An 80-120 Point Down Move In The SPX Could Happen In March


But if so the next move up should be a huge one...

The market looks a lot like the pattern from November 26th to December 5th, 2014.  It first sold off for a couple of day and then ran back up to make a higher high on the 5th right before a drop of about a 100 SPX points.  This suggests we'll end the down move Monday/Tuesday (the 2085 area is good support) and go back up into the end of next week topping in the 2130-2140 area.

(to watch on youtube:

This pattern also happened on September 4th, 2014 to the real high in that area on the 19th.  It topped on the 4th, sold off for a week and then back up to make a final higher high on the 19th before the real move down started.  That one was around 200 SPX before bottoming.

We find a similar pattern (with a small twist) back on the July 7th high to the real high on the 24th.  This time the market dropped again for 4 days first, then rallied back up to make "almost" a double top, but failed and had a big "one day" drop on the 17th before it then ran up again into the 24th for the real "higher high" just before the 87 point drop followed.


Looking back even further in time I can see this pattern showing up many times with slight twists to it.  Sometimes it did it's first drop for 2-3 days, then back up to a new high and other times it took over a week for the first drop to end.  And some of the times there were 2 short drops before the final higher high with the real big drop that followed.

However, there were a few "fake outs" where it appeared that pattern was going to happen but it didn't.  The October 30th, 2013 to November 7th was one such fake out.  It did another fake out shortly afterwards on November 29th to December 9th, 2013 where each time the expected "big" down move to follow never happened.

The November 7th high was followed by a big bear squeeze for several weeks.  The December 9th high did produce a few days of selling but it never dropped big like all the other periods where 80-120 points down usually followed.  That drop from the 9th barely took out the first low that hit on the 4th of December.

After the move up first I'd look for about 2060-2070 area to be retested as that was a triple top area before the breakout...

It should last about 2 weeks I'd guess and then back up to start a huge wave 3 rally of some kind.  Looking back again at the weekly chart and that rising trendline from the 2011 low of 1074 SPX I would expect it to hold again should they break through that triple top zone.  The 20MA on it is at 2042 right now and the 40MA is at 2003... which is resting just about on that rising trendline.

If I had to guess I'd say that 3 weeks from now the trendline should be around 2030-2040, but with February having such a strong rally I'm not sure how far down they will allow the market to drop in March, but if they drop that far it should be over with by the 3rd week and allow a rally to start in the last week to recover most of the down move.

This was a twitter comment I read last week and if it's a "factual" statement then any early down move in March has high odds of being erased by the end of March.

"Since 1950 the SPX has gained >5% in February only 5 times (1970, 1975, 1986, 1991, 1998). Added to gains in March all 5 times."

On an "elliottwave" count I think we are in some type of smaller wave 4 down now, that should complete on Monday or Tuesday.  Then a final smaller wave 5 up to about 2130 area to end a larger wave 3 up (that started at the 2042 low).  This would then complete a 5 wave pattern up from that 2042 low to an estimated 2130 area high.

Assuming this larger wave 3 up ends up being around 90 points in length it the following larger wave 4 down should be some Fibonacci level of 38.2% or even 50% in depth.  If that count is right then it doesn't look too good for the 80-120 points move happening that I'm thinking will occur.  So for that reason I do think that this chart from Tony Caldaro will be relabeled should my technical analysis be correct by seeing a back test of the triple top area in the 2060-2070 area (or Tony says it's an "acceptable" pullback to still qualify as a wave 4?)


While I like to read what others have as wave counts using EW I just don't find it very accurate on the short term.  The gangsters that run this market don't play by EW rules as we all should know by now.  Try to make sense of that straight up rally from the 1972 low in December 2014 to the 2093 high and give me your EW count there?  Can't be done in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I like Tony and find his posts helpful a lot.  But SkyNet (what I call the super computer that manipulates the market) is programmed to steal your money.  So it's well aware of bloggers (and traders) that use technical analysis, elliottwave, fib. levels, astrology, T cycles, etc... to predict the future direction.

Which of course mean...

It's going to fool you by letting these charting methods work for awhile and just when you think you've figured it all out SkyNet just pulls a 180 on your wave count (and/or TA's, Fib. Level's, etc...) and has some crazy move out of the blue that no one can see coming.  The move up from the 1820 SPX low to the 2079 high is a perfect example.

I read many tweets about it and hear people say that they'd never seen such a move in their 40 years of trading!  And other stating that it had never happened before in the past!  This should tell you that the more us sheep have access to various charting methods that used too work before the internet the more likely we are to see "Crazy Ivan" type moves happen as SkyNet has to adapt to us sheep figuring out the next move and being on the right side of the trade for once.

Since SkyNet can't steal the sheep's money and give it to the bankster gangsters that programed it the computer is forced to go hard in one direction or the other to hit all the buy and/or sell stops put in place by the sheep.  What I'm saying here is that a typical wave 4 down should be around the same length as the wave 2 was (2072 down to 2041 on 2/9), and some smaller Fibonacci level like 23.6% or 38.2% as opposed to 50%-61.8% that I'd need for my thoughts of dropping back to that triple top area.

Regardless of the EW count I'm still leaning toward my forecast of a dip to 2085 area Monday/Tuesday, up to 2130 area and then down to 2060-2070 zone to retest the breakout point that has taken us up to the current new highs.  That's my forecast for now and I'm sticking too it!  LOL.


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  1. Well, that new multi-commenting system has too many bugs in it so I just went back to Disqus for now. I’d like to find some kind of wordpress plugin to offer more then one system but that was on the only one I found and it hadn’t been updated in over 2 years. The search continues…

  2. Although it doesn’t seem like anything will happen, I do have many hits for tomorrow. I see Jupiter is right next to the fullish moon now in the top of the sky, so could that be the trigger now?
    Especially now that we are in high Luperci season???

    Tomorrow, 3-3-15 is 66 or 12.or 26 The 3 rows of 7 photos at the end of the Shining (Nicholson July 4 1921 photo in the 11th photo) also trasncribes to 3-3-15 if one looks at them vertically ie 3-3-15(3×15). 12-12 also 33. Unfortunately it appears that today was 1212 tds from a certain little event 1762 days ago from tomorrow. Maybe my count is off but I did a cursory double check today.

    1-2-3 as well, as some of the Luperci use to count down to SCREAM in a recent tribute cover of BB’s Sabotage in London. Which did take me back to watching some clips of the vintage action caper from the 70s, the Taking of Pelham 123, actually probably one of my top 50 movies of all time, and remade by Unstoppable director Tony Scott back in 2009 before Scott’s unfortunate demise back in August 19, 2012???. Unstoppable train #777, chase train #1206 and the train in To Live and Die in LA, 2626 where the daredevil anti-hero lead likes to jump from the San Vicente bridge.

    • The Greek situation has not been resolved. No money has been released to them and won’t be until they pass certain measures in parliament.

      • Not sure yet? Looks like a 50/50 chance at this point. If the recent move up to 2117 was a failed wave (that should have gone to 2130-2140) then we should be heading down toward that 2060-2070 triple top area.

        But if we rally up Wednesday strongly (like July 18th, 2014) then I’d say we have about a 60-70% chance of taking out the 2119 current high. Considering that we hit that all important 5000 on the Nasdaq just once I get a strong feeling that they will try to hit it again and go higher.

        Regardless of if it goes higher slightly or just double tops it should carry the SPX with it… meaning it too should take out 2119, even if only by a few points. As much as I’m a bear at heart I have to think the bulls will make another run higher before allowing a bigger drop.

