August 2013 The Month Of The Bear


Expect a nasty wave 3 down in August!

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From the looks of things I think we are going to create a nice "head and shoulders" pattern in the coming few weeks... of which the May 22nd high of 1687 is going to be the left shoulder while the coming new high will be the head.  This new high I'm expecting should be around 1705-1710 spx and could hit this coming week.  We have option expiration on Friday and usually by Wednesday most traders have exited their positions which means that not much happens on Thursday and Friday.  Will it be the same this go around?  I don't know?  But I will say that any weakness we have early in the week will likely be bought up later in the week.

Since the move up last week from Bernanke saving the world was probably some smaller scale wave 3 it would stand to reason (not that "reason" ever works with the gangsters) that we could see a small pullback Monday or Tuesday for a possible wave 4... which then leaves only the wave 5 up to complete this larger move from the 1560 low.  My target is around 1705-1710 and if I had to pick a day for it to hit I'd go with this Thursday because it's another "eleven" day.  Do remember that this code can change anytime as the more people notice it the more likely they will be forced to change it.  After all, if everyone knew the date of the high the gangsters couldn't steal your money.  They need you to take other side of the trade that they are on, and if the sheep go short with the wolves it won't work.

Therefore they have to make this market look like it's going to 1800 or more so you'll be long when they are trying to get short.  We should look for all kinds of bullish propaganda on the main stream media as you all know those people are paid to mislead you.  The more they talk up the economy the more sheep they suck into the long side.  Naturally they will be getting short while you are long, and of course they can (and will) do everything possible to make you believe that "this time is different" and the world economy is saved.  Bullshit, but it is what it is...

Put simply I'm looking for that new high this week after a small pullback (or sideways movement) early in the week.  If we don't see it Thursday then I'd look to the following Monday but a new high is surely coming... and very soon!  Once the target is hit I'm expecting a drop of 50-80 points for the first wave 1 down, and then a strong wave 2 up that should end in the first week of August.  I'd have to guess that August the 8th would be the high but that's simply based on numerology, as that's another "eleven" day.  It works out nicely for the time needed to make the wave 1 down and the wave 2 up but the date is just a guess and nothing more.

So assuming we do top for the wave 2 up into the first week of August I'd expect the move up to come up shy of the 1687 high, (which is the left shoulder in the making), as if this is to make a right shoulder I believe it will be lower then the left shoulder and certainly lower then the head that should hit this week.  This is forward looking and hasn't happened yet of course but if I were to think like a gangster I'd certainly make that wave 2 up a strong one.  You want as many bears out of the market as possible before the start the nasty wave 3 (or C wave?) down to the target low area of 1440 spx.  This area is based on the opening level for 2013 on January 2nd as I believe strongly that it will be revisited.

That day had the spx at 1420-1460... a strong 40 point rally to start the new year off.  So I picked the middle of that range but obviously it could only go to 1460 or lower to 1420, which means we will have to be flexible in exiting our shorts when this happens.  We also have further conformation that this area is the coming crash low as someone (thanks Rose for the update) on another site seen a FP on the SPY of 147... which is about 1465-1470 spx.  We know from past history that FP's are commonly pierced by momentum before they reverse so it's entirely possible that we go deeper into the 1420-1460 zone before bottoming.

This move down should be ugly for the bulls and look like 2008 if it falls like I expect it to0!

Consider the possible high of the right shoulder around 1680 spx (again, just guessing here), which comes in the first week of August.  Now look at the 2008 weekly chart and you'll see it only took 3 weeks to fall from 1255 spx (the week of 9/22) to 839 spx (the week of 10/6), so it's entirely possible that this move down could be completed by the end of August.  However, unlike 2008 (which looks like a 5 wave pattern to me) I believe this whole move down from the coming new high will be a 3 wave pattern, or an ABC move.  The key will be to figure out the top of the right shoulder in the first week of August... which will likely end up being a B wave up and not a wave 2 up.

Look at the January to August "head and shoulders" pattern that formed in 2011 as that's what I'm expecting again.  In that case they put in the top of the left shoulder at 1344 the week of 2/14, then the head at 1370 the week of 5/2... followed by a slightly higher high (then the left shoulder) the week of 7/5 at 1356 spx.  If this pattern happens again then the high we see for the coming right shoulder (in the projected first week of August, 2013) could be higher then the 1687 left shoulder high on May 22nd (which would certainly trick the bears again).  Again, trying to figure out the top of this right shoulder that I think will hit in early August is tough as we don't yet know the top of the head... but it should be coming soon.

Until then let's just not take any short positions for more then a day trade as I suspect they will make the first wave down and the wave back up (into early August) filled with tricky moves.  As far as the first wave down is concerned I'm guessing that it will backtest the falling trendline that connects the May 22nd high of 1687 to the June 18th high of 1653... which is around 1625 currently, but obviously it will continue to fall lower as each day passes.  If it drops to 1600 by the last week of July then it will make a right shoulder on an "inverted head and shoulders" pattern with the 1560 low being the head and the 1598 low on 6/6 making the left shoulder.

