Will The Sheep Be Tricked By The Gangsters Changing The Stock Market Crash Date Forecasted By Gann?


August 20th update...

Technical Update

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August 11th update...

No Stock Market Crash In August As Sheep Are Mislead Again

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August 9th update...

Stock Market Crash Called Off!

These 2 articles (http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/breakout/easy-money-policy-lead-world-greatest-credit-collapse-164806633.html) and (http://www.cnbc.com/id/100950234) are clearly put out to mislead the sheep into shorting this market heavily.  This means the FED's are running out of money and don't have enough power left to get the market up past the current high.  They need more money and that money has too come from the bears as there's obviously no retail traders left in the market buying at these levels.

So how do you get more money?  You put out articles on the propaganda main stream media outlets that speaks of crashes coming.  The sheep read this and start shorting.  The way the game is likely going to play out is something similar to the big head and shoulders pattern back in 2010.  Everyone seen it and waited for the top of that right shoulder to short at around 06/21/2010, at which point they tricked the bears by breaking down below the neckline of that pattern around 1050 SPX.  They went down to 1010 on 07/01/2010 before reversing and going back up to make another right shoulder on 08/04/2010.  Then they dropped again to lure in more shorts thinking we were going to crash really big.  You have to remember how bearish the sentiment was back then as we had just had a flash crash on 05/06/2010... so traders were looking for a crash even bigger to follow.

Well, it never happened as they tricked the bears by rallying for many months afterward as they "gamed" the huge head and shoulders pattern followers.  I remember back then how main stream media puppets were even talking about it on a chart on TV.  Naturally they were paid to do so as it was very important to get the sheep extremely bearish and heavily short.  That was the money they needed to squeeze the bears and rally it up to new highs later that year.  I see something similar happening again.

Basically I see a move down next week to around prior support in the 1650 SPX area.  But, this rally we are currently in could go up higher before we start to drop.  I don't see it happening on Friday the 9th though as I expect it to be choppy with up's and down's inside the triangle the market is in now.  Then Monday we could see some final move up to end the rally.  Don't know how high but it shouldn't go above the current high.  Maybe it comes a few points shy of it... don't know?  It could happy Friday of course but odd's say it comes on Monday.  Either way it's a good short down to the 1650 level of support.  Then expect a rally and probably more selling afterwards.  That's too far out to look right now but some how I think it's going to be a choppy 3 weeks before they final some bottom that they decide to launch their rally from.

The ideal spot would be the 1560-1580 area and then back up to the 1670 area to make the top of the right shoulder where the left shoulder was the May 22nd, 2013 high.  The head is obviously the current high at 1709 on August 8th, 2013.  The tricky part he is to watch the news closely to see if the paid actors start talking about the head and shoulders pattern that I think is going to form.  If so then when you add the stories now out about a 1987 style crash (by more paid puppets) which that media exposure of this future pattern I'll give it a 99% chance of it failing and rallying to new highs into October of this year when I think we'll hit 17,000 DOW and then CRASH around Legatus again!



Don't be surprised if the crash date by W.D. Gann isn't changed as they don't want you to make money...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7PfgC-KqAE)

We all know that the gangsters totally control the stock market 100% now and when it comes to the sheep (you and me) discovering the date in advance sometimes they are forced to make changes.  Remember, if the sheep get short at the same time the wolves (the gangsters) get short then there's no one to steal the money from.  They must have the sheep long when they are short as they need to have someone on the opposite side of the trade or else it wouldn't work.  This is why the wolves will use their propaganda media outlets on TV (and on the internet) to lead the sheep in the wrong direction while they go in the opposite direction.

So when I see an article about a stock market crash that speaks of a well known forecaster named W.D. Gann that points to this August 16-23rd as the spot where the crash will start I have to wonder if it's not "planted" information to mislead the sheep again?  It's different when it's on a small website run by one person as then it's likely put out to help fellow traders.  But on a big site that a company runs you have to be leery as you don't know whether or not the gangsters control that site and therefore use it to steer the sheep in the wrong direction.  I won't say for sure on it as Futures Mag isn't exactly as huge as CNBC, Yahoo Finance, or CBS MarketWatch... but it's still what I consider to be a "main stream media" site.  Therefore we should be cautious now and be aware that the planned date could have been changed now?

Come the week of Aug. 16 - 23, the world’s largest Index, the S&P 500, will once again plummet. In an all too familiar fashion, it will drag down all other stock markets, superfunds and savings. No government or economic spin can ward off this descent, because nothing else but time governs the fluctuations of markets. Given that economic formulas and models are only pale reflections of the real world, as a forecasting tool, they can be utterly misleading. The way to gain insight into the forces driving the S&P 500 Index, and predict the Aug. 16 turnaround, is by consulting its graph and William Delbert Gann’s Square-of-9 (for why all Internet depictions of this Square are flawed refer to paragraph 7 below).

The graph’s coordinates X and Y, where X represents price and Y time, provide an untainted depiction of market behaviour. In addition to reflecting ‘price changes over time’, the plot of X and Y’s intersection points reflects also the perceptions, and thoughts, of those driving the ups and downs of price. Given that X is a function of Y, and Y is a function of X, and given that X is the volatile of the two, focusing on the forward procession of Y is far less challenging than the fluctuations of X (Figure 1).

Figure 1

There is reason to believe that when billionaire George Soros broke the bank of England by shorting the British pound on Sept. 16, 2002 and the AUD on May 08, 2013, the Y parameter and Gann’s Square-of-9 dictated his trades.

The first on the ‘to do list’ in analysing a graph is to determine the direction of the dominant trend. Figure 2 demonstrates that bearish trends manifest long down-swings with short upward corrections. And, as the market changes direction, its upward swings become longer in comparison to retreats.

The schematic in Figure 3 captures the 496 calendar day (cd) GFC decline period (Oct. 31, 2007 — March 08, 2009), and the recovery phase (March 09, 2009 — May 28, 2013). It shows that the S&P 500 Index’s recovery, which at the peak of May 28, 2013 measured 1542cd, in addition to being in an uptrend, reached an all-time high.

On June 25, 2013, the decline from the May 28 peak measured 28cd. It was 3cd shorter than its preceding 31cd upswing (Apr. 18 – May 28, 2013). Given this Index’s bullish trend, the sketch indicates that the forthcoming advance, which cannot be shorter than 31cd, will measure 52cd on August 16, 2013 (Figure 3).

Figure 3

To validate these dates, we turn to W.D. Gann’s Square-of-9, however, before proceeding to the Square, a word about identifying markets’ major peaks and troughs.

Even though pricewise the peak of May 21, 2013 was the highest point the S&P 500 reached on the chart, it was false (Figure 4). Given that it was followed by a 3cd decline and a 4cd advance, the longer swing, irrespective of price, is the one that determines the top.

W.D. Gann (1878 -1956) was 13 when he famously declared that “the future is not unforseen.” From the age of 24, the Sqaure-of-9 — a sequence of orderly numbers spiralling outwards in an anti-clockwise manner from the number 1 at the centre (Figure 5) — generated him $50 million from trading stock and commodity markets.

“I soon began to note the periodical reoccurrence of the rise and fall of stocks and commodities. This led me to conclude that natural law was the basis of market movements. I then decided to devote 10 years of my life to the study of natural law as applicable to the speculative markets and to devote my best energies toward making speculation a profitable profession.”

The numerals 1-9 forming the Square’s first ring inspired him to coin the device ‘The Square-of-9’, and its geometrical divisions, cardinals and diagonals.

The Australian mathematician, physicist and meteorologist, Trevor Casey — the first known man to unravel the Square’s mathematical structure since Gann — points out that all the Square’s Internet versions are mathematically wrong. In The Square Spiral— the Mathematics of Markets (BookPal 2010) he explains that this Square is a spiral mimicking the Milky Way. As such, it unfolds from left to right, in the same direction as the galaxy, and each of its rings expands twice during one 3600 revolution. The first expansion takes place upon the Square’s north-western diagonal and second upon its south-eastern arm. Therefore, in contrast to the Internet versions, the north-western diagonal runs along the numerals 1, 2, 10, 26, 50…, and the south-eastern along 1, 5, 17, 37, 65….…∞. (Figure 5)

The other point he emphasises is that the Square is a calculator designed to measure time and should not be used in forecasting price levels. The 0.618 and 0.382 Golden mean proportions, known as Fibonacci ratios, are best for determining the support and resistance levels of price.