        This DOW Transport chart tells me it’s trying to decide which way it wants to go.

        It’s trapped in the middle of a lot of moving averages providing support from the 20MA and resistance from the 10MA. It’s pierced through the blue support line that makes up the top trendline of the channel it’s been it for many weeks and only recently broke out above it.

        If it closes red and below the trendline tomorrow and the SPX closes green then chances of a move up to 2130 area are weakened. I’d like to see it put in several days of “doji” candles to make a nice multi-day bear flag while the SPX rises to the 2130 area.

        That would be the best clue that the SPX move wouldn’t be supported by the Transports and therefore it would be highly like to fail up there and not continue in some bigger rally to 2200 or so…. meaning a drop to 2060-2070 would have stronger odds.

        I’ll be looking for the Full Stochastic to get overbought on this chart tomorrow…;

        If they get up to the 80 area too quickly tomorrow and don’t close today’s gap down or at least the gap window it would be a sign of weakness for sure. I’d be leaning toward the move down to 2060-2070 happening after that bounce runs out of juice by midday or soon.

        The Russell chart tells a different story it seems…;

        Notice how all the prior peaks rarely produced a slightly higher high within a few days of the first high? In most cases they just came up and put in a lower high and then started the bigger move down.

        On that chart you’ll see only the 1221.44 high as being the “higher high” then a prior top just a few days before it (hard too see). The 1008, 1063, 1182, 1212, 1213, and now the 1243 highs stand all by themselves.

        The 1183 high in September appears to have been a “higher high” then a prior one, but it was probably 2 weeks prior it and doesn’t fall into the same pattern as I explain in my video on the SPX and prior highs getting taken out within a few days.

        So if the SPX shows weakness then the Russell should look even weaker. Therefore I’d look to short the IWM instead of the SPY if Wednesday turns out to be another weak day for the market.

      • Rally should start very soon… so “yes” it very likely to continue into Wednesday and top Thursday. Or it screams today and tops at the close? If we close green up near 2090 or so then I’d guess we will exhaust the move up and go back down Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s first see the rally start before I predict the end of it.

      • The way the market is acting and the fact that it’s down over 27 points on the SPX it might not start the rally until the last hour of the day? However, regardless of how high the rally goes today’s light trading volume so NO sign of “capitulation” on the downside yet. This implies a lower low is coming after any rally they get going.

        While I don’t really see 2090 area being hit as it so far away now you just don’t know how many bears there are to squeeze? It’s really just about the “stops” overhead on how far they go up.

        The bulls are very surprising and some how seem to go up higher then anyone can believe. But it happened before on that chart I posted so I won’t rule it out for happening again.

        As of now there is a lot of damage done on a technical bases for the bulls so thinking there’s going to be a rally here could be just wishful thinking I guess. Until we see a higher low on the SPY (IWM currently still has one) I don’t see the bottom yet for today.

        Let’s see what happens in that last hour of the day as we might start the rally then and carry it into Wednesday for a top, with a Thursday dump for a lower low then today.

  3. It’s natural to expect a “pause” day here so we could chop like this all day. If we do get a rally going then I’d expect a peak in the noon to 2pm (EST) time period between 10-15 points higher. There’s a falling trendline of resistance that will likely hold the market back. It will be around 206.30 area SPY in that time zone.

    If we don’t hit it today and instead just drop more then we might hit it Thursday morning on some fakeout bull move up. Hard too predict what SkyNet is going to do here. But tomorrow or Friday should put in the low for the week.

  4. I’m looking for a quick move down Thursday morning to put in the low where I think the next move will be up strongly. I’d exit all shorts by today or in the morning tomorrow as the bulls are about ready to wake up.

  5. The SPX and SPY have broken through the falling trendline of resistance now. This means it’s highly likely that the low was put in yesterday and the best we could expect to see is a small move down later today to backtest this trendline (which will be at a lower level as it’s falling) somewhere around the 206.00 SPY zone (depending on when (and “if”) it hits it.

    If this happens then what we have likely seen today with the gap up open is some kind of wave 1 up with this forecasted small pullback later today to be the wave 2 down. This implies we’ll see a big squeeze up Friday for the wave 3 up.

    Of course this wave 2 down could have simply been the sideways chop we had earlier before the break of the trendline and we could see the wave 3 starting now? Hard too say for sure but regardless I’m expecting a move up toward 2090 or more on the SPX into next week.

  6. Charts tell me this is just a bounce and not a new strong rally that will make a new “higher high” like all the previous rallies in the last 3 months that came off their lows strong and all made higher highs. I suspect this one will be different and will only make a lower high before dropping lower sometime next week and heading below the recent 2040 area low yesterday.

      • My only concern on making bearish forecasts using TA’s is that the Fed’s have a history of manipulating the market to the bullish side. So the upside to 2090 area seems highly likely but the selloff back down isn’t something I put too much money on as they rarely give the bears a chance to win.

        The moves down no long come in nice ABC wave patterns but simply drop all in one big wave while the bears sleep. Once they awake and look for the B wave rally to short they find it never comes as the Fed’s manipulate it to a new higher high.

  7. Happy Friday the 13th (39) conjunct the Pluto Uranus square tomorrow. 1816 weeks from the release of Kubrick’s grand ritual classic, the Shining or 34 (3-13??)years 9 months 18 days ago (799). They moved the Moby Dick flick off its original 3-13 release date.

    Looking hopefully for a certain little indicator to drop below its 50 day average tomorrow and will go below its lower BB if it does so. That would make for an UBER bearish sell signal. Today seems to have been a technical bounce off the lower BB for the stock indices. $ndx finally got to its lower BB yesterday.

    Notice the action in the euro lately sans today.

    3-15==18 and #18, Popgun, has a birthday coming up.

  8. I’m a little surprised they allowed the bearish setup work. If the low from Wednesday is taken out then I’ll have to redo the estimated upside target for next week. So far we are still just making a higher low (or double bottom). And since it’s now in the noon time period with Europe closing we should see the selling pressure let up. Let’s see if we get a bounce started…

    • One thing for sure..that was a very quick “give back” of yesterdays 250 pt rally. The triple digit “down” days have mostly been larger than the triple digit “up” days the last week. Case in point last Friday was down 300 pts..and last Tues was down almost 340 pts….so we working lower here so far. As far as how we close today..the jury is out but I think it’s safe to say we could easily close down another 300+ pts today.- Perma bulls will want to see SPX 2040 hold like concrete thru next week.

  9. As much as I think we should be going up into this Wednesday’s FOMC meeting the chart suggest a short here today. Several trendlines of resistance are currently being hit here at the open. Failure to get over them with a gap open usually leads to a market rolling over and pulling back. Possibly we go down today from the open and turn back up Tuesday and into Wednesday?

    • Ok, yesterday we hit the upper falling trendline that I suggested we’d hit in the chart I posted. I then thought we’d go down to the area we are at now. So at this point I think we’ll find our low by noon today and then go back up into tomorrow.

      While I’m not expecting another big move up I am expecting very little selling with an upward bias until after the FOMC minutes are release at 2pm Wednesday. Since I’m not expecting them to say anything to scare the market I’m also not expecting any big move to immediately follow.

      History tells us that 80-90% of the FOMC days close day near the highs for that day. Then 1-2 days later we usually see a turn back down. The charts could be nice and overbought by then and if allowed to work then we could have another down Friday this week too? Don’t know yet but as for right now I’m expecting a bottom very soon here and a move up into Wednesday.

  10. Historically we all know that most FOMC days close positive and near the high for the day. So will this time be different? I don’t know the answer there but even if we do close up I’m just not believing that we are going to continue up toward new highs the rest of this week and into next week.