This should be a nice tricky pattern to fool the sheep who see it and assume that the rally up from the right shoulder low will take out the coming high of 1705-1710... but we all know that's likely a distraction by the gangsters to lure in the longs before they tank it hard starting early August.  The market is full of misdirection as in order for the gangsters to steal your money they have to have you on the other side of their trade.  So I'm fully expecting this "inverted head and shoulders" pattern to make all the bears scared to get short and the bulls licking their chops anticipating another breakout move to the upside.

Ok, that's all for now... just focus on the first week of August (if you are a bear?) as the whole month is setting up to be a "Bear Feast"!



  1. red
    lot of people are saying, pull back to 1630 and butterfly pointing to 1770. do you see the possibility

    • That is possible Rose. I only discussed the H&S pattern that I think they will make. They could also make some other pattern and go up to 1770 as others are pointing out. It’s just a guessing game right now… unfortunately.

  2. Red, also, some are saying aug 8th as top. but others are saying july25-aug 8 as crash possibility. Robert hit has on site and on yorba tv, warned after july 20 , his site, wrote this:

    Jupiter will move into position at 4 degrees
    of Cancer on July 16th. .. This slower planet is going to be in close
    enough orb of exact as to have an effect from about July 4th all the way into
    the end of July.. Mars is trailing right behind Jupiter mid month so is in
    reality a MARS JUPITER CONJUNCTION involved in the grand trine which will be at
    max effect on JULY 20th. Seems maybe a calm before a storm because as the grand
    trine effect wanes the Mars Jupiter conjunction will move right into a VERY
    NASTY alignment with Uranus and Pluto called a T square. Yep VERY
    similar to July of 2012 when the dereco hit.. Humm.. MARS AND JUPITER will be
    squared to Uranus and opposed to Pluto with max effect on July 25th – July 27th

    Lets get into some specifics as far as scenarios
    to watch for. What concerns me is during the calm down period lasting into mid
    July it is a very strong possible that everything seems not just
    “normal” but things that would otherwise raise alarm bells will be

    That’s what ya get for pretending the danger’s not real…. Long trodden
    corridors into the valley of steel

    • Once the market peaks it’s head just briefly over 1700 then we should know if it plans to roll back down and drop 80 points to start making the right shoulder or if it decides it likes it up there and goes for 1780 area. We’ll have to look for some type of exhaustion move up to reach the 1700 zone if it’s to rollover there.

      If they chop around just under it for several days then that will become support and give them a launching pad to not only hit 1705-1710 but to go for much higher levels like the 1780 area. It will be also related to “when” this happens as you have to combine the price level, date period, and news release schedule all together to guess the outcome.

    • From what I’ve read here so far, you seem to be on the money. Of course, the big event will occur on my birthday…….confirmed recently by figuring out why they have released 2 r WHITE HOUSE DOWN movies recently.

  3. Problem I see Red is that there has to be a catalyst to crash…some type of news, someone speaking. It can’t just be simply because a ritual date

    • The news event will be made up well in advance Peter and released when they want it release. The key here is to see if they make this H&S pattern or if they make one new high in the 1705-1710 area, pullback and then go up and make another new high in the 1780 area.

      Or will that rally end short below the 1705-1710 area and make the right shoulder? If they do the inverted H&S pattern and let it play out then the 1780 target area is completely reasonable. Sounds crazy but never underestimate them as we’ve seen many H&S patterns NOT play out in the past.

      I would only take 2 positions here as we don’t know for sure which one will play out. I’d go long on the pullback from the 1705-1710 high… that assumes it pulls back? So I’d look for that downward sloping trendline for support, which is around 1625 today and dropping. Going long there is a pretty good bet as you know they will take it up to at least make the top of the right shoulder around 1680 something, or fakeout the bears and blast higher to 1780 something. Either way, you win.

      The second position I’d take would be to short the 1680 right shoulder top if it happens in the correct time frame. Meaning that the first week of August (around the 8th) is when I’d like to see it happen, and that’s from a 1705-1710 top to a 1600-1625 low with the move up to 1680 playing out as expected.

      If they fool me on the H&S pattern and continue up to 1780 area then I guess I’ll be a even hungrier bear! LOL!

  4. Carmageddon 2 year anniversary tomorrow when a 10 mile stretch of the 405 freeway was shut down between the 10 and 101 (111 aka 13) freeways. 730 days later.

    Also another big anniversay date when they launched a mega-symbolic ritual which they have highlighted in some big blockbuster flicks in recent years and even in Kubrick’s the Shining.

    Tim Lincecum #55 with an odd no-hitter over the weekend when he struckout 13 batters(to 4 walks) and induced 28 missed strikes but never seemed to display dominant velocity and survived some hard hit balls.

