Global Currency Reset Planned Within The Next 90 Days


Stock Market Forecast For 2014

(update made on January 2nd, 2014)

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Lindsey Williams puts a date of "90 Days" until the elite will reset the currencies of 204 countries world wide!

While I can't say that he's going to be right... or wrong but this is first time I can recall him stated an exact time frame like this.  He's previously stated dates like "by the end of 2013" or "by the end of 2012" the dollar will be basically worthless.  That's not very specific as it's too speculative due to the nature of what one person calls worthless versus what someone else states is worthless.

But I will admit that the "buying power" of the US Dollar is a whole lot less today then it was in 2011 as I've personally seen prices rise on food significantly in the last  2 years.  And I'll noticed the trickery of the companies selling food products by keeping the price the same but by decreasing the size of the container that it's in.  I now see 59 ounce bottles of orange juice instead of 64 ounces, which is a half gallon.  Other things they just rise the price on them or keep the box the same size but put less in the bag of chips as they just have mostly air in them inside a large bag.

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It's crooked but it's all planned and done by the elite to keep us sheep stupid, fat and too tired to fight them.

I'm actually surprised that they let Lindsey state a time frame for the global currency reset.  So either they are setting him to look like a fool when it doesn't happen or they are telling the truth and just don't care if we sheep know about it as there's nothing we can do to stop them.  That's true I'm sure but while we can't stop them we can profit from it... "if" it really does happen in the next 90 days?

The 90 days starts from December 4th, 2013 so that means it's should happen by March 4th, 2014.  Now if you listen closely to Lindsey's words you'll notice he states that "if Christine Lagarde gets her way" (she's the head of the IMF) then this global currency reset WILL happen.  The thing that stands out to me is that he says that we'll first see them raid the pension funds of America and then shortly afterwards they will reset the dollar.  So if we don't see them raid the pension funds then they won't be resetting the dollar by 30% as he states.

So how can you profit from this you ask?

Simple really... "if" we see them confiscate the pension funds and nationalize them within the next 90 days then there is a very good chance that Lindsey will be correct and that they will devalue the dollar here in America (and the other 200+ countries) "shortly thereafter" as he states.  What Lindsey doesn't tell us in this video is what the new reserve currency is (but I think I heard somewhere it's going to be the Chinese Yuan?).  But regardless of what the new currency will be one thing will NOT be affected negatively and "should" go up an equal percentage to the value the dollar goes down.

That "thing" is GOLD... and "if" this happens as Lindsey states we could see gold go up 30% overnight when they devalue the dollar 30% overnight.  If one was to time this correctly and simply go long on gold via GLD by buying some "calls" a small fortune could be made.  While I can't tell you what to do, which strike price to buy or when to buy it... you can figure this out if you just keep your ears open to see if they raid the pension funds first.  As if that happens you'll know that they could do the currency devaluation shortly afterwards... and it should all happen before March 4th, 2014 if the 90 day period is correct.

You should know by now what time period I'll be looking at hard for a decision to be made (or canceled?) as I told you all many times to pay close attention to when these people meet at this organization because many times (not always) "turns" in the market happen shortly before, during, or after any of these meetings.  The next meeting is February 6th-8th, 2014 so when the elite meet during this meeting they "should" make their final decision to "do" or "do not" reset the currencies and steal the pension funds.

Therefore my personal plan of action will be to look for them to steal the pension funds first and then shortly there after to devalue the dollar by 30%, and so I would be looking to buy some gold calls prior to the devaluation but after the pension fund raid.  Now I might also by a small position of calls simply ahead of the February 6th-8th meeting with the expectation that "they" will be stealing the pension funds right after the meeting.  They could do them both at the same time and therefore we'd miss the opportunity to get some gold longs via GLD Calls... which is why I might get some early in case they trick us and do it all together where we can't get long in advance.

I will suggest that those of you that are familiar with options to login to your account daily and look at the amount of "open interest" that shows up every day in the various strike prices of the "GLD Calls" for the month of January, February and March 2014.  Why?  Because insiders WILL load up on gold calls shortly before this global currency devaluation happens.  If you see that please make sure you share that will everyone here on the blog by taking a screen shot and posting in the comments (or email it to me and I'll post it).

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As far as the market I'd guess it won't necessary move it too much but I'm sure there will be some fear and therefore selling in it.  I just see the biggest opportunity is in betting on the huge move up in gold.  Right now the market is selling off some but I wouldn't be surprised if we rally this coming week and into the end of the year.


P.S. Here's the link to the article I speak of in the video...