    The monthly and weekly charts don’t look the same as they did during the previous rallies. They are currently much more bearish looking and I don’t get the feeling we have much more left on the upside. Possibly we do rally into the close today from whatever the Fed’s say at 2pm but I don’t see the rest of the week and some big continuation squeeze up.

    In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t stay under the falling trendline of resistance I’ve shown several times that’s currently in the 2082 area on the SPX. If we hit it into the close today (or even Thursday morning) I’m going to become bearish again and look to short it.

    These trendlines of resistance are usually broken with some type of news prior to the market open so they can just gap over the level as opposed to attempting to pierce through them. Since I don’t see much more “market moving news” this week (the Jobless Claims Thursday at 8:30am doesn’t pull much weight anymore it seems) the current FOMC minutes being released today at 2pm should give the market the biggest adrenaline shot.

    Once it wears off (probably by the close) you have ask yourself what’s going to spark a further rally on Thursday or Friday? If the market was oversold then that might be a reason but the market is neutral to becoming overbought on the short term and very overbought on the monthly and weekly charts.

    Then there’s “What would SkyNet do?” (not to be confused with “what would Seth Godin do”… LOL). I think too many people here are expecting another blowoff rally to happen just like how the last 3 months produced those insane moves up with no decent pullbacks to ride the bulls’ back.

    As we all remember those crazy moves up they were relentless without any compassion to let a trapped bear out or a want-a-bee bull in. This current rally feels (and looks) different. There’s no energy in it. The volume levels are ridiculously low, which should tell you that the big institutions aren’t buying much stock at these levels.

    So I’m going with a short should the SPX go up and hit this falling trendline around 2082 currently. I see nothing tomorrow to spark a further rally. Any move up today into that zone should exhaust the bulls and leave them open for a move down to start on Thursday. This all assumes there’s nothing major said at the FOMC meeting today.

      • Yeah… obviously I didn’t go short after I seen it blow through that 2082 area like hot butter! At this point I’m just waiting to see what the end of the day does. It might go a little higher Thursday morning too? Hard too say right now? A double top seems like the plan of action but they still might back down for a day or so before blasting through?

  11. Well a day like today would be expected to clear out the shorts before a big move down and I have a LOT of hits for tomorrow 3-19. The Greek stock market was down 4% and approaching its recent lows despite today’s hoopla in the US markets.

    3-19 will be the last time we’ll see a 22 for the year or a Fahrenheit 4-15 or 46 (Tebow 316—3-19 will be 3years2monts11(511) days from his big 316 playoff game against the Steelers. Plus, we know they love their #19s especially in conjunction with moments of denouement. Especially on the eve of a solar eclipse on the vernal equinox with a Pluto Uranus square in hand.

    3-19 also 3-10 or 13 or even Kubrick’s 1921 Photo from the Shining.

    Tomorrow is also 1519 tds from the 3-6-9 low or 6years 13 days (64) ago. So So much more numerology but let’s see how things materialize.

  12. Based on the power of the move up yesterday most of the bearish charts are now negated. The monthly is still bearish but it’s such a long time frame that we could still go up the rest of the month and it not move much at all. They are turning the weekly back up and daily.

    So while I’m expecting them to pull back today I do expect this to only be a “pullback” and nothing more. Probably by the noon time period I’d guess they will turn them back up into Friday. Next week should also be bullish as well, but it’s possible they chop around for awhile before they pierce through the formal highs.

    However, considering that the Russell already made a new high yesterday I don’t think it will take too long for the S&P500 and the Nasdaq to breakout to new highs. Once again it seems the Fed’s save the day and stop another big drop. It certainly makes you wonder what level we’d be at without them manipulating the market?

    But it will all come to a horrible ending for the bulls when the final top it put in during the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2016, followed by a 1929 style crash in 2017. It’s been planned for many many years and it’s still set for that time period as of now. But until we get there we’ll have to just play the bull side 80% of the time and the bear side the other 20% of the time.

    So I’ll be looking for a long today as the short couldn’t be took since we are going to gap down at the open. Typical move where you have to go short the day before and exit in the opening first few hours.

    Downside support is around 2075 on the ES Futures and 2080 on the SPX. Should we get down there today I see it as a buy into Friday and next week with the next move up likely being the one that pierces through prior resistance and makes another new high.

  13. Tomorrow 3-20 is the possible infamous 2012???? 32 ie 33 or 23. The recent history of Fridays immediately following a new moon have been harrowing experiences as was the case 2 years 8 months ago or one 21 weeks later. Since its a new moon/solar eclipse on the vernal equinox could it be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius???

    I know they like using the 12 as a 5 or half so that 2012 also works as 25 (55). But we still might have to wait for a Taco Tuesday.

    I know Willem Dafoe likes to play with 3 20 dollar bills in To Live and Die in LA.

  14. Friday is “super moon” day occurring on the same day as the equinox and a solar eclipse. Add up the celestial events and then consider that Tuesday the market put in another Hindenburg Omen. That makes 3 confirmed Hindi’s since December. That’s fairly odd too. Add in some of the short term cycle indicators like the Fibonacci turn cluster, and you can hear the twilight zone music in the background.

    Could it get stranger? It can and it does. Friday is also quadruple witching day for options and futures. It’s also the first day of the Hebrew calendar. I find it fitting that the world is bickering over the word patience, during the very week all this “extraneous” stuff is going on.

    • Hmmm… not sure what to think about those Hindenburg Omen’s. Tomorrow “should” go up as the Russell has already made a new high, the Nasdaq is at a double top and ready to make a new high and the the S&P500 and the Dow are the only lagers.

  15. With the ES banging on the double (or triple?) top right now it looks destined to breakout… and I’d expect it to happen today! The SPX is lagging behind still but the Russell and Nasdaq already have new highs. The DOW is coming in 4th place but I suspect it will finish the race too. LOL!

  16. Hmmm some fractal similateries to historical topping patterns most recently to 3 years 7+ months ago as well as one ($ndx, $rut) from double7years 5 months ago. It looks like it’s going to be the ultimate Bradley date.

  17. 1987 NCAA champ Indiana eliminated from the tourney in the first round today. Star guard on that Indiana team Steve Alford, now UCLA coach, leads his team to a victory led by his son’s hot shooting (8 3pointers). 1987 Final Four particpant Rick Pitino sees his Louisville team squeak by UC Irvine. 1987 Finalist ,Syracuse coach, Jim Boeheim, goes on a tirade against the NCAA after his team is sanctioned for violations. The other 1987 Final Four coach, Jerry Tarkanian (UNLV) passed away in January. I am wating for a Bobby Knight ritual.

    More later on the Duke (Kentucky) /Christian Laettner (#32) ritual that the sports media is currently going overboard on.

  18. Befuddling the pundits and basketball intelligentsia, UCLA moves on to the Sweet 16 led once again by 1987 College Player of the Year Steve Alford’s son, who I believe ended up with 19 points. (Remember #19 scored the World Cup winning goal for the Germans last year).
    The pundits (reading their cue cards) universally admonished the selection committee for placing UCLA in the tournament (which never made sense). UCLA received the #11 seed so let’s see if they end up as the “dark” horse of the tournament. Haven’t bothered to see who they play next.

    • Parker led UCLA in scoring with 28pts. UCLA could potentially play Iowa next round which would be one of Alford’s former teams. I know Iowa is the 29th state. But Gonzaga (Iowa’s opponent) seems too strong this year.
      Did see them flash 11-10s and 14 5s in the game as well as the ultimate Bradley date with a 0 added.