    • Lincecum with your ordinary 148 pitch no-hitter. He’s 5-9 with a 4.26 era 125 strikeouts 48 walks and 1.33 whip.

      Zimmerman trial resolved in the same manner as another high profile trial 21 years earlier but no ’29 ’92 like ritualistic fallout so far.

  5. Now two topping bars to complement the big white upbar on Thursday ala the B wave top double five years ago. Just in time for the big July 16 date but a little late in my expected timeline.

    Big astro formation coming up that none of the big astro-forecasters seem to be highlighting. The royal birth might occur under that formation. The last major birth was forced on Summer Solstice (111) years ago.

  6. I see a FP on the SPY of 166.75 at 8.29 am, so there’s probably more downside yet to come if they plan to hit that print today? I still see this move as some type of wave 4 with one more wave 5 up yet to come. We should come slightly short of 1700 spx or go slightly over it before this is done.

    • From the 1560 low Peter I see a wave 1 to about 1620, then a sideways wave 2 to 1605 and a large wave 3 to 1683 yesterday, which leaves us a wave 4 and then a wave 5 up to complete the move.

      If we hit the FP of 166.75 on the SPY that will be about 1665-1667 SPX, which would make a slightly down, mostly sideways wave 4… and then we take wave 5 up to about 1700 (give or take 5 points either side)

  7. Still looks like a wave 4 before a final wave 5 up to 1700 area. I’d lean toward 1705-1710 spx but it’s possible that it could fall short just under 1700… maybe 1695 spx? Normally a strong wave 5 would go up well beyond 1705-1710 but the volume is so light right now in the market that I feel they have squeezed all the bears out… meaning that there’s not many people left to buy up at this level, which means the rally up won’t likely go too far.

    They need bears to squeeze to get a powerful rally going and without them they can only count on the money Bernanke puts in every month with QE unlimited. That’s about $85 Billion if I recall and unfortunately for the bulls it’s not enough to rally the market to infinity. They use that money to start the bull fire but they need bears to squeeze to get it to turn into a bonfire (a powerful rally).

    Sure there are bears shorting right now because we have a double top, but not enough to cause another 100 point up move. I’m only expecting 15-25 points left on the upside based on that fact and the fact that turns in the market usually happen after Bernanke speaks. Since the conclusion of him yapping is tomorrow (and the fact that it’s another “eleven” day), I’d think he’ll say something positive (possibly some manufactured jobs data too?) that will spark the finally move (which shouldn’t hold and allow for the end of this rally).

    All in all I just can’t see any way they can keep this market up much longer. The POMO money isn’t enough. They must have bears to squeeze and from what I see in the daily volume there aren’t many bears taking the plunge and shorting right now. Some… yes, but not enough in my opinion. So I’d look for tomorrow morning for a short position (assuming we have some final gap up exhaustion move?)

  8. red, Robert Hitt writes again on

    Today July 17th 2013 an exact alignment of planets occurs called a GRAND TRINE.. This astrological alignment is considered beneficial and harmonious.. A grand trine this exact between slow moving planets is VERY RARE.. maybe once in 500 – 1000 years.. That makes this date a major tipping point .. The question then arises beneficial for who.. The effect of this alignment has been building up for some weeks now since about the time Snowden became a household name.. My observation is this is VERY VERY difficult for the so called powers that be. I believe that up until Snowmen a well planned script was in progress but this good astro has made it impossible to carry out.. Hence Napolitano got the axe last week.

    This wonderful astro is in progress of peaking out in the next few days and I MUST WARN AMERICANS THEY NEED TO STAND DOWN A FEW WEEKS MORE.. The reason is the very chaotic effect of what is called a T Square alignment on the timeline lasting into the end of July..
    IF WE CAN HOLD OFF GIVING GOV AN EXCUSE TO CLAMP DOWN ON US we will be witness to what could be a miraculous unraveling of the war on terror and the side effects this false war has had on the ECONOMY.. The Psychology and physical health of citizens.. and .. the prospects for the future..

    The t square involves Mars in an opposition to Pluto.. very violent. and Mars squared to Uranus which is reckless and chaotic.. This is similar to the alignment that was exact during the riots in the UK in August of 2011.. The window for violence will be past by the end of July and IF AMERICANS CAN HOLD OFF DOING SOMETHING STUPID LIKE BEING PROVOKED it stands to reason the NWO is going to be in a position to have to capitulate..

    The follow up astro occurring in 3rd week of August is a highly euphoric Jupiter square to Uranus which would be about when the wheels of NWO start to get wobbly..

  9. Red,

    A newsletter paid subscription estimating the S&P goes to 1750 by 1st week of August. Then DOW by 5000 by 2014. I guess its possible??