Figure 5 – The Square-of-9 constitutes a spiral of consecutive numbers unfolding outwards from the number 1 at the centre. Its numerals follow the anti-clockwise (left to right) direction of the Milky Way’s spiral.

Gann’s breakthrough came about when he observed that time-intervals typically adhere to the Square’s axes in that they commence and terminate upon them. A mature interval bounces off and culminates upon the Square’s same axis by completing a 3600 rotation from and back to the point at which the preceding interval ended. In cases when a swing terminates upon the Square’s opposite axis, at 1800 angle, it remains unfinished until such time it completes a 3600 rotation to the axis it had bounced off.  Given that the present recovery wave took off the Square’s eastern cardinal, and must terminate upon it, the Square-of-9 makes is possible to forecast its maturity date.

Figure 5 – The Square-of-9 constitutes a spiral of consecutive numbers unfolding outwards from the number 1 at the centre. Its numerals follow the anti-clockwise (left to right) direction of the Milky Way’s spiral.

Gann’s breakthrough came about when he observed that time-intervals typically adhere to the Square’s axes in that they commence and terminate upon them. A mature interval bounces off and culminates upon the Square’s same axis by completing a 3600 rotation from and back to the point at which the preceding interval ended. In cases when a swing terminates upon the Square’s opposite axis, at 1800 angle, it remains unfinished until such time it completes a 3600 rotation to the axis it had bounced off.  Given that the present recovery wave took off the Square’s eastern cardinal, and must terminate upon it, the Square-of-9 makes is possible to forecast its maturity date.

Click to enlarge.

Figure 6

  1. Sep. 01, 2000 — Apr. 12, 2003 = 922cd

             [The nearest value is 916, eastern cardinal - Figure 7]

  1. Apr. 12, 2003 — Oct. 31, 2007 = 1694cd

             [The nearest value is 1702, western cardinal – Figure 8]

  1. Oct. 31, 2007 —  Mar. 09, 2009 = 496cd eastern cardinal - Figure 7]
  2. Mar. 09, 2009 —  Apr 23, 2010 = 411cd eastern cardinal- Figure 7]
  3. Apr 23, 2010 — Jul. 02, 2010 = 69cd eastern cardinal- Figure 7]
  4. Jul. 02, 2010 — Apr. 29, 2011 = 301cd

             [298 western cardinal – Figure 8]

  1. Apr. 29, 2011 — Dec. 19, 2011 = 234cd
  2. [233 western cardinal– Figure 8]

Figure 7 – Eastern Cardinal

Figure 8 – Western cardinal

Allowing that the March 09, 2009 trough terminated upon the Square’s eastern cardinal, on day 496 of the run, the subsequent 2009 – 2013 recovery wave must also terminate there. On August 16, 2013, when it measures 1621cd, it and the 496cd downswing will form a 3600 angle upon the Square’s eastern cardinal (Figure 9).

Figure 9 – Eastern Cardinal

Harking back to Figure 3, we see that the recovery wave’s top, on May 28, took place on day 1542 of the run and culminated upon the Square’s western cardinal (Figure 8). However, given that it bounced off the eastern cardinal (on March 09, 2009), its rotation has so far achieved 1800 — an indication of an incomplete move. Note that the peak of May 28, followed by a 28cd decline, touched upon the western cardinal on June 25 at a 3600 (1542 and 28, Figure 8). The final 52cd advance of the recovery wave will reach the Square’s western arm on August 16, 2013, where it will once again form a 3600 angle. However, its total span of 1621cd will fall upon the eastern cardinal at a 3600 angle with the preceding 496cd of the GFC crash.

For three millennia the pharaohs of Egypt relied upon large rocks carved with horizontal lines to record the height the Nile’s waters had reached during each day of the seasonal inundation. Indeed, Nileometer records collected from rocks scattered along the Nile are the longest data series we have. And although large chunks from the BCE data are missing, the records we have go back to 624AD, to the day Cairo’s Rhoda Island Nileometer became functional. The sheer length of this collection speaks volumes to their importance to the then pharaohs and scientists today. Ravaging floods and droughts turned the Nile settlers into brilliant problem solvers obsessed with patterns, symmetry and time sequences. Their effort yielded the Square-of-9 — Egypt’s most guarded secret, which tracked the changes in the Nile’s ups and downs over three thousand years. Subsequently, the pharaohs enshrined it in the Great Pyramid’s tiers where the block arrangement of each mimics the spiral of the Milky Way. When pulled from the number 1 at the centre, this Square morphs into a pyramid (Figure 10). With no data-processing technology, the Square and graphs sustained the pharaohs until Egypt‘s fall to the Romans in 48 BCE. One can only speculate how much richer the pharaohs would have been had they also invented the stock market.

Figure 10 – The Square-of-9 constitutes an image of one pyramidal tier.


When asked “What is the cause behind the time factor?” Gann smiled and said: “It has taken me years of exhaustive study to learn the cause that produces the effects according to time. That is my secret and too valuable to be spread broadcast…” He died of heart failure in June 1956 and was laid to rest in New York’s Brooklyn Cemetery in a grave facing his beloved Wall Street. Just as the pharaohs departed leaving no clue to the secret they buried in the Great Pyramid’s tiers, Gann left us an image of one of its tiers, yet, withheld its layout and instructions of use.


http://www.incrediblecharts.com/ - Free Stock Market Charting Software ($spx_us & $xao_ax)

http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html - Calculate duration between two dates.

Original Post:




So what do you get out of that post?  Is Futures Mag planting a seed to the sheep to go short during that period so they can make money, or is it to mislead the sheep so the gangsters can make money as those short get squeeze and the market goes up to even higher levels then we think possible?  If you got a lot of sheep short from them reading that post and the wolves are short too... then will the crash still happen?  I just don't know to tell you the truth?  Maybe the article wasn't put up on purpose to distract the sheep and just done by some honest writer trying to help?  I will say that "if" it shows up again on some other "even more well known" website here soon then we will know for sure that there won't be any crash!

If I were a gangster and knew about this time period, which a whole lot of sheep also know about it, I'd change the plan up a little and start the move down either before that time zone or after that time zone.  That way the sheep won't be able to make any money.  If it starts early then the sheep will chase the move down looking for the bounce that never comes (until the bottom of course), and if you go past that date then we'll see a huge squeeze during that time zone to put the SPX up near 1780 area... and all the sheep short will lose their money and miss the crash move that will follow.  Sucks either way in my opinion... but the gangsters aren't called that just for no reason!  Their sole purpose in this matrix is to steal, lie, cheat, rape, murder, and smile while doing it (kinda like politicians do on TV).

Now I've probably talked too much about the number "eleven" and it's possible they change the plan due to the sheep figuring that out.  Meaning that the market tends to have important turns (tops or bottoms) on "eleven" dates.  The next 11 date is this coming Thursday, August the 8th as it adds up to 22, which is an eleven.  After that we have the 17th but that's a Saturday so it's out.  Then there's the 26th which is after Gann's time zone of August 16th-23rd.  So you have to wonder at this point whether or not "they" will changed up the date and start early (like this week... possibly the 8th?) or start later (possibly the 26th?)?

There are 2 important levels of resistance overhead for the SPX, with the first one being the 1717-1720 area.  Then there is the 1770-1780 zone, which should be the target should they go out past the Gann window.  If they start early then I'd expect the first zone to be hit this week and then start the sell off before Gann's target dates.  So for now I'm just going to be looking for the first zone to be hit and keep my ear to the ground for possible news that could scare the market.  Like some planned false flag event or surprise whisper by Ben Bernanake about raising interest rates and/or stopping the QE.  Anything that can shock the market like that probably won't be something we'll see ahead of time.

But we all have to do our part to watch as clues could come out before they actually pull the trigger and let her crash.  Keep your eye's open on all the major sites for new FP's... especially huge ones!  Remember that back when they had the flash crash they put out a FP the night before (around midnight) showing the downside target of 1065 (nice huh?  10[5+6=11] or 111... LOL).  Clues are usually given but I'm only one person and can't catch it all.  I depend on YOU to help me out so I can help all the other readers out too.  Look for FP's and look for possible news events that could be the trigger.  I think we are really close now so let's all keep our fingers on the trigger (meaning get ready and prepared to get short).