  19. Based on what I see in the charts I think we could squeek a little higher today at some point even though we might drift down a little in the morning (not worth playing as early downside seems small). But after another move up we should be hitting the rising trendline on the Nasdaq and the Russell, which is where I’d expect a pullback on all the ETF’s.

    Since it’s a rising trendline I don’t have a target as it moves with time. But on the IWM I’d guess it’s in the 126.50-127.00 zone… so not much. On the Nasdaq it appears to be in the 5050-5075 range. On the SPY and SPX I’d guess it’s around the double top area. Possibly we chop all day today and pop up to hit those levels on Tuesday and then do our pullback? I’m not expecting anything big, maybe 20 points on the SPX? Hard too know right now.

  20. Popgun’s 39th birthday tomorrow.

    Iowa lost to Gonzaga so no funky Iowa-UCLA matchup.

    Divergences on all time frames today from 60mins down for RSIs.

  21. The market is looking tired here. We could see it rollover today at some point. On the downside I’d look for the 209 area to be support on the SPY. There’s a rising trendline of support coming in around 208.75 which also is the gap fill area as well. That should be a magnet to the market if we rollover today.

    I’d look for a small downward sloping trendline to be hit on the upside for the best shorting spot. Right now it’s coming in around 210.50 SPY and about 2108-2109 SPX (depending on when it’s hit). It might not hit until later though… maybe before noon?

    With the light volume expected to continue today this suggests that we could chop around early in the day before we hit that falling trendline and then rollover. This move down though shouldn’t be much to get excited about as I’m sure next week they will make another run up to make news highs again on all the indexes.

    • Red, Monday/Tuesday AM should close to near 2040 then up to 2075-80 before Blood Moon then we head down until mid May to see 1930ish.

      • Makes sense Scott. I see another push down too (a wave 5 of some kind) to end this first larger sell off from the recent high. Then a few days of rallying into later in the week. I’m not sure if they are going to roll back over and make another move down to below 2000 or not?

        I will say that the monthly and weekly charts are both bearish and do support another larger drop. But you and I know how manipulated this market is to the bullsh@t side… LOL! So I’ll just take it one day at a time. First a short to 2040 area and then a long for a rally up to somewhere. After that… I don’t know?

    • I read somewhere (about 3-4 years ago I think?) that the poor could be feed world wide for something like only $400 Billion per year. Of course we know they are still putting into the market probably $50-$100 Billion per month secretly and the EU of course has their QE program still going… so feeding the poor would be easy to do. But if they did that how could they keep them working as their slaves? So you know they will continue to make sure the poor stay poor… and hungry!

    • Facebook isn’t posting my disqus comments anymore it seems. When I make a comment here I click on the share button and repost it on twitter and then I try to repost it on facebook. But with facebook you have to copy your comment as it doesn’t auto-fill like with twitter… and you have to fill out a stupid captcha now! WTF?

      I was doing all of that up until last week when friend told me that I had not posted anything new on facebook for many weeks and I told him I was reposting these comments there everyday, going through all the stupid hoops and everything. But apparently they still weren’t being posted? So I just stopped reposting on facebook about a week ago now it was working. But I still do the twitter reposting.

      Anywyay… how’s life my old friend?

      • i’m back to calling market top pullbacks, (we got us some volatility, finally), with pin point accuracy, past 1.4 years…makes trading a lot easier ….I’ll come by and leave the link, at the next pullback, if i see the signal…..still a lot of artistic license involved, so —oh well, same as it ever was….

  22. The market looks to me like it’s going to chop around the rest of this week not making much traction on the upside or downside. Possibly they get it up to 2080-2090 SPX area by Thursday’s close but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t drop to 2060 at some point before bouncing back up.

    I just don’t see a clear direction either way as the charts are all mixed, which is why I think we’ll be in a zone from 2060-2090 the rest of this week. The BIG concerns is the Non-Farm Payroll report being released on Friday at 8:30am when the market is closed. I remember several years back when they had a holiday weekend and pulled that Dubai trick.

    I think that was Thanksgiving if I recall? The market was closed on Thursday and only open for half the day on Friday. Traders all left for the 4 day weekend and that Friday they announced the Dubai news (been so long I forgot what it was… a possible default I think?). The market tanked hard in the futures from the news but by the time they reopened on Monday it was barely down.

    We could see a similar plan here with them possibly releasing bad news with the NFP report this Friday when every trader is gone for the 3 day weekend. Then they’d have all weekend to have their paid puppet actors spin the news as “not so bad” with their propaganda TV mind control weapon.

    So we could see them save the market Monday as they get the charts very oversold during that 3 day period but hold the actual price level up. That means Monday it could be down just 10 or 20 points instead of 50 or 100 points.

    Hard too know the plan here but currently the charts are lining up bearish going into next week. We all know how they manipulate them but possibly they won’t be able to juice the market up to all time new highs this time and can only keep the fall to a minimum?

    I get the feeling that this will be the time that we finally break the rising trendline of support on the weekly chart starting back in 2011. We broke it once back in Sept/Oct of 2014 intra-week but recovered by that Friday to close on the line and leave a nice long bottoming tail. But the market looks like it’s really struggling to hold that line currently.

    The monthly chart is very tired too I think and doesn’t look like it can help save the weekly chart this time around as it’s actually slightly negative on it’s Histogram bars (-0.93) whereas it was still in positive territory last year. Even-though we are starting a new month this April there is still some downward pressure on the market being applied from the monthly chart.

    That, along with the weak (and negative histogram bars) on the weekly chart tells me we might just see it give up that rising trendline of support it’s rode on since 2011. This would be bearish at first but later it would allow the market to rally up and backtest that broken trendline months into the futures.

  23. Went deeper then I thought they’d allow it to go this week. At this point we should have a bounce sometime today and then one more move lower to the 2020 area before we start a rally back up toward 2100 area. We are at a triple bottom now which “they” say triple tops and bottom rarely hold and almost always get broken.

    My big concern now is that weekly rising trendline from 2011, which will be broken if they go down into Thursday and don’t start that up move from say 2020 area toward 2100. I actually think now that’s the plan… to hit that bottom area later today or Thursday morning and then rip higher the rest of the day to save the weekly trendline.

    • everyone bearish because of the blood moon as bad omen. The FED always make fools of us. I won’t be surprised a bit we move higher from Thu and into next week to see 2100. Hell we may see us hit all time high. for that reason i went long the SPX.

      • Tough call… but I still see a lower low tomorrow at some point. From there I’d expect a rally to squeeze out some bears. How high… don’t know? But if they don’t breakout to a new high next week then we are likely going to break that rising trendline on the weekly chart, and that should lead to a surprise sell off during a very bullish month of April.

      • so far sooooooooooooo good! Let’s see if we close above 2090 then we move to 2100 is a heart beat.

  24. Well, when you can’t bring 1987 champ Indiana to the Final Four, you bring the Final 4 to Indiana(polis) with an attendant political controversy attached to the site.
    It’s been apparent for a while that they’re setting up a Duke-Kentucky final that harkens back to the infamous 1992 matchup between the 2 teams what with the 2 Christian Laettner documentaries and Laettner even appearing in a commercial that has been running non stop through the hoops broadcasts. It looks like they were doing sports pre-rituals even back then with my one time lookalike (I still look like that–he’s faded) Laettner #32 kicking Kentucky’s #25 during that infamous game with Laettner finishing it off later with his game winning shot. (On a side note, I read that Laettner had lost all of his NBA earnings so all this new work should be readily welcomed by him).
    Of course, 1987 Final 4 coach Rick Pitino headed that Kentucky team. His current Louisville team nearly made it to the Final 4 this season. There was some blurb on yahoo, which I didn’t read, about Pitino repeating some similar experience back in 1987 with his Providence team.@@@
    Bobby Knight, head coach of the ’87 Indiana team, experienced a mini ritual when it was announced that he will be announcing his final game for the 4 letter network (apparently they are not renewing his contract) with the upcoming NIT final game.

