The Stage Is Being Set For A Possible 3000 Point Drop In The Dow…


The Debt Ceiling Deadline Is October 17th, 2013 And Legatus Is October 8th Through The 17th...Coincidence?

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Hello everyone...

Red here... back from vacation!

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The coming stock market crash...

So everyone is wondering if the stock market is still going to crash in October?  And the answer is... "define Crash?"  If by crash you mean a total collapse like in 1929 and what Lindsey Williams speaks of in his messages he gets from his elite sources, I'd so NO.  If you mean will it have a 2,000 or 3,000 point drop in the DOW, I'd say YES.

Based on what I'm seeing in the charts we have either already completed or will complete in the coming early days in October the very large Primary wave 3 up from the 1074.77 SPX low in late 2011, which sets up the stage for a Primary wave 4 down that only has to remain above that 1074.77 low of Primary wave 2 down to be a valid Primary wave 4... which is one hell of a drop!  I'm not expecting anything remotely close to tanking that far down but instead I'm simply looking for the gap up open from January 2nd, 2013 to be the target zone bottom.

That's somewhere between 1420 and 1460 on the SPX, which is also about a 3,000 point move down on the DOW from the current high.  However, I'm not sure if the high is in yet or not?  Inside this large Primary wave 3 up we have 5 Major waves and we appear to have completed the 5 Major wave up at the recent 1729.86 high... but it's possible that we still have a little more to go yet.

Naturally there are smaller waves inside the Major wave 5 up as well, which started at the 1627.47 low.  Since it's a 5th wave it too will likely have a 5 wave pattern inside of it.  I currently can see a 5 wave pattern up from 1627.47 to 1729.86 which all makes up a the 5th Major wave up inside Primary Wave 3 up, which "if so" will complete that large wave and allow for a Primary Wave 4 down to start.

The timing of a huge wave down starting soon and the coincidental timing of the debt ceiling deadline... and the Legatus meeting is something bears need to be very aware of.  The charts only say we are about to see a Primary Wave 4 down start (which can easily be 3,000 DOW points) but add in the other events that happen to be timed out to occur with the topping of the Primary Wave 3 up and I'd say we have really great odds of a big move down coming this October.

As for a date...

It depends on whether or not we have topped at the recent 1729.86 high or not?  While I can count 5 waves up in this final Major Wave 5 from the start of it at 1627.47 there's also the chance that those 5 smaller waves are just some type of A wave and the recent move down to Friday's close at 1691.75 SPX wave a B wave down... all still inside that final Major Wave 5 up.  This leaves us a smaller C wave up yet to come inside Major Wave 5 up... and that should then complete Primary Wave 3 up from it's start at 1074.77 in 2011.

So, if A = C then we can guess at the final high by adding the points moved up in the A wave to the coming expected low of the B wave (which I think we'll see Monday October 30th, 2013).  And since that A wave started at 1627 and ended at 1729 we have about 102 points, which added to say around 1680 for a estimated low on Monday (for the B wave down still inside Major Wave 5 up) that puts our upside target for the C wave up around 1782 (102 points added to 1680).

Personally I think that's too much to expect and I'd be more likely to believe that we'd have a shortened C wave that just barely goes above the 1729 high... maybe we get to 1750?  I just don't see 1782 with the current debt ceiling news hanging over the market right now.  I guess if the news media comes out and says "all is well, we feel positive that we'll reach an agreement before the October 17th deadline" then the market "could" relax and rally up that high.

But time is running out as October is coming upon us very fast now.  It just doesn't look like they will have enough time left to produce another big wave up before that deadline date hits.  A shortened wave C up to complete Major Wave 5 up and Primary Wave 3 up seems more likely.  There's a lot of "negative divergence" patterns showing up on different time frames in the various indicators (like the MACD's, the Histogram Bars, etc...) which tells me we "could" already be topped?

If we are already topped...

Then we have started the first wave 1 down inside of Primary Wave 4 down.  This move looks about done with a little more downside possible on Monday before we can expect a wave 2 up to start.  If this is the case then by this coming Friday October the 4th I'd expect the wave 2 up to end and allow a wave 3 down to follow the next week.

This should be a tricky period as after a 5 wave pattern down happens it will have made up a likely Major Wave 1 down inside Primary Wave 4 down.  This means we could bounce up hard in an ABC Major Wave 2 up that could possibly come from a positive announcement on reaching some type of agreement about raising the debt ceiling or extending it into a future date.  So if we see that happen on the 17th I'd expect a rally until the 22nd with that date being a likely top for Major Wave 2 up because it's a "double eleven" date... and you know how they like to use the power of Numerology in the market.

Think about that for a moment now.  If we are in a Primary Wave 4 down (that can go 3,000 DOW points down easily) and inside that large wave we complete a Major Wave 1 down (into the 17th for the positive news outcome regarding the debt ceiling) and further completing the Major Wave 2 up by the 22nd then we are looking at a Major Wave 3 down to start inside a Primary Wave 4 down.  That my friends should look like a crash wave!

This is again just speculating but it's a strong possible count if we have already topped and they announce some positive news on October 17th about the debt ceiling issue.  You remember November of 2012 when the market sold off in front of the first time we experienced this debt ceiling issue and once it was raised we quickly bottomed at 1343 and rally hard into the rest of the year and into the first half of 2013.

We should expect the same to happen again once they actually announce the raising of the debt ceiling for the 2nd time.  But, it seems likely that they will play around for awhile and not make that agreement until after we have sold off into the 1420-1460 SPX zone to complete this expected Primary Wave 4 down.

The question is, how do to do it?

Delay, delay and delay is the answer I believe.  You tell the news that we politicians are working hard to resolve this issue and get a bill passed to raise the debt ceiling limit as soon as possible... but we don't have a deal yet.  However, we are going to agree to extend it until late in November (again)... which tells the market to sell off until that period when they agree to raise the debt ceiling just like they knew they were going to do anyway.

It's all just a dance timed out perfectly to allow the market to correct hard in a Primary Wave 4 down scaring the hell out of traders and getting every bear in the world on board short... which then allows them to squeeze the bears up into early 2014 for Primary Wave 5 that finally will end the entire bull rally from the 666 low in 2009... and further allow the real stock market crash to begin!

These are the possible moves that are likely coming in October and while I'm not sure with one or which way they will play out I do feel confident that a Primary Wave 4 down will start at some point this coming month.  It could already have started or we could have on more higher high still coming?  Regardless, we should still bounce some next week into Friday October 4th.  It will either end up being called wave C inside the final 5th wave up to complete Primary Wave 3 up, or it will be wave 2 up inside Major Wave 1 down inside Primary Wave 4 down.

Therefore, the logical thing to do is to watch and see how high the market bounces into the end of next week before shorting.  If they some how spin something the law makers say next week to sound like a deal on the debt ceiling will be made soon then the pressure will then let up on the market and we could see a decent move up.  I'm still NOT expecting a move to 1782 but a slightly higher high over 1729 is possible.  Of course it could fail to make it and fall just under 1729 and make either what we could call a double top area or some other Fibonacci retracement level that is 10-20 below 1729.

I would welcome a squeeze up to make a new high as that makes it easier to fall when it rolls over as the bears would have been stopped out.  But I can't control what they decide to do with the market between now and October 17th, instead I'll just be listening closely to their buzz words (as Lindsey Williams likes to call them) for clues.

We all know that they WILL raise the debt ceiling limit, but when is the question?  There will be mixed signals from law makers as the play the dance to move the market in the direction they want.  But come October 17th I'm NOT expecting them to say "we've decided to raise the limit", but instead I am expecting them to state something positive to squeeze out the bears with a rally into the 22nd (this assume we make a 5 wave move down into the 17th to create Major Wave 1 down).

However, if they have not went down into the 17th in a Major Wave 1 but complete that wave the week or so prior, thereby rallying up with Major Wave 2 (inside it should be an ABC pattern of waves) and the topping out before the deadline date, they should say something negative like "we've not reached any agreement yet and will be setting up another deadline in late November".

Naturally you can expect the markets' reaction from a statement like that to be very negative, so we'd see that Major Wave 3 down inside Primary Wave 4 down start immediately!  Again, that would be your crash wave!  This all assumes the plan is to continue down some more to make the Major Wave 1 and then back up into the 17th for the Major Wave 2 completion.  This plan suggests the high for Primary Wave 3 up from 1074 is already in at 1729 and we have already started the first Major Wave 1 down inside Primary Wave 4 down.

The other scenario is that we still haven't topped for Primary Wave 3 up and we are head to possibly 1750 SPX or so into the end of next week or even into early the following week.  Then as the days count down toward the October 17th deadline the market starts Major Wave 1 down inside Primary Wave 4 down as it waits for the announcement concerning the debt ceiling.

On that date the law makers decide to extend the limit for another month pushing the deadline into late November.  The market rallies from the relief of the news to make the Major Wave 2 up inside Primary Wave 4 down.  Then on October 22nd the market exhausts its' rally and realizes that the debt ceiling issue still hasn't be solved yet... and panic sets back in causing Major Wave 3 down inside Primary Wave 4 down to start.

Bata-a-bang Bata-a-Boom!

There you go...