The major top due in August...


In my prevoius posts, I spent a good deal of time talking about certain turning points due in late May and the one coming up soon in August.  Actually I described how the Venus cycle and Mayan calender work, explaining how the market was going to be weaker and weaker.  I suggested that you folks not expect a big decline at first but give it some time and space until it gets weaker and weaker and now the real time of weakness has just begun! All you folks need to do is not to let those short-lived bounces and rallies fool you.

The truth of the matter is that this is exactly what the “movers and shakers” want from you.  Actually, they all want you on the bull side now  as it would not be so profitable if we (retail traders) knew exactly when to jump on board.  As you all remember I also touched on Armstrong’s cycle work.  You see, most financial markets analysts out there are already aware of the dates given by Armstrong’s pi-cycle work. Now with this being said do you really think that the market will turn based on his dates? Of course not!

With too many traders and analyst already being aware of such dates the stock market would never care to turn then.  In fact, the pi-cycles exist... in the other words they have always existed, but the secret is that the harmonics change.  It will not have to be the same thing for good.  As time goes forward the things change... meaning more and more traders and investors  get informed, therefore the harmonics become more complex.

But August is the month you need to watch closely...

Now the current move-down on the S&P is actually a correction to the sharp decline from June 19th to June 24th 2013.  Meaning more short-lived rallies or sideways chops are in the cards.  As soon as the prices resume rallying back up you folks need to realize that the market will not go to the moon.  I suppose the next up-move will be relatively smaller or probably a failure, then it is going to be a time when a major  top is put in.  All you might want to do keep an eye out for set-up bars on weekly charts around August 16th And the full moon on August 20th.

Few days ago, I was talking with Red on Skype... talking about a potential short-term decline around  August 7th and the market went down on 6th.  Anyway, the top of the current long-term rally is going to be the beginning of a 3-year depression.  And you folks would want to jump in as soon as you see the set-up bar.

May you profit handsomely,


afiroozi (at) rocketmail (dot) com


  1. Looks like they decided to take it down first and then rally. Seems they always change the plan just when you think you got it figured out… LOL! So, I’m now expecting a bounce today for some smaller wave 2 up with the current move down being the wave 1 down.

    That sets up a wave 3 down into tomorrow for a short term bottom. Then back up Thursday until Monday of next week. Then down again. But we still have a move down coming toward the 1650 SPX area. The timing of it is tough to figure out right now though.

  2. Whatever move up into the close we have today David I think it will end the short term rally and allow a wave 3 down tomorrow. I’ll be looking to get a small short before the close.

  3. Gang, Ali hasn’t had time to do another update by after speaking with him a few days ago he stated very clearly that August 7th the market should be down. Something he see’s in the harmonics. Since we appear to be in some type of wave 2 up right now the charts support a wave 3 down tomorrow… which aid’s in what Ali see’s happening on the 7th.

  4. Market looks like it’s trying to rally here but appears too weak to do so. With such extremely light volume today you’d think they would have rallied by now? The short term oversold charts have worked off most of that condition and are move up steadily on their histogram bars but the market chops sideways.

    Obviously that’s called a bear flag. So unless there’s some huge rally in the last half hour to close the market green I’m going to think that SkyNet wants to keep the market down here as it’s planning on moving lower again tomorrow.

    • At least that low David as wave 3’s or C’s are longer then wave 1’s or A’s. So if wave 1 was from 1709 to 1693 on the SPX then that’s 16 points. If you multiple 16 times 1.786 you get 28 points. So we should drop 28 points from 1699 or around 1671 spx.

  5. In your most recent post at 7:03 you say there is going to be an initial drop to “right here” but I have checked and can’t see the pointer or any line drawn. Where do you expect that initial drop, after the peak (possibly Aug 8,9) to go down to please?

  6. The gap down this morning likely started a wave C (or 3), and inside that wave C there will likely be 5 waves. The first wave of that ended this morning at the low and we appear to be in the wave 2 up inside that wave C. The next move down in the close today and likely into tomorrow morning should be the wave 3 inside that C wave.

  7. They are doing everything they can to hold this market up guys. Even if they succeed in holding it here until Friday it’s going to be really ugly next week. This market is set to crash hard!

  8. I still think we’ll make one more new high. We’ll see. The 22nd is today, friday is the 9th, and next tuesday is a 9 day. should be interesting

    • They are trying very, very hard to hold this market up this week but next week we are going to crash. They can’t stop it. It’s going to happen whether they want it to or not. How do I know for sure you ask? A higher power told me, and that’s all I can say.

  9. With the huge market down move expected next week anyone still in the penny stock I mention exit today. I don’t think it’s going to do as well as it was forecasted… especially with the negative energy in the market right now and all next week.

    • In my Skype chat Ali said he thinks that period will be a bottom. He told me months ago that the 10th-12th is a very important period. I’m getting conformation from someone else too and it’s looking like 140-145 area or 156 area by next Thursday. Don’t know which but there’s a lot of tense going on with “them” right now.

        • I hesitated to put it out there Peter but something wicked is coming next week and while I don’t want you to hold me to those exact levels I do want you to be aware that the odds of a huge move down are 90% from the information I’m putting together.

          • Seems everyone is bullish Peter… which makes me feel even stronger that this call will be right. I’m still looking for 167 area on the SPY and it “should” happen tomorrow but with the manipulation it could happen Monday.

    • I got lucky on 1680 pullback call (better be lucky than good), will reopen leveraged short position tomorrow
      (my core portfolios are all 100% net short – not counting long natural gas which I went long yesterday at 3.381 /NGX3 – glad I did not have stops today – that was a mother of all shakeoffs )
      Trade well

      take a look at silver /SI long within a week

      • Should have one more lower high on the SPX David. Probably Monday as it looks like we are stuck in these triangle for today. The lower high could even go up and fill the gap around 1707 SPX but I’m just guessing at that level.

  10. Yesterday’s cnbc.com home page Time to get bearish on
    stocks: Strategist

    Today’s cnbc.com home page Marc Faber: Look out! A
    1987-style crash is coming

    Hard to see a crash when cnbc is telegraphing things so blatantly.

    • Oh crap! That sucks! They always do the opposite to trick the sheep. Man I hate seeing that as that means they “could” change the plan next week? Don’t know yet as possibly they still take it down hard and do a mini-crash, at which point everyone on the planet will become super bearish… and then they rip it back up to new all time highs (which I believe is already planned?). I see 17,000 Dow in October after a big sell off next week and possibly the following week. That would fool the most sheep I think.

      • ah. Not a good sign for the bear case sadly. Out of curiosity though red, have your sources given you other dates that have worked out before?

  11. If you ever wondered if the gangsters do things to the sheep without telling you… your are wrong! They show you through the movies they put out. In fact if you want to know how evil they are and what they have planned for you, just watch the movie called “Assault On WallStreet 2013” as it’s very detailed into what they have done and plan to continue doing. I personally think the guy in the movie is hero and should really go take out his anger on Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon for starters (but the list of bankster pigs is too long to type here)

        • No.. that is not what I was implying.

          Quite the contrary. You are blaming a very few individuals at the top.

          It is the SHEEP – as you like to call them, who are to blame.

          You are holding the same philosophical viewpoint as those who wish to blame Hitler for WW2, rather than the German populace. It wasn’t one man who invaded dozens of nations..it was a collective of millions..who ALL actively supported their elected leader.

          Don’t go pinning the blame for anything on Dimon or Blankfein, when it is the VERY sheep who are sending them THEIR money, allowing it to be leveraged up..and then expecting ‘good returns’.

          Red, you..and the majority have been bitching and whining about the ‘bankster’ CEOs for over 5 years now, and yet…the real problem is the one facing you in the mirror each morning.

          Regardless..have a good weekend.

          • Permabear, it’s true that the sheep do send their money to these people to invest it for them but most sheep are clueless as to who they are dealing with. Is the the sheeps’ fault for “not knowing” or is the banksters fault for deceiving them?

            The sheep are like children that simply haven’t learned yet. The parents are like the banksters, only these parents lie to the children. I’m sorry but I can’t blame the sheep for not understanding who they are doing business with. The banksters are the criminals here in my opinion, but you are welcome to disagree.