P.S.S. If you want to watch the full version of Lindsey Williams' video it's here:

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  1. I really doubt if anything changes at the FOMC meeting today at 2pm. However, the charts do support one more move down to that 1760 area. If the low breaks today odds are 90% that we’ll go a little low on Thursday before bottoming. Of course if he states something positive then we could have already bottomed and should rally.

    This is a triangle formation and the breakout can happen at anytime now as it’s nearing the apex of the triangle. But sometimes bullish triangles break and then we’d see a sharp move down. With it being so close to Christmas even if it does break I’m not expecting a lot on the downside.I’d be shocked if it went past 1750 spx.

    When charts are bearish like this but near the bottom it’s hard too tell how much farther they will continue down. A positive statement from Bernanke should cause them to curl back up and start a rally, but a negative statement will push the charts lower into a deeper oversold condition.

    I think his statement won’t be viewed negative or positive and will just keep traders guessing. That cold setup the market to continue chopping in this triangle all day and push it out to the very end of the apex by the close. Then maybe on Thursday the jobs data (or some other news) will be the determining factor to which direction the market will go?

  2. I must admit… I’m shocked they started tapering. And we are rallying from it, which from past experiences the first move after the FOMC minutes are released is “usually” the “misdirection” move. Meaning that I don’t think the selling is over with as this is likely to be just a short squeeze before another move down to make a lower low over the coming days to weeks.

    • This rally today was way too strong to think it’s just a “misdirection” move up. At this point I’m going with the forecast that the low is in for awhile now and we are on our way back up for the rest of the year and into early 2014. We should rally to at least 17,000 DOW I believe as previously talked about.

    • Hey RDL. I was myself surprised at the pre-Christmas – and pre-Yellen change in policy. The Fed is rarely unconventional.

      Yet, the markets reaction was entirely expected. A perfect hit of the 50 day MA..and then soaring.

      All the doomers – not least the Lyndsey Williams will be crawling back in their holes by end of the spring, which ironically, when the next intermediate top will be due.

      • I’m still looking for 17,000 DOW (about 1920-1960 SPX) before we end this rally up. Then I’ll be looking for a Primary Wave 4 down that should shave about 20-30% off the top.

        I get the feeling that “they” are misleading Lindsey Williams (again) and we won’t see this “Global Currency Reset” in the next 90 days. History shows that the last time they devalued the dollar was at the bottom of the stock market in 1932… not the top in 1929.

        So, logic tells me we’ll top out in late January or early February (probably around the Legatus meeting on Feb. 6th-8th, 2014) and then we’ll drop into the summer. Then at the bottom they will come on TV and announce that they are going to steal the pension funds of the public… followed by a currency reset.

        This should give the market the fuel needed to rally up to insane new all time highs in the coming years of 2015 and 2016. This will be the Primary Wave 5 up that lasts to way too long and possibly puts the DOW at 30,000+?

        Then we’ll see the largest crash in the history of mankind happen that will make the 1929 crash look like blip on the radar. Just imagine a drop from 30,000 to 3,000 in a year or two? That’s what I’m expecting they have planned.

        Will they do it… or will there be some greater power stop them? I don’t know? I only can think about today and a short period into the future. So while I still see gold going up huge overnight from this currency reset I wouldn’t go long it until the stock market first tops and then bottoms from Primary Wave 4 down.

        I estimate that to be somewhere between June to August of 2014 (for the bottom I mean). So we should keep our eyes open for FOMC meetings in late January and/or early February 2014 for a “possible” top. I suspect Bernanke will be instructed to say something at such meeting to cause the sell off to follow.

        • re: Just imagine a drop from 30,000 to 3,000

          Possible..but I can’t see that.

          The one thing most continue to ignore is that the money has to go somewhere. Now, unless you think the US bond market is going to suck up a lot of the spare money (at low rates)..then most money will end/stay in equities.

          Basic text book chart rule…

          We have a breakout of the old double top of sp’1500s.

          Given a 2 yr climb…the natural thing would be for the market to floor at the 1500s..before the next era begins.

          I realise for most out there.. the notion that we’ll NEVER see under sp’1500 again’ is a bizarre thought, but right now. I’m the only one who seems to be considering it.

          If there is anything the bears should have learned since 2009….keep an open mind to the future.

          Good wishes from a stormy London

          • I certainly hope we don’t crash that far Permabear, but you know they have something like 700-800 TRILLION DOLLARS in those derivatives out there… and that they created them just to crash the market in the future.

            Without them then you’re right, the money will have too go somewhere. But if there is not enough money in the entire system to pay off the derivative bets then it will coming crashing down until they are all zeroed out somehow.

            I’m not sure how that will happen but these evil people have been planning this since the 1980’s when they created these off book bets. If they get their way then they will shutdown the banks like they told Lindsey they will, but maybe we’ll see some divine intervention to stop it?