  25. Well, I am glad that I am wrong and that the KU 1 and Doners were eliminated by Wisconsin tonight because I really wouldn’t have enjoyed a Duke-Kentucky final.

    Watching Wisconsin play, it is apparent that they are the surrogate team for the 1987 champ Indiana Hoosiers. A Big 10 team from a small rural Midwest state led by a college Player of the Year (#44), they play almost identical to the Hoosiers team from the 1986 flick Hoosiers (which I guess served a double purpose as a grand ritual and lesser grand ritual flick—predicting both the following year Indiana NCAA championship as well as the little #87 event). They play a pure fundamental, disciplined style in contrast to the free wheeling One and Doners. Lesser athletes, they held their defensive positions and pulled down defensive rebounds in the face of overwhelming athleticism and moved the ball around on offense keeping the 1 and Doners spaced across the floor where the defensive prowess was neutralized.

    This matchup, I guess would be similar to Indiana’s first matchup in the 1987 Final Four against the Running Rebels of UNLV helmed by another coach with questionable ethics/ recruiting methods (although I believe Jerry Tarkanian has been overly maligned over the years) that should have demonstrated superior athleticism.

    Wisconsin is a veteran team and I now expect them to handle Duke, another youngish team like Kentucky. Duke playing the role of Syracuse, the 1987 runner up. Syracuse having moved to the ACC recently.

    Kentucky coach Calipari thought the operators had his back with the universal praise his team was receiving from the pundits. Their undefeated streak ended, the Indiana team from ’76 remains the last undefeated college basketball team. Of course, Kentucky was bound to lose because too much money was behind them ala the undefeated UNLV team from 1992 that lost to Laettner’s Duke team in the Final Four (after being destroyed by UNLV in the title game the year before) (with reports that a certain star player for UNLV had been bought off).

  26. Most of those guys on the Wisconsin team looked like they were straight out of the 1986 Hoosiers flick (50s era crew cuts etc.)..which might have been intentional…..never seen the movie though, only clips. They played a very Bobby Knight disclipined style….no point gaurd dominating the ball, moving the ball round, playing strong fundamentals, defensive positioning and rebounding.

  27. This is the week prior to the monthly options expiration and there is typically a low put in on the Thursday or Friday prior to it, which is this week. So I’m inclined to believe we are still range bound with another move down yet to come. After a low this coming Thursday or Friday then I’d expect next week to rally up strongly with better chance at making a new higher high.

    However, we still need to hold the rising trendline on the weekly chart that started in 2011 which is around 2050 SPX from the looks of it. So this Friday needs to be above that area by the close of that day. It’s entirely possible that we’ll go down 10-20 points below that on Thursday or Friday morning and then rally up to save the weekly chart for a close on/above that trendline.

    So I’m not sure if we’ll get a gap up Tuesday (tomorrow) or not, but if we do I think we’ll run into a strong resistance level and start our trip back down the rest of the day into Thursday/Friday. There’s not been any real “washout” on the bottom area yet and I really think we’ll take out all the bulls that are long with stops under the 2039, 2040, 2045, and 2048 quad bottom levels recently.

    Meaning around 10-20 points below those levels seems likely so all those bulls will be taken out and then we’ll start a powerful rally into the rest of this week and next week. New highs then can happen as there will be plenty of bulls not long (as they got their stops hit) and will have to buy at higher levels, which will hit more bear buy stops and of course that’s how you get a fire going strongly on the bull side.

    SkyNet hasn’t been giving us traders (bulls and bears) many chances on gap ups to short so we could top today? Today was the first gap I’ve seen in awhile that was a buying opportunity. Lately all the gaps (up or down) have been a continuation in that direction the rest of the day. This time they reversed and went the other direction.

    So I think SkyNet is flipping back to gaps and then a reversal in the other direction for awhile. Up until today the program has been set to gap and go as we’ve seen many times in the recent past. I recall a day where we went up about 30 points, closed around the high and then gaped down the next day and continued down the rest of that day and into the next day.

    I think that’s change now back to the old program of a gap and a reversal instead of a gap and go. So if we gap up tomorrow and hit around 2100 SPX or 210 SPY I think we’ll reverse and go back down the rest of the day.

    Today it happened right at the open but it really happened on Friday with the NFP report and the sharp move down in the future. Tomorrow I doubt that we’ll see some perfect short entry with a gap up to 2100 right at the open, as I’m sure it will be trickery then that.

    Possibly a small gap down and then a rally into midday to top out around 2100 and then a rollover the rest of the day to start the move down into the Thurs/Fri low? I’ve seen that pattern a lot recently, but I don’t know if it’s still in play or not? I do think SkyNet runs certain patterns for several weeks and then switches to a new game book.

    Regardless of the way it happens I don’t see any short from the current levels as we aren’t up high enough in my opinion. But I also don’t see any gap down tomorrow being a “continuation” move either. Meaning it will likely be bought up this time as later comer bulls buy and bears exit… which should give us another push up in the market.

    • I can’t see your upside target on the QQQ until we first have another move down across the board. We need to flush out the longs and get more bears short before we can make a double top or new highs I think Z…

        • Normally I’d say that Wednesday would close up as it’s an FOMC day but this time I don’t think it will. Possibly some chop until it’s released again but I think we’ll close down and continued into a Thursday or Friday low.

  28. The ES Futures failed to gap over resistance, which leads me to believe we’ll rollover today, as it’s always harder to push through any resistance zone during normal market hours then after/pre market hours when the futures are easy to manipulate. So we wait for a break up or down at this point as no clear direction is seen here.

    • Technical Analysis says the market should go down but they don’t seem to be allowing it to happen, which is typical I guess as the market is rigged to the upside. So TA’s work maybe half the time on the bearish setups and 90% of time on bullish setups. Since they aren’t allowing the bearish setup to work right now we could see that breakout to the upside today after some chop for a few hours or so. It’s just too hard to predict at this point, but since the Bulls have Yellen backing them I’m still 60/40 on a Bullish move first.

  29. Wonder what happened to Lindsey Williams “you have 3 weeks after Euro crash to get out of market” prediction??

    • He’s being used to spread “dis-information” in my opinion. I like him, but he wrong more then right. Just can’t trade off of that kind of information.

    • My thoughts are that we’ll have a Primary Wave 4 down of 200+ points some time this year, possibly from May? Then we’ll rally up to insane highs going into most of 2016 for Primary Wave 5 up. Then I think we’ll top in the 4th quarter of 2016 and end the bull market from the 2009 low. That means 2017 is should be the year of the big crash like 1929 was.

      As for all this talk of currency devaluation or resets history tells us that they (President Roosevelt) didn’t reset the price of gold from $20 to $35 until the stock market bottomed in 1932-33 area. So I expect the same thing here. When the crash ends in 2018-19 we should see the currency reset then. Sadly Lindsey will again be feed the wrong information to mislead us sheep into the slaughtering pen before it all happens.

  30. Tomorrow will be 4-10 or 41 or 14 and 14-15 and 56 two different ways. Quite impressive (146 as well). See the Black Friday song and the grey men jumping from the 14th floor……

    But more likely according to one traditional measure, it should mark a top or transition day before the turn.