            Sidenote: Interesting video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u81di6JmXw&feature=youtu.be

            As for Hilter, I do blame him… just like I blame his relatives like George Bush. People in power can choose to do good things or bad. Hilter was a nobody and has zero money or power until the Rockefeller’s, Rothshilds, Vanderbuilts, and who knows how many others… gave him money and put him in power.

            He was a puppet controlled by these satanists, but he could have said no and not done what he did. I personally would have said no and remained poor. Of course they would have picked someone else but it wouldn’t have been me.

            People have the power to be good or evil and those people in power right now are evil. The only way they continue to make money is to lie, steal, cheat and deceive the sheep. You blame the sheep for investing with them but I blame the banksters for deceiving them.

            I seriously doubt that the sheep would invest with these banksters if they knew the whole truth. Naturally I don’t invest with the banksters as I’m aware but most sheep are clueless, and I just can’t blame someone who doesn’t understand the system versus someone who deceived them into investing.

            But that’s simply my opinion and thoughts and you of course can have a different opinion. I’m sure there are some honest bankers out there, but I just haven’t met one.

          • hmm.

            Well, I can only say, we are all sheep at birth.

            It is then a CHOICE, as to what we believe.

            You chose to learn and understand..whilst your neighbours CHOSE not to.

            Its a choice .Red…and that is something which I think is still largely overlooked by the doomer crowd. They want to blame a few at the top, rather than those around them who CHOSE to remain ignorant.

            The US..and even my own nation have EXACTLY the govt. and leaders we deserve.

            Scary philosophical point, huh?

    • The charts are very bearish and clearly point to a move down on Monday. There is a small head and shoulders patterned from last weeks’ moves and a larger head and shoulders pattern going back to late July. Then and even larger head and shoulders going back to May… so yes everything is extremely bearish.

      But, every time in the past I see patterns like this they end up fooling me with a tricky move to the upside first. So I decided the safe move was to stay in cash to see what happens on Monday. From looking at the charts I’d say there is a 90% chance of opening down on Monday morning.

      However, everyone else sees the same thing I do… meaning they could do the opposite and open up on Monday instead of down. Or they could open down and reverse really fast and rally all day? I don’t know what they have planned but I know it’s going to be tricky, so staying out of all positions seemed to be the wiser move in my opinion.

      • I see. Been short financials for awhile now, due to there continued weakness despite pushing higher, but I see what you mean. Plus, holding over a weekend is a pain. Both flat, or wrong direction, hurt you.Only thing I found odd, if they plan on crashing next week, was closing near the lows

  12. Yesterday was 9420 days from the lesser grand ritual double five years ago. 9420===3×3140 days or 3 Pi. This is a basic component of Martin Armstrong’s Pi Cycle. His ECM (5313) had a turn on August 7 but Martin Armstrong is now disavowing his Pi cycle saying the ultimate economic peak won’t come until October 2015. Lately his ECM/ Pi cycle hasn’t been working and most of his recent essays have been ridiculous numerology fests so much so that I was thinking his whole ECM model lately was a little numerology game.

    • Technically things are setting up. Most indices settling around their lower BBs as they await the flare opening to the downside.

      A certain little indicator waiting to cross beneath its downsloping 50 day average while its component registered a minor change reading on Friday. It should drop below its 50 day on Monday unless there is a monster upday.

      A new technical indicator I have been trying has most indices in no mans land between upper and lower boundaries at least as I interpret it. It seems to be a pretty good trend indicator with a few whipsaws but generally it points to a change in trend in a timely manner.

  13. well said… Bernanke speaks at the end of october too though red. so keep that date i n mind. Damn t sucks for bears this year

    • Yeah Peter, it sucks being a bear. I just can’t wait until they announce that the world is saved in October and they are looking for 20,000 DOW! Then I’ll know for sure the crash is coming!

  14. The way I see what happened this morning is simple… they gaped down below the 1685 SPX support level to take out all the bulls’ stops. They as low as 1675 on ES futures to take out the bulls’ that were long there too. They also lured in some bears with the gap down. Right now the bears are trapped and expecting the overhead resistance to hold.

    Now, as of today it’s possible that the line holds and we dip back down some to lure in some more bears.. but I honestly wouldn’t count on that happening. It would make more sense to just keep push up here and use the momentum from the trapped bears to gain more ground on the upside. Then tomorrow morning they can gap up over the next resistance level, but it’s looking more and more like they are getting ready to go after the bears’ stops this week.

  15. This is one of my oldies but goodies.

    Methinks that complacent longs stand a good chance of getting a 6% to 8% down move in the next few days to few weeks.

    The Bond indicator is on the bottom.

    The red lines indicate a “bottom” on the indicator, and most often a subsequent down move on the index (using SPX here)

    The green lines are for tops on the Bond Indicator, which often immediately starts a up move on the SPX index. Check it out.

    Additionally, I have found that multiple deeper bottoms form an “Egg
    Formation”. And when the last dip into the egg is parabolic down, that
    often signals a large up move. The best dips down are a sharp stab
    into the egg. i.e. a blowoff bottom of sorts.

    Drop a comment, how do you like this indicator?


    • Hey Steveo… how’s life in Hawaii? I’d love to visit someday. Here’s the deal (in my humble opinion), I think that when all the bearish indicators have turned bullish and all the bear blogs have started talking about DOW 20,000 is when we’ll crash. Of course we already know this is set up for this coming October (unless they change the plan, but I don’t think the will).

  16. Bored. Too deeply embedded in my Pi cycles.

    Been playing with Billy Bob. For all of you psychos out there.

  17. Actually, I was off on the Pi cycle. 9420 days was August 3 right after the August 2nd high. So it worked perfectly. A completion of 3 revolutions of the circle or 720 degrees. Right after the 1110 th trading day off the 3-6-9 low (333+777) and 28 trading days off the June low. In lesser grand rituals of the past, 28 tds off the high always marked the lower high so I guess they had to find another use for it in this episode to keep everyone confused.

  18. What I see here happening is the market trying to make an inverted head and shoulders pattern. The head was yesterday’s low at 1682 SPX and the left shoulder was either the 1683 low, 1686 low or the 1684 low from 2-6 days ago. The charts aren’t all aligned bullish yet but if they go down and make the right shoulder they should be then getting close to a rally starting.

    However, I’m not sure if they will breakthrough the 1700 SPX level this week as it looks to be tough resistance the first hit. So possibly we dip down today and tomorrow to complete the right shoulder and then rally back up some on Friday. Then next week we should see the breakout and the run for a new high.

  19. The jobs data will likely be spun positive tomorrow to get the rally started. The inverted head and shoulders pattern has formed now and all we need is a “reason” to gap up over 1700 SPX, which tomorrow’s boat load of data will likely be blamed as that “reason”. Failure to rally tomorrow tells me this market is much weaker then I thought and should then drop and break the current horizontal support area… but I give the strongest odds to the bulls.

  20. The market looks so bearish right now… it’s crazy! I even “feel” all the negative thoughts being broadcast from the cell phone towers saying “crash, crash, go short”… which tells me (now as the past I would have went short and lost) even more that they are getting ready to rip this up into some huge rally day. All that is needed now is some positive news event or data, and I think we’ll see that happen tomorrow

    If I’m wrong then I guess we’ll crash like the constant EMF bombardment is saying is going to happen. By the way, I’m not making this up. “They” have the ability to use the cell phone tower to seen a signal into your head that makes you think bullish or bearish… or whatever thought they want to planet in your mind. Naturally it affects weak minded people the most but no one is protected fully from it’s effects.

    • Have you seen the new movie out called “42”? It’s the story of Jackie Robinson. Very cool movie I think. He sure went through a lot of crap but in the end it was worth it.

      • No missed it. Looked crappy. Just know Jackie Robinson day was 4-15.

        I finally saw my ex-schoolmate’s new flick and noticed he put LEO in it too. Had the porn star say BAM 4 times as well. Pretty good flick for a movie that cost $250,000……The 3 main principles put 30k each into it and raised 160k from the public.

        Of course my exmate was ripping himself off quite a bit in the movie. He likes using LOS FELIZ in his material and they also focused quite abit on SUNSET ie blvd,plaza in one scene.

        Drove by Ray Bradbury’s old stomping grounds as well. Cruising down Overland. Past the library he frequented. Today is 435 days from his demise on 6-5 at the age of 91 last year.