    • Monday is the 22nd Peter, so odds are good for that FP on the SPY of 170.46 being hit and the market topping. But, I will not be shorting it as I believe they plan to chop this up and down all the way into mid-August… so anything more then a day trade is something that they will likely shake you out of.

  10. It’s the dawning of the age of Acquarius time on Monday. Mars Jupiter conjunction with the full moon rising in Acquarius. In the Hair song (1969—-44 year anniversary among some other big events that year ala the moon landing….44year anniversary tomorrow), the moon is in the 7th house. Well don’t know what that means but 7 could apply to July with the full moon in Acquarius.

    It looks like the royal birth has been timed for this event (and another major astro event later) so I am guessing this is the big event. I originally thought the event would occur on the 23rd but it actually transpires around 2pm eastern time on the 22nd with the exact Mars Jupiter conjunction that day. The moon enters Acquarius just before it achieves full moon status. Also noticed on the astroguy Hitt’s charts that Jupiter and Mars’ symbols resemble the 46 numbers. Is this what the infamous 46 littered throughout movies and cultural events in recent years (1000046 Social Network millionth visitor number—Wall Street 2 Geccko Forbes cover number and more and more) means? Also translates to my birthday date but that is getting a little to close for a crash now….unless they break all the technical rules…..

    The word coming out of the royal camp is that the royal baby will be a Leo so he will be joining a lot of LEOS around here. July 23 is the first Leo date. Wonder which Leo date will be the special one.

    I saw the bleeping awful Pacific Rim with all of the monsters and robots battling it out in the ocean often in rainstorms with the alien monsters arriving through a portal/ breach at the bottom of the ocean and the heavy water influence had me thinking this is a reference to the Acquarian theme. The current grand trine with Saturn, Jupiter, (soon Mars) Neptune occurs in the water signs.

    Pacific Rim similarly themed to the Transformers movies and the Avengers movie of last year. Must have been incubated in the same enlightened one’s think tank.

    • Today, July 19, is also another 5 day. The SP, Dow, Russell 2000, New York Composite, Transports all made new closing highs today although their intraday highs occurred yesterday (except the Transports). As I have remarked before, important highs have been made on 5 days going back to at least 4-2-2012. Today is 40 tds from the 5-22 high and 1100 tds from 3-6-9.

      7-19 is also 4years4months13days ala 44(13)4…444 from the 3-6-9 low. Yesterday’s SP intraday high at 1693 also looks like an appropriate top. From the 3-6-9 low at 666.79, 1693.12 is 1026.33 pts later. 1026.33====6666 or 66.33 or 46…

      1693 are also strong seasonal numbers. Don’t see them allowing the SP get to 17 with it at 16xx……16===7 and 4×4……see Lincoln the 16th president (and more)…93 of course another strong seasonal number…93====999 or 27 or 14 etc.

      • This week is also a key weekly cycle, one that has been prevalent since the ’07 top but which has been disguised at times since the 3-6-9 low. I can see it going back to November 2012 but it has been hidden very well at times since then producing more minor turns than important ones.

        This week is also 115 weeks from the 5-02-11 Bin Laden high which itself was 113 weeks from the 3-6-9 low.

    • Hey John, I too see the DOW reaching 30,000+ but first it MUST crash! When the bottom is put in sometime in 2015 (maybe 2016?) in the 4,000-6,000 range I’d then be looking to invest for the long term in the market as the following 10+ years will be nothing but the bulls.

      Right now though we wait for a top in mid August, then a drop to 1440 spx area, and then a rally to 1750+ by the end of this year. Next year in early 2014 we should see the final blow off top over 1800 spx I’d guess and then the rest of the year the bears will destroy the bulls.

        • If you’ve been following my site for any length of time John you know that this coming stock market crash can’t be avoided… nor do “they” want to avoid it. In fact the destruction of the world economy was planned back in the 1980’s when they invented “derivatives”.

          The plan was then set forth that one day in the future they would use the (now around half a quadrillion) derivative market as the reason for the crash. Make no mistake about “they” want a crash as they have to have one if they are to steal everyone’s life savings and assets at dirt cheap prices.

          But after the crash is over and bottom put in the market will indeed soar to new unheard of levels, and I’ll have to retire my bear suit and join the bulls… or get eaten by them.

  11. Sunday Update: Nothing… quite simple huh? I’m expecting an up move to the 170.46 SPY FP Monday and then down maybe 20 SPX points and back up again later in the week. Overall, nothing but choppy daytrader stuff and no real swing position.

    Sorry, but you all should know by now that the gangsters love to go up and down from day to day to steal money from both bulls and bears until they decide on the trend (which right now is still up but can change anytime).

  12. It looks like I am a little late with this:

    And the royal baby won’t be a LEO. But impeccable timing with his birth.
    31 years 31 days from the last great royal birth. (on a summer solstice under a solar eclipse.)