          • yes..the derivatives mountain is an issue…hell, even I forget about that little problem sometimes!

            One thing seems clear though…

            This will all be resolved with some kind of ‘reset’ by 2018/20.

            No doubt the central banks must have all sorts of backup plans in place of a system-break…but still..this is one damn tricky system to predict.

            First things first though…

            Lets see how the Fed react to some kind of major market drop next summer. I’m certainly looking for something in the style of 1998 or 2011.

            The drop will be strong..but relatively brief. For many…2014 will be very confusing.

          • Yes, I could see a top around that February 2014 meeting (again, I think it could be centered around an FOMC just as well) with the drop that follows being very sharp and ending in the summer months.

            As far as how low will we go? We could see the September/November 2012 highs revisited I think. That’s just below 1500 SPX, and that’s a very realistic Primary Wave 4 down target. Once the top is in I’d look for Fib levels using the March 2009 low as one point and the coming high as the other.

          • The sp’2100s are a natural target in the next wave..after a summer/autumn low in 2014.

            So…long from least 500pts up..if not even higher.

            Here is the issue though, how many bears will get lost in hysteria next year, calling for the end of the world? I’m guessing…most…only to see them get nuked in the final large wave up.

          • That should put the DOW at 20,000 or more, and yeah… I could see that too. I don’t really have a clue to what the coming all time high will be in 2017 or so, but it should be high enough to have gotten ever last bear on the planet to becoming a bull.

          • Well, regardless of what the grand multi-year high will be…it’ll make for one hell of a better short position than where we currently are.

            I realise some would call prices a bubble right now..but really..PEs are only half of what they have been at key peaks.

            The Bernanke paper-bubble..which is what it is..has been one bizarre experience..we’re surely two thirds of the way through this stupid experiment.

            No doubt..Yellen will get the blame when it all ends badly..although she supported the original policy anyway.

          • I haven’t been around much the last month or so…….but wanted to say…Thanks for the read/conv! Thanks for all that you do Mr. Red…it’s much appreciated!
            Have a Merry Chritmas and a Happy New year to you Mr Red and this blog!

            All my best; Seawind

  3. While I certainly don’t hate gay people as I know that most are simply born that way and can’t help the fact that they have a female spirit (soul) inside a male human body or male spirit inside a female human body, I will go on record that it’s NOT the normal… as much as the Bravo network (owned, controlled and heavily promoted by the satanist Illuminati) would like to promote that the world is full of gay people.

    Sorry for those of you born that way as I’m sure I was too in some prior life. I, and you too, have lived hundreds of lives as both a woman and a man… but the normal thing is to be straight. It’s talked about in the Bible and while I can’t claim to be a “saved” person I still try to do the right thing.

    So I fully support Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. He has every right to publicly state his belief of the Bible and the fact that he’s a Christian. The gay community has taken over the main stream media as the Illuminati is hell bent on destroying everything the Bible stands for. Again, I’m not perfect but I know right from wrong.

    It 100% wrong for these idiot producers on TV to ban Phil Robertson for him voicing his opinion as once we stop free speech we the people lose! If the satanist Illuminati can openly promote gay relationships we the sheep should be able to openly support natural marriage.

    So if anyone that is gay takes this like I hate them… you wrong, as I don’t. I’m trying not to even hate the satanist Illuminati, so forgive me if you take this as an attack. It’s not… I’m just tried of a “one sided” point of view. The other 90% of the population is actually straight and are getting tired of seeing 4 out of 5 gay guys that real estate agents in New York city…. as I know damn well that’s not the NORM!

    I have some gay and lesbian friends and love them dearly… but they can’t help it. I understand that and don’t hate them… so stop hating Phil Robertson for speaking his point of view.

    Ok… enough ranting as no one is actually reading my blog anymore as it’s just me and San commenting here lately. Merry Christmas to me and him.

  4. Ok, so I haven’t exactly been around much to give you guys update…. sorry! I’ve been busy with other stuff. In fact, I’m still working hard on perfecting this this penny stock thing. Yes, I know the picks lately have been “hit or miss” but I’m confident the new picks will be more accurate.

    You must remember that anything said in the newsletter that implies a certain percentage of gain is just an estimate and you as reddragonleo followers should be be able to figure out that should you exit at a 50% gain and NOT look for some maximum potential like 300% or more as promoted in the newsletter.

    Don’t be greedy… yes, some picks will explode upwards and some won’t. I can’t control that as all I can do is give the best information I have. While this is a new sector to me I’m now about a year into it and I’m getting a lot better information then I was a year ago… so use common sense here please.