  21. Unfortunately any negative bias on the market is purely emotional. There’s no confirmation really

  22. The Dow dropped down to and through its lower BB. It seems to be leading the pack. Also dropped to a new monthly low. The other indices are more restrained minus the Utilities which seem to be already crashing. The once impervious RTH (retail) also had a strong down day that took them down to their lower BBs. SP is near its monthly lows and below its monthly opening range but it’s breakdown isn’t as convincing.

    A certain little indicator did break through its downsloping 50 day average.

    My new little indicator did trigger a “sell” for the Dow and has a minor one for the euro. As I interpret it. Other indices have not penetrated the required level yet. But my analysis for this indicator is still a work in progress.

  23. red, my wave C up makes perfect sense, especially if you use numerology. So, tomorrow, we go to 1670, then we have wave C up right into next week. Viola. Double 11 on the 22nd!

    • Yeah, it looks like it’s going to be the 1650 SPX gap fill area that I was talking about last week. Looks very bearish but every time it gets looking this way they come out of now where and rally to the moon. I don’t think we have much more on the downside Peter and I still see the final high this October around 17,000 on the DOW.

      • Red, you’ve swung from an ‘august crash’ to Dow 17k in October..even though the past two weeks in the market are to the downside.

        If you just look at a weekly chart..it looks fine for the bears into mid-September. I’m guessing we rally on the FOMC – regardless of decision.

        I just somewhat mystified at your change of thought, even though the sp’1709 high is comfortably holding.

  24. Today was 86668 days from the founding of the enlightened ones. 86===888,888 or 888+888
    86604 days from the other great founding of the year.

  25. The Steve Jobs/ Apple movie opens tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be funny to see Apple crater coincide with its opening. Apple’s recent strength is the only reason the market truly hasn’t tanked so far.

    With Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, thought this flick was straight to video material but they managed to get a theatrical release for it. It also has JOKER from 1987’s Full Metal Jacket in it, fresh off his heroic role in RISE: the Dark Knight Rises released last year on 7-20 or 56 weeks or 392 days ago.

    8-16 could be the big 24 but I don’t see the 15 in there. A certain little indicator has some more room to run as well as its component.

  26. Trying to hold the 50 dma ish…..anyone think we are heading to the 100 dma? 1637ish…

    $NYMO below -80 and outside the kelt lower channel on the daily again today….should see a small bounce here??? but one never knows especially me!

    All my best; Seawind

    P.S. Anyone talk to Mr. Red in the last few days?

  27. Sorry for disappearing on you guys (Seawind, DarthGerb, Rose, Permabear, and Peter) as I see you all have been wondering about me. Thanks for the concern. I’ve actually be very busy creating a new website that will be focused on the penny and junior stock picks I’ve been giving you guys.

    It’s a lot of work creating the facebook app and the sales page for the site (it’s not a new RDL site, although I’ve been wanting to upgrade it for awhile now but haven’t had the time). My partner in this penny stock picks business wants to do some facebook advertising on the new facebook page that I’m building.

    We plan to build up a large following that will be interested in the penny stock picks as well. My partner has weeded out most all the bad info from various people and found the correct information that will give everyone really accurate picks now. You guys will of course get the info on the next pick as soon as meets all the requirements for a possible huge move up.

    We’ll also be giving out the hot picks to everyone that signs up on the new site through it’s facebook page, but you don’t need to worry about signing up for it to as you’re already on the RDL list and will get the same info they will.

    Since the other site is for “Blue Pill” takers I won’t be doing any real posts on it. I’ll be bringing in news articles from well know main stream media website to repost so it will have constant new content on it. This keeps the facebook sheep happy as they want something to read on the facebook page for the site to keep them thinking they are “in the know” I guess?

    Anyway, if all goes well I’ll have this new site launched next week some time and it should line up with another hot stock pick that’s coming up soon. Keep in mind that these penny stocks are going to be in VERY High demand once the market starts crashing later this year and over then next couple of years the bear market reigns.

    Past history shows that some the best times to make HUGE Money in these penny stocks where during major corrections in the overall stock market. This is why I’m rushing to get this set up asap as we all know the most likely final top for this market is in October around Legatus. After that it’s all down hill for 2-3 years, and up hill for these penny stocks… especially one’s that are gold related.

    I’ll see if I can do a new video update on the stock market later tonight but in a nut shell I don’t really see us rallying until Bernanke speaks again… which I think is this Wednesday. As you know I previously thought we were going down to the 1650 spx area but changed my mind sometime last week. Looks like my original forecast was correct now? Missed that one I guess, but it happens from time to time. Got to stop over thinking the market I guess?

    • Thanks Mr. Red….sweet!
      Just a few things I’m looking @….has the spy low 165.22 gap been filled from July 10-11?
      $DJU…July 5th low 476.94…..today low 476.3……June 20th low 465.57
      TLT not looking good….

      $VIX……new highs…..hmmmmm
      $NYMO falling…..hmmmmmm
      Headfake so to speak?????

      All my best; Seawind

      As I type…..new lows on the spy….

  28. LA rookie sensation Puig #66 in Miami for the week. Heard he was partying with Lebron into the wee hours Monday morning.

    Partying July 4 1921 Overlook Hotel style. REDRUM!!!!!

    Oh, the Nikkei has done an about face early in its session.

  29. Always wild swings when the FOMC minutes come out, but usually the first move is the “mis-direction” move. We were looking for around 1630 spx to test the lower trendline on the rising channel of the daily chart so possibly they hit it today? Or the down move ends later this week after some small bounce today and then back down?

    Clearly we have a little further down we can go on this daily chart but I do believe the bulls will show up around the lower trendline (about 1630 SPX) in this rising channel. http://stockcharts.com/public/1092905/chartbook/254097560;

      • We are real close to a short term bottom I think… probably tomorrow morning we’ll see it hit. Then we rally for awhile. Don’t know yet how long but we could rally for only a few days and go back down lower or continue a choppy rally into October.

  30. hi, Red Dragon Leo
    nice to meet you ,i follow your page since last year.
    i am glad meet your page, many signal here..
    do you have facebook?or and apps?
    like whatapps group?

    can i join it?
    many question want to ask you.thanks

    when will the market crash happend?

    this august?

    we still can buy in in short term??


  31. let me reiterate

    SELL end wave 5 – August 2nd-5th 2013

    BUY end wave A – August 22nd -23rd 2013

    SELL B – September 7th-10th 2013

    SELL C – mid to end of October 2013

  32. I’ve got a lot of hits for tomorrow. Chief one being it’s the original Friday the 13th date under the old Julian Calendar. October was the 8th month under that calendar and the 10 day shift under the new Gregorian calendar made the 13th now the 23rd. So a ritualistic 706 year anniversary?

    It’s also 444 days from the grand reunion/ demise of Ray Bradbury……444/584 day of the Venus cycle===.76

    130 days from the first Fahrenheit 415 day or Jackie Robinson day. 50 days from July 4 which is 2525 but really don’t see it their unless it is some sort of Pentecost. 237years 50 days…575…..114 (24?) days from the other great founding of that year which is 86676 days later.

    Of course a certain little indicator and its component aren’t quite in the optimum location for a stock market location but it still could start a nice movie. So maybe something else in the cards.

    But today could be a one day fakeout move just as it was when these indicators were in a similar configuration.

    It looks like this was a very important Rasputin date.

  33. $SPX finally broke thru resist @ 1662 ish…..tough day…..middle of BB’s on the daily is 1680 ish

    Have a great weekend one and all….Seawind

  34. Gang, I got some computer issues since late last week and haven’t be able to do a new update. I’m using a backup computer for this post. I’m looking for a retest of the lows this week and then a rally through all of September. The likely final high should be before Legatus starts (8th-17th) this coming October. So for now I think we just got a bunch of slow motion chop.

  35. Not liking this market here……$SPX 100 mda @ 1637.34…getting close……will she hold or another leg down??? hmmmmmm but the $NYMO is not dropping much so to speak.
    All my best; Seawind

    • We should bottom today or tomorrow morning I believe. Wednesday’s are very commonly the most powerful “bull” day… meaning if they are going to start a rally after making a lower low today then tomorrow is the best day to do it on. It’s also the 28th and if I recall correctly Gary the numbers guy said many times that the 28th is wealth day. So that means it should belong to the bulls not the bears.

