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ES Morning Update February 14th 2018

Yesterday I didn't make a post as I was working on my computer, but nothing much happened anyway so no big deal. This morning we see the futures down some, which to me looks like a better wave 2 down then yesterday's tiny pullback. But maybe it's a wave 4 down and the wave 3 up was super weak? There is a low of 2620.00 around 10:25 am on Monday the 12th, which might have been the wave 2 down? Not sure on the wave count but I still think we need to go higher into Thursday before rolling over for another big move down. If that Monday low gets taken out then I'm wrong and yesterday could have been the top on this rally up, and that would imply a lower low is coming. Ideally we take out the stops just above the 2726.75 high on 2/7 and hit the falling blue trendline to stop the rally and roll it over into Friday. It in a tough zone to forecast but I'm thinking this early low will reverse back up at some point today instead of taking out Monday's low and heading down hard toward a triple bottom.

That's my thoughts for today... still a little higher before the next big drop. On another note I'm tracking a pattern that suggests we are going collapse in mid-March... and hard! A lot further down then most will believe. I was working on getting a writing tablet hooked up to my computer yesterday so I could do a video on theory... but I'm hesitant to do it and post it publicly for SkyNet to read as I don't want to jnyx it. Possibly I'll make it a private post and require readers to login first to see it? Not sure yet but if we top on Thursday then we are still on track "exactly" with the prior pattern, which I would think is amazing and crazy to be so precise. Being a day or two off would be better to fool the most sheep but maybe doing it exactly is also a way to rub it in their face and laugh at them like the elite like to do? Anyway, some thinking I have to do...

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