    And it will be the Superbowl score reversed on my birthday from the last great royal birth. (The real daddy is supposedly the head of Freemasonry)

  13. Still nothing going on, so there’s not much to say. The market is chopping sideways making a bull flag that should easily allow them to hit the 170.46 FP on the SPY. Also note that it’s not always a turning point, and that it’s common to pierce through them a little even if it is a turning point. The only guarantee is that the FP will be hit, nothing more.

    Looking at the daily chart continue to put in lower histogram bars and show a MACD that is turning down slightly indicates that market should have another exhaustion move up on lower histogram bars and a “soon to be crossing” MACD lines. This will give us the negative divergence that we need to happen before shorting.

    Since there is no time frame known on the hitting of the FP on the SPY we could drop some first and then go back up to hit it possibly next week or the first week of August. Personally I don’t think it’s going to take that long but anything is possible. I’m still thinking we top just above 1700 in the 1705-1710 SPX area.

    This would put the SPY in the 171.00-171-50 area, which is typical it seems as many FP’s in the past have been pierced by 5-10 SPX points before turning the other direction. So when should we hit this top you ask?

    Well, if I were to guess I’d think next Tuesday/Wednesday when they have the next FOMC meeting. Looking at the charts this sideways to slightly down move we’ve been having all week could be a wave 4 down of some kind with a final wave 5 up in the FOMC meeting. So if this wave 4 produces a small drop of say 20 points or so between now and next Wednesday then I’d think it’s setting up the stage for a final 5th wave up to that 1705-1710 zone.

    So other then day trading a little I see NO swing trade until after that meeting is over with (of course you could go long at the bottom of this wave 4 down into the wave 5 top but it’s not likely to be a very deep retracement down, which means it’s not worth it to me.)

  14. It’s the enlightened ones’ Pentecost tomorrow. 50 (2525) days from the grand reunion on 6-5 (one year removed). Also the demise of Ray Bradbury at the age of 91. So 1 year 50 days or 1years 1month 20 days later. The big 12 or 21==25??? 1/2=5 2/1=2 21=7x7x7. Kubrick’s 1921 in Shining and just 2001 Space Oddysey (10 years wandering after the 10 year Trojan War)

    Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451===20-1 or 46 or 91….91==13×7.

    Does something come out of Greece overnight?
    Or something more insidious as inferred from recent movies like Pacific Rim, Red 2 or even Fahrenheit 451.

    • 777 or 37 is a stock market code. Sports talk radio callers have been going crazy lately infusing their remarks with occultic numerology.

      Heard one caller from Boston mention the remarkeable recovery of David Ortiz (following the Fahrenheit 451 baseball moment on Monday when Ryan Braun was suspended 50 games for PEDs) in recent years after it appeared that he was done. He mentioned Ortiz #34 was a 37 year old who runs from 1st to 3rd like he’s a youngin’.

      I heard another unpolished local caller throw out the 12 14 number….He was talking about Chipotle(CMG??)(3137 or 77) and the local baseball team…..can’t recall how he used the 12 14 number…it was way too early…maybe it was scripted since he didn’t sound too high-level…..I guess this came after another call where a caller demanded that Mike Trout (#27) be traded but I missed that call.

      I believe I saw a sailboat with its sail out although in its dock with the numbers 73 46 but went by to doublecheck but don’t see the boat now.

  15. Tomorrow is 257,774 days from the original Friday the 13th episode.

    1104(44) trading days from 3-6-9 and 1456 tds from 10-11-07.

    9411 calendar days from the lesser grand ritual double five years ago or 25years9months6days or 1344 weeks 3days later.

    619 weeks (another 79/ 61-16#)2 days from you know when or 11 years 10months14days later.

    168 weeks from 5-6-10. Another 16/61 number……Flash crash week was 61 weeks from the 3-6-9 low…

    5years9months14days (1414 or 55) from the 10-11-07 high. 14==27 and adds up to 5.

    There’s more and these numbers are hinting at more than tomorrow. But crude oil, $rut, all sorts of bonds and utilities, lumber, gold started heading down today with many already producing TD daily bear flips.

    12,12 or 24 (2013?) another major seasonal number…..DOLL theater…24also===44? There are some big 44 year anniversaries occurring now. Here’s a nice one: original True Grit release date on 6-11-69, the only movie that gave John Wayne an Oscar. Tomorrow is 44 years 44 days later. Today was 44 years 4 days from the moon landing and 44 years 8 days from the rocket launching (Appollo 11 rocket seen on the kids sweater in the Shining–and rocket motifs/ images adorning the walls of the Overlook hotel–rockets also seen 2010)

    • I did hear Air’s Surfing on the Rocket over the weekend. Reminded me of the new grand ritual anthem, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

      I am not going to provide a link to the video. It’s just too weird but it does conjure up the Dr. Strangelove imagery (another Kubrick flick).

      5 4 3 2 1 0

      You won’t see me anymore

      Surfin’ on a rocket etc. etc. etc.