  36. What do these 2 links imply that is about to happen?




    All we need now is to hear Warren Buffet come on the propaganda media and say that everything is “ok” now and the worst is behind us.

    This article by him on Gold should tell readers of this blog that he’s buying gold by the bucket load…


    One thing I’ve noticed that is consistent with these people is the fact that they always lie to the public. He knows gold is headed to 3,000 or more by the end of 2014 so naturally he’s got to tell you to sell yours now. You’ll know the top is in for gold when he tells the public he’s a buyer.

  37. The Nasdaq, Russell 2000, Dax,Cac, retail, xlf all joined everyone else down at their lower BBs today.

    A component of a certain little indicator rallied back to its 0 line Friday and since then has reversed south again with the certain little indicator about to venture into unchartered waters.

    Some recent highlights: Aug 25 was 26th anniversary of the high of the lesser grand ritual double five years ago. Aug 24 2 years ago, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and on August 24, 1814 the British burned down the White House during the War of 1812 spawning the genesis of 2 White House Down movies this year.

    Now back to my Shining research.

  38. If anyone has sent me an email I haven’t been able to answer as my main computer still isn’t up yet, but I hope to have it fixed today. It went down last Thursday or Friday and I’m having to use a 2-3 month old clone copy that I’m working on today.

    As for the market, I’m looking for a bounce back up to around gap window or gap fill. The target is around 1659 SPX where the 50dma is, but more importantly there is a downward sloping trendline of resistance coming in around there. If we hit it by tomorrow I believe it’s a good short for another move down. I don’t think the low is in yet on this move down from the 1709 high. But there should still be one more final rally in September before we crash in October.

  39. Watching the $VIX for a stong break of 17+ to go short the market or a break under 16- to go long….as well as other indictors for me. $SPX did break 1641 but not the $VIX yet…. Until then I’d rather say in cash and keep it! Smile! hmmmm 50 dma

    Have a great day one and all! Seawind

    • I think we have one more move up tomorrow Seawind. The target is around gap window at 1652 spx area. Then we should drop next week and head toward the lower trendline in a falling channel. It’s around 1575 area I believe and that should be hit sometime next week.

  40. I have an amazing confluence of hits for tomorrow Friday the 30th. (10×3) It’s the big 24 or even 48 ie 24,24 ie 8×3-20(13)4. SP 500 close for the lesser grand ritual double five years ago was 224.83 or 2×24 or 48…….48===8×6 (1776). Speaking of 224, Tuesday was 448 days from the grand reunion on 6-5 last year. Quetzi. rotates around the sun in 224.nth days making it around 2 revolutions since the grand reunion of last year right about now.

    8-30 is also a Fahrenheit 451 days from Ray Bradbury’s demise on 6-5 last year and I just realized it is also 4months 15 days from the Fahrenheit 415 espisode, also known as Jackie Robinson day “42”. 137 days later (137==47 or 3×47 or 91)…also the year of the original Friday the 13th episode which should be 257,810 days ago.

    The primary hit should be that it’s 11 years 11months 19 days from you know when, a hit I have looked at for awhile. Which also means that Jupiter is near its same location as you know when. It’s off a couple of degrees now but it is conjunct Sirius which is still early in its heliacal rising stage (finally had a chance to see it yesterday morning and it was quite a bit above the horizon now just before daybreak….been constantly cloudy here over the summer so haven’t been able to see the Jupiter, Mars, Sirius triumvirate in the skies in the early morning.) The moon will enter Cancer tomorrow morning to join the Jupiter, Sirius conjunction. Meanwhile, Venus is forming a square along with all the other basic astro formations that have been in place for a while.

    Then 8-30 is also 9447 days from the lesser grand ritual of a quarter century ago… 94==2×47 and 13…..47===28

    Which makes it 57 days from 7-4 which is an unremarkeable hit until one realizes 57===237??? as well as being 8 and 12 (5×7==35, 5+7==12). So 237 years 237/57 days from 7-4,1776.
    812 also 83(0). 14,15(29—ie ONS Jr Market, the CanyONS etc.) combo breaks down to 56 or 30, also the simplest roots of those numbers are 75. 219 which is also 3×73 (103) could also break down to 30. Stanley Kubrick loved putting 21s and 12s in the Shining and 8-13 multiplies to 104 and adds to 21. He has the Overlook Hotel lit throughout with 11 candles 11==21 or 2 1s. The July 4, 1921 photo at the end of the Shining breaksdown to 821??? It adds up to 13 as well. The photo was an actual photo of a Federal Reserve party back in the 20s which could make it similar to the annual Jackson Hole gathering that generally occurs around this time of the year. The large ballroom in the Shining where the big parties take place is the Gold Room (more to this later). 1913 is the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve.(currently 99 (or 29) years later). The Overlook Hotel is situated in Colorado (founded in 1876)…8-30 being 86619 days from 7-4,1776 and 86683 days from the other great founding of that year. The Overlook Hotel closes in October and doesn’t reopen until May 1.

    Then there’s the fact that it’s the Summer of 42 and Summer’s End is upon us.
    This is just scratching the tip of the iceberg. So so much more.

    • Check out these hits. From January 16, 1991 ie 1-1991 , which was the start of the Desert Storm Iraq to now is 22years 7 months 14 days later or 22years 226 days later or xxxx days later. From 12-7, 1941 to 8-30-13 it will be 26200 days or 3742 weeks 5 days later.

      • Crude oil and commodities started to head down today with the DBC drop looking ominous. They seem to be sniffing something out.

  41. The market failed to breakout and gap over the resistance falling trendline this morning, so I’m leaning bearish here for today. But next week is usually the start of a bullish move as it’s a 3 day holiday weekend (Markets closed Monday for Labor Day)… which means the move down to 1575 spx seems unlikely now.

    Basically I’m thinking that the low put in today (or possibly Tuesday morning?) will be the end of this move down from 1709 awhile back. If we break the current low of 1627 then I can count 5 waves from the top. Therefore we are likely in the 5th wave down which should complete the move.

    However, considering it’s a Friday (and that it’s the Labor Day Weekend) I doubt if they will allow it to tank very hard today. If we only make a double bottom then I’d say the 5th wave down is complete… especially if they rally back up later today by the close and put in a bottoming tail candle on the daily chart.

    If we don’t put in a lower low today to complete that 5th wave down then I’d say they will carry it into next week and we’ll see the completion of it Tuesday morning. From a traders mindset all even number levels are important to defend. Therefore 1600 will be guarded closely by the bulls.

    The logical way to steal money from the traders is to either pierce through 1600 to scare the bulls out and trap the bears short or to come close to 1600 but not hit it so the bulls will be forced to chase it back up once the rally starts. So possibly they only hit 1610 or 1615 next Tuesday?

    The main thing I want to point out here is that the low is near and the bulls are about to wake up soon. So if we see a lower low today then I’d expect a rally into the close to start move up that’s coming next week. If we don’t go down and at least put in a double bottom to make this 5th wave down just a truncated wave then it’s likely push out until next week.

    Once this low is put in I think we’ll see a steady rise up all of September. We need it to be slow so the bears will go to sleep. Something like 1-3 points everyday on very light volume. Then late September or early October we’ll top out and see the first move down start. Around Legatus time we should be looking to get short as the crash will soon follow.

    You know they are preparing the sheep for it with all the noise about attacking some innocent country like Syria. They want the sheep to think Syria is using chemical weapons on it’s own people and we all know that it’s Bush and Rockefeller that’s behind it all. They are setting Syria up to be the fall guy on some likely false flag event like they did with Bin Laden and 911.

    Don’t fall for it. You should know that those people in the middle east are innocent and it’s our corrupt government that is guilty of crimes against humanity. I only pray that this stock market crash happens purely based on the derivatives market collapsing and not another false flag attack setup by you know who.

    But we can’t control that, so we must just do our best to protect ourselves and ride the move down. You’ll need the money afterwards as it’s very likely that many people will lose their jobs from this crash as companies are forced to layoff or go bankrupt.