Likely top for Major Wave 2 up inside Primary Wave 4 down should happen on either October 17th or the 22nd.  Then Major Wave 3 down starts inside Primary Wave 4... and that my friends the the wave down you want to ride!  It's the surfers dream wave that happens once or twice in a lifetime (found during hurricanes and tsunamis... which coincidentally is the same thing it will feel like in the stock market I believe).


Will the next market crash happen before or in mid-October?

... update from Ali

Hi folks!

I know it has been a quite while since I last posted on the blog, talking about the market plunge due in early August and such. Yes, actually my bad! You see I project most of the turning points but I really did a bad job projecting the crash. I knew for sure, the market would put in a top early August and it really did but that would not lead to a collapse or anything. You see, with a lot of people already being aware of August 2013 being a critical month, new energy was added to the market, changing the harmonics. On top of that, the Fed was also aware of the market being so close to the plunge so they did their best to hold it up through a lot of money printing. Then at that time the market was also traded by “Big Dogs” to attract as many buyers as they could.

The current situation is fooling everyone one now. You might think, no war with Syria, no war with Iran, positive GDP numbers and the stock market will go to the Moon but here are the real issues, the debt ceiling drama and budegt deficit crisis. You see, the drastic measures to avoid hitting the debt ceiling will probably be exhausted in mid-October and also the budget deficit will likely soon go all over the press.  In addition to the current economic issues, we also have a monsterous “New Moon “ coming on October 4th. Generally, October is going to be a difficult month for everyone and I suppose we are in for a rough couple of months.

Now I would like to turn your attention to the S&P500 weekly chart.

Weak attempt

As you see, I have plotted the 20-day moving average to indicate the moving support and resistance levesl. Not that I apply such method in my market analysis but I am simply doing this to indicate a very important support level at 1656 area on the weekly chart. You see, the prices will likely soon hit it, then bounce a little bit. I assume it will be a weak attemp to make a higher high. Whether the market is able to make a higher  high or not, the next attemp will be so weak. DO not let it fool you!  All you would want to do is to wait for a “set-up bar” to form, then short the market without hesitation.

May you profit handsomely,


Email: afiroozi (at) rocketmail (dot) com



P.S.  Another reason to expect a bounce is the goverment shutdown that happens (or doesn't happen... which is what I think will happen) that is set for September the 30th at midnight.  That's Monday of course and there is supposed to be a vote that occurs on it at 8pm EST tonight (Saturday the 28th) while I'm writing this post.  So kind of agreement should cause the market to rally.  Maybe it is announced later tonight or possibly Monday after the close?  Don't know which but once it's announced (and again, assuming it's positive) we should rally from the government remaining open for some future extended time period.



  1. So far all is going as expected. All we need for them to do now is to come up with some type of agreement before midnight tonight so the government isn’t shutdown. Then we should see some type of rally start from the good news. Of course if it shutdown then all bets are off on a rally.

  2. Looks like traders didn’t care about the government shutdown. It should take most all week to get the charts overbought again. I’m still not sure if we have a higher high or a low higher but we are in bull mode for awhile now.

  3. Tomorrow is a 9 day… Good enough for me… Maybe you should inch in then red… 11 days are coin flips… can be a high, or an ugly day.. and the spx high was on the 18th…just my 2 cents. I’ll be sitting heavy on iwms as of tomorrow

    • Let’s see what Bernanke says at 3:30pm tomorrow first. It feels like a lot of people are short right now and they need to squeeze them out before they crash I think. But inching into shorts this week seems wise as well.

  4. yeah, I see your point bout the squeeze, and if it wasn’t for that 33 spx high I would think so too. But it’s there. And that’s their most powerful number in my opinion, That squeeze when he last spoke was pretty nasty. 2 in 2 weeks just seems off

    • I think the market will be choppy most of tomorrow until Bernanke speaks. Whatever he says will determine the direction I believe. It’s possible that we tank afterwards but I get the feeling we have started some type of Minor Wave 2 up with the move down from the 1729 high to the 1674 low being the Minor Wave 1 down.

      Inside this Minor Wave 2 up we should have an ABC pattern with the high today or tomorrow making the A wave up part of it. Then a B wave down should happen (probably a quick move based on fear of what Bernanke says) and then a C wave up to complete the Minor Wave 2 up (probably rejoicing on what Bernanke says).

      Then we start Minor Wave 3 down, which should be at least 1.618% longer then Minor Wave 1 was. Since it was 55 points we should drop 89 points minimum I think… should be more since we are also in a much larger Primary Wave 4 down as well.

    • The turkey is leaving huh… well that’s a sign that all is well I believe. I’m not sure but I’ve noticed that the market doesn’t make big moves down when he’s out of the office. It either chops around or rallies. When does he come back and what day does he leave on?

      • meet some leader in singaopre ,malaysia and go back his hometown Indonesia..
        can i ask Leo, how you think Obama??he is bad guy member in gangster too?or he just a good guy? he also support the legatus?thanks

        • He’s a puppet bad guy just like all the other wolves… but he’s trying to do his own thing I believe and ignore the other more powerful wolves that put him into office. Wolves are like that… they fight for more power among themselves but always unite when it comes time to sheer the sheep (that’s us of course).

          • thanks , to do his own thing ?is this thing is good or bad?or he want try to change the world finance system?
            will he support to make the market crush with the powerful wolves?

          • He can’t stop what the more powerful wolves do with the market as they control it. He’s agenda is his own and I’m sure it’s not good for the sheep. He probably wants to rule the world just like the more powerful wolves already do. Trust me, he’s not looking out for our best interests.

          • that mean ours human being will control by them powerful wolves until we died?

            no any change?after 10 years 20 years or 100 years?
            or just can change the world finance system after doomsday?
            hnm…………….. i am tired to see them control whole the world money ,property, and share market……………we all are tired..coz money game in life….no money nothing can do………..

          • When money is no longer needed for basic survival we sheep can then be free, but that’s not something I’m expecting to see in my lifetime. Eliminate the “need” for money and they have no way to control us. Just like on Star Trek you’ll notice that money isn’t used.

            All basic needs are given to the people in that dream world. We could already be there with the secret technology they already have, but don’t look for them to allow it to get out to the public anytime soon.

            Free energy will destroy the monetary system as we know it so even if some of them have a enough guilty inside them for all the bad they’ve done to us they still can’t release it all at once.

            It has to be slowly integrated into the system a little at a time. They will have to slowly increase the mileage of the automotive a little at a time until the industry can adapt. Putting out cars that run on water can’t be allowed at the present time. One day they will but the “when” part is unknown?

            All you can do for now is to make as much money as possible to prepare for the coming hard times. The next 3 years are going to be really tough on the average person. Help yourself first so you can help others later, because most won’t be aware of what’s coming.

          • thanks you Leo.

            All you can do for now is to make as much money as possible to prepare
            for the coming hard times. The next 3 years are going to be really
            tough on the average person. Help yourself first so you can help others
            later, because most won’t be aware of what’s coming.

            your word awaken me…

            i feel like want to cry….but how can i make money in share market
            even i am dealer in share market, sometimes i miss the chance, i am loss

            can i follow you to buy share…thanks you give me tips and guide me to make money

            i will make more money and use this money to help people like create a natural farm for natural food..


  5. Hmmm Pittsburgh (baseball) in the playoffs for the first time since 1992, 21(777-37) years ago and playing the Reds in Pittsburgh right now…up 6-2 (12..66). Tomorrow, 10-2 will be 7829 days from the Bradley date from the same year. It’s 70 degrees in Pittsburgh right now so I guess Summer hasn’t ended there.

    And if Pittsburgh wins they will be facing their nemesis from 1992, Atlanta, who knocked them out of the playoffs in a famous game. Tonight’s game brings the spotlight to PNC park which was also featured prominently in the important opening sequence from last year’s Tom Cruise flick, Jack Reacher, one of the more prominently occulted movies of recent years. I remember a lot of 66s and a 25 and 56 from that opening sequence. The “86” stadium explosion scene from Batman Dark Knight Rises was also filmed in Pittsburg at the Steelers Stadium as well as many of the movie’s exterior scenes.

    I’ve been looking at STLouis lately (they did feature a STL-49ers matchup last week on Thurs. nite…a battle of QBs 8-7) and the temperature has been reading 84 degrees during the day so I guess Summer hasn’t ended there as well. STL will be the home of the Bernanke speech tomorrow sponsored by the STL fed. I guess since the speech will occur despite the Federal govt shutdown, they’re really admitting that they aren’t part of the govt. The speech will occur 99years9months9days from the creation of the Federal Reserve or 4 9s (77).

    Stanley Kubrick in his Shining did have a fascination with 12s and 21s. Tomorrow is also 12years 21days from you know when or 4404 days later. There is also an ECB meeting and decision overnite which interestingly no one has mentioned and going completely under the radar. The Fed speech as well but it at least was mentioned here. (although nothing is really expected…or is it??)

    • Quote: The Fed speech as well but it at least was mentioned here. (although nothing is really expected…or is it?)

      Probably not Geccko but traders are so used too living and breathing from what Bernanke says that it’s still likely they will do a whole lot of nothing in trading prior to his speech. They are all like crackheads and there dealer is in town so they will run to him to see if he’s got more crack for them.