    You guys are getting this information BEFORE the rest of the world! I will NOT be reposting this on facebook or twitter so only those REAL reddragonleo followers will see this comment. You should make a point to email me as I try to help out long time followers. 🙂

  5. Astro activity is starting to heat up again. Mars is currently doing what I mentioned Venus did about a month ago which preceded the exalted events of double ninen. And the Sun will soon be joining Mars in this positon. With retrograde Jupiter moving back to Sirius and Quetzi in retrograde moving back towards an opposition to Jupiter to form a potential Cardinal Grand Cross…..

    And we get a Silver Linings Playbook rematch tomorrow to the events depicted in the movie in the grand finale on December 28, 2008 with the Tony Romo-less Dallas Cowboys squaring off with the Philadelphia Eagles for the division crown….

    Meanwhile wunderking QB #12 for the 1929 Champion Green Bay Packers will be returning to action against the division rival BEARS, the team that “knocked” him out of action several weeks ago. (Bears #99 with a WWE-inspired pile drive of #12 into the turf}. I expect to see an explosion of 12-87 hookups tomorrow in this division deciding rematch.

    On the final Monday night game of the year, which took place in the final game to be played at Candlestick Park in SF (home to the infamous NFC deciding 16 to 87 gamewinning TD pass back in ’82)(42 years of existence), the 49ers whooped up on the Falcons despite retiring Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez scoring the 111st TD of his career.

    I’ve been waiting for the miraculous recovery of Packer’s QB #12(although it became quite extended) so cue the Hunger Game’s Cannon Shot.

  6. DHS insider gives final warning

    “I don’t think anyone except the initiated few know the precise series of events or the exact timing, just a general overview and an equally general time period. I think we’re in that period now, as DHS has their planned responses finalized. Also, the metals are important because it’s real money, not Ponzi fiat currency. The U.S. has no inventory of gold, so the prices are manipulated down to cause a sell-off of the physical assets. China is on a buying spree of gold, and other countries want their inventory back. The very people causing the prices to drop are the ones who are also buying the metals at fire sale prices. They will emerge extremely wealthy when the prices rise after the U.S. currency becomes wallpaper. A little research will identify who these people and organizations are.”

    • DHS insider gives final warning

      Interesting find dchrist81….

      The whistleblower seems very well informed except for one part….

      “Do you remember former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announcing that the Pentagon was unable to account for $2.3 trillion in the defense budget? That was on September 10, 2001, the day before the attacks of 9/11. Some suggest that 9/11 was orchestrated, in part to cover up the missing money, which is ludicrous.”

      That last word… “ludicrous” is clearly wrong. It should read like this…

      “… which of course is 100% accurate”.

      Now the question is… are we witnessing a true whistleblower or a planted article to get us sheep into a fear mode where we make bad trading decisions based on our interpretation of what this article means?

      Everyone that reads my blog now should now know that” the powers that be” put out bad information on all media outlets that they control (and they control everything 100%… except the internet, which is mixed with half truth and half lies) to get us sheep to take the other side of the trade they are on.

      So, what does this article hint at, suggest, or otherwise imply? I think it’s covertly telling the sheep to buy gold just like Lindsey Williams’ video does. While neither are outright telling us sheep to buy gold at these levels they certainly dance all around the subject.

      And, they’ve told us to do within 90 days of Lindsey’s video… which was on December 4th, 2013 and that means March 4th, 2014 is the deadline for this currency reset (Lindsey’s prediction) and staged event (the DHS insider’s article) to happen.

      I’m going to stick by my thoughts that if history repeats itself the currency reset won’t happen until the stock market drop hard first and finds a bottom. A 20-30% drop into mid-summer next year would be the ideal place to announce the currency reset.

      It wasn’t done at the top of the stock market in 1929 and I doubt it will be at the top in 2014. Roosevelt didn’t devalue the dollar 40% until the bottom of the entire crash, which was 1932… then gold soared afterwards!

      Now, we are currently in a massive Primary Wave 3 up that I expect to end early 2014 around 17,000 DOW (give or take a 100 points) and we should be following that with a massive 20-30% selloff for Primary Wave 4 down.

      That leaves Primary Wave 5 up to take us out to 2016/2017 for a final blowoff top of probably 30,000+ on the DOW! Yeah… crazy huh? That’s the most likely way that I expect this to play out.

      If I’m wrong then the high of this Primary Wave 3 up will end the whole rally from the 2009 low of 666 SPX and it would then be changed to a 3 wave pattern instead of a 5 wave pattern. So it would then be Primary Wave C up and the crash of 80% or more would follow… but I don’t think that’s the case here.

      As for gold, again… I wouldn’t go long gold unless we see the announcement on TV about the government raiding pension funds. And the market MUST have sold off from some prior scare first as well.