    I’m not around much as you can see. I’m busy working on creating an awareness campaign for the next hot stock pick I’ll be getting soon. This campaign will be designed to make sure the stock gets plenty of interested buyers in it so it will more of a steady climber and give everyone and chance to make some money from it. Of course everyone here will hear of it first. 🙂

  42. The moon should be moving into a conjunction with Jupiter and Sirius at approximately 10 am east coast time on Saturday. A definite Jupiter moon conjunction and a theoretical one with Sirius although Sirius might have moved a degree from its classic location since 1776 when its alignment with the sun was aligned with the new nation’s founding.

    The first part of Fahrenheit 451 could take place on 831 and obviously won’t be stock market related. 831is seen as 381 and 318 in the movie Fahrenheit 451, a variation of 93, and Julie Christie does ask MONtag why do they use the number 451 as opposed to 813 or 125.

    Montag is German and means Monday. This does correlate with the Rammstein video Mein Land when scantily clad women can be seen running around with German flags as the Rammstein version of Fahrenheit 451 is taking place but I don’t really see anything happening this Monday although it would be an ideal time for the operators to create a stock market dislocation while the US markets are closed.

  43. Morning update: Since we failed to put in a lower low on Friday and have went up again yesterday on the futures, I know think we are going to gap window around 1652 spx or gap fill at 1658 area. But, I’m leaning toward gap window as I think gap fill will put us over the falling trendline of resistance.

    That trendline starts just under the prior 1700 area high from mid-August connecting to the 1669 high the last week of August. It’s also the top trendline of a falling channel whereas the 1639 low connected to the 1627 low make the lower trendline.

    Projecting forward to where the top trendline is today put it just about at the gap window area at 1652 spx. So unless the opening print gaps over that level clearly (a small gap is acceptable as it could easily fall back into the channel) I’m expecting the market rollover and head lower today and into Wednesday.

    The “when” part is tough as if they do gap over the trendline they could chop it up most of the morning to fill the gap around 1658 and then rollover later today. It should be light volume today as traders are still on vacation, so that means they could walk it up there easier with no one around to sell.

    I would not get bullish until 1669 is taken out and I don’t foresee that happening today. Therefore I think the gap window to gap fill area is the best place to short into Wednesday to look for a break of the prior low of 1627 at some point this week. The rally just isn’t ready to start yet in my opinion. Maybe next week?

    • Also, I still haven’t fixed my primary computer so I haven’t checked my email in over a week. I will take the time to tear it down and put in a new power supply and possibly another ssd drive to replace one of 4 of them in a RAID 10 array that “could” be bad?… later this week. Then I’ll do a new post this coming weekend as well. Ali should have another update by then too.

      One other thing… I’ll have a new stock pick coming out later this week as well. It’s forecast-ed to move up next week and should be a fun one to go in and out of for at least a week. Lot’s of traders will then be talking about it on the various stock boards that post hot stock picks.

      Naturally I’ll have that info out to you guys first as I have a way to sniff out these things before they make their move up. Several of you made donations and I appreciate that greatly. I will email you guys personally before I alert everyone else as a way of saying thanks. However, everyone else will still get the alert before you hear about it everywhere else.

  44. Just want to say Thanks Mr. Red for the heads up on the penny stock you mention a week or so ago! Have a great day one and all! Seawind

    • Sorry Scott, I’ve been busy working on this coming stock pick and other projects and haven’t got around to fixing up my main computer so I can do an new update. Right now though I think we are in that choppy zone where you can’t take a multi-day swing position.

      I’m going to install Camtasia on this backup computer and do a video update from it for this weekend. Currently I have no bias for either direction in the market. It’s choppy and not worth me playing it. I’m more exciting about this coming stock pick for next week.

  45. Just checking in to mention that the NFL starts this week with the official kickoff game on Thursday in DENVER (home to orginal Tebowmania and now home to Mr. NFL 666 or 29) in the fake game of the year which saw Popgun go ballistic against the defending champion Ravens (minus Psalms 91 loving Ray Ray) shredding the Raven defense with his feeble arm time after time to the tune of 7 TDs in a 49-27 romp I believe…..reversed I know it was 949…..Popgun threw for something like 462 yards on 42 attempts.

    Don’t have time for more detailed analysis and since it was so over the top ridiculous I really didn’t care to watch it or the highlights but new WR #83 had 2 TDs, 88 2 TDs and new TE #80 had 2 TDs. They focused constantly on a missed drop ball to #83 that led to an important go ahead TD during the broadcast.

    • The Popgun performance: 7TDs for #18 for the pervasive 7-18 combo. 7-18-1903 Rooster Cogburn’s death day in the recent True Grit, the key 7-18-06 date in Unknown, and the reference to a certain composer’s birthday on that date on the local classic radio station a year ago with photos of him at 19,29 and NOW (85).

      The local 405 and 605 highway conjunction was shut down for 20 hours at 9pm on 8-17 to 8-18 for Carmageddon Part Trois.

  46. There was an ARMS 5 day sell signal in conjunction with T-Theory on Friday. ARMS or Trin 5 day average hit <.8 on both NYSE and Nasdaq while bouncing to the 55 day average/ middle band Kelther channel which if I recall was a sell signal in T-Theory about the only useful thing I ever got from it. An arms 5 reading of less than .8 during a weak bounce in a downtrend without any sign of a powerful initiating upthrust all the while a certain little component of a certain little indicator barely reclaims the 0 line (and did put in a minor change reading on Thursday) without the stock indices ever coming close to a 90% upside day.

  47. 12-7 Eagles right now (Silver Linings Playbook Eagles with featured fan fave DeShaun Jackson #10 getting the score). The Seattle Carolina game ended 12-7 Seattle. That’s a really hard score to achieve in football. I believe I saw it in the USC game against Hawaii in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. I need to look into that. But alas football beckons. Need to see the new Eagles attack.

    That 5 day ARMS average plummeted below .7 today. Final spike high, hook em horns high pattern for the recent bounce? Today was a 5 day, 25 trading days from the August 2 high.

  48. Gang, I haven’t posted much as I’m going through some really tough times right now… sorry to let you all down. Your prayers and support are welcome and much needed. Don’t worry I’m not ill but other bad things are strangely happening to me financially. I can’t explain more unfortunately, but God will help guide me I’m sure. Thanks, Red.

  49. There are now technical matches in the indices to the indices at a certain B wave high double five years ago. RSI levels on all daily time frames are up there at the same level as back then. RSI 2 for even the SP is at 99, about as high as it can get. I don’t think the extremely overbought Nasdaq even matches that. CCI 5 and 4 same as well. Current approximate 68% retracement for the SP similar to the 69% retracement as I recall back then.

    The trading day similarity doesn’t really exist but the composition of the overall pattern so far does match. Maybe a few dojis are needed but this speech tonight could provide the next kickoff since I have some high impact dates coming up including today’s.

    I was shocked to see that RSI levels for the 60 min SP were not overbought on any time frame and thus in need of a divergence although we might need some with the signal lines and historograms.

    Yesterday’s CBOE put call ratios were extremely low. Today saw them rise slightly.

    Didn’t know they added 3 new stocks to the Dow today until recently so I can understand the euphoria today.. Interesting, stockcharts dot com shows that the first data point for Nike was August 19,1987. Couldn’t see the same for GS or Visa but I do know GS came public in 1999 and Visa more recently.

  50. Now there is a 10 day Trin/Arms sell signal for both the $nyse and nasdaq with both registering a reading around .8.

    It looks like Apple was helping the high risk indices get a head start to the downside with Apple really leading the way. And the Dow was the strongest powering through its 50 day average, an actual about face from the B Wave high double five years ago. The trading day analog would match the Bwave high with another doji/ high tomorrow but I have tomorrow as a high power numerology day.

    It is the infamous 912/ 129 after all or 39. Even 66/26 fits in there. The Brees-Rodgers, Brady/Stafford combo number. The last several Superbowl Champs: #5,#10,#12,#9,…see something in there but don’t need to make it a stretch. Anyway I remember those kickoff games from a few years ago when the last 2 superbowl champs faced each other in the opener: #9-#12 and then Brady and Henne, #s12-7 faced each other in the other game. SL (St. Louis) also. Sorcerer SL9 #.

    And 912 is 129 days from 5-6, making it 76 years 129 days from the original Hindenburg Omen. 9-10 had some nice hits as well that didn’t pan out with it being 127 days from 5-6 and 237 days from 1-16, and 277 days from 12-7 unless it was the anti-war cycle inverting there.