      Interesting timing of his speech though… 3:30pm, just a half hour before the close of the market. Why is he doing that? Usually they either do it at 2:15pm or some time after the close (to trap bulls or bears of course).

    • The last Fed decision day did occur at a conjunction of Rahu,Saturn, and Quetzi although some astrologers disputed that and contended that Rahu Saturn had a conjunction on 9-25 but the taper decision did have a explosive finality to it.

  6. Pittsburgh won 6-2 and advances to face STL. Atlanta plays LA (featuring rookie wunderkind #66). Reminds me of the USC game last week that saw them lose 62-41 (with the SC kicker missing an extra point to get the 41 ie 1111) followed up by the occultic hit at LAX airport at 3am in the morning when the Rhodes Scholar USC AD axed the football coach, an example of what WB used to call the wolves eating their own throughout the centuries. When USC had lost 7 of their last 11 football games. No one could wonder why the AD brought the coach back this year and supported him so vociferously despite their continued ugly play and then he finally ruthlessly turned on him.(when the numerology was right?) He fired the basketball coach last year after a 7-11 start. He was blathering about the 125 year tradition at the school. the 7 losses in the last 11 games…last year’s 7-6 record and then there was the 7-2-9 QB/ All American Wide Receiver tandem/trio from last year.

    • Funny how well timed that forecast of 1840 SPX in 12 months is… because they always like to tell us sheep that we are going up to some higher level just before we tank. So yeah, we’ll probably hit 1800+ next year but first we are going to tank to 1420-1460 area.

      The wolves are trying to get the sheep into going long up at these levels while they are selling. Just the same old trick they always do so they can exit the market by selling us their garbage. When we hit the 1400 area they will be putting out bad news all over the mainstream media so we sheep will sell at a lost as they buy it all back from us.

  7. I’m expecting Bernanke to save the day here at 3:30 and/or Obama right after the market closes. One of them will say something to allow the market to rally I believe.

    • It’s all just a “dog and pony show”… nothing will be done (to benefit the sheep) as the elite still pull Obummers chain. He’s their puppet just like Bernanke is, and they say what they are told to say. If either of them have their mouth open and lips moving you can rest assured that they are lying. Believe nothing you see on mainstream media and half what you hear on conspiracy sites.

  8. Considering how far we’ve sold off now it appears that they have decided to rally into the 17th instead of going down into it, as today or tomorrow will very likely end this move down. Today appears to be a “flush out” move where they suck in the last bear and stop out the early bulls that went long.

    At this point I’m not looking for just some lower high coming up from the rally that should start tomorrow or Monday but I expect them to make a new high, probably hitting that rising trendline I posted previously. That means we could see 1740-1750 over the next couple of weeks. With all the new bears getting short today and all the late bears that will be shorting the coming rally they should have plenty of “squeeze power” to take out the current high of 1729 by the 17th.

    • Hi Leo, how the debt ceiling will effect market?
      How you think is the result?
      S&P will hit new high again this debt ceiling result?thanks

      • I think we are going to rally some next week and continue until we get closer to the debt ceiling deadline on the 17th. Hopefully they will make a new high in the 1740-1750 area to take out all the bears… then they can collapse when they don’t raise the limit.

      • Its down big time. Are you saying the “roar up” is coming soon? Or is this play dead? Volume is up & heavy the past 3 days though.

          • Got it & sent a reply. Sorry, we were not on the same page. Did not want to mention any ticker names.

          • Are you really buying this fraud!!! They buy way ahead of the crowd and then sell you to unload and your stuck in a pile of mud. Very classic only a fool will fall for.

          • Not sure what you are referring to Amy but my partner and I try our best to find these picks before promoters like Jim Cramer go out and hype them. We then pass them on to all the people on the newsletter as possible candidates for big move.

            We haven’t been 100% correct but lately we have been much more accurate at sniffing out these stocks before someone else promotes them. I give that information out to the newsletter readers for free in the hopes that they can profit from them.

            While many stocks have the “potential” to move up 400%-500% I’ve noticed lately that they have been met with heavy selling when they only hit a 100% gain… but that’s still a great move.

            I can’t tell anyone what to buy or when to sell but I exit my personal positions with only 50% to 100% gains, and many times I pay more for the position then my subscribers as the stock many times falls in price lower then my entry point just before someone else promotes it.

            This junior stock market is no different then the big market where you have talking heads like Jim Cramer telling you to buy at the top (so he can sell) and to sell at the bottom (so he can buy).

            My partner and I have developed a way to foresee these moves before they happen and therefore buy some shares in advance. However, we can’t pinpoint the exact day it’s going to move up from some future promotion so we must wait it out.

            Our last pick took 2 weeks to move up from when I alerted members about it and it fell in price lower then where I bought it at. I personally only made about 30% on the move up and others could have made more because they could have bought lower.

            I can’t guarantee every stock is going to move up huge… some will, some won’t, but we are getting better by the day at picking the ones with the highest chances of being promoted in advance of that promotion starting.

            So while many will have huge upside potential we should all use smart money management and take profit when we have it. When you see huge volume in some stock but it doesn’t move up as much as you wanted…. sell out and take what profit it gives you.

            The fact that it’s not moving up as much as we thought it could is because there are too many sellers in it that are holding the price down and not allowing it to soar as much as it should.

            Nothing is certain in this market as while my partner and I have found a way to see what’s going to happen before it does it’s not something that we can pinpoint to some exact gain amount or date that it starts.

            Just like the big market (the S&P500) there are games being played that are designed to trick the average trader the same goes on in the junior stock market. I give out free information to simply alert people that there is a good chance of some promotion on that stock starting soon but even I get fooled sometimes and get stuck holding the bag.

            I go out of my way to help others and I’m not perfect. You must do your own research before making a decision to buy or sell any stock. I’m not the golden goose that laid the golden egg. If I were I’d be happy to give an egg, but unfortunately I just like you… trying to survive.

          • I’m with you on this. I admit I fell for RDL stuff for awhile but realize now he is just a misinformation campaign like everything else. How funny is it that he had some winner picks while on vacation that he just so happened to not share with us. I could actually excuse that but he has gone on now to completely ignore his biggest failure to date which is EARH. He didn’t even acknowledge it in his last letter which is exactly how the scammers like awesome penny stocks operate, only talk about the winners and completely disregard anything that is embarrassing, which as of now he has not ever said to get out of EARH, only that it is in limbo waiting for funding which is likely to never happen. But regardless that leaves it as a hold in his “portfolio” in anyone’s way of thinking and he no longer acknowledges it.

  9. Wall Street Brushes Off Debt-Ceiling, Republicans Beg To Differ, But Default Would be “Catastrophic,” And Nothing Is Priced In…

    The sheep are always mislead and this time is no difference. “If” we hold this ground and/or rally up into the 17th… and we continue to see “positive” statements surrounding the debt ceiling issue, then you can practically guarantee that they will surprise everyone and do the opposite!

    Again, I’m still not sure whether we are going down first into the 17th for a wave 1 down, which then suggests a wave 2 up into the 22nd followed by a nasty wave 3 down. Or we are bottoming now for a smaller wave 1 down and will chop around for the wave 2 up into the 17th… which then implies the nasty wave 3 down will start on that date right after they state something negative like “we aren’t going to raise the debt ceiling and we don’t know when or if this issue will be resolved”.

    Regardless, the 17th and the 22nd are still my key dates for a turn in the market. Until the 17th I take no position in the market either way. (I’m just playing a few junior picks right now squeezing out 30% to 100% gains, which is basically whatever the stock will give me).

      • Don’t know yet? If we drift lower into the 17th then that could be the bottom and then we rally into the 22nd for the wave 2 up… or we chop around and climb a little higher to possibly hit 1700 or more into the 17th in anticipation that the debt ceiling will be raised. If that happens then I think they won’t raise it and we’ll see our wave 3 down start on the 17th instead of the 22nd.

  10. here’s my thoughts.. the 22nd is a double eleven day…and the 18th, that friday, is a 9 day.. so stall, fakeout on Frday to topout, then have a weekend surprise

  11. So far the market isn’t give us a clear pattern that I can see. It’s stuck in a falling channel. It could continue down all the way into the 17th and frustrate everyone I guess? However, I do see a “Head and Shoulders” pattern forming, and we’re holding support on the 200dma, so possibly we’ll start some rally here soon?

    The only problem is the lack of positive news to get the rally started. As long as this debt ceiling issue is hanging over the market unresolved it’s going to be tough for any pattern to play out, so I wouldn’t get too excited just because you see the H&S pattern as everyone else does too.

  12. Looking at the various time frames on multiple charts it’s looking like we could be bottoming today for the short term. I’ll do another video when I get the chance but I’m leaning toward a choppy rally to start here soon.

    • Should be a short lived rally tomorrow and then I think we drop one more time to around 1610 area. After that we should see a more powerful rally that will last possibly 1-2 weeks, and it should co-inside with something positive being said on the debt ceiling.

  13. The market is almost at a falling trendline of resistance, which should stop it on the first hit. The question will be… does the move down go back to fill the gap and head toward a lower low, or do they have the bears trapped here and plan on just dipping briefly only to gap up again tomorrow over the resistance level?

