close then they could gap over it tomorrow and try to hit last Wednesdays high.

    I don’t really see that happening as the daily chart still looks ugly, but we should never underestimate SkyNet as it see’s where all the stops are and will want to take them out before reversing the other way. Today it took out all the bulls’ stops so tomorrow it could decide to go above the 1674 spx high from yesterday to clear the bears’ stops?

    I don’t think it could hold up there at those levels because of the daily chart pointing down still but the 2hr, 60min and possibly the 4hr charts could give it enough juice to gap up there and fool everyone. Again, I’m really expecting that trendline to stop the bulls but hitting it into the close leaves us guessing and allows them to gap over it in the morning… or gap down and continue tanking?

    The ideal situation was for them to hit that upper trendline (around 1660 spx now) between noon and 2pm, which would have allowed enough time for it to hold back the bulls and force it to rollover into the close. But if they continue up the rest of the day and hit it around the close then tomorrow will be a tough call.

    However, thinking like SkyNet would tell me that the odds would favor a gap up over the trendline to take out the bears’ stops just above 1674 spx and then tank the rest of the day and into Friday with the lower trendline of support breaking on the next move down.

    • cruel market scenario yes take from both sides

      lots of bull stops at 1636-4….notice how they didnt hit them today when they had the chance ??? 1638 held …why ?

      1. they take them overnight when bulls r sleeping

      2. bankers want more distribution of their HUGE inventory of expensive stocks -chop chop chop between 1644 and 1655 for a day then drop it

      i like #2

      • Hmmm… number 2 could happen but I think number 1 will be what they do. Drop in tonight to hit the last of the bulls’ stops and then ram it up in the morning tomorrow is what I’d do if I were SkyNet.

  53. FNMA update:

    Support at 3.15 is now major resistance.
    My gap of 2.07 was filled today.

    Smart Money left the party and now dumb money is emotional about it.

    Market should continue to drift lower tomorrow.

    • Could be Amy? We won’t know until tomorrow morning of course but based on the charts they say we are oversold on the short term. Naturally we could stay oversold for longer then we might expect but considering the bullish bias to the market all the time one would think that a bounce would happen when oversold versus the opposite of never going down when being overbought and staying overbought for way longer then it would in a market that wasn’t heavily manipulated.

  54. looks like scenario #2 was correct today | chop chop | melt up | chop chop

    unload junk

    now a nice spike to sell into perhaps tomorrow and pull the rug out

  55. I think we just saw a wave 4 down into the close if I’m reading the charts right? If so then a gap up wave 5 tomorrow morning should end the larger C wave up from low yesterday at 1640.36 spx. That larger C wave is inside a larger wave 2 up that started on the 23rd at the 1636.07 low.

    The A wave up started there and ended at 1674.21 on the 28th with the B wave down starting there and ending at 1640.36 (on the 29th) where a 5 wave pattern started the final C wave (to complete the entire ABC wave 2 up).

    There should be some light selling afterhours to complete this smaller wave 4 down and then we’ll see the final wave 5 up in the morning. If so, then that wave 5 will complete the larger C wave and also complete the larger wave 2 up. That’s sets up the larger wave 3 down to start afterwards that should go down to 1597 at least I’d think.

      • Up first and then lightly down… maybe closing about flat (with another topping tail of course), as you know how they don’t like to tank it on Friday’s. Usually they keep it looking positive for the weekend, so another topping tail with some mild selling seems likely… but don’t be fooled as it’s probably the start of the larger wave 3 down into next week!

    • that scenerio may play out but lets not think too much…..we had the W1 down we had a nice retrace up in a A-B-C zigzag for W2

      then we had the w1 of 3 down but did not make a new low….its not a rule…does not have to make a new low…this is where the crooks r tricking most traders….

      they sold into the move up today which i think is a w2 of 3 and we r starting 3of3of1 down at the close
      1minute chart does not mean much but it is a nice looking 5wave structure ….5waves down means at least another 5waves down to follow a correction up…thats just me and how i trade short timeframes

  56. They are dragging this triangle out until the very end it seems. I thought they would breakout to the upside today in that final 5th wave up but it doesn’t look likely now. The longer they stay in the triangle the weaker the chances of an upside breakout and the stronger the chances of a breakdown to the downside. Whichever way they break it I don’t think we’ll know until Monday.

  57. That was ugly gang… I sure missed the call on that 5th wave up. I hope some of you were short and benefited from it as it’s looking like that wave 3 down started and we are probably headed toward that gap fill at 1597 soon.

  58. just a few pissed off bears left but we can still do some damage !!!!

    now the question will be>>>>> will we get 5waves down off the 1684 top

    this move down from 1684 could be a W4 zigzag off the top of a W3 high of 1684….before we get too bearish we need to see those 5 fleshed out waves

  59. SINKO DE MAYA only had a minor impact but maybe heralds the start of the big move down.

    A certain little indicator did drop below its 50 day average while its component reached one of the most negative readings over the past 1+ years. It’s either in crash or bounceback territory but the indices have to contend with the lower BBs which aren’t that far away.

    I don’t have anything for 6-3 so maybe a drop to the lower BB, minor piercing and then bounceback to flattish type of day for tommorrow. Only thing really for 6-3 is it is 1337 weeks from the lesser grand ritual and that is about as good a number for anything other than possibly 1339 but that is an options expiration week. Or 9359days which is another high impact number.

    5-31 was 5-4, Friday the 31st, a disguised 5-24 ie 5and 31+13or 44, 9 years3months27days from Facebook day, 21years35days(56 or 8 7s) from the Bradley ode to the ’29’92 ritual date or 7705 days among some other nice numey hits that I don’t have time to go into.

    Friday was a TD daily bear flip, possible kickoff/ initiation move but that certain little indicator doesn’t have very much furthur to move to the downside so maybe some backing and filling as the indices play around the lower BB and let the 20day period ago reach some higher levels allowing the 20 day average to turn down.

    Australian dollar continues to crash while lumber finally had a big 2 day pop to alleviate a monster oversold condition.

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