    Some other stuff as well but we’ll have to see. Today is 27 tds off the 8-2 high and 77 tds from the May 22 high. We’re in Pentecost territory from the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

    7s appear to be dominating this cycle. 39==27 Just recently watched the trailer for one of my favorite movies from 1987, The Name of the Rose and noticed it is set in 1327. I do remember the author of that book mocking anyone bringing up theories regarding the group dominating the headlines back at that time. Let’s say 13 to 20 years earlier.

    • The Name of the Rose is listed as a 1986 film but I do remember watching it in a theater in Italy in 1987 so it has a 1987 connotation for me. It came out in the US the previous fall.

  51. i found a reasonable answer—it’s 8% or approx 60 million…about half of previous , stand around the corner, lines as the US sales

    which might imply AAPL $700 again.

  52. let’s see ….if that 700,000,000 customers, china telecom, if they sign
    with AAPL i phone, and 10% of their customers get on the AAPL
    bandwagon…is that priced into the AAPL price already…

    or not!

  53. The pent-up demand for the iPhone in China is hard to overestimate.
    The nation’s leading carrier, China Mobile, has 650 million mobile
    subscribers, according to Huberty (compared with about 200 million for
    second-place China Unicom, which offers the iPhone). China Mobile does
    not technically support the iPhone because its network isn’t compatible.
    But that hasn’t stopped 10 million of its customers from finding ways
    to use the device anyway.
    Starting this year, China Mobile may flip on its next generation 4G
    mobile network. If analysts are correct, that upgrade might prove
    beneficial for the iPhone 5. The next version of the device, which
    observers guess may hit stores in the summer, is likely to work on the
    faster 4G networks

  54. China’s regulator has freshly announced it’s issued licences for a
    unique version of the iPhone that will run on the TD-LTE network, which
    is a China-specific 4G wireless protocol that so far has had few phones
    approved to run on it. Licenses for the iPhone to run on the networks of
    China Unicom and China Telecom Corp., the second and third major
    Chinese carriers, were also revealed.

    But what’s still missing is confirmation of a deal with China Mobile itself.

  55. We are very close to a top. If it’s not already here then what we are seeing today is a small wave 4 down with one more wave 5 up. The target on it is 1692 or 1699 if they really extend it. I was really expecting a gap up today, which then would have been a great short. But the failure to do so means we could still have one more exhaustion move up tomorrow.

    Averaging into short positions still seems wise though, as the next move down is likely going to be a C wave… and it should take out the current low of 1627 and head for 1560 area over the coming weeks.

  56. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, 705years 11 months from the original Friday the 13th episode but will it be a Black Friday? It doesn’t look that way but maybe it will be for gold which is currently getting hammered. The original Black Friday was approximately 144 years ago +1 or 2 weeks and did see the price of gold get crushed. And Stanley Kubrick did have a Gold room in the Overlook Hotel in the Shining along with the Colorado Room (Colorado the Centennial State–founded in 1876 (913)). Colorado also home to Popgun and Tebowmania. Popgun does square off against little Bro in NYC this weekend in the nationally televised game and check out the last time they faced each other.

    In tonite’s NFL game featuring the Sanchito-less Jets against the Patriots in Foxboro, they were flashing some good numerology. The new Jets QB #7 was paired with running back #29 and they were constantly flashing 1929 in the huddle complemented by #84 (which I don’t get). Then saw some plants errr “fans” in the stands wearing Gronk’s #87 next to someone wearing the # 4.
    They constantly showed the Jets lineman paired with their 33, 66, 77 numbers or 33, 77,66 #s. Saw a Patriots helmet affixed with the number 77 matched with #12 (Brady’s #12??) which brought me back to the opening scene of the 1978 classic Silent Partner which starts off set in December 1977. (12-77) We see the 14-15 combo immediately in the early bank scene.

  57. I’d still like to see a quick pop to 1692 SPX (into the close today or Monday morning) and/or VXX much closer to a double bottom at 14.00… and then I’d say the high is very likely in for awhile.

  58. The patient bear will be rewarded. Failure to make a higher high then this mornings’ high of 1703.74 SPX gives great odds that the high is in today. But considering that there is an FOMC meeting this Wednesday I’d lean more toward waiting until then to short. A double top has about a 80% statistical odds of a reversal.

    The amount of the reversal is unknown of course but considering the timing of the FOMC meeting in 2 days and how close we are to the prior 1709 high odds favor Bernanke saying something at that meeting that either tanks the market or causes a breakout new all time high.

    So what I’m thinking here is that today’s huge move up was some kind of wave 3 and the choppy sideways action the rest of today (and likely into Tuesday too) will be some kind of wave 4… which leaves a wave 5 up on FOMC day to complete this larger wave B up from 1627 SPX. That implies wave A down was from the 1709 high, and therefore means we have a C wave down coming.

    This all assumes we don’t make a new higher high from something Bernanke says on Wednesday. We need to stay under the 1709 current high to keep this pattern. If we make a new high then this wave count is invalid.

    But if we fall into a wave C down and head toward the prior 1560 low then the early October high seems unlikely as there won’t likely be enough time left to rally the market back up to over 1709 before my first guess of October 4th, which means we should look for another date later that month.

          • I’ll do a new update when I can Ed, but I still see a huge move down in October. I don’t know the date yet as I’m not sure what they plan to do at this FOMC meeting? If they decide to rally the market up to a new high then the top should come in early October.

            If they sell off hard from the meeting this Wednesday and head down toward that prior 1560 area for a C wave then the last move up into October will likely be pushed out until late in the month, likely after Legatus. So what happens after this FOMC meeting will determine the timeline.

          • For now, I believe the move down has been delayed. I’m not sure yet on how high they plan to go up, which will give me clues to the downside. It’s a bull market at the moment, especially since Bernanke did not cut back on the QE at Wednesday’s FOMC meeting.

  59. More negative news for the market “Obama: I will not negotiate about raising the debt ceiling” http://www.cnbc.com/id/101031116

    As you know gang “they” are masters at mis-direction, which tells me one thing… they plan to rally the market to new highs. Obama stating that he won’t negotiate to raise the debt ceiling and the planned leak that Bernanke will likely start to tap are both very negative news for the stock market.

    They say that we should tank from that announcement as no more QE money means there’s nothing to keep the market up. This planned release is done to get bears short in front of that meeting I believe. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t drop nicely right after the meeting to lure in more bears.

    Then they will rip it back up the rest of the week and into early October. You should all know by now that when “they” announce a lot of negative news they are trying to trap bears so they can go higher. When the news becomes very positive is when you want to be thinking about getting short. So I’m going to change my forecast from starting a C wave (with 1560 area in mind) after this Wednesday to a bear squeeze back up to new highs after a brief sell off just after the minutes are released (to lure in the bears).

    The safe trade here is to NOT trade the FOMC day. It should be very wild “if” Bernanke does indeed announce that they will be “tapering” soon. The first reaction move is usually wrong and I believe it will be a nice down move. How low isn’t known but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t swing 20-30 SPX points that day.

  60. It truly is Summer’s End. Suddenly, a chill can be felt in the air. Almost overnight. I was going to go down to the beach but I am not so sure now. Ray Bradbury could call them. Tomorrow will be 470 (28) days from Ray Bradbury’s demise.

    Get your popcorn out. Tomorrow should be explosive. Fed Day.

  61. Just to let everyone know… I’m still around but working on projects. I should have a new HOT pick in junior stocks this week. Been working on this deal and several others for quite awhile now. Just look for the update in the newsletter that I’ll be sending out in a few days. This stock should be an easy doubler.

    As for the overall market. We are likely going to continue up until the end of the month to complete this 5th wave and a larger Primary wave 3 up. This leads us to a Primary wave 4 down and that’s a wave that could drop 200 points or more and still be a valid wave 4 down. But for now let’s look for at least 1750 on the SPX by the end of this month. I’ll have a new update when it’s time for the bears to awaken.

  62. Monday 10/21 Steve Cosmic the psychic says the market will crash. I believe this is an 11 day. Also, it would be the Monday that coincides with Monday, 10/19/1987 Black Monday. Also Legatus ends 10/17. 10/17 is also the day Lew states the debt ceiling will be met. Makes sense to me…………….

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