    With the positive statements out about the debt ceiling we could be in rally mode for the next 2 weeks? We are pretty oversold on most charts and due a relief rally. Unless there some unknown negative news on the horizon that they plan to release I’m leaning toward the bulls here as they certainly have the bears trapped now.

    If they just pull back to around gap window later today or tomorrow (instead of gap fill) then that shows the bulls strength and ways heavy in their favor. We all knew that there would be some type of rally from something positive coming out about the debt ceiling… we just didn’t know when?

    So unless they surprise again with something negative I think we are going to rally for 1-2 weeks to make the Major Wave 2 up with yesterday’s low being the Major Wave 1 down. This leaves Major Wave 3 down inside Primary Wave 4 down to start once this rally ends. Since they have offered a “temporary” increase in the debt ceiling limit the 17th has no important value anymore.

    Meaning we have to look for some Fibonacci level of retracement, along with a trendline of resistance for our topping date. The 61.8% level is around 1700 SPX and the 78.6% is at 1715 SPX… so I’d think one of them should be our target for the upside high.

    Time wise we have to expect the same date I’ve listed in this post as one of 2 possible days for a top. So if we hit that 1715 level on that date I’d say that’s our best chance of a great short. However, don’t be surprised if they don’t scream this up HUGE and make a new high to take out all the bears stops before they tank it.

    I’m not expecting that of course but stranger things have happened. It’s probably just going to be based on how many bears are left in the market to squeeze when we get up to the first target of 1715 as I’m sure there will be many that see the Head and Shoulders pattern and try to short that right shoulder top.

    It could be an accurate pattern this time or a bear trap? The date it happens on and the level it’s at when on that date will give us our best clues. Until then I think it’s long and strong as the puppets in Congress saved the day for us sheep one more time.

  14. Well Obama just rejected the Republican short term debt ceiling raise plan……we’re going down tomorrow.

  15. I think we’ll go back down next week as the fear continues about the debt ceiling. This whole move up looks pretty impulsive too me, and that indicates it won’t last. While past history of candle patterns say that we should have a slightly higher high on Monday (this assumes a close up here in this area today) I get the feeling they won’t.

    If no real progress is made over the weekend we could see this come tumbling back down Monday morning with no bears short and all the bulls long. Surprises and misdirection is the name of the game here and it’s probably wise to exit all longs today and take a small short over the weekend in case TSHF…

      • FP stands for “fake print”… meaning the market never really traded at that level. Some people call them “computer glitches” but I think they are sometimes signals to the insiders as to where they plan to take the market to at some future point in time.

        Unfortunately I can’t read the code to know the “when” part but they are still something one should watch and be aware of. Since the futures are currently down that FP could be the low for Monday or even the opening price? Don’t know which but just look for the FP to be hit at some point in the near future.

  16. “NO DEAL”we should have went short on Friday … DARN!
    I am thinking about 1000 points drop!
    SnP should test 1550 line.

    • The target remains the 200 dma, which I think will be around 1610 SPX by next Thursday the 17th as it’s around 1600 now and rising. So if they fail to reach a deal here over this weekend then I’d expect the market to start going back down until they do… which I suspect will be done at the last minute on the 17th just when the market bottoms at the 200 dma. Once the deal is reach the market should rip high in a big rally.

  17. When was the last time they told the truth in the main stream media? “Senate leaders closing in on a deal:” … which tells me traders are getting more long the market, and that should worry you if you are also long. Remember, the only traders that make money are the one’s on the opposite side of the masses.

  18. Market looks to me like it’s going to top here really soon… possibly on the 17th as I discussed in the post here on the blog? We had a wave 4 down this morning with the gap open, and now we are in a wave 5 up… which makes a larger B wave up from the 1646 SPX low.

    There is a rising trendline of resistance coming in around 172.20 SPY (around 1718-1720 SPX) which could be the target high? Possibly a little dip tomorrow and chop on Wednesday… then a final move up to that level on the 17th to top out the B wave up?

    That leaves the C wave down to follow and it should go toward the 200dma around 1600-1610 area before ending. Of course we could have already topped as this 5th wave up inside the B wave could end at anytime now.

    • Yes Peter it could? It’s hard to know the exact date for the top but we are close now I think and a wise thing to do would be to start layering into short positions at each various move up. We know it’s close but it could tank at any moment. I’d rather have a 1/3 or 1/4 short position on then miss the move entirely. If it continues up into the 17th then I’d just add more shorts.

  19. Today was a “5” trading day and important highs have been occurring on them and this isn’t an ordinary 5 either. It is 100 tds from the May 22 high and 50 tds from the early August high so a potential 50-50 td cycle in place. We have also three white bars in a row which can be a topping pattern. A component of a certain little indicator popped above the 0 line on Friday and rose marginally today which isn’t denoting major strength in the markets despite the rise the last few days.

    The certain little indicator turned and dropped below its 5 and 8 day moving averages 7 trading sessions ago and if one looks at the charts once the occurrence takes place, the indicator tends to trend in a downward fashion for quite a spell. (The 5 crossed below the 8 early last week to complete the trend down in motion) Today, the indicator has reached its declining 5 day average so time for an abrupt reversal back down? Haven’t looked at the 60 min indicators yet but they were showing some divergences on Friday but I am sure they are showing complete divergences at today’s close.

    I’ve been looking at a correlation to the late May secondary high of 2011 (with the initial Bin Laden top on May 2) to now but it might be even later in the game than that since a certain little indicator is at such a low level.

  20. By Thursday the 17th the market will be very overbought on the daily chart and ready to rollover again. I suspect all the lower time frames will be overbought by then too. With the media remaining positive over the deal and the market continuing to ignore a “no deal” outcome we have the perfect storm setting up.

    Anyone still long on the 17th is just asking to lose it. The only move left is some exhaustion “Hail Mary” push up at the last minute that has very little chances of holding as we are just too overbought right now and especially by Thursday. While they could push on up to a double top I wouldn’t bet on it. It’s a short today through Thursday as it could turn down at anytime. Layering into to shorts over the next 2 days stands the best chances of success I think. We are missing that final wave C down and the 200dma is a magnet just waiting to be touched.

    • FedGov continued to pay off media shills despite default fearmongering.

      “On the first day of the “shutdown” of the federal government, when members of the U.S. Senate were going to the well of their house to point out that the shutdown would prevent the National Institutes of Health from starting clinical trials for cancer patients and others facing possibly terminal illnesses, the administration was giving $445,000,000 to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, according to the Daily Treasury Statement.

      That means PBS NewsHour, National Public Radio and Sesame Street got a taxpayer subsidy during the shutdown, but not would-be cancer patients at the NIH.”

    • It’s common to go slightly higher in the last moment of the bulls life Marcel. This is done to get the retail sheep to believe that it’s never going back down so they will exit all shorts and go long… just like your statement.

      This is nothing more then a “buy the rumor, sell the news” event. Whether they make a deal or not doesn’t matter at this point as the charts are just too overbought to hold up here at these levels. It will rollover soon, maybe tomorrow as I suggested in this blog post.

      I stated that I wasn’t sure if we would bottom into the 17th or top… and it looks too me like it’s going to be a top. If you are short you should have been layering into them with 1/4 positions or something since Monday. The next move down should make you plenty if you layered correctly as I still see the 200dma as the coming bottom.

  21. What’s with all this shutdown drama? Senate hasn’t even voted yet and the House is waiting until 11pm east coast time. Noticed CNN had a deadline countdown ticker.

    This afternoon STL Cardinals and Dodgers played a game under the sun in LA in their NLchampionship series very reminescent of their game played back on Sunday May 20th under the Mayan solar eclipse conjunct the Pleiades 514 days ago (415 scrambled) between the same two teams. LA won that game 6-5. Today they won 6-4 to avert elimination in the NLCS. The Dodgers led by wunderkind #66 hoping to continue their glorious run into the World Series down 3 games to 2.

    Tomorrow is 117 or 27 or 999 or 14.

  22. Deal passed. Instead of defunding Bozocare, they fine-tuned it. What a bunch of creeps.

    Lunar eclipse on Friday. And other astro activivity later.

  23. Guys sorry been crazy busy trading this week, I am looking for 26.75 ES
    double top to poss short to around 1700 or a bit lower. smart money
    moving into Gold out of crude and into bonds this is retail buyer wave
    Now that being said always do your own due diligence and trade safe 🙂

  24. I’m afraid there’s euphoria all around. So I don’t foresee any hard downwave in the near future. Up and away. The technicals have been ignored for the most part..or reset.

  25. I am really seeing parallels to the late March 2000 Nasdaq high with the Nasdaq now. New high that follows the previous high approximately 10 trading days later unconfirmed by other indices like the Dow and Biotech stocks, which were the hottest sector in tech and most closely approximated the tech rise into 2000. (They were completely hammered in the last drop) RSI levels and MACD configuration similar to the 2000 top. Even shorter term RSI levels like RSI 2 and 5 at similar levels and like in early March 2000, those RSI levels reached extreme levels and now are putting in lower/ diverging levels. CCI 4 another approximating the levels from 2000.