      Think about this for a moment…

      When is the last time the government has every passed some bill or made some major changes without first having created the staged event first? Never is the answer. They first must create the problem and make it HUGE to scare the sheep into begging for the solution.

      They had to create 911 to pass the patriot act, and they will have to create some new financial (or physical) disaster again before they can just go in a rob the pension funds. So I’ll give you 99% odds that they won’t do this currency reset/pension fund raid until the stock market has sold off first.

      As for what gold will do from the top of the DOW to it’s 20-30% haircut I don’t know? If there is enough fear then you can argue that traders will run to gold for a safe haven. But if there are too many margin calls and big hedge funds have too dump gold to cover them, then we could see gold go down with the market.

      The safe play will be to short the stock market in the 17,000 DOW area and stay short until we see around 13,000 DOW (or lower). At that point I’d be looking for them to come out with the announcement that they are going to have to steal your pension fund money.

      So, I’d think that the global currency reset will happen shortly after that, or at the same time? That’s the point you’d look toward going long gold I think, as the time between the coming top of the stock market and the bottom will be a little tricky to trade gold.

      • re: A 20-30% drop into mid-summer next year would be the ideal place to announce the currency reset.

        Err…no. A reset is the last thing likely for at least a few more years.

        RDL, you’re getting a little overly gloomy again. If the last 2 years should have shown you, things will take longer than just about anyone is guessing.

        Lots of gold bug hysteria this past weekend…they sure haven’t learnt a damn thing this past year. They have been touting a floor every single month..and we’re still broadly trending lower.

        Anyway….good wishes for 2014 !

        • My gut tells me that all the “gold buying hysteria” is of course the wrong thing to do. I personally think gold will continue down and break 1,000 at some point but I’m just guessing there.

          And yeah, a reset would be better suited to happen when the real bottom finally hits, but that’ still years away I think. After the 20-30% drop I still think we are going up to insanely high levels into late 2016 or early 2017 before a final top happens.

          So I won’t be getting really gloomy until around that period Permabear. When we see 33,333 on the DOW… I’m shorting! LOL

  7. Mars and Pluto are conjuncting right now and Mercury is moving into the mix joining the conjunction in maybe 7 or 8 hours….daybreak east coast time……with the Sun not too far behind. The new moon will occur in the midst of all this on New Years Day. Meanwhile, Jupiter isn’t too far away from forming an opposition to all of this.

    Tomorrow has some interesting hits….The German Grand Prix that saw the fiery crash of Niki Landa which is the heart of the recent flick Rush took place on August 1, 1976 which will be 13,666 days later tomorrow. (37years4months30 days)….The July 4 1921 photo at the end of the Shining was an actual New Years Eve photo of some Federal Reserve centered party in the 20s. 1921===13 and 19+12==31. Kubrick originally wanted the photo to take place in 1999, the end of the twentieth century,999 , the ultimate in finality. The Sorcerer release date of June 24,1977 will be 12,339 days earlier tomorrow.

    Tomorrow will also be 86,806 days from the founding of the enlightened ones or 237years 7months 30days later.

    Markets in Europe are closed tomorrow so I don’t really know what type of news event could spawn a big move but some of the leading tech stocks are starting to break down..

    • Popgun put in all sorts of passing records on Sunday getting 55tds for the season and getting the 266 yards needed to get the single season passing yardage record with 5477 yards. He got the yards on his fourth touchdown at the end of the first half with the Broncos up 31-0 and was promptly benched. He tds were to #87,#27,and #88 twice.

    • Looks like you have a new blog their Al Go. The best way to get the word out about your blog is to engage and comment on other blog that have been around awhile Once you get to know the posts on various blogs they will come visit your blog if you have charts to post for them.

      SAN is a great example as he takes the time to post updates on many different blogs and people love his charts. He always responds back to anyone that replies to his comment post and gives direct links to his charts.

      You need to make your “disqus” handle name a “clickable” link directly to your homepage and then when you make a comment on my blog or others blogs you post the link directly to the whole post and/or the chart.

      Don’t just post to your home page as some bloggers will view that as spamming. Everyone has to start somewhere so I overlook simple errors done by new bloggers. But some old timer blog owners aren’t as forgiving (or willing to help) as I am. So if you take the time to “engage” in the conversation and only post a link to your actual blog post (or the chart) most blog owners will be fine with it.

      And if you fix your disqus handle to hyperlink to your homepage you’ll get people clicking on that link as well. Google will give the backlinks too and you’ll then get traffic from it.

      Just know that most of us “stock market” bloggers have been around a long time and we pretty much all know each other. It’s a tight community of people and you want to get off on the right foot if you are starting a new blog.