  16. DOJ to finally file criminal charges against SAC (19-1-3) tomorrow. That should help get forced selling going. Futures aren’t reacting too much. Been waiting for this event.

    Dow was down 25.5 pts or (-1.6%). FB is up 4.44 pts in afterhours at 26xxx….I saw Apple down 6.66 pts after the close yesterday at around 419 a share. It popped 21.52 pts today. or 5.14% higher to 440 xx.

  17. Of course 13 months 20 days from the grand reunion…. The two big numbers of the Mayan calendar. ie 2013 also the 42.

  18. There’s an opportunity to take a short for 20-40 points with the 1653 SPX prior top being the lowest point it should reach but that opportunity isn’t likely today. I think it will arise today with a small rally to the 1690-1695 area for a smaller wave 2 (or B wave) up to complete.

    Basically we started the first wave down from around 1698 earlier this week and should bottom today (could have already bottomed?), allowing the wave 2 back up into Friday. This sets up a wave 3 (or C?) down into Monday and/or Tuesday with 1653 area being the worst case deepest wave down.

    It can simply be blamed on “uncertainty” about the FOMC meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. But after it completes (and remember it could only drop to 1670 as there’s hardly any volume in the market right now) there’s still another move back up to hit and slightly pierce the 170.46 SPY print from last week.

    So this whole move down (whether it’s a 5 wave pattern or just an ABC) is just a larger wave 4 with the larger wave 1 up starting at the 1560 low, ending at the 1625 high, then down for wave 2 to 1605 and that’s where the wave 3 up started and then later end at 1698.

    And this whole 5 wave pattern from the 1560 low makes up a larger 5th wave up. So once it ends (above the 170.46 SPY FP) the larger still (5 wave pattern) from the 1343 low last year should end it’s wave 3 up. The wave 4 down just has to stay above that level to allow for a final 5th wave up into late this year or early next year.

    At that point all waves will be completed from the 2009 low then we can start crashing to revisit that low again. So if we drop in August to 1440 area then look to go long into the rest of the year until we top 1800 or so as that area is likely to be the topping zone. Could happen this year or early next year… don’t know yet?

  19. Very important gang… the penny stock mentioned in the newsletter has NOT started yet. It’s going to surprise a lot of people when it makes it’s 3-4 day run up. Don’t know the exact starting date but it’s really close now.

  20. Most of what I wrote applies to tomorrow is well. The grand reunion carried onto to 6-6 so add 50 days to that then that’s 7-26 or 7-12. 1105 tds (55), 257775 days from the original the Friday 13th and tomorrow is a Friday or 36825 (87) weeks later. 619 weeks 3 days ala 712.

    And it is 1 year 6 days from the Dark Knight Rises opening and the concurrent event at the Century 16 theaters. 7761(7) days from the ode to the ’29’92 ritual date.

    Whatever happens will carrythrough though…to another 25?

    • We have now come up to touch that downward sloping trendline, but with that “possible” FP starring right at me I’m going to wait till closer to the end of the day before shorting. There’s a possibility we could breakthrough that trendline and take out 1690 spx, which then would be a better place to short.

  21. LOOK at the level 2 on the penny stock mentioned gang! LOTS of accumulation at low levels usually means someone big wants in…. and they don’t want “in” when they think it’s not going to go up soon.

    • In case people don’t understand huge volume comes in at the bottom right before a big move up happens. It’s just like when the SPX tanks hard you’ll see the biggest volume bar. Then it rallies hard from there and I believe strongly that’s what we are going to see happen on this stock next.

  22. Gap fill is 1690 spx, but I’m not sure if they will get there or not? Regardless, Monday should be a nice down day for the bears. Shorting anywhere up here in this range has great odds of turning a nice profit in my opinion.

  23. The FP on the SPY is now filled (even though I really didn’t think it was a real FP). The next wave down should end this ABC, 4th wave down from the 1698 high. Then we go back up to new highs.

  24. There’s some heavy duty astro coming up over the weekend when the moon and mars and pluto produce some hard squares.(Mars Pluto opposition) Then the 28th could be the 7 10 entity with it being 257777 days from the original Friday the 13th episode or 57s or 36825 weeks 2 days later. It is also the 7 year anniversary of my personal crash (which occurred on a Friday). But it is a Sunday and only futures will be trading that day.

    Then there is the ultra rare Star of David astro pattern on Monday for the true 711 episode. Two grand trines with a few squares thrown in. The royal baby birth looked ideal on this date so we get a stock dislocation episode instead? Few mainstream astrologers have mentioned this pattern. I’ll see if Merriman does in his latest blurb.
    (Edit: Merriman mentions it briefly—since the moon is a key aspect of it he doesn’t seem to give it much validity)

    The markets need to start heading down hard if we are to get to my semi-new targets, the Canyons so to speak, dates that I have kept my eyes on so that a certain little indicator can get close back to the crash zone. It recently closed back above its 50 day average but I think its a temporary fakeout breakout ala a similar moment back in mid July 2011. It’s component is still positive albeit barely and today’s action did little to get it through the 0 line.