    But we still need to see a 12 and the Miami Thrice, Tebow numbers so tomorrow doesn’t suffice. I guess the Greeks made their IMF payment today but I’ve seen no confirmation so far.

    I’ll get to the Duke rituals in a later post.

    • I agree on markets. Regarding that Euro…FXE looking like it wants to make a lower low. MACD about to cross again. Maybe Lindsey on to something?

      • Don’t know about Lindsey? It just seems that ever since I’ve been listening to him his information has been wrong. As for the market they really seem to want 5000 again on the Nasdaq and 2100 on the SPX. Possibly we’ll have one more push higher later today or Monday and then we should top.

        • we will test 3/2 high and if we break thru it then will see 2175 in a heart beat. the trend is still UP perhaps until July. Sure we may see some pullbacks but up is the trend.

          • It’s sure looking that way now. I was thinking we’d drop back one more time but it “feels” like they now have enough new bears shorting up here that they will be able to do a slow grind higher with small pullbacks along the way.

            There is a nice “W” pattern on the market now and if we get a pullback some next week it should make the first leg down of the “V” part, which could be anywhere in the 2075-2085 SPX area. Then we should see a powerful rally up from the right side of the “V” as it breaks out to new highs.

            It’s just the opposite of an “MA” pattern, which is bearish while the “WV” is the bullish one. The extremely light volume is just killing the bears. So while I do expect some pullback it might not be as much as the bears would like. I guess we should all know by now that they aren’t going to let that weekly rising trendline from 2011 be broken anytime soon.

  31. Based on what I’m seeing in the ES Futures chart we “could?” do a similar pattern Wednesday where we open up a little and then go down. However, “if” that happen we should stay down the rest of that day and into Thursday.

  32. The ES Futures did go up this morning as I posted yesterday that it was possible. Unfortunately (for the bears) the 60min, 2hr, and 4hr charts aren’t overbought from this move. This means they could push up all day on this triple (quad, or is this the 5th time?) top area. Since we all know that the more time the market hit a resistance/support level the more likely it is to break it.

    This goes on for much longer on the bull side I’ve noticed then the bear side. Meaning the bulls will attempt to breakthrough 3,4, or 5 times before giving up. Of course if they fail to breakthrough this time around then the odds swing back to the bears as after 5 attempts with no success there’s rarely another attempt without a deeper pullback first.

    I’m 50/50 here as I do not know which way it will go? I can only say that the short term charts are bullish for today and if they push through then I’d expect “buy stops” to be hit to squeeze out the bears. This could add 10 or points up from the breakout before exhausting the buy stops. That means 2110 could be hit on the ES Futures if this happens.

    I have no bias either way today as it better to just let the market tell you what it wants to do. However, since a bear squeeze would hurt the most traders, and the fact that the Fed’s hate the bears, I’d bet on the bulls winning today as the market is still heavily rigged to favor them 80% of the time.

    If the bears win then we should drop very nicely and stay down all day and into Thursday as we’d then have a lot of bulls trapped. The bears need to keep the market under Monday’s high. Failure to do so should lead to a bear squeeze.

    • Odds of a higher high on Thursday are great. Could be just a penny or 10 points? Don’t know? But by then the short term charts “should” be overbought and allow the market to rollover… how much is the question?

    • Yeah… that’s a big “if” though. I seriously doubt if we see 1986 anytime soon. I’m expecting a bounce Monday and then another move down on Tuesday. I’m not looking for any lower then the 2030-2040 area to clear out all the bulls’ longs sitting right below that 2040-2050 multi-bottom zone. Then I think we’ll go up to new highs into the first half of May.

  33. I’m looking for an early to midday top and then another move down later in the day or more likely on Tuesday. Hard too figure out the upside target as the futures are already up nicely and hitting resistance. Possibly they drop some early and then back up into midday to late in the day to put in that high I’m looking for.

    It’s just more about watching the short term charts get overbought then it is a certain price level, as there are different levels of resistance that could stop the rally. However, from the looks of how strong the futures are now I would be surprised if they don’t attempt a gap fill or gap window high before rolling over again.

    Downside target is just below the previous multi-bottoming zone of 2050-2040, so down as low as 2030 is possible to take out the bulls before they turn back up again. The next big rally though should put in a new high and make a run for 2200 into early May. This bull isn’t dead yet I’m afraid. Sorry bears…

  34. The rest of today should now be choppy wearing the bears out as the big boys hold the market up and unload more of their longs. It’s a common practice that I’ve noticed they do to lure in a bunch of bears, then they have one more move higher late in the day to take them out.

    We are at gap window on the SPX and half way up above gap window on the SPY. The Nasdaq is closer to gap window, along with the QQQ’s and IWM on the Russell. So the SPY is leading the pack here as it could actually close the gap (from Friday) at some point today.

    The important thing to note here is that the market is HEAVILY RIGGED in favor of the Bulls. So bullish patterns work 90% of the time while bearish pattern are manipulated to fail early in the pattern development and only at the most extreme moment do they allow them work. They do not want any bears to be short before a big move down which is why they pull a stunt like they did on Friday when the bears weren’t expecting it.

    Then today they reverse it back up to shake out all the bears again before they pull another stunt like last Friday and drop it all day from a gap down and go. So you need to always expect them to take it higher then you see in the charts and to keep it from going as low as you expect on the downside.

    So what’s the likely evil plan from Dr. Evil today you ask? Probably a close near the highs making everyone afraid to short overnight, which is the perfect time to gap it down again and wipe out the bulls with no bears on board. That’s what I’d do if I were SkyNet.

  35. Tuesday update: Still more room to go up on the 4hr ES Chart, but not much. Could top today if they squeeze on up to new highs and take out all the bears that are short with stops above the recent highs.

    I don’t know if that will happen today or if they decide to pull back a little first and run it up there on Wednesday or Thursday? They are so close right now that I suspect they will attempt it today. The charts will be too overbought in another day or two, so I’m holding firm and not looking for any short until they double top the ES (2110) and pierce it a few points to take out the bears.

  36. The 60min and 2hr chart want to rollover here on the ES Futures and take down the SPX and SPY with it but the 4hr wants to push up to the double top range before giving up the bull ship. This down move will likely be reversed once the selling pressure lets up a little here soon. Then I do think we’ll see another squeeze higher before rolling over for real.

    • Well, got the early move down but it didn’t stick. The bulls won’t give up it seems until they get a new high. I suspect we’ll see it today or Thursday at this point as they have worked off enough of the overbought conditions to turn the charts back up.

  37. Tomorrow, 4-24 will be the anniversary of the Soyuz 1 event, an event implicitly referred to in the grand ritual flick Gravity. It will be the 48th anniversary (4-24==46 or 48). It will also be the 46th anniversary of the release of the ritual flick, If It’s Tuesday it must be Belgium.

    46 also works as the Tebow 316 and 4-24 is both 3 month16days from the Tebow 316 day of 1-8 but also 3years106days from the 2012 version. It also works as the Miami Thrice 136 number and we had the unveiling of it on Friday 7-9-2010 or 250 weeks from tomorrow. Coincidentally, Tebow was signed this week by the Philadelphia Eagles after a near 2 year hiatus from pro football. His teammate under mentor/handler/current coach of NCAA champ Ohio St, Urban Meyer and former Patriot, Aaron Hernandez was convicted earlier in the week for murder in a highly publicized trial.