    I also see and have seen a parallel to the 2011 market and at 103 tds we are nearing the length of that sideways chop into a final high but in 2013 the SP continues to make new highs on each upthrust so Dow is more closely following that parallel although Nasdaq and the DAX continued to make new highs until the final top.

    SP also putting in a double top similar to other major highs (like that seen in $SSEC in 2009 and Gold a couple of years ago). It just needs to finish off the double top with a doji or shooting star in the new high range and since there is a full moon tomorrow night, there probably should be some type of bar like that tomorrow. Nasdaq bar on March 27,2000 for the high was a shooting star.

    Tomorrow, for all intents and purposes is the 26 year anniversary of a certain little infamous event so it looks to be a proper place for a top. 26=13+13 so a 13 year anniversary cycle coming into play. In the year of 13.

    • I’ve been seeing a lot of 10 8s, 18s lately and there were some powerful numerological hits for tomorrow but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 10-18 also 19.

      Of course the most infamous #18, Popgun returns home to face off against his old team on Sunday in Indy.

      Game 6 of the NLCS will be played under the lunar eclipse Friday nite in STL.

      One of the hits=====86668 days since the July 4 founding 237 years ago. 86=888888 or 1776.

      • Popgun and Little Bro’s #s—10-18 and they already faced each other earlier in the season. Then there was the ritualistic gamewinning touchdown from the Superbowl 2 years ago when #44 literally fell down into the endzone on a handoff from little bro for a 10-44 connection.

        Little bro’s name===Eli (5129). It appears daddy is an occultist.

        The Dodger’s ace pitching Friday under the lunar eclipse if I recall correctly had a 5-12-1987 birthday.

        In STL, they are always showing the 10-8 combo for the starter and backupQBs but they have been complementing the number as well to form 911.

  26. Is it possible that they do a little rug pulling next week? It is possible and here’s why. The “bull/bear” sentiment is really getting out of whack now. The AAII Sentiment Survey’s bullish reading jumped from 36.05% on Sept. 26 to 46.28%, while its bearish reading fell to 24.92% from 30.61% during the same period. That means a pretty hefty chunk of people are no longer concerned about anything and when too many people get on the same side of the boat, it’s common for the boat to roll over.

  27. We really didn’t get a shooting star on Friday and Monday is a 5 day so maybe another upday for Monday. Nasdaq is way overbought and needs a divergent high.
    There’s a certain little astro event on the 22nd which could usher in a change; it usually produces changes but sometimes with a slight lag.

  28. Forgot to mention biotech stocks as measured by IBB are giving the tell. Down .7% on Friday while Google, AMZN, CMG were skyrocketing higher and down 1.59% today.

  29. Mr Red………….
    Once again this market is smoking something……dam…. and I don’t do that…smile!

    All indicators I’m looking @ are getting…hot…but I haven’t shorted just yet…..

  30. If I was to give odds about today being an important top and trend change I’d give it 80% chance. We have topping tails on many charts and this looks like an exhaustion move up. We have moved up 113 points from the 1646 low and the average move is 80-100 points.

    The average length in calendar days is 18-20 and we are at day 14 from the 10/9 low of 1646, so we could have a few more days I guess but I think the move beyond the normal range of 80-100 points offsets the shorten time period.

    So while I’m not looking for it to just tank hard tomorrow and the rest of the week I am looking for this to be the top for awhile with a grind down to 1690-1700 spx over the coming couple of weeks.

  31. Massive reversal in NFLX today(-32pts after up 60pts in AH yesterday??) another red flag.

    Nasdaq with a decent divergent high and a topping bar, dragonfly doji/ semi shooting star. Nasdaq also underperformed the Dow.

  32. The charts tell me that we’ll likely gap down tomorrow morning. We have a bear flag forming and a small head and shoulders pattern. Then we have MACD’s, Stoc’s, and Histogram Bars all rolling over. Throw in some bad news from the jobs data and you have your excuse to gap down. But after a morning low I’d expect it to rally back up later in the day an into Friday.

  33. Well, we have went up higher then I was expecting and past the 17th and 22nd… so tomorrow being the 29th should give us another chance at a possible top? The charts are extremely overbought from the daily on down to all the shorter time frames. But we bears know that they keep it overbought a lot longer then they let it stay oversold.

    So I just don’t know the answer here on “when” we will top as so far they have blown past ever date and refuse to rollover. Obviously everyone can see the rising channel that we’ve been in since the 23rd for the 5 minute charts, so there’s not much point in talking about it. We’ll know more once it breaks.

    Everything has been stretched to the max it seems and all bears are sleeping quietly in their caves right now. Nothing to worry about or fear as Bernanke and Obama have saved us from the depression once again. Just buy every dip and retire wealth they say… LOL!

    I can’t seem to get this Simpson clock out of my head ( as November the 6th is next Wednesday and surprises are what “they” do best. While I’m not expecting anything bad to happen it’s still worth noting… just in case?

    For now we only have “Turn around Tuesday” to give the bears some kind of hope. But knowing that Bernanke is speaking on this week and will release the FOMC minutes on Wednesday the 30th I really wouldn’t expect much downside tomorrow even if we break the rising channel.

    On the other hand, if Bernanke even hints at pulling in the $85 Billion per month we’ll see some nice selling afterwards. It’s all too quiet right now… as if the world is asleep. Sounds like the perfect time to start another storm if you ask me, but I’m just guessing now as there’s nothing to indicate to me when they will let the market top and rollover.

  34. What if we have to wait another two years red?

    I see relentless top calling. I see ‘out of the box’ thinking…except when it comes to the possibility that the market has another few years of upside.

    Its time you had a long think about what you’re doing.

    • Yep… could be Permabear? I’m just doing a little junior stock trading right now as playing the spx is just too hard. The pick I put out in the newsletter yesterday went up nicely and put in a high of .52 cents. I’ll exit today and be happy with a 20% gain. It’s likely going up higher but looks overbought to me right now so I won’t get too greedy and will exit while there is some profit in it.

      • Well, closing out with a gain is always good, regardless of whether it goes up after the exit.

        I’ve no idea if you even read my regular postings, suffice to say, the Dow is finally catching up. The big monthly chart will be offering 17500 by late spring 2014..and that would equate to sp’2000s.

        Anyway, good luck with the little stocks..they are almost as annoying as trying to short the main indexes.

        • You’re right Permabear… they are tough to play. I’m only playing them while the market is doing this bull run. It’s just so slow that I can’t play it successfully. As for reading you stuff I must I admit that I haven’t been following your posts.

          I’m just too busy with other stuff right now but I do appreciate them. In fact, I’d be willing to give you a guest post here if you’d like. Just email at red (at) reddragonleo (dot) com. Thanks

          • I’m sure you are noticing..the higher we go…more of the bearish sites disappear/never update.

            If another two years of ‘general upside’..and there really won’t be more than a few of us left. Hope you can hang in there..even if its another two years.

  35. Looks like it’s time to go long now since Bernanke is keeping the crack (the $85 Billion per month) flowing in the market. Who knows now what the high will be? Maybe 30,000 on the DOW! LOL!

  36. anyone saw that ghost spike in VIX to 21 at 9am this morning? quite a few platform showed it, but now it has been “corrected”.

    • Funny how Lindsey Williams shows up on the 84th anniversary of a certain little event in double ninen which probably produced the cycle top here in tune with a M Rx turn.

      Anyway, there is an “indicator” which works like no other that commemorated the 1929,1987, and flash crash events which is harkening another similarly- styled event and works way much better than Legatus. A poster a few years back even hinted at it or refined my much coarser theory. His name was ABBA AZKabuii or something to that. Might have been the 1st incarnation of WB. My ID is slightly based on this.

      Anyway the triple ninen denouement is plain to see. (This message may self-destruct in the future)

  37. The action over the past week is telling me that “they” aren’t going to let the market tank 3,000 Dow points as previously expected. The decision made about the market in last Legatus meeting must have been to keep the market going with only a small pullback to work off the overbought conditions.

    This choppy sideways action on the daily chart is nothing more then a bull flag in the making. It could turn back up at anytime but looking at the charts we seem to be too overbought on the weekly to go up too much further.

    But this choppy action will still allow them time to reset the daily and 60 minute charts from their overbought conditions to neutral… which could last all week. Then we might see the pressure of the weekly chart push the daily into negative territory which should push the actual price level down some.

    However, I don’t think they will allow the market to tank really hard. We have support on the weekly chart around 1700 SPX so that’s about as low as I think they will allow it to go. Then we should rally back up from that zone as they will have gotten the daily charts oversold by then and as long as the weekly chart hasn’t rolled over too bad they should be able to turn this market back up later in November or early December for the Christmas rally.

    If 1700 doesn’t hold then the 1650 area would be the lowest levels I’d expect before we end the sell off and start the end of the year rally. Time frame I’m expecting is the next 2-3 weeks for this to happen. It should be choppy all the way down with crazy one day rallies to scare the bears out while the reset the charts for the bulls to take over.

    Therefore, I no longer expect any big wave down to happen. Clearly they have changed the plans and put off any crash we thought we were going to get. Sorry to disappoint you bears but I don’t control the market…. they do! And “they” seem too be hell bent on keeping this illusion of a healthy economy up for a little while long I guess.