    • Tim Tebow back in the news again………..grieving and praying over his former teammate Aaron Hernandez#81???? The Patriots did have a big press conference discussing Hernandez a few days ago. Hernandez was questioned for a double shooting in Gainesville, Fla when he was at the UF and you’re going to tell me the Patriots didn’t know that before they drafted him. There was a reason he plummeted in the NFL draft that year….

      Tebow with his big 316 game on 1-8, 2012 and before that in 2009 back at the UF.
      Tebow====Lucky Days.

    • The 2011 May-October down cycle was a clear 5 wave..not ABC, unless you want to ignore the low in October.

      Good chart though, I guess it could be called an ABC x ABC formation, both with 5 wave Cs.

      Lets see where are in mid September.

  25. Ok, looks like we got a small gap down. Not as much as I was expecting but it’s a start I guess? We appear to be trying to fill the gap and after that I do expect some selling today. There is prior support in the 1672 area on the futures so if we get down there I’d exit all shorts. I think we’re going to have another week similar to last week where we end up basically flat overall.

    However, the in between period should have us move down first and then back up to at least the FP of 170.46 on the SPY from a week back now. That’s only about 1700 on the SPX and I still feel we’ll go a little higher then that… maybe 1710? Regardless, just look for the 1672 area on the ES as the best spot to exit shorts and go long into the FP.

  26. This market seems to be always waiting on God to speak (Ben Bernanke) and doesn’t move very far in either direction until he feeds them more crack or deprives them from it. I’m still looking for the FP on the SPY from last week of 170.46 to be hit. We should go up past it some too if it’s like most FP’s.

    At that point I would just exit longs (if you have any?) and go to the sidelines until we see a clearer short signal. Right now it’s just not there. Next week we’ll be into August and I’m expecting it to continue to be choppy as “first of the month” money comes into the market. But by the 2nd week I’m expecting a final top for this 5 wave pattern from the 1343 SPX low last November.

    Then I’m expecting a 10% correction (mini-crash?) in the market to play out into early September. The move should be fast (3-4 weeks… or less) as I’m also expecting a move up from there into the next Legatus meeting this coming October for a very important top. In fact it “could” be the final top before the real crash starts? If not this October meeting then the meeting in February of 2014. Either way the August move down needs to happen fast so they’ll have time to rally back up to make new highs again.

  27. Either today, Wednesday or Thursday the penny stock I mentioned should have put in it’s bottom. Then next week you’re going to be wishing you had bought it or held on to it “if” you panicked and sold today. Believe me, someone is trying to shake out all the bulls before something big happens!

  28. In the good old days, they would have blasted the indices to the moon on a Fed day like today. Crude oil down again giving the appropriate tell.

    • I expect them still to do so Geccko but it’s a 2 day meeting and the minutes aren’t released until tomorrow around 2:30 pm… so look for the FP on the SPY of 170.46 to be hit either before or after that time period.

  29. I get the feeling that we are going to chop here for the next 3 and a half hours until Bernanke speaks. But make no mistake about it they will hit the FP on the SPY of 170.46 as they always support the bulls. In fact I’d expect them to go past it a little like they usually do…. maybe 171.00?

    • I see a move above the FP of 170.46 SPY of .50 cents to 1.00 before stopping and rolling over. Don’t expect a big move down from it as this could be a wave 3 up of some type. That means a wave 4 down of 20 points or so seems likely and then a wave 5 up into next week should follow.

      This assumes that this is a wave 3 up and not a wave 5… which I’m unsure of at this point. There is a pivot point at 1717 SPX but I’m not counting on that to be hit. It really is more about how many bears have stops above 1700 or so. The more stops the higher it goes, but 1705-1710 seems likely for the first level I think.

  30. Mars puts in an exact square to Uranus tomorrow while the moon moves into the location of the grand reunion last year. Some oldtimers even say this area is the 7th house.

          • No, 1600 is out. Instead of forming some nice pattern that we can figure out they are chopping up and down is a tight zone for several weeks until they decide to drop it. We’re now in our 3rd or 4th week of this crap. Next week we could see some small cracks start to appear, so I’m leaning toward a slight down week to occur with a possible ramp the last day.

            The week after that is when I’m expecting one more exhaustion move up to retest today’s high. It could fall short or pierce it slightly… don’t know which? But somewhere between Monday August 12th to Thursday the 15th I think we’ll see the final top before a 3-4 week decline starts.

            That decline should go down and retest the opening price level for the year of 2013, or around 1420-1460 SPX area. Then we should rally into October for Legatus when the final nail in the coffin is put in. The banksters will laundry their stolen money through the Vatican’s secret bank accounts while they are in Rome for their annual raping and eating children festable.