    Then we have a special meeting between German chancellor Merkel and the Greek pm on the 24th that is going largely unnoticed as the SP and Nasdaq put in double tops/ new highs today in the midst of tech stock euphoria.

    Will the Germans go “NEIN” and announce “Das ist MEIN LAND” to the Greeks???? In the Rammstein video for Mein Land, the Sucamore Beach episodes of 1964 and 2012 are separated by a 48 year period.

    46 also 10 or 24 but 12 is absent.

    But Quetzi will be returning to the area of the grand reunion starting tomorrow which also appeared to be the case on another memorable Friday 144 weeks ago.

  38. While today is Friday and they usually keep the market up on Fridays the charts tell me we could rollover today. Naturally that can be (and commonly is) manipulated, but if they aren’t then we could drop to that 2085 area by Monday according the chart setup. Possibly one more wave up early today and then down? Don’t know but charts suggest a move down… whether Ms. Yellen allows it or not isn’t known?

    The 2225-2230 SPX would be ideal, but sometimes they don’t give you what you want? So if they just double top today from yesterdays’ high and then rollover we should expect it to end by Monday morning I think (or sooner?). Then some chop until the FOMC meeting on Wednesday of next week to hear Yellen say the same thing she said in the last meeting. At that point we’ll see if “Sell in May and go away” is allowed to work or not?

  39. The QQQ’s had a high of 111.93 on 03/24/2000, so I think we should expect that to be hit again before any serious move down. My guess is next week after the FOMC meeting.

  40. There’s a virtual news blackout on this Euro finance ministers meeting along with the Merkel/Greek PM meeting. As if it never existed. It would be major f’d up for them to make an announcement with the markets closed.
    Despite the big “tech” day, IBB is down 1% and the Sox is down 1.6%.

    • The moon is currently making a Tsquare with the Pluto Uranus square while Quetzi moves through the area of its grand reunion 1053 days ago. 1053===13×81 but don’t know the significance of that number. Hmmm 1054 would be a variation of the Fahrenheit 415.But that would be a Saturday.

  41. Well, we have the Bradley date on Sunday, a true 12. Also the 29th anniversary of Chernobyl which was indirectly referenced to in the recent Blackhat flick (a nuclear reactor in a Communist country has a meltdown). Blackhat appeared to be the target of a legion of malevolent internet trolls so maybe there was something in that movie that the operators didn’t want people to see. It’s by far the best film of this year and last year as well but basically was released into obscurity due to the intensive bad word of mouth campaign orchestrated by the trolls.
    Then Monday sees another 136/316 for 4-27-15. 4-27 is embedded in a billboard in the To Live and Die in LA flick, but plenty of numbers could be embedded there. #49 is also the last locker seen in the climatic scene of the flick where the anti-hero lead bites the dust.

  42. Tomorrow is the Bradley date, 23years after the fact minus a few days. 4-26-15 works out as 666 as well.

    Came across another infamous #32 in real life and Im beginning to wonder if he’s another actor athlete like Tim Tebow. News of an impending trade back to his last team hit the news yesterday but he didn’t look like the out of control party animal that the sports media likes to potray him as….and he seemed to be handling his alcohol fine.

  43. I see they’re celebrating the 23rd anniversay of the Bradley date in Baltimore. With more celebrations to come.

    And last Friday saw the Nasdaq spike above its upper Bband. Today it had a nice reversal while IBB had a 4% drubbing.

    I need to dig into the numerology behind #32 who was officially traded today. He’s 33years11months plus old today. I knew there was some strange stuff going on when I read that he had 26 tattoos. But no tattoos on his forearms when I saw him. He has peel off tattoos that he only wears for public consumption??? I’m 100% sure that was him unless he has a roided up twin on this planet. And he was nowhere near his reported location of Houston.

    • Has a Hambone tattoo on his upper arm that they like to show only as MBONE in the photos. Similar to TBone…..Of course, the first photo that shows up shows him in a very interesting light similar to that Jerrah Jones photo that came out last year. I might need to go and visit Texas……HAM====814 or 85 or 13…..

  44. Does 42 mean 5-1? I guess we’ll see. Rodney King with the 42 birthday, King being the central protagonist of the Bradley date event 23 years ago (29 ’92 ritual), currently being recelebrated in Baltimore. Michelle Pfeiffer with a 4-29 birthday (57 years old), who I’ve noticed referenced in a few pop songs lately. Then there is the Buddy Rich occultic reference in a Beastie Boys song and used later in the undercelebrated Whiplash flick, which was the best film of last year. Rich died on 4-2 1987. And we’re coming up on the 3 year anniversary of the passing of MCA.

    I did notice that Baltimore has scored 34 pts in both of its SuperBowl wins…34-7 in 2001 and 34-31 a few years ago in NO when the power mysteriously shut off for 34 minutes. And then Seattle’s thumping of Popgun the next year 43-8 only to be upended this past year when #3 Seattle QB threw an interception to #21 at the goal line to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The 12th man provided no help for the PEDHawks in that instance.

      • Lindsey is after all a pastor, not a market timer. He seems to be trying to wake up people who are far less awake than we are… people who still fail to understand the importance of physical gold/silver, storing food and other preparations, and overcoming normalcy bias. Realizing the importance of gold/silver becomes more important than the finer questions of how much and at what price. When most people hold no physical metals (and may only hear his message once, after an indeterminate delay) the importance of any allocation of precious metals becomes more important than an optimal entry level. Understanding the manufacture of problem-reaction-solution is more fundamental than the proper timing of events. Understanding the vulnerabilities of our food system (and its exploitation to intimidate the populace) is more basic than knowing when such shortages would occur. And the most elemental lesson of all is that these are not normal times, but rather perilous times, and the faithful must keep watch. These trends have been underway for many years and decades. And the elite pursue plans that stretch generations. The rise and fall of currencies and commodities are mere episodes in a larger struggle.

        • Agreed… I still like him. But I do think the elite are using him to give out certain information that will be true but when they give it to him it doesn’t happen. Like telling everyone to buy gold when it’s near a high, or that the dollar will collapse when it was near a low. Yes, it will likely happen but not on the time frame he speaks of it.

    • Well, as far as the time frame (Sept/Oct 2015 in Lindsey’s video) I
      think that’s near the end of the move down, which I expect to start in
      June or possibly as late as July. But, we’ll see I guess…

  45. I still enjoy listening to Lindsey Williams video’s even-though I’m sure the “timing” of the information they give him is planned to fool the sheep into going long gold near the top and short the dollar near the bottom.

    So since he is being told this Sept/Oct of 2015 the banking system will collapse I have to think it will start much earlier so the sheep will be getting short the market near the bottom. Possibly we’ll see the biggest part of the drop during that period but I think it will be the bottoming zone.

    Meaning my earlier post about a possible top in June of this year seems more likely. The elite don’t want use to make money so naturally they tell Lindsey the period where the worst damage will be done to the market but it will be too late to short the market then. You’ll have to be short prior to then for you to make money from it.

    We should know by now that the elite, while they may indeed be required by God with some agreement with Satan, [who the elite worship] be required to tell us what they plan to do to us sheep before they do it… there’s nothing stating they have to tell us in a manner where we can profit from it.

    Past history with Lindsey’s prior messages from his elite sources clearly show that his information has been well timed to trick us sheep. Several years ago when gold was rising up from the $1500 to the high in the $1900 area Lindsey was told that gold was going to shoot through the roof as it’s the elite’s money.

    As we all know now gold is down in the $1200 area and while I’m sure we’ll see gold go through the roof when the crash in the stock market really does happen they certainly didn’t tell the sheep (through Lindsey) the best time to buy gold near the low. That’s because they were selling into that rally and are buying back now.