    • Don’t think they work much anymore Rose. You can’t predict the “when” part on them so they aren’t worth much on short term. The intraday ones seem to play out within a day or so but the far out FP’s can happen a year or two out? You just don’t know the time frame on them so it not something you can trade off of I’m afraid. But do post a screenshot of it if you see one.

  38. Everyone keep your eyes open for visits to elementary schools by Obama…

    Tomorrow being November 6th and that FP on the VXX of 76 (don’t have a copy of it yet) has me a little concerned about another false flag event as shown in the Simpson clock episode.

    I really am NOT expecting anything bad to happen and I don’t think anything will… but we must keep our eyes open for more FP’s and then look for clues to possible dates it could happen. I don’t see anything important about tomorrow though so the clock could mean nothing?

    But I still wanted to but everyone on alert about it as most bears are asleep now and would miss a shotgun going off near them due to deep hibernation. So just keep one eye open as the predator is still out there lurking.

  39. Red,
    Do you have an opinion about this ‘scheduled’ electric grid shut-down on November 13-14?
    11-13-13 Another date too easy to remember (like 9/11, 7/7 etc)?
    Also it seems too easy to make parallels to other false-flag events of recent past and how gov … and bla-bla-bla

    • I heard about that electric grid shutdown too but so far ever last thing predicted since about 2009 forward never happened. We all got scared with Planet Nibriu, Mayan Prophecy of “the end” in 2012, and dozens of other scary forecasts… but none of them happened.

      I don’t think this one will either. Even that image of the Simpson clock isn’t likely to happen. Sure, the elite tell us in advance of what they plan to do to us but we could be monitoring the wrong movie/s looking for clues. I don’t think they will do another false flag on America soil as they all live here too and don’t want that kind of panic in the streets.

      Could they do it in some other country? Yeah, I guess so… but so far they still want to cook us frogs in the pot slowly so we won’t notice the water getting hotter until it boils us to death. Those “shock” events are done to just keep us scared and distracted while they steal more money, power and rights from us without notice.

      While a pullback is still likely to happen I’m starting to think that they are going to rally this up much higher then we believe possible next year, and maybe the year after that too? While you can’t trade off what Lindsey Williams says I do believe his statement that the elite aren’t done creating enough debt yet.

      Therefore, they must keep this QE3 going every month for a lot longer so that they can get the market up to levels never believable before they put the money out and let the market crash like 1929 (only worst).

      I think we’ll top early next year but I’m not even close to 100% confident about that. Plans changes and one of them was the sell off we were expecting to happen after the recent Legatus meeting. They obviously decided to keep the market up and not give us bears a big drop.

      The next meeting is Feb 6th-8th, 2014 but until we top 2000 SPX I wouldn’t even think for a minute that the “real crash” is coming. Sure, we’ll have some nice moves down but the crash I’m talking about will wipe out 50-75% of the entire market. It will bankrupt thousands of people and businesses while the elite steal everything they own.

      I really don’t want it to happen as it’s going to change America in a horrible way. It’s not good for anyone (but the elite of course) as I seriously doubt if even the very best bear trader will be able to win huge in the move down.

      Anyway, as for the rest of this week I “think” we are going down as I described in this chart earlier. I still think the inverted H&S pattern will fail and we’ll drop nicely… probably Thursday morning as that’s the most bearish day of the week I’ve noticed.

  40. Hello everyone… do you want to join the darkside? They are recruiting now on and old post I did from over a year ago. I guess they aren’t happy just making Madonna, Brittney Spears, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus as members so they want you patriotic Americans to join them. Here’s the old link if you want to comment back and tell them how you feel…

    Just pretend it’s Dark Vader on that old post and you are Luke Skywalker. “Join the darkside with me Luke”. Of course we all know what Luke said… but what will YOU say to those wanting to recruit you?

  41. Well, I guess patterns over rule technical analysis as the H&S pattern has now played out. At this point it looks like they want another higher high before pulling back any. So the next upside target zone of resistance is the 1795-1800 SPX area.

    And even once that area is hit I still am not expecting much of a pullback. It’s clear that they just will not allow the bears much of anything. I’m not even sure if we will pullback any from this double top today or just push on through it?

    At the rate we are going now we’ll be hitting Dow 17,000 by February 2014 for the next Legatus meeting. Although that’s still not a guarantee that we’ll top there and proceed to start crashing but possibly we’ll have a nice sell off from that date at least?

  42. I noticed a partially lit moon and the evening star up in the sky at dusk last night. It was quite visually interesting. They should be next to each other tonight at dusk. Meanwhile, Quetzi will be 520 days removed the grand reunion last year tomorrow on 11-7. Last year, there was a sharp move down on 11-7. It looks like the SP did a double top today with the Dow flying solo to a new high today mimicking a similar topping pattern put at the late July 2011 high by the Nasdaq and a similar high made at an important high a quarter of a century plus ago. Transports, the strongest index up until two days ago was actually down all day. Today’s “strength” did very little to alter a certain little indicator which continues to head south albeit at a snail’s pace but it is beneath its 5 and 8 day averages. The Nasdaq version has actually been even more negative surprisingly over the last few weeks despite the blowoffs in GOOG, CMG and other stocks.

  43. On Monday night, the BEARS prevailed over the 1929 champion Green Bay Packers as the Packers star QB#12 was knocked out of the game early in the first drive on a tackle by Bears lineman #99. It devolved into a battle between backup QBs #12 and #9 since the Bears starting QB had already been injured a few weeks ago. 27(9)-20 final score.

    The poor Packers QB, despite being one of the most athletic QBs in the league, nonchalantly cruised out of the pocket in front of the Bears lineman who grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him to the ground landing on him and driving his left shoulder into the turf. The QB has been diagnosed with a partially fractured collarbone and will be out for several weeks but despite the diagnosis he was able to jog off the field in very little pain and could be seen wandering around the sidelines in the second half in quite a spry and joyful condition for someone with a broken collarbone. Anyway, the injury harkened back to the memory of Kevin Depew (mentioned on his twitter acct) being warned by a producer at the 4letter not to play Rodgers#12 on his fantasy team that week but it turned out that it was Tony Romo #9 who went down on MNF with a shoulder injury. But the producer might have just been 3years 10 days early. (1106 days or 158 weeks between MNF injuries). At the time, there were a series of weird sporting moments over a 3 day period commencing with the aforementioned Bears QB #6 throwing 4 interceptions to Redskins DB #23 highlighted by one soft lob off his back foot with his team backed up near its endzone. Then the infamous MNF game that saw Romo go down while #88s scored 5 touchdowns in the game. Then the next day the newly-formed Miami Thrice opened up the NBA season to the defending East Champ Boston Celtics with an 88-80 loss.(the lone NBA game played that day).

    The 1929 champion Packers were running away from the other teams in their division but the “loss” of #12 should bring them back to the pack. Don’t be surprised to see #12 return for the Thanksgiving matchup against Detroit. (led by QB#9 coming off his recent 329(3×29==???) yard hookup with star receiver #81 (9 or 9×9)

    The double ninen champ Packers have been displaying some interesting numerology over the last few weeks particularly in the game they played recently in their 1929 uniforms but I have been avoiding commenting on them.

    But they are proving and as Tom DeMark has recently remarked(although we aren’t going to get the final blowoff he is “expecting”),that it really is 1929 all over again.

    11+13===?????? Redrum???

  44. I didn’t realize Twitter had its IPO last night until after it happened. Even more reason to get bearish. I thought it was going to come out at a later date, a date from which another event was moved. (based on my neo-Legatus-like indicator which should be a paleo indicator since it’s been working for a lot longer than Legatus has been around.) TWTR itself might be this type of indicator. There generally is a big merger or IPO at important tops.

    • TSLA now convincingly below it 100 day average. Another red flag. I don’t think the Nasdaq has traded below its 100 day average all year except briefly for a day or two. It was the Nasdaq that had the 1929 like blowoff top.

  45. Did yesterday even happen? Doesn’t look like the bulls are going to give the bears more then one down day I guess. I still see most of November being choppy until the reset the overbought weekly and daily charts to where they can rally back up to 17,000 DOW by the end of the year. Most of the rally will probably happen in December though..

  46. Weak breadth on Friday’s big upday. It allows a certain little indicator to keep on trucking southward although currently at a semi-snail’s space.

    The market’s still in a chop zone as the 20 day average is still rising, bollinger bands are still contracting. A component of a certain little indicator also bounced off its lower BB on Friday.

    • No… the last update didn’t pan out as you can see we are well past the October 22nd to November 1st time zone. When I got that update he was expecting a big move down in that zone (just like I was) but it’s clear now that they aren’t going to let this market tank.

      The decision made from the last Legatus meeting was obviously to keep injecting money into the market to keep it from crashing. That was later confirmed when Bernanke continued the $85 Billion on the FOMC meeting October 29th-30th.

      By then end of November (or sooner?) I expect that they will have worked off the overbought charts on the weekly and daily and got them into oversold conditions, all while holding the price levels flat on all the major indexes.

      This will basically make a big bull flag on those weekly and daily charts and give them the ability to rip it up higher in December. I’m expecting 17,000 on the Dow by the end of the year now as we bears aren’t allow to eat more then one day it seems.