      Also, get yourself an image icon for your disqus handle. It all takes time to learn and get your site setup with a nice looking theme and all so I’m here to help if you need any. Just email me and I’ll do my best to help you get started.

      • Hi Red Dragon, thanks for the great start up tips. Im not really marketing savvy in this regard. But many thanks for the feedback and the effort that you put into responding. Much appreciated and some great pointers

    • Might not make it up that high though Shanky? Looks more likely to chop sideways all day until the close and make a bear flag. That would imply another drop tomorrow morning if the bear flag plays out? Be nice if it rallies up to meet that trendline though, as it would be the best shorting spot I think.

  8. I think we have one more day (or possibly the morning only?) of downside before we turn back up and continue the rally up toward the 17,000 DOW area. So the 1810 SPX area could be hit Tuesday morning if we gap down… and possibly we could dip a little lower but that’s about all I see on the downside.

    The video I did a few days ago seems to be pretty accurate so far, although we might bottom tomorrow instead of this Thursday/Friday as I suggested in it. Maybe we bottom Tuesday, bounce up for the A wave up on Wednesday, back down for the B wave on Thursday/Friday and up for the C wave for all next week.

  9. Hey Red…I not seen you post anything on it…but for the record…you should note the NYSE comp, which ghost-spiked almost 10% higher this morning.

    My target for the spring was indeed the 11000s..which would equate to sp’1950/2050.

    Regardless…enjoy rest of the week.

  10. Remember the old saying from Mr. TopStep (from “The PitBull”) stating that the low is “usually” put in the week prior to option expiration week (the monthly opx, not the weekly’s… which is next Friday the 17th) on the Thursday or Friday of that week.

    That’s tomorrow and possibly Friday. So after one more drop I think we are going back up to our final destination high of 17,000 DOW (+/- 100 points)… which again I’m look to happen somewhere around the 28th/29th FOMC meeting or the 6th-8th of February (as explained in my video above on this post).

    One more thing… a lot of you have emailed me about becoming a VIP member for the newsletter and I haven’t answered your email yet. Sorry about that… been very busy. I will answer as soon as possible. The membership is $99.00 per month and the 19/2 success ratio is based on another website I own and started with my partner about 6 months after my first pick recommendation back in 2013.

    Meaning that we’ve gotten a ton better at finding hot picks then when we first started. I hope everyone knows by now that’s I’m just like you guys and went through a learning curve in that market just like my early picks back in 2009 when I was young and dumb to the “real” truth of who controls the market.

    So my goal is to reward those long time followers with great information on these picks from here on out. I know some of you think it was just luck that I recommended SOFT at $2.20 last Friday (to Premium members… and yes, I know you guys didn’t know I had another site that offered this) and seen the stock soar to over $7.00 Monday morning.

    My partner and I wanted to make DAMN sure we have access to the most accurate information about these penny stocks before we offer a VIP paid membership to you loyal follows. (Note: If you have never introduced yourself by emailing me and saying “Hi”, now is a great time).

    So here’s the deal… I will be creating a separate website for this VIP membership and there will be a limited time opening for this. Obviously there is only so shares available in the float of these penny stocks and too many members buying shares will limit the upside potential of the stock… therefore we really do have to limit the amount of members.

    For those of you on the newsletter you’ll remember that we sent you an email about BLUF some weeks back with the hopes that it would run from around $1.50 to $5.00-$7.00 range as we predicted. But, it topped out at $2.00 the very day we expected it to run higher. We noticed massive volume on that day and believe that there was too many people selling into that rally.

    This is again why we MUST limit the VIP membership as when we identify a stock with the potential to soar we can’t have too many people buying it up before it makes it’s forecasted move up. In the penny stock market there isn’t much activity in the stock until something comes out to cause a renewed interest… and therefore lots of buying and volume.

    We have made the right connections over the last year to anticipate these big moves up prior to them happening… but if too many people are in the same boat you should know by now what happens… NOTHING!

    Kinda like the press releases (or earnings announcements) in some well known stock like Apple. If too many people are long the stock prior to the announcement we get the old “Buy the rumor, Sell the news” event.

    Well… the penny stock market is just like that. While it’s taken my partner and I the entire last year to learn how things work in this area we still can’t have a 100 people coming into a stock and buying up $5,000 of it! That’s just too much money in this market and it will limit the upside move when we expect something too happen.

    So you MUST email me to let me know if you are interested in joining the $99.00 per month VIP membership as I will make sure I reserve a spot for you when you do. Of course if we don’t perform you can always cancel your membership at anytime. When the new site is finished we’ll reopen the membership and I’ll email everyone with an offer to join.

    My partner and I did go through some tough times last year as we got some winners and some losers… which is why I never had a paid membership site. However, now that we have much, much better information we believe it’s time to invite everyone into it.