    Then there was his dollar collapse call… which was over a year ago now near the bottom in the dollar, which is now much, much high… even after a pullback. Of course the elite were buying the dollar back then from the sheep shorting it.

    Once again… the “timing” of his information was designed to steal money from the sheep.

    Then of course they never told Lindsey this time about the collapse of oil in advance for us sheep to short it and profit from it.

    So I have to think that this current information about a bank collapse this Sept/Oct 2015 (and of course the stock market would collapse too) has also been well timed to trick the sheep into shorting the market in that time period. Therefore it must be a bottom area where they will buy up the shares at cheap prices before another big rally starts.

    This again suggests we will top this summer and drop into that period. I’m certainly open here for anyone’s thoughts on this…

  46. It’s Sinko de Maya time again!!! Don’t forget to get your 1/2 off Frap. today for happy hour (3-5pm) at the local coffee megastore. Participate in the riutal!!!!

    Was reviewing some game tape from last year’s Yankees-Angels matchup on 5-5 when Yankees skip Girardi got kicked out of the game for arguing a called strike at the 1-0 count by pitcher #63(9) to Yankees hitter #11 ie 9-11 with the score tied 1-1, 101th pitch of the game for #63 in the 8th inning. Hmmm, a very effective ritual. The umpire had a WB on his uniform.

    Then we had the Kentucky Derby over the weekend followed by the MAYweather fight. I did notice reviewing some of the tape of the grand ritual classic flick, IF ITS TUESDAY it must be BELGIUM, (although a pretty substandard flick on its own, justifiably forgotten over the years) that an OLD KENTUCKY store is shown as the US tourists are shuttled around London. And let’s not forget the huge run the Kentucky 1 and Doners had this year in hoops (or the Kentucky COUSINSUCKYS after one of their most notably occultic recent alums)…..and it was later reported that the Celtics were interested in trading for COUSINSucky!!

    The US tourists did lose to BELGIUM last year ,10 months 4days ago from tomorrow, or 44weeks ago.(308 days)

  47. Since it’s the 3 year anniversary of MCA’s passing, here is a clip of a tribute cover of the BBoys’ SABOTAGE, performed earlier in the year on 1-23 in London by some of the Luperci. “Get ready to SCREAM….1-2-3” There is some language in this clip….

    The masked singer is a master numerologist. In interviews, he states that the #8 on his shoulder is the perfect number….

  48. An early look at the charts on the ES suggest we go up today. Possible dips but overall the trend is up. Peak could be Thursday morning though and then back down again.

  49. Looking closer at the charts I’m not sure about going long in a spread into tomorrow. I don’t see the 4 hour ES chart, nor the 2 hour turning up yet. Plus there’s the Thursday/Friday low rule by the PitBull. And the statistical odds of any Wednesday putting in the high or low for any given week as happening only 7% of time. Meaning there’s a 93% chance Thursday or Friday we’ll see a low lower then today.

  50. This is the first time in awhile that the market hasn’t gaped up and squeezed from a previous day’s 20-30 point sell off. This suggests too me the bottom isn’t in yet and we’ll see a lower low on Thursday or Friday.

    Everyone thinks (and I agree too) that we need to take out all the bulls long below the 2040 SPX zone as we’ve hit that area many times over the last few months and rallied from it. Not flushing them out has keep the market from breaking out to new highs… which has keep us range bound.

    If they flush them out then I do think we can go up higher then the current high into June. If they don’t flush them out then we could be range bound for quite a bit longer.

  51. We have a possible Room 237 day tomorrow, considering it seems to be the season of 23. Maybe we get the DECISION ala 252 weeks earlier.

    Anyway, we got most indices down to their lower expanding BBands except $rut which had already dropped below them and voila today the rut was up to get it back above the lower BB. Transports were flat today as they had also already reached their lower BB.

    A certain little indicator whose component is getting into substantial negative territory while it is travelling below its 50 day average and lower BB, a very strong sell signal. Most also making new monthly lows today and dropping below previous Parabolic SAR support ( a sort of experimental trend signal/ confirmation).

  52. If I recall the play for NFP report days is to short the market if it gaps up or go long if it gaps down. The short term charts are aligned bullish so possibly we’ll see a gap up.

  53. I am expecting a pullback on Monday. From there I’m not sure? Charts are bullish now but could go back to bearish if the pullback is strong. So that drop to below 2040 SPX isn’t totally off the table, it’s odds have just been lower a lot now. Best to take it one day at a time now and see what Monday gives us.

  54. Well another whipsaw, but a third lower high for the SP. $rut and $nasdaq underperformed Dow and SP and Transports basicllay gave back most of their gains. This is similar to another bounce off the lower Bband back in the early mid October period double 7 years ago. $rut, transports still below their previous Parabolic SAR support while a component of a certain little indicator bounced up to near the O line.
    Sunday will be 5-10-15, probably the last time we’ll be able to see a 66 for the year.
    Thus running out of time for 12s as well unless one uses the 12 as a 5. Could it be an occultic Pentecost? 35 days following Easter. I was looking for today as a possible one with it being 33 days later but it was missing the 5 for the “pente”cost. Do the Greeks have something planned for Sunday. Still I don’t see it as the denouement date.

    • Let’s just say it would be a perfect time to “announce” something on Sunday after whipsawing everyone back out of the market today. Today reminds me of a similar candle on May 31, 2011 or that other day in the quaint 10-13 period of so long ago (no not 707 years ago, that’s the wrong double 7)….

  55. Bears get screwed again! From the looks of the ES Futures the market will open with a gap down and be oversold preventing the bears from a good short entry and forcing them to chase it the last leg down. I’m expecting the SPX to be oversold by midday as well which tells me the bears had better not hold this into Wednesday.

    From prior oversold conditions on the ES Futures a bottom was put in that day and started to rally into the close and the next few days that followed. So if you aren’t already short I’d just wait it out and look for a spot to go long at. The 2070 SPX has the best support should the market drop that low.

    This next rally should be the one to breakout to new highs I believe. If the ES Futures gets above 2115 in the next day or so we should see a quick squeeze up another 10-15 points to 2125-2130. So bears should be looking to exit today around 2070 SPX and flip to bulls I think.

    • Higher support held early this morning so 2070 area wasn’t tested. The real test going into Wednesday is to see a big gap up over resistance from a triple top area recently formed. If the ES Futures can pierce through around 2107 going into the open tomorrow there’s a good chance we’ll see a big squeeze all day and into Thursday for new highs.

      However, failure to breakout should lead to a nasty sell off that this go around should test that 2070 area on the SPX. I’m not sure which way they plan to take the market here but it should be fairly clear by the open tomorrow.

  56. It will be 707years7months from the original Friday the 13th episode tomorrow. Some other nice hits to the date but the technical configuration isn’t there quite yet although something might materialize.
    A certain little indicator is still heading south with its component reversing down yesterday after nearly reaching near the O line Friday.

  57. I could see one more small move later today but that’s about all for the upside I think. We should see some selling next week as today looks like a top to me (at least for the short term).

  58. Charts look very toppy today. I can’t rule out one more move up to a slightly higher high then yesterday but this could drop in the afternoon and into the close.

  59. Quetzi puts in an opposition to Pluto tomorrow with the moon nearby (currently), then proceeds to make a square with Uranus over the next few days putting in an effective T square (conjunct Sirius as well). The Sun is conjunct the Pleiades making it a Mayan high holiday.

    Have a nice Black Dahlia hit for tomorrow as well as well as some other stuff.

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