      So yeah, I guess we could drop back some but it certainly isn’t going to be anything even close to a crash. We’d be lucky to see 1700 on the SPX by the end of this month I think. The more likely scenario is that we drop back some to put in a right shoulder on an “inverted head and shoulders” pattern where the recent low of 1746 was the head.

      The left shoulder would be the 1752 low on 11/01/2013 I guess. The bottom line here is that the crash has been canceled. The market will likely continue to be choppy until they get the MACD’s Stochastic’s, and RSI’s all into oversold conditions. Then they will turn them all back up together and push up to new highs.

  47. Here’s a 1929 bubble like stock: IEP A Carl Ichan limited partnership that should be totally geared to the stock market. A way for investors to ride on the back of all of Icahn’s moves. Something nice to mark a top. Anyway, it appears to be in the process of cratering.

    A certain little indicator continues to head southward. Time for some EXASperating moves, MON!!! ONS Jr. Market….. Redrum!!!!!

    Just noticed from that little ritual playing out in MIAMI: the Incognito Martin fiasco adds up to 139 as in MIAMI (139-1-139). Incognito and Martin’s numbers add to 139 or 68+71….

  48. A certain little indicator keeps heading south as its component remains negative despite the new high in the SP. The Nasdaq component did bounce to its 0 line. Basically its in the same location it was at in late July 2011 just slightly after a lower high was put in by the SP but new high in the Nasdaq and Dax. Like back then, the Rut was making a considerably lower high.

    The Astro activity starts to heat up now as we head to the main event on the original Twitter IPO date when we get a triple ninen event. Yellen speaks tomorrow so maybe they keep things propped up but a similar like top like today occurred a quarter century plus one year ago and saw a drop the next day. Like then, new high with lower MACD historogram bars (divergence) and like 2000 top with lower RSI.

  49. Despite all the euphoria, $rut was actually down today. A component of a certain little indicator did bounce up to its 0 line today but its Nasdaq counterpart actually dropped today below the O line. And 3 month t-bills are stealthily creeping up to government shutdown peak levels. Fedspeak is out of the way so the decline can start to get going. Tomorrow would be the 1 year anniversary of the market low. And then we get the triple ninen astro event.

    Noticed we had a multiyear low on put to call premium ratios back in late October so this generally precedes a good top.

    • Tomorrow is WOLF day so it could be a high just as it was back in 2010. But I am looking for a decline to start one trading day before the full moon just as it did back once upon a time back way back when…

    • oh boy – you just jinxed upcoming correction by saying “triple ninen astro event” … of course – one day one of those “events” might line up with correction

    • Sorry I should have added some context here. Hacker/Activist Group Anonymous has warned of an imminent attack on the Citi Group Building, 444 Flower St. and US Bank building in Los Angeles tomorrow November 15….

  50. Today is the 99th(9×11 or 29) anniversary of the Fed opening up for business as mentioned over at D.E.’s recently. This along with the 1 year anniversary of the stock market bottom yesterday which also saw the triple ninen astro event of Quetzi conjuncting Pluto at the infamous Pluto Uranus square at 9 degrees as well as being the original IPO date for twitter and the WOLF date. Also, Black Mamba’s recent tweet about blackout and taking on bears was a reference to yesterday’s date when his team faced the Memphis Grizzlies and now he has started up practicing. This with a multi year low of 15.5% II bears and I can see why the trolls are starting to come unglued as they become livid that their impending high holiday is being exposed and I guess I might as well open things up then. When the seething little trolls start to attack, then I know I am on to something and it compels me to open things up for the unaware. It reminds me of the last little attack back around the Superbowl as the Ray Ray led 2001 champion Ravens(BR) were on their championship run but at least that guy was civil about it. I guess a little too much talk about the Psalms 91 loving Ray Ray was the problem. 91==7×13 or 7-4 or 11 and then reverse that 91 to 19 and you get a triple ninen number. Which brings me to Tuesday which will be an almost perfect astro match to the big event of double ninen. And it was preceded four days earlier by Quetzi opposing Uranus. Then there was already some harsh moves being in the markets. But let’s look at some of the astro signatures on Tuesday. Mercury now recently direct conjuncting Rahu at the point of the recent solar eclipse. Jupiter and Mars in the same degree but different signs. Jupiter in retrograde among some other things. It’s a little too close to the top to be a major stock market dislocation but it might mark an event that leads to one. As the previous posts highlighted something to that effect might occurr then. It is 7months 4 days from Fahrenheit 4-15 and 4months15 days from July 4 and 1 year 5months 14 days from the grand reunion or 531 days later. It is also 4452 days from youknow when which was a Tuesday also.(636 weeks) Don’t know if anything major is happening but the numbers and astro signature is impressive. 91 also is 451.

    • SP with the Nasdaq 2000 like top putting in the steeple of the Domed House pattern with the backside of the steeple to now form. The Nasdaq putting in more of quarter of a century ago +1 pattern.

  51. I am all for full disclosure now so here’s the David Bowie video for I Am Afraid of Americans from the late 90s featuring Trent Reznor as JONnny :
    with the Taxi Driver motif.

    JONny’s afraid of Americans. Jonny’s an American. Nice little headline in the newspaper that morphs into JA. Notice many of the other little details in the video. There’s the 666 embedded in the SL graffitti. JONny’s taxi cab number, the Tebow 316 # ie 19. CI graffiti or 39 and I did notice astro symbols of the Sun and Mars and maybe Neptune(trident) and Pluto in the end.

    By the way, Tebow’s big 316 games were 4years and 1 year 10months 11 days later on Tuesday.

    • That’s an awesome photo embedded there. Tomorrow is also the big 11-18 matchup, 11 from last year’s 7-11 SF QB controversy vs. Popgun #18 as the undefeated Chiefs go into Denver. They flashed a 1987 in last week’s Green Bay game but that is to be expected as they unveiled new receivers #11 and #19 back in their 1929 game a few weeks ago but their new backup QB #9 “injured” himself and was replaced by former practice squad member #16. (They were forming a lot of 11-16-87s or 87-16s in the pocket) #9 has now been put on injured reserve and #16 will function as the QB until starter #12 comes back either next week or Thanksgiving day.

      I’ve seen a lot of 11-18s including the corporate heiroglyphics I continually see. ROOM 237 can be seen over at youtube. A lot of crack pot theories meant to misdirect are featured in it but it is an entertaining film and they show a lot of interesting stuff in it. I haven’t finished it yet. But Kubrick loved to put the 11 candles in it. Also the 21 photos of 3 rows of 7 photos highlighted by Nicholson’s July 4th photo.

  52. Not much to say here gang, just more chop it seems. However, we “could” have another wave down yet to come as it appears that we have already had a wave 1 down and are now in a wave 2 up. So possibly Thursday we drop one more time with a downside target zone of around 1775 SPX or so.

  53. Noticed that the $ndx was up 19.29 pts on Friday……..$ndx did not make a new high although the SP and Dow did with the SP making a marginal new high at 1804 but putting in nice divergences across the board on the 60 min charts ie low RSI, histogram bars, MACD lines etc.

    Looking back to the 1074.77 October 4,2011 low that would put the advance into Friday’s high at 730.07 pts. The advance from the 3-6-9 low into the BinLaden 5-2-11 high at 1370.58 pts was 703.79 pts and 73 or 21 is the stock number combo. The trading day advance was 543 tds while the advance into Friday from the 2011 lows is currently at 537 tds so far all intents and purposes the second advance has matched the first. It has also been 111 weeks to the first leg’s 113. And that is some very interesting numerology for the current times.

    So it’s looking like a gap down open on Monday???? Since the SP did put in a new high on Friday, I might have to extend out my low by a week but a certain date is still lining up as a powerful day both numerologically and astrologically. We’ll have to see the how upcoming week unfolds.

    • I did notice that the elevators in the Shining do take the form of 111 while the twin girls could be a symbolic 11. BTW, after mentioning ROOM 237 being on utube, it appears to have disappeared there with only a couple of small clips surviving.

      I also noticed on the David Bowie video below at the end, at the end of the street there are several 111 windows in the buildings with the lower 111 windows forming an IN at the exact end….IN ===95???……I did see an IN used on a wall in the Dirty Dozen sometime back.

      The local Donald Trump has recently constructed a new office building yet to be completed but its main facade has an 11 completely adorning it from top to bottom to be seen for miles around. (11 is formed by lights). At certain angles where one can also see one of the succeeding sides of the building, a 111 is formed but what is really strange is once the viewer drives past the succeeding side that spawns the 3rd 1, the 1 can no longer can be seen by itself. Anyway, I doubt that the mogul likes to be compared to Trump since he never went bk like Trump did although there were rumors that his company was having troubles in the early 90s but I wonder if the Empire State Building was a similar type ritual back in 1929 when it underwent construction.

      • Stanley Kubrick used the song Singing in the Rain quite extensively in Clockwork Orange. Old ALEX likes to dabble a bit in the old ultraviolence while singing to it.
        Anyway, Singing in the Rain first appeared in an old MGM musical revue back in 1929 called something like the Broadway Revue of 1929. That musical was released on November 23, 84 years ago today.