            The market will have NO support and will collapse just like they want it to. From there is all down hill in 2014 with the mark of the beast as the expected low by December.

  31. The market is chopping sideways, which makes a bull flag. However, even if it does popup one more time I don’t think it will hold. I think they took out all the bears’ stops above the 1696-1699 SPX area and all we have left now is bulls getting long. So looking at the charts it says we popup higher from the bull flag. But my guts tells me we are either already done or just one last pop higher and then we’re done.

    Again, I’m not expecting much on the downside as they like to keep the bears trapped. But they should trap the bulls too and not give them any real move up to profit from either. Therefore I still see us closing the week around the same level as last week… or about 1690 SPX. Between the rest of today and the close tomorrow I just expect more chop with the slightly down move likely happening in the morning on Friday.

    • Just hang in there until the week of August 12th-17th Peter as the top is near and should happen during that period. Don’t know how high though? Could go up to 1770-1780 SPX or just chop around all of next week going no where… we are close.

  32. Today was another 2 and 5 day similar to many highs in recent times. August 2 and 1110 trading days from the 3-6-9 low. Recent 2 day highs are 4-2,5-2 2012, 5-2 2011, and 5-22, 2013. The 4-2,2012 high was 775 tds from the 3-6-9 low, 9-14,2012 was 115 tds later and then the 5-22 high was 180tds from the 9-14 high or 295 tds from the 4-2,2012 high. Today is 50 tds (25+25) from the 5-22 high.

    Today is also 777 tds from the important 7-1-10 low which itself was 333 tds from the 3-6-9 low. So the mega 333+777 combo…..1110 also 13 or 5×222 or 10×111….

    82 is also the infamous 16 ie 2×8 but that really didn’t produce anything. Also (71)2 (see 127 hours etc.) but that didn’t produce anything either.

  33. Recently saw the Bling Ring and i got a creepy Charles Manson vibe from it. Other than that and the movie would be completely worthless fluff. About young celebrity infatuated types raiding celeb homes in the Hollywood HILLS and stealing their belongings. Their group included all females except for 1 guy like the Manson Family raiders. They were eventually caught in August 2009. In fact one of their victims was one of the HILLS’ stars, someone I am unfamiliar with.

    And then my ex schoolmate has his new film out today which is supposed to be the anti-thesis to the HILLS but can’t find it playing anywhere. Finally found out that it is only opening in NY today and then LA, next week August 9? The double 29 release.

    They financed it independently through Kickstarter with the 3 prinicpals involved contributing $50 K each and asking individuals to contribute in $5thousand or $10 thousand increments for a $250,000 budget.

  34. Tim Tebow’s exroomate at the UF Riley Cooper suddenly everywhere in the news. I mentioned him a few weeks ago. The Philly Eagles sent him home from today’s practices as the firestorm from his recent comments swirl out of control.

    Tebow producing a lot of collateral damage. First the Aaron Hernandez fallout and now the Riley Cooper situation.

    • Riley Cooper #14 (77), like Tebow, born in 1987 (on September 10 or 9-10).

      Speaking of that date, Jupiter is in the same vicinity as it was you know when 620 weeks ago. And Mars about 180degrees from its position on that date.

  35. David, you are welcome to post your link here anytime. We’ve both been around a long time now and I would never think that you were just posting a chart to blindly promote your blog without adding value. Post any chart or link you wish as hopefully it will help everyone out.

  36. Should be down today a little to test prior horizontal resistance around 1698 SPX and then back up into Wednesday toward 1720. I’m going to work on a new post today. I spoke with Ali last night and he’s going to get me his update too.

  37. Tomorrow 8-6, is the new moon with the heliacal rising of Sirius between Mars and Jupiter in certain areas. I am guessing at 33degrees latitude.

    8-6====1776 or 888+888…..or 237 years 33 days later. Stanley Kubrick with his infatuation with July 4th (1921) and red white and blue colors in the Shining……..

    Also a major 68 year anniversary.

    A Tim Tebow date ie #15 or 555 or 35 + 6 for 86?? Also possibly the infamous 512, 125, 215 etc. etc. combo????

    86 years ago is 1927.

    • I forgot the Bradley date, April 26…

      April 26===426 or 86 and guess what??? 8-6 is 426 days from the grand reunion.

      4 years 5months from 3-6-9 and 3years3months from 5-6-10……The previous two dates were 426 days apart. 1year 2months or 1 year 2months 1 day (31) from the grand reunion.

      • Emma Watson’s sister tells her she looks 35 in a black dress at one point in the Bling Ring. One line that stood out for me in that movie. Plenty of HILLS, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan references in that movie.

        Lindsay allowed out of rehab on July 31 to be able to watch the grand ritual unfold and participate in many of its subset rituals. Also concurrently with the release of her new flick. Apparently she is the guest host of a certain late night broadcast tonight. (filmed last week)

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