    We’ve only hand invited a few select members into this membership site over the past 6 months or so while we honed our craft. Those guys are professional traders and buy and sell these penny stock picks many times. Meaning that they DON’T look for 100%, 200%, or 500% gains as we may forecast is possible.

    These guys trade accounts worth over $100,000 and place order to buy $5,000 worth of some penny stock we recommend and sell at a 50% gain, wait for dip, buy it again and get out for another 30% profit. They are pro’s at this and just “feel” the energy in the stock.

    You must know that even if a pick has a potential of 300-500% in gains you can’t get greedy in this market. There are only certain times that there is enough volume (bid’s and ask’s) that you can buy and sell your position.

    Therefore you need to get in and get out when you see the buying coming in. My partner and I will do our best to predict when that possible rally will happen so you can get in at a lower price prior to it happening… but I can’t tell you when to sell it.

    Anyway… I’ll be sure to let everyone know when the new site is up and open for new members. Free members will still get these picks for nothing, but know that you’ll likely missed half the move up already. But hey… when we told free members about SOFT it was at the close last Friday when it was around $3.30, which was still a good entry when we seen $7.00 plus happen on Monday.

  11. More heated astro activity. Mars forms a square to retrograde Jupiter tomorrow while a loose grand square continues across the Cardinal quadrants. Quetzi and the Sun progress to a new reunion.

    Florida State, the new BCS champion, in 1987 finished 2nd in the nation with a 11-1 record while finishing this season 14-0. I still feel last years’ BCS championship game had a more occultic feel to it as BAMA squared off against the Fighting Legatians in MIAMI as BAMA finished off the Legatians 42-14. Didn’t get the significance of Auburn getting to the championship game until I realized they are from BAMA and they did knock off the defending champ ROLL TIDE this year to get to the championship game. Unfortunately, BAMA was defeated in its Bowl game this year last Thursday kicking off the new year slide in the market. The TIDE definitely ebbed on 1-2,14.

    • They got a name for the winners of the world
      I want a name when I lose
      They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
      Call me Deacon Blues.

      BAMA Deacon Blues.

  12. Happy New Year Red.

    I’m not so sure about Lindsay and 90 days.

    ..but I can say that today – certainly rang the bell for a run to safety via precious metals & treasuries. one day does not make a trend, but the timing is there. weeks before any of today’s
    silly news.

    here is a chart of treasury shorts, and time is up for any profit in that area, bias to the downside.
    I’ve been watching this charts for months, so i’ll spice it up with a red dragon watermark.


  13. Tomorrow is 1-11 and on this day Quetzi and the Sun will have another reunion. It’s a 16—1-11-14 or 4444 also 555 or 111-5. Also a PI day ie 3-14.

    I did discover in looking back at last year’s BAMA Fighting Legatians BCS championship game that the two hadn’t played each other since 1987 back on November 14 or 11-14 of that year.

    The 1929 Champion Green Bay Packers were eliminated last week in the first round of the NFL Playoffs so #12’s miraculous recovery carried the Packer’s only so far. They were eliminated by the 49ers (7×7), my pick to go all the way. (NO has a slight chance…I see them defeating Seattle tomorrow—it depends if things go down on Mardi GRas,a GRavity reference—-I notice the Ms have their Gs out in full force combined with their use of the term GRit ie True Grit.)

    In True Grit, the girl Mattie Ross is pretty much a reference to Venus and the Indian territories represents her journey through the underworld. Currently Venus is in the underworld in its continual lifecycle but she will be rising once again soon. The first film True Grit opened on June 11, 1969, 44years 7months(87) tomorrow.

  14. It looks like they wanted the 49ers—roid raging PED Hawks revenge matchup in Seattle next week for the NFC Championship game. No NO so no Mardi Gras ritual unless Fat Tuesday c’est manana which could be the case.

    For the AFC matchup, there will be the typical Brady Popgun grudge matchup in Denver. A lot of numerology flashing as usual in the games yesterday but don’t have the time to go over them but there was the typical 1-11 flashing I see when Cam Newton and Carolina is involved and a nice little 11-7 flashed on Kaepernick’s TD run. I also noticed Denver’s #87 finished the season with 87 catches (for 1288 yards—only 1 yard off)—he of course being the #87 draftee of the 2010 draft class, also born in 1987.

    Tomorrow is also 1119 days from the release of the Jeff Bridges 2010 True Grit remake, the M’s literary masterpiece and grand ritual allegory.

    Maybe people should be looking up at the sky tonight. I wonder if something out of Europe might materialize overnight.