        The movie, Singing in the Rain, was released in 1952 and bears a striking resemblance to the recent Oscar winner the ARTIST. Kubrick put another film form 1952, Carson City, in the Shining. Haven’t quite figured the significance of 1952 other than the 52 number but the CA and CI of the title 31 and 39 might have something to do with it. Likewise, the CALUMET baking powder bottle features prominently in the Shining. CALUMET was sold to GF in 1929.

  54. Hey Red.. another outstanding call on ASAB! Lmao! And you expect people to believe you when you claim you’re not in on some penny stock pump and dump scheme? What a joke. You HAD some credibility even with EARH up until that one mysteriously disappeared from your holdings list when it tanked. Yep that’s right, it just vanished from your list of picks. Keep up the good work on running the single least profitable site on the entire internet. That actually probably takes a fair amount of talent. Actually if someone knows to just do the exact opposite of what you say I suppose they could make money so I guess it’s just all in how you look at it LOL!

  55. The Nasdaq is now looking identical to its 200 top except daily RSI is slightly higher. Same form though with MACD and the historogram bars. Today 11-27 is 13years8months from the 3-27,2000 $ndx high. 13+8==21 and 13×8=104. It is also 4993 days later or 713weeks2 days which appears to be proper numerology for the occasion.

    The SP high from yesterday, 1808.42 is 733.65 pts off the October 4, 1074.77 low and 1141 pts from the 666.79 low of 3-6-9. The Monday high close for the SP was 733.33 pts from the 10-4-11 low and made it 1141.29 pts off the 3-6-9 low.. More appropriate numerology.

    • They flashed another 1987 in the Packers game last week when #s 19 and 87 lined up on the right side during the touchdown run by QB #16. #19 motioned over to the left side where QB#16 made his run sort of acting like a lead runner/blocker although he didn’t quite block for him. Later in the game, #16 was benched for #10 who led a miraculous comeback that took the game into overtime before both teams sputtered with the game ending in a tie. The opposing QB was Minnesota’s much maligned #7 for a dueling 7-16/10 combo. GB’s starter #12 will be unable to start tomorrow’s Thanksgiving matchup against division rival Detroit. So it will be a #10-9 faceoff tomorrow in Motown.

  56. Friday 11-29 has some very nice numerology and numerological hits to it but since the market is still putting highs in I might have to TAPER my enthusiasm for the date. But it works with Kubrick’s July 4 1921 photo date in the Shining’s finales. 1921===1129 unscrambled and adds up to 13.
    And from the May 23rd 1980 release date for the Shining it is 33years(6) 6 months 6days later. 1193 trading days from 3-6-9 low and some other stuff.

    But let’s concentrate on the upcoming astro activity. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, sees Quetzi opposing Jupiter in retrograde while the moon forms a Tsquare with the infamous Pluto Uranus square essentially creating a grand cross although the Quetzi Jupiter opposition is a few degrees (10) off the Pluto Uranus square. Meanwhile, Jupiter is retrograding back towards Sirius which can now be seen clearly in the early night sky. (as opposed to its heliacal rising back in August).
    Quetzi will now be 541 days removed from the grand reunion (A Fahrenheit 541 days from Ray Bradbury’s demise???) on 11-29.

    Meanwhile, comet ISON will be at its closest point to the sun on Thanksgiving. ISON==EYE SUN??? I don’t know much about this comet but some are claiming that it is the brightest comet in centuries and should be visible to the naked eye as it hurtles towards the sun but it probably is too close to the sun to be seen now.

    We’re also approaching the new moon and Friday is the 27th day of the lunar month when certain activities have taken place historically.

  57. Huge inflows into stock funds in October. And it looks like it’s going to be even bigger in November. Absolutely, no one will be caring about my posts I guess. I’d be pumping penny stocks too. Actually, it used to be good sign of a top with the froth in over the counter stocks trading activity but I don’t see that reported anymore. Anyway, that is some good info.

  58. Well if no Black Friday, the indices should have ended down at least for the broader NYSE based ones. Nasdaq was up just as it was at a similar position in more recent times. A calendar day count off the 10-14-11 low pinpointed today as a high.

    The SP high today should be 738.78 pts off the 10-14-11 low or 711.78

  59. Wow!!! What happened to old triple ninen, MMM. That stock along with Boeing, these days, is the Dow Industrials. Massive TD bear flip. Should be an important stock to track in the following sessions.

  60. Interesting day yesterday. With the Dow up 198 pts, the Trin was only .87 and the Trinq finished at 1.18. Yesterday’s action most closely resembled the action on March 31,2000 after the initial minor drop off the great $ndx high, when the $ndx was up 3.47% yet advancers beat decliners by a 2200 to 1500 margin and upvolume to downvolume was 2-1. So no big 90% upside day as one would imagine.

    I collected the stats yesterday but don’t have them today but needless to say the breadth and volume statistics weren’t impressive yesterday just as they weren’t on 3-31-2000. On top of that, recent Nasdaq stalwart Apple was down on the day after putting in a topping bar almost identical to the bar the Nasdaq put in yesterday. Jeff Cooper on his twitter said Apple put in a Gilligan Island’s top on Thursday and yesterday’s Nasdaq high was basically on the open. It then dropped hard and then retested the high but didn’t surpass it. Also small 5 waves down could be seen on the Dow and SP from their highs before they then retested their intraday highs (for a minor 2 bounce?)

    And the European markets seem to be hanging by a thread at the edge of the great precipice. Most are in steep downtrends clinging to their lower BBs with the Dax the only acting reasonably well off. Yet the big open on the $nyse did little to relieve their precarious situations as most just seemed to put in marginal recoveries rather than match the gusto of the Dow, SP’s openings.

    • And then, the infamous 12-9 is approaching on Monday. 11-19 could also be transcribed to 12-9. I haven’t mentioned this but the 1929 Champion Green Bay Packers QB rotation since the BEARS put starter #12 into hibernation 4 weeks ago is as follows:
      12-9-16-10 LOL!!! #12 still is out so #10 will be starting tomorrow against the Falcons.

      Meanwhile Popgun had an astounding performance last week in a rematch against division rival, the Chiefs, in KC when he connected 4 times with #87 (4-15) for TDs. The other was a TD pass to RB #27. It was quite amusing on the final touchdown, with the Broncos on the 1 yard line in position for an easy rushing touchdown, to see Popgun make the audible and then go back and throw a fade to #87 in the corner of the endzone. It was almost to be expected really.

      • Black Mamba with his notorious recent tweet about blackout and bearhunting is returning on Sunday for his 1st performance of the year ie #24. Playing at home vs.

    • You know that he stated that Obamacare won’t go into effect for businesses until 2015, and that they won’t collapse the dollar until after it is in full effect. This January of 2014 it goes into effect for the public only, but businesses get another year (according to Lindsey Williams).

      So, that means we have only one year left before the whole system collapses. Of course we could (and should) start selling off in the stock market in advance, but I’m not expecting anything much on the downside for the rest of this year. Just a bunch of chop with an upward bias I think.

  61. Tomorrow, 12-12 or 24 will be 161 days from July 4 or 237 years 23 weeks later from you-know when with a component of a certain little indicator breaking to new multi-month lows while the indicator has been below its 50 day average for a few weeks and remained negative even with last Friday’s bounce and Monday’s doji top. Currently many indices are at their lower BBs sans the Nasdaq ones. Retail breaking down hard. SBUX one of the 2013 stalwarts now starting to really melt down clinging to its lower BB.

  62. Interesting. Denver’s #87 whose Broncos play tonight was born in 1987 and drafted with the 87th pick in 2010….the same draft that netted the Broncos Tebow in the first round.

    Here’s an interesting twit pic:

    Popgun looking a little maniacal in the backgrouond.
    The C (Captain) above 18 for 39. #87 appears to be another sort of actor. He does have a reality TV show. Hope for big games from both of them tonite. Popgun just relentlessly going for every passing record he can attain. He doesn’t let up no matter how lopsided the score.

    • It is Friday the 13th tomorrow. 73 weeks from 7-20,2012 and 52 weeks from 12-14,2012 and 87 weeks from the 4-13 Friday the 13th that had budding occultists engaging in a frenzy of numerology dominated posting across the cybersphere leading up to that date.

      Unfortunately, a certain little indicator isn’t in the required zone for a dislocation to take place but maybe it will spawn the start of one.

      But it does appear that the lower BBs did hold up the averages today except for the Dow which plowed right through its lower BB. The Australian dollar continues to get hammered almost back to its multi-year low from earlier in the year indicating that the markets are really in riskoff mode. Gold and the Aussie dollar seem to be correllating very closely.

  63. Chargers-Broncos lowlights from Thursday: Popgun gets upstaged in Denver. Throws for only 2 scores both to #12 while his San Diego counterpart throws his first two TDs to #13 while RB #24 scores the 3rd SD touchdown. Each time #12 for Denver scored #87 cameover to jump on him for the touchdown celebration for a 12-87 combo.

    Maybe Popgun foresaw the outcome after the last game against SD when the twitpic below was taken. It could explain his “concerned” expression in the photo. Or maybe he really wanted the game ball as some have surmised.

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