  15. Check out the sky tonight especially at dusk. The full moon conjunct Jupiter. (and Sirius although Sirius is below the two and the elliptic.) Also next to the constellation Orion (Osiris, Rooster(Cogburn)) and its 3 Kings which are prominently displayed in the winter’s night sky. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Quetzi should now be rising as a morning star although I don’t bother to get up that early to confirm it. And the loose Cardinal grand cross continuing.

    We might need to wait for some type of Pentecost before the celebration ensues. But Mardi Gras is lining up just right for the Pentecost. But I don’t see a 25 or 24 there.(Actually there is a 44 though) A PI maybe.

    I’ll just concentrate on the 16th president then I guess in the meantime.

  16. Bernanke Speaks today at 11:10 am EST, which is odd I think. Some how I bet he speaks a minute later.

    I’d exit all longs prior to then as we are quite overbought on the short term charts now. With him speaking today (especially at the time he’s speaking) I’d be cautious here and go to cash. However, I still think the overall trend is still up until the 28th/29th and/or the Legatus meeting.

    The target upside is still around 17,000 on the DOW (+/- 100 points) and around 1940 SPX (+/- 20 points). I don’t know which time period will be the top and therefore the turn, but I’m leaning more toward the Legatus meeting period then the FOMC meeting.

  17. If I were to guess I’d say we have a short term top in from yesterday. I believe today we’ll go up to around even at the close and then drop tomorrow in a smaller wave C (or 3?). I think they want to pin the SPY tomorrow around the 183.50 zone.

  18. The full moon acted as an evening star last night rising just around dusk and it stayed below Jupiter all night long. The night before the two were right next to each other all night. I have a very limited understanding of celestial mechanics so I don’t really understand the significance of this.

    And to match the weather reporting over at D.E.’s, it’s been quite nice around here lately: 87 * two days ago, 84 yesterday, and today only 76 degrees. A nice respite from the harsh winter conditions. And a dry warmth so it doesn’t even seem hot. Stays warm at night too. I feel like driving out to Palm Springs like Richard Gere circa 1979.

    • The retail ETFs making new multi-week lows today with both XRT and RTH dropping below their bollinger bands. Quite remarkeable considering retail seemed to be the strongest sector during this Fed sponsored levitation. XRT has been getting hammered harder recently but I don’t understand the difference between the 2.

      Meanwhile, if we’re following an analog from a certain historical epoch in the markets, the indicies should be down decently (under 2%) tomorrow. That is if we go from the Dow high since only the Dow and the New York Stock composite existed back then (maybe the SP).

      Interesting that the markets topped out on the final day of the year, 41 years ago.

  19. It is very, very important for anyone interesting in an extreme HOT pick that is coming out tomorrow a 9:30am you should email me tonight. I will not be listing this in the newsletter.

  20. I believe we will bottom today and start our final rally into the first week of February to put in our final high before a 10-30% correction happens. Upside target is still 17,000 on the DOW (plus or minus a 100 points). The date it hits is important too as sometimes they can fool us sheep and go higher then we expect them too.

    • max pain is about 3% and move higher ever after. I don’t see a 10% correction at all this year just for the fact the FED is trigger happy to pump +100 billion in the market. I do think the correction is sometime late 2015-2016 where the dow will see 5000.

      • The correction “may” have already started Amy? Today and yesterday certainly was ugly. On the bigger picture I do see a rally up later into 2016/2017, but it could end as early as 2015 I guess. But that’s too far off to predict. Right now it’s pretty ugly in the market and could continue into the 7th of February as investors sell off in fear of that debt ceiling date.

        I don’t know if they are going to try to rally up only more time before then (maybe from something positive out of next weeks’ FOMC meeting) or if this is the start of the 10-30% correction? If we keep falling hard at this rate we could bottom on the 7th instead of topping?

  21. It’s time to look at the 377 year cycle. (Maybe time for some PI action?) I’m calling a low for next Friday.

    Notice the Australian dollar dropping to new multi-year lows lately. Risk Off time????

    • Helluva Day is an understatement Darth Gerb! Looks like they started the party early without the bears (typical). I’d say the fear is setting in for investors that know the February 7th debt ceiling deadline is near.

      So unless Bernanke pulls another rabbit out a hat and gets another rally started it’s looking more and more like the we are going to continue down until the debt ceiling issue is resolved.

      Will that mean we’ll bottom on the 7th as they kick the can down to road to another future date? Or will we bounce up into the 7th from some positive words and then collapse after the 7th as no deal is reached?

      From a technical point of view we could have just started a large wave 1 down of some kind and might bounce up with a wave 2 up into the 7th, but they are going to have to lie (nothing hard there as they are professionals at it) and say everything will be ok before that date, and then of course say “sorry” I thought we’d reach an agreement, but we didn’t… so down goes the market in a nasty wave 3!

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